Sunday, March 30, 2014

Granny Geometric Update

A year ago, if, someone had told me I'd be this far along on the rug I'd never have believed them.  It actually looks like it will really could be completed before going to Woolley Fox rug camp in May. WOOHOO.
For the heck of it I started hooking a third row of border to see if I want two rows or three rows of hooking.  It is hardly noticeable at the bottom because only a couple inches in length was hooked, plus when I was spreading the rug out on the floor for the photo my hand got caught in the wool strip and pulled out some loops.  At first glance it looks like 3 rows would frame it better so just might continue all the way around.

Think I'll continue hooking on this for at least the rest of the evening instead of moving to the penny circle mat. 

Have a great evening everyone.


Friday, March 28, 2014

Hooked Penny Mat Update

This morning I was on a roll with that never-ending Granny Geo rug on my frame then realized today was when I was to post an update on the hooked penny rug mat.  Oops.  This is what it looks like at the moment.
Since the penny rug mat is smaller perhaps my time would be better served hooking on the Granny Geometric.  Otherwise the penny mat would be finished first.

I WILL really be happy when the Granny Geo is done.  I'm going to rug camp May 18th so better get my mind and hands geared up for the tasks to be done before then.  What a great sense of accomplishment I'd have if I can pull it off.

Have a great evening everyone.


Thursday, March 27, 2014

Granny Geometric Update

A couple more blocks have been hooked on the granny Geo and I'm a little more than halfway done, believe it or not.  Frankly never thought I'd ever get this far ~ even tho it was started over 10 years ago.  Just figured it would be one of those projects started and put on e-bay or given to the thrift store for someone else to finish.  But it actually seems as tho I will finish it.  I think the encouragement from you folks has inspired me to keep on going on, thank you all for that encouragement.
You may also notice that I have done the pre-binding sewing of two rows of straight stitch and one row of zig zag.  I'm unsure if I'll do one more row hooking on the border.  But if so it won't make a huge difference in the excess which will be turned under the binding.  And it does look like it may need another row of border hooked to frame it better.

And yes, I have also worked a little more on my hooked penny mat and will show you an update on that tomorrow.

Hope you all have a great evening and all your snow has melted.


Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Spring? Really??

I'm so sick of winter weather I could scream. See this forsythia bush?  It should be close to having buds on it. Nope, not happening. 
And all my daffodils which were starting to bud ?????  Guess they will be dead before they even bloom. 

There is a bird feeder, bird house and bird bath just waiting for spring.  Whenever it decides to show up.
Is the snow pretty?  Maybe the first snow of the season to an adult, and to a kid who could be out in it all day with no problem they would like more.  But to me enough is enough.

Hugs to all who are enduring sad issues, no matter what they may be.  It is times like this that I remember working on a 'hot line' in my younger years.  Strange that my mind would turn to that part of my life after all this time.  But in some way perhaps a blog is a way of trying to help others now, yet it was thru a telephone connection back then.  

When you are upset, remember to take a deep breath, hold for a few seconds and exhale slowly.  As you do that think about spring, think about your next hooking project, or better yet..... design one in your head.  After typing this I'm even feeling more calm. 

Have a great evening everyone.


Monday, March 24, 2014

Going Around in Circles

Yup, finally started hooking the penny rugette/mat, the pattern of which was posted the other day.  I'm using only worms in the circles as #8 cuts are no longer my favorite cut to use and I've plenty of them to rid myself of.  For the background and border I have cut some #8.5 to add to the already small collection of wool strips in that size.

Were you wondering which type of penny rug I would hook from all that eye candy I posted?  My plan was to keep you in wonderment as to what my final design would be until now.  Hey, just remember that circles and hit and miss cannot be copyrighted so PLEASE feel free to copy what I've done IF YOU WANT.

Sadly I didn't accomplish nearly as much hooking as I'd hoped but you will get the idea.  Plus, my gentle hooking curves at the corners of the design have taken a life of it's own from what I drew as that was just a guess.  But that is how the hooking took place and is okay since a gentle curve is what I was looking for anyway. Plans are to do at least one more row of border around and perhaps two ~ won't know until my hooking continues.  Sure do like the curved corners tho.
In case you are wondering how I went about hooking this mat, here is a close up.  I first hooked AROUND the circle with the background colors, then drew lines with a felt tip pen to show a general idea to follow for hooking in the colors or bland colors.

I would love to see your rendition if you plan to take on this fun project.  If you have a blog it would be fun to see your post of what you do.  If you DON'T have a blog but would like to share..... I would be excited to have you send me your photo and I'll share it on my blog along with my slow update.
Hey, that would be fun to share projects hooked by others ESPECIALLY by newbie hookers.  Gals and Guys.... I was ALSO a NEWBIE hooker.  So whatever questions you have or feelings you have I've also had them.  We all did.  Now I'm wondering if I want to hook on the geometric to post an update tomorrow or continue with the 'going on Circles' rug.

