Friday, July 31, 2020

Flashback Friday

I'm flashing back to August 1993 when I visited my friend in Iceland.  At that time the exchange rate was $72 ISK (króna) =$1 USD.   Since the weather first day was good we went to Thingvellir, Iceland where I saw a geyser.  I was so overcome by its beauty and experience that it brought me to tears.  Am sure only having maybe 2 ½ hours sleep in 24 hours had something to do with my emotions.
Here we are in front of the Geysir Hotel.  Notice the Icelandic spelling of Geyser.  Also we spell the country name Iceland and it is spelled Island in their country.  It is also pronounced 'eeseland' there, not Iceland.  To the left is Magnus, me (look at those old style jeans) and Katla's father.
Below left is friend Sofia Katla Leifsdottier, her father and me.  Katla's father's name is Leif therefore Katla's last name is Leifsdottier.  Katla's brother's last name is Leifson.  Interesting, eh?
Katla also took me to one of the inactive volcano sights where she said orchestras will hold events in the belly of the volcano since the acoustics are so good.  Cannot recall the  name of that particular volcano and don't ask  me how they get themselves and equipment down there.
After a very long day we arrived back in Reykjavik about 11 p.m. when it was just getting dark.  By the way, Iceland has those seasons where there is 24 hour daylight and those seasons where it is 24 hours of darkness.

Iceland has a President to run their country and in 1993 it was Vigdis Finnbogadottir.  You can tell by the surname the President was a woman.  Not sure about today but in 1993 you could drive straight up to the President's residence (Bessastadir) and had no guards or high fencing.  This photo is just a small portion of the landscape.
As Katla works in an art studio I was left on my own to venture thru the town of Reykjavik so did some shopping.  The is the corner of the street where Katla lives and I took the left there and headed toward the body of water.  Then walked the town to check out the stores.
Also ventured to the Hallgrimskirkja Church and if you look closely you will see in the foreground is a Leif Erickson statue.
I took the lift up 7 flights then climbed the 4 circular flights to the top and took pictures of the city of Reykjavik and country side.  In 1993 that lift cost 200 ISK (króna), or about $2.80 USD.   Below is the church inside.
This is a better photo of the Leif Erickson Statue.  Icelanders are very proud and protective of their Nordic history, sagas and fishing waters.  I dare say there would be hell to pay if anyone, even Icelanders attempted to topple this statue.  Such a shame a Marxist style culture has risen in America to cancel our history.
Also went to the Blue Lagoon, a hot springs which is supposed to have mineral healing properties.  It was an experience I'll never forget.
Sometime during my stay in Iceland we went to visit some of the waterfalls.  I think this is Goðafoss (foss means falls).
Katla (actually her father) has a summer home too where they go fishing.  That is Katla's friend Magnus ready to enter and we all spent a night or two there.  
Here is am leaning over the boat ramp drawing fresh water to heat up for washing dishes.  
Katla, pretty dressed in pink, standing inside the kitchen area.
Magnus brought a pop up camper so some of the group slept in there.  I was in there having a drink with the guys. On the left is Jon, me and Magnus.  
I've many more photos but figure by now you are bored anyway.  However, for me it was fun to 'flashback' to 1993 and now have those photos on my flash drive.

I might pull a few loops on my "Pride, Honor and Freedom" rug but later this afternoon will put it aside and do some binding on Bespectacled Lion so I can post a photo of it all finished.


Wednesday, July 29, 2020

Oldies But Goodies

Yes, it is time for some old rugs to strut their stuff.  I make no secret that I love antique rugs.  What does surprise me is that often they will fetch more money hooked on burlap than we rug hookers can get for our hard work hooked on linen or other more sturdy foundation.

A recently found Black Cat chair pad measuring 14 x 14.5  and said hooked in the 1900s.  Even tho a little worse for wear is still beautiful.
Bird perched on branch with hit and miss border hooked early 20th century measures 26 x 38 and from a private collection.
This floral with scrolls had no other information on it.  I do love that blotchy background.
I've had this Heart rug photo for a while and thought about saving it until next February for Valentine's Day but changed my mind.  It was hooked late 19th century and measures  23 x 46.  Questions running thru  my mind are:  was it hooked by Esther Philip for her mother, is the mother's name Esther Philip, or did the mother hook it for a couple named Esther and the male named Philip?  All sorts of combinations you could make of this and I don't know the answer.  So, Robin, will this keep you awake all night?
An oval rug with basket, flowers and hooked pastel colors.  Dimensions are 26 x 37.
Not a very good picture, sorry, Central Flower with buds extending outward was hooked late 19th or early 20th century.  No size was mentioned.
Oh be still my heart.  Now this is what I call a very naive primitive hooked rug.  No date but think the photo says it all.  If not old the person who hooked it did one hell of a job of hooking it to look antique.  Dimensions are 14 x 36.
Would like to give a warm welcome to the new folks who are 'following' my blog.  You are welcome to give input, make comments, ask questions and unless you are a No-Reply Blogger I will reply to you.

