Friday, April 20, 2018

In-Progress Rugs at Camp

Unfortunately I didn't get photos of all our class in-progress rugs.  Was waiting until closer to the end of camp to get a more complete capture of the work.  Then it was catch as catch can to get the photo at a convenient time.  Also, many hookers from other classes didn't participate in the 'throw down' for some reason. 

Will begin with Eric's in-progress of a big Peacock rug, a design by Michelle Micarelli.  Eric said he was changing the border on the left side which he referred to as 'confetti' and will make it blend better with the border on the right side.
Below is Val hooking a mola design by Norma Batastini.  It is called Crocodile from the Mola series.
Fran was working on this stained glass design by Jane McGowan Flynn.
The stool cover being hooked by Joyce has the same name as the rug I'm working on....Flower Power.  But they are different for sure.
Pat sat across from me and is busily hooking but didn't manage to get a good photo of her project.
Sarah started working on her geometric (below) immediately after the initial phone call with Eric before class.  You can see she accomplished quite a lot.
Friend Pat, who was in another class, was hooking a Folk Art Rabbit designed by Margaret Shaw.
And moi?   This is what I've accomplished so far on a design by Cactus Needle, was told it is the sister to Nola Heidbreder.  The name is Flower Power, the same name that was given the foot stool design above but different designers.
The open spaces are areas which I haven't decided what to do with yet.  There is a star to the left, and 3 circle areas.  Not sure if I want to just hook black background or put in a color.  

I made a couple changes..... first I added a border which I've drawn in...2) I changed the tulip from a five point tulip to a three point (pic below).
Happy Friday.


Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Granny Geometric a/k/a Rick Rack Rug

Yesterday's post showed Eric's Rick Rack Rug and I mentioned having hooked one similar but drew it myself.  Here is mine, which is not nearly as artistic or well color planned since I pulled from my worm bags.  I named it Granny Geometric as it reminded me of crochet squares of a Granny Afghan.
Also mentioned the pattern I replicated was from an old book in my library. Decided to search thru my books to find the pattern for you.  Below is the line drawing which can be enlarged to any size you wish.
It was among numerous designs from a book purchased on-line from some source for a few bucks.  You can see it had been retired from a library ~ a book by William C. Ketchum, Jr.
During that morning search also came upon the Nova Scotia design which was Eric's mat pattern I'd admired so much.  That would be the bottom illustration below.  Think it came from a different book during my search.
Okay, I admit that I'm stalling to show in-progress rugs from camp.  Today was filled with 'car pool duties' for my neighbor's kids again, my laundry and feel like I'm catching something.   Yesterday and today I popped Echinachea and as there's no worry about picking up the kids tomorrow I'll be able to sleep better tonight.

Happy hooking.


Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Maryland Shores Rug Show

I'll start with pieces hooked by Eric ~ Below is a design named Rick Rack and is for sale $1,700.  It was stunning looking at it up close.  I drew and hooked a rug similar, tho not this creative.  The shape is in at least one rug book on my shelf.
Eric, using the same concept but applying the design in a different way he did this smallish mat.  You can see the design in the four blocks, yet look at the artistic way he hooked the border and outlines of the blocks.  His mind is so creative.
Below is a huge rug hooked by Capri Boyle Jones which could be yours for $6,865. 
Another rug hooked by Eric is called Duncan and a Pearl McGowan design.  IF..IF I heard the conversation correctly, Pearl was asked to hook a 'log cabin' rug and this was her concept.  It is thought the circles in the middle was the chimney.  Remember, Pearl was NOT a primitive hooker.
Below, the edge of the rug and hit and miss scallop is gorgeous.  This was also hooked by Eric and he commented that primitive hookers love the edge but taken back by the orange and purple.   
Pat McDonnell hooked the rug below.  The design is called Gettysburg and was a pattern offered by Marion Hamm.
Dorset Flowers, below, hooked by Ingrid Heironimus is a design by Lucille Festa.  After seeing this rug hooked by Ingrid am now confident she could handle me in her class if I was hooking a primitive design.  Love her 'tile' squares for the background.
OMG, you should have seen this huge runner named Prudence, yet another Pearl McGowan design.  Eric said he had hooked about a third of the rug, found himself needing money.  So rather than finishing the project he sold it to Kathy Moyers who finished it.  You cannot tell where Eric's hooking stopped and hers began.  Awesome!
Here is the label on the back to document the story.  Eric asked if he could borrow it for his "Encore" to teaching this class.  And what a hell of a wonderful class it was Eric.
Pam Johnson hooked the proddy sheep design below from Heavens to Betsy
Pam Brune hooked Pumpkin Patch, a design by Betsy Reed.
There are more finished rugs in the show but since I hadn't gotten permission to post the photos didn't want to get in a battle with anyone.  

