Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Turkey and Tallowberries Update

Wow, I really am getting close to finishing.  So maybe it is possible to have it hooked and bound before Cape May.
Just a little on the right side to hook then to steam, do pre-binding stitching and trimming then bind.  

Meanwhile, today I had my EKG which was required by my eye surgeon as my other EKG was over a year ago.  So many various doctor appointments coming up which is really interfering with my rug camp anticipation and preparedness.  

So later today after the EKG (which the doctor said was fine) told myself not to think of the huge plate of doctors before me..... just one week at a time.

Now, almost dinner time, Ben has been walked and have poured myself a glass of Pinot Noir to chill and work more on binding NED.  Remember Ned?  Will soon show you a finished picture of him soon.

Meanwhile, do you believe tomorrow is September 1st?????  I can't. What is worse is that I must now travel toward the beach area on the Thursday before Labor Day when folks are taking an extra day to have a long weekend at the beach.  That is where my eye doctor is.  

A day or so ago noticed more floaters and flashes in the other (right) eye.  Concerning me was that it was in the form of a hair or thread which had dot floaters attached.  Wasn't sure if I should call the eye surgeon or not since there is a pre-op visit coming up in September before the October surgery. But decided to call and they can tell me no problem.  Or at least that is what I was hoping.

So I must show up tomorrow for them to check it out to see how serious and what changes must be made for my lenses for the surgery. OMG, this getting older is REALLY getting OLD and not for the faint of heart.  Think I'm becoming more faint of heart.

Happy hooking, happy quilting, stitching or whatever lowers your BP.


Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Ben's Results

One of Ben's doctors called me today with results.  Seems the results of the biopsy report and other tests turned out okay. 
Just in case you are wondering...... just behind Ben is a wooden TV tray which I've pushed under the side table.  Otherwise that goofy boy gets his butt under it and when getting up tilts everything off the damn table.  I love my boy but he is surely a bull in a china shop.  

SO, what causes the spleen to enlarge??  It is a sort of alert system.
Blood runs thru the spleen which makes it react to certain environmental changes; his eating something, drinking water outside, eating squirrel and rabbit excrement, etc.  But could also have been related to a recurrence of a "mast cell tumor" which was removed.  
But my handsome boy has good test results and this is him coming running when I mentioned the word...."cookie".

Hope your evening is as good as mine will be tonight knowing my Ben is okay.  Sure was lucky to adopt such a loving dog at the age of 3 years 7 months almost 5 years ago.  Love ya Ben.


Monday, August 29, 2016

I Got Hugged Today

Today I picked up my mail and knew it was time for certain monthly bills to arrive but in the stack there was a card easily identify-able by the color, size and shape of the envelope.  Yup, I'd gotten another hug from a very dear friend of mine.
Honestly don't know what I've ever done to be considered a friend by this wonderful, generous and talented lady.  This isn't the first card I've received from her.
Above is another card, again with a sweet message inside to warm my heart.  There were others and I won't embarrass her by mentioning a name but she is the one with the loving soul and heart.  

What I know for sure is that instead of emails to her, in the future I'll take time to choose a special card instead.  Well.... maybe not instead, maybe in addition to.   Perhaps we all need to take more time to write instead of text, email or do Facebook ~ for God only knows who else reads those and most are friends of friends and don't even know the people.  I'm going to start making it more personal like my friend did and send a card.

The cards will be prominent on my desk so that I'll see them daily and remind me of the friendship.  Heck, who can forget that friendship? This friendship and that woman is ingrained in my soul and spirit forever.

Love you friend and think of you often.  Hope you stay well and as stress free as possible.  BEAR HUGS........


Sunday, August 28, 2016

Turkey Anyone?

Definitely felt good to pull loops on my Turkey and Tallowberries rug again.  It is getting close to being done but not so certain it will be bound in time for Cape May rug show.  

After all, Cape May is in just 3 weeks, I have 3 various appointments to make during that time and don't know about Ben's test results yet. Besides there is a major overhaul to clean up after the tornado which went thru my wool room.
The other day Colleen wrote asking what I used for the background. Since she is a No-Reply Blogger was unable to write her personally.  So here is a photo of numerous wool which has been hooked in this brug.  The colors show up much more vivid due to the flash. 
As you can see there are some off the bolt textures purchased from both Heavens to Betsy and The Wool Studio as well as some which I've overdyed myself. 

Cut Ben's backyard today and made one more hookers pocket.  Would like to make a couple more pockets to sell at Cape May but me thinks my wool room needs some attention first.

Happy Sunday.


Friday, August 26, 2016

And Then There Were Three

The detour was fun.....for a while.  But have missed rug hooking so it is time for me to take a break.  I'm at the age now where if it isn't fun then stop doing it and do what makes you happy.
Today I purchased a few more magnets so will make a couple more to take to Cape May plus one which someone ordered.  Definitely won't work on them today since I just finished hand stitching the green one after lunch and need my hooking fix.  

Tomorrow is my grandson's birthday party so grandma will be there to celebrate his being a teen.  With no hooking going on tomorrow will definitely need another hooking fix when I get home.  Again, no pocket work being done tomorrow at all.

For sure want to finish up the next few pockets and be done with them so I can clean up the chaos in my wool room.  There's wool on the floor, the wool which was neatly stacked fell into an empty spot behind the stack.  Now it is a jumbled up mess.  Besides, rug camp is getting closer and need to get far more orderly than I am.

Colleen, you are a NO-REPLY blogger so am unable to respond to your question personally.  There is a way you can fix that so GOOGLE how to fix that problem.

Have a great evening.


