Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Just a Sneak Peek

Just as I'd said, very little hooking has taken place here in several days, UNFORTUNATELY.  So here is a sneak peek and you can guess or wonder what the design is.  That is except Lauren of Rugs and Pugs since it slipped out accidentally.
I've folded over the linen to hide the drawing on the linen.  I'm so hoping that tomorrow I'll be able to pull more loops.  Even then it won't be a giveaway design as I want to keep you all wondering and will show sections at a time.

Have a great evening and maybe there will be more to share on my progress tomorrow.


Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Antique Rug Show Time

Haven't pulled even one loop since the last rug on the previous post. Yesterday was the afternoon of my second cataract eye surgery and all went well but vision with one eye for several hours wasn't conducive to productivity for much of anything.  Today was a follow up doctor visit and still haven't pulled a loop.  

So to provide a little entertainment think you deserve a rug show. Below is a star design from Pennsylvania using yarn on wool and it looks in great shape.  Barb Carroll has a lovely piece with this technique.
The rug below is from an estate sale and hooked in the 19th century.  It depicts birds, Xs and flowers in the center.  A wedding rug perhaps?
Hooked in the 19th century is the Waldoboro style floral and scrolls below.  I've never tried Waldoboro style mostly because I might want the rug for the floor and would trip over the elevated sections. 
I believe that technique of hooking was named after the town in Waldoboro, Maine where a hooker developed the style.  One of my knowledgeable teacher friends out there correct me if I'm wrong.

The date is visible on this hit and miss geometric rug below...1884.
This multiple hearts in squares almost resembles flower petals and is a pattern rug I recently drew for a customer
Just love this neutral horse and buggy below which was sold by an auction house.  You can see the softly visible blotched sections on the ground as well as the sky.  LOVE this piece and is on my 'to do' list.
This table mat of tongues found in Lancaster, PA I just might have shown before...sorry if it looks familiar.  
Trotting horse with buggy and rider ~ again no provenance to report on this one either.  When info is given on location and or date I put that in the name of the photo and let you guys know.
Below are a pair of chickens and padula flowers in the corners.  Guess 'making do' is where the hit and miss first originated and now we with loads of wool use it to rid ourselves of our multiple left over wool worms.
Now I'm going to pull a loop or two before getting dinner.  Still more to bind on two rugs but am beginning to have withdrawal from having a hook in my hand.

Have a great evening everyone.


Sunday, December 4, 2016

The Status of Two Rugs and Everything Else

Yahoo...... just finished pulling the last loops on Out in the Garden, a design by Maggie Bonanomi and offered in pattern form by Blackberry Primitives.  The first picture is using the flash and of course is showing up brighter than it really looks in person.  But the pixels are larger and will show you great detail if you tap on the photo.
The picture below is taken with the 'automatic' settings exposure so the flash did not go off.  However, I'm standing under the ceiling lights and you can see my shadow on the left side of the rug.
Sweet follower Jennie of GA told me she is able to adjust the lightness and darkness to adjust her photos...not sure if that was on her iPhone or computer.  So on my PC checked but could only find a Paint program which has no dark or light adjustment that I can see.  Remember tho, I'm nearly computer illiterate. 

The Red Lion is almost bound and since that is not a favorite task of mine seems to take me as long to bind a rug as it does to hook one. Good news is that both rugs are hooked and will be bound in 2016.  

So now I'm really, really getting excited to start something new.  I know what it is but not gonna tell you (Kim) HA, that gets you back for hooking a pattern and not showing us everything and making me (us) wait and guess.

Okay, here's the "everything else" part so if not interested you're free to leave........

Tomorrow, thank gawd, is my second eye cataract surgery.  While I'd requested morning surgery (I really don't like missing my meals) there's no food after midnight tonight, no liquids after 7:30 am and my surgery won't be until the afternoon.  I'm not supposed to show up until 1:40 p.m. so who knows when surgery will take place.

