Tuesday, May 31, 2016

End of May Rug Show

Where oh where did May go?  We went from needing heat to monsoon and now air conditioning.  Seems Mother Nature has a schedule of her own.

It's too soon to post another update on Simple Gifts so figure I'll entertain you with some antique rugs.  This first one looks like it is new and as if it could be needle punched.  But it came from an auction house site.  It is framed and there were other less bright pictures and now wish I'd saved those pictures too, but this one made more of a showing.
Another eagle hooked piece with 13 stars and is to have been hooked in 1800s.
Below, Two horses hooked late 19th century and located in Pennsylvania.
Seems I'm on a roll with fur and feathers.... here is an old rug Jersey Brand cows.
A cat said to have been hooked early 19th century and the background is really faded but still visible are the faded flowers and the triangle border.
Three foxes with a geometric border and sorry don't have a provenance on this one.
A tree, cat, two parrots and bird.... or maybe 3 birds?
First time I saw the mat below there was something intriguing about it and I'd like to replicate it one day.
Below is a geometric which is visually interesting and wouldn't be boring to use up those left over strips of wool.
Wonder what the real color of this rug happens to be?  I'm thinking the lighting or the camera is making the walls and the rug appear with an orange/yellow glow.
Well kids, I do have a few more antique rugs pictures but I've got to save a little something for the next time I need to put something on my blog.  BUT..... you newbies could help if you had a question you'd like to ask or something you'd like to see.

Do you believe tomorrow is June 1st?  So now I know there are 6 months before I need to  have my grandson's rug done for the word Lauren (Rugs and Pugs) doesn't want me to say.

Just another week before Sears comes to work on my New riding mower purchased last year.  So after the rain the weeds are beyond my ankles so in another week can't imagine where the grass will be.  FYI, I have used the push mower to cut Ben's backyard but it doesn't have working rotor wheels so I look like a cartoon character at a 45 degree angle leaning against the mower.  No way I can do that for the rest of the acreage here.  Plus, my wooded area is so cut up there is no way a lawn service could come in and do it....they wouldn't want to do it.

Have a great evening everyone ~ stay dry and cool.


Monday, May 30, 2016

Simple Gifts

Am finally going to post an update of Simple Gifts (a design by Karen Kahle) started at Barb Carroll's on May 16th.
Naturally there is purple in the rug because it was hooked with Barb. The purple cat is easy to identify but you'll have to tap on the picture to see the purple hit and miss in the border since it is the same value as the border color.

I love what Barb did with the pig.  It was just a cookie cutter outline and she drew two lines to make it more like a Wessex Saddleback pig. Now that's special!  She even shared some pig racing stories and how she obtained the collection of pig memorabilia in her cottages.

When hooking the left side border and saw that yellow stripe pop had my doubts.  But now that I've continued hooking am remembering what Barb said about filling in those hit and miss lines.  It goes something like this....'the color corners are on the outside looking in at the party inside; and the border wants to be part of that party..'  So I was to take the colors of the animals and let the border join the party.  

Taking a class with Barb is always special and when I look at each of the rugs hooked in her classes remember special conversations we had. AND, didn't realize that Barb also remembers her people.  When at her color planning table this year she brought up a story about a rug with a scroll she color planned for someone else.  Then she referenced the E.S. Frost Sheep with Scrolls she color planned for me.  Goodness, my rug was hooked back in 2011 and she still remembers mine and a whole conversation started with yet another hooking insight on scrolls.  

Barb loves teaching and truly enjoys the connection with her students. She has integrity, a gift for color and just wish some of her intuition and color sense would rub off on me.  Try tho I may have not been able to obtain that instinct thru osmosis so far.

Happy Memorial Day to all of you and God Bless the men and women who have served our nation and to their families.


Saturday, May 28, 2016

We Five Gals at Camp

With all the equipment handy, Barb was able to send me photos she had taken of us 5 gals before we left Ligonier.
Above, left is Deb who was hooking 1920 Stags, a Woolley Fox pattern and Shari who is hooking a foot stool cover.
In this photo above is me hooking a Karen Kahle design named Simple Gifts; Joanne who is hooking a design of which I'd forgotten the name, and Mary who is hooking a design named Yesterday's Spring. Both Joanne's and Mary's patterns were done by Lin of I Love Rughooking, tho I didn't see a visual of either pattern on the web site. 

