Thursday, October 20, 2016

Red Lion Antique Adaptation

Sure wish I was a faster hooker so there was more of an impact when showing my updates on hooking projects.  
This is my adaptation of the antique which is considered a dog shaped lion.  To save you time here is a picture of the original Red Lion antique.
Most times I do try to replicate the original antique but couldn't seem to a friend described it....a tomato soup colored lion. Plus rugs need to fit and be loved in my home.

Must admit I'm having a problem using purple in the paws/claws of the lion as well as the mane.  There could still be more reverse hooked pieces in both.  Yet purple IS in the original antique rug.  Tap it to enlarge and check it out.

HEY.. it feels so good to have something to hook. Just hate those days when nothing is on the frame and recently had those days.

Enjoy the last of the warm summer weather here in Delaware.  BUT... I STILL have water in my back woods and misquitos were still chasing me and Ben down today.


Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Old Rugs for Show

As I have NOT (unfortunately) pulled one loop yet today have nothing new to show you on the lion.  So will pull some antique rug pictures out of my hat to keep you entertained.

This one looks old but have my doubts.  Me thinks someone is a good hooker who can make them look old.

Okay, perhaps no loops got pulled today but did get my bedroom windows washed inside and out as well as washing and ironing the curtains of 4 windows.  

Too tired to clean the rest of the room so will sit and hook this evening. Thought I'd better take advantage of the warm weather before it changes. Uh, not sure when the rest of the windows will get done.

Enjoy the last of the summer weather in October.


Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Red Lion Antique

Pulled a few more loops today and if I'm not known for anything else I'm known as the Queen of Tweak; a title given me by Kim.  This is what the rug looked like this morning but the ear wasn't defined well enough for me.
So decided to lay an alternate piece of wool in it's place to see how it would look.
Heck, why not pull out the other wool and use the alternate.  Besides, it wouldn't be the first time I'd changed my mind and put back the wool which was ripped out.
Do you remember me mentioning previously that I'd taken a picture of the wool planned for this rug?  Okay, put on your sunglasses. Why does this happen??????
Both the rug photo and this wool photo were taken at the same distance from me to the floor.  Although, the muzzle of the lion wool is not in this photo.  The two larger pieces of wool are what is used for the body of the lion.

Used for the muzzle was a very narrow strip of the last of a dirty gold and wish there was more of it.  Thankfully there was enough to do the muzzle but now have to find more from whom it was purchased.

Hope you are all enjoying this unusually warm temps in my part of the U.S.  There is still a lot of water in and around my yard and hope the heat and sun will help dry some up before the cold sets in.

Good evening everyone.


Monday, October 17, 2016

Snow Crow

Okay guys and gals, I've mentioned before how I LOVE crows.  Today I finally looked thru my new issue of Primitive Quilts and Projects.  
Winter 2016 - Digital Magazine
And OMG, I saw the cutest white crow that needs to be on my next 'to hook' list, particularly since it is a winter holiday design.  
This is a design offered by Lori Brechlin and Lori, I adore it!!!!  Plus I don't have a white crow with a top hat.


Sunday, October 16, 2016


Finally am pulling a few loops; not a lot but it feels good to have the hook in the hand again.
Took a picture of the wool I've chosen to hook my lion (of course that is always subject to change as you know) and even took a picture of the wool.  But the flash made the wool look SO BRIGHT that I chose not to influence your thought on the wool choices yet.  Maybe next post will show you that shocking photo.  

While at Cape May I purchased the Red Lion pattern from Norma Batastini of Heart in Hand Rughooking.  As it is an antique could easily have drawn it out myself, but hey, it was already done for me so why not buy it there ~ no muss no fuss.

The Be Goode Witch has been prepped for binding but hasn't been started yet.

Had one last pattern order to draw today (E S Frost Sheep with Birds) and must stay it is quite a challenge to draw a pattern when the two eyes aren't in sync.   But I've another eye surgery coming up soon (don't know when) so the pattern needed to be done.  

Needless to say I took my time drawing.  You sewers  know that old addage "measure twice cut once"?  Well today it was look twice, maybe thrice and use Sharpie once.

Have a great Sunday evening.  


Saturday, October 15, 2016

Old Found Rug Photos

If you had to get a new computer because of a crash or whatever, then you know the new ones don't have a slot for the old 3.5 floppy.  Uh, sadly there were numerous photos saved on those because at the time was afraid of the new digital cameras. As I'm not so computer literate wasn't sure how to download the photos. So this old fashioned broad used a Mavica camera which used a 3.5 diskette. 

Recently a friend of mine rescued some photos.  From Cape May 2005 here are a few photos.  Not sure who hooked the first two...sorry.

For sure know the hooker of OPRAH was my friend Lynne Fowler.

In 2007 the following rugs were hooked by various people.  Mary Lynne Naples hooked the Top Heavy design.
The flag is a Lucille Festa hooked rug.
This was the year that I was first introduced to Magdalena's Domestic Zoo which is hooked by Evelyn Lawrence in 3 sections.  

There is a booklet researched by Evelyn of Magdalena rugs and published by Kathy Wright.  
Below is a rug by Lucille Festa called Maybelle.
This chicken was a pattern and kit by the late Patsy Becker.

The Cat rug below was an original design by Evelyn Lawrence.
Am making homemade Minestrone soup and still have NOT pulled one loop.  I'm getting ready as I've cleaned up  my worms and put them in their place.  

PLUS.... have also steamed Be Goode Be Nice.  Since my 'new' eye and old eye don't work together (yet) it is still a struggle to see well.  I know it will be wonderful.  But my prescription glasses and my new/old eyes are not cooperating.  Can't wait until both are fixed.

