Tuesday, March 30, 2021


...buy ecru hairless linen again!  I have a file in my desk with foundation samples I requested from various vendors when a group of 4 of us decided to buy bulk to get a better price.  We decided on the ecru hairless linen since it was lighter in color than the natural hairless  linen.  It was purchased from the same vendor a friend of mine buys her natural hairless linen from and she swears by it.  Checked out to confirm it was the vendor I thought, and it was.

I wasn't aware of any issue with the hairless linen when first hooking this sizeable rug.
After time I noticed a loosening of the foundation at the ends since I would pick up the rug by the ends.  To avoid throwing the rug away I decided to patch it.  But the fibers were soft, would break and patching was a struggle.  The repair doesn't look so great under the rug.
But the view from the top is only a slight bulge on each end.   

After the repair I moved the rug upstairs in an area of my sewing room which doesn't get much traffic from me.  At least I'd have the rug to look at and extend its life.
Above is the last known piece of hairless linen in the house and will go in the trash next.  It is soft but slippery.  After hooking this rug and then pulling a thread to get a cutting line for a mat noticed the thread shred and break midway.  Big time warning sign the fibers were not stable.  Eventually after more breakage of that same thread I had the cutting line.  Decided to keep what I call the inferior backing for small table top projects and not for the floor.

In case you are wondering if I'd prepared the edges of my foundation properly before binding, the answer is YES.  I always do two rows of straight stitching and zig zag to join those together.  Also you can see I whipped the edge.  

I have seen the vendor working on her rugs at camp and  never once did I see  her work on hairless linen, ecru or natural; she used linen, regular linen.

Perhaps the hairless linen has a new improved version than the one I purchased but am not willing to spend the money to find out.  I'll stick to my Dorr natural primitive linen.


Saturday, March 27, 2021


..for an important date with my blog posting. But, I don't know what the heck to post.  Am still working on the Black Tailed Bunnies, haven't started anything new, and still plugging away on the never-ending quilt.  

Actually, the only progress made has been finishing the binding on the antique adaptation White Horse and Scrolls rug~finally.  I mean the hooking was finished on February 12th, over a month ago.  
Taking that long to finish binding a rug is definitely an indication how much I hate binding. Have just started binding the Shield mat and it's smaller so won't take as long 😀


Wednesday, March 24, 2021

Time for an Antique Rug Show

This topic seems to get the most attention with viewers who are either looking for another pattern to hook, a design to draw for profit or perhaps just enjoy the seeing the old rugs for entertainment.

This first one has large snowflake-looking flowers and hearts in the corners.  According to the auction site  it was hooked 1900 and measures 20 x 39.
An Equine profile hooked pre 1900; such a shame is it is such bad shape.  It measures 24 x 30 and this is the front.
A view of the back to see the true colors.  Of course the burlap hides some of the colors.
And to get a close-up of the hooked edge you can see a lot of knit was used.
Eagle measures 29 x 53 and was hooked late 19th century.
The center has hearts (or are they apples), diamonds and central star.  The lovely design is said to be circa 1890 and measures 38 x 49.  Also in very good shape.
Here is the back side corner.
White 1900's Horse measures 22 x 34.
Usually all antique rugs make me happy.  But this one disturbed me when I looked at it and decided to post it anyway since there is a lesson here.  The w
hite dog rug measures 19 x 36.  At first glance it looks like a geometric border on the end.  But  with that more narrow back it looks as tho it is a dog in a box and it is barking to be released.
Don't want to end on a sour note so will post one more antique.  This one is an old Hutchinson design named I Want My Oats.
Happy hooking.


Monday, March 22, 2021

An Antique Rabbit Rug in Progress

A couple days ago mentioned having a mat on my frame which was inspired by another blog post.  Here is what is on my frame and the rest of the story will unfold in a few minutes.  Again these colors are not how they appear to me but what is picked up by the camera.  Besides, it wouldn't matter anyway since I use wool which is available to me.
Below is the original antique found in Pennsylvania and measured 14 x 15.  Think I mine is about 15 x 16.
That antique piece has been on my 'to hook' list for a while and after seeing sweet Lori's rendition in needle punch decided to hook it and chalk off another from that list.