If any of Joanne's friends are reading my blog please let Joanne know that I've sent her an email and prod her to check on her emails at least once every two weeks.  At camp she was complaining that when she did check she'd have lots of stuff to delete.  But if she would check her emails more often the emails wouldn't mount up that much.

On another note....finally Spruce Ridge Studios web site is up again. And if you click on that link provided, scroll down to the middle of row 13 and you will see my hooked version of Nantucket Broom Ride.  Wow, what an honor for my version to be chosen as the poster child for that pattern.  Thanks Kris for choosing mine, and thanks Barb for the 'care package get well card' when I was hooking it.
God Bless America, God Bless all those who served and their families. Have a safe and happy holiday.


Thursday, May 26, 2016

My Other Rugs Hooked with Barb

Seemed only fitting for me to use purple text again when talking about Barb.  In the previous post you saw the first rug hooked with Barb, which was Kinderhook Basket.  The next rug hooked at camp with her was Woodland Deer, another Woolley Fox design under the category Keeping the Past Alive.  You can see the purple in numerous leaves spread about the trees.  
I actually used Barb's idea when hooking a design from one of Barb's books.  The pattern was called July Cabin and instead of flags on the trees I changed to be more like the trees above since I so loved how it turned out.  Here is that rug, the book is titled American Folk Art Rug Hooking and has 18 projects inside.  
You can see that I really got into the 'purple' stage by making a purple moon.

An E.S. Frost Sheep was a 'must have' for me and there were a couple versions but the one with scrolls is the one I knew Barb could help me with.  Even tho scrolls were very intimidating it seemed my home needed to have one.  So figured if anyone could hold my hand thru the job it would be Barb.  Doesn't this look rich and old with the worn spots?  It hangs over my fireplace.
Next rug hooked at a Barb class was Brave Hunter; yes, another Woolley Fox design.  Now here is another story you may find interesting.  There were two of us in class who just happened to be hooking that same design.  Each turned out way different due to our individual wool color choices taken.  Here is mine and I can see the purple even without tapping on the photo to enlarge it.
In that class was sweet Deb Burcin and based on the colors she took to class this is the prize that Deb hooked.  Deb says this is one of her favorites not only because it was hooked in Barb's class but because the deer/moose was hooked with purple and green and the antlers were from an orange plaid skirt.
The following year I hooked Lion in the Woods, a pattern gifted me by my friend Evelyn Lawrence.  It is an antique adaptation offered by Port Primitives.  WHAT??????  Could it be we missed putting purple in this rug?  I enlarged it and don't see any purple.  Maybe I'll have to pull that rug out and hook some in somewhere.  
Oh Deer was the rug I chose to hook in class with Barb.  I'd seen Barb's version while at her camp and got bitten by the bug.  That happens to me a LOT.  Case in point is that while at Barb's I purchased wool to hook Olde Hearts, another Woolley Fox design.
The following year it was Magdalena's Farm on my frame with Barb.  I love Barb and all of Magdalena Briner Eby's designs.
During the year I designed an antique adaptation called Chum, which I offer as a pattern.  It is my feeling the same person who hooked Ned is the person who originally hooked Chum.  So it was Chum which was hooked with Barb the following year.
And this year I'm working on Simple Gifts which is still in progress and will keep you updated.  My only regret is that I didn't attend a Barb Carroll class earlier.  IF you are interested in having a class with Barb you can contact her HERE.  Don't know her schedule but if you contact her I'm sure you will hear back.  

Have a great evening everyone and happy hooking.  BTW, I hook summer as well, for my hooking isn't just a winter project.  With summertime chores it does curtail the amount of time spent with a hook in my hand but enjoy the journey anyway.


Wednesday, May 25, 2016

My Experience With Barb

In all honesty I felt a little intimidated going to my very first Barb Carroll rug camp, well  maybe even the second and third class too, lol. After all she was this icon who had worked side by side with Emma Lou Lais, designed several rugs, had been published numerous times and had a dye book.  But I've always found Barb to be this very down to earth and classy woman with a great sense of humor and with loads of talent.

