Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Vintage Rug Surfing

Since Cape May rug camp is a mere 40 days away and the only design being considered for hooking at camp is We Folk thought I'd do a little web vintage rug surfing to see if something spoke to me.  Oh but I saw lots of things I liked and even considered one.  This one, it is definitely naive, primitive with a little whimsy, but think I want to hook this at home with no need for teacher.  Plus this is probably one I'd set aside and work on more than one at a time because the directional hooking might become boring.  However, that IS part of the love of this rug that caught my eye.
Also liked the rug with the cyclists, but lots of background.....sigh.
I have this 'thing' for horses but already I've hooked 5 horses in 4 rugs so think I'll pass but sure do like all these  guys. 

Okay, Saundra, enough of the horses...... This next one is on my list to definitely hook one day but not for Cape May.
For some reason I thought there was a picture of the antique drawing of man feeding bear, another with Santa holding deer and a few other pictures of antique rugs on my flash drive or computer.  Or, maybe when I saw them while surfing thought I'd already saved them.  For sure the Santa and Reindeer is on my mind for November so that it would be done to put on my harvest table by Christmas, so I'll have more surfing to do again for sure.

Tomorrow I'm planning on over dyeing some wool from the Beautiful Wool dye book and using the recipe High Meadow Green.  I've used that color a lot in many of my rugs and also teachers seem to gravitate toward that wool when choosing colors for color planning my rugs.  And, might just play with the pot a little for a little variation as it will be my background color for We Folk.  Hopefully it will turn out well again.

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Monday, July 30, 2012

Here a Chick There a Chick

This is how the Two Chickens rug is looking at this moment.  I did go pull some more neutral wool for the border as it seems to have too many similar colors and think there should be a little break between the values and color that have been hooked.  Oops, this shows up really dark but when I took a picture with a flash the colors looked almost neon which couldn't be further from the truth.
The two chickens were selected from the original pattern by Polly Minick called Daleview Farm.  So if you purchased the pattern and draw your own designs you could pick and choose your single, double or all three chickens depending on the size rug you want.

I'm still struggling with my Cape May project and went 'rug surfing' during the weekend to see if there were some inspiring vintage rugs for me to consider.  Frankly I didn't see any that would be suitable for the Cape May project, but OH MY...... did I fall in love with a lot of antique rugs that I want to hook in November with Lucille Festa.  I will share those in an upcoming post on my blog.  At first my plans for November was hooking the vintage Santa and Deer that you see in the Kopp book, but now I'm not sure.  Sheesh, I'm not even done with Cape May in September and already am looking to November.  The last thing I need to do is fast forward my life away.

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Saturday, July 28, 2012

LAMBKIN Rug Pattern

Isn't this the cutest rug design?  No I didn't design it but Kris Miller of Spruce Ridge Studios did.  It was designed for a beginner class at the Michigan Fiber Festival.  So if you have an interest in attending the festival or participating in a class, click on the link above.
And, I'm still in shock that I won the 'give it a name' contest that Kris hosted on her blog, as this is my very first time ever winning anything on any one's blog ~ thank you Kris and thank your hubby for choosing the name I contributed.

My win was a half yard of the luscious wool in the Lambkin design and can't wait to use it in one of my rugs.  Again, thank you.

Thanks for visiting.  Saundra

Thursday, July 26, 2012

What to Hook at Cape May?

Although I am presently hooking the Two Chickens rug for someone, so at least have something to do, my mind is spinning about what to hook at Cape May.  My teacher is Bev Conway and she is great with whimsy and color so figured I would take a pattern that has been in my stash for a couple years.  It was love at first sight when I saw  it on the Vermont Folk Art web site and just had to have it.  Part of it was probably the colors in the rug which was shown as hooked by Rebecca Erb.  
This printed picture, now scanned, does not give justice to the piece that was on the web sight that I fell in love with oh so many years ago.  While I still do love the design it measures 24 x 50 and wasn't really wanting to hook another big rug (big for me that is) because I will attend another rug camp in November and will start yet another project.  And, it doesn't really go with my decor because I have mostly antique furniture.  Hmm, now that I think about it maybe I could put it in front of the jacuzzi garden bath and it would be cute to look at each morning when I walk thru.  

