Friday, March 30, 2018


Here's a montage of miscellaneous Easter holiday items I've made over the years.  Not long after learning to hook rugs it seemed a good idea (at the time) to try hooking with wool yarn.  I saw this kit listed on eBay by Claire Murray named Strawberry Patch.  Started hooking it and put it away for about 3 years before pulling it out again to finish.  Another lesson learned....I do not like hooking with yarn.  It isn't punched, it is hooked but don't think that even punching with yarn would please me as I prefer the look of woven wool.
I loved making these bunnies below and was a vintage pattern.  The bunnies were sewn and stuffed.  Then embroidered at various places, including face and clothing.  Then clothing painted ~ the boy had a small button pocket watch at his side.  These sold well and wish I had one.  Hmmm. I think there is one started but never finished somewhere in my sewing room.  Oh, and a basket of applique and stitched homespun Easter eggs on the left.
A velveteen rabbit on a tuffet. 
The bunny is a pattern by Sonja Sandell and not sure about the egg, unless it was a painted egg in the same pattern envelope but decided to hook it. 
A stuffed and painted Peter Rabbit and floppy ear velveteen rabbit made around 2002.
Some vintage bunnies which look washed out since the photo was taken in daylight with sun shining directly at my back and into their faces.  

Okay, am done searching thru archives because I want to order some wool from Heavens To Betsy!!!!!!  Received my flyer today and see wool which cannot be passed up.  Uh, like I need more wool...really?????  Check out Betsy's web site.


Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Antique Rugs Instead

I've noticed a decline in viewership since showing rugs I've hooked so figure it's time for a break and show antique rugs instead.  

Below is a rug titled Urn of Flowers.  It was hooked late 19th century, measured 30x48 and hooked with cotton and wool.  I think this was a design Jo Wick hooked with Barb Carroll a while back.  OMG, love this design.
Below is a Bird in center surrounded by flowers and two squirrels at the bottom.  Pastel hooked rug with cotton and yarn.  
A 19th century rug hooked with classic scroll and primitive flowers in the center.   I'd like to do another hooked rug with scrolls since Barb Carroll got me over my fear.  Not sure it would be this design but for sure see another rug with scrolls in my future.
Interesting rug below with the cats and border.  No date or other information was available so we can only guess about its history.
A very naive primitive cow heading back to the barn.  Colors are bright and I've no idea what the age of this rug is.
A floral with herringbone edge in rough shape and no other information available.
Looking for a way to use up those worms?  Here is a hit and miss geometric with an interesting border.
Happy Hump Day.


Tuesday, March 27, 2018

1909 Horse Update

Today several more trips to the back of the woods dragging sizeable limbs were made ~ the limbs I've been dragging will NOT fit into a wheelbarrow so must be pulled.  Sometimes I feel like a mule pulling a heavy load and probably look like one too.  No wonder my hips and shoulders hurt.

Just finished another block and since the pattern needed to be moved on the frame thought it time to show progress.
Doubt it will be all hooked before leaving for camp on April 8th, but I'll try.  You are probably wondering why there is a brown line just above the light star on the left side.  Well, that quirky out-of-place strip was in the original antique rug.  There are other blocks which seem unusually hooked and plan to hook them in as well.

Happy Tuesday.


Monday, March 26, 2018

Rugs Hooked 2009

It is quite convenient that Lisa asked if I'd post previously hooked rugs.  It gives something readily available to post about and allows more hooking time on 1909 Horse.   Well, that plus dragging limbs back deep into the woods.  There is still a lot of manual labor required of me yet and the trunks of the trees are still here.

Anyhoo.....the second year in a class with talented rug hooking teacher, book author and colorist Barb Carroll, I hooked an antique adaptation called Woodland Deer.  It is a pattern offered by Woolley Fox.
Same year I hooked a pattern design by Bev Conway called Speckled Hens.  Each of the hens were sitting on a gigantic egg and, like Lisa, something didn't suit me so changed the eggs to straw.  This rug has been at my back door in the kitchen for 9 years now.  My dogs and I have walked on it over the years coming in and out of the backyard during all kinds of weather.  This rug makes me happy and looks like sunshine in my kitchen every day.
Ahhhhhh, the year I really fell in love with a rug.  Until seeing a rug hooked by my friend Evelyn Lawrence at a Cape May rug show wasn't aware of who Magdalena Briner Eby was.  This was the first Magdalena rug I drew and hooked ~ known as Domestic Zoo.  

