Friday, March 30, 2012

Now and Then

It seems that I'm taking two steps forward and one backward on this rug.  My plans were to have two different colored combs since it is a primitive rug after all, but after I hooked in the comb which extends into the hit and miss border it became difficult to find suitable colors for the border without losing the comb.  So after trying numerous colors, pulling out, replacing with different values or colors several times, I finally gave in and made the comb the same color as the other chicken.  So this is how the rug looks now and I'm happier.

Here is what the rug looked like when I had grandiose ideas about my  so called 'artistic license' and different colored comb on the chicken on the right.  

I'd really like to get this finished and bound because it would be nice to offer it for sale when I do my July show ~ particularly since I live in an area with high chicken farming and production.  

UH, and hate to admit it but I've still not bound my two Frost Sheep rugs YET!!!!!  This is the longest period of time I've ever gone before binding a rug and feel like a slacker.  

I still have my Summer Swap Mat to finish, and I've been given a challenge to come up with a primitive rug design  with critters, which has also been taking up space in my cranium while not in my hands.

Then there is always the wonderful spring weather which brings on more yard work, and my house STILL needs to be spring cleaned.  OY!!!!!!  Too much to do so now I'm fighting with my 'should do'..... 'want to do' lists.  Perhaps that administrative side of me should come out, make a list and prioritize.  

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Daleview Farm (chicks x 2)

I've managed to pull a few loops but no great coverage.  What with the grass cutting and other life getting in the way issues, play has taken a back seat.  AND OH!... the last two days has been like someone dropped winter right in the middle of summer here in Delaware.  The other day it was 80 and last night it was below freezing and the strawberry and apple farmers were worried for their crops.  Thankfully, everyone survived and we might even end up with an early crop of healthy fruit.

Here is what my two chicks are looking like right now. This picture was taken without a flash.
And since a flash certainly changes the color thought I'd post a picture of one WITH flash.

As mentioned in a previous blog post, this is an adaptation of a Polly Minick design named Daleview Farm in which there were 3 chickens.  This was reduced to a nicer size for me to hook so took out one chicken, but it is still a Polly Minick design.

I am so hoping I'll be able to get in more hooking tomorrow but for sure will show my progress along the way.

Monday, March 26, 2012


Just look at this beauty! 

I saw it on Lori Brechlin's blog  and immediately wrote her asking if she would be willing to sell me a paper pattern of it.  She responded that she had numerous similar messages and to keep check on her blog.  Well for the last several days I've been checking her blog then her etsy and did this a few times a day to get a chance to purchase the pattern.  Finally yesterday I hit pay dirt!!!!!!!

I went to Lori's blog and was enjoying the pictures she provided of the Virginia Rug Fest and her booth.  Oh, what is it I spy there?  Could it possibly be..... the Bee?  And what is that hanging from the rung of the blue chair?  Could it possibly be the Bee pattern for sale???

 I was about to write Lori again saying I wanted to order one but thought the best thing to do would be check out her etsy shop first.  AH HA!!!!!!!!!!  I clicked on "BUY" so fast, I didn't know I could move that fast.

So this morning I'm reading Lori's blog again and she is talking about a stalker.  Uh oh,  I thought she was referring to me, luckily she wasn't, but if you want to find out what she was talking about, check out her blog NotForgottenFarm.

Saturday, March 24, 2012

A Little Work and a Little Play

I've been spending some time this week in my wool room drawing patterns for someone ~ there's a dozen sitting on top of my ice cream parlor table and there is a Domestic Zoo pattern sitting on the chair to the right which is ready to go when I get another order.  

I always like to have a Domestic Zoo drawn ahead of time because it is a bear to draw and when a hooker wants a pattern she(or he) wants it NOW!  Hey, I'm only saying what I'm like..... when I get hot for a pattern I cannot wait to get it.  Well I have waited but you know what I mean.

And, thanks to Lauren of Rugs and Pugs I received an order for an Auntie Peanut pattern, you can see it all drawn up on my drawing table.  Thanks for the plug Lauren.