Hugs to all and I'm wondering if winter will EVER END????  Is this the winter that just keeps on giving and giving and giving?  I think so. 

Saturday, March 22, 2014

The Next Mat Reveal

No loops have been pulled yet and probably won't start tonight so that a few more loops can be pulled on the geometric.  But if you recall when I gave you rug shows last month, there were several hooked penny rugs and thought it was a great way to use up more wool worms. 

Particularly since the geo gets boring but while the wool worm stash is out may as well make good use of the source and hook penny rugs.  Also to use up those #8 strips.  Once upon a time I thought the #8 was a wide cut.....that is until I tried my first #8.5 and then the #8 seemed like a #6 sliding on my hook.  My cut size of choice now is #8.5 and #9 so using up all those #8 strips will be wonderful.
This is the smallish mat I drew out this morning.  As you surmised from the picture, my project will be a hooked penny rug.  For reference, the circles measure 2" in diameter and I drew a 1 1/2" border.  So if you would like to join in and play, post on your blog and share, I'm looking forward to seeing what you come up with....check out the inspirational eye candy further down.

I'm sure that at first glance the picture looks confusing.  First, I used a scrap piece of linen left over from a previous project; I never throw away linen which could be used for something.  And must mention that when I draw a pattern to sell it goes out with an ample margin.  But when I draw something for myself to hook I use what I have and sew on a 'cheater' margin.

Since the pennies are rounded I liked the idea of having rounded corners too, which would lend a softness  to the piece rather than sharp turns.  Hey, who knows I just might change my mind as I get hooking.  You've seen me in action before by pulling out wool and re-hooking.

You probably also noticed that I've done my pre-binding stitching 1" all the way around the design.  Since I know for sure the border won't be larger than the 1 1/2" decided to do the stitching as it is easier to do before it is hooked.  Well since this is a small mat this one wouldn't be a problem like the larger pieces, but still it is all done now and ready to go when it is hooked.

In previous posts I've given you rug shows with hooked penny rugs.  Some of what you're about to see are repeats but fun to look at again all the same.  Perhaps something here will inspire you to draw out your own mini-rugette.


Okay guys and gals, there are lots of ideas for you to ponder and draw out your own little mat, chair pad, mug rug, etc.  Circles can't be copyrighted.  I used the top of a dog vitamin container to draw my circles and played by ear as to how much space I wanted between the circles and how large for the border. 

JOIN ME!!!!  Let us all De-Worm.

Have a fantastic weekend!!!


Friday, March 21, 2014

Gee Wiz, the Geo Again?

Must tell you that I'll be elated when this rug is done.  Right now this is the only rug on my frame since the Chicken Challenge rug is all hooked.  But at least it has my undivided attention at the moment and this is how it looks now.
So that I don't get totally bored with this geometric (uh, I already am unfortunately)  I'm thinking about starting something SMALLish to hook when wanting to take a break from this geo.  Since I'm still deciding what I want to hook that piece will be revealed in a future post.  But it will also be something to use up my left over wool strips ~ particularly the #8 which seem small to me now. 

Plus, in May I'll be going to Woolley Fox camp and start a brand new rug so the interim piece will definitely need to be small.  Some of you just might want to join along with me.  I'll give you more teasing posts along the way before deciding what I want to do and lots of eye candy in case you want to join in too.

Have a great weekend everyone.


Thursday, March 20, 2014

Chicken Challenge Hooked

I was going to title this post "Chicken Challenge Done" but that would indicate it was also bound, which is not the case.  I was excited to have it all hooked and show you my rendition now.  Also wanted to send a picture to Woolrights so it could be placed on their blog along with the other challenge participants.  However, think Deb (the mother of the guild blog) is at Woolley Fox this week.  So when she gets home she will post the picture.
What can I say......the rug really doesn't look this busy or bright in person.  The plan was to make it look like an early hooked rug using 'what she had' and hooking in blocks which is often seen in old rugs.  All the while combining the Chicken Challenge design and a rooster design I'd admired.  Somewhere along the line my background hooking took on a life of its own.   Or at least it looks like that in the photo.
Oh well, plan is to not sell this one but to replace the wonderful Eat Crow rug which has graced the front of my kitchen sink since 2003.  Not sure where I'll place the Crow but it is special to me.  My departed silly and goofy Rottie Panzer thought he could fly and would try to jump and fly to catch the crow as it flew from the yard.
As you can see, the Crow has served me well over this last century with only a few minor dabs of clean ups.  Wool is very resilient and I'm sure that the Chicken Challenge rug will do well at the sink.  It IS time to give this crow guy a rest. 
If you would like to see what all the Chicken Challenge is about, click HERE.  When the HOME page comes up scroll over to the "MORE" link and hover.  Then look down the options and you will find the Chicken Challenge tab.  You will see the free pattern and further down the post you will see other hooked pieces done by others who wanted to participate in the challenge.  It's NOT  TOO LATE. 
Have a great evening everyone.  I'm making soup and going to go back to the geometric rug.  Hopefully there will be a few blocks hooked for me to show you tomorrow.

