Saturday, July 13, 2024


Finding my next project is getting to a critical point now.  Not only could I have used it as a plus one during my frustration with the present rug but will need something to hook once the rug is finished.  I do have a line drawing for my Cape May camp project but want to save that one for September.  So once again I'm searching thru old photos of rugs.  

Here's a geometric that could use up left over cut strips and would change the date to 1941, the year I was born.
The deer and pup rug was on my 'maybe' list at some point so will keep it in mind too.
The crosses with blotchy background would be great for another worm buster and believe friend Lauren (Rugs and Pugs) hooked it a while ago.  I have Polly's book with a pattern in it but would try and replicate the antique version with no perfectly squared corners.  
Although I've said I don't like pink, I don't find this color below offensive and have previously considered hooking it.  Who knows what potential rug lurks in my mind.
The circa 1845 rug below has been on my radar before also.  Is that a vase with flowers coming out of it or  a flower in full bloom with buds?  Whatever it is it passes muster.
Another geometric I've considered in the past is the one below.  Thought it would be a good one to use up those selvage edges I've been collecting.
Am also interested in hooking either this Abe Lincoln antique or some rug with a log cabin.  I love log cabins.
Drawing up a pattern today is off the table as I'm not done with my hunt yet.  But wanted to get my blog post done so I can pull a few loops on Junk Yard Dog.  Sure hope a pattern floats my boat soon.

Mistake for me to say 'floats my boat', over Thursday night thru all day yesterday my area received 3.66" of rain.  Some areas in the county received more.  I don't see the lake but with more rain predicted it could happen.


Thursday, July 11, 2024


As previously mentioned, Gary's promotion was effective December 1st but they allowed us to share Christmas with family and take the holiday time for road travel to California.  Again, IBM would have flown us and the animals to California and put us up in a hotel until the furniture arrived.  But we wanted to see some of what was between the east and west coast and it was during school holiday.  

The entire family had our celebratory meal December 23rd, my mother and step father stayed a few days more and left Bowie, MD Christmas day.  

There were lots of tasks for us to complete before the movers came to pack up the house in 4 days.  The van would be pulling the In'tl Scout (storage unit) which would carry sleeping bags, cooler, 6 days of clothing, thermos, coffee pot, eating utensils and cat and dog food.  In the van with us would be a flashlight, cat carrier and litter box.  Oh, and wide mouth jar for emergencies on the road (you're welcome Robin 😎).
December 28, 1978 was packing day, where the hell did all that crap come from?  The movers had to rearrange things in order to get Gary's beloved Porsche in.  You can see part of the Porsche in the above photo.
Friday, December 29, was load and leave day.  
With the moving van finally out we departed Bowie, MD 7:35 p.m. with mileage of 55,960 on the van.  I'm now writing by flashlight.

Betty inquired as to how the pets were transported.  Both rode in the van with us and a litterbox stayed inside the van so Pyewacket could use it at will.  We also had a pet carrier for her to ensure she wouldn't accidentally escape when we stopped to walk Misty and to transport her from van to motel room.

Pyewacket travelled just fine and no need to use the tranquilizers the vet gave us.  BTW, Pyewacket was given her name because of a cute movie called Bell Book and Candle.  Here she is quite content looking out the window.
Misty asleep, guess she and the cat took turns at the prime spot.
Drove 100 miles from Bowie, MD and spent the night in Ashland, Virginia.  Each time we take off again from the start, or from a toll booth the cat starts meowing ~ ever hear a Siamese cat meow?  It's torture it it lasts too long. 

Trip beginning Saturday, December 30, 1978 will continue next week.  


