Monday, November 30, 2015

The Acadian Frame

Tomorrow will be December 1st.  Doesn't seem like it has been a year since last year's holiday season ~ yet right now it seems like light years away from rug camp with Barb Carroll next May 2016.  Time sure has a way of sneaking up on us tho.

Each December I treat myself to some nice special gift.  I am usually quite generous to myself since it includes my December birthday as well as Christmas.  One year it was an iPad, another year a Townsend Orbiter floor frame (for big rugs), another year a Garmin GPS, well you get the idea.  

This year I was contemplating purchasing the Acadian Rug Hooking Frame.  Must admit I'd be embarrassed to tell you how many frames I have but they each have their purpose.  

Last May while at Barb's camp someone was using her frame and Barb raved about how she loved it.  I had my own frame and didn't even think about trying it out then but did take a couple pictures of the Acadian Frame.  It is obvious in the photo there is a swivel ball so the frame tilts and rotates.  Not sure if it adjusts to height or not but in the picture below wonder if the inside dowel rotates, which would make for smooth rotating movement.
I love my Snapdragon frame top but have an issue with the two floor stands when traveling to camps.  My Snapdragon is nice working at home on my sofa which sits low while using the K's Creations Big Foot floor stand which you see below.  But with use over time the movement has cut grooves in the metal rod.   So when I take it to camp and adjust the height of the floor stand the frame drops down and settles into those same grooves cut into the rod at the position is it used at home. A very annoying and combative fight continues during the entire duration of the camp.
K's Creations Ball and Socket BIG FOOT Floor Stand Best for Balance on SD Frames
I also have an old Rughooking 101 floor stand which is higher but as you can see by the height of the Snapdragon frame, it sits higher on the other stand and a bit too high for a nice working position.  However, it is better than bending over to the low position on the other stand at camp.

I've emailed Cindy, who does not have a web site, and asked her the questions about adjustment.  Here is also some information posted on Cindy Gay's blog which even has a couple personal reviews on how it works.   
So what is a girl to do other than continue looking for the perfect frame. I'm hoping the Acadian Rug Frame will be the answer and hope that I don't weaken and buy it before next May when I try it out at Barbs.

Another option I guess would be to buy another K's Creations floor stand but at $179 that could be applied to another whole new frame.

Enjoy your last day of November as December rolls in after midnight tonight.


Saturday, November 28, 2015

Now and Then

Thought I'd show you what the camp rug A Day in the Country looks like now.  Remember that I broke away from this to finish the Out of Hand Challenge rug first since there was a deadline for that.  Albeit the date isn't until January 1st and there was well over a month but I hate to be late for anything.
And in case you want to see what my rug looked like for the 'throw down' at camp, here it is.  You will notice that two flower changes were made at camp in the drawing below, but hooked in the picture above.
By the way, the rug is a design of Tonya Robey of MadHenPrims.  It is   not on time for Ben's dinner but have some chopping to do as I'm getting ready to make some turkey rice soup.  Sure am getting a lot of mileage out of the leftovers my son sent home with me ~  turkey yesterday, turkey salad today and turkey soup tonight.

Have a great weekend.


Thursday, November 26, 2015

Happy Thanksgiving

With a belly of good food and too full to move, how about relaxing and watching a rug show.  Ready for more turkey yet?
Oh, another helping of Turkey maybe?  Okay, enough of the turkey jokes, lol.
I've had these two Fraktur buglers in mind for a hooked rug forever.
Appears this cat had it's own Thanksgiving meal and sat at the dinner table as well.
Love this primitive horse and am thinking of something animal and small size for my experiment with using various textiles.  Particularly on the primitive and naive side.
I thought hooking an adaptation of this primitive mat below would satisfy me but when I hooked mine only used wool.  Now want to try velvet and homespun in the next experiment.
The two rugs below interested me, more so for the very primitive hooked one.

Well, my full belly is preventing me from thinking and searching for more rugs to post so think I'll put a hook in my hand and watch the boob tube for a bit.  Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving with family ~ I did and came home with lots of meat for another meal and turkey bones to cook up for a few pots of turkey rice or turkey vegetable soup.


Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Out of Hiding

Today I did a little nesting, thanks to sweet Cammie.  When I saw her blog post on Primitive Junky it made me think that my delightful hooked rugs needed to be brought out of hiding and displayed for me to enjoy every day.