I remember my first class like it was yesterday, yet it has been 8 or so years ago.  The pattern I chose for that first class was Kinderhook Basket, a design of the original antique which Barb owns.

Her new students had been forwarned that she would use only textures in the pattern so took colors which are me....earthy and old looking. Barb used most all the wool I took.
While at the color planning station (she works with one student at a time) she asked me what I thought of the color purple.  Told her I wasn't fond of the color.  She said that purple was a neutral ~  and guess what..... purple went into my rug.  Still makes me chuckle today and now take purple wool with me because I know it will go in my rug. My thoughts on purple have certainly changed and now the color is endearing as it brings back fond memories of my first class with her.

If there is a lesson to be learned by someone else's rug she will call the other students up to share the learning experience.  The classes held on Woolley Fox Lane are small, only 5 or 6 people so there is a lot of individual attention.

For you folks attending your first class with Barb you are in for a wonderful surprise.  Ya know how one forgets what color goes where when you get home?  Doesn't happen with a Barb Carroll class.  Barb has a special way of providing your color plan by using colored pens which are indicated with a snippet of the color which goes there. Magnificent technique, wouldn't you say?
Just a remember before you go to your first class with Barb.... she will use only textured wool.  That means plaids, checked, herringbone, stripes, etc.  Those overdyed mottled (but still flat) wool is NOT considered a textured and she will not put that in your rug so don't bother taking any.

Until taking classes with Barb didn't really know how to use textures; but boy does it really make for a better rug.  With each of the rugs I've hooked from a Barb class I can see the lessons.

Perhaps tomorrow I'll post pictures of all the others rugs I've hooked with Barb.  

Those of you going to a class with Barb next month will have an awesome time and I'm envious that I won't be there too.


Tuesday, May 24, 2016

What I Hooked in Class

I was sorta hoping this post was going to be what we (Joanne and I) hooked in class but still don't have a photo of her rug.  So, this will be just about my rug tonight.
This is a Karen Kahle design called Simple Gifts and was designed in the Magdalena likeness for sure.

Love all my animals and color choices Barb chose.  The light background and dark border were what I was hoping for as well so was happy she also envisioned that.  

Now I'm questioning my choice of colors for random hit and miss stripes in the border chosen from colors inside.  Dear Barb left that to my devices so now thinking the yellow and grey at the second limb needs to be changed to a more dull color.

You probably also noticed that I did the two rows of straight stitching and row of zig zag 1" away from the last row of hooking already.  That is because I knew the border wouldn't change and it is much easier to manipulate a rug around a sewing machine before it is hooked than later.

Now....unless I get a picture of Joanne's rug, tomorrow I plan to talk about Barb and being in her class.  Hey, it must be good news since I've been there at least 8 years straight.

On a negative note...... remember my hatred for my new riding mower? That still lingers.  Hmmm, maybe that is what my post will be about tomorrow to get the anger out of my system.   Sears repair can't get here until June 7th and already my lawn hasn't been cut for over a week while I was gone.  

SIGH......talk to self......"calm down, have a glass of wine and hook to relax"  

Enjoy your Tuesday.


Monday, May 23, 2016

What We Hooked in Class

My pal Deb was working on a Woolley Fox design called 1920 Stags.  I have cropped off the bottom for a purpose which I won't go into detail about.  Those random strips of color are hooked in as the vein of leaves in the trees.  The tails will eventually be hooked in and you can't see them yet as that wasn't accomplished by the time of this photo.
Shari took a footstool design purchased from Kim Nixon several years prior.  The hooking world lost a talented young woman gone far too soon.
Sure do wish more of that burgundy background had been hooked in before I took this picture so you could see the impact on the colors. Looking great Shari!!!

Next is what friend Mary was hooking.
As you can see it is called "Yesterday's Spring" a design by Lin's Primitive.   Mary plans to make this into a big pillow.

Unfortunately I didn't get a picture of Joanne's rug as she was busy at work.   Besides I wanted last day shots and Joanne left before I had a chance to take a photo of her rug.  Have asked my gal pals if they got one.  If so, will post it tomorrow.  

