Thursday, June 28, 2018

Old Rugs

Old rugs in Country Living magazine was my inspiration to learn how to hook so am drawn to them for home decor and fun of hooking.  I don't want to invent a new concept or technique, I just want to be me and hook what endears me.

As the July 4th holiday is coming will start with two great Eagle rugs.  The first one was hooked 1920, the eagle and background is hit and miss.  One fantastic job the hooker did using what she had to illistrate the curve of wings and definition in legs.  The original size was 39 x 43 on burlap.
Eagle below was found in Pennsylvania but no other information available, sorry.  It is a beauty and has a hit and miss border and straighted hooking across.
I've always had this 'thing' with horses.  Owned one as a kid and had to fight tooth and nail with my parents and saved babysitting money to prove I was serious.  Anyway, here is a Trotting horse hooked late 19th or early 20th century.  It measures 29 x 48 and sold for $3,304.
This was an interesting find while perusing Pinterest.  I have the Hutchinson book but don't recall seeing this in the book...maybe it is but saw this rug and saved it.

It was named "Fruits of Industry" and hooked around 1925-1935 using cotton on burlap by the Hutchinson's.
Below is a rug hooked with layered hearts, 8 point stars, spades and what I guess are scrolls.  For some reason those scrolls appear like Asian alphabet.  
Last but not least, and saving the icing for Kelley, there is.... tada.....a black cat chair pad with a pink ribbon.  
Okay kids, this is all I've got for tonight.   Finally pulled a few loops on my rug after a doctor appointment and have another doctor appointment tomorrow to establish a new Primary Care Physician.  And then on Monday a bone scan.  

I'd really rather not spend my time in a doctor office but it is best to know what is going on, right?  

Hope you have a good evening and am comfortable in my A/C as the heat and humidity is rising thru the weekend.


Tuesday, June 26, 2018

Movin' On

WHEW!!!!!!  Now I can officially move on to my present project...oops, make that two projects.  If you recall I'd started working on the Cape May Sheep, accomplished a little and then stopped to work on Stars and Diamonds.  Am thinking maybe I'd like to make my Cape May sheep into a purse/tote.  That would be a fun thing to wear at camps as a sort of 'trophy'.  

But, this evening the torturous binding of Radiant Flower is done and will hold off the final steaming until tomorrow.  I mean, how much binding regimen can a woman endure???? 

The finished size of Radiant Flower measures 22 x 31.  I was too lazy to climb the stairs to look at the master drawing to see what the dimensions were.  But do know the hooking process changes the finished size on both the warp and weft.

Have a great evening, try to stay stress free and do what makes you happy.


Monday, June 25, 2018

Mundane Monday

What made it mundane was having to do laundry, cut grass and fight mosquitoes.  The good part was working a little on Stars and Diamonds.  

Must admit my eyes are playing tricks on me.  I see the reds for sure and the lovely gold in various values.  But between them is light and that is my problem.  Sometimes I see the light as a tan/beige rather than a light yellow.

So think this evening I'll continue the boring process of binding Radiant Flower rug (uh huh, still not done) and give my brain a rest.  Meanwhile, this is what the rug looks like.  Oh, and mine measures 21 x 43.
For comparison, more for me than you, below is a photo of the original antique.  Hmm, the outline of the small flower bottom left of the center star is to wide and too dark  Oh my......
Not sure why I angst so much when replicating an antique because I use what is here.  But, just to stay relaxed and accomplish something with a 'mundane' hand movement I'll work on the binding tonight.


Saturday, June 23, 2018

Stars and Diamonds Antique Adaptation

Thought it about time to show an update to my rug since hooking the center motif.  Not sure where my hook will take me next, perhaps the left star.
In case you don't recall which antique rug I'm working on, it is this one below.  It is an early 19th century heart rug, original size was 35 x 85 but didn't draw mine that large.
I will be offering this pattern on linen if anyone is interested.  However, since it is an antique it is copyright free so if you have the knowledge and resources you can draw your own.

