Tuesday, May 2, 2017

The Border

Don't go get'n your knickers in a twist because I'm not talking about THAT border.  I'm talking about the border of my Olde Hearts rug 😉.  

But first will show you how the center looks all hooked.  As previously mentioned I'm changing the border to suit me and will attempt to replicate the one I admired which Barb Carroll hooked.  No way mine will come close to her antique style but will attempt.
Am sure the pattern below looks a mess as I've extended the border line (drawn in red) and also did the pre-binding rows of stitching as it is easier before a rug is hooked.  Or at least it is easier for me than manipulating a heavy rug around a sewing machine after it is hooked.
So far my border accomplishment is minimal, only the bottom right corner has been hooked.  For the rest of the evening I'll work on the pre-whipping work on the Magdalena Goat rug.

Tomorrow not much hooking will happen as it will be a joy ride (NOT) taking Ben to the vet.  He has had an enlarged spleen which needs continual screenings to be sure nothing bad is happening there.  Plus he needs new Heartguard prevention meds and his weight sometimes fluctuates over 100 pounds which requires an additional puppy pill.  
$o to the vet we go tomorrow.  Ben loves to ride in a car but walking him can be dangerous as he wants to chase them.  While he loves riding in cars, he is as aggressive in the back of the van toward moving vehicles as when being walked. That is why it is NOT fun to take him for a ride.  He is so perfect in every other way but hey.... no male (beast or man) is perfect are they????

Happy Tuesday.



  1. Hi Saundra,
    LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your new rug!! That border is going to be AWESOME!! Can you tell I like it a little bit?? Truly, it is a BEAUTY and I will be excited to see your progress! Also am so happy you are going to start the binding process on the goat rug!! LOVE that one, too!!
    Sweet Ben is only protecting his mom from all the bad things around him and I do hope he has a good report tomorrow!! Charlotte, my grand dog, just had her check up and even lost a few pounds, which they were trying to do! She took her shots like a champ, my proud daughter told me!! We sure do love those fur babies, don't we??
    Have a great week!
    Heart Hugs~

  2. I love, love, love it, too, but then again, I LOVE everything you hook!
    Good thoughts for you and Ben tomorrow :)

  3. I love how it came out, the colors are perfect and the border looks like it is going to be a beautiful finish. Bean likes rides, he knows it means he is going for a walk or to the beach.


  4. Looks awesome, saundra!! So great,,, love , love this one ,,,,,
    Coming slong quite quickly!
    Have good day,, hope vets appt goes ok, ,
    Take care,,,

  5. I love that sneaky little chevron-ish corner! Perfection!

  6. can't wait to see more...good luck with Ben and the vet trip...

  7. Love this rug !!!! Can't wait to see it finished !!! Good Luck at the Vets !

  8. Saundra,
    Although Roxy is much smaller than my Airedales, getting her the two different monthly pills still sets me back. My vet is nice and will fax a prescription to Jeffers Pet. I can get the pills at a much better price. Jeffers is about 30 miles away but I have used it for years to get whatever I needed for my dogs and horses. The price difference is worth it.

  9. It will be beautiful.
    Poor baby going to the vet!


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