Sunday, September 20, 2020

Let's Have Another Rug Show

If life was back to 'normal' I'd be having a glass of wine on the veranda at the Chalfonte Hotel thinking about tomorrow's class.  But that's not happening this year.

This first rug was hooked in the 20th century and measures 24 x 40.   
This rugs looks like confetti but the description on the auction site said it was hooked using cut lace.  It measures 38 x 79 and hooked in the 19th century.  I'd never given any thought of using the lace I had from my doll making days and think I've gotten rid of all of it.  Sure gives an interesting look tho.
A Five Point Star at the center and using soft neutral colors for hit and miss and darker hit and miss border.  Possibly army blanket wool surrounds the star.
I got a chuckle at this obviously yarn needle punched rug depicted as  Don Quixote hunt scene.  I'm not a fan of hooking/punching with yarn but the design got my attention.  BTW, I have hooked with 100% wool yarn on a Claire Murray rug and hated the look so will never hook or punch with yarn again.  The Don Quixote rug measures 33 x 46.
A very nice dog and cat Welcome rug but have not dimensions.  Is said to be hooked in the 1800s. 
Love this old hooked tiger below and the way the hooker used a different texture but same color wool to give dimension in the body.  Said to have been hooked late 19th or early 20th century.
The design below appeals to me with the simple design and colors.  It is a Waterloo County Floral, New Hamburg Canada and measures 20.5 x 41.  Is from the Don Pero Collection.
This is a view of the back so you can compare colors and it doesn't seem to have faded a whole lot.
Okay, one more.... Here is a geometric with crescent shapes plus hit and miss.  It measures 35 x 63 and date was provided.
Well guys and gals the weather here sure does feel like fall.  So far I've refused to turn on my heat despite the temperature dropping the inside temp to 62 degrees last night.  I've watched the thermostat and seems to drop about 3 degrees per night.  But tomorrow is supposed to be a tad warmer so the inside will increase during the day.  

Happy hooking.


Thursday, September 17, 2020

New Pattern on my Frame

Recently purchased Merrie October, a design by Lori Brechlin and sold by Spruce Ridge Studios (Kris Miller).  As soon as it arrived I knew what colors the house was going to be.  This photo is misrepresenting the colors as the dark side is purple and the chimney is a textured black.  Yet both give a brownish appearance.
Have no idea why I wanted these colors as these aren't normally me....well the front of the house.  Now I'll work on the merrie haus witch then decide on background.  Couldn't wait to start this.  So if you'll excuse me I've some loops to pull.


Tuesday, September 15, 2020

An Unexpected Day

Yesterday I received a phone call and very unexpected.  It all really began two weeks ago when the water pump on my van needed to be replaced.  Since I'm terrible waiting for anything will take a rug to bind and make use of the boring wait and accomplish a boring job.  Lea, receptionist and wife of the mechanic/owner, saw I was working on a hooked rug and said her mother used to hook.  

We've all had those folks who say..."I used to do that in college", or "my mom used to do that" and we learn they were referring to latch hook.  She knew exactly what wool I used .  She said her mom had passed and had no desire to hook since she had many of her mother's rugs.  So yesterday was the call that she could deliver 2 boxes of wool or I could pick up.  Needless to say I grabbed my car keys and left to pick it up.

Before I left with the wool I asked her mother's name so I could channel  her while her wool was being used.  Her name was Joyce Kloster and I googled her obit and captured this photo of her.  Joyce lived in Cedar Falls, Iowa.
I opened up the boxes and separated the wool outside in my driveway.  Must say she was quite organized by cut and color.  There were some pieces which I pulled out to wash but those wool strips went into my freezer.  Those few pieces of wool in the laundry basket was the beginning and there is another box to be emptied.
This other box had some interesting items in it which told me something about Joyce.  Her daughter had told he she dyed her own wool but there was more.
Joyce did what I do, sew strips of fabric to the sides of small foundation to fit the frame.  She also used rug warp as her foundation.  I will use that small piece to draw and hook something ~ she has already marked the center for me.
Found this pattern drawn on another piece of rug warp and first thought was that it was an aerial view of something. 
Then as I dug deeper found two red dot drawings which I placed on top of the rug warp.  One red dot says "Dragon 2"
And the other red dot says "Dragon 3".  I want to ask Lea if her mother hooked these designs for her now adult children or grandchildren but have been too busy to call.  That's yet another whole blog post.
I noticed a very pleasant aroma in the wool of both boxes and wondered if it might be the perfume Joyce used.  Then as I continued to rummage through my gifts found this aromatic wooden block by Lillian Vernon.  
For those of you who have followed me for a while you may or may not recall my story of another aroma from salvaged hooked pieces from the thrift shop.  If not, you can read about it HERE
The pieces of wool have been washed and the wool strips won't come in the house until a few days of freezer.  Then I will put some lavender in the containers to hopefully stave off any moth infestation.  However, since Joyce was a knowledgeable hooker and did her own dyeing she probably knew the proper care of wool.  But still, better safe than sorry.

I voted today for Delaware's Primary and await the results after 9 p.m.


Sunday, September 13, 2020

Just the Border

All that is left to hook on Old Tom is the border.  Haven't decided which colors to use so thought if I took a photo with wool laid out could make my decision easier.  Below is a photo with a thin cut of the gold used in Tom's legs and some textured used in the wing.

