Monday, September 25, 2017

Cape May Rug Show #1

Went to take photos of the rugs in the show and my camera battery was dead.  I ran the battery down the night before walking thru the Chalfonte taking photos hoping to capture orbs.  So plugged in my battery for a quick charge and took photos of selected rugs to make good use of battery life.
 Above is a rug hooked and designed by my teacher Cammie Bruce named Americana Stars.  You should see the "wow" on the border in person.  
 Above is a rug named Askew which is a design by Pat Cross and hooked by Lois Hilliard.
My friend Deb hooked this Autumn Hook-Along using motifs offered by Lori Brechlin on the Facebook group Out of Hand Rughookers
Doesn't the above rug look like the ends of logs?  It should because it was hooked by using a photo my friend Char took with her camera behind an Adirondack logging truck.   Sadly I didn't snap a picture of her photograph which accompanied the rug.
Above left is a design by Lori Brechlin and offered by Spruce Ridge Studios called Do Goode, Be Nice hooked by me last year with Kris Miller.  On the right is a design by Karla Gerard called Bloomin' Sheep and hooked by Rebecca Erb.
Bessie and Tessie is an antique adaptation by Lucille Festa.
Birthday Lion, above was hooked by my friend Evelyn Lawrence and is a design by Bill Laraway.  I still  haven't finished mine yet but will get back to it soon.
The Christmas Tree Pickup is rather obliterated for the designer and hooker's name.  
Crow Song, above, is a design by American Country Rugs and was hooked by Wini Kinkele
 Alex Mathiasen hooked Dorset Flowers which is another design offered by American Country Rugs.
Kathy Graybill designed this Edward Hicks adaptation and was hooked by Joanne Gerwig.

This was the first class I've taken with Cammie and it was a delightful class.  I don't want to give all the secrets away but will mention the first class she gave showed different ways to bind rugs, some of which I was not familiar with.  Then there was the other class which still makes me smile as I reflect back on it.  If you have never had a class with Cammie you will surely enjoy the journey with her.

Tomorrow I will showcase more hooked rugs.  Happy wonderful fall day everyone.


Saturday, September 23, 2017

Arrival Day at Cape May

Parking at the Chalfonte is catch as catch can so drove around the block several times hoping a spot would open up.  Parked my car two blocks away and walked to the hotel to see who was there.  Having just arrived was my gal pal Char who was attending camp after a 5 year hiatus.  She told me her hubby was in front of the hotel unloading her equipment and would be leaving to make an open space.

OH BOY!!!!!   So ran (uh, fast walk) to get my van and 'double-parked' slightly behind Derek until he left the spot.  I shouted out my window to Char asking if my van would fit in that spot.  She and a passer by said 'yes'. The passer by (Doug Williams) said "I'm a very good parallel parker if you'd like me to park it for you".  

I got out of the van and said, "offer accepted".  Do you know anyone who would turn over the vehicle filled with expensive rug hooking equipment to a complete stranger?  Har either; but I did.
Here is Doug and me.  I thanked him, gave him a hug and told him he just helped a HOOKER.  He grinned and said, "Just don't tell my wife".  Doug is a very nice guy and told us he plays piano at one of the local restaurants.  We considered going there for dinner Wednesday evening but time passed too quickly as we were snacking, having wine and chatting so didn't make it.

Our rooms weren't ready so we three gals decided to walk the couple blocks to town and shop for bargains.  At one gorgeous Victorian house was a little yard art in preparation for Halloween.  
Gee, wonder how long that couple was sitting waiting for the breakfast? I see they got their coffee but where are the eggs and bacon?
Talk about a dead-icated cyclist...he rode himself right down to the bone, as did his dog.

Have lots more to share so stay tuned for rug and 'throw down' shows as well as information about my teacher Cammie.  Won't give away all the secrets as some things are best learned from her in a class and don't want to spoil your fun.

Happy Saturday everyone.  Now it is time for me pay the piper for a week of fun.  Time to cut grass, do laundry, grocery shop, etc.


Saturday, September 16, 2017

Short and Sweet

It took me a while to find my focus on Birthday Lion and you can scroll down to see my journey.  But now happy to find my direction (uh, I think).  But so far so good.
Birthday Lion is a design by Bill Laraway.  Can't wait to see how Evelyn hooked hers next week.  

Sure hope Hurricane Jose doesn't make too much of a mess along the eastern shore line and tear up our beaches.  Check in with you later.


Friday, September 15, 2017

The Rug on My Frame

Oh I had this one all figured out in my mind and it was going to be a piece of cake to hook.  The lion's face would be a tad lighter than the body, the mane would be a hit and miss much like that done on the border of Olde Hearts and it would have a dark background.  Easy peasy ~ in my head.

The face hooking happened as planned.  But the mane idea didn't work out; it looked like a hot mess so pulled that out and chose a black and gold texture.  Then started hooking the body of the lion.  In the photo it appears the top wool is too close in value to the mane.  The third wool down seems way too light so think I'll go for the wool texture second down from top.  I hooked a smidgen of each wool close to the mane for you to see if you want to tap on the photo to enlarge.  
Okay then so what about background and border Saundra?  Original plans were to have a black wavy border with dark blocks of hooking in the background.  That might work if I do a wavy beauty line ..will try that.

