Friday, July 30, 2021

Oldies But Goodies

Yup, it's that time again ~ time to show you some old rugs.  Below, the  Black horse with leaf order was hooked 19th century.  It measures 24.5 x 38 and the auction house said it sold for ONLY $198.90!!  Sheesh, wish I had been that lucky final bidder.
This 1800's Quebec rug has been restored by Sandi Percival.  I cannot see where the restoration took place and would say Sandi did a fantastic job.
Two Cats on a geometric background dated between 1870-1890.  This one sold for $6,500 and measures 33.5 x 53.5.
Here are a few close-up photos of areas of that rug; I love it when the auction house does that and/or shows the back of the rug.

A hooked quilt block with floral grids hooked 20th Century and measures 28 x 51.
Here is a view of the back, notice how the rug was hooked thru double layer of foundation to make it's own self binding. 
Neither the abstract design nor the colors strike my fancy.  But obviously the person who hooked it in the 1900's thought otherwise.  It measures 27 x 45.
Black Cats and Bunnies measures 25 x 39 and was hooked by Bertha Martin in the 1930s-40s.
A pair of colorful Parakeets hooked between 1890-1920 measures 30 x 47.
And finally, something which put a smile on my face when I saw it ~ Puss in Boots.  Dimensions are 20 x 34, provenance is a NH estate and estimate for date is between 1900-39.
Again this one has been hooked thru double layer of backing to make its own self-binding.
Back to the background on Ox Farm so there will be a completed rug photo to show on my web site.  Happy hooking.


Tuesday, July 27, 2021

Another Magdalena Briner Eby Rug

I've only just begun the project but thought I'd give you an update on the duck as that is all I've accomplished on the rug so far.  However, me thinks some reverse hooking will happen once I compare Magdalena's original to what I've hooked in the body of the duck.  There seems to be less teal and too much cream color.  Think that will change.
Back on my frame now is Ox Farm since it needs to be completely hooked to offer as a pattern on my web site.  I've had inquires about a pattern but the design has evolved since it was started from the original post HERE.  So it means I need a new master pattern.  
Meanwhile I've posted this partly hooked rug on my web site which appears at the bottom of the page.  The dimensions are what this one is drawn (17.5 x 27) but will draw whatever size you desire.


Sunday, July 25, 2021

OX FARM Revisited

Thought it about time to show an update on the Ox Farm pattern.  So far I'm pleased with the primitive depiction ~ besides it isn't as if I'm entering this in a contest.  This is a pleasure primitive wide hooking event for ME.
I see some stripes I'd like to change between the legs of the front ox and the second; rather than it looking like stripes would like it a solid color of the dark.  So will change that when tossing it on my frame again.

Meanwhile I've pulled a few loops on the duck in the Magdalena rug but not enough for a showing yet.

In other news, the Cape May rug camp is getting close and have started pulling wool for my pattern.  Yes Lauren, already I've started that.  I'm like a kid waiting for Santa and just want to be sure to get a head start on wool colors.  But know that I'll buy more wool at camp.

Hope you enjoyed the article in the ATHA magazine as I did; I've looked at all the photos several times since receiving it.  Thanks to all who participated.

Happy hooking.


Friday, July 23, 2021

IT'S HERE!!!!!!

The ATHA magazine with our article has arrived!!!!!  Even tho I wrote the article and knew what was said, it is so much more fun holding it in my hand and reading it all over again.  Even more fun is looking at everyone's work and recalling our challenge again.
For those of you who submitted photos who were not members of ATHA at the time, sorry but your names weren't mentioned.  Don't know if it is possible for you to buy just one issue or not, but if you'd like to join ATHA you can check it out HERE.  Perhaps you could contact them to see if they have any extra issues of this one issue before they disappear.  BTW, I'm planning on hosting another "alternative textile challenge" after the new year and have started collecting my goodies to make it easier for me this time.

This is a jampacked issue with several free patterns and I see one I'd like to start for my front door next.  And of course the Tattered Tulip pattern is in there as well.  Thanks to all of you who decided to play with me on this textile challenge.  

Happy hooking, happy reading and enjoy the magazine.


