Thursday, June 30, 2016

Switching Out Rugs

Finally pulled the Sports Rug off the frame and now Ned is on but only a few loops have been pulled.  Today went to visit my sweet DIL at the hospital who had surgery yesterday and will be released tomorrow.  She won't be able to enjoy the holiday weekend as spryly as she would otherwise but will be better off by the procedure.
This is what the sports rug looked like when pulled off the frame. Oh no!  Now I see it!  One doesn't see it when a certain section of the rug being hooked is the focal point on the frame.  But if you look to the left, there is more of the darker blue wool than on the right side.  

Frankly I'm not sure what the mix is left in the bag as I've cut all the wool which I'm HOPING will be enough for the rug.  So will continue to hook just randomly pulling wool strips out.  So when the entire background is hooked will decide then if strips need to be pulled and mixed.  Yup, Kim, there I go anticipating another tweaking session.

Since tomorrow is July 1st I'm pretty sure this rug will be done in time for that celebration we have in December.  So as not to offend the reading eyes of Lauren I've chosen to not say the "C" word.

Sometime tomorrow I'll post an update on Ned.  So far I've only hooked the butterfly and am about ready to tackle the flower below Ned.  That's not much of an accomplishment.  Guess I'd better finish in the kitchen and get back to hooking.  

Hmm, no wonder I love rug camps so much.  When you go to camp regular life doesn't get in the way.  You escape the real world, can sit and hook for hours, have a glass or two of wine, your meals are prepared for you and (in some camps) the beds are made and rooms vacuumed.  Oh what the life of a serial hooker must be like.

Have a great evening everyone.


Wednesday, June 29, 2016

An Upcoming Rug Exhibit

There is going to be an exhibit in Onancock, Virginia from July 8th until July 29th.  It will be at Ker Place.
The Joker is hooked by Julie Marie Smith.

The Tower was hooked by Michelle Micarelli and was lucky enough to see it in person last year at Cape May.

Actually I'm not certain those two will be in the exhibit but I'm sure there will be a magnificent showing.  My friend Lynne Fowler is picking up the rugs and taking them to the Museum for hanging today.  They will be on display for the month of July beginning July 8th.

You may also want to click HERE because there are more interesting events happening in Onancock.  

Hey, guess what.... just switched out rugs from grandson's sports rug to Ned.  If I get off this computer maybe I'll get some loops pulled on Ned.

Have a great evening.


Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Time to Switch Projects, But....

My heart has wanted to switch from grandson rug back to Ned for a few days now.  But life got in the way by drawing patterns (think $), yesterday's plumber visit, doing laundry, grass cutting and then just too tired to swap out the hooking mess to another.  

In reality, my head was telling me to finish the top left corner of the sports rug before moving on anyway.  So, needed to get my head and body in sync with my heart.

Plus, this afternoon I met with  my neighbor's mother (about my age) who wanted to learn to hook.  Bob said she had admired a candle mat I'd hooked for them and wanted to learn hot to do that.  His mother Virginia is also still mourning the loss of her husband so perhaps hooking will be therapeutic.
Told her that I could easily have drawn something on the linen but that the motif should be something she would enjoy and not just something drawn by me.  SHowed her some smalls I've hooked, explained it could be as simple as a heart, a star, child's hand, etc.  So sent her home with two magazines and a beginner hooking publication for her to peruse and get inspiration on what she would like to hook.   It will be small so she can feel a sense of achievement.

Oh, also provided a beginner lesson I'd typed up years ago when I did kits. It was a rather whirlwind trip here today but did show her how to pull loops, how to roll the hook back toward the previously pulled loop and sent her home with some worms to practice with on the linen.

Then, after she left remembered that I had a wooden frame she could use which would render more successful results in her becoming a hooker if she had something to sit on her lap instead of a hoop like I learned on.  Yes I struggled thru using a loop but after months of practice decided it was time to buy descent equipment.  Uh, but back then descent was like this frame above as I still wasn't convinced to spend several hundred dollars on a cutter, frame or OMG $45 for a hook??

Told Virginia that tomorrow I'll show her how to transfer ideas onto linen once she tells me what motif she wants drawn.  Then will give her another demonstration, watch her pull a few loops and move forward after that.  

So that was my day today and still haven't made the transition from sports rug to Ned.  I'm getting a little antsy here guys and I need a FUN FIX.  Am hoping to pull blue background loops like crazy tonight so that tomorrow over coffee I can make the switch out.

FYI, I've been asked dozens of times if I would teach how to hook and people would pay.  Every time I've said "no".  AND, I'll say no again but my neighbor Bob and family is special.  

