Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Hmm, What Time is It?

If you said 'antique rug show time' you'd be right and must know me well.  And if only I could have some of the ladies who hooked them in a room with me am sure there would be great stories to be told.  Good stories, sad stories, rugs hooked out of happy times and rugs hooked to use pent up stress.  Well heck, isn't that what we all do now?

To the woman who hooked the rug below I'm wondering if it was a rug destined to be for the marriage of a couple on March 6, 1931?  She used few colors but definitely does the job.
Amazing what women achieved using what they had and make rugs to put on their dirt or drafty floor.  The rug below shows the hooker had talent.  She used very few colors, just what she had on hand.  And with manipulation of the abstract background and borders was able to show there was a border and central focus.  And the house with the black outline with differences between value you can see the windows and door.  It is easy to see this creative woman made a rug for not just a house, but  her home.  This is from the Susan Parrish estate early 20th century.
Below is a Lancaster County, PA chain stitched rug and is delightful.  Is on my long list of rugs I want to hook.  Although hard to see with the fading, there is a main duck in the center of the piece.
Another here is a Canadian rug hooked between 1880 and 1890 with wool and cotton.  Also on my list to hook.  Love the simplicity and the dirty used colors. 
Yes, believe it or not I really have hooked rugs with color.  Perhaps that should be a couple posts where my colorful rugs are shown and another day when the antique adaptions are shown.

My boy Ben needs to go for his walk now that the thunder and rain has passed.  Tomorrow will be July 1st????  Really??  So that means there is only 2 plus months before Cape May Rug camp.  I understand there are spaces left in week 1.  Don't know which teachers, but if anyone is interested you can still sign up.  To learn about Cape May and RUGS BY THE SEA rug camp click on that link provided.  On that link you can also write Norma or Linda who can help you.

Have a good evening everyone.


Monday, June 29, 2015

Thrift Dropping Shopping

Actually the day started out well with me finally releasing some of the items I've held onto too long.  I dropped off a huge box of clothing, cotton fabrics and craft supplies no longer wanted or use.  That drop off is on one end of the building and delivery was made successfully. 

The entrance which holds priced thrift shop items is on the other end.  Sadly I chose to see if there were any "Life is Good" tee shirts or other items to my liking.  Thank gawd I found no clothing as I'm trying to empty my closets and drawers.  And it isn't the time of year to be tempted by wool clothing for rugs. 

What I did find was this basket which is only about 4" tall but has 6 sections in which to put wool for hooking projects.  My hope is that there will be NO MORE wool mess around me on the sofa rather the strips for the rug will be contained in each of these bins.  (Oh really Saundra???)
This shows the measurements of this wonderful basket.
Only minor advancement made on the Black Kitten Mat but think there may be interest from others out there to join me.  All are welcome and would love it if you'd share your work with me. 
Today is supposed to be the last of the low humid days  for a while.  I enjoyed that time with Ben and a glass of wine on the back deck as he kept a watchful eye on squirrel movement.  Thankfully my electric bill will be lower this month but think it is about to rise since heat and humidity is to do so also.

Have a great evening everyone.


Sunday, June 28, 2015

How Do You Hook Antique Adaptations

Thank goodness I've finally finished the whole kitten and a row or so of background around.  And yes, the original antique has a lighter line down the middle but mine shows up more prominently than in the photo further down.
Below is the original from which mine is being adapted.  That line shows up very faintly there and was printed off my computer; yet the line is more prominent in the photo in person.  You know me.... I'm not bothered by pulling out loops and replacing them but do try to hold off for a while to see if it grows on me.  I've pulled loops too early and then regretted so now try to hold off a little.
OH, just a thought ~ for those of you who love hooking antique rug adaptations, do you try to hook them in the colors which may have been the original clean colors before fading and wear?  If you get to see the rug in person you get to see the original colors on the underside.  Or, do you hook them in colors similar to the olden dirty and faded look? 

There is not a good or bad way, right or wrong answer, just a matter of taste.  For me it was the look of the well loved and well used rug of yesteryear that attracted me.  Perhaps I'm an old soul ~ har har, hell yeah I'm old now, ....again.