There has been some controversy as to whether or not this is a Magdalena design.  However, there are so many motifs in this rug which (to me) indicate it is hers.  Magdalena has leaf motifs in several of her other rugs, birds and other farm animals.  Since there are snakes in this I'm wondering if perhaps it was a wedding rug ~ just a primitive and naive take on 'the Garden of Eden'.  A mystery which may never be solved.
Fat Dog, designed by Tonya Robey, was a fun smallish piece to hook and he even has a little 'bling' on a tooth.   I've seen where Mad Hen has a companion design called Fat Cat which would be a fun pattern to hook me thinks.
Red Salt Box design called Flying Trio was another hooked that year.  I did some minor changes to this as well by adding the wavy line and stars in the border and having the flying bird's legs flow backward instead of a standing position. 
Looking for patterns to draw myself went looking thru my Barb Carroll books.  Found Debbie's Horse pattern to enlarge and draw.  Ah...have linen and Sharpie, a duo made in heaven.
Still doing shows then I'd hook a few smalls to sell but won't bore you with those.   Here is a rug which was designed in a class with delightful and talented Gail DuFresne.  I pleaded with her to pull me out of my 'primitive box' and teach me how to use brighter colors as I felt awkward with them.  In class with Sharpie in hand this is what developed.  When I got home I had to add fabric to the ends to accommodate the mouth of one and tail of another fish.
I love Gail, her teaching skills and appreciate her wonderful designs. The main thing I learned that day was to enjoy what makes you feel comfortable.  If you recall from a previous post, I learned that narrow cuts were NOT for me, even tho I love the achievements on the Rottweiler Memorial wall hanging.  My comfort zone is with wide cut primitive rugs.

Enjoy hooking in whatever style and cut is your comfort zone.  It is a great therapeutic form of entertainment for me.  Happy Monday everyone.


Sunday, March 25, 2018


Blog follower and rug hooker friend Lisa has purchased several patterns from me ~ some antique adaptations and some personalized creations.  One day Lisa wrote asking if I could draw an Uncle Sam riding a horse.  I provided a couple primitive sketches where the horse only two legs in 'cookie cutter' style.  She wanted all legs showing.

Then we chatted about how the rest of the rug would be... border/no border, stars in the corner with a border or maybe a rider floating in space across hills and family farm.  She liked that last idea so another sketch was done and presented to her.  

She approved, pattern drawn and shipped then her hooking began.  Below is my original design.
Ya know how we rug hookers just know something isn't quite to our fancy?  I do because I've changed many a pattern to suit me.  So Lisa pulled out some background and drew a few stars in the sky.  Again it wasn't just right for her.

You see how much background she had already hooked (above)??  She pulled it all out and drew the background you see below.  Fabulous!
Lisa is magnificent hooker and think she did great work on both versions ~ but it's Lisa's rug and she needs to be happy with it.  She is definitely a happy hooker now.  

I have put Lisa's work in progress (original design) on my WEB SITE.  The web site is still a work in progress.  You will notice a difference in appearance between the two pages of patterns.  Well over a year ago when I started building the new site the program was different.  Therefore two different looks  and can't change the first page.  I'm hoping that SOONER than later all patterns will be adapted to the same look, but it will take some time.

Happy Sunday everyone.


Friday, March 23, 2018

Easter Display

This is the little vignette which has been displayed on my sofa table for the last week or so.  The rabbit and carrot was made by me several years ago but after seeing Julie's (Primitive Heartstrings) think mine might undergo extra stitching to give it a new look.
The hooked mat is Mr. Cottontail, a design by Brenda Gervais of With They Needle and Thread.

Also, notice the wonderful Running Bunny applique pillow behind the hooked bunny mat which I was lucky enough to score in a 'giveaway' hosted by Julie last year ~ thanks again Julie.

As the saying goes....'when it rains it pours'.  Three days ago I began to notice extremely hot water coming out of my shower and spigots.  Called a plumber yesterday and he was able to get here this morning.  And, should be no surprise to me that I need a new water heater.  