Have a great evening everyone.  Ned, oh Ned.... I'll be there soon fella.


Monday, June 27, 2016

Monday Madness

Okay, it wasn't really madness but that was a catchy title. Today was hectic and busy.  First thing early this morning was the arrival of the plumber... yeah, think about what they make per hour and it isn't minimum wage either folks.  

Last weak discovered a leak in the master shower running from the shower head at the wall and running down the side and in front of the shower floor.  So for the last several days have been using the guest bath.  Of course I worried the walls would need to be ripped out, new shower installed along with a new floor etc.  WHEW, I feel blessed to have only had a bill of $145 for an hour's work.  Am definitely looking forward to using my shower again.

I know you want me to fast forward to the 'good stuff'  the hooking stuff but.... since it is to rain tomorrow decided to cut grass.  So right after breakfast and with plumber gone I cut my boy Ben's back yard with the push mower....half an hour.  Then after lunch got on the riding mower and cut the rest of the major part of the yard with the riding mower for an hour.  Mama is still hot and tired.

So now to the GOOD stuff.  Had really hoped to make the transition from grandson's sports rug to the Ned design a day or so ago but that didn't happen.  And, won't pull loops on it tonight either because I'm just too tired.

However, I did look at some wool and will sleep on where I will go tomorrow.  
Think I'll hook the butterfly first and then the flower.  As I always prefer to look in my worm bags first, came up with the two bundles you see hugging one another.  My thought was to have the lighter multicolored stripe grey as the soft center but not sure about the outline yet.

Well of course there must be purple in the rug, it is a vintage design I first saw hooked at Barb Carroll's and where I was first educated of the 'neutral color purple'.  
Now, whether or not this particular purple will be in the rug or another purple not sure yet.  Just looking for a suitable outline for the butterfly.
The wool worms above hooks up rather like a soft paisley and is a piece of wool (I think) came from Dorr.  It has gold, teal, red/orange.  Might be nice to blend with other colors BUT do I need poison?
 The wool above might be too bold and at odds with the horse color.  Seemed like a good idea at the time.  
So then I saw a piece of wool with green, blue and red.  And who knows if that soft grey dainty stripe wool will end up being the soft center of the butterfly.  You all know how I make a right hand turn without a signal at any given moment.  Kim of Glass Half Full knows me as the Queen of Tweak.

Since I'm a tired will look at these options and others with fresh eyes tomorrow over coffee and after a nice refreshing shower in the master bath.  I am the MASTER of my DOMAIN.  Hmm, or maybe it is my boy Ben who is the master of this place.  
Please be kind to one another.  I believe that kindness and a smile can be contagious.  


Saturday, June 25, 2016

Misadventures of a Rug Hooker

Could also have titled the post 'multitasking' because I was drawing more patterns and dying wool.  Ah, THAT's where the misadventure part comes in.

When first starting my grandson's rug knew it was a close call as to whether or not there would be enough blue background.  Blue is my grandson's favorite color so went thru my stash and pulled everything close that could be blended in.  Sure hope it is enough (I thought at the time).  And then the hooking began.

Yesterday I started getting scared there really wouldn't be enough wool. Sometime during mid sleep remember the tag I'd pinned to the wool was still on the cutting table and was titled "Sky".   Hmm, I wonder if I have any of the solution left on the shelf in the garage.

So this morning went to check and yup, there was a jar with a label with the info.  Problem was it had crystalized ~ dried up ~ over the last two seasons of heat and cold in the garage.

That's okay, I thought, will just resurrect it by adding water.
Okay, "warm sky" in the Beautiful Wool  dye book by Laurice Heath.  I'd put a sample of the wool in the book and it indicated I'd used 1 1/2 tablespoons of that solution to 1/2 yard of wool.  Okey dokey then.
So I got a piece of natural wool 1/2 yard and began to soak it.
I went into this knowing there were variables which may not render good results:.  

#1  The dye solution had been altered/damaged with drying/freezing.

#2  Didn't know how much water was in the jar when fresh so didn't know how strong or weak 1 1/2 tablespoons would be using now with half yard of wool.

#3  The wool used today was not of the same dye lot as what was used before.

But with all that in mind decided to try anyway.  When dyeing I usually do a couple different pots with different wool and different amounts of dye just to get some variance.  Today was no different.  First pot (pictures above) I put in 2 tablespoons of solution.  When wool is wet it does look darker but thought pot one was okay so glugged the white vinegar.