There are some in-progress photos from camp yet to come.  And then I'll show you mine.  Happy Tuesday.

Feeling so guilty and such a slug.  I have a rug pattern to design, still have laundry to do, yet enjoying the ambiance of slowly hooking on the camp rug.  Well, that is between doing yard work, grocery shopping and mom car pool for my neighbor's 3 kids.  I'm 76 and thought those car pool duties were over years ago.


Monday, April 16, 2018

Camp Store

How convenient it was to have a class in the Ballroom as that is also the location of the rug camp store.  Loris of The Wool Farm had lots of beautiful wool.
I purchased a couple quarters of as is textures and this yummy roll. 
She had a variety of colors of yarn for whipping or punching rugs.....
Beautiful colors of fancy yarn and sari ribbon to embellish a rug,
There were also hooks, frames, patterns, kits, wool jewelry,  ~ you name it and it was there.
Some great deals on used books too.
A container of brushes to brush away the bits of wool and lint from your rug (I LOVE these and they were only $6).  The container was filled to the brim at the start of the week and almost empty by the last day.
Next post will include some rug pictures....promise.


Saturday, April 14, 2018

What Happened at Rug Camp Doesn't Stay at Rug Camp 😉

In a previous post I mentioned Eric Sandberg was my teacher again after 12 years.  Must say this class was top notch and would definitely take a class with him again.   Not sure if that will happen as he retired, has no wool (except for his personal stash), and only doing this gig since he is a substitute teacher for Maryland Shores Rug Camp.

Below Eric gathered us together to talk basics about...."light, bright, dark, dull".  For those who had Eric as a teacher before know these words by heart.
We students gathered in a circle and took turns showing our project and wool colors we'd brought to camp.  
Eric is working with us individually and we are learning as each person's rug is being color planned.    
It is impossible to give his 5 day class in just one blog post but there are many easy to remember hooking lessons ~ the Three Bears and Goldilocks, for just one example.  Don't ask, it would take too long to explain.  But OMG I will never forget that!!!

Below is a photo of Eric with just one of the hand-outs provided.  Cannot wait for life to get back to normal so I can read them.  He covered most in class but there is more in the handouts about hit and miss, geometric, dyeing hints and so much more.
Notice Eric also has a piece of wool in his hand.  He brought pieces to toss into the mix of what the student brought just to show how adding another color or value would change the rug.  

Below, this picture shows Eric using me as a 'teaching lesson' for bringing mostly medium value wool.  I brought red, blue, old gold and green ~ plus dirty white or black for background.
You can see students chuckling and I knew it was in good fun, yet a lesson for those who prefer colorful rugs ~ I was, after all, the 'what's different in the picture".   Eric said he took a class with Barb Carroll so he would be better able to work with primitive students.  

On another day we each took one or two rugs we'd brought for the rug show.  Students decided to have him 'critique' or suggest, how he would have chosen different wools.  We had to raise our right hand and pledge....."There is no such thing as an ugly rug, some are just better than others"
In the lesson above Eric used the Johannes Itten color wheel "The Color Star".   I'm sitting on a gold mine and have only looked at it briefly a few times.  Thankfully mine was purchased when the cost was maybe $40.  Because of Eric I unearthed my Star Wheel and will use it with future rugs.   BUT... lol, if I am replicating an antique rug of a woman who didn't know about bright, contrast, value, etc., I will hook it like the woman did but using what is in my stash.  

On that day I noticed a fantastic hooked pin Eric was wearing.  I asked if it was an image of him.  He said it was an image of his grandfather Pierre Keller which was hooked by Tish Murphy.    Was unbelievable to see the detail with wool which seemed to be hooked with floss it was so thin.  
Oh there is so much more to share from rug camp but will be in separate blog posts.  My hope is to have more time to pull more loops on my rug before having to share it.  But reality has given me yard work, laundry, pattern drawing, etc.  I like being on vacation better 😁


Monday, April 9, 2018

Maryland Shores Rug Hooking

I haven't attended the April rug camp in many years.  Since I was self-taught this was the venue for my very first rug camp.  I wanted to unlearn bad habits and find out how to hook the right way.  It was convenient as it is only an hour away from my house.  But of course I would stay at the hotel to enjoy the fun and cerebral happiness that is shared among hookers.