Now to the 'play' part......  If you scroll back to the top picture you can see some wool hanging over the back of the parlor chair and the corner of a picture in a page protector.  That is a picture of an antique rug which will be my project when I go to Woolley Fox in May.  Yeah, I know it is over a month away but hey, like I indicated before.... when we hookers get excited about an event or a new pattern we just have to play with it.

And I'm truly surprised that my wool room has continued to be rather organized.  However, it will not be that way when I return home from Barb's I'm sure.  It will go downhill from there because I tend to be negligent in returning my unused wool, have wool out that I'm cutting for the project and so it goes on and on until the room is in such disarray I've no choice but to knuckle down and clean.  If I were smart, which obviously I'm not, I would keep it tidy and put things back where they belong right away.  But will try and do better.

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Still in Progress

Still not a lot of accomplished on my 2 chicken Daleview Farm rug.  Between yard work, finishing up an order of 5 dolls, and now drawing patterns for someone, it has left precious little time for me to pull many loops on this rug.  Oh, and add making flower pins so that I'll have enough to take to my first show.

I have started adding some border hit and miss colors and hooked some background.  I left a little on the other chicken so that when I get too bored with border and background  there will still be something in the chicken to do.  This picture was taken with a flash and shows up the colors a bit brighter.

This picture was without a flash and is a tad darker than it appears in person.

As mentioned previously, this is a Polly Minick design called Daleview Farm which was originally designed with 3 chickens.  If you wish to purchase it you can order it from her web site:

Now back to the drawing board..... really...... I've cut and serged the linens and now to draw out a couple more designs.

Monday, March 19, 2012

Chickens rug update

Yes I've done some reverse hooking but have also been able to pull a few more loops.  It is sorta taking three steps forward and one back.... sometimes two steps back.  But as hookers you know what I'm talking about and we all dread it because it seems we make no progress.  This is the picture with the darker comb on the left chicken.
And this is the newer version but also with a flash so it is showing up more bright than it looks in person.  However, I'm liking it a lot and it will be a smaller piece to accomplish than the original three chicken design called Daleview Farm by Polly Minick.

Since I've new stuff on my plate guess the hooking on this will go slower.  Plus the fact it is now weeding and grass cutting time.  Then there is the 5 doll order still not done.... OY!!!!  I really want to be hooking what I want to hook but something has to make money to support my hooking habit.  

Saturday, March 17, 2012

What's on my Frame Ye Ask?

Actually I have two frames going ~ one for my Sensational Summer Swap mat and the rug I'm about to show you.  The swap piece doesn't need to be sent until June but at least wanted to start hooking it.  Oh, and I can't show you what I'm hooking because that Debra Henkel woman might be checking out my blog since I also follow her.... and want it to be a surprise.

This is an adaptation of a Polly Minick pattern called Daleview Farm but instead of 3 chickens I'm doing two because that is a more suitable size for me to hook.  This has been fun to use up some of the black and white textures I have, as you can see by the chickens.  And even better is that I can use up some worms for that colorful hit and miss border.

I used to remember the name of this type chicken but the name of the breed escapes me.  Perhaps someone here knows and will inform me or remind me.

That picture was taken with a flash so the red comb of the chicken on the left is showing up brighter than it appears in person.  My thoughts right now are to put in a brighter red there.  I didn't want both combs nor beaks the same because I plan to have a hit and miss border of brighter colors to frame it.  My background will be a primitive black so it will definitely need the brighter hit and miss border like Polly's Daleview Farm which you can see below and purchase thru her web site.

Larger Image

Oh dang!!!!  I just noticed that I put a dark outline around the entire wing sections of both my chickens and think I like Polly's version better with the hint of a wing.  Perhaps I should reduce the strip size of some of the wing outline.  Hmmmm..... I do have some other texture that just might work...... Back to the drawing board (uh hooking frame).

