Thursday, June 30, 2011

Just Finished

Did you check out the new and improved poll to the right?  Yeah, I know it didn't work before because I did it wrong.... I voted.  That was not to be in the equasion so it woldn't take anyone else's vote.  If you havent taken part in the poll, please do so and check back to see how many frames everyone else owns.  I already know I'm a frame-a-haulic so see how you measure up.

Since I've a show coming up July 9th I really needed to get some things accomplished that had either been started or things that just really need to be done which haven't still yet been started.  I hate shows and am getting too long in the tooth to be loading up, dragging these heavy containers, lattice work, tent, setting up, tearing down, loading back in the van and unloading at home.  Yet, that is the way I usually pick up some extra cash for my hooking and wool habit.

So here is the tea cozy I just finished and it is cute as the dickens.  It doesn't fit over my 4 slice toaster but guess I could buy a 2 slicer but why since this one works just fine using half of it.  I could use it to cover up Shadow's meds which I keep on the chopping block to remind me to give them to her.... but, since I can use the cash will put it on my web site and take it to the show on July 9th in hopes to make a sale.  It is adoreable and is a design by Karen Kahle.

Now, if you haven't take the poll to the top right, please do so.  I'll be offering more polls about favorite size cuts to hook, favorite backings to use, and any other poll you think you'd like answers to.

Taking a Poll

OOPS, If you have tried to vote and couldn't it is because I did it wrong and figured out why.  So now think we're up and running properly. 

With my last posting of yesterday I thought it might be fun to put a poll on my web site and will from time to time add another type poll question. Here is a list of what I have:

Snapdragon on a Bee Creek floor stand
Rughooking101 sit-upon and a floor stand
3 different size sit-upon frames
1 Pittsburgh lap frame
2 basic wood lap frames without grippers

So you might consider me a frame hoarder or collector.  I have had and have sold a Puritan frame with stand, the red Townsend portable frame and forget the brand but the one with the pins.

And for a little eye candy I'm posting a rug that I have in my kitchen which always makes me smile.

This is a Bev Conway design and the original drawing the chickens were supposed to be sitting on one huge egg each, but I changed it to having them sit on straw instead.

So, if there is a certain question you'd like to see on the polls, let me know and I'll post it next week when this one rugs out.

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Snapdragon back in operation

Oh boy, I can now play with my new toy (the Bee Creek floor frame) and have my Snapdragon back home and in operating condition.  A few weeks ago I posted that my Snapdragon yoke and base had holes too large to accommodate the smaller ball head of the floor frame.  My Snapdragon was the prototype for future ball swivel floor stands and I provided the folks the dimensions of my ball so they could make a Snapdragon to fit my swivel floor stand.  I was scared that since they were 'custom making' my frame that the price would be above and beyond the price they were costing.  But they assured me that my cost would be the same as the others since the more types of frames they could offer the hooking community, the better. 

Then later comes along this great sturdy floor stand by Bee Creek (a/k/a Ks Creations) and since they were flying off the shelves decided to make their Snapdragons with a smaller opening.

So, I sent my Snapdragon back to the Snapdragon People (Sue Lauersdorf) and for a reasonable fee they replaced the base, a new yoke, replaced the corner fittings and screws and reshaped the paddles.  Oh..... and a new warranty.  Of course I was given back the old yoke, base and corner fittings and have them if I ever need them again.  But I am one happy hooker now so I can use my new toy and have my Snapdragon back.

You can see the Snapdragon and frame in the center, behind that on the sofa is my Frost Sheep design and to the left is my loyal companion Shadow keeping vigil out the front window to be sure no one enters without sounding her alarm.  Now, if only I could find the time to hook as long per day that I used to; summer yard work has certainly interfered with my hooking time. 

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Hooking the Same Rug Twice

Have you ever had the desire to hook a rug again?  I've had the desire but haven't done it yet.  One particular rug was an antique adaptation I did which I sold.  The circumstances which lead up to the sale was when my ex left and I was concerned about making ends meet.

He left a couple years ago on a July Friday 13th (no joke, the 13th) and I had an art/craft show to do the next day on the 14th.  Contemplating making money for upcoming expenses I grabbed the rug and took it with me to the show.  Well, don't you know the rug was grabbed up.  I cannot remember what price I had on it but wonder since it was grabbed so quickly if perhaps I had not charged enough.