Hope these oldies have refreshed your creative juices or at least provided a little entertainment as we are still sequestered in our modest homes.


Monday, July 27, 2020

Project Update

Still working on the 'object of my affection' and after pulling and replacing some loops thought it time to share progress.  It's the first time off the frame to take a critical look.  
In case you missed the original post of this beautiful antique it was listed on an auction site and sold for $3,690.  It is a shirred rug dated 1830's and measured 32.5 x 71.5.  And NOPE mine isn't that big ~ drew mine 16 x 35. 

The auction house called it "Patriotic Shirred Rug".  As I wanted to offer it as a pattern had to come up with a name.  Was struggling for one so made a list which I can't find now but think these were some: 

    Patriotic Shields (since there are 3 shield designs)
    U.S. Strong
    American Patriot
    America Proud
    Pride, Glory & Freedom

I sent an email to only one friend and asked her opinion ~ she chose Pride, Glory & Freedom.  Uh, IF that really was the wording I'd originally sent in the email.  Would welcome everyone's input or suggestion.  Uh, Cathy, sweetie, your first thought isn't an option. 😄

Now am going to post the original antique so I can compare to see how far off from the original my colors are.  That said, just remember I'm using what I have and don't plan on over dyeing any wool.
Was another horrific hot and humid day ~ but then it is the end of July and will stay this way thru the first part of August.  Hope everyone is staying mentally strong keeping busy doing what makes them happy.  My  happy place is rug hooking and my communication with friends via my blog.


Saturday, July 25, 2020

Table Top Change up

Felt my kitchen harvest table needed a little sprucing up.  Was hoping it would inspire me to pull out the vacuum...but it didn't work.  However when I walk thru the kitchen it gives me the feeling all is new and refreshed.  Funny how the mind can play games with the power of suggestion. 😉
Am sure you recognize it as an antique adaptation which I named Mighty whale.  Mine measures 19 ½  x 32 and is $60 plus shipping.  The Humpback Whale is an Official Issue of the Cousteau Society which my ex left behind.  With the patina of the metal it compliments the rug and visa versa.

Haven't been totally a slug all day as first thing in the morning (interrupting my normal coffee time) had a go-round with Norton internet security.  First thing I do before opening email or visiting the web is a virus update and Microsoft update.  Norton wasn't working.  Since I'm an Xfinity/Comcast subscriber Norton protection is free with the service.

Back and forth with passwords and failed passwords, threats of being locked out of Norton, then seemingly getting thru to correct the problem I discovered something.  Two search engines were competing ~ Google, which is my search engine of choice (on Comcast link) and Microsoft Edge which I HATE.  Long story cut a tad shorter ~ I called my credit card company and cancelled any attempt at a charge by Norton, and did a live CHAT with Norton to ensure there would be NO charge.

Have tried to remove Microsoft Edge but since it IS a Windows product have not been successful.  

But later in the day was more productive, did laundry, drew out yet another pattern of Rainbow Petals but a smaller size, then cut a part of the yard.  After that have been sitting, hooking and binge watching "Alone".  I love those survival shows.

Happy Saturday.


Friday, July 24, 2020

Flashback Friday

Back to Cape May I go..... guess I'm feeling the angst of not being there in September so will share a flashback from 2008.  Well, some photos anyway.

Below is a design by Lucille Festa and I still have that pattern in my stash and hope to one day hook it.
Below, a Lib Calloway design and if you enlarge the photo you can see who hooked it.
Aloysius the Lion below is a design by Emma Lou Lais.
Cat and Dog is an original design hooked by Lucille Festa.
Lori Brechlin designed Merrie Halloween and offered by Spruce Ridge Studio.
Love this rug below and not sure but think it may have something to do with that creative border.
AH HA!!!!!  Finally I can show you the original design of Speckled Hens designed by Bev Conway.  In a past post I told you my choice was to have the Hens on straw.  This is Bev's original design with the hens on huge eggs.......
And this is how I chose to hook it.
Hope you have a great weekend and stay safe.


