Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Dye Results Unveiled

Did my little dye project today but still haven't drawn out the next hooking pattern yet.  Eventually I'll get there and will share with you when it is.

Here are the dye results.  And yes there are a couple extra pieces (on the far left) which were added to the pot after taking a picture of the original starters.  Strange the varied results as the new wool on the far left were both tan in color yet one turned out blue.  These were in the very same dye pot, lol.  Also, the photo shows the wool lighter than it is in person. 
In case you can't remember or a new visitor, this is what I started with and in the same order as the photo above, with exception of those extra added pieces on the left.
On the second row that blue/green grey did take some dye even tho it felt like there was some polyester in it.  But as expected, that yellow did turn out a little greenish.

What I was most surprised about was that blue in the first photo.  That is a tan and white herringbone and was a smidgen lighter in value than the two tan pockets just above.  

This is the book I used and can be purchased from Mad Hen Prims.
The recipe I used was called Evening Shade and Tonya wrote that she used the recipe over 1/4 yard camel wool.  Yes I use camel too, but added extra wool in various colors.  I did double the recipe to accommodate 1/2 yard but only used half the dye solution in the results seen here.  

When the wool is wet it always appears darker.  My pot of wool had been simmering for well over half an hour and there was still color in the pot so didn't add the other half of the dye solution.  Knowing I'd be satisfied with the results anyway, finally I glugged 1/3 cup white vinegar in the pot and the color started to absorb.  

And I am pleased with the results because as you regular readers know, I'm enamored with blotchy backgrounds and blotchy hooked animal motifs since that is how antique rugs appear and appeal to me.   

Since there is already a mixed dye solution left of Evening Shade, will use that over 1/4 yard of camel wool to see what I get.  Can never have too much 'dirty muddy' wool, as Lucille Festa calls it.

Well folks, want to say that I love all my Canadian neighbors especially my Canadian blogger and hooker friends.  But you can keep your damn Canadian wind chill headed this way.... IT is NOT welcome here!!!

Group hug to keep warm as it is going to be frigid tomorrow with that wind blowing cold air.



  1. Nice blotchy wool the way I like it. Like it's been dragged in the mud and step on.
    You always get the best results with blotchy wool I was told by my rug hooking teacher.
    Oops, sorry that we are exchanging weather temperature that doesn't suite you. We get a lot of hurricanes coming from the USA my fine hooking friend. I'll keep my cold if you keep your hurricane.

  2. great pieces...mottled hooks up so nicely...

  3. Do you ever worry that any of the over dyed pieces might fade over time? Or once out of you pot are they set, and true forever?
    I'm assuming they won't fade, but it popped in my mind to inquire. I don't want any of that bitter wind here either.

  4. As always thanks for sharing. I am learning a lot and enjoying the process.

  5. Great color changes, they will look nice together. I have had that happen too, sometimes with thrift wools and grays, they have colors in there that you don't see, so those come out and mix into other shades and you get surprises.


  6. Those 2 darks on the top are wonderful! I'm sure you will find a use for all of them.
    It is f-r-i-g-i-d here with the wind a howlin' and tomorrow promises to be worse before a little warm up at the end up the week. Ellie sure does hate this weather ~ even more than I do. Thankfully I have indoor facilities if you know what I mean :)

  7. You know us Canadians, we love to share. Our first storm of 2016 is coming overnight. I'm hoping for a snow day tomorrow - no work and pyjamas all day. Fingers crossed
    PS. Love the dye job

  8. Great results. Love to dye as long as I don't have any expectations ;-)


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