Thursday, July 22, 2021


How  many of you have read the well published book Misty of Chincoteague?  Being a horse lover as a kid I did.  Also I enjoyed their presence each summer when visiting Assateague State Park, Maryland.  Here is just one time I took a photo while surf fishing off Assateague but I've plenty more photos somewhere.
This year the Pony Penning event at Chincoteague has been cancelled due to Covid but the auction of the ponies will still take place.  If interested this year or future years you can check it out HERE.

My first husband Gary (who died in 1981) and I lived in Bowie, MD at the time but had a house trailer on a lot down route 611 near Assateague.  We spent every every weekend there from Easter until September when school started.  

This is Gary on the porch of our house trailer talking to our weekend guests.
We did a LOT of surf fishing ~ and yes I baited my own hook, casted out my own rod and brought in my own fish!  Plus I received a couple awards for size of fish brought in on certain species.  For you long-time folks like me around the eastern shore who remember Scorchy Tawes, he mentioned my name on WBOC a couple times in the sports segment.  I still have my certificates.

This is my butt, Gary and son Greg is in the car.  Our weekend guest took a photo and think it was a guy who worked with Gary at IBM in DC at the time before we moved to California.
Also that year we attended a folk music festival and this is my adorable young son Greg.  Have no idea what I'm talking about but have my camera in hand and we were going somewhere.  
Oh such fond memories as I look at these photos.  Greg was adopted at the age of 8 months and now he is in his 50s.  Good grief where has the time gone???  


Tuesday, July 20, 2021

Just HAD to Start

Hey, with a newly drawn pattern who doesn't want to pull some loops?  Just a few loops were pulled last evening and today I spent two hours having maintenance work done on my van so managed to put in a little time doing undesirable binding work ~ nope, not anywhere near done with the small piece and didn't even have a chance to work on the Blue Line.  

This is the drawing of Magdalena's Rooster, Duck and Horse rug with just a little hooked so I can see how it looks on my PC monitor.  
Tomorrow I'll continue with the Ox Farm to get it closer to the finish line before loosing my mojo on it.

Received an email this morning that a pattern I recently ordered will arrive this Friday.  Am excited to receive it but will save that one for Cape May.  And recently heard Cape May is a GO!!!!!!  Am so excited.

Happy hooking.



Sunday, July 18, 2021

My Next Project Drawn Plus a Question

I have finally drawn my next Magdalena project Rooster, Duck and Horse.  Must say it was really a struggle for me and almost gave up.  Problem was more with the angle of the photo at the top than the distortion at the bottom.  
Had a similar problem when drawing out Lisa's Horse pattern from the photo below, tho the angle wasn't as bad as the one above.
I enlarge my own patterns with the Paint program included with the Microsoft Windows program and don't see any way to enlarge incrementally the size of a photo at one end to meet the dimensions at the other.  So now the question: is there anyone out there who is way more computer or software savvy than me who can help or inform me how to do it?   Or what software is required?

On another topic, since being on antibiotics my stomach has felt queasy most every day.  As the swelling and pain are gone from the hand and have been on meds for a week I declare myself finished with them.

Am a little excited to start the Magdalena but will wait until tomorrow.  Don't plan on seeing much of anything for a few days on either of the pieces I'm working on tho ~ errands and vacuuming tomorrow, Tuesday have my car at the shop for 2-3 hours where I'll spend time binding a rug.  Can't think of a better time to do binding than waiting for a car repair.

Happy hooking.


Friday, July 16, 2021

I've Pulled Some Loops!!!!!!

Some of what is hooked was done before my hand injury, so it might look like I've accomplished a lot.  Truth is only a little has been done since late this week when I could pull loops. 
As you can see I'm still designing by the seat of my pants because where there was a wagon and a goose there is now a BOVINE.  Frankly I'm not sure where this rug will lead me next. 

This week has been a crappy week since last Friday when I injured my left hand.  Since it is a Friday again trouble still follows with internet and phone issues.  Thankfully all has been resolved now and am hoping this is the end of the shit week.   

Wish I had more to show and was more entertaining but I'm exhausted dealing with Comcast and want to pull a few loops before going to bed.  Hopefully will have a more upbeat post next time.