Then pot two used 1 1/2 tablespoons figuring it would be a tad lighter. Then decided to do a third pot to use up the rest of the solution rather than putting on the shelf.  Silly me didn't soak that wool long enough and it is lighter and you can see white core so that will definitely go back in a pot at some point.  OH!!!!!  So you say you want to see what happened??  Okay.
The five top pieces are what happened today.  Those small pieces of wool at the bottom was what I was hoping to replicate.  Didn't happen as you can from my dye misadventures.

Below is what I'm dealing with.  That piece of wool to the far left under my initials was originally not included in the mix but it will be welcomed with open arms now.   
So all that is left to hook the background are the precut strips at the bottom of the design, the 4x folded pieces of wool on blank parts of the design and that previously rejected piece of wool which is folded 4x.

All of that blue wool has been cut, tossed and put in a basket from which I'll pull strips. Will continue to work on this rug tonight but think tomorrow a little fun time with my Ned rug is required to keep me sane. 

Have a great evening everyone.  


Thursday, June 23, 2016

Busy, Busy, Busy

Believe it or not that is not a complaint as it is a good thing to keep the mind and body busy.  Also thought of naming the post "when it rains it pours" but for a few weeks all the rain wasn't such a good thing when it was flooding.  However, I'm talking about pattern drawing.  I'm right in the middle of drawing patterns for someone knowing there could be more added to it.  

Thankfully I'm halfway thru this order.  Then, yesterday I shipped off my last drawn Domestic Zoo pattern and today get an order for another. 
So now you can see the linen has been cut, edges serged and will draw this one out tomorrow.  Hey... life is good even when it pours pattern orders.  Besides it gives me more pocket change for rug camps.

Which means my grandson's sports rug didn't get a lot of progress  but this is what it looks like now.  When taking the photo noticed I've pulled out a few loops which means rehooking.
Oh lordy I'm worried about having enough blue background.  Me thinks me will be looking for that recipe.

TGIF tomorrow for you worker bees.  Have a great evening and a more fantastic weekend.


Wednesday, June 22, 2016

What Have I Been Doing?

I've not been a slacker but haven't pulled a lot of loops on my grandson's rug either.  Have been busy drawing out some of these patterns for someone; aren't they interesting?  
Now back to work.  

Oh, another severe storm is supposed to come thru tomorrow. Welcome to Delmarva and the summer weather system near the beaches.

Happy hump day to you all.


Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Tuesday Chit Chat

There was a severe thunderstorm watch for my area and a few counties near there were tornado warnings which were in a path to pass me. Thankfully it was only high winds, lightening and rain for a few hours. Frankly, with what has been going on in weather and madness in the rest of the US am considering myself very lucky.

Anyhoo, here is an update on my grandson's Sports Rug.  
I'm scared there may not be enough of the blue wool for the rest of the background ~ it will be  very CLOSE.  In the event that does happen I do have the notes used to dye this lot so can replicate it.  However, there are variables which change the results.  

Even the same water from my well will change the color of the dye job depending on drought or wet weather.  Also, dye lots of natural wool purchased from the same vendor will have an effect on the results.  But will deal with all that IF I run out of this blue.

On another note, today received an order for 18 patterns from my favorite person just when I thought that well was dry.  Thankfully they don't have to be received until toward the end of July and no commitments.  Of course it will bite into my hooking time but am thinking of it as making purse change to buy wool or patterns at rug camp in September.

The local weather indicated the storm just might turn around and come back.  Yup.  It is thundering and getting dark again so will have to shut this post down and turn off the computer.

Hope all is good with you and yours.


Monday, June 20, 2016

Monday Antique Rug Show

Don't want my blog to be a 'same ol same ol' and make you bored so instead of an update on a rug project will show you some antique rug pictures.
Just love this dog rug.  The auction site says it is late 19th century early 20th century.  The shape of this dog looks so close the shape of a Magdalena dog pattern that I hooked below.  
If it is a new hooked adaptation in the first photo they did a damn good job to make it look old!  BTW, I ALWAYS label my rugs as "ANTIQUE ADAPTATION" so as to not fool or confuse a buyer.
Here is an antique of two horses Fred and Maud which is stated to be circa 1900.
Auction site just indicated it was an 'interesting colorful folk art rug pot of flowers and stars.  Provenance wasn't given.
Here is a Hutchinson designed rug called "Dreams that Sustain me". I'm sure you have seen antique rugs where it is a fireman who 'saves the women first' and other colorful humorous sayings.
Just love the dog rug above which was in a collection of a Mt. Crawford home late 19th early 20th Century which recently went for sale.
Don't have provenance on this one but was being sold by an auction site.  Good shape and color if an antique ~ Swans and Water Fountain.
Must have a cat rug for Kelley... so here's a mama cat and kittens with scroll border.

Okay kids, time for me to fix my dinner, my boy Ben already had his and his walk.  Then want to work a tad more on my grandson's Sports Rug before I give you an update.   