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Misc. Hooking Chit Chat

The other day while looking on Pinterest  enjoying the antique rugs I discovered this great geometric.
Look familiar?  It should, as it is the same geometric design as the one waiting in the wings for me.  Isn't it amazing the difference color choices make to a design?  And here is mine which will be worked on as soon as I finish up the Chicken Challenge rug.
And this one looks quite different but is very similar in design.  Again the hooking and choice of colors makes a difference in how the eye and brain sees it.
This was quite interesting to me and just might do this technique on a table mat, not a rug for the floor I don't think.  Surely it would need to be stitched and protected from raveling beyond the fringe you choose for your design.  This rug design is called Hildefern and is offered by Woolley Fox.
I've only a little more to hook on the Chicken Challenge rug so thought I'd save the showing until the last loop is pulled and it is steamed.  My plans are to send a picture to Woolrights so they can add a picture of mine with the others who have taken on this challenge.  If you would like the free design and participate or if you'd like to see how others have hooked their Chicken Challenge piece, click HERE.

Have a great day everyone and be kind to one another.


Monday, March 17, 2014

Antique Patchwork Background Study

In a previous post I commented about how antique rugs often had the blocks of color or 'patchwork' style.  That is what I'm trying to replicate in my Chicken Challenge Rug.
People used what they had and made do using what was available.  They were not a 'throw away' society as we are today.  Frankly I'm guilty of that by selling a frame I don't like until one just seems right.  The folk then would have made their own hooking frame and made do.  They would have taken a nail and chiseled it or bent it, inserted it into a piece of wood and called it their hook.  I'm guilty of not only have those precious antique hooks purchased in an antique shop (which I of course used as soon as I got home), but also have my wonderful Hartman and a back up Hartman in case one gets suddenly missing.  (oh dear, but this is going to be a long blog post I'm afraid as I'm going off in a tangent....sorry)

First antique rug will be the inspiration for my adaptation of the Chicken Challenge Rug where I used the patchwork as my background.
While some womenfolk clearly used what they had to hook in their rug and mixed homespun cottons, denim, red union suits, stockings, etc., all in the same rug I still wonder about their history.  Did some of the rugs have natural dyes over the various textiles so they started out close to the same color..... But then faded differently because of their textile origin?  Or did they use obvious different colors in the background?

This dog rugs seems to be very similar in color choices except for the block in the right corner.  Yet you can see variation in color throughout, but close.
Another dog rug shows not only the patchwork background but a patchwork dog.
Here are two more perfect examples of patchwork and also wonder if the person hooking said to themselves..."okay, I've this much of this color and I'll hook a block or in this direction until I run out." 

Even the floral below, while a more formal type of rug for the time I think, also has discoloration in the background. 
 Oh but I do love this whole picture and wish I could spend the night in there.  I truly love this rug and it, like many others, are on my 'to do' list.  Definitely should have started hooking earlier because there are too many on the list and too many in my stash.
Below, this antique Red Bird I've shown you before, I've hooked it and have sold some patterns of it.  T'was another of my loved antique pieces I wanted to hook.  Again, as I look at it my mind travels to the wool and wondering where it came from.  What was faded and what was worn to change the color?  But look at the flat black which is still vivid.  OR, was that a repair?   AND, the original color and back of the rug might have indicated it was indeed a red bird but age and wear changed it's color.
 Sometimes it is more the patchwork and discoloration which attracts me than the subject matter. The first thing my eyes go to in the rug below is the color rather than the flowers and doves.  The motifs come in second to my attraction.  Not sure what that says about me.
Oh my but there are more photos that I could share and perhaps that will be another background study show as this is getting to be a long post. 

For you hookers who don't do primitive I'm sure this has been a boring read; for those of you who would like to replicate antiques this is a great study.

NOW...... for the record!!!!!!  I do not try to replicate the antiques to pass them off as antiques!!!!!  The main reason I taught myself to hook was because I wanted an antique rug and could not afford to buy one or travel in search of one.  Instead decided to teach myself how to hook and make one myself.  Oh but that wasn't very smart of me because it became an obsession with hooking rugs.  I'm sure many of you are in the same boat... a long list of rugs to do. 

OH!!!!! There was some more hooking done on the Chicken Challenge rug but also a lot of stuff to deal with the snow but no new photo.  This was the reading first thing this morning before 7 a.m.  But then it continued to snow.
Where the heck is spring?

Have a good evening, wrap up and stay warm.  Please don't over do the snow shoveling.  Work a and go back.  Hugs to all.