I've recently been asked a question from someone who is a NO-REPLY blogger and as much as I'd to hit the 'reply' button and answer that email would bounce.  A lot of people don't know they have that problem.  So Miss "C" please click this link and perhaps you can fix the situation: http://woodlandjunction.blogspot.com/search?q=how+to+fix+no+reply+blogger  

Has anyone taken on this Black Kitten Mat to task yet?  Thankfully the sun came out today after several days of rain. Enjoy the remaining of your weekend and hope next week is wonderful.


Saturday, June 27, 2015

Just a Quickie to Say Hi

I feel terrible when I've not much to post...no revelations or tutorials to show you.  And for that matter, not much progress on the new Kitten Mat.  And when it is a dreary, drizzly day with temps in the low 70s seems like a good day to make a pot of vegetable soup. 

Hey, soup is good even if it isn't cold outside.  After all no one hesitates at a hot steak, chicken, ribs or baked potatoes in the summer; so why should a healthy bowl of vegetable soup be any different?  I'm looking forward to my dinner.

Here is a little antique rug eye candy, too.. not much tho. This rug below was hooked in 1890 using homespun based on the info I found.
Not sure where I got this picture but the edges appear to indicate it has been worn and loved.
Okay, just a peek at my Black Kitten Mat where not a whole lot has happened.  That is my boy Ben keeping vigil at the front yard for moving vehicles, cats, squirrels, deer, etc.  And from the looks of the curtains they need to be pulled down and washed AGAIN.  Ben lays in that space on the side he is sitting but mostly on the dirtiest side to his left.
Interesting now that I'm looking at the hooking, as it appears there is too much contrast between the perimeter of the cat and the darker inside of the cat vs. the picture.  However I'll refrain from pulling loops until the whole cat is hooked and compare pictures again. 

So my journey continues with my love trying to replicate antique rugs.  Stay tuned and maybe there will be something more to show tomorrow.  Hope your weekend has been less wet than mine.


Thursday, June 25, 2015

I Got Mail !!

I love getting mail when there is a package involved.  Even if I have to pay for the contents it still feels like a birthday or Christmas.  Today I received my order from Heavens to Betsy, 2 yards of Black Magic wool and 2 patterns.  Well, now I have 30 patterns in my stash to hook...but hey, these are on the smallish side so won't take me long; right?
So you can see a much better picture of these cuties I pulled photos from Betsy's web site.  Look at this beautiful mat that Betsy hooked.  Looks like it may have been hooked with torn strips and I'll have to ask her to be sure.

AND... for all of you who have given me positive comments on the tutorial I did on Betsy's binding technique, Betsy used it here on this sheep.  Am proud to say I learned it all from Betsy, tho she does it best.  This pattern is called Primitive Sheep Mat.
Betsy's primitive sheep mat
Isn't this Elephant too cute!!!!!!  Wonder if my 12 year old grandson would think he was too OLD for this?  Would he snuggle it in the privacy of his home or bedroom if grandma made it for him?  Heck, I'm an oldster and I'd like it for me!  And this one is called...what else.... Elephant Pattern.
Betsy's Elephant cutout
Didn't get nearly as much hooking done on my Black Kitten Mat since yesterday there were lots of limbs and debris needed to be picked up before I could use the riding mower.  And today with the push mower it was time to cut Ben's backyard playground.  Now, however, think it is time for me to play with my kitten.

Have a great evening and would love to know if any of you have decided to try that Black Kitten Mat.


Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Time To Switch Projects

Thank goodness I'm ready to start my Black Kitten Mat.  It is patiently waiting for me on my frame, I've cut some of the background wool and pulled out my worms for the rest.  Well, okay, I did cut some wide cut primitive black but not much as there is a bag of various colors and strip sizes that would be great for the cat.

So the cat picture will be by my side when I finally sit down, the background wool is in the smaller basket and the worms are in the plastic container and in the bags.  And  yes, my loyal companion Ben will be to my right and by my side all night long.  See those white dot eyes?
By the way, Ben was acting as my protector last night when the horrific storm came up.  I knew the storm was coming but he heard sounds outside before I did and thought he had to go to the bathroom so let him out back.  He bolted out the back porch door and started barking like an attack dog. 

It was then it dawned on me the storm might have developed into a tornado.  I live in the woods and could now hear snapping and thrashing of debris coming thru the woods behind me.  So started screaming Ben's name so he and I could go into a closet to be safe. Seems that as quickly as the worst wind came up it soon departed.  But Ben would not let me out of his sight.