Joanne has said her friends like my blog so showed her on my iPad. Would you reading friends please inform her how to read email, connect to blogs, etc.  I'd have emailed  Joanne but she says she doesn't check it.  OMG, JOANNE!!!!!!!!  Luv ya girl.

So guess what ...... that means I'm holding out showing mine until tomorrow too.  I did take a current photo of progress today but tomorrow there will be more hooked and a better presentation. Besides, I want to talk a little about that woman Barb and will be the perfect time.

Sure hope this 'thang' Shari shared is over soon; even Barb is under the weather.  So folks, just remember to COVER YOUR MOUTH when you cough and sneeze.  Germs really do travel airborne over quite a distance.  

I just took disinfecting wipes to rub down my computer mouse, the phone, my TV remote, etc.

Hope you have a great Monday evening.  Now I'm going to go pull a few more loops.


Sunday, May 22, 2016

Another Day at Barb's (Updated)

Isn't it strange that when we had (some of you still have) a day job, the day dragged on and on and the day never seemed to end?  Yet at rug camp when you eventually look at your watch it is near the end of class time.

Sweet Joanne brought several of her last hooked rugs which now need binding.  I'm so glad she brought them so we could get a close look of her amazing work.  I've had as many as 3 rugs collected at one time which needed binding but never as many as 4 and such huge rugs.  But now there will be 5 rugs to be bound since I showed you the Granny Donaldson rug in yesterday's post, plus the new one started this week.
Thanks to Woolmaven for informing me the name of the design is 1849 Hesse Giraffes, another design offered by Woolley Fox.  The orange against the blue background was spectacular.  
Joanne was hooking the rug above "Country Gentlemen" last year at Barb's camp.  It is a Woolley Fox design and measures 25 x 69. 
The name of the rug above is another design by Woolley Fox called Red Basket and measures 17 x 39.

Tomorrow I'll post pictures of what each of us was working on in class. Have a great evening everyone, especially you working folk who head back to the salt mines tomorrow.


Saturday, May 21, 2016

Day One with Barb and Friends

 Previous camps with Barb there had been 5 of us friends.  Then sadly Char became a Snowbird and we haven't seen her since; we communicate via email but isn't the same as spending camp time together.

So to pick up the slack and fill a spot was the wee bit of a woman Joanne Henderson.  Here she is getting her new rug color planned by Barb.  Joanne is a lot of fun and quite a powerhouse in all the great ways.
Below and to the left is Shari and to the right is our other friend Mary. Shari generously shared her illness with us and learned that Mary got sick after getting home too.  You can see my seat was a direct airborne shot across from Shari.  Was working on my grandson's rug until time to get my new rug color planned.
In blue (below) is Deb, a true friend who was the navigator across the Allegheny mountains and a great roomie at rug camps. 
The Three chicken rug below is an antique adaptation which Shari was hooking before getting her camp rug color planned.
Deb was working on a Magdalena animal purse by Woolley Fox but forgot to take a picture of it.  Joanne was hooking a Granny Donaldson humongous rug, below.  It is so big that I couldn't get the whole rug in a photo.
Just love this primitive hit and miss hooked mat made by Barb and plans are for me to do a hit and miss again too.
Will share more tomorrow.  Going to hook and drink lots of water and get thru these next couple days of illness.

Oh, I am looking for more of this wool; it must be a really old piece because Barb doesn't recall seeing it; and Betsy said it wasn't theirs. If anyone has this wool and would like to sell me some, please contact me ~ any amount would do as I'm using it for part of a border.


Thursday, May 19, 2016

Honies....I'm Home

Could be that I'll just fall asleep at the computer posting this update on my travels.  Actually, this one will be a quickie just to give you a teaser. Besides, my #!&# iPad, even using the proper app for a blog wouldn't allow me to post a picture while I was gone.  

Anyway, in an attempt to send a blog from Barb's I'd  mentioned she recently finished hooking her design "Brave Hunter".  Barb had previously hooked it and offered it as a donation, raffle or some such and she loved it so decided to hook it again.  
In person this rug looks OLD.  These are NOT the colors you would see if holding the rug in your hands.  Don't know if it is my camera, computer or what; but trust me when I say that everything is darker and old looking.