Thursday, August 25, 2016

Another Pocket Completed

Was almost done with the third one but needed to make a blog post before it got too late.  Will save that one for tomorrows post.
As you can see there is a magnet at the top which holds scissors.  The pocket at the bottom can hold a few hooks or snippets if you wish. Notice the stitching at the very bottom of the pocket?   That is canvas which was stitched to reinforce the bottom and ensure the tips of the hooks wouldn't go thru the wool.  

For the remainder of the night my plans are to hook on Turkey and Talloweberries.  But tomorrow will finish #3 and will make one more to take to Cape May.

Have a great evening everyone.


Wednesday, August 24, 2016

DETOUR...Men at Work

Let's make that WOMAN at WORK.  

Had a busy day running my boy to vet; more on that later in the post.

And am in the middle of making more handy hooker pockets to put in the camp store at Cape May when I go September second week.  One is done with pennies.  The magnet at the top holds the scissors and the pocket at the bottom could hold your various hooks or snippets.    In case you are wondering, that beautiful horse hooked piece is something I purchased from talented Tonya Roby of MadHenPrims.
Am going to make 3 more and here is wool being considered for others with different designs and will have different colors.
Now for my boy Ben.  I feel privileged to have both vets on duty when taking Ben this morning to Western Sussex Animal Hospital.  At his annual visit last week and again this week the speen was enlarged. Plus the sonogram did show something suspicious.  They are being cautious because Ben had a 'low grade mast cell tumor' removed in March this year and those often show up again.  

Ben is now 8 years 3 months, a large boy and want to keep him as long as possible.  Here he is totally wasted by today's doctor's visit.   Hey Ben, I feel your pain I'm not fond of doctor appointments and tests either.
Then the bald belly where they wanted clean shots for the sonogram. Am so glad I wasn't there while they inserted the needle to retract fluid.  They said he was a good boy.  I say he's my almost perfect boy. Were it not for the vehicles with wheels thing...... he would be perfect. But I love him nevertheless.
Have a good evening and I'm hoping to pull a couple loops on Turkey and Tallowberies in a few minutes.


Monday, August 22, 2016

Turkey and Tallowberries Progress

Am excited to show you my update today after looking at it on the floor in person before taking this photo.
There were a couple decisions made as the initial color planning was forming in my mind.  One was it seemed to need a balance to the light tallowberries and thought a one line border to outline the rug might do the job. So I chose a black and white honeycomb wool which was purchased from The Wool Studio.

The other first try and happy color choice was that bright orange for the eye. I'm sure many of you questioned my decision when first writitng about it but when looking a the rug on the floor just now my attention went straight to the eye.  And hey, aren't we supposed to look our subjects in the eye?  Plus, the white of the tallowberries doesn't overpower the rug because 'the eye has it' under control.

There is still more to hook, which is fine and I'll take my time.  Also still have the rest of Ned to bind but have a couple eye doctor appointments coming up so will do that while sitting in the waiting room.

My big Ben had his annual physical and senior blood panel last week. Today I was called and the kidney test was slightly elevated and the vet wants to do a sonogram to investigate about something she felt on his spleen.  Since Ben had a low grade mast tumor removed in April I need to be diligent on his health follow-ups.  Love my boy and want him to stay in my life as long as possible so he goes for the sonogram this Wednesday.

Happy Monday to you all.


Sunday, August 21, 2016

Handy Dandy Hooking Helpers

Here are just a few of the wonderful tools I use to make hooking so much better.  One I love are my Hartman Hooks and have a back up for a back up since my girl Shadow thought mine was a chew toy when she was a pup.  Thankfully she had tiny teeth so didn't do too much damage so sanded it down with fine sandpaper and oiled it again.
From left to right is my hook and scissor pocket, brush for cleaning wool  threads and dust off rugs, hand held OTT light, and gripper cleaner.
Above is the pocket being used on my frame.  A magnet holds my scissors and the pocket is where I place my various hooks so they don't get lost between the sofa cushions or dropped and then roll under the chair or sofa.  Guess I need to make a couple to take to Cape May as I only have one left.
The nifty brush I purchased at the Maryland Shores rug camp store one year.  Can't remember the cost but it was nominal and well worth the cost.
Another view of the brush.
Then is an unlikely great tool which is a dog brush to clean those gripper strips which seem to gather loads of threads and dust while holding our patterns down.  This one was purchased at Roses, the cost only $2.99 and got 10% for senior discount.  And boy does it do the trick.

Oh, the OTT light was purchased from Michaels and was priced at $19.99 but had a 40% off coupon.  It is really handy to see the true color of your wool as you hook.

Happy Sunday to you all.  Will spend the rest of the day hooking on Turkey and Tallowberries since yesterday was spent cutting grass and two showers.  Even tho I knew there would be a shower after cutting the grass I just MUST shower every morning.  To me, going without a shower in the morning would be like not brushing my teeth.

Maybe, just maybe I'll make some progress on that rug today and have something to crow about tomorrow.


Friday, August 19, 2016

Now and Then

Okay, I've done some tweaking (duh, my middle name) and this is Turkey and Tallowberries now.
Am happier than what it looked like before.  I switched out the top and bottom tail feathers.  But hey, who knows if it might not be tweaked again before the rug is done.
Blogger friend Lauren (Rugs and Pugs) commented she saw the pattern at Sauder in Spruce Ridge Studio's booth and didn't realize how big it was.  Yet Lauren likes smaller pieces.  So for those of you wondering, the pattern measures 18 x 28 which doesn't seem so big to me.

Happy Friday to you all and hope you have a safe and great weekend.