Saturday, September 30, 2017

Cape May Rug show #4

OMG there were so many wonderful rugs and as I didn't get a photo of all of them asked my gal pal to send me ones I missed.
Halloween is not far away, here is Hildy to get you in the mood.  This is a design by Old Tattered Flag and hooked by Mary Aman.
Red Cabbages is an adaptation and hooked by Cindy Painter. 
Spring has Sprung is the name of the design by Bea Brock and hooked by Betty Ann Brittingham.
Alma Shelly did an adaptation of Van Gogh's the Postman. 
Sorry that I don't know the name of the design or hooker of the rug above.  So anyone reading this, if you know please let me know and I'll update the information.
Above is a design named Peacock at Moonlight designed and hooked by Cindy Painter.
Cranford Sampler is a rug designed and hooked by Debbie Walsh.

More photos from Cape May still coming.  Next rugs will show how same designs are hooked by different people. It is always fun to see how someone else hooks the same design.

This was the 30th year Rugs by the Sea had rug camp at The Chalfonte Hotel.  The hotel provided a cocktail party with hors d'oeuvres one evening before dinner.  Thank you Chalfonte staff, thank you Norma and Linda.  
Even at a distance you can see the group on the porch gathered toasting and celebrating. 
There are other guests staying at the Chalfonte so to ensure we had plenty of room for the 'hookers' the Chalfonte provided a little message for our benefit during the party. 

Happy Saturday and fall weather.


Thursday, September 28, 2017

Cape May Rug Show #3

There were so many rugs camp to display some had to be put on the porch to be sure no ones rugs got left out.
Above is a pattern called The Fisherman designed by Bev Conway and hooked by Alma Shelley.  And, FYI, I contacted Bev to ask... and she still sells patterns in case there is a design you want.  
Betsy Warner designed and hooked the design named Rainbow Oak.
 Shelby's Cat was hooked by Joanne Gerwig and designed by Anne Nichols.
 A design named Squirrel Time was designed by Trish Becker and hooked by Alma Shelly.
Stubbs Horse Trainer was hooked by me, it is an antique adaptation offered by Woolley Fox.
There are three rugs in the photo above and because walking room was narrow and many people trying to view the rugs I couldn't capture the whole rug or the names.  But notice that the rug top left also had some wool applique done on the motifs.
Turkey and Tallowberries is a recognizable and often hooked design of Lori Brechlin and offered by Spruce Ridge Studios; it was hooked by Sandy Bennington.
Two Big Flowers, sold by American Country Rugs, was hooked by Lois Hilliard. 
Charlotte Price hooked the rug "Want to Play" and it is a design by Carolyn Stitch Studio.
Above left to right is Woof, designed and hooked by Cammie Bruce; Hen hooked by Viola Wright, and a Magdalena design hooked by Alma Shelly.

Fall weather arrives this evening and think my attire tomorrow will be a long sleeve tee shirt and kahki shorts.  A few more rugs from the show ill appear tomorrow and then there will be the 'throw down' rugs after that.


Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Cape May Rug Show #2

Lots of wonderful rugs in the show but of course my favorites are primitive. 
First up is a rug called Fannie by Lucille Festa of American Country Rugs
Garden Dogs is hooked and designed by Cammie Bruce as was the rug peeking from the right side.
Goat Hill was hooked by my friend Deb, the design is a pattern offered by Spruce Ridge Studios and a creation of Lori Brechlin.
Above is a rug I recently hooked with a little creative license.  It is a pattern called Gossip designed by Bill Laraway and sold by Woolley Fox.
The beautiful rug above was hooked by Polly Reinhart and the information is not clear in the photo and by the time I got home forgot what it said.
My friend Evelyn Lawrence hooked the Hutchinson Mermaid which is a design by Janet Conners.
In the Garden is a design by Maggie Bonanomi and was hooked by me.
 I am unable to read the label of the rug above but know it was hooked by Lucille Festa and is a pattern she offers.
Above is a Magdalena style rug hooked by Alma Shelley.
There's no need to read the label on this to know who the hooker was.  It is obviously Cheri Reid.  The designer of the pattern was Sarah Guliani. 
 A Magdalena Briner design known as McCue Eagle was hooked by Lucille festa is above.
Think the cat above is adorable!!  It was hooked by Bob Strunk, one of two male hookers who attended camp that week, Bob was the primitive hooker.  The design is named Novie.
Olde Hearts was hooked by me and is an antique adaptation sold by Woolley Fox.  OMG I love that hit and miss neutral border!!!!  But I cannot claim the fame as I copied what dear Barb Carroll had done to the one she hooked. 
Viola Wright hooked the Polka Dot Horse above which is a design by Polly Minick.