Wednesday, July 14, 2021

The Power of My BLOG

While I may only get comments from the same few wonderful followers, I've learned my blog is more powerful than imagined.  Guess I sorta thought since I had few commenters that meant there were only a few readers.  BTW, you guys who comment, keep it up and to those who are fearful to comment your thoughts/questions just know they are always welcome.

In June I posted this rug pattern and learned Margaret Shaw was the designer.  There were two gals who inquired about the rug so July 2nd I posted the designer and provided a link ~ same link which is just above. Before Independence Day I contacted her and she said she would work on it after the July 4th weekend.  
Well this morning Margaret emailed and said she drew two patterns (one for me and one for follower Jane).  The cost is $60 for the 20 x 27 pattern and includes shipping.  So if you envision this on your frame also, drop by M
argaret's FB shop.

Remember when we were kids and watched cartoons and we laughed a silly things like someone slipping on a banana or Heckle and Jeckle stirring up trouble?  As I've only had use of one hand and couldn't touch fingers together you should have seen me put on and take off my bra.  Although I was frustrated and was painful to me I'm sure you'd have chuckled as I probably would now if I'd seen it on video.  Still have some swelling but no throbbing pain thank GOD.  Am still using ice to reduce swelling and taking my meds.  

Haven't tried pulling a loop yet but am getting ready to go try now since am now able to type my blog with two hands.

Happy hooking everyone!


Tuesday, July 13, 2021

More of the ER Saga (purging)

So guess you are wondering ~ was the wrist/hand fractured???  First, lets back up to Saturday when I spent 5 hours in the ER and dependent on further developments and follow up with my primary care doctor.  It was 6:30 p.m. Saturday evening when I returned home with the mild swelling and seemingly controlled pain with Tylenol. 

NOTE:  you might get bored so I won't be upset if you don't finish the read.

Sunday I vacillated between heat (for arthritis pain) and cold for swelling while taking another Tylenol.  Went to bed and had a painful night.

Monday morning I called my primary physician for an appointment as instructed by the ER.  The facility she works is at the Mears Center which is part of the Tidal Health Care hospital system I visited at the ER.  Actually, Mears center also has an X-ray unit where I get mammograms and other x-rays.  

My appointment was at 1:30 and she arrived in the room about 2 p.m.  She didn't sit but asked what my problem was.  I explained the results of the previous Saturday x-rays, doctor's statement about fracture might not show for a few days and told her I now thought at the very least I had CELLULITIS.  I'd had cellulitis BEFORE so knew the signs.  

Actually I was hooking Nantucket Broom Ride when I had it before.  You can read about the cellulitis story and how Barb Carroll played a part of my dilemma at the link above.
My primary DR. told me she didn't think it looked like cellulitis (it was red, swollen and warm to the touch), that I should go back to the ER and have another X-ray to see if it was a fracture.  I asked if I needed a referral and she said there was nothing she could do for me.  This was 2 p.m. in the afternoon, the Mears facility HAS X-ray capabilities which would be cheaper than the wait and expense of a hospital ER.  But, I was sent on my way so checked into the ER yesterday, Monday afternoon at 2:30 p.m. and left at 7:30 p.m 6 hours later. GOD only knows what my bills will look like.

Results after a CT scan was no fracture, but did have CELLULITIS!!!!  Bingo!!!!    I was given a script for Cephalgin and have had 3 pills so far with 9 more days to go.  Already the pain has started to subside, fingers are moving better (not not perfect) and swelling down only a little.  After this post and dinner I'll put ice back on my hand.  

A little side story....... My primary care doctor gave birth to a child over a year ago and has been working 3 days per week so I got lucky with Monday.  I believe those are also half days.  Which means my appointment was at the end of her Monday shift and she wanted to go home ~ that's why "she couldn't do anything for me"..... because she didn't WANT to do anything for me; she wanted to be home.  

Me thinks me needs to find another primary care physician who wants to work.  

Sorry for the boring post and because I wanted to get at least a blog post done today since I'm lagging and check for inconsistencies later.  I just want a sorta normal evening home tonight and see IF,....IF I can pull a loop?????


Sunday, July 11, 2021

No Hooking so A Rug Show

I'm not hooking by choice, I can't use my left hand to even hold a strip of wool.  At first I thought Friday's left hand discomfort was the occasional flare up of osteoarthritis.  But I was in such pain all Friday night and yesterday that I began to wonder if by bracing my fall by extending my left arm might have fractured my wrist.

