Monday, August 20, 2018

Inquiring Minds Want To Know....

Jennie from Georgia said she didn't think she had ever seen Belgian linen and what was the source.
On the left is Dorr natural primitive linen, what I normally use; and the right side is Belgian linen.  You can see the Belgian appears more translucent since it is lighter weight and holes are somewhat larger.

A group of my friends got together and purchased yardage of this to try.  Can't remember which rugs I hooked using this but after experimenting with various foundations chose Dorr natural to be my 'go to' linen.

My friend Shari's class used burlap as the foundation to achieve the lightweight and authentic ingredient for the antique look.  I'm not in that class and prefer to use a stronger foundation, since I already have a little of the Belgian linen left will use that.  For sure it will be more light weight than the Dorr natural primitive linen yet strong.

I purchased mine over a decade ago from Silkweeds of Searsport, Maine and have this small amount left.  I'm not sure where you could purchase it now.

Will continue painting this afternoon after errands.  Can't wait until all coats of paint have been applied and can call the task DONE.


Saturday, August 18, 2018

Almost Decided

My next project is between these two antiques.  If I go for the donkey I'd hook it in browns instead of the grey.
And Flying Horse which I would also hook in browns.
Whichever I choose it will be hooked on Belgian linen which is strong but the holes are larger and may lend itself to a more OLD look.  I've tried doing antique adaptations for a while but my friend Shari recently attended a rug camp and she shared some information.  So this time I intend to hook an antique look on steroids!

First time I have sat down all day except to eat lunch.  My back porch door is literally falling apart.  If my ex were still coming here he would have repaired or replaced it for me.  So I've purchased a new door and used a sealer paint on one side today in the heat and humidity of outside.  I swear more time was spent prepping and looking for supplies than the actual painting.

Still have the other side to seal paint and then two coats of brown paint before getting someone to hang it for me.  I was meant to be a hooker not a painter 😀


Thursday, August 16, 2018

Mystery Solved....


~Most recently Merrie confirmed that on page 30 that book gave credit to Marion Hamm as the designer of the pattern.  So mystery IS SOLVED!

Yesterday I asked if anyone recognized a pattern and also posted that question and same photos on Facebook.  Today I received part of the answers.

Thanks to Merrie James-Bell know it was a free pattern in this book American Country Folk Crafts (thanks Merrie).
She said the rug design in the book shows 8 horses whereas my pattern has only 6.  Frankly I'm happy there are fewer on my pattern since 2 more on each side would make a larger rug to hook.  Mine measures 21 x 37 but IF and WHEN it is hooked will probably make a wider border.  It might require sewing a piece of cotton on each side to adapt to my frame but that's okay as I've done that dozens of times.
What hasn't been solved yet ~ is it a Marion Hamm design as I've been told.  I've written to the woman who is now handling Marion's designs but have not received a response.  

Was sweltering heat today cutting the remainder of the acreage; Sunday I cut Ben's back yard with a push mower and was too hot do do the rest of the yard.  Two showers today and looking forward to staying in the A/C, working on my Stars and Diamonds this evening and tomorrow.


Wednesday, August 15, 2018

Recognize this Pattern or Designer?

I was fortunate to get this pattern very reasonably at Cape May last year during the anniversary special pattern sale.  It has horses on it so picked it up fast.  
I asked Norma if she knew who the designer was and she couldn't recall ~ but did say it was an antique adaptation.  I've searched Pinterest using 'horses and hearts' in the search engine and nothing like this shows up.

Am wondering if someone designed it based on this antique rug below.  This is the only rug with horses and hearts I could locate.
If anyone knows the designer I'd love to give her credit when I get around to hooking it.  Also would like to know the source for the inspiration.

Happy hump day for you worker bees.


Tuesday, August 14, 2018

It's Been Fun....But..... (edited)

...I'm ready to move on.  Think Stars and Diamonds was started sometime in June and have loved every second working on it until just about now.  Am ready to move on to my next challenge and it (they?) will be smaller.  Here is my beauty now and it is close to finish.
If you are interested in having this pattern measuring 21 x 43 on natural primitive linen let me know.  The edges will be serged and there will be at least a 3" margin all around.  Cost will be $75 (plus shipping) despite all the drawing that is involved.  

I could have finished the rug before now but remember it is summer  and I'm the one who cuts grass in this acreage.

Just think.....that little bit on the right side.... so close but seems so far away 😒.

Have a great evening.


        This comment just in but since she is a No-reply blogger I could not reply to her.  Instead, I would like to thank Michelle H for her very complimentary message to me:  

"I have been hooking for over 20 years and very few rugs blow my mind. This rug stopped me in my tracks. I know of the original and I have to say your rug has done it justice. Your adaptations of the original rugs that we all love are the best I have ever seen. Great job"

Saturday, August 11, 2018

I've Got that Itch

That would be the itch to start a new project.  Of course it will be an antique adaptation and this time something smaller.  Going thru antique rug photos here are some I'm considering.  But you know how fickle I am so before the linen is on my frame there might be other plans. 
Love the shape of the donkey and messy background.
The hit and miss border plus the blotchy background is visually pleasing to me.
Tossed this one in the mix also but probably won't make the cut.
Also attracted to the rug titled "Flying Horse" by the auction house.
Like the horse rug below but think I like flying horse better.
Four hearts four flowers might be fun.
Oh no, what is it with horse rugs and me?  I like this one too.  Actually it is a horse love thing.
This very primitive lion is interesting as well.  You'd think it was a dog were it not for the black whiskers under the chin.
Sheesh, another horse rug.  But if this is chosen I'd do a hit and miss border all around instead of his name at the bottom.  But still like flying horse better.
And this is the rug I was certain to be on my frame next. 
What happend?  I'm fickle, besides this would end up being bigger than I want to hook right now.  I want to challenge myself in hooking a very primitive antique look with a different style and want it smallish.  That way if it doesn't turn out it will be done quick.