Tho I have searched thru magazines, all my patterns on linen and most of my patterns on paper which could be blown up and drawn legally by me, this is still the one most on my mind.  This was one of the designs I'd thought of listing on e-bay the next go around but maybe I'll wait until after Cape May to list this one and see what I decide.

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Sunday, July 22, 2012

Two Chicks & e-bay issues

I have steamed my swap mat as well as the lion rug and had the shakes from hooking withdrawal had already begun.  Yes, I've got the spiral chair pad that I can work on but normally like to have something like that on the sidelines with another project going on because a hit and miss is sorta boring when it is the whole rug.  So, I'm hooking up another of Polly Minick's Two Chickens rug patterns.  Here is the one I previously hooked using two different black and white textures for the chickens and the wings.
And this is only as far as I've gotten on this project ~ the chicken wing is a black with a wide tan windowpane and the chicken is a tan/gold and black check.
The pattern should be easy and quick, as the last one was, with the dimensions only being 15" x 25".  And so I do need something quick because my lion still needs to be bound and I'll be choosing something else quick and easy to hook before Cape May rug camp in September so I'll have something bigger.  I sorta think I know what I'll hook but the jury is still out as I've been known to change my mind on what project to work on the night before I leave for camp.

Here's the latest addition at 1:52 on Sunday....I'm quite ticked off at e-bay ~ I went to e-bay and thought I'd do a search for rug hooking to see what might interest me to buy (like I need to buy anything else to put in my wool room) and noticed that only two of my 10 listed items are showing up in that category.  I still have 1 day and a few hours for most (at this time) and 3 days for my purse.  

I called e-bay and they said that there are so many sellers in that category that mine went to the bottom.  HUH?   They all must have shown up at one time because I have had some viewers and watchers on the listings.  So I gave them a piece of my mind telling them that even a free listing isn't free if it doesn't show up and not worth my time when they are removed from e-bay viewing audience.  Etsy is very reasonable and think a lot more people are selling there ~ and I would consider etsy as a better option in the future.

So IF anyone was looking at any of the patterns I had listed, so if you wish to see what I have listed click HERE  and probably see them before they expire, but unless someone in technical support does something before the time runs out you won't see them when you search under rug hooking.  

Thanks for visiting and putting up with my ranting.


Friday, July 20, 2012

Sensational Seasonal Swap

Last year on Rughookers group dear JoAnne Harris offered to host a seasonal swap for anyone who wished to participate.  Now this is no easy task to undertake because she would gather the names and match people up differently for each four seasons so that we had 4 different friends' mats at the end of the year.

JoAnne would also come up with creative ideas on sizes and themes for yet other swaps.  She is the one who suggested the Sincerely Jane challenge and has followed thru with that so we will be published in a future Rug Hooking Magazine article.  And, a couple years ago she hosted and started an "Ugly Wool" swap so she put in several pieces of different wool (textures, over dyed, etc.) and a trinket and she sent it on to the next person ~ so around the states and Canada it went with accolades and excitement shared on the group as each person received and replaced what they took out with something in return.  Now, what I consider ugly might be the heartbeat to another hooker ~ besides there really isn't any ugly wool.  So you can see that she is a creative and generous soul for a woman who works full-time and is continuing her education....anyway.....

