Tuesday, January 26, 2016

It's A Horse of Course

Yippee, finally managed to pull a few loops on one of the horse mats. Am wanting to make this one look scrappy as I'm using (so far) only left over wool strips.  Some will be short, thin or thick and just going for using what I have....just like our foremothers did.
In case you don't remember, here is what the original antique looks like. 
Already I see that I've hooked too thick a brown area on the horse's leg compared to the original...also I've hooked a brown texture in the neck; oh well.

Am planning to go spend a little time now binding the sheep rug.  But before bedtime will go back to my horse.

Feels good to have one rug edge whipped and one to go.  At least now I'm hooking again.

Warm up today started melting the snow and now is the dirty, slippery mush.  At least poor Ben can walk unscathed instead of stepping on crusty snow only to drop several inches with each leg movement.

Hope all of you have a great evening and am in anticipation on what the heck my friend Kim is going to post tonight.  She is an over achiever, a show off and other things, lol.

Luv ya'll.



  1. I think it looks great. It is your version...doesn't need to be identical.

  2. Your horse is galloping nicely. I still haven't whipped my abstract rug. I've been busy with a new year's goal, lol.

    I saw what Kim was up to...
    It's not very nice...

  3. I love mixing wools and sizes in small rugs, like the scrappy look.


  4. You're galloping along with that horse. Too bad it's not earning you steps. Lol. Sorry couldn't resist. Luv ya too

  5. Now, girls!!! Behave yourselves and stop the sniping :)
    Rug is off to a great start.
    Hugs :)

  6. Love your horse it will be fabulous as always.
    what fun you and kim are having.


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