Wednesday, August 30, 2023


With Cape May just around the corner and a mat I considered 'unfinished' decided to tweak it once more.  Obviously a McGowan trained person will see things they'd change.  And if they were to hook this it would be much better.  But I'm not McGowan trained and I'm finally calling Mother finished so she's gonna travel with me to rug camp.
There have been several mini-tweaking sessions to get her to this point.  
The last two tweaks I worked on the eyebrow, the shadow at the neck and under the chin, and changed to a lighter value between the fingers.  Below is what the mat looked like June 2022 when she was put away fully aware of all noticeable issues.
And finally here is the very old photo from which I drew the pattern.  OMG, right now I see other things which could/should be changed:  highlights on the pointer finger knuckle, light shine (or is that another fish?) on the right side of the fishbowl.   BUT, not gonna go there.         
Okay, I've said it before but this time I am SERIOUS ... I will NEVER hook another narrow cut rug!!!!!!!

Had pouring rain this morning so can't cut grass.  Maybe tomorrow or the weekend it will get done.

My heart goes out to all those in Florida in the wake of the hurricanes.


Monday, August 28, 2023


The 'fat lady $ang' and was a melodious voice!  The Townsend Orbiter is on its way to its new home in Florida.

My search for old rugs hasn't been fruitful lately so will show photos I've saved previously.  Maybe the auction houses will become a little more active closer to fall.  Here's a folk art horse with stars and floating leaves with dimensions of 28 x 45.   No date was provided.
Another de-wormer rug which may appeal to you more than circles.  
The next one is rather faded so if you are having a hard time figuring out the design, it's a bird on a Branch.  It measures 20 x 40 and said to be hooked around 1910.
A lone deer dated between 1890-1930 from the collection of John and Joan Thayer.  
Am sure this next one isn't antique but thought it cute.   The great deer hunter and deer having a 'sit down'.
Obviously hooked by someone who loved her dog and cat. 
An antique rooster hooked 1880 and measures 33 x 44.5.
The only thing I've learned about the huge 8' 10" long rug is the size and comment it " depicts life on a Maryland east coast farm".
A primitive floral no other info provided.
Just listened to the weatherman and there is "a chance of thunderstorms today thru Thursday".  Well, it is hurricane season after all.  Just hope all is clear when it comes time for me to leave for Cape May.

Happy hooking.


Saturday, August 26, 2023


A little progress has been made since the last showing but there's plenty more space for those worms.  Perhaps I've not gotten bored because the circles are small, it's fun finding similar wool strips to match the antique and I'm excited when finding enough of that color to do a circle.  In other words, I have a feeling of accomplishment right away.  Isn't that what we all want, immediate gratification, lol?
Tomorrow I meet up with Suzanne Niemann to buy the Townsend Orbiter Frame.  She is a rug hooker, a spinner and weaver.  She lives in Florida and travelled to Massachusetts to attend Vavstuga Weaving School But then drove to New Jersey to visit a friend and will stop here on her way back to Florida.  That will be a load off my mind and money in my pocket.  But as the saying goes ... "it ain't over til the fat lady sings".

Hope you have a wonderful weekend and and happy hooking.


Thursday, August 24, 2023


When putting mother's photo back in the album I saw this very old store promo from the 1960's.  That's me on the right side and a co-worker whose name I can't recall on the left.  The advertising department must have thought we were mirror images of each other.
I was in my 20's and worked in the credit department at Almart, located on Kirkwood Hgwy, Newark, DE.  Sheesh it seems so long ago yet I remember many things of that time vividly.  
Our boss and credit manager was John Piemonte.  He was a sweetheart, proud of his Italian heritage who said we could call him Dago vs. Mr. Piemonte.  We all loved him and referred to him by both names with respect.   

There were no computers then so when someone wanted to charge over a certain amount it was called to our department for approval.  We'd then check the alpha files to see if they were current on payments.  If so, we gave the clerk a code and charge would be accepted.  Depending on how far in arrears the customer was we would either just decline the charge or go to the cashier desk to retrieve the credit card.  An antiquated system compared to today.

Now thugs just walk into stores without credit card or cash and steal thousands of dollars worth of merchandise.  In some ways we have become more advanced but in other ways it feels like the world is near collapse.

I was working at Almart in 1963 when President Kennedy was assassinated.  None of us couldn't understand how could this happen to a US President?  
Back then I was very naïve and as I've aged with more experience have become disillusioned, even cynical .  Thank goodness there's rug hooking to keep my hands and mind occupied.  
This isn't how I'd intended for the blog post to go, it just sorta evolved thru memory of the past to the current day.  God Bless America and protect President Trump and Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. from the evildoers. 

Today is overcast with a threat of rain but temps will stay in the 70's again but will get a little hotter toward the weekend.  Happy hooking!  