I have finally pulled the last loops on my Fall Swap Mat and don't know who my partner is yet so am hoping she (or he) will never see this post and know before hand what they are getting.  No, I haven't steamed it yet... maybe tomorrow.  But it is still show able here.  I prefer wide cut and primitive styles however I have done one narrow cut pieces of my departed Rottweilers which I am proud of.  So fun for me is hooking nothing smaller than #8, which is what this mat is hooked with.  This is a design by Lori Brechlin of NotForgotten Farm.
And, these are the other swap mats that I hooked for other seasons.  We started with the winter swap first and this was my contribution.
Next was spring and I chose to hook a robin ~~ "the early bird catches the worm".
Then summer for me was what I remembered living near the Atlantic Ocean and near the beaches of Rehoboth, Lewes, Bethany Beach, Bowers Beach of DE, Ocean City, MD all within less than an hour's drive.  So summer for me was a beach scene.
If any of you wish to participate in this easy 8" square seasonal swap, join the group as JoAnne has graciously offered to extend it for those folks who joined later and wish to get the additional seasons.  You can read all about it on the group archive postings.

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Thursday, July 19, 2012


Later this evening I'll be done with my Fall Swap mat, it is really cute and would love to keep it myself.  Maybe I'll make another for me and maybe even a little bigger than the 8" square size.  It is, after all going to be fall before we know it ~ I mean it just seems like a few weeks ago (yeah, I know it was longer than that) when we exchanged Christmas gifts with family and now we are in sweltering triple digit temperatures.    Tomorrow I should be able to post an updated picture of the cute swap mat.

Speaking of fall, I go thru a LOT of Sharpies with drawing out rug patterns and they seem to be used up quickly, particularly when I draw out a couple of the long Domestic Zoo designs.  Already the stores are displaying school supplies and they are lining the aisles at Walmart and drug stores.  So if you go thru Sharpie pens like I do then look closely every week, thru your drug store ads.  It is this time of year that I stock up on them as Rite Aid and Walgreen's compete with pricing and most times I can buy one and get one free of two-Sharpie packages.  So that would be getting 4 Sharpie pens for the price of two.  And, sometimes they are on sale and still with the BOGO sale.  

Yesterday I listed this purse/pouch on e-bay along with a few patterns.  Click on the e-bay link and it will direct you to all that I have listed as of now.  But believe me when I say there are lots more unhooked patterns that I need to sell but thought I would start with these items first.
My lion rug still hasn't been steamed or bound so when I steam the Fall Swap mat I will also steam my lion.  I'm looking forward to seeing that one all finished and taking it to Cape May for the rug show, so it definitely has to be completed before September.  Oh wow.... it will be interesting to see how many rugs I've hooked this year and which will make their way to the show in Cape May ~ that I'll also share in an upcoming post.

Thanks for stopping by.... stay cool.  But depending on where you are reading my blog, you just might be cool.


Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Almost Back to Normal

Almost back to normal after my show but this heat and humidity  is making the recovery period somewhat longer because I had to cut grass yesterday.  Today is even hotter than yesterday but at least that chore is done and I'm in the A/C.  I've a couple things on frames that I'm working on. One is the spiral chair pad that I started a few weeks ago but put aside to finish up other hooking projects.  That is what I took to the show to work on between customers ~ I did get a few loops pulled but not a whole lot of progress.

If you recall I'd drawn it out smaller than Karen Kahle Spiral Chair Pad and had less distance between the rows for the spiral so pulled out my loops and redrew the design.  Reason was because I forgot to write down the instructions and just sorta guessed.  Then I located the instructions and redrew it.
So with the spiral mat waiting in the wings, I've begun working on my 4th and final Sensational Seasonal Swap  which is the fall season.  Tho I don't know who my swap partner will be yet I have started hooking it so that it will definitely be done and ready to be mailed to my partner the middle of August.   Here is a picture of it with a flash and the background doesn't really look all that white in person.  As you can see I'm being thrifty once again with a sewn extra margin all around so that the small pieces of backing may be utilized.  And you can see my 'snip and tuck' on the right ~ there is a magnet under the backing and under the applique star is another magnet which holds my scissors, inside the pouch is where my Hartman hook nestles.
This is a picture of the piece without a flash.  The design is by Lori Brechlin of NotForgottenFarm and came from a booklet titled Harvest Thyme.
Hopefully whoever my partner is won't see this and when she or he finds out that I am their partner hope they don't find out what I'm hooking until they get it in the mail.