My right eye was fixed October 10th and here it is almost 2 months later for the other one.  Since that time it seems I can see driving better without glasses.  Yet at the computer or in front of the TV while hooking I'm wearing my glasses down my nose.  

Am sure readers will be needed after tomorrow's surgery but will NOT do the reader thing.  Instead I'll buy prescription bifocals with the clear at the top and readers at the bottom.  No putting on and taking off for close work.  Am hopeful tomorrow's surgery will go as smoothly as in October.

Have a great evening.


Friday, December 2, 2016

Mission Accomplished

Accomplished what I'd set out to do in making a primitive silver feather tree.   There's no lovely Merry Christmas wool applique as Jo Wick showed on Facebook but used my "Cherries and Candy Stripe" antique adaptation I hooked a year ago.  I'd forgotten just how much I love this rug.
The Santa is one I made a few years ago but he didn't sell before retiring from doing shows.   Kinda like this guy so decided to keep him. His stick tree, boots, clothing ...well everything is homemade ~ well the sheep made his beard.

And Kim (Glass Half Full) sorry to disappoint for an expectation of a "....Mona Lisa caliber tree", lol.   Here it is in the bowl I showed in an earlier post.  The base of the tree was pushed into a foam base and covered with scraps of warm and natural.  Was going to brush the pieces of shiny metallic into the trash but decided to sprinkle those on the top of the warm and natural.
A few of you wanted step by step instructions of what I did.  But honestly wasn't sure how it was going to go until I just dove in.  Below you see what each long stem looked like.  So what I started with was two long stems side by side and twisted them together.  Then would cut sections so the fluffy part would be at the end.
Then placed the stem where I wanted the limb, twisted around the center section and moved down lower on the trunk.

As usual, this was a 'fly by the seat of my pants' sorta project.  But for me it worked to have a small primitive silver feather tree....thanks to Jo Wick's beautiful vignette.

Have a great evening everyone.  And now back to binding Red Lion and still have a few more loops to pull on the other rug.


Thursday, December 1, 2016

A Change of Activity

As I'm so close finishing Out of Garden have decided not to hook tonight but instead work binding on the Red Lion.  AND, also decided to pry the rug hook from my hand for a day to tackle a new challenge.

Jo Wick posted a photo of her beautiful Merry Christmas wool applique on Out of Hand Rughookers.  It is a wonderful display on her table ~ the Santa and silver feather tree also caught my eye. 
Ah ha!  I have some silver stems and could make my own shiny feather tree.....maybe.  It wouldn't be as nice as Jo's and wouldn't have that wonderful wool applique with it.  But, maybe making a silver feather tree would be the impetus to challenge me to a different craft than rug hooking if only briefly.

The stems look silver and gold in the photo below compared to the roll of silver trim. Yet, they would be the makings of my feather tree IF it comes to fruition.
Below are the two containers found in my attic and decided the taller crock would be too big so will go with the whiter and shorter pot.
Since that hook is out of my hand temporarily, guess I'd better go work on the Red Lion's binding.  

Sure hope I've something to show you tomorrow in the way of a bound rug or a feather tree.

Happy December 1st.  Can't believe it is December AGAIN.


Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Update on Out in the Garden

Was so hoping to get this piece all hooked before the end of November but didn't happen.  It was started at rug camp on the afternoon of November 7th so guess it's not too bad with timing ~ just a tad of background and border.  This is a design by Maggie Bononami and offered by Blackberry Primitives. 
Believe it or not the white in the three flowers is not as bright as it shows here.  It has threads of a caramel color woven in and thought it would be perfect for the light in the flowers.  However, the other white in the background is an unhooked sure you figured that out all by yourself.

If I can manage to remove the hook from my hand tomorrow there might just be a different project posted about.... wait and see.

Have a great evening, the two day mild weather has been great here but as so saddened for the folks in Tennessee.


Monday, November 28, 2016

Rugs, Rugs, Rugs

Saved a few vintage rugs to show when I needed more time to work on my project.   