Tuesday, August 22, 2023


Janice (Prims by the Water) shared a photo of a chair she recently purchased.  Hers seemed similar to one I purchased in the last 10 years except for a different cane style seat.  The similarities are the backrest and the rough carved legs.  I have no idea on the age of mine, Janice do you have an idea?  Also don't remember how much I paid but can assure you it wasn't much as I'm a cheapskate, lol.
I'm not sure if the original paint was blue or if the chair was backed against a blue wall ~ check the blue spots on the top of the vertical woodwork.
Am pleased to have a buyer for the 16" Townsend Orbiter frame and it will be picked up this coming Sunday.  Makes it a lot easier for me as it won't have to be packed and shipped.  Also saves the buyer money and best of all I'm reducing the number of rug frames by one.
I went to see a hand surgeon last Friday.  Nope, it wasn't for the huge osteoarthritis knuckles you see there, it was for the big joint in the ring finger.  I has been VERY painful and often comes slightly out of joint enough to cause a very sharp pain.  This happens sometimes during the  night and I will press slightly on the sides to put it back in place.  This doctor said it was osteoarthritis and nothing can be done as there are no finger bone replacements.
I was hoping to stop the occurrence of what happened to a finger on my left hand.  About 10 years ago I went to another hand surgeon about the pointer finger on my left hand.  This is as much as I can make a fist ~ notice only the tip of the finger will bend.  It isn't painful and I have feeling in the finger.  
That doctor said the bones were filled with cysts and was like one solid bone from the knuckle down to the tip.  Am sure there is a medical term for this condition but don't know what it is.

Of course my prominent hand is the right hand and the one which is giving me much pain tonight as I hook.  Then I realized that I contributed to tonight's pain by pulling weeds before cutting grass.  Even tho it was hurting while pulling the weeds I continued.  What a dumbass I was.

Anyway, when cutting grass this morning noticed the lake has disappeared.... finally.  But am sure with more rain, if heavy or often enough will fill the area again.

Am still working on the circles, the worm buster rug, a little slower and a little more painful but still happily hooking.


Sunday, August 20, 2023


It's time for another rug show.  By the way, I did tweak Mother once more but won't bore you with that photo.  Guess this first rug could be considered a geometric with its 6 point stars, deer, tree and checkerboard border.  No date was provided.
Talk about circles... this one is dated 1896.
This Roosters rug was recently on one of the auction sites, it measures 21 x 39.
A colorful cat rug hooked early 20th century with dimensions of 41 x 41.
October is getting near, so here is rug full of cats, and bats ~ or are they birds?   I prefer to think bats.  With a couple small horses in the mix.  Heck, print this out and  use any image for a rug of your own.  The cat shapes in the corners are typical vintage shapes.
I so wish the person who took the photo below had stood on a stool to get a  more level picture.  Anyhoo.... the rug measures 18 x 43 and said to be hooked between 1880-1910.  It is a collection of John and Jane Thayer.
A pretty floral with a wonderful hit and miss fan border.  It measures 23 x 36 but no date was provided.
And finally, a folk art horse rug with horseshoes in corner.  Something I wasn't aware of with this antique before was the spelling of Kit and Tony in the rug.  That is until Lauren (Pugs and Rugs) sent me a photo of adaptations which were on display at Sauder.  I'm sure Lauren will post those photos so don't want to steal her thunder.  Be sure to check back on her blog to view the rugs from Sauder when they are posted.
Happy hooking.  I've a little yard work to do this morning before it gets too hot but then I'll be hooking on my circles.


Thursday, August 17, 2023


This will be my last tweaking of Mother with Fishbowl so hope it goes smoothly today.  

Fast forward with hook in hand for about 3 hours this is the result of today's work.  Hard to believe there is almost 3 hours of work here because you probably don't see any change since I don't either.
Of course some of that time was reverse hooking then rehooking sometimes more than once.  Although you may not notice the difference these are the areas worked on:
     ~ eyebrow arch
     ~ cheek near mouth, lips and teeth
     ~ shade under chin to a somewhat lighter value

This is what it looked like after the last tweaking weeks ago ... hardly noticeable eh?  I'm calling her done except for a final steaming tomorrow.  Just can't handle that tonight.  Yes, Mother will go to Cape May with me as I've worked too much for her not to go.  I think she would be proud with my attempt. 
Some of the wool has been rehooked so many times some strips have tiny threads which stick up.  So tomorrow when I steam it will try applying a little hair spray (on my finger) then apply around the eye to keep the threads from moving around.  If anyone has experience on this problem let me know.

Once again, this is the photo from which I drew the pattern.
Hmmm, now  that I'm looking at the photo and comparing it appears there's no dark value on the back of the lower neck. POO.  Maybe I will do more tweaking tomorrow with an even lighter value at the back of the neck.

Several of my friends will be enjoying the rug show and/or classes at Sauder.  I've never visited Sauder and know that is my loss.

Happy Hooking and I am looking forward to working on my circles tonight!  


Tuesday, August 15, 2023


Plan for today is to finalize my wool selection for this pattern.   Last time I walked by the wool temporarily selected thought there should be more options.