Thanks for visiting and want to let you know that I've recently listed some patterns that I'm thinning out, some are for narrow cut, some for wide cut ~ on monks, rug warp and burlap.  If you are from Michigan you may with to check out the Michigan Mitt purse I hooked which is listed as well.  I hooked it as a sample for a well-known hooker/teacher and she sent it back to me after the class was over.  Well, I hail from Delaware so the purse is of no use to me.  Funny thing tho, I had it hanging in my booth at the craft show and people walked by laughing at why I'd be selling a purse of Michigan when I was sitting in Delaware ~ must say they had a point and I immediately pulled it off as soon as they walked by.


Sunday, July 15, 2012

After the Show

Oh my was it a grueling day yesterday and today.  For those of you who do  shows I wonder if you have the same pre-show (and after show) issues that I have.  The night before I go to bed earlier than normal because I need to get up at 5 a.m. to drive the hour to the show location and set up before the gates open at 9 a.m.  It never fails ~ I woke up at 3:25 a.m. to check on the clock to be sure I hadn't overslept and that the alarm really had not gone off.  My mind was thinking about everything and just couldn't go back to sleep.  And so, I didn't go back to sleep and was awake when the alarm went off at 5 a.m.  Already I'm starting off weary and the day has barely begun.

Let me also say this is and OUTSIDE event.  Needless to say, it is summer, hot, humid and there was a 30% chance of thunderstorms for the day.  So it required that I take precautions and take my canopy.  Yesterday was very close and humid even in the morning so took another set of clothes to change into because I knew I'd be drenched by the time my set up was complete.  I don't care if the canopy is called an E-Z Up or not, for it is not easy for a senior woman to set it up and take it down by herself.

And then the Historical Society put me in a spot from where I'd previously been assigned and where my regulars know to look for me.  Plus it was in a less traveled section, but at least near the eating area where eyes might wander during lunch or snack. And, YES, it DID rain and I scrambled to put up the sides on my canopy.  Was hoping for no rain and didn't put my sides on so that I could get some air flow and relief from the heat.  Many of the familiar faces did find me and while I didn't make quite as much as I did last year was happy with my sales.

My muscles are sore, I'm still tired even tho I slept well last night.  And have finally decided to call it quits for doing shows.  It just takes too much out of me.  Yes, it is wonderful to make extra pin money so the guilt of going to rug camps doesn't bother me, and of course to buy more wool with that cash.  But figure that my not doing these two shows per year will not send me to debtor's prison even if I continue doing what I'm doing.  I say that I not going to do any more shows.  The test will be when I get the Historical Society acceptance letter for the October show.  Sure hope I don't cave.

Here are a couple pictures of my booth.  I sold that cat purse and another purse with a star on it which is in the basket.  That little Annie atop the other box sold, as did two of my bigger primitive black dolls just to the right of the Annie
Here is another view of the left side and back with lattice so you can see the Americana dolls and other things for sale.

I sold the Bumblebee Mat which can barely be seen on the table in the back and sold about 31 flower pins.  I get repeat customers buying them as gifts for friends, red hat society women come to get the purple and red ones and they are very popular.
And I wish I had a better way to display my rugs other than rolled up (as in a previous picture), draped on the table or hanging on this homemade bifold.  But, since I'm not doing shows any more don't really need to concern myself with that.
Well thanks for letting me cavetch  and thanks for the visit.  