Maybe, uh, just maybe tomorrow I'll have something new to show you.

Have a great evening.


Thursday, October 13, 2016

Oh No What to DO......

There is just a smidgen more to hook on Be Goode Be Nice pattern but at this point I'm saving it to have those last few comforting inches to hook tonight.  This will keep mama happy with a hook in her hand one more evening.

But what will I hook next?  There are so many tempting designs and patterns in my stash. Originally the plan was to start an adaptation of an antique lion.  Uh, notice that blotchy background.
And then Lori of Out of Hand Rughookers has offered up a free winter design which is pulling at my heart strings too.

So am now in a debacle... will definitely give this some thought while pulling the last loops on Be Goode Be Nice pattern.  Which, by the way, still needs to be steamed, bound and ON my harvest table Before HALLOWEEN.

Oh my, decisions, decisions...


Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Ramblings to Catch Up

Sorry I've been absent but have a real good excuse.... I had cataract eye surgery on the left eye Monday so that was a totally lost hooking day.  

Then yesterday was the post-op visit and it was equally lost as far as hooking since it was catch up with stuff which didn't get taken care of Monday.  What makes it worse is that I'm not supposed to bend over and put my head below my heart which would put undue pressure on my eye.

And, I'm not supposed to lift anything heavier than a gallon of milk, which means I cannot maneuver a bolt of linen to cut out patterns waiting for orders.  My next post op visit isn't until 10/21 so think I'll call tomorrow to see how much longer before I can move a bolt of linen and get on the floor to cut it since it isn't on a roll to a table.

Anyway, I'm only just a smidgen away from finishing the Goode witch but couldn't wait any longer to make a blog post...oh SO close.
Now I'm in a quandary as to what will go on my frame next.  But since today is the 12th and this delightfully cute Halloween design needs to be on my harvest table before Halloween it needs to be bound. 

Perhaps I'll forgo my desire to put that new rug on the frame right away and finish this one first.   Ohhhh, what sacrifices we hookers make, lol.

Hope you have a great evening.


Sunday, October 9, 2016

Almost Finished, but Not Quite

Sad to say Lauren, that my Goode witch won't be finished by this weekend......
.... am sure it will be done in time to celebrate Hallow's Eve tho.  Right now gracing my harvest table for October is Nantucket Broom Ride which I LOVE also.  Both patterns are offered by Kris Miller of Spruce Ridge Studios and from the art work of Lori Brechlin.  
That little birdhouse was one my grandson Zach painted for me as a gift in 2012 since they know I have birdhouses outside everywhere.  But, this one was going to live inside so grandma could see it every day.

Tomorrow is left eye cataract surgery and I've been good and put all the drops in my eye today except for one more which goes in the eye at bedtime.  I've got a driver and a back up just in case.  Then will sorta chill and take it easy.... UH, lol, like I don't already do that.

Yet will need to be more careful about not bending my head below my heart, no rubbing of the eye and a few other restrictions.  At least this one is almost over and will only have one more eye to deal with and all that comes with it.

Happy Sunday evening.... and LAUREN..... just think... you don't have to go to work tomorrow.  You are actually retired and enjoying life!!!!!!!


Saturday, October 8, 2016

Rugs Hooked by my Friend

My friend Deb is creative in numerous ways ~ she makes wonderful jewelry, has woven baskets, quilts, beads, makes dolls and mohair bears and the list goes on.  

Perhaps it is about time some of Deb's wonderful rugs should be shared.  Below is Adam and Eve Plowing the Garden which Deb started at a Barb Carroll camp.
Another huge design Deb hooked was the Animal Parade, a Magdalena design also started with Barb.
The New England Berry Tree is another Woolley Fox Design and, yes, it too was started with Barb in Ligonier. 
Deb is such a generous soul, she hooked this ottoman cover for our friend Toni and am sure that Deb also attached it to the ottoman. 
This is a very fanciful purse dear Deb hooked for me.  While I have used it a couple times I now have it hanging on the wall as a piece of art. Must say tho, that when wearing it I received lots of compliments and inquiries as to where it came from.  So Deb has made some and sold them as well.
This huge rug below probably looks familiar to all of you.  It is from the artwork of one of Picasso's paintings.
Here is the painting named "Picasso's Dream" and you can see the section Deb chose to hook.
Another artist's adaptation is that of Gustav Klimt.  Deb did this rug in an Ali Strebel class and adapted numerous techniques Ali taught us in that class.
 Hildafern was ....yes, started in a Barb Carroll class and is a Woolley Fox design.  For every one of the fern leaves Deb used antique paisley. I never knew there were so many different colors and designs of paisley.
The following rugs are all Woolley Fox designs.... Kinderhook Basket... 
....Berks County Bouquet......
....Got Wool.....
Another Magdalena design hooked by Deb at Barb's.
She has hooked numerous other Woolley Fox designs but I don't have pictures of them all darn it.  Here is a design Deb hooked last year at Cape May with Kris Miller named Little Fox.  It is a Spruce Ridge pattern designed by Ann Willey.  
Deb took some creative license on the fox and changed it to look like daughter Amy's dog Cam (short for Camden Yards, lol) who is  pictured below. 
In another class with Kris and a design from the art work of Lori Brechlin Deb hooked Glad Tidings.  Her hooked pieces is on the web site of Spruce Ridge Studios as the sample.
Below is another of Kris Miller's designs where Deb used all the techniques which Kris taught us in her class.
Okay, I've timed myself out as I could post numerous other wonderful designs my gal pal and perpetual rug camp roomie Deb has hooked.  But I'd like to get back to hooking a little myself so will call it 'time out' for now.  Enjoy your weekend, albiet MORE rain here.