Monday, August 21, 2017

Yup...That Green Must Go

Did a smidgen more hooking without pulling out the green just to see the difference.   Now I feel quite comfortable pulling out that green.

Wasn't quite sure how many new colors I could introduce to the rug so thought I'd toss a little dark red in there and it looks great.  
There will be more tweaking than just the two green leaves so stay tuned to see how this ball of yarn sheep turns out.

In case you didn't read it before, this design is called Have you Any Wool and is a design by Carol Endres offered by Woolley Fox.  It measures 23 x 31.


Saturday, August 19, 2017

Taking A Critical Look

I have flip flopped between 3 projects over the last few weeks and decided to concentrate on just one to get it finished.  The "Have You Any Wool" is a pattern offered by Woolley Fox and put it on hold because of the border.  Sure thought my color planning would work out perfectly but suddenly became undecided.

Looking at the pattern saw the sheep as a skein of yarn so chose to hook the sheep like that. Was totally happy how the sheep turned out so my plan worked even though I know a tail of a sheep is longer than hooked. 

The border is my problem.  Actually am happy with the dark part of the plaid as the border but wasn't sure what to do with the leaves and pennies (flowers).
Seems I boxed myself into a corner with limited color choices for leaf colors.  So guys and gals who visit my blog I thank you for taking the time to visit and comment.  Nothing fake about  me, I tell it like it is and show my true self.  

I love hooking rugs but struggle with color planning like the rest of you....or perhaps some of you.  If only I'd taken this to a class with Barb Carroll she would have fixed my problem in a nano second.

Have a great evening everyone.   


Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Some Old Rugs to Enjoy

Since progress on my three is moving at a snail's pace thought I'd entertain you with some old rugs.  Below is Little Bo Peep which was hooked around 1940
Below is a rug found in Darnstown, PA area and was to have been hooked about 1930.
On the auction site the rug below was named Fisherman's House and hooked 19th century.
This folk art pictorial of the pioneer frontier was said to have been hooked between 1880- 1920.
A stylized swan with hit and miss background and no date given.
Auction house says the Birds in Tree was found in Pennsylvania and hooked about 1890.
I'm hungry already but today is my lucky day (not) as I'm on a liquid diet for my roto rooter main event tomorrow.  So far I've consumed 4 of the required 10 8 ounces of 'the magic potion'.  Guess I won't stray too far from the house today, huh?


Monday, August 14, 2017

Movin' On and UFR's

I tend to get bored working on one thing at a time EVEN IF I love what I'm working on.  Presently I have 3 hooking projects going ...otherwise known as UF?  Huh?  Why were they called UFOs?  So I think that this day forward they should be known as UFR's.  Un-Finished Rugs.

Anyway, tucked safely away is my sheep (which I want done before Cape May), Kelley's adorable pumpkin (an October rug), and my grandson's rug which is a Christmas gift.  Yes December is a bit away but must be perfect for my grandson and want it done in good time.
Now I'm getting excited about working on this one for my grandson again.  It has been in the basket for way too long.

Hope you have a great evening.  Frankly I'm on edge as tomorrow is Ben's stay and play test to see if the kennel will accept him so I can attend rug camp at Cape May in September.  


Saturday, August 12, 2017

Black and Blue

I love this design from the doodles of Kelley Belfast and it was love at first sight.  Doesn't it look like the birdie is whispering into an ear?  Her sketch just cracked me up and knew this was the one I wanted to hook.

Color planning in the beginning was to over-dye wool and cut new strips. But was too excited to begin hooking so decided to use strips from my worm bags. 
Working up close to the rug and under the OTT light some of the colors didn't look right so kept reverse hooking and didn't make much headway on this smallish mat (13.5 x 22.5).  However, looking in the picture here I kinda like what I see; it looks primitive and naive.  So me thinks me will just pull strips and hook randomly. If two dark strips end up next to each other or two lights be it. At least I'll be working thru my pre-cut wool strips.  

If you would like to purchase Kelley's new/old doodles booklet please contact her at the link above.  If you would like to hook this design or another in her booklet but don't have the resources or skills to do so, contact me and I will draw the design on Dorr Natural Primitive linen. Kelley has given me the authority to draw patterns from her designs.

Happy rainy Saturday.


Thursday, August 10, 2017

A Little Birdie Told Me

After receiving Kelley's "New/Old Designs" booklet was set on hooking a sunflower after seeing what she was hooking....UNTIL.. thumbing thru her sketches.  When I saw a drawing that spoke to me.  

That drawing was an unusual shaped pumpkin and wee bird.  The stem on the pumpkin looked like an ear to me which the birdie was whispering something into.  That is why I've called this "A Little Birdie Told Me".
This smallish design I drew was meant as a quick hook and measures 13 1/2 x 22 1/2 .  While I had grandiose ideas about over dying wool instead decided to pull from my cut strips.  