Thursday, July 12, 2012

Lion Rug Questions Answered

I've had many comments and questions on the trees in the rug so thought I'd post a picture of the completely hooked piece out in natural light on my back deck.  It has not yet been steamed nor bound which will make it even more wonderful after those tasks have been completed. Here is my near finished project all hooked.
And with the questions of 'what wool did I use' to hook the trees..... well for the trees these are the wools  used.  The tree far right I used a wool from Betsy called "Turkey Feathers" which I have used in numerous tree trunks before and hope to  never ever be without.  And it was also used in the nose mouth shape of the lion.  The wool to the far left was used in the tree to the far left of the rug.  I cannot remember where I purchased that wool but it is very loosely woven.  And, the middle wool was used for the inner tree to the right.  I cannot put my fingers on the other wool for the smaller tree to the left,  but it would have a similar color yet a completely different wool.
For the border I used the top texture in the picture below and cannot remember the name but it was purchased from one our two favorite wool vendors.  That swirly inside border was hooked with Smokey Joey (shown here) from Betsy.  The background was hooked using (Left to right) reclaimed wool blazer, purchased wool in the middle and reclaimed wool blazer is on the right.  The wool to the far right is the piece which shows up in blocks as when a woman would have used what she had.  I also hooked my SP initials in that wool to the right.  In regular light it does not show up but in natural light or in flash it would.
Now that this guy is finally hooked I'll need to check for 'vacations' and fill-ins.  It needs to be steamed and bound and I'm totally busy the next few days  ~ weeks? to complete this rug.  

I'll be busy getting ready for my show for Saturday so just might be absent for a few days untl this oldster recovers from the before and aftermath of shows.  Until then, have fun perusing my blog and web site.


Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Finally Hooking Again

Yippee, I'm backing hooking on my lion again and just a little more background and it will be ready for steaming and binding.  I really like that inside wiggly border and the look the wool gives, that wool came from Betsy and is called Smokey Joe. 
This is the 1840 antique sewn and shirred rug from which this pattern was designed. 
I'm not quite sure how I want to bind this one.  I have whipped rugs with wool yarn before but after time the wool yarn will move about, separate and some of the linen backing shows though and I don't like that.  I was commissioned to whip someone's rug with wool strips but since it wasn't mine do not know how that one did, but probably better than using wool yarn.  Have also bound the rug with wool bias and do like how it looks but not sure it is worth the trouble.  You see, that nice rug wore in a spot so now to repair it would require more work taking a section apart and fixing it than if I used binding tape.  So think I'll do the binding tape.

Luckily I can relax and hook now that the Uncle Sam (actually made two of them) has been finished.  I will take both to the show on Saturday but in the event only the one order sells I'll list this one on my web site.
Now that I'm getting near the end of the lion rug better put on my thinking cap and decide what I want to hook next.  But Saturday my plans at my show are to hook on the spiral rug and use that as the teaching  aid for wannabe hookers.   And it will give me a chance to use up my worms, hook without thinking (or at least too much) and even if I did pull loops of colors which didn't match too well they would be so short that  it would be an easy fix.

Thanks for stopping by.

Monday, July 9, 2012

WITHDRAWAL from Hooking and Betsy Wool

Maybe I didn't have the tremors but was surely going thru withdrawal since I haven't pulled a loop since last Friday.  The reason is because of an order for an Uncle Sam posted on my web site and forgot I sold so didn't remove the picture nor did I state it was "sold".  So I've hustled around, cut out two bodies, tea dyed and stuffed them.  So they are coming along just fine and will have maybe both done before Saturday.  

So today for almost one hour I sat and hooked to my heart's content to calm the withdrawal from hooking.  I didn't achieve enough to show much progress today, but maybe tomorrow I will.

However, ta da........ I received my Betsy wool and they are beauts!  Frankly there were more wools that I wanted to purchase but for sure I'd be sent to debtor's prison.  Maybe next time I'll do one of their "Pick your own Bundles"  AGAIN, where you can get some of several pieces of wool in case you want to try it.  It was great fun before but just be sure that if you stumble upon a wool you like and only have half yard of it that you order more immediately before they run out.