The first one looks like a story rug to me which isn't organized in sections but rather like puzzle pieces.  It was hooked in 1889 and I see initials which could be CMS.  It may even be a wedding rug since it has mingled hearts in the center, fish for Christianity, doves, lucky horseshoes, an eagle on top left, stars, cross, etc.  Quite an interesting and busy rug so bet the hooker didn't get bored.
Below is a 1900's Pennsylvania penny rug using wool and homespun according to the auction house.
Below is a primitive pot of flowers with bird images and diamond shapes at border edge.
Per the auction house the rug below was hooked by Ms. Goetz and was found near Clifton Ontario.

The rug below has colors which look rather good together but not something I'd probably hook...unless I was trying to get rid of those colored worms.  Sorry, no provenance on this one either but was on an auction site. 
Isn't the rug below cute?  Two kids sitting on a fence looking and the animals.  No provenance on this either...sorry.
Not sure if the piece below is a framed mat or pillow but am guessing mat.  For sure I'd get bored with so much border but think it is a lovely dainty piece for the center motif, love the scrolls and neutrals. 
This dancing rug makes me smile... can almost hear the music.  While I don't particularly care for directional hooking (due to boredom) the wide open and softness of the background makes you feel like there's only the couple there.  The music is in the background but the man and woman are the objects of their affection.
Obviously the piece below was hooked in 1935.
 The dog piece below was to have been hooked between 1890-1920 in Vermont and was hooked with yarn.
Oh do love the rug below.  It sorta reminds me of the antique rug  I replicated and named Cherries and Candy Stripe.
Okay, so as not to keep you wondering..... here is what the antique Cherries and Candy Stripe looked like.
And this is my adaptation of that rug which I offer in pattern form.
Okay kids..... gonna fix dinner then sit and hook for a while.  Gotta get my hooking in for the day.


Saturday, November 26, 2016

Out in the Garden

Figure it is about time to show an update on my slow progress on hooking my camp rug.  But then there was the Thanksgiving holiday which slowed me down.

Below is a photo using the flash of my Sony digital camera.  This sometimes works for me and sometimes not.  The photo shows the colors more bright than in person but not neon like Debbie's Horse yesterday.
Since I have a setting on my camera for 'automatic' thought I'd take a photo using that.  Here is the result.  The rug actually looks closer to somewhere in between.
For you pixel photo knowledgeable the first photo size is 1.87 MB and the second photo 99.6 KB.  As the saying goes....'frankly Scarlett I don't give a damn'.  Since I'm not a photo journalist or professional photographer my digital camera will do just fine for my needs.  

Am pretty sure this rug will be all hooked before January and then there will be two rugs to be bound before starting the next one.  Red Lion also still needs to be bound ~ started it but more to do. 

Happy Saturday.


Friday, November 25, 2016

Debbie's Horse

I'm so not ready to pull the camp rug off the frame for a photo just yet, thought I'd show you a rug I hooked in 2009.  I tried to find out how long I'd been blogging but couldn't locate a date.  It's possible I never showed you this mat before.  The picture below is showing up rather dark and is a photo taken sometime ago and probably without a flash.
If you'd like to enlarge and get a view of what wool was used below is a photo just taken with a flash.  If you tap on the photo you can see the wool better.  OMG, put on your sunglasses ~  this is not what the rug looks like in person.  Guess that is why only the above dark  photo was saved.
Anyway, this is a design called Debbie's Horse and is a free pattern in Barb Carroll's Book American Folk Art Rug Hooking.  It may be out of print but you could always check with Amazon if it isn't already on your book shelf.  Hey, don't all rug hookers have every book by Barb Carroll?
Happy day after Thanksgiving and enjoy the calm for those of you who chose to go out shoping on Black Friday.  I avoided the shopping malls.


Thursday, November 24, 2016

Happy Thanksgiving

Wishing all of you a very Happy Thanksgiving.
Would also like to thank all the newbies who ask questions because without you my blog wouldn't have much of a mission.  Also, thanks to all the teachers and other seasoned hookers who helped me along my journey and to whom I still depend.