Hope you have enjoyed the rug show tonight but there are more rugs to show on another day.


Tuesday, September 26, 2017

A Walk-about in Cape May

A wonderful rug camp RUGS BY THE SEA run by Norma and Linda is not the only fun thing about Cape May.  There is the beach, shopping and eye candy of gorgeous Victorian homes.  While lots of places are available I choose to stay at the Chalfonte, a Victorian Hotel where it all happens for me.
A walk-about the streets is a joy to see Victorian colorful homes and B&B's.  Here are just a few:
Love the proud display of the USA flags on the home above and their choices of exterior paint.
Here is a more subdued color choice of a Victorian home but still a display of our Country's colors proudly waving from their porch.
There are beautiful Victorian buildings wherever you look down any street, here is a row of them.  
This is the end of the tourist season so many of the homes are having repairs done to be ready for next year.  
And could be this is the time when the owners finally get to enjoy and relax themselves after all of us have left.
Next blog post will be round #2 of a rug show.  But, Kelley, this was for you since you said "...some of us don't get out much".  Hope you enjoyed.


Monday, September 25, 2017

Cape May Rug Show #1

Went to take photos of the rugs in the show and my camera battery was dead.  I ran the battery down the night before walking thru the Chalfonte taking photos hoping to capture orbs.  So plugged in my battery for a quick charge and took photos of selected rugs to make good use of battery life.
 Above is a rug hooked and designed by my teacher Cammie Bruce named Americana Stars.  You should see the "wow" on the border in person.  
 Above is a rug named Askew which is a design by Pat Cross and hooked by Lois Hilliard.
My friend Deb hooked this Autumn Hook-Along using motifs offered by Lori Brechlin on the Facebook group Out of Hand Rughookers
Doesn't the above rug look like the ends of logs?  It should because it was hooked by using a photo my friend Char took with her camera behind an Adirondack logging truck.   Sadly I didn't snap a picture of her photograph which accompanied the rug.
Above left is a design by Lori Brechlin and offered by Spruce Ridge Studios called Do Goode, Be Nice hooked by me last year with Kris Miller.  On the right is a design by Karla Gerard called Bloomin' Sheep and hooked by Rebecca Erb.
Bessie and Tessie is an antique adaptation by Lucille Festa.
Birthday Lion, above was hooked by my friend Evelyn Lawrence and is a design by Bill Laraway.  I still  haven't finished mine yet but will get back to it soon.
The Christmas Tree Pickup is rather obliterated for the designer and hooker's name.  
Crow Song, above, is a design by American Country Rugs and was hooked by Wini Kinkele
 Alex Mathiasen hooked Dorset Flowers which is another design offered by American Country Rugs.
Kathy Graybill designed this Edward Hicks adaptation and was hooked by Joanne Gerwig.

This was the first class I've taken with Cammie and it was a delightful class.  I don't want to give all the secrets away but will mention the first class she gave showed different ways to bind rugs, some of which I was not familiar with.  Then there was the other class which still makes me smile as I reflect back on it.  If you have never had a class with Cammie you will surely enjoy the journey with her.

Tomorrow I will showcase more hooked rugs.  Happy wonderful fall day everyone.