Had a lot of tree debris to pick up this morning before I could cut grass (yes, the new mower works again) before the next onslaught of rain and summer storms starting again tomorrow afternoon.  Most limbs and leaves I picked up but this was too heavy and needs man power.
They may look like easy limbs to drag but they aren't.  And, there are several there which has a lot of weight with healthy leaves...used to be healthy. 
And here is the look of the Man Cave Rug as it is folded away for a bit.  I'm at a comfortable place now to play and have fun hooking.  There is still some dark wool which needs to be pulled out around the pool balls, also need to get the word MAN centered properly.  But hey, I've still got almost 6 months before it is due. 
And for those of you who many not know, my big boy Ben was adopted at the age of 3 years 7 months.  I've had him 3 years now and he is wonderful.  His only fault is fast moving vehicles as he was a car chaser.  Ben is never let loose and thanks to my ex has a fenced in back yard that he can enjoy.  Ben still gets his walks daily because no family member likes to see the same scenery or smells every day.  Just love my boy Ben.  Think pet adoption.

Have a great evening everyone.


Tuesday, June 23, 2015

A Good and Bad Day

The first 'good' news is that I played with wool and gave some a tea bath in anticipation of my black kitten mat.  This is some of the wool up for task.  The very top wool had already been given an onion skin or tea bath some time ago and will be used sparingly in parts of the rug.  The two pieces of wool on either side of the cat picture were 'as is' wool and the tea bath pieces of that wool is just below them.  The textured wool just under the kitten's picture is also tea dyed but didn't feel like pulling out a large piece from my shelf to show you the minimal difference. 
Hopefully tomorrow I'll be ready to  pull a few loops on the kitten and plan to use some of the as is wool before tea in the rug as well as wool from my worm baggies.  I'm getting SO excited.

Other GOOD news is that my riding mower can be used and the vibration of the motor had wiggled the spark plug connection loose.  The repairman said that when it was assembled the guy might not have pushed it on until it clicked.  He hoped that the rest of his service calls today were as easy to fix.  So I'm good to go with grass cutting tomorrow with lower humidity.

And now to the good and BAD news.   Comcast technician came this morning to assist in giving me a better internet connection so I won't get the pop ups saying 'internet not connected'.  The technician swapped out the old modem and gave me one which has two connections; 2.4 and 5.  One will give me faster service and the other for distance.  He said the other modem was not nearly as good as this one.

Now to the BAD news.  He was a big muscular guy and he leaned back on the office chair and don't know what the hell he thought this chair was ~ a lazy boy recliner?  He fell backward, kicked off the sliding tray which holds the keyboard and popped out the bolts/screws from the base of the chair and loosened the other two.  Yeah, I'm sure you are chuckling at the thought of a hunk of a guy falling backward.

Remember this photo?  This is what my computer chair looked like before after I'd hooked the arm pieces.
This is what it looks like now.  He put back the slide table and keyboard but the note pads are still on the floor as is the chair pad which fell off.

Here you can see how the bolts popped out of the base of the chair.  This was a tilt back chair but now to the pressure of his relaxed mode leaning back with his muscular torso.
I sent a picture of the damage to my friend who stays here while I'm at camp and told him this would be on his list of things to fix.  He said it can't be fixed and that I should file a claim.  Yes, I've filed a damage claim with Comcast and hope they help cover the cost of a new one.  Don't want a leather one, don't want to take advantage of them, just want a functional chair back.

Oh well, life would be boring if it weren't for hills and valleys we encounter each day would it.  Frankly I'm looking forward to a little 'coasting' for a while.

Have a great night and don't forget it isn't too late to join me in the black kitten playtime. 


Monday, June 22, 2015

My Life as I Know It and Man Cave

I consider myself a rather happy individual and even remember as a kid in school when kids would comment..."she is always smiling" and they would laugh. At that time figured they thought I was goofy or had mental issues.  Truth is even now I look for the upside of life rather than the down side.

Yeah, here comes the BUT.  When stuff happens in a sequence when they should be working fine... I am not a smiling person.  Case in point.....May 29th is when the NEW riding mower was purchased since to repair the old one 'they said' was going to cost over $1,000.  Heck, may as well buy a new one, right?

