Saturday, February 24, 2018

Binding an Oval or Round Mat

As mentioned in previous posts, there are various ways to bind a rug.  Actually have blogged about most all styles with visuals if you wanted to type you are looking for in the search engine top left side of the blog.  As there may be recent visitors or, hopefully subscribers, to my blog will show this one as it is in progress.

Newbies..... did you know cotton binding tape has a gathering thread along one edge?  Yup.  You can see the thread with a start of the pull.  Sometimes it takes a few minutes to find the right thread and if not successful try the other end along the same more rigid edge.
Below is a photo where you can see the curl of the gather around the curve.
......and around the other curve.
Another view below.
Tomorrow I'll show you the finished Spike both front and the bound edge of the back.


Thursday, February 22, 2018

Misc. Chit Chat

A few days ago Lori of NotForgotten Farm inspired me to cut Forsythia limbs from my barren bushes and inspire sunlight to bring spring into the house.

In the space where my sweet boy Ben would sit is the encouragement of spring and sign of life.
After the last two days of 70 and 80 degree temperatures look what I found this afternoon..... Yup, a fully bloomed daffodil.  That poor thing will surely whither as the temps are getting colder before the slight warm up this weekend.  BUT IS evident spring is on its way.
Remember the Nielsen ratings question I asked about a few days ago?  I have NEVER been asked to participate until recently.  
Must admit it was fun to record but will be happy to put these diary's in the mail TOMORROW!!!!!!!


Wednesday, February 21, 2018

1909 Horse Rugs

As promised, but a little late is Nada's rendition of 1909 Horse.  Hers is wonderful and just hope mine, when finally finished, will be as nice.
The delay making this post was because my digital camera couldn't  be located.  The iPad is here so could have used that but really needed to find my camera.  After doing 3 complete walks thru the house on both floors finally 'moved something' and there it was.

So here is a photo of the start on 1909 Horse.  Yup, I stitched the binding on already.  As there are no plans to make the pattern larger ~ it is already 33 x 40.  Plus the binding process will be so much easier and quicker since part of the task is already done.  That doubled cotton has the same beige, black and red which will be in my rug so will blend in with the back colors.
In case you're wondering..... I have bound my rugs with wool yarn whipping, wool strip whipping, cotton binding tape and using wool wrapped cording with wool binding.  Have done all types of binding except crochet and braided edge.  Oh....haven't done the Eaton edge either.

Happy hump day for all you worker bees out there.  Hope you enjoyed our record high temperatures today but things are about to change drastically.


Tuesday, February 20, 2018

A Few Old Rugs

Promise tomorrow I'll post a photo of the little progress on 1909 Horse rug.  But did get the pattern for Magdalena Double Roosters drawn today, so it was good progress on something.

Thought this modest rug was pleasing to the eye rug and soft colors.  It is wool and cotton hooked on burlap late 1900s from the Textile Museum in Canada.
Below is a hooked rug measuring 25x50 based on a Currier and Ives drawing.  This was hooked late 19th century.
Here is the Currier and Ives drawing from which it was believed to be adapted. 
Below is a great folk art hooked rug which hints on Native American style with plaited mane, tail and colors.  
On the back of the framed rug is this date of 1866.
Below is a hearth rug measuring 28 x 86 from New Hampshire 19th century.  I depicts a fox, butterflys, trees and more.
Are you looking for more color rather than the neutrals I'be been showing?  Here is a farm house rug found to have been hooked 19th century.  
And even on a more happy note is a blast from the past!!   Remember Mickey Mouse?  Here is an adorable chair pad or mat.  I think I want one!
Happy Tuesday.


Monday, February 19, 2018

Have Been Busy

Let me clarify that.....haven't been busy pulling loops, but rather making new rug patterns for customers.  It is a Godsend since I selfishly want to attend a couple rug camps this year and wondered where I'd get that extra cash.  These sales will put a little buffer in my bank account and free me of guilt.  Thanks gals, you know who you are.

One pattern was an antique adaptation seen on my blog at one time.  It is a huge 37 X 51, her wishes.  I named it Flowers, Stars and Scallops.  Bet it will be a beauty and hope she shares a photo when it is finished.
She also purchased a Domestic Zoo.  She previously hooked it but wanted to hook it again.
And one which will get drawn tomorrow is this wonderful Magdalena Roosters rug.  OMG, another humongous rug but the gal also wanted it in the original size of 32 x 59.  
While I'd love to hook both those other rugs for sure mine will be smaller than the size ordered.

Now to go pull some loops before making my salad.  Will save drawing the roosters rug tomorrow morning over coffee.

Happy President's Day.


Saturday, February 17, 2018

My Next Project

As if most of you didn't already guess, it will be another antique adaptation.  This time it is 1909 Horse.  There's a wee bit of a story or two about this pattern.

First it was a very lucky purchase at less than half the cost of the pattern from Emma Lou Lais' web site.  The pattern was among the bargain patterns offered at Cape May during the special Anniversary celebration.  So have pattern want to hook... right?  Now to find a photo of the original.  