Anyone who had gone to a Barbara Carroll rug camp at her home knows how special it is.  There is the individual attention, the personal connection and of course spending the nights in the wonderfully decorated cottages.  As delightful as it was it sure is exhausting having fun.


Monday, May 16, 2016

Day one with Barb

Yesterday it was quite cold and we encountered snow flurries on the ride here. Hey, this is supposed to be May!

What a wonderful time again with friends and Barb. Since I didn't get any in progress photos of our rugs today will TRY to post a photo of Brave Hunter which Barb recently finished hooking. Am hoping it will publish this time. Nope, still encountering a problem so Deb told me that I need to sync my iPad on iTunes thru my PC. Sorry.

I am hooking a pattern by Karen Kahle called a simple Gifts in class but am also buying some wool so that I can hook a design by Woolley Fox call Olde Hearts which will be hooked at some point down the road.

Hope everyone has a great evening.

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Saturday, May 14, 2016

Checking In

Yup, finally me checking in. This afternoon I arrived at my friends house in Maryland and we will head to Woolley Fox rug camp tomorrow morning for our 4+ hour ride.

Deb and I are listening to music. I'm working on my grandsons rug and Deb is working on a Woolley Fox design she started last year with Barb.
The design is called Gossip.

Well so much for my trying to publish the photo of the rug, after several tries and still get an error message.

Have a great night and will keep you posted.

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Thursday, May 12, 2016

Elves for Hire Here, Apply Within

Think I'm trying to go in too many directions at once.  Don't think that I pulled any more than 6" of loops today so have nothing to share.

My time has been loading up my car with fabrics to be given away to my gal pal, finishing up the second order of 12  rug patterns to ship, doing laundry, well you get my drift.  

Heck, since the weather is "IFFY" I don't even know what to pack so will do that tomorrow after checking the weather forecast for DE/MD and then Ligonier, PA ~ Woolley Fox Rug Camp, our destination.
This will be our home away from home.  To the very right of this table is the bath area.
Here is the kitchen which has a kettle, microwave, coffee pot and coffee with condiments.  The fridge is stocked with eggs, orange juice, sodas, and can't remember what else.
Above is the sleeping room with closets and dresser drawers to the right.
Last but not least is the view Deb and I will have as we sit on the back deck and hook.  Usually Barb has some sort of colorful float in the pond when we arrive so will take a photo of that later.

Wishing all of you a great evening.


Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Beading at the Border

That beading could also be sweat beading on my brow as I struggle getting ready for camp, drawing MORE patterns and trying to purge the crap I've been collecting for years.

But this is about the beading on the Grandson's Favorite Sports Rug.

If you tap on the photo it will enlarge and is more visible as to the beading at the border.  So far have only been able to hook the black and white plus the black and green on the right side.  

My plans are to carry the black and white checkered flag evenly along the sides of the rug.  Above the black and white beading is green and black.  I plan to hook yellow next and keep the colors of the flag hooked in sequence until the black and white beading ends on the left side. That way the beading will carry the eye around the rug.  

Looking at the rug just now I think Zach's name needs to be more bold. Perhaps even larger letters and then outlined with another color. Hmmm, will chat about this with my pal Deb at Barb's this weekend. Am sure she will have great ideas for me.

I know all of us in different parts of the world have our own weather issues.  I'm sorry for you in Canada for the recent fires.  In the US we also have our California fires, earth quakes, landslides, floods, tornados, etc.   While none of those horrific weather patterns are happening here I am sick of the two weeks or so of rain.

Think positive and whatever your loss, just remember there is a new day when sun will shine again and the sweet smell of the rain when the sun shines.  Hugs to all.


Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Trying to Simply

HA!  That's a laugh.  As much as I've given away already and I still see EXCESS all over the place.  All of my 'stuff' was organized on shelves, in plastic containers, in the attic or in my sewing room.  My house doesn't look like a hoarder lives here but am now believing that is what I was. Uh, but I prefer...."a collector of things".

In the beginning of my 'crafty' endeavors while still working a day job, it was making dolls.  Then, when plans  to build this house and move back to Delaware from Maryland plans were to make a couple quilts, wall hangings and do stitchery for a warm and welcoming home.  