Do you know how much water heaters are???  Expensive.  Do you know how much a plumber's labor is per hour?  Expensive.  He is still here at noon and arrived around 9:30 and don't have his bill yet but will be sitting down when I get it.

Oh, and the bulk of the trees are still in my yard.  OY!  LIke I said, "when it rains it pours".


Thursday, March 22, 2018

Where Were We??

Oh, now I remember...... 2008 I had my very first class with Barb Carroll.  Kinderhook Basket was the rug design chosen for the class.  Barb owns the original and patterns can be purchased from Woolley Fox.  I LOVE this rug and remember the class with Barb fondly.  After that class purple became my friend.
That year Karen Kahle's Small Flowerbox was on my 'must do' list and hooked it at home.
Was still doing dolls and small projects so for the fall show hooked Wytch Pulling Pumpkin design by Lori Brechlin.  It is a pattern in one of her booklets and  of course it sold quickly.
The rug below which I named "Olde Gals" was adapted from a quilt pattern and hooked it in a class with Bev Conway.  I wanted to  make the nylon hose look a little wrinkled and drooping at the ankles but didn't think I could pull off that look.  Figured it would look like a blob or women with fat ankles so just hooked the seam  up the back.
That year I hooked another Polly Minick design called Patriotic Sandpails.  Photo taken outside on my deck in the sunlight so is a little washed out.
At Cape May in another class with Bev I hooked Herb Angel, a design by Brenda Gervais.  Her hair is a red and orange yarn.  OMG I have YARDS of it left.  The huge spool was purchased around 1980 when working for Sunset Designs, a needlework company located on Crow Canyon Rd, San Ramon, CA.
Well kids, I've got work to do and want to get some hooking time in too so will continue with the next year's rug later.  Happy Hooking and where is spring????


Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Update on 1909 Horse

Thought I'd give you a break from photos of previous hooked rugs to show you progress on the present one.  Am loving the dull drab look of the antique adaptation.  Yeah, not a look everyone loves but I do.
Am hoping/wishing to have this one hooked and bound before rug camp April 8th.  But if not already bound for the show it would be something to do while waiting for Eric when my turn arrives.  

I took 4 photos of the rug to get the unhooked section of the border blocks.  This is the picture chosen as it is the only photo which has an ORB in the left heart.  So whoever visited was floating by at that millisecond I captured the photo.

The fourth nor'easter in three weeks is upon us AGAIN.  Today was supposed to be the first day of spring but you can't prove that to me with the weather.  My area is supposed to get high winds and 3 to 6 inches of snow beginning tomorrow afternoon.

As I have an order for a Domestic Zoo will need to ship out before noon tomorrow to ensure it is on its way. 

Happy spring ya'll.


Monday, March 19, 2018

And Then.....

.... after hooking for a couple years had feelings of inadequacy as to my hooking.  There was an atmosphere that wide cut primitive hookers weren't 'real' hookers and hooked only what they were capable of.  

That year I signed up for a class with Jon Ciemiewicz ~ I know you have seen his magnificent works of art in Rug Hooking Magazine and shows.  That was the class I started work on my Rottweiler Memorial.
The dogs were hooked in #3 but got so frustrated with narrow cut that the background was hooked in #5.  The background was a mixture of that same High Meadow Green dye recipe, a staple of mine.  The wool in the dogs were dip dyed by me using repurposed brown wool dip dyed in black.  

And some of you may know, at the nape of the neck between the color change some of their hair is hooked in.  I'd saved each of their hair during grooming when they were alive.  Friend Leslie, now departed, spun their hair on a narrow core of wool yarn.  In person you can see the hair, which makes this a very special piece for me.

Okay then.... I got my confidence back!  I now know my capabilities of handling a narrow cut, could paint well with wool but CHOSE to hook wide cut and primitive.  So what did I do next, you ask?

Pulled out a piece of linen and drew a primitive rug and hooked it in #8.
One year at Cape May someone was working on Bev Conway's pattern Rufus the Lion and it was love at first sight.  So purchased the pattern and hooked that in a class with Bev.
Those shades of fuscia and purple aren't really me but since his adorable mane had those colors they needed to be spread around the rug.  The rug is in my wool room.

Meanwhile during the year I hooked several more purses for shows and small mats until it was time to go to another rug camp.