Tuesday, July 9, 2024


Hook what you know is a lesson I learned early on when first attending rug camp.  After you've hooked the colors on the motifs the teacher color planned for your rug and she hasn't come full circle what do you do?  You hook some background because you know what color you want.  Or, that's another reason to carry something else to work on before the teacher makes her first rounds, when all else fails or at night.  But then I don't have a 'plus one' at the moment.
That is unless you're unsure exactly what you want to do with the background too.  In case you've not seen the original antique from which I adapted the rug, or don't remember here it is.
Because the antique rug's background was so busy (junky) is how it got it's name.  And since a majority of comments liked Junk Yard Dog name more than Lucky, that name won.  

I kept the initials at the top and made them into my initials of SP.  Didn't know if I wanted to fill in that small spot top left with the green or fill in with the tan.  AND, about those initials ... not sure I like the light color.  Perhaps I like the darker S shape at the front of my dog better than the light colors at the top.

Also not sure how I want to handle the background around the flowers ~ the top one has a white outline the one bottom left has a texture and since I'm undecided haven't even thought about the flower bottom right side yet.  

By now you're wondering just how long I've been hooking???  😑  Would you believe about 30 years???  I'm ashamed to admit that.  You'd think I'd have all the answers.  People who have been hooking less than me are teachers.  Oh well, if I didn't share my struggles with color and decisions what kind of blogger friend would I be?  Must say tho, I still enjoy the hooking process even if I hook myself into a corner.

Happy hooking inside with the A/C, baby it's HOT outside.


Sunday, July 7, 2024


Will start off with birds on flowers in pot, circa 1900.  It measures 28 x 39.  
Nicely hooked home said to be hooked early 20th century and size of 22 x 36.  Quite a good job I think; look at the value difference which gives the illusion of a porch floor.  As much as I'd love to have a hooked version of my home it's a challenge I'm not willing to take on.
A rather naïve hooked piece which I found interesting.  Notice the photo tab corners, X's for kisses, hearts and diamond shapes.  Perhaps this was a wedding rug?  Or is my romantic side showing 😍.
Another naïve hooked piece with scrolls, polka dots and hit and miss border.
I'm not fond of this rug and have had it on the flash drive for a few months and want to move it to a different folder.  So I'll make you look at it so I don't have to scroll past it each time I look for a rug to show.  It is sea shells and star fish.  Not sure what turns me off about it ~ the shape?  The brown hit and miss?
An a
pple tree said to be hooked sometime in the 20th century.  Am surprised before the auction house posted a photo of it they didn't clean off the animal hair.  I wouldn't mind if it was my animal's hair but if I was to sell it I'd clean it up.
A dog with lollipop flowers and no date provided.
A cat and dog rug hooked early 20th century measuring a hefty 26 x 57.
That's it for this show.  Now back to hooking the rug on my frame.


Friday, July 5, 2024

Go West Young Man

It's FLASBACK FRIDAY and will share a condensed version of our travels to California the end of December 1978 into January 1979.  The posts will come in dribs and drabs over the course of weeks

For those of you who may not know, IBM had a very strict dress code.  They could only wear white shirts, tie and suit; no sport coats/slacks.  So when Gary had his exit interview he decided to wear bib overalls and flannel shirt to the office instead of his normal attire.  His joke being that was the dress code for western folk.

Sorry for the corrupt photo, wherever it was processed did a lousy job as several photos have deteriorated over the years.

December 24, 1978
'Twas the night before Christmas and all through the house, all the creatures were anxious, even the mouse'.
As Christmas is upon us we are all tense in anticipation of the 2,800 mile trip to northern California.  I have mixed emotions about this great adventurous journey.  The family will be a huge loss in our life.  Instead of the 2 hour drive to visit them from Bowie, MD it would take a flight and drive to see them.

Yesterday (12/23) we had our last dinner celebration here in Bowie.  It was mother's birthday so she and Pat (my stepfather), Gary's brothers and wives, my uncles, Aunts, my brother and wife, my father and his wife and everyone's pets came to share a last meal together for a while.