So, I purchased a brand new (not used) riding mower from Sears.  Since the oil in it was to be changed after 5 hours of use I kept track of my usage.  Prior to Saturday I'd had 1 hour 20 minutes of usage.  So it was time to cut the grass again and started it up, drove it down to the end of my driveway to cut the very front grass.  Put the blades in gear, pushed the gas and it started cutting and shut off.

Oh no way!  This is a brand new $#%!! mower.  So turned the key off, disengaged the blades, put it in neutral, and changed the cut setting a little higher.  Okay, let's start-r-up again.  Nope, wouldn't start.  It was in neutral so pushed the mower up on the roadway out of the grass and tried again.  Nope.  Thankfully I've a 5 year warranty because I think there's a lemon in the garage.  Hey, this is just after 1 hour 20 minutes of cutting.  And YES, there was gasoline in the tank.

That wasn't the only bad thing this week but think I've re-hashed enough bad so......here is an update of my son's Man Cave Rug.  I want to get that empty part to the left of the rug hooked and then will enjoy working on the black kitten mat and/or starting the binding process of  Chum.
Before hooking the Black Kitten Mat I want to do some wool aging so might give you a tutorial on that for you newbies.  Yesterday's post did show you the wool I'm considering using on the mat.  But don't want my rug to look like a new rug using new wool to look like an antique....I am trying to replicate that antique look I love so much.

Stay tuned you guys and gals.  Sorry there's not more meat to my blog posts lately as they seem sorta humdrum to me as I post them.  Hopefully soon I'll have some goodies to share.

Have a great night and since Sears repair is coming tomorrow maybe I'll get some grass cut soon.


Sunday, June 21, 2015

Black Kitten Mat

Well this 'could' be next on my frame since it is at least drawn on linen. You followers have seen me post this picture time and time again, but for you just reading my blog this is an antique mat which has seen some love and wear.
At first glance do you think it is a small mat and the picture taken at an angle OR do you think it was a chair pad and was more narrow in the back than the front?  I've an antique rocker which is shaped like this.  I wasn't sure but decided to make it an irregular shaped chair pad with rounded corners. So that is what I drew.  NAH, don't like it so I flipped over the linen.
This is what I drew.  Now I had to do some fudging on the background and it isn't exactly like the original antique but it will work.  Hey, it's an antique adaptation.  I like to draw in the lines where the color chanes happen even on the cat where you see a lighter dark.  Helps me to draw it instead of guestimating.  AND, I still wanted those rounded corners.
This is wool I pulled, which is close; some is au natural plain, as well as textured and some is over dyed.  For sure I'll check my worm baggies FIRST to have some unmatched but similar wool placed here and there to add to the old look.  And, whatever au natural wool I use will be given a mild bath in tea.  Might even cut the strips and THEN put in tea so the edges get nice and soiled. 
IF, anyone would like to join me in a kitten mat hook-in, please feel free to do so.  I do not have a copyright on antique rugs.  What I would like for you to do tho, is let me know so that I can follow your blog and we can keep in touch....sort of a 'show-n-share'.

Oh, FYI, I'm not planning to start my cat mat real soon as I'm trying desperately to hook the background top left of my son's rug before I take this reprieve.  But you feel free to start now if you want. 

Hope you had a great Sunday and dried out before the next series of rains begin.


Friday, June 19, 2015

Been Thinking....What's Next?

As you could tell from yesterday's post I'm itching to take a wee break from the Man Cave rug and contemplated pulling loops on that antique rug.  Well after looking at it again nixed that idea, rolled it back up and stored it away again.  So am now thinking about one of these two projects.

This simple small black kitten has been tugging at my heart strings ever since I saw it.  And already have loads of similar colored background wool but I'd dirty up some even more to give it the old look.  Problem?  It isn't on linen yet.
Or, since I already have Lucille Festa's "Hobo Joe" pattern could start this right away since it is already on linen and would reduce my stash of patterns by one.  That would "only" leave 27 patterns left in my stash....sheesh ~ that impulse buying habit of mine!
If I choose Hobo Joe don't think I'd make him a cut out but rather a mat to enjoy on my kitchen harvest table or end table.