Then it developed into doing craft shows to sell my dolls and make money to buy more fabric to make more dolls.  You get my drift.

This weekend I'll be visiting my crafty, younger, hooker, rug camp girlfriend and we will be on our way to Ligonier for a class with Barb. Here is what I'm passing onto my friend Deb and she can share with our other friends.
In the photo above you can see maybe 4 shopping bags filled with colorful cotton and a box which has papers in it for covering band boxes.  Cottons in the background plastic haven't been purged yet.
Above you see the collection of an antique lover and dreamer.  Those were various started quilt pieces purchased from thrift shops.  My grandiose thoughts were to finish the dear womans' quilt for her and put it to good use.  There are two different styles of crazy quilts (one colorful one dark), and the other quilt designs you see started.

Obviously since these have not been finished by me they need to be passed on to my young friend and her friends.

I've gone in cycles with my craft passions.  There was a time when I couldn't get the knitting needles out of my hands.  Then it was stitchery and quilting.  No longer interested.

My passion now is rug hooking.  So think it is time to release the other fibers in which I no longer have an interest.

Oh, this is really crazy.  But another piece of stash from my attic which was released today was this.
I thought that my son and wonderful DIL would have a dozen kids and purchased all these pot holder kits.  Heck, besides one of them was vintage, lol.  So today with permission from the mom, these were given to my neighbor who has two young girls.

Although try as I may to rid myself of this clutter there seems to be no end.  So you are thinking..."why didn't she get rid of that crap before now?"  Would you believe that until now I truly believed I'd finish the quilts, make more dolls.  Nope.  

At least I'm now on the right track.

Monday, May 9, 2016

Favorite Sports Rug

Yesterday was Mother's Day and a bark from Ben alerted me there was someone who just arrived.  Oh, my son Greg, Cathy and grandson Zach. At first I opened the door to let my son in and then in a panic.... OMG my grandson's sports rug is on the frame in that room and facing the door.  Cathy was shocked when I said back up... you and Zach go outside.  The pattern was grabbed up and hidden but now my grandson knows something is up with him that he can't see.  

There is my progress so far.  Yeah I know... not much to show.  But remember this isn't due until December.  Plus I'm getting ready for a rug camp and have loads of chores to do before I leave this weekend.

So, m'dears..... you see that black border?  There are 3 rows of primitive dark/black of that and next row closest to the background will be a beading technique incorporating all the colors of the flags and the icon images below.  Don't know about "beading"?  Stay tuned and I'll give you a lesson later.

Have a great evening.


Sunday, May 8, 2016

Happy Mother's Day

My gift to my followers on Mother's Day is a showing of old rugs.  Yeah, my favorite past time is looking at old rugs too.
OMG, this geometric ~ call it blocks, diamonds or squares ~ has images hooked into the center of each.  I see a hand, basket, sliver moon, yarn winder, bird and fish?  For the person who hooked this old rug am sure all those blocks had a meaning.  To me this is a happy rug.

Below is a black cat with green eyes.  Another rug for you to show your mom Kelley.  It is reported to be hooked in the early 20th century.
This gorgeous black horse below was hooked in 1934 as you can see by the date hooked. The hit and miss border is gentle and I like it; would make a hit and miss border much less stressful in my opinion.  Uh, think I previously posted this because now I recall talking about the saddle detail which was great.
Don't think I've ever seen a southern silhouette hooked rug before.  I wonder if it was yarn, nylons, or alternate 'make do' textiles.  
The faded out white cats rug was found in Lancaster county.  No estimate of date was given.
Here is a donkey with hit and miss background.  The auction site gave provenance to Ephra, PA and guess of being hooked between 1940-60.

Below is a horsehoe and cats rug with hit and miss background.  This one does a trick with my eyes.
Don't recall where I saw the Rabbit Rug with Diamond border but really like that border.  Oh the bunny and display is nice too of course.
Enjoy your Mother's Day.  Since this is the only day so far it hasn't rained in almost two weeks I've got some grass to cut ~ mother's day or not.  

Yesterday I drew out 12 small patterns and next week I'll be busy cleaning, and various other chores in order to leave for rug camp next Sunday.