The men all helped Gary prepare the van for her mighty haul to the west coast.  The van would be pulling our Int'l Scout which would also serve as the warehouse for needful things during our trip.  It's funny, we have had the van for over a year but 5 days before the big trip Gary takes on the big task of remolding the van for our travelling pleasure.  

They weren't small jobs either.  He put in a bay window so son Greg could see part of the U.S., put in a longer seat, replaced the radio and antenna, put in a socket for head phones for 8 track, paneled and insulated the van and secured speakers under the seat.  After the men worked on the van for a while and after several beers later we had a dinner fit for a king.  There was turkey, baked ham and all the trimmings.

It was bittersweet later in the afternoon as Eric (Gary's brother) gave us a jar filled with eastern shore farmland black soil and Assateague Island sand.  He gave son Greg an old pair of his spoons (Eric taught Greg how to play spoons one night at Trader Lee's Village in Ocean City, MD, and an old soiled striped Bass Fishing hat.

My brother Joey and wife gave us two coffee cups, a Delaware and Maryland so every morning with coffee we'd remember where HOME was.  Everyone was hugging, crying and saying their 'good-byes'.  What better Christmas present to each other than the expression of love.

The saga will continue next Thursday.


Wednesday, July 3, 2024

Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow

Yesterday was a busy and productive day, but not a lot of loops were pulled.  I worked in the yard for 2 hours until lunchtime.  Had lunch then did a line drawing of an antique rug for someone, enlarged it to size, cut and serged linen, then drew the pattern.  I punched my time card just before 5 O'clock so I could watch The Five.

Today the pattern goes in the mail because tomorrow is July 4th.  Am also planning to work in the yard this morning before it gets too hot and will finish for lunch and finally work on the dog rug.  Am slowly pulling some tan wool for a test drive and may go with that instead of the gold, tho I overdyed it to be more compatible with the border wool.  Jury still undecided.  Here is the rug now.
Lauren (Rugs and Pugs) mentioned I put my initials at the top; you can see an "S" further down but I  might do the 's' thing for the whole background rather than the ripple effect but don't know for sure about that one yet either.  However, the top initials are in the original antique except both are S's but took the opportunity to change the other to a "P".
When I first set eyes on the original antique thought it was one of the ugliest rugs I'd seen.  So when sharing my thoughts of hooking it to Lauren told her I was going to name the pattern "Junk Yard Dog".  But since the dog has since been adopted, uh, rather adapted
😊, maybe I'll name the pattern "Lucky".  Think it was the background which attributed to the ugliness and not the dog.

In looking at both versions now, my background seems rather anemic doesn't it?

I'd better get myself outside before it gets too hot, it's already 10:22 a.m. and will be lunchtime before I realize it.


Monday, July 1, 2024


Let me see what photos I have on my flash drive.  Actually this isn't a rug but would make a lovely one.  It is either a water color or bird art print.  Have no idea on age or who it could be attributed to.
An animal farm rug, from Bucks county, PA hooked 1900's with dimensions of 21 x 72.5.
Rabbits continue dancing.  Don't know the age of this one but it is a little different with trees added on each end.  The original antique was/is in public domain and I've really old dancing rabbit rugs to verify that.  This one looks in good shape so may have been a purchased pattern when Patsy Becker offered them.  Patsy was not, however, the original designer of the pattern.
Deer in landscape, no date but dimensions are 26.5 x 39.5.  Am thinking that is either a sunrise or sunsetting in the background.  Yet it seems to be setting between the mountains.  No limit to artistic creativity.
A horse with leaf border, sorry, no date on this one either.
Shirred floral dating between 1830-1840.  Notice how some flowers or leaves are made with hearts.  Wonder if it was a wedding rug.
Am not particularly fond of the colors, but the roosters were hooked in the 1900's and hails from Bucks County, PA.
I like a blotchy background but can't say I'm fond of this kind.  Can't really call it hit and miss I don't think.  A hound dog hooked around 1920. 
There it is folks, another rug show put to bed.  Still working on the border of my dog rug and still haven't decided on the final color of the background.  Hope to my s#!t together on that decision soon so I can move on with hooking in confidence.  Hope you're doing some happy hooking.