Heck, I had the perfect container, an antique copper boiler which belonged to my dear departed grandfather.  Matter of fact as a child it was filled with water and used to sit in it during the summer.  My mother used that as bath time and to me it was play time.
Now some of my rugs are in clear view and can rotate them more easily and frequently. There are MANY more rugs rolled and in wire mesh baskets.  Some are ones I'd like to sell, some are small mats which are brought out for table top decorations during certain seasons and some are meant to be put on my walls.  There's more wall space along the wall below as well as other rooms.
In the same room and to the right side of th above couch along the adjacent wall is the fireplace and an E.S. Frost Sheep rug with scrolls I hooked a few years ago with Barb Carroll.   On the antique dry sink are a few dolls which were made by me and some of my friends.  The oil painted Columbian doll in the antique rocker is one I made.  Two were made, I sold one and kept this one.  She is wearing an antique baby dress but in her lap is the Challenge rug which I've started to bind.
I've got it easy tonight and tomorrow.  My son, however will be cooking and always turns out a great meal for the family.  My only task is to take an apple pie for the Princess (aka the daughter-in-love) and pumpkin pie for my son.  In return I'll bring home all the dark meat and bones on the turkey since they only like white meat.  So you know what my meals will consist of on Friday and into the future.  

Friday will be dark turkey with sweet potatoes and veggies.  But there's the makin's of turkey soup too and the broth can be frozen for later.

Happy eve of Thanksgiving everyone.


Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Thinking About The Next Rug

'Tis true, with 2 rugs not completely hooked and the Challenge rug ready for binding am already thinking about the  next one to go on my frame.  Hey, a hooker needs to be prepared, right?   

During the winter months it is fun to either challenge myself or work on a rug which I know exactly how I want to hook it.  My thoughts now are wanting to hook a piece with a variety of textiles like our foremothers used to do.  

Since I have been a dollmaker have loads of homespun, calico and other fabrics including velvet.  Some of that velvet is cotton and some is a man-made fabric.  For sure it would require washing the velvet to get the sizing out and make it more flexible.  Am thinking of cutting quarter yards of various colors and putting in a pot of Rit tan dye to tone it down a little.  

Here are a few of the velvets in my stash.  And YES, I see the orb in the fabric on top far right.  Even went upstairs to check the fabric to be sure there wasn't a mill print or stamp on it.  Nope, an orb and not sure if it is associated with the house or with that particular piece of fabric and can't remember where I purchased it....maybe the thrift shop.
Before I decide to dye or not to dye would need to find a vintage pattern suitable to give me an idea of which textiles, including velvet. Am thinking of hooking a mostly neutral rug like Jayne Hester would hook.  I wouldn't use velvet exclusively, wool and cottons would be included to make it look old.  This is something I'd really like to try on my own first then later go to a class and learn how to do it right. A Jayne Hester class is definitely on my list!!!!!

If any of you have dyed or hooked with velvet would love to get your input.  Can a cutter be used, does it need to be torn, can a #8.5 strip be used or cut wider?  Am certain that for cottons it would require a wider rip than 1/4" and guessing velvet would be normal cut.

Also, if any of you are interested in joining in a challenge using a design of your choice that would be fun too.  Of course still need to finish these other pieces hanging in the wings.

For those of you who have been reading my blog for a while you already guessed that I'd end up changing the foot of that dog....yup; you're right.  Here is a picture of the update and still not bound.
However, binding will begin at my son's house on Thanksgiving day as he cooks, and his wife Cathy is perusing the papers to schedule her Black Friday venture with her sister and niece after dinner.  Nope, I'll not be part of that craziness.  

Have a great evening everyone.    OH!!!!!!  I know that I've followers, and thanks to the new ones who joined.  BUT.... IF you want my blog posts sent to you by email look just below the "Followers", there is a box where you can enter your email address and the posts will come to you automatically via email.  OR, you can email me and I'll add your name in that section for you.

Again, have a great evening and a Happy Thanksgiving with family and friends.


Monday, November 23, 2015

Out of Hand Challenge Rug Finish

At least I think I'm finished with it, other than the binding of course. The one brown foot on the dog to the right is still questionable.  The brown foot of the other dog was replaced and thought I'd keep this one but time will tell.  Since it won't be under the binding tape could always opt to change it out at a later date.
Oh dear, it does still bother me.  Anyway, the above picture was taken with a flash.  And the one below is without a flash.  If you tap on the photos they will enlarge for a closer view.
Yesterday I steamed the rug and let it rest overnight.  Today I marked the foundation 1" beyond the last row of hooking, sewed two rows of straight stitch and then a row of zig zag connecting the straight rows of stitching.  This is to ensure the foundation doesn't unravel with use even under the cotton binding tape.
On occasion people will write asking if I know of a cutter for sale.  It still maybe there or not but did see this Fraser being offered for sale on a blog: 

Have a great evening everyone.  


