Monday, October 16, 2017

More Old Patina

There was more dye solution left in my small jar (6 tablespoons) so decided to use it up in a pot of water with a tad over 1 yard of wool.  
Above, bottom right are two pieces which had previously been dyed with Old Patina but they weren't to my liking so thought another round of dye might do the trick.

While the above wool was already soaking I decided to add a little more which were parts of a woman's pleated skirt (below).
 The results are below.
For a better comparison below you can see the original plaid and the newly dyed plaid.  Maybe I'll use this wool now.  Seems to me this was part of the many various yards of wool purchased one year at Barb Carroll's when selling wool for $5 per yard.
And below for comparison is the small dyed piece which came from a pastel plaid purchased from Betsy Reed a couple years ago.  Since I don't use much pastel think more of it might make its way into a dye pot as well.
HOWEVER.......look at how it hooks up in the rug below hooked by Bonnie at camp with Barb Carroll in 2010.  The flowers at the top were hooked randomly and think sections of the wool was also used for the leaves on the sides and bottom.  Barb even brought us to her table to show us how it can be used.
So see..... every piece of wool has a happy ending.  Happy Monday everyone.


Sunday, October 15, 2017

Antique Rug Show

Woe is me.... I'm feeling guilty for being MIA for several days as I bind rugs.  In all honesty, since I've been binge watching the first two seasons of Outlander have noticed my eyes glued to the TV and not binding.  When the series was first advertised on TV I briefly considered watching it.  But I record so much on my DVR wondered where I'd find the time to watch it all.
Stars and Tulips above is from late 19th century the Kellogg collection in Pennsylvania.
Two kittens, late 19th or early 20th century above sadly has a tattered edge.
Three pups which is said to be early 20th century.
The above folky homestead appeals to me, perhaps because of the patriotic look with the stars and the stripes.   The auction site says it is early 19th century but though it has a faded look am wondering if it truly is that old or made to look old.  
The oval Scottie dog above shows little wear so may not really be an antique either.  But I like it.
Above is a Circa 1920 village scene.
The black and brown dog is early 20th century from Delaware, Ohio.
Ah, I can see the use of selvage edges being used for this diamond shaped hit and miss.  I've started collecting them and hope one day to do something with them instead of tossing the in trash.
For you geometric lovers here is one with scrolls and box corners.  I love the faded look of the center and the discoloring of the scrolls at the bottom.  

Happy Sunday to you all.


Friday, October 13, 2017

Handy Tools

Recently I purchased a couple inexpensive items which are quite handy for hookers, particularly when traveling to rug camps.  In all honesty I didn't know either existed until Cape May rug camp when my roomie had them.

The first is this TRANYA lightweight portable and chargeable 3-level dimmer light.  
Matter of fact my son used it for light as he was hooking up my TV and assembling the TV stand.
Another very handy item is the surge protector cord which I purchased from Walmart.   Mine came in white, black and pink with 2 usb ports.  However the link I gave you shows 3 usb ports as I couldn't find this one on-line.  

What a great deal, you can plug is your OTT light, charge your cell phone and ipad all at the same time while hooking....or while sleeping.

TGIF everyone.


Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Chaos in the House

There has been chaos here the last two days having an old (won't die) TV pulled out.  Then a temporary delay for a day and finally successful installation of the new HDTV today.  

After my son pulled the TV out of the box is when I realized the old TV stand was not going to work.  That meant checking on line to see what local business had a suitable size stand for the 40" TV and then call to see if they had one in stock.  Luckily Big Lots had one and asked them to take it to the register that someone was on their way to get it.  

Ben wanted to be right in the middle of all the activity and why there WAS chaos in the house.  I tried to block his entry into a part of the living room by propping up the TV box against a rug frame but bully boy shoved his way thru a few times.  He'd step on the stand framing clanking them together, kicked the screws and just couldn't understand what the big deal was for me insisting his staying away.  Thankfully all is good now and calm has restored to our abode.

So now to show an update of my grandson's Christmas gift ~ his favorite Soccer Team logo from Barcelona.  
I can see now the "E" in Barcelona needs to be downsized.  And, the dark burgundy stripes need to be hooked a little closer so the foundation doesn't show.  