Saturday, June 29, 2024


I knew I wanted a dark dog so that was an easy decision.  While looking on the shelves discovered a beautiful textured wool that had somehow evaded me for years.  It is a beautiful wool and decided to use that as the border.  So, what would I use as the background??
Obviously since the dog is dark and the border that texture, I should go with a lighter background.  Chose the gold color wool but  thought it needed a greenish tint to go with the border texture colors.  So in the pot it went with a little water since I wanted it mottled.  Below is the before and after.
Vacated the dog and started hooking the swag, border and one row around the dog's face to see how it would look.   
Hmmm, maybe I need to take a photo with a larger strip of that gold to get a better idea.  Well, the gold seemed like a good idea at the time.
So what about my standby tan?
In comparing the different background colors I'm wondering how the light color in the swag influenced my choice for the tan wool?  What if I'd used a more complimentary color wool in the swag other than what I hooked, would I then like the gold better?  I'm such a lousy color planner for myself there's no way I'd be qualified to be a teacher

Well, there you have it, me color planning by the seat of my pants, once again.  Hope you're have better success, happy hooking.


Thursday, June 27, 2024


IBM offered Gary 3 locations, Boca Raton, Florida; somewhere in the mid-west (forget which state) and California.  We talked it over and decided to 'go west young man, go west'.  IBM would fly us to California, transport our vehicles and household items there but we decided to travel across the US and take in the adventure.  We were travelling during the Christmas/New Year holiday, Greg was out of school so perfect timing.  Below is the Christmas card/letter to all our family and friends.

Well this is just the tip of the story.  More to come and if I see any of my followers leave I'll know not to continue.  Otherwise the next installment will be next Thursday.


Tuesday, June 25, 2024


Temps have soared this month, but it is summer after all.  After lots of complaining the lake finally dried up and now the grass is crispy. Guess I can't be happy, lol. Yesterday it was quite windy and thought I'd no longer be in Kansas if I walked outside. 
I'd just resolved my Outlook email issue yesterday and at 2:30 p.m. the power to everything went out.  I figured due to high winds a tree had fallen across the power lines and that's exactly what happened.  The top of a pine tree snapped, brought down power lines which sparked causing a fire.  With the high winds the spread was rapid across the dried grass then into a farmer's field.  Hope he didn't lose much produce.  Luckily for our community this occurred  just down the road so we were safe from fire.  Power didn't come back until after I'd gone to bed.  

Moving along... the last loops pulled on my rug last night were by braille and whatever illumination my small battery operated light offered.  And the subject of this rug is a dog this time, not a horse.
There is a method to my madness for not showing the whole pattern.  But you'll have to wait and find out just why with the next update.  I've seen numerous antique rugs with the dog's tongue sticking out, but this is the first time I'm hooking one.

I see something to change when I throw the pattern back on the frame ~ a lighter value outline around the ear is needed.  Thought the different and somewhat lighter value wool might do the trick but think an outline is still needed.

As I lay in bed last night trying to go to sleep my mind kept thinking of future topics for blog posts.  Am thinking of doing a regular 'Throwback Thursday" segment reminiscing of the drive from the east coast to the "Left" coast.  I kept a journal of our travels to California and wrote about our experiences.  Mostly I did that for our son but thought I'd read it later in life when the memories had faded.  So be prepared to be bored with an off-topic from hooking on Thursdays in the near future.

Happy hooking.