Since I've been doing yard work (yuck... it is grass cutting and weed pulling season again!)  I am finally going to sit and pull a few loops.  Plus I cleaned up a part of this pig sty and vacuumed.  Now Ben's mama is tired.  But think I'll unhook the wing outlines...... my sad.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Dye Results

For those of you who read my previous posts you know that I am responding to Robin's  comment / request  to find a sage grey/green or celery colored wool recipe.  I sent her a picture of a small piece I had left and had hopes of reproducing the color.  Actually that small piece was all I had left because the nicer pieces had been used up so I'm glad the sage color is one she was looking for.

These are the two piles of wool which were the subject of the first two pots.

This is the recipe using Cushing Acid Dye:

1/2 t. Copenhagen Blue
1/4 t. Khaki Drab
1/4 t. Chartreuse
in 1 cup boiling water. 

From my previous notes on the piece I was trying to duplicate I'd written that I used 8 tablespoons with half yard of wool.  So decided to start out with 3 T. in one pot and 2 T. in the other pot of wool.  When the water got clear it wasn't dark enough for my liking so I added 1 T.  at a time until one pot had 5T. and the other had 4T.

Knowing that there was still about 6 tablespoons left of the dye quickly got more wool, put in a fast soak (I doubt  the core was completely saturated tho) and did a 3rd pot.

This is a picture of what I sent to Robin to ask if any of these is what she was looking for and her reply was the middle one.... that's the one which I am trying to reproduce.

Now, here's the results of the 3 pots of wool.  I'm sure you'll be able to identify which pieces have the 4, 5 or 6 tablespoons of dye in the pot as it will be increasingly darker.  Since the base wool has grey in it already that lends itself to produce the color I wanted.  And for comparison, you can see what I'd have gotten with a white wool without the grey.  This first picture was taken without a flash AND, the bottom right piece is the piece of wool I was trying to reproduce and is the one pictured in the middle in the above photo.
The picture below was taken with a flash.  Isn't my Magdalena dog rug cute as the dickens??  I'm enjoying looking at it on my harvest table.

I've started a new rug and am thinking that I'll cut and mix this color in for the background.  Or at least that is what I'm thinking.  I was going to do a primitive black but since I've this new wool maybe I'll use that instead.

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Back to the Dye Pots

Today is the day to find out if I am successful or embarrassed with my dye project.  Let's see if it is possible to reproduce a color I liked and which Robin indicated she liked.  This is the picture I sent Robin as she has hopes of getting a sage green wool.  This picture was taken with a flash.

This picture was taken without a flash.  I wanted to put the center wool (the color I'll try to reproduce) along with other colors so Robin could see how the color looks in comparison to the other wool.  And had it not been what she was looking for I'd have looked around for something else she might like. 

I knew the recipe I'd used for this wool as I stapled a sample of the various pieces made with the dye.  Now, let's see if I can pull it off again or if I'll be in the 'hall of shame'.  

This recipe uses Cushing Acid Dye:

1/2 t. Copenhagen Blue
1/4 t. Khaki Drab
1/4 t. Chartreuse
in 1 cup boiling water. 

I will start out by putting a couple tablespoons in the pot since the wool I'm using is a little different than I used before and will add more tablespoons as I see fit.  But meanwhile, with the wool on the burners you'll have to wait until later to see the results.

Something else to remember that with a formula, some colors might catch to the wool faster than others.  I've learned that the hard way.  So before you add additional colors, wait until the water is fairly clear before adding more color.

It is now 1:48 p.m. on the east coast and today's dye results are in but you'll have to wait until tomorrow to see them.  TA TA.

Monday, March 12, 2012

Robin of Bird in the Hand Primitives made a comment on my blog the other day when I asked the readers if there was anything they wanted me to talk about.  I'm really glad a couple of you took me up on the question because now I can try to give you want you want to read.