Wednesday, July 22, 2020

Antique Rug Show EDITED Version, check it out.

First up is this Floral with scrolls hooked late 1800s early 1900s.  From Quebec, Canada measuring 18 x 30.
Would love to know the story behind this rug with the words 'No Drummers Allowed'.  Measuring 32 x 51 hooked late 19th century and the collection of Albert and Lindamarie Mitchler.  ********newly learned information.  

I've such educated and talented rug hookers who read my blog and so glad they respond.  Sweet Joanm7 provided this information she found with an internet search:  

"The Drummer, an early salesman. In the nineteenth century, door-to-door salesmen were called “drummers.” In a horse-drawn wagon, the drummer visited village homes and outlying farmhouses in order to sell trinkets and necessities. He was a seller of small goods."
Delaware doesn't have indigenous moose but I am drawn to Moose by the Light of the Moon.
Recently found this Red Horse listed on Live auctioneers and up for auction in August.  Love the blotchy background and it has primitive scrolls on the bottom and scrolls with hearts  in the top corners.
A close up of the horse.
A Hutchinson style rug "Don't listen to the Mermaid Lad you think she is good but she is bad.  She'll play upon her harp and beck but leave you and your ship a wreck"  Dimensions are 35 x 54. 
A Star design hooked rug or Mariner's Compass?  Measures 36 x 40.
A very naive rug Stag and Tulips hooked early 20th century measuring 32.5 x 44.  Comes from the estate of Kristina Barbara Johnson, Princeton, NJ.
Love this old landscape called Cottage House with apple tree, horse and hooked on burlap 1920s.  It measures  30 x 42.  I couldn't get a good copy of the enlarged rug because I wasn't listed as a bidder.
As I haven't hooked a lot on my patriotic rug thought you needed something to entertain you during this isolation period.  Me doing this is helping fill the time and hopefully giving you something to enjoy during your isolation.

The yard still needs mowing yet I did manage to cut some in the very front where the neighbors see when they come home.  

I live on sandy soil so it was mostly those sparsely spaced but irritating grasses which have burrs on them.  The ones my boy Ben's paws would pick up, he'd stop and look at me as if to say...fix me mama.   Miss that hunka boy Rottie Ben.  Had I known I wouldn't have to stress about putting my beloved pet in a kennel during camps (as there haven't been any camps since last November) I'd have a Rottie or Pittie right now.  


Monday, July 20, 2020

My Monday

I'm retired and hate getting out of my routine.  That sorta thing happens once you leave the work-a-day world and settle into a soft place.  Normally I wake up around 7 a.m., start my coffee and shower.

Drink my coffee leisurely until I'm well caffeinated then breakfast.  When it comes to making doctor appointments or other scheduled events I make them AFTER 10:30 a.m. when I'm ready to meet the day head on.  One of the comforting things about being retired ~ this is MY time and I've earned the right to move as slow or fast as I wish.

Not today.  Recently had a physical (on my time) but with the 12 hour fasting blood test it meant I wanted out of bed, in the shower (no coffee) and to the vampire as early as possible and get home to enjoy my caffeine and breakfast, albeit a tad later than usual.  Okay, all done for another year.  Except now need to schedule a mammogram but that will also be on my schedule.

The pleasant part of the day was getting an order for an antique rug I'd posted on my blog a few years ago.  It happens to be one where no information on size, source, etc was provided.  
I named it Rainbow Petals Antique.  The buyer wanted it drawn 24 x 36, which is what I did and will be shipped out to her tomorrow.  

In case anyone wants an antique pattern not yet listed on my web site, just contact me thru the site.  Or, if you want a different size than a pattern on my web site I can do that too.

Haven't hooked much on my present project as I've been busy today.  Stay cool, stay safe.


Saturday, July 18, 2020

The Object of My Affections

In the previous post I commented you may recognize the rug by that one panel partially hooked.  Uh, and then maybe not.  Just realized this morning that it hadn't been posted on my blog previously.  So here is that beauty which is now the object of my affections and is on my frame.
This antique Patriotic Shirred Rug is dated 1830, measures 32.5 x 71.5 and sold for $3,690.  I drew mine out measuring 16 x 35 which will be plenty long for me to display on my harvest table.