Sunday, November 22, 2015

Winners of Giveaway

That's right, I was going to give away just the one drawn pattern on linen to someone but it seemed there was an Under-whelming response to the pattern with only 6 Comments to that post.  Two people are No-Reply Bloggers, one commented but passed on yet another pattern for her stash and two others were interested.  So it made sense to me to send a printable paper pattern to my two great Canadian friends Kim and Julia

The winner of the pattern drawn on linen is Jacqueline Leibfried.  I've already emailed Jacqueline and have her mailing address.  It's a small project so she could still have it hooked in time for Christmas.  
This afternoon I pulled the last loop (well, maybe the last loop) on the Out of Hand Challenge Rug.  Right now it is resting after the steaming so will show you that tomorrow.  Tonight the camp rug A Day in the Country will be back on the frame.

Have a great Sunday evening.  The next week will be busy for a lot of folks and me?  I'll be having it easy as my son does the cooking and I'll probably be busy binding Puppy Love as I smell the turkey and fixin's being prepared in the kitchen at my son's house.


Saturday, November 21, 2015

Out of Hand Rughookers Challenge Rug

Since arthritis was bothering my hands two days ago I switched over to hooking the Out of Hand Challenge rug as the wool was softer. My hands are feeling better but am so close to finishing that it will stay on my frame until all hooked.

This is what Puppy Love looks like right now but am thinking about pulling out the brown in the foot of the pup on the left and making it light.  The pup on the right has a bit lighter similar wool which seems to show up more.  But will decide whether to pull loops later or not.
Tomorrow afternoon I'll be drawing a name for the small Christmas giveaway pattern.  So if you are interested or want to see the pattern, scroll down to the previous post and make a comment there.  Please read that blog post so you know what the requirements are.

Have a great evening everyone.  Guess I'll get back to hooking on Puppy Love so I can bind it soon.  Then there will be two UFOs left to work on.


Thursday, November 19, 2015

Ready for a Giveaway?

Now that is a stupid question isn't it?  Even I know that; of course you are ready for a giveaway just as all of us are.

There will be one giveaway, the pattern below drawn on natural primitive linen which I designed and hooked.  It is small at 10.5" x 12". And if you wanted, you could hook just the Christmas balls, cut out, back with wool, apply yarn or ribbon as a loop and use for a tree ornament ~ your choice.
Leave a message on this post that you'd like to participate in the giveaway and a name will be randomly drawn Sunday afternoon.  There is a caveat..... I must be able to reply to your message and not have it be a NO-REPLY BLOGGER.  I will not be a detective to find out your email address so only those who I can reply to will have the opportunity to win.  If you are unsure if you are one of those NO-REPLY bloggers do a google search on the subject. 

Today the weather/weather change is giving my arthritic hands a fit.  It is 68 degrees, raining, humid and tomorrow will be in the 50s. Strangely, the hand used for hooking hurts less than the wool guiding hand.  So perhaps there really is something to exercise helping arthritis.

Since my hands hurt I set aside the camp rug since the wool was thick. Instead put the Out of Hand Challenge rug back on the frame.  The softer wool is better on the hands.

Yippee, I have an additional 'follower'.  It is always fun when someone thinks your blog is good enough to join in on the fun.  Thanks all and have a great evening.


Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Okay, You've Waited Long Enough

I know you've all been waiting with bated breath (sure ya have, lol) to see what my camp project looks like.  Okay, it's time for the big reveal. BUT, be forewarned it isn't anywhere near done.  The design A Day in the Country (by Mad Hen Prims) measures 26 x 35 and I've been busy since being home from camp less than a week ago.  
This is what little I'd accomplished since Wednesday (the throw down day). Hey, it was fun chatting with pals and usually I look at my communicator when talking.  Now that I'm looking at this piece notice my choice of roof wool might not work.  Yeah, I chose a different wool for the roof than was part of the kit but maybe I should re-think that....ya think?
For tonight I'll hook a bit more on this but tomorrow will put this aside and work more on my Out Of Hand Challenge rug since there is a deadline for that.  