**So this is a lesson to be matter if you follow a hooking rhythm of every three holes for a certain size, it may not work depending on the structure of the wool strip.  Those strips were rather felted and hard.  So I will have to pull out the strips and hook it like a 3, 3, 2, 3, 3, 2, and see how it looks.

Have a great evening.  The rain will begin tonight but I have a great new HDTV to keep me entertained.  Now I can watch Jamie of Outlander in High density and all his glory.  AHHHHH.


Monday, October 9, 2017

Rug Camp Jammies

It's no secret that I'm like a little kid each time rug camp rolls around.  Just recently I purchased a new Life is Good tee shirt and as luck would have it yesterday found a cute pair of jammies to go with it.  This will be my nighttime attire when going to camp in November.
In care you are wondering, the brand of the jammies above is called Goodnight Kiss and I purchased them in the store but you could order them on line from Peebles.  They also happen to be on sale.
The cute sheep pj's above were purchased another time as rug camp was approaching.

Am back working on my grandson's rug and should have it finished by the end of this month for sure.  Will give you an update soon.


Saturday, October 7, 2017

Last Loop Pulled

Yippee... just pulled the last loop on the rug named "On the Loose", a design by Bev Conway.  Those of you who have followed me for a while  know I'm notorious for making changes to patterns.  The original design was just fine but I wanted snow, didn't want the border and added the moon.
Above is a photo with natural lighting and no flash.  The night sky was wool purchased from Cammie Bruce.  Below is a photo taken with a flash and the colors show up much lighter and washed out than in person.
Now it needs to be steamed and bound but the binding will wait and will the be first in the pile.  Next priority is to finish hooking my grandson's Christmas gift; the lion rug I started will just have to wait.

FYI, the finished size of On the Loose is 17 1/2 X 27. 

Happy Saturday.


Friday, October 6, 2017

White Pot with Olde Patina

With the recent chatter of people dyeing wool thought I'd pull out my white pot and do more Olde Patina recipe dying.  Since I do a lot of antique adaptations that color really speaks to me and gives more credence to an antique looking rug instead of an off white wool.

Below is the wool I stared with.  There is a little over a yard total of the 4 pieces and I used 6 Tablespoons of the Olde Patina recipe in the pot.  You can get the recipe by clicking the link near the bottom of this post.
The results from today are below and placed in the exact position.  All the wool was placed in the same big pot and in all honesty I was surprised to see the white wool turned out darker than the wool above.  Guess it depends on the fiber content of the wool.
Tho I do love off the bolt textures they sometimes present more of a  white in my rugs when hooked than I want.  Yup, I like the dirty worn look of the rugs from yesteryear.

Since there was only a small amount left from my previous Olde Patina dye day thought it was time to refresh my stash.  On the right side is all that is left from the last time I used the Olde Patina recipe.
What wonderful weather we are having yet the days are getting shorter and the we all know what will come after fall ~ uh, winter.  Have a great evening everyone and please....let's be kind to one another.


Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Which One Was Mine you Ask?

It would be this one.  It is a design by Bev Conway called "On the Loose" and Bev said she IS still doing patterns.  Contact her if you wish to have this or another of her patterns.
Once again I took some creative (?) license to the pattern.  I added the moon, the snow on the ground and trees.  Below is what the trees looked like before class.... no snow marks.  But I WANTED snow.
Ya know how I reverse hook, doubt myself and tell the world about it?  That is what poor Cammie had to deal with when I first started hooking snow in class.  Sweet calm Cammie said, 'looks great...go with it".   The wool for the 'dark sky' was over dyed and purchased from Cammie.

First photo is what it looks like now and wish she was here having a glass of wine with me so I could get her opinion on what I did the with ground snow.

For sure I'd take another class with Cammie who has a fantastic sense of humor and great color sense.  OH!!  not to mention a memorable class on "primitive". 


Tuesday, October 3, 2017

The "Throw Down" Week Two Cape May

Always enjoy this part of sharing as much (almost) as the regular rug show.  It is fun to see what everyone is working on.  

And here is our class photo.

Hope you enjoyed the show.