So this is the dear rug I sold and would like to hook again. I tried to attain a similar look to the antique which appeared in the booklet "Art Underfoot" by Joel and Kate Kopp but with a little personal artistic license.  I just loved this rug and wish it were in my home.

Even tho I probably don't have all the same wools or shades of wool I used in hooking this piece, I'm sure that I could gather up similar colors.  Oh, I just remembered that I used antique paisley in the eyes of those two critters too.  Sigh.  Oh well, at least for now I have a wonderful picture.

Monday, June 27, 2011


If asked, what would be your definition of a UFO.... no, I'm not referring to the unidentified flying object here but a term that rug hookers often use to describe their 'un-finished objects'. 

Do you consider a UFO as anything that is unfinished even if you are working on more than one project at a time?  Well my definition of a UFO is a rug that I haven't picked up in months or years.  Such is the case with this unfinished geometric.  I wanted it to look old and like a granny square project.
I must have started that rug 7 or 8 years ago and haven't picked it up to hook in probably a year or so.  And when I did pull a few loops on it, just wasn't in the mood so put it back.  I originally started it because I was between rugs and didn't know what project I wanted to work on next.  Plus the fact that I was doing rug hooking demonstrations for a local historical society so thought this would be a project to take to work on which wouldn't require a lot of thought and could use up some of my bazillions of worms.  Another thought was that if anyone wanted to try their hand at hooking it would be something they could just grab any color as well.

I don't really consider this Sincerely Jane project a UFO because I still work on it in spurts and the deadline to finish isn't until next April anyway.  So there is really time to play with my current rug, which is my Frost Sheep rug.  Well, that is when I have time to hook.
Lately I have been so busy with orders that it seems I'm hardly even a 10 minute hooker.  But then the extra cash keeps subsidizing my wool addiction as well as reducing the guilt for the cost of the rug camps I attend.

I do have another UFO but it is one that I purchased already started on e-bay a few years ago.  And honestly haven't pulled up one loop on that one at all since it is so big.  It seemed like a good idea at the time to buy it but every once in a while I'll pull it out, look at it, roll it back up and shove it back under the shelf.   But that is a story for another day and I'll take a picture and tell you more about that one.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Wash Day Gone Bad

I looked at the weather forecast this morning and saw there would be rain later this evening and then for several days in a row with this front coming. Normally I don't go this long before doing laundry but I've been working on the rabbits, drawing patterns, cutting grass and enjoying pulling loops on my sheep rug. But, since my 'underoos' were getting a little low and had gathered a fair amount of other light colored laundry thought I had better do a load today so it could hang dry (but towels go in the dryer).

Hmmm, I had this new IZOD top that I'd worn briefly twice...wash or not wash? I hadn't worn it long enough to get dirty..... heck...  I'll wash it.  It is an adorable almost tie dye effect with darker pink at the bottom of the sleeves and hip area then it gets sorta whitish and then pink. Sorta like you'd expect a DIP DYE piece of wool to look like ~ which I'm sure is what attracted my attention to purchase it in the first place.
Now, IZOD is not a cheap brand. It didn't say 'hand wash' so figured it would be good to toss into the light wash.Okay, so maybe I should have known better because I know that reds bleed.  But thought I might like to use it before doing the dark laundry and didn't really want to do hand washing of anything right now (lazy).
Wash cycle all done and I open up the washer.  Oh my GAWD!  It looked like I dumped an envelope of pink Cushings dye in the washer.  So I immediately did another wash and poured in some bleach. It went thru the entire second cycle. Unfortunately not even the amount of bleach I put into the washer turned anything truly white.
So thought ~ OKAY, I'll hang it out in the sun and the sun will bleach it... NOT. So now I have a sizeable drawer full of 'underoos', a collection of pink logo and designer knit shirts, light pink towels and wash cloths and even two pair of formerly white NICE brand name cotton Capri's pants. OY!!!!!
Here is the culprit..... isn't it cute?  Should have washed it by hand or in with the darks.  You'd think I'd have listened to my mama's voice in  my head ....lesson learned.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Back to the Sheep

Oh it felt so good to pull some loops on my Frost Sheep rug.  OH, and I've been referring to it as my E.S. Frost sheep but will need to do more research because maybe it is really a Robert Sands Frost design. 