 Robin said she had recently purchased two dye books on e-bay ....."in the hopes of learning dyeing methods and creating just the right colors I want for certain designs...however, color planning is a challenge for me because of so many hues and textures...I would love if you posted some thoughts and tried and true tips for color planning ...Is that something that came natural or was it learned ? ........"

I have had some success stories where the wool came out exactly like I'd hoped  (dumb luck for sure) and then have tried to achieve a certain color for a rug and it didn't turn out as I'd hoped.  Yet the wool goes in my stash and usually is perfect for another project.  The wonderful Bev Conway generously shared some dye recipes she uses on the wool colors which I always purchased.  While the colors turned out nicely, my gold didn't turn out like the rich old gold she dyes.  

There are a lot of variables which influence the color and water is a very important factor.  Bev lives in Vermont where the water must be magnificent and I live in Delaware using well water.  That also makes a difference in the dye results because well water and city water with chemicals will influence the project.  And, Bev has even said that she can tell a difference in her dye results between drought season or good water level season.  Some people even suggest that using a stainless steel pot vs. an enamel coated pot makes a difference.  So there is a very good likely hood that the colors we see in a book of samples may not quite turn out exactly as we see it on wool samples, pictures in a book or on the computer screen.

I have a teacher/friend who can add color (dye by eye) to make the wool exactly what she wants (Lynne, if you're reading this, yes, I'm talking about you) and I don't have the skill to do that.  Obviously I lack the true understanding of color manipulation and am always afraid of adding a little more of the wrong color.

These are the wool pieces I plan to experiment with and there is about half a yard total there. 

 Robin indicated she can never find the right grey green,  sage, or dark celery.  So I have taken a picture of some wool I dyed to see if that is what she is looking for.   Meanwhile this wool is soaking until we can determine what color wool strikes her fancy and then I'll do the experiment.  

So check in tomorrow to see the next installment.

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Karen Kahle Rug Designs

I completely forgot to include one of Karen's other rugs I hooked called Home Tweet Home so thought I'd show a picture of that here as well.

And after yesterday's blog post Cheri asked if I dyed my wool and commented on liking the pink in the Small Flowerbox rug.  So I went to the pink wool in my stash to see if I had any tags on the pink over dyed wool to see if any of it was dyed using Karen's recipes.  While I know I've used her recipes before, none of the pink had a tag indicated it was dyed using Karen's.  So, I took a few close up shots of some pinks in flowers so you can see how I mixed my pinks together.

In these shots you can also see that I used a variety of darks for the background; could have been a purple, blue textured brown and black plaid, etc.

I used a flash so the colors are showing up a little lighter than the eye sees it in person.  But at least you can see how I used a mix of pinks and neutrals as well as darker value in the flowers.

And if you scroll down to the previous post of yesterday you can see what the whole rug looks like in comparison to up close shots.

Friday, March 9, 2012

Karen Kahle Designs I've Hooked

There are many rug hookers' designs and style I admire and Karen Kahle is among them.  So far I have only hooked three of her designs but admit to having others stacked up awaiting their turn on my frame.

In a Rug Hooking Magazine a few years ago I went absolutely nuts over this free pattern so generously provided by Karen.  Within a flash the design was enlarged, drawn on linen,  and on my frame in a flash.  Oh but isn't it a delicious piece?

The Small Flowerbox I also adored and like it better than her larger flowerbox design but that is just my personal taste.

And then the Stop and Smell the Roses was special to me as well.  It was a reminder to me that I must take time to stop and smell the roses, plus I liked the antique post card appeal to the colors she chose.  

I know what project I must start next is my Sensational Summer Swap piece which will be due to send late May (uh, think that is when.... I'll have to go thru my old messages).  But that will go fast because it is only an 8" square mat, already have it drawn on linen and will start pulling loops on that soon.  But right now I'm trying to finish stuffing some dolls which I have an order for.  But then what do I want to put on my frame next?  Decisions Decisions.