Or, what about red?  I'm determined one day to do a red background.
Or maybe a red border?  Don't think so, if anything I'd want the rug to have a black border with red background but don't think it will happen on this rug tho.  
For now I'll work on just the lion using mostly the middle gold wool and perhaps another wild idea for border and background will strike my fancy.

Happy Friday everyone.  Sure hope Jose changes direction and doesn't hit the east coast.


Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Mini Rug Show

As I'm still finding my direction on background and border of the Birthday Lion thought I'd show a few antique rugs. 
The rug above was named Birds in a Tree by the auction house and was stated to have been found in Pennsylvania and hooked around 1890.
Above are two hooked cat rugs which are obviously very similar in design but look how differently they look.    Hooked early 20th century.
Giving equal time to the canine species, the above rug was found just outside of Hagerstown, MD and was said to have been hooked between 1890-1915.
Above is a folky hooked farm scene with sunrise in the background. Hooked around 1930.

A rainy day here so maybe it will give me time to figure out where I will go with the rug I'm hooking.


Monday, September 11, 2017

The New One......On my Frame

There's still a bit of binding to do on the previous two hooked rugs but cannot stand to not hook something.  Okay, there is a story behind this piece.  
My dear friend Evelyn Lawrence was perusing Barb Carroll's contact page and saw a photo of a lion she admired.  

Evelyn asked if I knew anything about a particular lion piece.  Went to Barb's site and looked for what Evelyn tried to describe.  After several emails it was determined which lion she was speaking of.  

Figuring it was a design in the Woolley Fox pattern book started thumbing thru to find the pattern.  AH HA!  While no pattern of that piece Evelyn spoke about, did find a pattern named "Jayne's Birthday Rug".  That had a drawing of the very same lion design in it.  

Next job was for me to email Bill Laraway who designed the rug for his lovely woman.... (seems I'm a detective of sorts don't you think?). It appears the single lion may have been a gift to Barb hooked by her friend Jayne.

I emailed Bill and asked if that pattern was for sale and if so, could he please draw two patterns of the lion.  One for me and was planning to surprise Evelyn with a pattern as well.  As of this posting Evelyn has already hooked and bound hers.  Can't wait to see it.


Saturday, September 9, 2017

Grandson's Favorite Soccer Team

With the sheep rug and pumpkin mat off the frame it was the perfect time for me to pull a few loops before starting something new.  Am taking my time on this project since it isn't due until Christmas.

My grandson Zach loves to play soccer and his favorite pro soccer team is Barcelona.  He and his family recently went to a game which they played in the US.  Zach was over the moon when his parents told him they had tickets.

Unbeknownst to Zach, grandma is hooking a wall-hanging for Christmas. Will also give him another team shirt too.  
Must tidy up my wool room a tad and finish binding the sheep and the pumpkin mat but stay tuned to see what will be on my frame next.

Happy Saturday,


Thursday, September 7, 2017

Another To Bind

Just finished hooking one of Kelley's designs from her new pattern booklet of sketches.  As the cotton fabric was sewn on before hooking this won't take me long to bind.  But it is second in line as the sheep rug binding isn't quite finished.
The border, background and bird were all hooked pulling worms from my baggies.  A lot of the pumpkin was done the same but did have to cut a few strips.  

The ground wool is a piece purchased from Kris Miller at camp one year. Don't know the name of the wool but think it picks up the blue, orange and of course some green so goes well.
So now to figure out what is on my frame next.  Meanwhile I'll pull a few loops on my grandson's hooked Christmas gift.

NOTICE... PRAIRIEGIRL, if you are re-reading my blog in trying to contact Kelley to get a pattern book, please write me in the EMAIL ME form on the right top side of my blog.  You are a NO-REPLY blogger and neither Kelley nor I am able to send you a message when you write us in the 'comment' section of our blog.


Monday, September 4, 2017

A Little Birdie Told Me

I drew this pattern using a designs from Kelley Belfast's New/Old Pattern booklet ~ you can have yours too by contacting Kelley to purchase one.  
I named this design A Little Birdie Told Me , it measures 21 x 31 so should be a quick easy piece for me to hook.  I'm using blues in various cuts from my worm bag and attempting to make it look like a fall evening sky.

Happy Labor Day everyone.


Saturday, September 2, 2017

Have I Any Yarn?

Actually the name of this pattern is called Have You Any Wool but said 'yarn' since I hooked the sheep to appear like a skein of yarn.  The pattern offered by Woolley Fox is a design by Carol Endres.  
For new visitors, if you scroll down to a previous post you will see the wool used for the border and background.

This was a lot of fun to hook, particularly since challenging myself with the shape of the sheep.  A plus was successfully reducing my pattern stash by one more.   Now must get back to working on a Kelley Belfast design I'm calling "A Little Birdie Told Me".

Happy Labor Day Weekend.