Below is a photo taken with Eric Sandberg as my teacher in 2006.  Twelve years later he is my teacher again this year.  Eric is helping me color plan Birds and Pomegranates, a design by Edyth O'Neill which was in a book for me to copy.  I'm on the floor and friend Shari is on the other side of Eric.
Below I'm still soaking up whatever it is Eric is teaching during class.
Since I'm unable to post photos from my iPad, I'm preparing blog posts at home and saving them to publish once at camp.  Yeah, I'm cheating Blogger.  But will take photos while I'm here at camp which you will see once I return home.

Here is how the Birds and Pomegranates turned out.

Sunday, April 8, 2018

Past and Present

Look how light these ladies are travelling to their rug hooking event.  Frame in one hand and their rug, wool and hook in a bag.  Some ladies have everything in one hand/arm.
The woman below looks like she is quickly making her way to find a place before all the good spots are taken.  She has a sizable rug frame and small bag of wool.
The lady below is travelling pretty compact as well.
And now today's over indulgent and wool obsessed hooker.  Uh, and how I normally travel to rug camp.  
That hoard of supplies includes wool options for the camp rug and current project while waiting my turn with the teacher.  Add two frames ~ one 'sit-upon' for the sleeping room after hours and a floor stand for the classroom.  Oh, let us not forget the Townsend cutter and all the blades in the black and white tote, portable OTT lights, wine and snacks for my room.  Suitcase isn't even in the mix here yet.

In the large duffle bag behind the chair are rugs I'm taking for the show.

Okay, so I'm going away for 5 days.  But, even if I was going to  hook for just one day like the ladies above I'd be carrying a lot more than they were.  So, would you travel as light to a one-day hook-in???

Happy hooking and hope all your loops are perfect.


Friday, April 6, 2018

More Rugs Continued....

Drew out another Magdalena rug in a smaller size since the other Magdalena rugs were rather large.  This one is nice to put on an end table or harvest table.  Forget the dimensions and am too lazy go go measure.
I saw this chair pad design in a show photo Lori Brechlin  or someone posted.  Immediately I wrote to ask if she would please make this into a paper pattern.  Turns out I wasn't the only one with that request.
July Cabin is a pattern offered in one of Barb Carroll's books.  I changed the flags on the trees to leaves of different colors and changed the direction of the smoke going more sideways.
The red horse below is half the antique rug design ~ didn't want a long rug but did want the horse and stars.
Drawing for Polly Minick certainly had its benefits as I was permitted to hook any of her designs with permission.  This one spoke to me as it seemed like a perfect quick sale at a show at the beach.  Interestingly enough it didn't sell, I still have it.
However, this design of Polly's did sell.  I'd have thought the swimsuit would go first.
Lions in the Woods is an antique adaptation.  It was obviously a popular printed pattern at the time since there are many variations of the design.  So when drawing it chose my favorite parts of antique rugs I'd viewed.  This one sold as well.  Sheesh, didn't realize I'd sold as many rugs as I did.  But not to worry, I've a crap load of rugs left and plan to list some on ebay when I return from camp.
Anyone familiar with this signage?  I'll bet a lot of you are.  Thought for sure there was a photo of her actual sign assending to her home but could not find it.  
Anyway, maybe that shape was a better prototype for me to hook a small mat gift for Barb when attending camp one May.
The antique adaptation below was a pattern gifted me by Evelyn Lawrence.  It is called Lion and Trees and was offered by Port Primitives.  This was hooked in a class with Barb Carroll.
I must have been a busy girl that year because I drew another antique adaptation which I named Ducks and Eggs Nest.  Sold a couple patterns of this one.
One year while perusing eBay was lucky enough to stumble upon a pattern I'd wanted for a LONG time.  Wee Folk by Vermont Folk Art Rugs.  
Here it is hanging over my bed with one of my well used and pitiful attempts at quilting.  It was made when I had two Rotties, you can see their images in the center.
There you have it for now.  Actually there were a couple small designs I drew but won't bore you with them right now as I've work to do and get ready for camp.

Since the weather is being a PAIN I don't know what to pack.  Plus all things stopped at noon so that mama could help out her 50+ son with a resume.  Hey, your child is your baby no matter the age, right?

But camp with be there when I get there.  Must admit that I'm feeling the need to get away.  Will deal with what is here still to do when I return.