Must admit I was undecided on which to hook because Lauren's Dancing Bunnies has also been on that same long list.  Since the 2 bunny mat was smaller decided to go with that one first.  Don't worry Lauren I'll get to your chosen bunnies eventually 😉

Ya notice the black tails on bunnies?  My first thought was that the woman didn't have any white to hook the tails so decided to google and found out they are Black-tailed Jackrabbits.  So perhaps the hooked mat migrated to Pennsylvania from Texas.


Saturday, March 20, 2021

Chit Chat Smorgasbord

Have been going thru and trashing more magazines ~ why oh why did I keep all these Country Living, Country Sampler, Mary Englebreit's Home Companion, etc?  Taking up space, clutter and haven't been looked at for years until recently only to get tossed anyway. 

BUT...I did see a couple interesting photos which I scanned and saved.  Sadly since it was scanned from a magazine it isn't very clear.  It is Olde Cat hooked 1880.
Finally have a full view of the Antique Peddler which was found in a 2005 issue of Country Sampler.  The photo I had of it previously only showed the top tongues.  Again it is a grainy photo since it was scanned from a magazine.
Something I  hadn't noticed when first buying the magazine in 1999 was this bunny on Bike at the bottom right.  This is the artwork of Chris Roberts Antieau and the bunny is one of the characters in the rug pattern sold by Vermont Folk Art named "Wee Folk".   
Here is the Wee Folk rug I hooked and look at the distinct similarity of the bunnies.  Wonder if Chris designed the entire rug or if someone else was inspired by her bunny in the magazine and used it as inspiration to design this???  
And finally a complaint about ebay....this morning I'd planned to relist items which had not sold two or three weeks ago.  Hit the 'relist' and learned they no longer accept PayPal but want my bank account so they may handle their own payment from end to end.   
Which means if I buy, I'd need pay eBay out of my bank account.  No thank you!!!!  Too damn much personal information is now required which makes us (me) more vulnerable to theft and those unscrupulous scammers.

Happy Saturday and happy hooking.


Thursday, March 18, 2021

Last Loop

Pulled the last loop on the Shield part of a triptych antique hooked rug and am quite pleased with the way it turned out.  Love the idea of doing the other two sections but who knows what this fickle hooker will do.  Now it needs to be bound along with finishing binding The White Horse and Scrolls.
Guess it isn't a secret there's another pattern on my frame, it's small and has been on my to hook list for a while.  It took another hooker to get me motivated.  You'll get the story in another post so stay tuned.


Wednesday, March 17, 2021


Ever hear that saying, "I'll sleep on it"?  That's because sometimes the mind figures things out during the sleeping process.  Mid-sleep I began thinking about my never-ending quilt and thought of exchanging the ecru and putting in red .  Went upstairs, pulled out the ecru fabric and with red.  Ah ha!  That's it.
Interestingly enough when I came downstairs after taking that photo I re-checked my email and had a message from Denise suggesting I repeat the sashing from the center, which was blue and red.  Seems my brain was a little slow on the uptake. 

Below are the pattern pieces I used to cut the star quilt.  To make the star blocks I drew out the star on paper the size I wanted, cut out each of the sections then traced them onto sheets of paper adding 1/4" seam allowance.  Did the same for the central large star on a larger piece of paper, which you see to the left of the scissors.
Here are a couple other quilt spreads I've made.  This quilt was a pattern except I added two dogs representing my now departed Rottweiler's Shumba and Panzer.  There used to be embroidered words, "Home is where the Heart Is" but that got worn/washed off.
Also made this Cabin quilt (spread) from a pattern which could be on my book shelf in the sewing room still.
And made this easy winter quilt and as you can see I took the easy way with huge blocks.  It was a primitive quilt and think this pattern is still around somewhere too.  
So guess in my mind I was a self-proclaimed expert at making quilts so though I'd conjure up one, namely the star quilt a/k/a never-ending quilt.