Now I've a question to my readers.  I do try to keep an interest going on rug hooking and wonder if there is a topic you would like to see me write about.  You can feel free to post your wishes on my blog or you can e-mail me direct at

Thursday, March 8, 2012

More Rugs I've Hooked

When I first started hooking it seemed I'd never finish the mitt shape that I started and the hooked angel wings.  The thought of trying to do a whole rug, even a small one, seemed unattainable at that time.  But boy have I hooked quite a few rugs since.

Here is a picture of Birds and Pomegranates, a design by Edyth O'Neill which was a pattern offered in one of my rug hooking books.  I believe I hooked it in #8 strips using some over dyed and some as is textures.  It was purchased and now resides in New Hampshire.

This next one was a pattern in a booklet by Needl'love titled Falloween.  Funny thing about this one is that I had over dyed a red, light blue and white check skirt using a gold and thought the colors came out ugly, but it was that very wool that was Lucille Festa's favorite.  It appears in the flowers and feathers.

And this one I loved and unfortunately sold it because I had an offer, I needed money and it is now gone.  Perhaps one day I'll hook another.  It is an adaptation of an antique rug in the Kopp book Folk Art Underfoot.  Like the other two it was hooked on primitive linen and hooked in mostly in #8 strips but started trying to use the #8.5 which I came to prefer.

Another which I hooked from the Folk Art Underfoot is the Cat and Mouse rug, which was also sold.  Sorry this is such a washed out picture but I took the picture in natural light outside, sure wish I'd taken a better picture of it.  This one was hooked on rug warp using mostly #8 strips.

I've plenty more rugs to share and as I sometimes need fodder for my blog will depend on them to keep the blog alive.  Hope you enjoyed the mini show of rugs I've hooked.

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

The Antique Mats Purchase

The other day on my blog I mentioned purchasing some antique pieces at my local thrift shop.  There were four pieces in total with only one needing no repairs.  Two of the hooked chair pads had teased out along the edges with long pieces of strips hanging.  But they just had to come home with me despite their age and weathered appearance.

Must tell you that it bothers me to think the younger generation will toss out the work of their family; someones mother, grandmother, sister, etc made those quilts or hooked pieces yet there seems to be no emotional connection there.  Luckily I have a daughter-in-love (not law) that can't wait to own all my hand made projects and appreciates everything she gets from me.

This is a pretty piece which required a lot of repairs but I was determined to bring it home and see what I could do to salvage the piece that someone had taken great pride in hooking and which was part of someones personal belongings.

As you can see from the back where I repaired it just how extensive the damage was.  I'd read and heard how to properly repair a rug by stitching burlap to the original burlap and pulling the loops thru both pieces.  However, working with the hooked piece the burlap just wanted  to crumble away.  So I had to gently just stitch the loops down and while it doesn't look very pretty from the back, when you look at the top you see a lovely hooked and colorful chair pad, and I love it.  

Okay, so before I post any other pieces here, must tell you the story.   When I came home I immediately went to my sewing room and evaluated the situation and started working on the pieces.  As I'm working on them there was a very pleasant floral fragrance ~ not overwhelming but a gentle and pleasant aroma as tho the pieces had been stored in a drawer or chest with potpourri.   I didn't get all the pieces repaired that day so in my upstairs sewing room they stayed until I could work on them again the next day.

So it was time for bed ~ the bedroom is downstairs at the other end of the house ~ slept, got up and when I got near the clothes I'd worn the day before I could smell the fragrance again.  I picked up my clothes, thinking the smell was on them from having worked with the mat in my lap.  Nope....not on the clothes.  I immediately went upstairs to pick up each mat one by one and there was no smell.  And, I've not experienced the fragrance since then. 

Okay, call me crazy or what you will, but I personally believe the woman or women who hooked these items was with me to thank me.   So then she must have been in the bedroom, likewise she had been in the sewing room with me the day before, hovering over and watching me.  She wanted me to know she appreciated my connection to her thru her handiwork and was making her presence known with a pleasant scent.

Here is the one piece which needed no repairs, it too may have been a seat cover but is notched at all four corners as if to be the perfect fit for a piece of furniture.  