Anyway, I've plenty that I could do around here, like vacuum, dust, or even organize my wool room.  But hey, it will still be there tomorrow so yesterday I decided to play.  Here is what I achieved so far....

I think that I mentioned my plan was to take a different soft dark wool and do some directional hooking.  You can see it at the chest area in the middle of the rug.  I plan to do the same in an area behind the sheep so that it looks like I needed something to fill in on the middle of the rug.

On antique rugs you will often see areas in a rug where blocks of different color are hooked in.  I'm sure it was because the hooker ran out of what she'd planned for the background and just had to wait until something suitable became available.  You can see an example below in this antique hooked rug where the hooker introduced the lighter wool upward to make the transition softer on the eye.

In the picture below there is another example where there were approximately 4 different background colors, but they were placed in such a way to make it work and have an endearing effect. 

Well, I still have a couple dolls to finish and the tea cozy to assemble before my July 9th show.  I am dragging my feet but will have to knuckle down and do a little more work so play time might be over temporarily.

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Work, work work and little play

I have been a very busy girl these past few days.  Finally shipped the two Edward Tulane rabbits this week and it was quite a task to make both of them so quickly since all I really wanted to do was work on the sheep rug.  But, making and selling the rabbits helps subsidize my wool addiction.

The pair of rabbits was purchased by a woman in Houston, TX; one for herself and one for her girlfriend who has a birthday on June 28th.  Both women are elementary school teachers and read the book The Miraculous Adventures of Edward Tulane to the students during the school year.  Now the children in each classroom will have a 36" Edward Tulane to hold and make the story more vivid and realistic in their minds as they travel a mental picture of the stories about Edward which unfolds with each reading.

Then of course there is yard work and since I cannot afford to have lawn care done it is up to me to cut the grass, trim the trees, pull the weeds, etc.  Therefore, what green grass and weeds that weren't dried up had to be trimmed because the yard was looking a little unkempt even with the brown spots.

Also, I have a craft show on July 9th so have been working on dolls, made some more hooked flower pins and getting ready to finish up my tea cozy.  Not sure if I really want to sell the tea cozy, guess it depends on how I fall in love with it and if it will fit over my toaster as I don't have a tea pot.

But today I am relaxing and hooking on my E.S. Frost sheep rug again and enjoying every loop.  So maybe tomorrow I'll have a more current picture of the sheep rug.  Hmm, and not sure what I want to start working on after this is done.  Which brings up a thought..... and a question to you out there...... do you always have another rug just waiting to be hooked when you finish the one you're working on? 

Frankly, I have 3 hooking projects going oops, 4.  I have the Sincerely Jane challenge piece, the sheep, a couple years ago I started a geometric which I use only worms on and haven't had it out to hook on in months, and then I have a smaller piece that I take to hook on only when I do shows or give demonstrations because it is small and no hurry to finish it.  But then I'll need to prepare myself for my next project once this sheep is done and check wool colors, etc.  I'll need to fill the hooking time (relaxing time) on something  before I go to Cape May in September where I'll start another rug.  There are lots of patterns in my wool room to choose from but guess it will depend on what strikes me at that time.  Seems my moods or interests change ~ I might be enthusiastic to hook a certain design this week but next week do a totally different rug.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Maryland Shores Rug Show

In April I had 4 of my hooker gal pals here for a hook-in, and we all went to Woolley Fox together in May.  We coordinated the visit to be the time when MD Shores Rug Camp was gathering so we could visit the rug show and buy from the rug store.

Here are just a few of the many beautiful items which were at the show.  And of course I gravitate toward the more primitive or antique adaptations.  The one below is a Woolley Fox pattern called Ligonier Duo.

Wow, this proddy geometric certainly looks plush and mighty comfy to put your feet on.  I've always wanted to do a fleece proddy for my bathroom  I think that if it were hooked on cotton rug warp it would be easy to dry and keep clean.  That's another of those rugs I have in my head to hook one day.
I have done one narrow cut of my departed rottweilers and never plan to do another narrow cut, but I sure do have an appreciation for the work involved and the realism it can achieve.  This is a beauty peering out behind the foliage.

And a sheep proddy pillow that was for sale but don't know if it was eventually sold that day or not, I believe this was hooked by Sarah Province. 
And then we have two versions of a Karen Kahle design.