And here is a photo of the gold with a primitive black border.  Think I definitely prefer the black but..... what if I put one row of gold, one row of the texture of wing and then black????

So decided to lay those out.  Hmm, Think I'm leaning toward the gold and black only.  But will see how things shake out as I try and finish this up.

As the three day monsoon has ended I was able to get the grass cut so won't feel guilty spending the rest of the day hooking.  And I am REALLY looking forward to my next project ~ that is unless my passion for something else interferes.  You know how fickle I can be.


Thursday, September 10, 2020

This And That

Just recently printed out and stitched 6 rug labels on previously hooked projects.  Since I don't want to waste fabric pages always wait until there are 6 labels to print.  Here they are:  

In case the print is too small or the pattern name escapes you, they are, beginning at 12 O'clock an antique adaptation I named Bespectacled Lion, Early Bird design (sold by Spruce Ridge), another antique adaptation Lone Flower.  At the 6 O'clock is the recently hooked and bound antique adaptation I named Pride, Glory, Freedom, then is Windy Day by W. Cushing,  and another adaptation of the ever faithful  Cats Paw

Still not bound and no label yet is for Jack's Crow.  And think I know what my next project will be.  Today I received a new pattern fresh off the drawing board from both Lori Brechlin and Kris Miller (Spruce Ridge Studios).

I chose the smaller size and hopefully will be ready to celebrate next month.  Must say that Kris Miller draws out a PERFECT pattern.  When I buy a pattern from anyone, before hooking I always check the exterior drawn lines to be sure they are straight of grain.  I have never ever found even one row off in Kris' patterns.  So gave up checking as there's no need for any correction at anytime ~ she's dang good at what she does.   

Forgive me for not having links but this #!&+?} new blogger interface just kicked in for real and have no idea how to do much of anything anymore.  Good luck when you do your next post and have fun figuring it out.


Tuesday, September 8, 2020

It Is Folk Art .....Right?

Had this Old Tom pattern (design by Lori Brechlin and offered by Spruce Ridge Studios) for a few years now.  Each fall when someone posts a picture of theirs I want to  hook it but usually have something else on my frame.  This year IT is on my frame.

Full disclosure....didn't use the wool I yanked out of Kris' hands at a rug camp planned for the turkey.  While contemplating background color (primitive black) my mind went to brassy gold for Old Tom.  Guess I'm in a 'bold gold' mood.  
Perhaps Old Tom looks more like a Durkey (duck/turkey) but I'm happy. Like I is folk art, right? 

Will hook the letters next, more background and then fiddle with the tail feathers.  The two rows of border will be decided after the letters and tail feathers are done.  I already pulled out and replaced the last row of wing wool and might re-hook it with some of the same dark plaid to define it better.

Happy hooking.


Saturday, September 5, 2020

More About Jack and His Crow

I received an email from someone living in the Land of Nod inquiring about Jack's Crow. 
The email went like this:  

   "AHEM!  I do believe Jack's crow somehow strayed too far from Nod when he was just a fledgling and ended up at the Edge of Nowhere....his father, Poe, who still lives in Nod goes out daily searching for his son, but has not yet been successful in bringing him home.  Can you ask Jack what he named his crow so I might comfort Poe and let him know he is safe and content???"

So being a concerned parent myself, albeit my child is now an adult, I responded with:

     "Oh, Jack had already told me his crow's name is Hugo (Huginn, the Norse name).   Jack also said Hugo has no desire to return to the Land of Nod as he is dedicated to Jack and the information he provides about the world outside End of Nowhere.  No longer a fledgling, Jack says Hugo is now off his leash and free to roam wherever he desires.  Hugo 
is quite content, says it was time he left the nest, but sends love to his father Poe. 
Me thinks there might be future adventures of Jack and his Crow from time to time. 


Wednesday, September 2, 2020

Once Upon a Time.......

....there was a young boy named Jack.  He and his family lived at the end of nowhere and lived a humble life making do.  That was less inhabited than another place I've heard of called 'the land of Nod'.  But Jack had a happy childhood, was home schooled by his adventurous and inventive parents and enjoyed exploring on his own.  

Most young boys would catch a frog and ask his mom..."can I keep it"?  But Jack befriended a crow and his mom said "yes".  Jack is wearing a pair of brand new pants his mom made from pillow ticking so thought he'd take his pet crow for a walk.
Jack has since grown up and still resides at that end of nowhere land.  He has a fondness for critters large and small, cares for wounded wildlife and even helps with domestic animals for neighbors in the area.  This is a true story told to me by Jack and I'm sticking to it. 

Funny, but this is the story running thru my head as I was hooking the pattern and just had to share it.  The pattern is a design by Terri Leamer so if you want to hook your own Jack's Crow click HERE.  The pattern is offered in pdf format as well as linen.  

I had fun letting my mind wander and the story developed as I was working on the pattern.  Perhaps that is why it was so easy and stress free.  Have fun making up your own story about Jack and his crow.  If you have a blog I'd love for you to tell your story and hope it is in my list of blogs.

Hope you had fun reading the tall tale from a home sequestered crazed rug hooker 😊.  Writing this post was almost as much fun as hooking the pattern.