Sunday, March 16, 2014

Chicken Challenge Update

No, sadly it still isn't done.... and I'm beginning to believe that my friend Lauren's Chicken Challenge rug must have been more like a 9" x 12" since she finished it in record time (love picking on your Lauren). 

I've taken a couple different pictures, some with flash some without ~ some before changes and some after. There's sure to be mixed feelings on the background but I'm keeping on going on.  I'll show you what it looks like right now and is a picture taken without a flash which is really more true to what the rug looks like in person albeit a little blurry.
Here is a picture with a flash which shows my patchwork background color in much brighter colors than in person and this is a situation we all have when taking pictures of our rugs.
And then....... a picture before I tried something different in the right flower.  You know me, I'm not opposed to pulling out wool and trying something else to see if it will enhance the rug.
I'd be interested in your thoughts on the flower.....make the left one yellow in the center too?  Or hook back the center like it was before and make it like the one on the left?

For those of you just checking out my blog for the first time tonight, if you scroll thru previous posts you can read how to participate in the free Chicken Challenge pattern as well as seeing another antique rug which inspired me to make this crazy background.  Speaking of which, I'm sure my flash drive is full of antique rugs with a patchwork background and plan to designate a post showing what I've collected so far.

Enjoy the rest of your Sunday evening.


Saturday, March 15, 2014

And the Winner of the Giveaway is.......

Just before writing all the names down I checked on the two people who WERE a "No-Reply" blogger and who obviously didn't read my follow up blog to see if they were and how to fix it.  So they were not included. This is the Polly Minick Pattern giveaway.
And the winner is........
Gayle of MiddleSister has won the pattern.  Congratulations Gayle and hope you will share a picture with us when you finish your other projects and get to hook it. 

I'd planned to share a picture of my Chicken Challenge rug but really hoped to have more done by now.  Miz Lauren out beat, out hooked and gave her results much faster than I've been able to do.  And with today's weather working in the yard there's even less to show.  As happy as I'll be to see winter gone that means yard work. 

Have a great weekend folks because in Delaware I hear rumblings that the honeymoon might be over soon for this wonderful 70 degree weather.


Friday, March 14, 2014

NO-REPLY Blogger Fix

Are you a NO-REPLY Blogger? 

But first, some eye candy.  This is a rug hooked by Polly Minick and is an antique adaptation.

Back to the No-Reply blogger issue.  You may think your e-mail address is listed and all is fine but during my last giveaway someone learned they really were a No-REPLY.  Here is what you can do to ensure that people can contact you via e-mail so you don't miss out on any giveaways.

I would like to thank Diana for allowing me to copy and paste from her blog  Diane did all the work for me, thank you Diana.

So here is an easy 5 step tutorial on how to fix it so people can reply to you and you don't miss out on future giveaways... 

And that's it.  But be sure you click the "Save Profile".  Two of you gals who commented that you wanted to be part of the Polly Minick giveaway really ARE No-Reply even tho you think you aren't. 
So if you want to be part of the giveaway double check and correct because a lucky winner will be picked sometime tomorrow.  Again, the rules are:
     1~ be a follower
     2~ must NOT be a No-Reply blogger.
Good luck and for those just now reading, this is the giveaway:

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Polly Minick Pattern Giveaway

Yup, you read right.... I happen to have an extra so am giving away the Patriotic Checkers Pattern.  It is a full size paper pattern that measures 22 x 22. 
If you are a newbie hooker and think the Shields and crossed Flags would be too much of a challenge for you, how about drawing the stars all the way around instead.  Or just plain border.

These are the requirements:

The winner must be a FOLLOWER, shipping to US only (sorry guys in Canada and elsewhere),
and most importantly I must be able to reply to your comment.  In other words, if you are a 'no-reply' blogger you will not be eligible.

Leave me a comment saying you want to enter the giveaway for Polly's pattern and I'll draw a name Saturday.  This way it will give working folks a chance to enter if they only relax and read blogs on Friday evening or Saturday mornings.

Alrighty how to FIX or FIND OUT if you are one of those unfortunate "No-Reply Bloggers".  Thanks to a blogger friend, I was informed there was a way how to find out IF someone is a no reply and if so, how to fix it. 

If you were reading my blog during the last giveaway debacle, a sweet person who was hoping to win the giveaway, was sure she wasn't the ill-fated no reply blogger, but found out later she was.  So if you want to find out if you are or how to fix the "no-reply blogger" situation click HERE

I hope lots of you will check it out even if you are fairly sure there's no problem.  I'd really like for everyone to have a chance to win as this won't be my last giveaway.  Just maximize your chance to win by my being able to reply to you.

Have a great evening everyone, I'm hoping to accomplish a little more hooking on my Chicken Challenge and maybe even hook a block on the geometric next time I post.

Ta Ta.