To make it clear, before the fall I was experiencing more back and joint  pain.  But at 1 pm yesterday decided to go to the ER and get some x-rays.  I spent 5 hours in the ER, they gave me Tylenol for pain and a wrist/thumb brace to stabilize the hand.  Did learn the x-rays showed no fracture BUT also learned it  might take 5 days for a break to show up in a part of the wrist.  My hand has swollen up even more over night and have used ice to try and help reduce swelling.  

Okay, enough of that crap.  Lets see some rugs.  

This is a soothing 3 flower rug with hit and miss border.  It measures 22.5 x 40.  The purple is neutral in this piece, just as Barb Carroll told me.
A black and white dog with claw type toes, stripe background and flowers.  It measures 27 x 47.
A view of the back so you can see the original colors.  And it appears the purple and pink flowers are the ones which faded most.
That isn't the first dog with claw like toes as I hooked an antique adaptation similar.  It was hooked with Barb Carroll.
Now you feline lovers have a double treat and have a very clear photo of the alternative textiles to hook the one below.  
Cats rug measures 20 x 41.  
BTW, I'm typing one-handed using the one finger method as the left hand is useless anyway and have an ice pack on it.
Rooster and Hen was given a date of 1920 so well in that public domain timeframe.  The dimensions are 
22.5 x 38.5.
Berry Bush measures 29 x 29 and dated 1898.
The Geometric rug from 1920 measures 27 x 54.
Cute Cowgirl holding reins measures 24 x 37.5 hooked late 19th century.  Provenance is sale from horse farm and resort.
I keep eyeing Cottage House with Apple Tree and birds but have the 
Magdalena waiting to be on linen.  The rug was hooked 1920 with dimensions of 30 x 42.
Friend and follower Jennie saw this Turkey rug and thought she'd send me a photo.  Just so happened I hadn't seen it; t
hanks for thinking about me Jennie.
The grass needed cutting this past Thursday but it rained.  Then with  Friday's pain it couldn't be done, spent the big part of my Saturday in the ER and is Sunday and still cant use the left hand as the pain is excruciating.  But as the saying goes...."this too shall pass".  Hope your weekend has been better than  mine.


Thursday, July 8, 2021

My Next Plus One

The Ox Farm isn't done yet but as the Thin Blue Line is all hooked (not bound yet tho) I'll need a 'plus one' to work on or at least have ready to go in a nanosecond.  I've decided what that one is ~ Magdalena Briner Eby's Rooster, Duck and Horse is what I'm going to work on in tandem.    
This is an old photo of the original rug and the dimensions were written on the back of the photo.  I've enlarged my rug to 25 x 30 and that will be plenty large for me ~ the original rug measured 30 x 36.

At the time of the printing of Magdalena's story that rug was the newest find.  
Since then Magdalena's Goat was located on an auction site and Lititz Hens was also discovered.  Wonder how many more of her rugs are out there decorating someone's walls we don't know about?


Tuesday, July 6, 2021


After the violent murder of Cpl. Keith Heacook of the Delmar, DE Police Dept. I had an overwhelming drive to hook this rug in his honor and other Officers who have lost their lives by evil individuals.  I didn't know Cpl. Heacook but when an Officer is murdered just miles from your home you feel like it happened to family.   Rest in Peace Cpl. Heacook, you are loved and respected by many.
Today I pulled the last few loops in the Canton area of the flag and it will soon be bound.   I'm sure there is someone out there whose name starts with R who is eyeing those stars and thinking she'd re-hook them.  Well dear R I'm not rehooking, and I'm okay with it 😘.

This afternoon when I walked to get my mail (a mile round trip) I was struggling as there wasn't a breeze even in the shady part of the walk.  It is going to be as hot, humid and with unsafe air again tomorrow so will not walk to get the mail.  


Monday, July 5, 2021

Designing by the Seat of My Pants

As I'm typing the title decided to see what other posts had the same title so wasn't surprised that seems to be my MO.  It was the same with a rug designed for my son and grandson.  This one can be added to the list but this rug is for me.