Sunday, June 19, 2016

Switching Rugs on the Frame

All of Ned has been hooked and one row of background hooked all around.  It was fun to play for awhile so will contemplate the colors for the butterfly and flower until he goes back on my frame.  Looking forward to more play time.
Now it is back to work on my grandson's sports rug as I want to be sure it is fully hooked and bound by December.

Sorry for the short post but figure no one will be reading my blog since everyone will be busy with Father's Day celebrations.  That plus I've noticed a huge decline in bloggers...sadly.  

If anyone has favorite rug hooking blogs they visit which do not appear on my side bar, PLEASE send me the link so that I can add them.  

Weather wise it has been fantastic here for well over a week.  No rain, low humidity, low temps and the A/C has not had to be on at all.  I open the windows in the morning when the outside temperature is in the 50's and close them when the temperature outside gets to be 70.  That way the inside temp stays wonderful all day.

However, this is only going to work one more evening.  Starting tomorrow the heat and humidity will rise and this may be the last 24 hours this great power saver will work to my benefit.

Have a great Sunday evening.  And for you worker bees I'm sorry that tomorrow is Monday for you.


Friday, June 17, 2016

Having Fun with Ned

In case anyone hasn't noticed from previous posts, I adore Barb Carroll and her hooking style.  Classes with her are cherished and never to be forgotten.  So hooking Ned has been a journey in memories of lessons learned and am taking time hooking Ned and having fun.

Yeah, am disappointed more didn't get hooked on Ned before posting this picture and almost thought of putting an antique rug show instead. 
Notice the mane and hoofs... Think I mentioned previously the mane was strips from my worms.  Well, the hooves are also and different colors.  I recall Barb saying..."It (whether it be antlers, collar, hooves, etc.) must be different and special".  So that is what I'm trying to do with Ned.  

The second hoof from the left is a piece of wool Barb gave me to use for the collar on CHUM (below).
Here is a full view of Chum.  I'm certain it the same woman hooked both Ned and Chum.  When I replicated the pattern there was a round circle on the dog's collar as if it were a tag, bell or maybe just a metal ring. There was also a ring under the chin of Ned so maybe I'll have to hook that in Ned as well.  As you can see I covered it up with the halter. 

Am trying to channel the child in me that Barb has helped me release in my hooking.   Or at least with Ned I've allowed myself to be more free.  

Have a great weekend everyone.  I've grass to cut tomorrow LOTs of grass.  Then will play with Ned a bit.  Hope you are enjoying my fun journey with Ned.


Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Hooking Ned

Yes, I'm having a wonderful time hooking NED (Woolley Fox) and here is what I've accomplished so far.  Ned's palomino body is mostly 3 or 4 wools cut and mixed but also similar values from my gold worm baggies (gotta use up those dang worms).
Ned's eye outline is a worm which is a purple and green piece of wool from a Barb Carroll 'give', the inside is two tails and a loop of another piece of wool from this last camp at Barbs. 

Ned's hit and miss mane wool is from my blue worm bag and not all of the wool is the same but felt great to use up worms.  

Tomorrow is a doctor appointment in an another town so will begin the binding process of Simple Gifts (Karen Kahle).  Just love having something constructive to do while waiting (wasting) time in the doctor office.

Hey, Lauren, Ned is fun.  Bring out your pattern and let's hook it together.

Have a great night everyone.


Tuesday, June 14, 2016

The Reveal and Feeling Nostalgic

Decision is made and here is the first of the wool pulled which I think may go in my rug.  I'll start with the golds and reds first.  Wow.  I'm shocked to see how bright that 3rd gold wool looks in the photo.  That is a double-sided gold which doesn't look nearly that bright on that side in person.  What a difference a flash makes.
And here is the reveal.  Yup, decided to go with Ned.  Lucky me got this pattern for half off because of a very minor mishap in the back leg of Ned.  Hey, makes me happy.
For now I've folded up my Grandson's Sports Rug and will play for a few days on a rug just for my pleasure.

Now to the nostalgia ~ While going thru a chest discovered some tee shirts I hadn’t seen in years.  Several were shirts received at foot races when my ex and I used to do that on weekends for entertainment.   In the beginning Bruce didn’t want to stay for the awards after the race but once I told him I wanted to stay.  Damned if I didn’t win first place in my age category.  From then on I made him stay until the awards were given out.  I continued to win in the top of my age category often, plus you also learn your time.  