Tuesday, March 16, 2021

The Dinosaur ...

 ...a/k/a The Never-Ending Quilt and want this dinosaur done.  There was no pattern to follow as I made up my own design.  No, I'm not a qualified quilt designer and should have never taken on this task for that very reason.  But have found myself at the point of no return.

Have decided not to make any more star blocks but rather add size needed for a king bed by adding trim around the edge.  Why no sashing between blocks you ask?  Because when it came time to figure out how that would affect the overall dimensions with that added equation I folded up everything and put the tote in the attic.  When the tote and contents was found a few years later decided just to sew those suckers together without sashing.

Looking on the far left of this photo and the very back row of star blocks those still need to be stitched together.
After that I've got to decide which colors to use for the border all the way around ~ light against star blocks to blend the light in the blocks then use a small plaid blue edge?
Or below, light sashing next to star blocks and larger plaid border?
Could also sew a blue sashing nearest the star blocks with a light edge?
Will walk by it and see which speaks to me, thankfully it is upstairs on my sewing room floor not where I hook so won't trip over it. 

A word of advice for novice quilters...don't try this at home without a pattern to follow. 😒


Saturday, March 13, 2021

Springing Forward

Interesting how nature show us which colors mix well with one another.  Look at this crocus group with lavender, orange and yellow.  Should have taken pictures 2 days ago when the blooms in the yard were more abundant.  But figured I'd do it tomorrow.  Failed at a lesson my parents tried to teach me...."don't put off to tomorrow what you can do today".  Hmm, sorry.
The crocus are blooming all over my yard and lots are volunteers from early plantings thanks to the birds, bees and wind.  Daffodils have blooms too which are also planted completely around the property.
The last few days have been wonderful warm temps, even into the low 70s.  But that has started to change, it was only in the 50s today so this evening I have a pot of cabbage soup on the stove.  Lots of wonderful healthy veggies.  
AND... DID YOU KNOW..... that the citric acid you use as a mordant for dying wool is ALSO known as 'sour salt'?  YES!  Years ago when I wanted to reduce my salt content heard Dr. Oz speak about 'sour salt' as a substitute.  Stopped by the local heath food store and inquired.  They never heard of it so I Googled the term SOUR SALT.  

So there ya have my blog post and not a blinking thing about rug hooking 😎.  Happy weekend and happy hooking.


Friday, March 12, 2021


To those of you who thought I'd be finished hooking this by now, you're wrong.  The hooking area is narrowing down tho so won't be too much longer.  Am quite pleased the majority suggested I revert back to the hit and miss although my take on it might be too bland.
BTW, those stars were hooked with #8 wool strips but could have been hooked with #9 as taught by Kris Miller

Today I drew out a small mat but haven't started it yet because I'm still working out of my worm bags and will need them with the new mat.  And, stitched another star square for my never-ending-quilt with 5 more squares to go before it is evaluated again.


Wednesday, March 10, 2021


The last couple days I've felt rejuvenated and wonder if it is the warm weather (60s yesterday and 72 today), feeling safer after my first Covid shot, seeing people walking in the neighborhood, days are getting longer?  Whatever it is has done wonders to my spunk-atude.

Yesterday I didn't post about it but sewed some star blocks together for that never-ending quilt.  As I ran out of pieces, today I cut more fabric to stitch more squares soon.   But those two white pattern pieces require more fabric cut before than can happen.  Would love to put that quilt behind me.
Remember my telling you about a departed rug hooker Joyce Closter?  Her daughter Lea lives in Delaware and her husband has an auto repair shop where I have work done.  She mentioned seeing some loops pulled out loose and some missing wool in a rug and asked if I could fix it.  With the comment that "she would pay me for my work".  WHAT??  Pay me when you've given me all that wool from your beloved mother?  

