Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Finally Finished!!!!!

OMG, am so happy that I could scream!   Yes, I still love the Horse Trainer rug, and yes it was fun to hook...the whipping?  Uh, not so much.  But it is finished and with that extra touch of whipping.  The wool yarn was purchased from Ali Strebel at a rug camp and have two more hanks which have been dyed differently.  Plus have a bit more of left over from Horse Trainer which can be used on a smaller piece.
And the label has been sewn on the back.  Fini!  The label has a picture of the original rug hooked by Julia Eastman Stubbs with her scalloped edge.
My new pattern is already drawn on linen and ready to go.  But think tonight I will just relax and bask in the pleasure of knowing that sometime tomorrow a new rug will be on my frame.

Meanwhile, have no fear, my hands will be pulling loops ~  I'll work a little more on my grandson's Soccer rug.  Heck, this will definitely be a piece of cake and no problem having it all done way before Christmas.

Have a great evening and hope my Canadian neighbors and friends still have electricity.  Hope the impending other storm goes away.



  1. I would like to hear you scream out of happiness. lol or see you do a happy dance... Congratulations for finishing it completely including the label. You are one focused hooker. I wouldn't get in your way when you want to hook. It's looking might fine to me. i still think that yarn is the perfect choice for this rug.

    Happy Valentine. I'm out of wine so I can't raise my glass to you but here's to wishful thinking.

  2. Bound and labeled??? You put me to shame.
    Looks just wonderful.
    Happy Valentine's Day :)

  3. Your horse trainer is simply wonderful.

    Love the whipped edge.

  4. Yay! So happy for you, it's wonderful!

  5. Its beautiful, saundra,, , good for you,, you are determined! , AND get things done,,, looking forward to next mat,,,, I am still whipping the paisley mat,,, did not touch it ladt nite at all,,, too tired,, maybe today will do it,,, its snowing agajn, so not going anywhere,,, snow squalls,,,, only a dusting compared to eastern canada!! Unbelievable, ,,,, happy hooking,,,,,,

  6. I love your rug! Beautiful colors! I hate binding, edging, finishing...whatever you call it....I don't like it either!!


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