OH, I have a question and hope someone knows the answer.  I received a pleasant and informative comment from Jan on the previous post about acupuncture and essential oil for the feet (thanks Jan).  

I clicked on her name to reply and was sent to a Google spot with primary colors and white background with only a box to click "follow".  There were no previous comments, no dialogue and of course was 
leary to click on the box for fear of a virus.  Does anyone know what that's about?  Jan, maybe you can help me understand?

Happy Saturday and happy hooking everyone.


Wednesday, June 20, 2018

OH What a Mess I Make......

...when I'm trying to create.  I started out with 3 bags of worms from which I'd pull red, yellow and blue.  But also cut some yellow and red wool which is mostly used.  The work area started out nice and neat.

Then ended up with a pile on my right arm rest and a nest of mixed colors tangled to my left.  
Obviously they ended up getting knotted so decided to get organized again in the photo below.  That handy wicker basket was found at a local thrift store for a couple bucks.  It works well when it is used but the chaos still happens regardless.  Start out tidy and will end up with another rat's nest before the rug is done.
Think I'll move to the center of the rug and concentrate on that and work outward.  Actually, I normally start my rugs at the center motif.  But this time decided to work on a small area in the corner to try to get the colors right before going to the big kahuna.

Guess you noticed my heating pad in the background.  I am still having sciatic and back pain.  An appointment has been made with an orthopedic surgeon for an MRI to diagnose my problem.   I don't want back surgery but want to know what my options would be ~ chiropractic, acupuncture?  I've never had acupuncture before but would try that before surgery or pain meds.


Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Sneak Peak

Really not much to show as I've stayed true to myself by ripping out everything I hook and hook it over again.  Here is what my mini accomplishment has produced so far and what a corner of the rug looks like at this moment.
Below is how it started.  I was attempting to stay rather close to how I saw the original antique with the top diamond but it looked too light.  So used darker wool which appeals to me more although not like the original antique

Had I kept the corner anchor its original colors (before pulling out and re-hooking) it would have also been a light color and matched.   By the way, the corner anchor isn't that orange in person.
Hmmm, me thinks another setting on the camera is called for now for comparison.  In the photo below the corner isn't as orange.
If you have been following my blog you may have guessed what this new project is by now.  Will show you more of the rug as it grows.  But at the pace I'm going it may take a while.  Besides, I've some appointments coming up which will drag me from the house and I really need to finish binding Radiant Flower.  While I HATE binding rugs the angst gets worse when they start piling up.


Sunday, June 17, 2018

Three Years Ago

That was a very productive year hooking 14 pieces; but then several were small mats.  Hannah's Hen is the first on the list.  It is a design by Woolley Fox.  Shown below on my antique school master's desk.
Antique adaptation of a Magdalena design is known as Harvey's Magdalena which hangs on a wall in this room.
A crow design by Heavens to Betsy I made into a pillow. 

Right after finishing the pillow decided it might be fun to have another crow pillow so designed a Magdalena inspired crow which ended up hanging in my kitchen instead.
An antique cat rug inspired this small piece ~ the edge is finished with the Betsy Reed technique.
The rug below is an antique adaptation and was color planned by Barb Carroll.  And yes, the antique rug showed the dog having claw like toes.  I didn't know whether to hook the dog with regular paws or toes.  Barb suggested I hook it like the antique.
Another antique adaptation which I LOVE is one I named Cherries and Candy Stripes.  It has my favorite blotchy background.
Mr. Cotton Tail is a design by Brenda Gervais.
The rug below was an Out of Hand Rug Hookers challenge which I named Puppy Love.
That year I finally decided to hook a pattern from my stash ~ actually it was a kit purchased years prior from Tonya Robey who once owned Mad Hen.  The first photo is with a flash.
What a difference.... the photo below is without a flash now taken on my back porch.  One shows an orangy red and the one below a blue red.  Neither red is how it actually looks in person.
That year I did 3 fall/Halloween themed pieces.  First was Hester, a design by Lori Brechlin which was a pattern offered in Primitive Quilts and Projects.
Also Hobo Joe, a design by Lucille Festa.  She showed her sample as a cut out but I chose to hook a mat for the table.  You can see I used the same green over-dyed wool for both.
And at a Cape May rug camp with Kris Miller, I hooked this wonderful pattern by Lori Brechlin called Nantucket Broom Ride.  We three gals did a good collective job, didn't we Kris and Lori?  

