Monday, October 30, 2023

1776 EAGLE

Thought I'd show you an update of 1776 Eagle.  It won't be all hooked before heading to camp this coming Sunday but Lollipop Flowers will be bound by then.  Which means I'll have the new project, the eagle and the plus one.  Essentially I will end up with plus two, lol.  But the circles rug was intended to be an ongoing project whenever, between rugs, so no rush to get it done.
I'm loving how this is turning out and took a photo of the wool being used for the eagle body and wings.
Although, looking at the rug photo on computer perhaps the wiser choice for the wings would be replace that top brown with the scrap dark piece placed on top of the brown tweed wool...hmm.

Happy hooking.


Saturday, October 28, 2023


On the harvest table is my favorite Nantucket Broom Ride, designed by Lori of Notforgotten Farm, pattern by Spruce Ridge Studios.  The flowing scarf is not part of the design but rather a suggestion by my mentor Barb Carroll.  Actually Kris Miller color planned it for me in class but Barb use to read my blog and sent me an email with that suggestion and some wool.  She was a generous soul.

At home not thinking about the sliver moon being gold I hooked a gold house on the same side at the bottom.  It should have been a gold house on the left to distribute the color and make the eye travel, oh well.  So I made the far left tree in gold, lol.
Another design by Lori and color planned with Kris is the pattern Do Goode Be Nice.  Instead of hooking a skeleton key I attached a real one instead.  Those are supposed to be chin hairs on the the witch.  I think she needs eye surgery, 😁
This Jack was a free pattern insert in the Sept/Oct 1997 issue of Rug Hooking Magazine, a design by Barb Carroll.
Mache Jacks below is my design.
Another design by Lori which is sitting on the sofa table near the front door.  I believe this pattern was purchased from Lori's etsy page vs, Spruce Ridge.
Hobo Joe is a pattern by Lucille of American Country Rugs. It was intended to be a cut out door hanger but I had other plans for him.
I have another Halloween themed pattern by Lori which I haven't hooked yet.  Hmm, two in fact.  

Here's something I didn't hook, sew or applique but I love it and it is hanging on my front door.  It is a wool applique stocking which Tonya Robey made and I just had to have it.  Hard to see but the stitched word at the bottom is BOO.
Happy Halloween and happy hooking.


Friday, October 27, 2023


The rugs I'm about show you aren't antique but some may well have been antique adaptations.  These have been documented as rugs hooked by a former member of the Duchess County Rug Hooking Guild.  

According to the auction site she is selling a part of her collection.  I don't know the lady's name who is selling her rugs as it wasn't mentioned on the web site.  I can empathize with her because I've so many rugs and have my favorites which I rotate.
This rug below is my favorite out of the bunch and it might well have been an antique adaptation.  If I find the antique among my photos I may adapt the antique myself.

This rug below looks familiar and might be another adaptation.
This geometric is always a great way to downsize on worms.
This one below is also nice.
Nice floral but I'm over floral rugs at the moment.
Hmmm, the rug next also looks familiar.
This rug looks like books on a shelf but was listed just 'as a runner'.  Yet it would make another great de-wormer project.

I've seen this rug below somewhere before too.
This Sulky rug below was not among the rugs hooked by the lady above but isn't an antique.  It was found in Prince Edward Island, Canada and hooked around 1967.  Might be a 'memory' rug.
And this landscape was hooked mid 20th century so not an antique either.
That's it for today's show.  Happy hooking and I'm sure Lauren (Rugs and Pugs)  is having a blast.  She sure does get around, wonder how many hook-ins and rug camps that wandering hooker attends each year?   If you're reading this Lauren hope you are having fun and happy hooking to all.


Wednesday, October 25, 2023

Do You Have This?

Do you have this issue of ATHA magazine?  It is the Oct/Nov 2023 issue.
If so turn to page 45 to see Lauren's (Rugs and Pugs) Fall Trio she submitted.  So our girl has been published!