The original antique is a shirred rug which sold for $10,073. I named the pattern Lollipop Flowers and drew my pattern 22 x 31 not the original larger size of 31 x 44.  
Here is the wool I've selected and hope if Caroline 
(Eagles Nest Woolensthinks she has something which will make the project special that she will suggest it.  As usual just before leaving for camp I'll probably put a few other pieces of wool in with this bunch.
I figured the black wools would be used for the background around the flowers ~ I prefer to have a mix vs just one piece of wool for a background.  Don't know what Caroline sees as flowers, leaves or stems but think I've given her options.  Plus there are several rows surrounding the floral center which I wouldn't know how to hook.  So excited to have a class with her.

I'm registered for a November class with Caroline Twigg  again but haven't decided what the project will be yet.  There's lots of time for me to change my mind between now and then so will wait.

This morning at 7:15 the temp outside was 79 degrees.  The A/C setting in the house is 76, which is by no means cold.  Yet look at the steamy kitchen window this morning with the high humidity.
If it wasn't for an eye appointment today at 2:40 I wouldn't go outside the house.  Only regret is that I don't have a rug to bind while waiting 😏, guess that is what I get for being up-to-date with binding.  And once I come home everything will be foggy just like that door you see above.

Happy hooking.

Saturday, August 12, 2023


FYI Geometric Garden is now bound and label attached so I'm caught up.  There's plenty more hooking to be done on this rug and for now I'm quite content pulling strips from the various colored baggies of worms surrounding me.
Usually I complain about a photo being too washed out and the one above appears a bit too dark so thought I'd take another photo with another camera ~ the one which usually washes out the colors let's see what happens this time.
Yup, the photo just taken is too washed out.  So let's just say the color is somewhere between the dark and lighter one.  Perhaps next time I take a photo in a better lit room and with the first camera.

Happy Saturday and happy hooking.


Thursday, August 10, 2023


Am happy to have the de-wormer project of Circles on my frame but I'm still looking for a super star. Meanwhile here is a rug found in Berks County of a trotting horse.  It measures 30.5 x 37 and hooked 19th century.
Below is an  unusual geometric with dimensions of 18 x 36.
This yarn sewn Tiger rug sold for $8,610 but don't have a year that sale took  place.  Said to be hooked 19th century and measures 34 x 70.
I really like this eagle rug below but don't have any other info.  It does look too pristine to be an antique.  If anyone knows who the designer is please let me know.
I'm wondering what antique  inspired the rug above and the one below (which is in the Barb Carroll rug pattern line) ...  Sorry the photo is so blurry.
...or perhaps inspired the pattern below known as The Poser and hooked by Lauren.  Would love to find the original antique which was the inspiration for all three.
Basket of flowers with tile border, 38 x 50.5.
Just a regular old chicken, no date was provided.  I'm guessing those corners depict chicken feet marks; at least that is my thought.
Center floral with ribbon-type scrolls in the corners, no date but measures 35 x 53.
The horse rug below was said to be hooked in the 1880's.
Some rain came thru this afternoon and I tried to chase it elsewhere but don't know if I was successful.  Hopefully it is gone for the day to parts unknown.  Happy hooking.


Tuesday, August 8, 2023


I've many rugs on my walls, rugs on the floor, some I've given away yet they keep mounting.  Since I won't stop hooking, as long as my hands can pull loops and have all this wool, I might put a few on my FB web site for sale.  Just recently sold a rug named Chum which you will see near the end of the post.  This one below is the original antique.
And I wondered if it was hooked by the same person who hooked Ned.
Continuing with the story... when in class with Barb I asked if I should draw regular paws on Chum or do the same claw/toe nails as depicted in the antique.  Barb said to do the claw paw for sure.  Barb color planned the rug for me and it has great memories of our time together.   

Another tidbit and fun fact, I asked Barb if I should make that motif into a full star (left of the word Chum).  And she said, "no it's a 'what's it'.  Of course I didn't ask her what a 'what's it' was as that was supposed to be part of the intrigue of antique rugs ~ I guess.  Oh Barb, you gave me so many fond memories!!!!  You were COOL BEANS!!!!!

It so happened that Cynthia Norwood dropped by one day and while color planning my rug Barb held up a piece of wool and asked Cynthia if she remembered that wool from their past (the 3rd border in at the ends of the rug).  Don't know what their experience was but that happened to be a woman's jacket I'd purchased at the thrift shop and I've still some left.  

Here is CHUM, now in a private collection.
I shared the paw story to the buyer after she acknowledged receiving it and knew she was happy.  She said the feet were the most endearing part of the rug and will cherish it.

Last night there was another 2.69" of rain so my lake is still here as strong as ever.  Not sure how much rain fell a couple nights ago.  Tomorrow is supposed to be clear so will cut some grass since the ground won't be quite as soggy in most parts of the yard but still sponge like near the lake.

Hope all is well with my rug hooking friend folk.


Sunday, August 6, 2023


Here is a little progress made on my project.
Yesterday afternoon I thumbed thru all my pattern books and some booklets with patterns in search of the star to no avail.  This morning I perused one antique rug site and Pinterest and still nothing struck my fancy.  
So guess it will still be just me 'going in circles'.

Yesterday late afternoon I also made a pot of Minestrone soup and it was great.  Will also be tonight's dinner and there is plenty for me to freeze.