Actually, there was one more contributor to the success of this beauty.  That was my dear friend Barb Carroll who came to my rescue when I had a cellulitis bacterial infection.   Sweet Barb sent a few purple choices, red for hair and green for the flowing scarf.  Yup, that did it!  Thanks for the 'get well' package dear friend.
And last but not least, this was the year I designed a rug for my son's addition to his home.....his "Man Cave" rug.
Happy humid Sunday folks.  But at least it isn't raining.  

Yesterday I mentioned to someone I was going to cut grass before the humidity set in today.  She wrote back asking if the water had subsided enough to cut the grass.  The first photo inside the fenced yard shows still a puddle of water but surrounding that is mucky mud.
It is hard to see, but just beyond the fence the water has receded but beyond those trees and my clothes line is full of water and tons of mosquitoes. 
In the picture below you can more easily see the water and the shine into the woods of the sunlight's reflection on the water.
Was able to walk in this area just beyond my garage side without getting my feet wet, but to show the water level I opened up the in-ground propane tank and you can see water.  There are leaves floating around in there but was afraid to stick my hand in to remove them for fear of damaging a wire, gear, etc.
So yeah, still have lots of water here unfortunately.


Friday, June 15, 2018

Moving Forward Slowly

Am being productive but at a snail pace.  Started binding Radiant Flower, an antique adaptation that reminds me of Bee Balm.  You can see the previous blog post by clicking the link a few words back.

Am presently working on the Cape May Sheep piece and will show you this part for now ~ at least I've started.
Have also chosen my next rug project and hope to start soon.  Yes, it is another antique adaptation and as it has been drawn so I've gone beyond the point of no return.  Yup, I'm now committed.

Stay tuned to see what happens next and worse come to worse, I'll post antique rug pictures.  Hey, that's a win win....right?

Happy Friday.


Wednesday, June 13, 2018

An Antique Adaptation

Look what I just found on Pinterest.  It is an adaptation of an antique rug I posted yesterday.  This one is hooked by Weslee Hursh and you see she also hooked in her age in 2010 when she hooked it.  How cool!
And, so you don't have to scroll down to see, here is the Nancy Shippee antique posted yesterday.
Tis Wednesday, hump day for you worker bees but for the retired me, it is just another holiday.  Just need to settle down and work on my sheep a bit, bind my rug a little today, then draw out the real pattern interesting me.  Or at least the one I'm interested in today.


Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Passing Away Time

I'm really not into hooking the piece on my frame (the sheep) but want something to fill my time.  Not into binding my last rug either, but not that bored I'd actually run the vacuum and dust...gawd forbid. 😉

So think I'll look at some antique rugs and share with you.  I'll start off putting a smile on Kelley's face with Two Cats from 1900 found in Pennsylvania.  Think those are your colors Kelley... so what'cha gonna do?
This was an interesting rug and sadly tattered from age since it is truly a beauty.  From the script I'm guessing Nancy Shippee was 38 when she hooked this rug in 1851.  Except for the edge it looks in good shape.
Below is a rug hooked by Annie Stevens great great grandmother...uh, think I've got that right.  Lucky her to have a treasure a family member hooked.  Too often I go to the thrift store and see quilts and worn hooked items given away by the 'throw away' generation their family members have hand made.
A snowflake design below was hooked circa 1900 on burlap and measured 34 x 40.
This Flying Horse rug below is awesome.  The information was it was hooked between 1880-1890  an measured 361/2 x 37.  The horse has a blanket and the border is a geometric top and bottom.  But something of this speaks to me as a cave drawing.
Here is a primitive scroll rug being sold by Sothby's, sorry, no date or size given.  But what a great way to use up lots of left over worms and not have to worry about the nick picking of detail.  Hmmm, maybe that is what I should be working on.
Okay, one more then the rubber meets the road and decision on what the heck to do the rest of the evening.  It won't be vacuuming.  Hey, this is another great primitive design to use up those odd nicely primitive colors.  Personally, I love the drab dull colors of antique rugs.  But can also see this with brighter reds, greens and yellows as well.
Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.  And so is life.  I'm thankful for every day I wake up even if every step or turn in bed hurts.  Not sure if it is all due to the osteo arthritis, but think the right leg/hip/back pain is due to the sciatic nerve.   Have had my share of struggles in life and lately here with trees, flooding, etc.  But there is so much joy that I LOOK FOR and make myself happy.