Plus, there are two great free pattern inserts, one is a turkey and the other a snowman with a shovel.  Actually I feel ATHA magazine is more informative and interesting than Rug Hooking magazine has become.   If you would like to join ATHA click HERE.


Tuesday, October 24, 2023


In the past I was always thinking about what my blog will be about the next time since I used to try and post every other day.  But almost didn't do this post after 4 days in solidarity of those many others who have given up the ghost.

I have a routine, every morning with a few cups of coffee.  First I go to read my regular blogger posts, but  most mornings no one has posted.  I've looked at their page to see how many posts they do a month.  For those who haven't dumped blogging all together, I see from 1 to 4 posts a month which was disheartening.  So why should I worry about how often I post?

And, for all the hits I get on mine (at the moment the Eagle update has 126 hits) yet there are a limited number of people who take the time to comment ~ most of whom are my loyal on-line friends anyway.  Is that an indication my post wasn't comment worthy?  If so then why should I take the time to write one when I could have spent that time hooking?

But there are those kind folks who are NO-REPLY bloggers whom I cannot respond to as they haven't listed their email address in their "profile settings".  First click on your profile image, top right of screen, click on settings, then profile and type in your email address.  Don't forget to SAVE your setting.

So I'll get on with the post  ... the title says Antique Rug Show but I'm only posting a couple because I've no enthusiasm doing this post either.  And that is why I've been MIA the last few days.

A cabin with a faded out willow tree.
Cute kitten and pup.
Sorry to be in such a downer and guess it is just disappointment more than anything.  Other than that life is good ~ I made a pot of chicken rice soup, Eagle is coming along well and have another rug camp with Caroline coming up the first week of November.

TA TA as I'm going to make myself happy by hooking.


Friday, October 20, 2023


The last post about the Eagle I wasn't sure how I'd hook the wings, other than that outline.  I started on the left wing with softer colors since it would have a primitive black background and wanted to be sure the wings would stand out.  
Then tried darker colors on the other wing.  After hooking some background felt comfortable with the choice of darker wings.  
Here's the rug now but will reverse hook the left wing.  Notice I pulled loops the natural way wing feathers grow.  Maybe next time I hook an eagle rug it will be outline and fill.
Oh my, that's a LOT of background.  Oh well, it's still loops to pull and keeps me entertained.

Happy hooking.


Wednesday, October 18, 2023


It's fall y'all, and thought this was a great rug to start the post with.  A scarecrow from the Carol Telfer collection.  After a previous post with a couple of the rugs referencing Carol Telfer I learned she was an antiques dealer and collector.  I absolutely LOVE this piece!  It was said to be from Canada.
Found this dog rug below strangely hooked and wonder why the hooker did it that way.  I don't see a fourth foot, so what is that distended stomach area?  There was no view of the back so couldn't tell if it was damaged and rehooked.  Even so why would someone rehook it like this?
A deer eating leaves 21 x 39 on burlap and said to be hooked between 1800-1899.
An early cat dressed with a bow.  Antique rugs are so darn interesting and fun.  This one you can see how she 'made do' using what was available to finish areas even if the color was vastly different.  She needed a rug, lol.  
A Grenfell landscape and although hard to define, it appears to be a dog on the right foreground.
An oval rug depicting house and trees hooked with various textiles.  This brought back my not so wise choices of using homespun and other hard-to-pull fabrics when doing the 'textile challenge' which you can see HERE.  Some people made better choices which were more hand friendly.
From the 1800's is this deer rug.
Here is a closeup of the textiles and they must have been a cut quite wide as some appear to be large knotted loops.
Hit and miss rug of horse with tulips in the corners of the border.
Hope you enjoyed the show.  Happy hooking.


Monday, October 16, 2023


Here is the 1776 Eagle pattern in full view.  I decided to make my stars 5 point stars as in the US Flag.  Changed the date from 1907 on the original antique to 1776.  But had questioned if I wanted the date of Independence from England (1776) or the date the Constitution was written in 1787.  You can see what I chose. 