Oh, by the way, a loyal follower wrote me this morning asking if the sweet annie I mentioned in yesterday's post really worked as a moth repellent.  And it is; you can read about it yourself HERE.  There were a lot of other links but most of those had the technical names of Sweet Annie and all species of her relatives.  So do you own search if the link above doesn't satisfy your curiousity.

Have a great weekend y'all.


Thursday, June 18, 2015

Have You Ever Bought on Impulse?

Thought so, me too.  Sometimes that impulse purchase ends up a winner and sometimes I wonder why I did it.  Case in point, this antique incomplete geometric rug.
I saw it listed a couple years ago on ebay and can't remember what I paid but must not have been that much or I'd probably have thought twice about it, lol, but then maybe not. 

The listing was fully disclosed; I knew it was on burlap (knew burlap is not a good foundation) and was aware there was no extra wool, it is obvious its a very narrow cut.  Why oh why did I buy this when I know that I hate hooking narrow cuts?

Well, for one thing I've always wanted to own an antique rug but figured I couldn't afford to buy the whole thing...har har har, I'm beginning to sound even more crazy as I continue to type. 

For another thing I'd inherited a bunch of narrow strips of wool and figured there would be plenty on hand to finish the blocks and use up some strips.  The wool you see in the photo is a pittance to the huge bag of various colors I have.  Problem is the white is either too white, too dark, too wide a cut so not enough white on hand to finish.  The only amount in a color appropriate is to the left of that small pile of real white at the top.  Actually it is so right on value it is hard to tell it is even there.

I just pulled it out to look at it again to see if I was willing to finish those few blocks.  I've had it stored in a plastic bag with some sweet annie and out of the light.

And for those of you wondering, at the bottom it says #115 American Heritage but cannot make out the wording at the top except the first word looks like 'Mildred'.

So pals, if you've ever purchased something on impulse and you're still kicking yourself, you aren't alone.

Have a great evening and hope you've had a chuckle at my expense.  Hugs to all.


Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Rug Show of a Friend's Work

Even if I don't have any progress to show today thought I'd show you some rugs another friend of mine has done.  These items were hooked by my friend Shari and more than likely she has sold everything I'm showing you.  The turkey below was a Need'llove design in a booklet called "Falloween"
She hooked this design below by Mad Hen and I also have the rug which I'll eventually hook one day....sigh.
Not sure who designed the top rugs but the rooster was a pattern by Mad Hen.  Think I've a picture of just that rug in my files somewhere.

Two rugs just to the right of the witch are designs by Mad Hen I think.
A couple different rugs but you also get to see some of her dolls.
Antique adaptation of two cats.
A cute bunny.
A primitive cat mat.
I can see she sent me a lot of the pictures before they were even bound, probably because I bugged her, lol.
 A Chipmunk door stop.
Oops, she had her camera tilted and remembered it's original position.  This is a rug she hooked at Woolley Fox and is an adaptation of an antique.
This below is a design by Woolley Fox called Rags, I believe.
Another photo taken with the camera tilted, sorry.  Not sure who it is designed by.
Below is a design by Karen Kahle and was in an old issue of Rug Hooking Magazine.  I also hooked this design and want to hook it again one day...soon?  So darn many rugs I want to hook.
Below was a commissioned piece Shari did for someone and is an antique adaptation.
Home Tweet Home is a design by Karen Kahle.
Shari's design maybe?
Old Friends is a design by Shari and I've got it on linen drawn and ready to go.  I really want to hook this one too.  She drew it while here and was inspired by her doll and stuffed animal art work.  At the time I was making dolls and doing shows also.  Might be kinda nice to hook that memory and our bonding as friends.
Shari also attended the ATHA event when in Lancaster and hooked Berks County Bouquet.
And yet another rug on it's side.  Shari hooked Domestic Zoo which is a design by Magdalena Briner and offered as a pattern by me.
I know there are plenty more rugs and mats she has hooked but deleted some which were also on their sides.  Anyway, it gives you a little eye candy so that your visit to my blog wasn't a total waste.

FYI, I received Betsy's wool samples today so if you don't get yours in the next couple days you may wish to contact her to be sure you are still on the mailing list.

And, it is DAY 4 of silent auctions and sales on Minick and Simpson so stop by to see what they have. 

Have a wonderful evening everyone.  Time for me to take my boy Ben out for his nightly walk.