Have a great evening everyone and happy hooking.  


Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Get'n Ready

The sheep rug isn't finished but having received Kelley Belfast's latest "New Old Designs" pattern booklet am planning to start another small project.

When Kelly posted her piece on her BLOG my heart was set to hook a sunflower too.  But after thumbing thru the templates and designs of her new booklet had other ideas.  One design just grabbed me. 

So picking some templates have drawn out a nice easy size of a pattern I'm calling "A Little Birdie Told Me".  It is from the art work and doodles of Kelley Belfast but not a sunflower.  At least not this time.
Huh?  You can't see the design?  Dang.... The wool I began pulling has covered it up.  But even the wool choices might change since that blue NEEDS to be put in a pot of dye and mottled.  Plus, there is a choice between the orange which needs a soaking with khaki drab or using the piece to the right which I mottled using a Karen Kahle method. 

So stick around and see what is on my frame next.  Which means I will now have two project floating around.

Have a great evening and hope you are safe from the crazy weather, happy and healthy.


Sunday, August 6, 2017

Have You Any Wool Pattern

Didn't get to pull any loops on the rug this morning until after lunch. First was 1 1/2 hours of grass cutting before the next monsoon starts this evening.  And then my second shower of the day.

The pattern is from the art work of Carol Endress and a design offered by Woolley Fox.  The pattern measures 23 x 31.

Not a good photo even tho it was with a flash.  I wanted to see if the green leaf color would work or if I should choose another color.
Then took a photo on the back deck with natural light hoping to get a better photo.  Nope, no better.
So I will continue to work on the inside background and finish the leg before working on the border and choosing leaf colors.

When asked what my thoughts were on the shape of the sheep, a couple of you commented it looked like a skein of yarn.  That made my day.  And, yes I understand a sheep tail is longer and fuller but decided to make the sheep appear more like that skein of yarn instead.

Have a great Sunday evening.


Friday, August 4, 2017


FYI, there is an update to my blog.  If you look to the right section there is a place for you to send me a message.  I'm thinking this might be a way for those of you who don't know you are a NO-REPLY Blogger to communicate with me.  Guess I won't know until someone tries it. 

You can use that as an opportunity to ask questions about hooking techniques, frames, foundation fabrics, etc.  Some might find this an easier way to communicate with me.  SO, Elaine A...... please try this to see if I can get your message.  

So to continue...... Here is what I've accomplished on Have You Any Wool, which is a pattern by Woolley Fox.
In a previous post showed the wool I'd use.  For the background it would be the lighter part of the plaid. And am using the darker section for the border.  Must admit I'm worried about coming up with a leaf color with the teal.  All will work out I'm sure. I'm a glass half full type of person.

Happy Friday everyone.


Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Have You Any Wool?

Yup, that's the name of the pattern I'm working on.  It is a pattern design by Carol Endress and offered by Woolley Fox except it isn't listed on the web site.  So if you are interested please contact Katie.

Those of you who said the sheep looked like a skein or ball of yarn were correct.  That is exactly what my vision was but wasn't sure I'd be able to pull it off.  The difficulty was the head and the rear due to shape.  But still glad it was good enough that some knew.

Since yesterday have decided on two possible background and border choices.  What makes the decision difficult is having a GREY sheep and BLACK face and legs.  So a light background would conflict with the light grey sheep.  A dark background would loose the legs of the sheep.

OH NO.... what's a hooker to do?  (a little humor here).
So looking thru my humongous stash of wool knew there WAS an answer.  Above is a teal plaid which just might work.  The light teal strip cut for the background would be nice and the darker section for border would work well with adding flowers of any color.
My other thought was a red background and using the black legs and face for the border and using the red for flowers.

So, stay tuned to find out what I decide.  BUT... as always do truly enjoy your input.


Tuesday, August 1, 2017

What Was I Thinking??

That isn't a rhetorical question.  Actually I'd like to know what you thought I was thinking when hooking the sheep.  Just wish the legs were hooked too but I've been tardy enough posting on my blog so decided to go for it without the legs.

The design is called "Have You any Wool" and is a pattern offered by Woolley Fox.  I had a vision but think this one fell short of my expectations, unlike the Gossip rug.  So what do you think I was trying to accomplish here?
Since I took liberties changing the shape of the sheep's body decided to shorten the legs as well.  Now to hook the legs and decide what the heck the background and border colors will be.  Background can't be too dark because of the dark face.  Can't be too light either because of the grey sheep.

As I have a tendency to paint myself in a corner....stick around and see how I work myself out of this mess.

Happy Tuesday all.