Okay, here is what I purchased from Betsy.  This picture is taken with a flash and hasn't yet been washed as I sat on my butt hooking for almost an hour and then the UPS truck arrived.  
This is a picture of the wool without a flash and a little blurry (sorry)  and it is probably more real to the color as it is in person.    So, from top to bottom this is what I ordered:  Georgia Peach, Swamp Root, Little Joe and Montana.
Most of my backgrounds are dark so I love having a mixture to blend, that is why I ordered 2 yards of Montana, which is on the bottom ~ that can be easily mixed with other darks I have in my stash or mixed with Swap Root for a delightful background or border. 

 And for Georgia Peach I've got great plans for pumpkins and primitive flower parts.... oh my but I must get back to hooking.  Cannot wait until my show is over this Saturday so I can settle down with my hooking habit and comfort zone.

Thanks for visiting.  And, am so very glad that Norma and Linda have their rugs back.  The person did not know the networking of hookers.

Keep cool.  Saundra

Sunday, July 8, 2012

The Stolen Rugs have been Found

This news just in from Norma and Linda on the rugs that were stolen at a class they were teaching at a church in Ohio:

"Good News,

The rugs have been found. A young man walking his dog found them in a
plastic garbage bag along a bike trail. His dog was sniffing the bag and
he opened it up and discovered the rugs. He attends the church where the
rugs were taken from and had seen the flyers about the rugs. The rugs are in
good condition with the exception of a few leaves and a musty odor.

I want to thank everyone who helped to spread the word by sending my note
out to groups, adding it to blogs and websites. Please resend to those
same groups so everyone knows that the rugs have been found.
I heard from so many of you expressing your concern and that confirmed to
me the unique friendships that we have within the rug hooking community.

Again thanks to all and have a wonderful summer,"

Linda and Norma

I suspect the person who stole the rugs was not aware of the networking we hookers have and how he or she had no way to gain profit or use them because of the power of our bond.  I'm just very happy they are back home where they belong and betcha it will be the last time that person tries to steal a rug.

If you would like to view the original post and pictures of the rugs just captured it is in a previous blog.

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Saturday, July 7, 2012

Best Laid Plans of Mice and Men....

... words contributed to John Steinbeck on his novel "Of Mice and Men".   Today I had grandiose plans to sit and hook my lion rug so I could move on.  But, as it has been known to happen, I took a hard right turn and my plans changed in a flash.  

This all came about because I sent my newsletter yesterday of my upcoming show in Lewes.  Within an hour I received an order for Uncle Sam which was listed on my web site.  Yes, it is after the July 4th celebration but we will have more patriotic holidays coming up.  So to my Americana container I went and to my surprise there was no Uncle Sam in there.  Unfortunately I must have sold him at my last show and had  forgotten to remove him from my web site or to make another.  So here I am busting my butt to make one before next Friday when I load my van.  Here is the Sam I am to reproduce.
And when it rains it pours.....today  I also had an order for patterns from someone (which have since been drawn), plus an order for a Domestic Zoo (thank gawd I had one of those big suckers drawn and ready to ship), but also an order for an E.S. Frost Sheep rug which I don't have drawn.  Problem there is I haven't heard back whether it is the one with the scrolls or the one with the birds and flowers so that will have to be drawn sometime this next week for sure.

So while I would like to go in and 'hook a spell' on my lion I will be stuffing the legs of the Sam, painting the shoes, stuffing the body and don't even have the clothing cut out yet.  

So what was it I said a few blogs ago about my doll making and how I'd rather be hooking?  Yeah, but the sale of this will buy me more wool to hook with.  That's the mindset I need to keep.

By the way, at 6:30 p.m in Seaford, DE it is 102 outside.  I cannot wait to hear the record breaking temps we must have reached today.

Stay cool and thanks for visiting.