Picked up the car today along with the rug with just a few spots needing a lift.  Since I had all her mother's wool just knew I'd have the right color for any repairs.  And so I did.  Returned the fixed rug back to Lea before closing today at 5.  Thank you Joyce, I'll take care of your rugs for your daughter.  This is the before photo so you can see it wasn't all that bad.
Am feeling spunky still and even thinking of starting yet another something to hook.  I mean, straight hit and miss hooking is boring, right?  

Check in again because there might be a little sumpin sumpin new on my frame.


Tuesday, March 9, 2021


Well maybe not way back to the beginning.  In a previous post about the background of The Shield antique adaptation I questioned my original idea of doing a hit and miss background trying to keep the integrity of the antique.  So did some reverse hooking; then after several of you confirmed you liked the hit and miss I reverse hooked that other choice.  Here is what the 'other choice' looked like.
Why did I question my original plan, insecurity at my age????  Perhaps I should have waited to reverse hook until I'd heard the jury's decision because as soon as the jury was in, those background loops were reverse hooked immediately and went back to plan #1.  This is what it looks like now.
There's no going back now baby!  The hit and miss background is it and am happy.

On another note about the recent Challenge, several of you participants  suggested I do an article for ATHA, Rug Hooking Magazine, or even contact the organizer of Sauder to display the pieces.  A couple days ago I wrote to the organizer of Sauder with a link to the blog on the challenge but have not heard back.  Today I emailed the Editor of ATHA but haven't yet heard back.

Here's what you should know if the pieces go to Sauder each participant would need to ship them (am guessing at their expense) and would be gone for a duration of time.  I've never sent anything to Sauder so don't know anything else.

IF an article is approved for ATHA a very good straight photo would need to be taken with high pixels (best setting on your camera).

Would you believe temps were in the low 60's today!  Did a little yard pickup of limbs and pinecones, washed sheets and hung them out (still love the old fashion way of air dried sheets.  Still many more tiny limbs to clean up before grass weeds begin to grow.  I don't hire lawn people ~ since I live in the woods I figure why spend money to fertilize, seed and water the lawn so grass will grow which needs to be cut???  If my weeds grow green and need cutting I'll cut it.


Monday, March 8, 2021

That Textile Challenge (Updated)

Original plan was to post completed photos of all the challenge pieces today.  But you can just scroll thru previous posts so I'll just show the latest finishes. 

Elizabeth sent me a photo of her Tulip this afternoon, great job gal, and love the colors of the wool used to whip the edge!
While perusing other blogs I stumbled upon Donna's Tulip so swiped a photo from her blog.
Karen was so excited to start her journey with this challenge just after having a cast removed from her arm and before PT.  Unfortunately she had to stop hooking due to the pain from an injury.  Don't worry Karen, take time to heal that valuable rug hooking hand/arm and send me a photo when it is finished, whenever that is.  This was all she was able to accomplish before the pain became unbearable at the beginning.
After Jane took a picture of her Scrappy Cat she realized it needed a a couple tweaks.  She added a border at the edge and gave it a face lift.  Here is "Walter's Scrappy Cat" redux.  Thanks for the update Jane.
Thanks to all of you who participated in this Textile Challenge.  Think it helped fill in time during this lockdown and provide not only entertainment for each of us but a connection to others albeit long distance.  I appreciate your continued viewership.


Sunday, March 7, 2021

Good Intentions

Well I did have good intentions to hook the background with a likeness to the original antique but keeping the hit and miss more on the neutral side.   Here is a view of the right side of the triptych American antique rug ~ the Shield.
Took the pattern off my frame to see how the started background appealed to me.
Hmm, it doesn't.  So decided to audition other background colors by placing them on the pattern.  Here is option #1.
Option #2.
Option #3.
Option #4.
Decisions decisions.  

When I first organized the Challenge I said "there was no time limit, just hook at your leisure and send me a photo when you have something to show and share".  
Tomorrow will be the 24th day since opening up the Textile Challenge so no more 'new entries' will be granted.  

There are 3 participants who are very close to being done with their Tulip and one Scrappy Cat started.  So when they are completed I'll happily share your work on my blog.  

Now back to background on my Shield.  Happy Sunday and happy hooking.