Comparing what I've hooked and the original think I'll put a little wool in the pot to dirty up some wool before I continue.


Friday, July 17, 2020

Sorry For the Wait

It has been several days since my last post and I apologize.  But a dental appointment, lawn mower maintenance, hair cut necessity, plus hours and hours to get my vehicle registration renewed.  That story is too long and boring for you read and too frustrating for me to regurgitate but at least my vehicle is tagged.

Okay.. so here is one third of the antique adaptation which is the subject of my affection.  Just looking that this section you'll know what I'm working on.
Earlier this week it was comfortable doing yard work but the weather has changed to dangerous levels of heat and humidity.  I've lived in Northern California where the temperature would register over 100* but it was a dry heat as in Arizona.  Heck, our home in the east Bay area didn't even have A/C but was comfortable with the windows open and the ceiling fans.  

However, when we would travel back to Delaware to visit family from California and walk out of BWI airport (Baltimore MD) it was like walking into a sauna.  Then the drive closer to the beach along the Atlantic ocean, which is where I hour away from all the beaches in Maryland and Delaware.

Happy Friday.


Monday, July 13, 2020


Bespectacled Lion is all hooked but still needs to be steamed and bound.  There were some changes and will talk you thru my reasons for them.   

#1 ~The strip of off-white always bothered me from the beginning.  But hooked it in because the original antique had it and I try to replicate antique rugs as closely as possible while using the wool I have.  But I replaced that with a Scottish wool which Barb Carroll was crazy about.  More about that later.

This is the BEFORE photo which was the last post on the lion's progress.  
#2 ~ There was too much bright gold on the sides so changed that out with khaki which appears in the background and blends nicely with the green.

#3  ~ there was a curved khaki piece just over the lions ear on the left and it looked out of place.  Yep, on the original but I removed and replaced with dark.

This is the AFTER.
As previously mentioned it still needs to be steamed and bound but at least I'm happier and the border is done.  And...I've moved on.

Okay, here's the story on the wool which replaced the off-white.....long story.  My roomie Deb and I have a friend who loved going to community sales.  Since she knows we are rug hookers she picks up every yardage of wool she finds.  Sweet Deb shares with me and this was among the bounty.

Before one Woolley Fox rug camp Barb wrote a note to 'bring our ugly wool'.  Well I had a piece of ugly wool and thought this was it.  Barb LOVED it.
Barb showed me how valuable it was ~ ugly or not ~ and suggested it be put in the rug a few select places.  If you look carefully you'll see the spark on the ground under the lion in the primitive circles in the folage and stems from the ground.
So you just never know how important that ugly wool might be some day.  I even sought it out when I was wanting to replace the off white.

Bespectacled Lion isn't on my web site yet but I will offer it as a pattern.  Mine was drawn out 15.5 x 24 but will draw yours to whatever size you desire.  When the rug is finally steamed and bound it will be on my web site which is below.

Happy Monday, enjoy your evening.


Saturday, July 11, 2020

All About Rugs....

..antique rugs that is.   Love this first one of a Dove carrying "welcome" banner.  Although the auction house didn't give a circa date you know it is old and worn.   Dimensions are 19 x 32.
This is the back of the rug where you can see the true colors and the word Welcome as it is faded out on the front.  
The Double Flower Baskets rug was found just recently too, no date but dimensions are 19 x 38.  Something about that color green is soothing to me.
Spotted dog on black and grey background early 20th century measures 21 x 33.5.  Love looking at antique rugs and wonder if the hooker really did run out of the grey and black so was required to use something handy.  Oh but I love old rugs!!!!!!
Spray of Flowers and kitten measures 18 x 18, hooked 19th century found in Boston and sold for $2,583.
Dulled down and worn faded rugs make my heart skip a beat.  The Moose rug was located at Brook Crossing, S Pomfret, VT.  Was said to be  hooked mid 19th century and measures 23 x 35.
Another bland but wonderful naive rug is Birds, Flowers and trees.  Auction house did not give any other information except the dimensions of 27 x 36.
Berks County Trotting Horse, hooked 19th century, measures 30 x 37.

Is this a single flower or red 4 leaf clover?  Hooked early 20th century.  Was from the estate of Kristina Barbara Johnson.  The rug measures 45 x 53.
Hope you enjoyed the show and maybe inspired to pull a few loops on something this evening.  I hook even in the summer.