Friday, July 6, 2012

Back to the Lion Rug

Well finally I'm posting an updated picture of my lion rug and already I'm trying to decide what to hook next.  Since there's been no loops pulled lately on the spiral rug guess I could always pick that up to work on.
Even tho I know how to do the hidden initials and messages, taught by Bev Conway (previously posted on my blog last year between September and November) I think I'll just hook my initials and date with a dark wool which will blend in with and gently seen in the background.  This rug is getting tedious now since all the fun things are about done.  Only the border lines remain as fun and then the background above the lion will seem to take forever.

Among the rugs I'm contemplating as my next project is the Lollipop Bouquet.   
I love how Kathy of Briarwood Folk Art hooked hers and it looks so old. Click the link to see what she did to make hers look so old. 

Try and stay cool in these steaming temperatures; tomorrow the heat index for the Delaware/Maryland area will be a 'feels like' 110.

Thanks for visiting.  Saundra

Tuesday, July 3, 2012


Tomorrow everyone will be having July 4th celebrations with friends and having back yard barbecues.  Yes it is a holiday, but it is a very special holiday ~ the day we gained Independence from Britain and the day the Declaration of Independence was approved by the Continental Congress.  Independence Day was first celebrated on July 8, 1776 in Philadelphia, PA.  And a not so well known fact is that both Thomas Jefferson and John Adams died on Independence Day, July 4, 1826.

It is a scorcher of a day today and will be hotter tomorrow as everyone celebrates July 4th so I feel like I've already got fireworks going on.  And it is so dry and crispy here that if a single spark were to touch down on the dried grass or leaves it would cause unruly wildfires.  So please be cautious.

This is a rug I hooked which is a design of Polly Minick's, called Boy Pulling Wagon.
I have no plans for tomorrow's holiday other than sitting comfortably in the air conditioned house and hooking on my lion rug and drawing out rug designs in the morning when it is cool in my work room.  I'd planned to take a picture of my lion rug an post here tonight but didn't get nearly as much hooking time in today as I'd hoped.  So tomorrow I'll get more hooked and finally show you a picture later in the week ~ besides, everyone will be busy tomorrow rather than reading blogs.

Happy Birthday United States of America. 

Thanks for the visit.  Saundra

Monday, July 2, 2012

When I'm Not Hooking......

In my regular work-a-day world (before retirement) I was an administrative assistant to corporate presidents and my favorite job was for a lawyer.  And then for fun started making dolls in the evenings and weekends.  Since I'd made my own clothes and those for family had the skills necessary and thought it would be fun to do shows, get out among people and make a little cash to boot.

Then, just before retirement decided that I wanted to learn how to hook.  In all honesty I started out rather cheaply with an inexpensive hook, a hoop and purchased pre-cut wool strips.   When it became apparent that I did want to continue with the craft, decided I'd better start slowly gathering the equipment necessary to do the job right while I was earning some income with a regular job.

So then once the hooking came the dollmaking was no longer fun.  In the beginning I wanted to keep everything I hooked but eventually, knowing the hooking was here to stay, decided that I'd better try and sell some of my hooked pieces so that I could continue to feed my hooking habit.  However, rugs don't sell nearly as fast as a doll because of the cost involved. Therefore it requires me to make a doll every now and then and I complain to myself the whole time.

In two weeks I have a show and have a customer who loves my black dolls so I try to have something that may be of interest to her when she goes to the show.  I've sent her an e-mail already to alert her before I post a picture on my web site.  And, if she doesn't want it I have a feeling that Bev Conway will.
Meet Grandpa Zeke.  He is 35" tall, has wool locks for hair, button eyes, needlesculpted nose, and stitched lip.
FYI, I have tried over and over again to get all the text colors to be the same and no matter how many times I try, no matter how many times I scroll thru the whole thing and click on one color it changes at will.  When I first posted the blog there was some text which was in a white background.  SO, went in and changed that.  I am NOT surprised people are leaving Blogger.