This one shows up as a little more yellow than it really is in person.  Think that is because the picture was taken very near my light in the living room.

This is the repaired back side.

And this piece is a very thin braided or crocheted piece.  You can see it has a hunk taken out of it but other than that is very pretty and I have it draped over a book case top in my sewing room.

This is a close up so you can perhaps determine if it is crocheted or braided; but it is thin and delicate.  These were the only items like it in the shop that day; had there been more I would have purchased them all.

I just wonder if anyone has ever had a similar experience?  I felt a closeness to the woman and was honored that she visited me.

Monday, March 5, 2012

A few more of my rugs

Who doesn't love a rug show?  I love seeing rugs that other people have done and particularly love looking at antique rug pictures.  Actually I do have a couple small hooked things that I picked up at the local thrift shop and that has a story which is a whole blog message in itself.  Perhaps one day I'll take pictures and tell you the story.

Here is a rug that I hooked with Bev Conway and it is her design.  This is what I chose to hook with the first class I had with her.  I was at Cape May where I saw someone else hooking it and thought it would be great in my kitchen to welcome people from the living room into the kitchen.

Another rug that I hooked with Bev is called Rufus.  I'd never worked with such vibrant colors before so it was a little out of my box but I like it.  Normally I go for the more drab antique looking colors.

This one makes me smile every time I look toward the dutch doors in my kitchen.  This is also a design by Bev Conway which originally had each of the chickens sitting on a huge egg each.  But, wanted to tweak it to suit me so I made them sitting on straw nests instead.

The Olde Gals was an adaptation of a quilt design, I asked permission to hook it and permission was granted.  When it was time to put something new on my frame I was leaning toward Coastal Girls by Deanne Fitzpatrick.  It was during the time of going thru a divorce I didn't ask for and the pretty girls with flowing scarves just couldn't happen...... I kept thinking about this image of a quilt panel I had.  And so I contacted them to get permission to hook it.

This was a very cathartic hooking project which was a way for me to make a statement for all women no longer young but who are comfortable with themselves.  These women are not spring chickens, they are wearing their olde clothes but think they look pretty snazzy.  They like who they are and who they have become in their aging process; they have been close friends for years.  And ya know what, I'll bet they are all hookers.

Sunday, March 4, 2012

My Magdalena Dog Rug

Okay guys and gals, I lived with the dog rug for a few days and did end up making a change in that top right corner.  I knew if I didn't do it now I'd wish I had because it would be difficult to make the change once the rug is bound. , Yeah, I'm getting ready to bind it now but just had to take a picture with the edges turned under.

I'm quite happy with the way it turned out  And, my girlfriend Shari said this is her favorite of all  the rugs I've hooked and even complimented me on my color planning.  Must admit tho, this is not what I had intended it just sorta happened and the dog barked the colors it wanted in the rug.

And for those of you who like seeing the close up colors with a bright flash here is what it looks like up close and personal in the bright 'hollywood' lights.  The rug does not look this light and bright in person.  it looks more like the picture above.  But I know you like to look at the colors to see what wools you have in your stash which might be similar to what I've used in this rug.

And, if you look at the rug my intentions were to have the blue line trailing under the penny circle at the top left and lead to what would eventually be a blue/green bottom.  Likewise I ran a row of blue up the right side and used it on the outside curve on the right corner so it would provide the same introduction of color.  And, perhaps I didn't make a wise decision but in the bottom right corner I put some brown in an attempt to balance a brown at the bottom portion of the rug. If you double click the picture you can see that the brown doesn't show as dark as it appears.

This was a fun rug to hook and it could easily have been done before now but I spent 2 or 3 days cleaning up my wool room so lost valuable hooking time.  I've been asked by several people if I sell this pattern and I don't.  You can purchase it from Barb Carroll at  However, since the design is in public domain and is of the age from the 1800's, it was acceptable for me to draw it out on my own.  However I'd never sell this pattern since Barb offers it on her web site.  