This one is whimsical and cannot remember who hooked it, sorry.
The one below is titled Gemstones and was hooked by Eric Sandberg.  He had it for sale and someone snapped it up.  It really is an interesting and happy rug.

The rug below was hooked by Sarah Province and was a picture she took from her backyard, if I got the information correct.

There was much more eye candy to behold at the show, but figured I wouldn't give you sensory overload in this one posting. 

Monday, June 13, 2011

Antique Rug with Scrolls and giveaway

A previous post about the scrolls on my sheep rug I mentioned about how our foremothers would use whatever they had to make their scrolls.  The rugs with scrolls were done much differently back then vs. the ornate and narrow cut scrolls of the Pearl McGowan era, as women had to made do or do without.  Here is a prime example of the make-do scrolls.
So here is my beloved E.S. Frost Sheep rug now... still not much more hooked but once the Edward Tulane rabbits leave my residence and onto their new homes I will have more time to hook.  Here is my rug now:

Yeah, I know everyone scrolled down looking for the "giveaway" information and bet no one even read my post, yeah, don't deny it, har har.   And actually I'm wanting to win the giveaway myself.  Frankly I don't care if it is the hooked crow rug or the penny rug because, let's face it, they're both wonderful fibre art that I'd love in my hooker home. 

So, if you are interested, check out Tricia at Hill Crest Homes and check out her giveaway offer.  But be sure to save one for me!!!!

Saturday, June 11, 2011

E.S. Frost Sheep

Since I was going thru hooking withdrawal, I just had to pick up my sheep rug and pull some loops...even tho the rabbits aren't quite done.  Well, that plus the fact I took care of my grandson and his cousin a couple days this past week since school is out, and that way I could be closer at hand and fill the needs of the kids.

I am really loving the various colors used in the scroll work around the sheep.  It seems much more interesting with the change of colors than if the scrolls were just a brown red (or other color choice) with a gold vein running thru it.  This adds much more interest to the rug and makes the eye move around.

And, I thought I'd add a little interest and make the shape of paisley in the area and work around it, but also wanted to do a little directional hooking as you will often see in antique pieces.  I've often wondered if that woman just got bored and decided to do the directional hooking, or perhaps she had put the piece down until she came up with more similar in color wool and just began hooking directionally, or maybe she had to do more natural dyeing to achieve a similar color, but I've always found that interesting when looking at antique rugs.

So thru my wool stash I went and found a wool jacket I'd washed and disassembled and it had some similar colors of the other soft blacks I'm using for the background and thought I'd do some directional hooking as well.  Must admit it is a little boring but it is easier hooking in a straight line than it is curving or angle hooking.

I drew out two sizes of this design and chose to hook the larger one, thinking that I'd need the larger size thinking that I'd need the size for the detail.  But now think the smaller size would have worked just fine too and wouldn't have all the excess background and body of the sheep to hook.  But, this will look quite lovely in my home for sure, not certain where it will go yet but someplace where I'll see it every day to enjoy it's beauty.

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Edward Tulane

Liz, you asked and you shall receive....... a picture of my Edward Tulane.  I provided the incorrect title of the book in my previous post and you probably picked up on that.  The title of the book is The Miraculous Journey of Edward Tulane. 

As I alluded to in yesterday's post, a grandmother and child read the book together, cried together and grew to love this rabbit together.  I was told by the grandmother that there were many life lessons to be learned in this book and good source for children to learn of those life lessons thru the rabbit.  So the grandmother asked me to design and make a rabbit for her granddaughter in time for Christmas a few years ago. 

Before selling it I posted a picture of that one on my web site to see if there were other people who might search for and Edward as well.  So I made another to have on hand in case I did receive another order.... and, much to my surprise I did ~ again and again.

About two weeks before going to Barb Carroll's I sold the one I had in stock (I only make one every once in a while when I get the urge because I'd rather be hooking).  And then one week before leaving for Barb's and when I'm frantically getting my suitcase packed, gathering wools and hooking supplies I get another order.  Not for one but TWO Edward Tulane's; oh my gawd!  All I could think was how this was going to impact my hooking time once I got home ~ and it surely has.  But in about a week these two will be shipped and I will get back to my love of hooking again without feeling guilty for sitting and pulling loops for a while.