The pattern Birds and Pomegranates by Edyth O'Neill was in a book so drew that out for the class with Eric Sandberg; and sold that one.
Was time to put another rug on my frame so chose 1880 Running Horse.  This one I hooked on my own using the picture of the antique as a guideline ~ sold this one too.
Going into 2007 Polly Minick was offering Patriotic kits with portion of the proceeds to benefit the Semper Fi Fund, which helps wounded warriors and their family.   I recently donated this to the American Legion so they could sell chances  ~ all proceeds went to their cause.
That was also the year  Polly and I developed a great working relationship which lasted 10 years until her recent retirement.  

In a class with Lucille Festa I hooked 1847 Turkey, a pattern in a Needl'love publication named Falloween.
Next on my frame was Crow Sampler, a design by Kindred Spirits.  I changed it up a bit with the border.
And here is the original on the web site.
Tonya (Mad Hen) invited me to hook a design to be included in an upcoming booklet.  There were a few of us rug hookers who were included in that publication.  It was quite an honor for me; heck, she provided the pattern as well as the wool.  The only stipulation was that the black was to be for the sky (a/k/a/ background).
There ya have it for another blog post rug show.  After breakfast I will go back outside and work my aching bones to clean up the small limbs.  But at least the trees are being whittled down and the mess will eventually be gone.
 Although you can't see it in theese two photos, the trees are still in a very precarious and dangerous position as the weight of the top tree is teetering on the tip of my clothes line post.  
Here are close-ups.  The weight of the top and heaviest tree is sitting on that tilted clothes line post.

The men will be back this morning to begin work again.  Would you believe there is another storm with rain/snow and wind developing for Tuesday and Wednesday?


Saturday, March 17, 2018

And, The Following Year > > >

...was 2005 when I hooked Stop and Smell the Roses, a design by Karen Kahle.  This was hooked on my own using recently acquired good wool from previous classes, as is re-purposed wool and wool I dyed.  The border is from the same recipe as that in the background of Pineapples and Flowers in the previous post.
The wool recipe is called High Meadow Green and from BEAUTIFUL WOOL dye book by Laurice Heath.  I have used that same recipe numerous times over natural, wheat and textured wool which give different results, but all lovely.  

Just Gail....., as you are a NO-REPLY Blogger was not able to email you directly about the dye book.  If anyone wishes to get a reply from me who is a NRB you need to use the 'email me' section on the right side bar.

Below is a pattern by Vermont Folk Art called Fall is Here.  The background wool I over dyed and probably from the same book.  Sadly this sold but would love to hook it again one day.  Problem is there are so many other rugs on my 'to do' list that it seems a shame to hook something else again.
The Fluted Basket is a design by Karen Kahle and was a free pattern insert in an old issue of Rug Hooking Magazine.  When I saw that pattern my heart went pitter-pat.  So of course it went on linen and straight on my frame.
You can see I have finished rug edges using the whipped wool technique.  Don't have a favorite way, just depends on what the rug feels it needs.

That same year I hooked Sally Kallin's design "Harry".  Sue Hamer was my teacher that year and she wanted me to hook Harry's face in a smaller strip but held tight to my convictions.  Sue was an excellent teacher, very prepared and lots of wonderful prep for her students.  Was quite impressed with her.
The border wool on Harry was purchased from Sally, the background was a hodge podge of overdyed light wool.

Below is a cat rug I sold.  For the life of me cannot recall if this was someone's design or if I drew this myself.  The yellow background was over-dyed and ecstatic it turned out exactly as I'd hoped because sometimes dye jobs didn't.  Oh, this photo was taken on my deck and is also washed out.  
This was a FUN rug to hook ~ a design by Tonya Robey when she had Mad Hen.  How fun and funky is this??  Of course I used Tonya's over dyed wool to hook this and give it 'her' look.  MISS YOU TONYA.
The rug below was hooked in a class with Liz Morino and an antique adaptation.  When telling Liz my plans were to make it look like the original she sat on the floor and helped draw lines in the body for the directional hooking.
That is yet another rug I wish was still in my possession but it too was sold when still doing shows and going thru an unwanted divorce.

So there ya have it albeit all the small purses, small mats and dolls being made during that time.

Happy St. Patrick's Day!!!!!!
Stay safe.