Friday, February 17, 2017

Magdalena's Goat

Oh where to begin?  There's so much to tell about this so don't think it will all happen in this post.  

First, the measurements are 29 x 36; the Magdalena was framed so the original colors on the back were not visible.  Only the front was seen so colors would have been faded most likely.
Yet, as you can see bright red still shows up.  This must have been kept well to avoid wear and fading.  Yes, the rug IS hooked on burlap and in close-up photos various textiles can be seen which indicate it is OLD. And WAS determined to be an original Magdalena Briner Eby hooked rug.  What a prolific hooker that woman was.

Some of you may have caught the rug photo on Pinterest or same auction site as me.  The auction site said it was a lamb, but sending a photo of the rug to friend Evelyn (Magdalena researcher), she said Magdalena didn't hook any lambs ~ it would have been a Goat.
My friend Evelyn is the person who has diligently researched and hooked every rug found thus far by Magdalena.  That is why, I promised to not post this on my blog until after she hooked the rug. After all, I consider her the "Guardian of Magdalena rugs". OMG, she will hate me for mentioning her name.  

Inside this book it shows a rug which, until now, has a photo of the only rug hooked by Magdalena with a goat.  If you would like to purchase this book or other great hooking books click HERE.

Oh my, there's so much more that I could write and more that I want to hook tonight before showing my poor accomplishments.   

Good evening everyone.  Hope my friends in California as well as Canada are doing okay.  I shutter when watching the weather in California since living there for 3 years.  So earth quakes, mud slides, and flooding remind me of those years and glad to be home with hurricanes, humidity and medium snow.

Happy Friday everyone.



  1. I do love her rugs and can't wait to see how yours comes out.


  2. Such a fan of Magdalena, and Evelyn too!!!! Would love to take a Magdalena class from her some day. Can't wait to see how your goat turns out. I've tried a Magdalena rug once and had a tough time getting the background hooked in her style. That's definitely an art form that I haven't mastered. You obviously have that down!!!! Can't wait to see your progress.

  3. Love it!!! Awesome mat,,, love her style,,,, cant wait to see yours!!
    Thanks saundra!!!

  4. I am looking forward to following you on this rug. You will do an amazing job, for sure.
    Happy Saturday :)

  5. Hi Saundra,
    I am so excited about this rug and looking forward to your progress! Such a sweet baby goat!! Love Magdalena designs!! I know it will be wonderful!!! Thanks for sharing!!!
    Heart Hugs~


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