Sunday, June 23, 2024


Sweet rug with a dog and cat at play.  No date was provided but it measures 32 x 69.  That border is lovely but I sure wouldn't like having to secure and bind the edge.
A Grenfell rug given a date of 1937 and measures 12 x 16.
loral hooked late 19th century measuring 27 x 51.
Two horses dated 1928 which reminds me so much of the next rug.  Not so much for the colors or border but the position of the horses I guess.
This one has been posted before and Barb Carroll owned the original antique and offered patterns for it.  She even had an adapted pattern in (I think) Early American Magazine several years ago.
Landscape with red house and Barn hooked in the 19th century.   Hmm, looks rather blurry, sorry.
A village Landscape hooked in the 1900's.
Feast your eyes on this gorgeous yarn sewn rug by Sarah Colburn.  Dated 1836, measures 36 x 69, from Lowell, Mass. which sold for $8,610.  Wowsa!
A Waldoboro floral dated 1840-50 and copied from a magazine.  
It was/is, still a scorcher today.  I only went outside to put more water in the birdbaths and in a low container on the ground for small crawling critters like rabbits or turtles.  Of course I have a larger bucket at the edge of the woods for my deer. 

Okay, next time I do a blog post it will be to show you progress on my current project.  And promise I won't wait until it is finished to show it to you.


Thursday, June 20, 2024


This is a photo of me back in 1977.  It may be a black and white pic but you can tell I'm quite dark.  Just compare me to the guy's neck in the foreground or my clothing.
Yup, I loved the sun, loved the beach and surf fishing off Assateague Island, MD with my husband Gary and son Greg (10 at the time).  My sun lotion was a mixture of baby oil and iodine so I'd bake and turn dark like in a frying pan.  What the hell was I thinking?

Now to the Public Service Announcement.  That skin abuse does come back to haunt us; maybe not right away, but eventually. I saw a spot show up on my arm and waited a couple days to see if it turned into one of those unproblematic age spots.  But it didn't.  

So Monday I went to my dermatologist to show her that spot on my arm and a tiny one on the other arm.  She said they were pre-cancer spots and froze them off.  
At the end of September I'll have my annual visit where she checks the entire body for things I may have missed.  Of course now I use sunscreen during the summer and Solbar Zinc on my face even during the winter months.  That is an over the counter item which she and other dermatologists recommend for daily use even during the winter.

Okay, back to the THROWBACK segment.  This one surprised me.  While looking for that B&W photo of me and flipping thru pages of memories of Assateague Island was stopped mid flip of the album.  In the photo is my ex-Bruce.  What???  I don't recall seeing this even when I was married to him.
You won't know the people but will try to explain.  Okay, so try and stick with me here... the guy with the beard is a long time Assateague Island friend Charlie.  The guy in the white hat is my deceased husband Gary who is handing someone a beer.  We'd known Charlie for years and he always had a group gathered at his camp site.  There are a couple people I don't know by name but the guy in red is a lifeguard.  Charlie always had loads of friends he'd met with other folks on the Island.  I'll come back to this photo is a moment.

That photo was taken 1978 and we moved to Northern California 1979.  Gary died 1981 and I moved myself and son back to Delaware not long after.   Fast forward a couple years when my son and I went to Assateague Island to visit Charlie at his camp site during the summer.  

BTW, believe it or not Charlie was a special ed teacher in the Baltimore school district who lived on Assateague Island  in a tent during the summer months.  Gary and I only knew him because of the Assateague connection.  Okay, FF...

So when I and Greg visited Charlie he asked me if I remembered Bruce Slagle.  Who?  Didn't remember meeting him (but just saw him in the picture).  Charlie said he thought he and I should meet and thought we'd get along well.

Call me SHOCKED when I see that photo and immediately see Bruce, my ex.  He is the guy in the black hat.  Seems I recall in cowboy movies it was the good guys who wore white hats and the bad boys wore black.  Funny as I think about that now.

Sorry this is such a long and boring post.  This is my thermostat today and tomorrow will be hotter.  But Sunday might burn up the thermostat with the heat numbers.  Weatherman said it might reach 108 - 110 on Sunday here.  My lake disappeared and now it's crispy grass and leaves.
Buy that sunscreen and put it on in this sun.