Have a great evening and can you believe Thanksgiving and Christmas is so CLOSE??  I can't grasp it has been a year since but the weather will soon be a reminder.  And Kim..... you can keep that "S" stuff.


Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Workshop Rug Throw Down

On Wednesday morning after breakfast it was time for all the students to display their rugs in progress for all to enjoy.  Even tho these rugs aren't always finished it is so great to see new designs or familiar designs hooked in different colors.

Our teacher Lisanne had a brilliant idea for each of her students to place their name tag on their piece to identify the hooker.  What a brilliant idea!!!!!  I've seen Give Ye Thanks hooked by others and my gal pal Deb has also hooked it.  The pattern is by Spruce Ridge Studio.

There were a couple 'over achievers' in the group and Lynne is one.  So she began another rug in narrow cut when this one was done.
 Appears Elissa was working on three pieces...Oh my another over achiever!

Since I don't see a name on this rug below I'm not sure which classit was being hooked in.  Unless she forgot her name tag.
And another over achiever would be Peg Dutton hooking her house with picket fence and brick steps.  Even tho Peg used a narrow cut the lesson on hooking bricks was a great lesson to hear when Lisanne was working with Peg.  That lesson could be applied to a larger cut too.

Hex and Rex (also sold by Spruce Ridge) was being hooked by my friend Shari in Terri's class.  
Shari had finished hooking the whale piece before camp and was to learn how to do a braided edge on it during the class with Terri.

This may have been from Sibyl's class since it is a narrow cut.

The rug show was in the lower level of the hotel and space was limited with standing and slow moving room only.  Therefore I'm sure that I didn't get everyone of the rugs photographed since many were viewing and taking pictures too.  

Nope, you didn't see mine there but did take a picture of it.  Hey, a girl has to keep a little something secret, right?  Tomorrow I'll post a picture of what it looked like that Wednesday morning and how it looks tomorrow.  KEEP IN MIND, that I've been busy this week with unpacking, laundry, leaves, drawing patterns, etc. (yeah, excuses, excuses).  But did want to leave you with wanting more......

Hugs to all and hope you have a great evening.


Monday, November 16, 2015

Impromptu Finished Rug Show from Camp

As there are fewer students at this camp than at Cape May there are also less finished rugs for the show.  Besides, not everyone tends to take their rugs for the show.  Frankly I didn't take all of mine hooked since last November either and didn't post any of mine here since you've seen them all during the year anyway.

Sorry, but don't know who hooked the Lunenburg piece below but it is quite nice.  Since it is a narrow cut doubt that it would have been me.
The rug below captured my interested on the simplicity and the untold story of the rug.  When I looked at this I felt this woman was on a journey of surviving to make ends meet and with the long road to be traveled indicates time and struggle.  So many thoughts went thru my mind when I viewed this rug.  As it turns out my friend Peg Dutton hooked it based on the art work of Danny Doughty of Onancock, Virginia. 

No name on this piece either.  The rug show is also the same time as the 3 p.m. 'tea and crumpets' which is a tradition at the Dunes Hotel each day.  So could be the hookers of these unnamed rugs were enjoying a chat and tea.

I have since been informed the design below was hooked by Loris.
You saw Eric Sandberg's work of Christ's nailed foot (below) 'in progress' on a post from Cape May camp in September.  This is a remarkable work of art from the creative Eric. 
This wide cut primitive rug surprised me when learning who the hooker was.  Yes, I like it, like the colors but it was the hooker who shocked me. This was hooked by a McGowan teacher who, when left to her comfort zone would have hooked a narrow cut.  Yup, was hooked by Janice Russel.
A table mate and friend Grace Ayers hooked Moby Dick and the happy rugs below too.

Am thinking it was the same person who hooked the standing flowers, the proddy mat and pillow to the right but not sure who the hooker was.
There's no question the rugs below were hooked by teacher Sibyl Osika.

Don't know who hooked the following rugs either but enjoy. 

No name on this hooked piece either.  The carpet in this room is very nice but sure does interfere with the look of a hooked rug doesn't it? You can't tell if it is a round rug or square.
Friend Lynne told me that Peg also hooked this mask rug below.  It is always nice to give credit to the person who did all the hard and talented work.
Again don't know the name of the hooker for this piece below but must have been a memory rug of the eastern shore with the crab and maybe on the beach in Ocean City.

Took a close up of the center piece which may be of the chairs on the porch of The Dunes Hotel looking at the Atlantic Ocean.
Next post will be the 'throw down' of the rugs started at camp so stay tuned.  Have a great evening.