The tee shirt I wore the other day was from a race in April 1992 when I lived in Columbia, MD.  A 10K (6.2 miles).
At first I didn’t keep track, tho think there is a box somewhere in the house which has my trophies and booklets with each person’s time for the particular races.  But, the other day when I pulled the tee shirt to wear around the house noticed I had documented my time at the bottom of this shirt with a Sharpie.
Hey, that time ain’t bad time for a woman who was 50 ½ at the time of the race and for a 6.2 mile race, the longest race I'd ever done.

I didn’t particularly like 10K races (6.2 miles) and have NEVER considered running a half or full marathon ever (that was for your benefit Robin Carroll).  Bruce and I mostly liked the 3K, and 5K races for entertainment and exercise.  I believe that particular Clydes 10K race was the last one I ever ran.  Now I walk and the thought of running hurts me everywhere, lol.

Have a great evening everyone.


Monday, June 13, 2016

Grandson's Sports Rug

Will work a little more tonight on my grandson's rug and tomorrow sometime will begin on a new one to play with between time.
You can see I did change the size of my grandson's name because the previously small letter marks are still there.  But to make it easier to compare here is a photo below of the a post on my blog in May before rug camp.
You might like to know that I have chosen my next project.  Not telling which one it is tonight but have pulled out some wool which will be chosen tomorrow. Took some pictures of the wool so will look at the colors on my blog then too.

Have a great evening everyone.


Sunday, June 12, 2016

What to Hook Next

Was content working on my grandson's rug after finishing up Simple Gifts but now am needing something else to hook for relaxation.  There are presently 31 drawn patterns in my stash from which I could choose. Problem is I'm not in the mood for some of least not right now.  But perusing the list here are the ones I'm currently thinking about starting....SOON.
One I'm interested in is Ned, a Woolley Fox design, and this is hooked by Barb Carroll.  I took a picture of it at her home one May.  Seeing another hooked version on Rugs and Pugs  renewed my interest in this design.
I also have the above pattern named Have you Any Wool, another Woolley Fox design.  This one was hooked by my friend Deb.
Turkey & Tallowberries sample
One year at Cape May I purchased Turkey and Tallowberies which I love.  It is a Lori Brechlin design sold by Kris Miller of Spruce Ridge Studios.
Also purchased Old Tom from Kris; so have two turkey rugs in my stash.
do goode be nice
In September I will be hooking Be Goode Be Nice (above), another Lori Brechlin design and will have Kris Miller as my teacher and should be done in time for Halloween I think. And if not, I'll be in the 'hallows eve' mood and inspiration on my lap.
Moon Over Vermont is a Lucille Festa design which is also folded in a drawer of pattern stash.  Definitely like this one too.  Love the bird larger in comparison to the house, the moon with a dangling star.
See that gorgeous rug above which was hooked by Barb?  It is a design by Emma Lou Lais which Barb hooked called "Moose on the Loose".  No, this pattern isn't in my stash but when at Cape May one year purchased a moose design from Bev Conway called..." On the Loose".  Bev's is a bit different and if anyone has hooked Bev's version I'd love to see the choices other hookers made with color selection.
When at Barb's last month I purchased a little wool for the Olde Hearts pattern you see above.  Of course it is another Woolley Fox design and Barb hooked this one.  After she first hooked it a few years ago I was in love and it haunted me until finally purchasing the pattern several months ago.

In my stash is an old design drawn on burlap.  You read right...burlap, and guess that is why I never hooked it.  It is #227 Primitive Horse when Margaret Lutz had Hook Nook that I purchased it.  So I might put it on linen and hook that.  It is a Lib Callaway design which is now being offered by Jeanne Benjamin.
OMG, do you see that gorgeous very LONG Stubbs Runner at the top?  I have that design in my stash too and it is huge.  This one I'm thinking of hooking this winter after Christmas.  This would be a great winter project and one which I've admired at Barbs for years.

And if that weren't enough on my list 'to hook' out of the 31 rug patterns, here is one my friend Deb gave me.  She must have loved the design because she bought it twice.  It is called "Gossip" and is yet another design of Woolley Fox.  The design reminds us of a metal sculpture in the Woolley Cottage.  
This one above is what Deb started at Barb's last May.  Deb made a few changes and made one bird an oriole since they are Orioles fans.  Not sure what other liberties she took.

Guess you are all wondering what other patterns I must have in my stash.  In the past I have sold some to weed out the piles because my interests change and what was purchased on a whim no longer interests me later.

Funny thing is that Simple Gifts was purchased last year on a whim at the November camp and ended up hooking it this May with Barb. 

So you're right Kim, I'm a fickle hooker and can't believe anything I say about what is on the frame next.  Guess you've been busy hooking since getting your paper done and the grass all cut.

Have a great Sunday and be kind to one another.