Happy Saturday.  Going out to cut the back yard before it rains.  I still think of it as "Ben's backyard".  Miss that boy terribly.


Thursday, August 9, 2018

Stars and Diamonds Update

Getting closer to the end but getting excited about starting something new so am getting antsy.
Below is the original antique which was hooked early 19th century.
I'd like to have this one bound before Cape May and a project started to work on while waiting for the teacher.  It will be something smaller than this rug which measures 201/2 x 43.


Wednesday, August 8, 2018


On this post there are 4 offers for sale, since someone may purchase more than one item I will combine shipping.  Therefore shipping will be added to the final cost.  Sales to US only (sorry friends in Canada) I just don't want to deal with or worry there may be declaration forms to be filled out.  

#1 ~ DEAR JANE journal and pattern book by Brenda Manges Papadakis (autographed copy) ~  $40 plus shipping.
I looked on Amazon to find out the cost because I cannot remember what I paid for the book before I hooked the rug below.  If you click on the Amazon link (above) you will see what others are charging for the book.
The book is intact, no pattern pieces cut as I copied the motifs I wanted to use in my rug.  There are 160 pages in the book.  And it is fun to read what Brenda wrote to Jane Stickle as she replicated her quilt.

#2 ~ CROW CREEK pattern booklet by Denise Clason $5.50 plus shipping.  Unused booklet, first photo is of the front cover.
Back cover and subsequent pattern pages uncut.

#3 ~ WORTHY HANDS applique and stitchery by Pat Peak $7.00 + Sh.

#4 ~ SHOW ME YOUR GARDEN by Sarah Sporrer $20 +shipping.
The booket is uncut and has a total of 64 pages.

The sales will go to the first person to respond.  FYI, if you are a NO-REPLY blogger I will not be able to reply to you or send you a PayPal invoice.  So if you happen to be first but a NO-REPLY, the sale will go to the second to respond to the offer.

Good Luck,


Tuesday, August 7, 2018

Sheep at the Beach Binding Tutorial (revised)

Finally all hooked and bound!!!!  All it needs now is a label which hasn't been printed yet.

Those of you who follow me know I wasn't looking forward to hooking this on monks cloth and had other hooking priorities at the time.  With Cape May rug camp a month away am SO HAPPY I decided to hook it.

Here is the my version of "Sheep at the Beach", a blanket design by Norma Batastini to challenge camp participants.  It was just a sheep on a blank canvas for us to be creative.  For sure I don't claim to be creative but at least it is done and have something to share at camp.
I bind my rugs and mats differently.  Here is how this mat is bound.  Once the last edge of the design was decided I drew a line 1/4" away from that for the sewing edge of fabric binding.  

Before hooking to the edge of the design you then place the edge of the fabric on that new line.  Sewers know that is a 1/4" sewing edge.  
I used cotton fabric to match the sky and sea.  There was a piece cut a tad longer on each side but only sewn to the edge of the hooking.  I trimmed the corners of foundation so the corners could be mitered without bulk.
OOPS, I see I missed one before taking the photo but was trimmed before binding.  But that was corrected and here is the back.  All that it needs now is the label and a visit to Cape May with me.
Today's quilt booklet sale was surprisingly easy.  Only have one other Cheri pattern but am not ready to let that go yet.  But do have other quilt and Stitchery booklets here to sell from the likes of Sarah Sporrer, Kindred Spirits and can't remember who else.  So stay tuned.  


Meridiana, you are a NO-REPLY blogger so could not send you a personal email.  The top photo was a photo taken after the binding was done.  
And yes, I have bound rugs to go on the floor this same way.  Sometimes I've used wool and sometimes cotton binding tape.  Have also whipped the edges with wool yarn, covered cording in wool fabric, I've bound rugs all ways except for the crochet edge.

SOLD!!! A Cheri Payne Booklet for Sale

Here is a Cheri Payne booklet "A Country Quilt Garden" for sale to first person from the U.S. to reply.  Since the FB group Quilts by Cheri is a 'no sell' zone wasn't sure where to post it for sale.  The cost of $24 includes shipping and I will send a PayPal invoice.

As none of the designs show any wool used it couldn't be listed on the Destash Anything Wool Related either.  Besides, since I'm not savvy on how to post numerous photos on one message decided to post it here and take my chances that someone may see it.  

Here is the front cover and you can see the color on the sides are worn a little but all pattern pieces are attached and not cut out.
Inside front cover.
Colored page is page 23 on right.
Below are the colored designs in the booklet from quilts to articles of clothing.  There is a pattern for the Country Vest included but the bib jeans is not a pattern, just showing how to decorate them with some of the designs in the booklet.

There are a total of 52 pages in the booklet,  all pattern pages are intact and never cut.  Again $24 to someone in the US and that includes shipping.