HA!  The sleuth in me went on a full out internet search.  I checked Google, Pinterest, Woolley Fox web site, and lastly Barb Carroll's site.  Finally on one of Barb's pages I saw this photo of 1909 Horse in progress and a picture of Emma Lou with someone I didn't know.  The detective work wasn't done yet.  Still wanted to see a picture of the original antique. 
Next I contacted Deb Burcin who built Barb's weebly site and asked who was in the photo with Emma Lou.  She said her name was Nada Lind and kindly gave me her contact email address.   Nada was very accepting of my email, sent me a photo of her finished rug and stated there was a photo of the original in the Hooked Rugs book by Leslie Linsley.
For heavens sake!  That is just one of the many books in my library and didn't think to search thru any of them.  Voila!  Below is a photo of the original.
While there are 10 pattern line drawings in the book mentioned above 1909 Horse line drawing isn't in there; but the photo of the original is.

Thank you Nada for befriending me and giving me permission to post this photo of you and Emma Lou.  In a future post I will share Nada's finished rug.  She is even thinking about hooking this again along with me but has a couple camps coming up so not sure when she will join in or if she will even have time.

Sorry my post has been so long but it seemed like a good rug hooking story to share with others.  Happy hooking.


Thursday, February 15, 2018

Forrest Gump Weather

I call it that because in Delaware "ya never know what you're gonna get".  The last couple days have been very mild; today was in the mid to high 60's depending on whether you are near the beach or inland.  I'm an hour's drive inland so was warmer here.

Crocus and daffodils are popping up all over my yard among and under the leaves.   A small sampling of daffodils.
Below are some lavender crocus but there are many more spread throughout the yard.  
It is such fun to walk thru the yard and see these colorful jewels popping up despite being covered by a few leaves and changing weather.  Cutie pie yellow tops below.
More daffodils and a peek of a few moss covered bricks.
Tomorrow's weather is to be similar as today but then at least a 20 degree drop in temps with chance of rain and/or snow.  Saturday obviously not go great.  Just hope my daffodils and crocus don't suffer as a result.

I'm nearing the end of Spike and have already been cuddling with my next project.  But before the next one can be started I'll need to do a clean up from Spike.  Even with a small mat I always make a MESS.

OH!!!!!!!!  Have any of you ever been contacted to participate in The Nielsen Ratings?  If so, did you participate?  For the first time ever they contacted me and today started documenting what shows I watch on which TV.  I have one in the kitchen while cooking or cleaning up; a TV in the sewing room and one in the living room which is the one with the DVR.

Am sure I'll drive the person who documents this information crazy.  I recorded the Amazing Race last evening and watched it in 3 different segments today.  No way I can sit for two hours straight and watch a TV show.

Mild evening tonight and the box of surprise weather will be opened up tomorrow.  Have a great evening.


Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Happy Valentine's Day

Wishing all of you a happy Valentine's Day.  
And a Valentine's gift to myself is finally finishing binding on Magdalena's Goat.  Are upi wondering if I kept the feet as they were or do you think I changed them?  Hmmmmm..... let's see.

Two photos with different settings.  The first one shows more true colors.
The photo setting below makes the colors a little more washed out.  But if you tap on the photo it will enlarge to show a better view of the wool used.
Magdalena's Goat pattern is offered in two sizes: 29 x 35 and 22 x 26.  I hooked it a second time to show how it looks with different color choices.  The first one was hooked as close to the original Magdalena as possible with the wool in my stash.
Happy Valentine's Day and hope you received some chocolates.


Monday, February 12, 2018

Revisiting Spike

Have accomplished a little more on Spike but he's still not done.  Spent time in the wool room looking at the next pattern for my frame.  Yeah, I know.... should have spent that time working on Spike instead.
For reference, below is a photo of the original antique.  My rendition isn't even close to a mirror image of the antique.  That's okay, as she used different wool or homespun's than me and I'm trying to keep this an uncomplicated project as a sample for the pattern.
Saturday it rained all day, yesterday it rained and the temperature reached a high of 69 degrees.  Rain again today and 3 pm the temps were 44 degrees.  Delaware has 'Forest Gump weather' as you ....."never know what you're gonna get".

Happy Monday.


Saturday, February 10, 2018

Weekend Rug Show

Don't have a lot more to show you on Spike, binding isn't complete on Magdalena's Goat so will entertain you with rugs found on pinterest.  Saw some rugs which I hadn't noticed before and some which are familiar to me but never tire of seeing them more than once.

Flowers with Stems was said to be hooked around 1930 and measures 24 x 34.
The auction house called the design below "Ducks at Homestead" but to me they represent birds.  Size is 24 x 39 no other information.
A hit and miss center circle with corners hit and miss as well.  Great use of left over wool strips.
The folk art horse below I think I've seen before and perhaps even posted it at one time.  I see stars, 3 leaf clovers, leaves and delightful background.  No date given but size is 28 x 45.
The folk art rug below is new to  me and can be viewed on all four sides.  The design has rabbits, flags, stars, penny circles, and flowers.  No date or dimensions were given.
Three Red Chickens below I snapped from an old issue of Early American Life magazine.
Bird and Pot of Flowers below was said to be dated 1920 and from Pennsylvania.
I'm really attracted to the rug below which was called "Flying Horse".  It has a geometric top and bottom border.  It almost has a native American appeal to it.  Said to be hooked around 1880-1890.
It is just about time for me to start a pot of homemade Minestrone soup.  I'll go pull a few loops first to feel as tho I'm accomplishing a little something on the rug.

Happy Weekend.