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Frost Sheep Pattern

I've had precious little time to hook on my E.S. Frost Sheep because of life getting in the way and two special orders for 36" Edward Tulane rabbits.  They are inspired by the book entitled The Misadventures of Edward Tulane.  I was first asked to design one about 4 years ago and have since sold a few of them.  Anyway, on to my Sheep pattern.

My intentions were to hold off taking any pictures and posting until I'd managed to get all of the scrolls hooked and more of the sheep.  But, who knows how long it will take for me to reach that goal.  Normally I'm a rather fast hooker ~ uh, because I would hook a lot more during the day than I've been doing lately.

Anyway, the picture is a little dark here, but then the next picture looks brighter than normal and doesn't give the piece justice either.  But hey, I'll post it anyway.
Well, like I told you.... doesn't do it justice.

Guess I won't get any more hooked on this today either because I've got to start getting ready to attend a wedding and won't be able to pull more loops until later this evening.  And, I really wanted to share my scary day yesterday.

I live in a wooded area and my property alone, is close to 8 acres in a community which is mostly all wooded properties.  Unfortunately there is some underbrush, particularly since the bad wind storms and felled trees during the heavy snows this past winter.  Delaware is having a bad drought which makes for a very bad fire hazard. 

I get furious when I see smokers toss out lit cigarettes from their cars.  They may think it is falling on the road but a spark could lift off and ignite blades of grass in a flash. 

So, just beside the development is a field where the farmer had just harvested his hay.  Perhaps it was even his own vehicle's hot exhaust or muffler which cause the fire, I don't know.  The field went up in flames.  Today I went out and took a couple pictures.

The first picture shows a speck of white in the background toward the left hand side.  That is a white pick-up truck and the area that burned is all the way back to there, right beside the woods.  My house is just beyond that track of woods and at some areas when I'm doing my walk can see the field easily between the trees and in others it is thick. 

The next picture just shows that it was spread wide and long.  Suffice it to say that if the fire had gotten to the woods many of us would be homeless right now. Thank God and the Seaford Volunteer Fire Dept. Gonna make a donation to the SVFD for sure!!!!!!!

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Sincerely Jane Update

Today is June first so all challenge participants are to post a current picture of their progress.  So I just did the corner which still might have to be changed.  I toyed with the idea of doing a hit and miss with the huge corner of 2 plus triangles, considering that a way to anchor down the look of the rug.  But didn't think it would look right. 

So I decided to do 2 triangles on either side with a narrow section with some sort of design in it.  Frankly I don't think that blob of wool hooked into the corner looks right so will probably, eventually pull it out and do the whole corner in the light wool.  UNLESS someone has a light bulb moment they'd like to share with me that I hadn't thought of.  And I am open for any and all input.

I took two pictures ~ one with flash and one without.  One shows the colors too bright and the other a tad darker than they really are.  So think 'somewhere in between'.

Well for sure those corners ARE my greatest challenge.

And now, an update to my dear new floor stand.  I wasn't able to use it last night after all.  When I purchased my Snapdragon mine was the first one made to accommodate a wooden swivel ball for the Rughooking101 floor frame.  I provided Sue with the dimensions of my yoke and circumference of the ball and Snapdragon was born.  I've been happy for several years using it on the other stand until I saw the adjustable one my friends had.

So, when I assembled my Snapdragon on the floor stand, the yoke and base of the frame were flush.  The reason is that the wooden ball used on my other floor stand is 5 3/4" in circumference and the black rubber ball on the new floor stand is 4 3/4". 

So I wrote to Snapdragon to see if I could get a new yoke and perhaps even a new wooden base.  I was told that I can purchase that and they provided instructions on how I would replace the aluminum legs from the four corners of the top.  Hmmm, why not just replace the wooden base as the metal framing is just fine; that way I won't be tampering with a more fragile part of the four corner assembly.

I've written to them again for enlightenment but know that Sue had an appointment this afternoon so guess I won't find out the answer until later.  But it just seemed like an unnecessary expense to buy all new metal framing when I like the distance this one has but only need the yoke and wooden base. 

It's so terrible to have a new toy and not be able to use it. But sheesh, it isn't as if that is my only option of a frame.... you gals know how that is as we have ALL the toys and back ups for the back ups.