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Some of my earlier rugs

I taught myself to hook from the basic instructions in Rug Hooking Magazine as well as from a pamphlet from Kindred Spirits.  Since I was already a doll maker I decided to hook angel wings that were provided in the Kindred Spirits booklet.  I didn't have any wool stash at all so went to a local thrift shop and cut it by hand and a rotary cutter.  My hooking was terrible and it seemed to take me forever to do just the dang angel wings, so how could I ever attempt to do a whole rug, I thought.

My next project was also from the Kindred Spirits booklet and was a mitten shape.  I wanted this one to be a little nicer looking so ordered some pre-cut wool strips from Forest Heart in Maryland.  Well the strips were nice and uniform but not my hooking.  Wish I still had that mitt so I could show you my terrible, unruly loops, but I gave it away or threw it away.

Next was a kit I purchased off e-bay and someone had only hooked a couple of the circles and got the whole kit and caboodle for a song (I think I did anyway), and the wool strips were cut yippee.  This one turned out a little better because I finally purchased a frame.  A Puritan was supposed to be the recommended frame by everyone; but I hated that thing and finally sold it after I got a sit-upon.  But at least it was a frame and not a hoop.

So then I figured it was time to take a class and find out what I was doing wrong and unlearn bad habits I may have formed while teaching myself how to hook.  My very first teacher was Mary Lou Bleakley and think I drove the poor woman crazy before I even went to class.  I had so many questions and am sure each time she turned on the computer and saw another message from me she rolled her eyes and dreaded reading.

Since I had no confidence in my ability to color plan, plus I had no stash to speak of, didn't over dye either,  I asked Mary Lou to completely color plan my rug.  So this was my first  real rug that I hooked and unfortunately cannot remember the name of the design.  It has been at my front door since finishing it and it has withstood many a foot step.  Perhaps I need to retire it to another location and put something else there and give this one a rest.

Another funny story was that my girlfriend Shari Lutz went with me and we both decided to put our backs against the wall so no one could see our horrible hooking except the teacher when she made her rounds.

This is another rug that Mary Lou color planned for me at the same time and I hooked it at another camp with another teacher.  This one is called Humble Beginnings.

I've many many more rug pictures I could show you but this blog has gone on long enough so will let you take a breather and wanting more at a later date.

Thursday, March 1, 2012

My Magdalena Dog Rug is finished... maybe.  I'm going to look at it a few days before steaming because I'm thinking of pulling out that bright red in the top right corner since it is too much like the one on the left.  There are other wools that I could use instead but will live with the rug for a couple days before deciding. But basically I'm happy with how it came out.  I might even (one day) hook it again since it is a great doable size and would do it in different colors.

I've taken a couple pictures of it with different camera settings.  This one gives a more true picture of how it appears when you look at it in person and on the floor.

The sharper one really washes out the colors but does provide a much better look at the wool colors I used and am sure many of you will have some of the same wools in your stash.  And you will be able to see the mix of browns for the top background and the darks in the dog are a conglomeration of different wools mixed in.   I think if you double click on the picture it will enlarge for you....I think.

So now what?  This makes the 3rd hooked piece that will need binding.  OMG, I've never let that many rugs build up that need to be bound.  But already I'm feeling like I need a fix..... I don't have anything on my frame!!!!!!!  What is a hooker to do???

Okay, okay, calm down now Saundra.  You do need to start drawing out your Summer Swap piece ~ I mean, you already know what you want to hook.   AH, but I've still plenty of time because it is only an 8" square piece after all.  Besides, you could bind one of these rugs while you're contemplating drawing out that swap piece.  Yeah, like during that mindless easy binding you can think about the colors, you can watch TV, prop your feet up and just bind.  sigh..... still the binding doesn't sound interesting but it is a necessity none the less.

If I make any chances to this piece I'll post a newer version.

I would love to know how many each of you had had stacked up waiting to be bound.