I change channels on the TV on depressing news, get off FB when there is negativity and generally choose to be happy.

Happy Tuesday folks.


Monday, June 11, 2018

Still Pondering the Next Project

I've been wavering on what to hook next.  Would like to hook an antique adaptation but guilt is leaning toward the Cape May sheep challenge.  It was the 30th Anniversary of Rugs by the Sea gift to all students at Cape May last September.   A piece of monks cloth with a sheep and waves.

No perimeter lines were drawn as it was up to the hooker to decide if it would be a mat, purse, pillow, etc.  I drew the lines you see to ensure whatever I designed would have at least 1" for binding.
The packet even included wool, roving and yarn we could use or not.  It was a generous and time consuming project for Norma and Linda to give this gift.  That is why I feel compelled to work on it before September. 

I'm not fond of monks cloth and thought of transferring it to linen...but that wouldn't make me want to hook it any more.  
I've pondered several design ideas in my head during the day and while waiting to go to sleep.  But none of them seem very good to me.  Norma sent her rendition to students coming in 2018 and asked we design ours and bring them to camp.  This is Norma's great mat with locks, shells.
Sheesh, how does one compete with that?  I don't plan on winning any prize, I just don't want to hook a dumb looking piece to submit.  Hmm.... fear of failure Saundra????  Yup, goes way back to childhood days.

Meanwhile, I've still my Radiant Flower to bind (nope not done, lol) and have my eyes set on an antique adaptation unless I change my mind before it is drawn out.

BTW, not that you're keeping score... but after yesterday's post there was yet another thunderstorm with more torrential rain.  There were sprinkles today, tomorrow is supposed to be clear but with more rain on Wednesday.

Trying to stay sane here..... but thank GOD I don't let the bad stuff drag me into a rabbit hole.  I'm the type who will think of something positive out of the worse scenario.  For that I'm blessed.

Happy Monday and happy hooking, needle punching, quilting or whatever your pleasure is.  


Sunday, June 10, 2018

Maintenance and Other Stuff

The Radiant Flower rug all hooked (not bound yet tho) it was time to do some maintenance.  I cleaned all 7 Townsend cutter blades for when it is time to cut more wool.
Put away the piles of wool and scrubbed the top of the cutting/drawing table.  Since there wasn't a Domestic Zoo pattern ready to go I cut a linen, serged the edges and drew it out yesterday.  Now it is ready when an order comes in.  Thought it wise to do this while the table was clean of wool and debris. 
Then another order came in for an antique adaptation for someone who likes to hook humongous designs.  She's purchased several and before drawing them on linen I always double-check with her to see if she's changed her mind.  Nope, she didn't.  I've cut and serged the linen and will draw it out tomorrow.

Then it seems some small critter enjoys my sweet basil as much as I do.  There had been a few tiny holes and this morning saw a huge chunk out of one leaf from that hog.
I made some 'easy' Minestrone soup yesterday and chopped up a few leaves for it.  Also put sweet basil in my salads ~ omg does it add to the flavor of a salad.

Won't use any leaves today so gave it a spray with Safer, the insect killing soap.  So take *'that'* you basil leaf eating insects!
Oh, not 'new' news, just the same old s**t ~ it poured rain all day yesterday so the water level has increased even more.  Mosquitos are so bad I can barely stand to be outside long enough to fill up my bird feeders.