Also decided to add the leaves at the bottom ~ but had also thought of having a wavy ribbon instead.  I sent Lauren (Rugs and Pugs) both line drawings to see which she preferred, and the leaves won.  
Am not sure how I want to hook the wings yet so will probably try something on one side and my other idea on the other wing to see which I prefer.   Below is the original antique.
Hope your week goes well and happy hooking.


Saturday, October 14, 2023

New Design from an Old Rug

Months ago I drew an antique adaptation from this design for Lisa.
This is how she hooked it and had requested some of the images be removed from her pattern, to which I complied.
For my pattern I took it a step further and mine is barely recognizable to either of the rugs above.  Will only show you a portion of the design to keep you coming back for more
😉.  I did show the line drawings to Lauren (Rugs and Pugs) as I asked her opinion on two possible designs.  But want this preview hidden from her eyes too in an effort for her to be a little surprised when she sees it again.   
Already I've rehooked the head twice.  Changed the eye but maybe the eye should  have been drawn like the original ~ so that too might change.   At first I thought the outer hooked wool on the head would be a good color combo but that might be replaced.  Am struggling to come up with the colors which suit me.   At least I'm content pulling loops inside on this chilly wet Saturday.  Finally gave in and turned the heat on.

Happy hooking.                  


Thursday, October 12, 2023


Actually hooking was completed yesterday, exactly one month after starting it at Cape May.  But don't give me a celebratory ovation because on FB there was a gal (forgot her name) who finished her rug from Cape May in less time and it was larger than mine.  

Loved having Caroline (Eagles Nest Woolens) as my teacher and can't wait to hook with her again November.  
Robin dear, did you notice I did not do a preliminary whipping stitch to roll the edge of this first?  I put on my old big girl panties and am whipping it as I go. I'll do a little whipping each night, no need to rush it since I hate whipping.

Watching and listening to the news was bad enough for the last two plus years but as of last weekend the news has been sickening to watch.  I've turned the TV off and tried to remove the images and sounds I'd witnessed.  My heart goes out to the Jewish community in America because I'm sure they're emotionally suffering.  And I pray for those in Israel who are experiencing this horror now.  May God Bless you and your families.  

Tuesday, October 10, 2023


Once again for your viewing pleasure are a few antique rugs.  A single deer with scrolls and directional hooking in the background.  It  measures 21.5 x 39.5 and dated around 1920.
A  sweet rug with Doves, no date provided but it measures  25.5 x 46.5.
The landscape below measures 3 1 x 51 and said to date 1920.  It was from the estate of Joanne Woodward and Paul Newman.  Interesting to find out various notable people who liked and collected antique rugs.
A farm life rug full of animals was dated between 1850-1899.  Shame it is so damaged.  This would be a fun rug to have as a plus one.
Unusual and interesting design with two cow profiles in the sky area.  So am wondering if the designer/hooker was trying to show a 'tree of life' with her departed cows in the animal afterlife.  
Turkeys with scrolls border and a hooked in date of 1915.  From the Carol Telfler collection; 26.5 x 38.5.  Don't know who Carol Telfler was but that is info provided by the auction house.
Flowers, chickens and horses.  Not really my most favorite horse rug I've saved but I've had the photo for a while so thought I'd post it.
I've had this hit and miss rug photo below since 2021 too so time to show this one as well.  Must say it is well planned out and easy to identify the motifs despite the hit and miss.
Now an antique horse rug which DOES ring my bell is this one below.  But have no other information.

For the cat lovers, a kitten with a bowl of milk.
A canine rug for those dog people ~ details of the dog are non-existent but the auction house didn't provide a photo of the back, but maybe it was on a frame or board.
This rug below must be a tiger.  No date was provided but the dimensions are 24 x 36.
The EDIT:  I still stand by my 'guess' the above rug is a white tiger.  Here is a photo of a rare white Tiger.
And a photo of a Zebra.
 Art is interpreted individually so will leave it up to each of you to decide for yourself what the hooked rug was supposed to be.  Heck, maybe it was a house cat 😉.

Happy hooking on this very chilly but sunny day.  Fall has certainly arrived.