Here's what little has been accomplished so far.  You can visualize part of the original design which has been altered but not yet hooked and some which won't be  hooked.  Don't know what to do with that space or to leave it as background?
Am thinking perhaps to put this on the backburner to let it simmer until deciding what to do next.  Meanwhile I'll pull more loops on the Thin Blue Line since that is so close to the finish line.  Plus the fact I've two doctor appointments this week and who knows how long I'll need to WAIT!  So can use that time to bind rugs.  

Also plan to draw out a Magdalena design I haven't hooked yet in the event Ox Farm gets put into the UFO basket.  I've huge admiration for those folks who have art degrees or a natural talent for primitive designing.  But hell, Magdalena didn't have a degree and her work is ethereal. 


Sunday, July 4, 2021


My July 4th celebration will be the same as it has been for years now, non-eventful.  But back in the day I (we) couldn't wait to get to Assateague Island and celebrate with our friends, watch fireworks, eat and drink until we were stuffed.  Hard shell blue crabs were always my favorite and didn't leave a morsel of meat in the membranes.  
Independence means a lot more to me today than ever as it seems we Americans are losing some of it and our freedoms little by little.  

Moving on, I won't bore you with all my patriotic items, just a few.  Below is a design by Polly Minick she named Sam's Hat which I hooked in 2007.  I gave it to my son to raise money for the local American Legion.
An Uncle Sam doll I design and made tons of when vending.  Don't have any left for myself and no desire to make another as I've lost my dollmaking mojo.
And I love this We Folk design by Vermont Folk Art Rugs.  
Yesterday I worked outside for over an hour and noticed blooms on a bush I've had for years.  It has never had such beautiful blooms as this before.  Anyone (Lauren?) know the  name of this bush?
Another view; there are two of those bushes in there.
I  then moved over to another area of the front yard as some scraggly limbs needed to be cut off, unwanted climbing vine on said tree needed to be removed and bent over to pull a couple weeds on my way there.  Unfortunately I disturbed a yellow jacket nest underground, the bees followed and swarmed around me so I dropped everything.  
One bee landed on my hand but thank goodness I was gloved, had on long sleeves, long pants and had sprayed myself before going outside.  My glove hadn't been sprayed and the sucker didn't sting.  I left everything and later carefully went back and removed the trash container first.  After half an hour went again to pick up the tools.  The yellow jackets were still buzzing about so got hornet spray and deluged the hole in the ground.  Hated the idea of killing something but I don't want to get stung either.

Happy 4th to all of you and hope it is a safe one.  It will be happy hooking for me today.


Friday, July 2, 2021

Miscellaneous Rug Hooking Chit Chat

 Someone asked about the wool colors in the Oxen.
Below is the wool I overdyed years ago before hooking the Rottweiler Memorial of Shumba and Panzer and had some left.   Yeah, it really is the same wool used in the darker Ox but the flash makes it appear lighter.  This came from a recipe book I have and think it was in a Jewel Tones booklet.  If anyone was truly interested I could look for the recipe.  And think it is one of the XOXO scrunched wool in baking pan recipes.
The other Ox wool is what was left over from an onion skin dye bath.  As the dye started to take up decided to toss in a little more white wool to absorb what was left for a lighter shade.  Now all my onion skin dyed wool is gone.

I discovered Margaret Shaw is the designer of this rug and she is going to draw a pattern for me.  She did say it won't listed on her FB web site as a regular design but will draw it.  Obviously she is taking the holiday off but I'm excited to get the pattern and is what I'll work on at Cape May in September....hopefully.
Today I saw the ATHA Magazine layout for our Textile Challenge gals!!!!!!!!  It is going to print today and I'm getting really excited.  However did learn that those of you who are not ATHA members will not have your name mentioned but your project will be seen in the article. 

I'm hoping to host another Textile Challenge this winter and plan to start a little earlier than last.  So if you plan to participate you may want to  get credit for your work and be an ATHA member.  The magazine is full of great information, inspiration and sometimes a free pattern.  You can subscribe HERE to join or even just to buy the upcoming issue.

Am drawing two big rug patterns for someone ~ the large Mighty Whale and the large original size of Magdalena's Goat.  So they will be ready to ship tomorrow.

Happy hooking and hope you have a fun-filled and safe weekend.