Tuesday, June 18, 2019

Wish I'd Kept A Journal

You have seen my comment 'channeling Magdalena' on a few blog posts when working on one of her designs.  Now wish I'd kept notes on my thoughts/questions while hooking her rugs.  One such recent question I'd ask .... is that meant to be a hooked paw print on the Great Granddaughter's Rug.
It wouldn't be the first time someone wrote a journal to the creator of an antique textile, as there is such a book called "Dear Jane".
Brenda Manges Papadakis kept a journal of her thoughts/questions as she was replicating the 1863 quilt made by Jane A. Stickle.  The book was a good read in addition to getting the pattern pieces which are offered inside the book.

In 2011 a few of us on Rughookers Yahoo took a challenge to make our own Jane Stickle hooked rug.  It could be any size and could take a little creative license.  There were no prizes as this was a group challenge with a deadline date and those who finished in the allotted time had their rugs published in a section of Rug Hooking Magazine.  This was my version which is hooked in #8 cut.
More rain in the forecast today, as if we haven't had enough already.  Happy hooking, quilting or whatever floats your boat.


Sunday, June 16, 2019

Old Rug Time

This morning I considered doing a dye blog post ~ looked at the liquid dyes still left from previous dye jobs, looked quickly at which wool to use as the subjects.  And perused the selection of great as is wool on my shelf.  Realized I really didn't need anything so why bother dyeing.  

Am sure none of you mind the second choice for a post ~ after all, who doesn't love looking at old rugs?  This 8 pointed star and 10 hearts has a hit and miss background and said to be hooked around 1930.
A floral center with hit and miss background.  It looks to me as if a couple of those flowers may have faded.  Or using up her worms was the only wool in quantity to do the extra flowers.
From Sturbridge, MA is this Floral Cornacopia with scrolls from the 19th century.  I think I'd have liked it better with a primitive black background.  Of course the dark around the center flower would need to be changed.
Another floral and with my favorite type of primitive black background.  LOVE that blotchy faded look.  Or, could be she used what she had that was close in color/value.
The Folk Art Cats hooked piece I've held for over a year and think it's time to show it.  It has a straighted hooking style and from the Arthur and Sybin Kern collection.  The 20th century hooked piece measures 23 x 35.
Normally I'm not fond of neon colors but this rug appeals to me for some reason; although not sure I'd hook it.  Original size is 21 x 31 1/2.
A little worse for wear but still a beauty, is the antique Sparhawk rug.
Hope you are all enjoying time with family on Father's Day and no yard work.  While I didn't cut grass today did go out and pick up close to 80 pine cones from the front and back yard.  Before grass needs to be cut again there will be that many more to pick up I'm sure....plus limbs.  Oh the joys of home ownership, as Lauren would say.  


Friday, June 14, 2019


Flag Day is celebrated June 14th to commemorate the adoption of the United States flag on June 14, 1777.  Below is the Pledge rug designed and hooked by Polly Minick.  It measures 36 x 43 and pattern can be purchased by Woolley Fox.  
An old and beautiful rendition of the American flag is the 46 Star flag hooked by  Laura Etta Clarke of Barrington, NH 1902.  It measures 29 x 37.
And the Old Glory Flag designed and hooked by Kelley Belfast.  If I'm not mistaken, this was Kelley's adaptation of the original antique.  Good job Kelley.


Wednesday, June 12, 2019

The Pause that Refreshes

The pause give you something interesting to look at and gives me the pause to do a little more hooking AND/OR yard work.  But also doctor appointments as I've lots more of those coming up.  Hand surgery, dental surgery and dermatologist.  Seems those doctor appointments increase in number as we get older.

Okay, now to the fun....

A floral with doves, the letter 'P', and tied knots....perhaps this was a wedding rug.  No date but it was from the collection of Jack and Tommie Marsh
An early 1900s oval rug with geometric border and central floral design.
Here is a view of the back where you can see the true colors and that it was hooked on burlap.

This Colorful Daisy designed rug with blue swag inside beauty line measures 36 x 42 and hails from NH.
A sweet 1915 Rabbit with checkerboard corners, wool on burlap, from the collection of Jack and Tommie Marsh collection.  Measures 33 x 43. 
I might have shown the 'flying horse' rug before as it is constantly on my mind to hook.  I've even done a line drawing of it but then decided to hook something else.  Ya'll know how I change my mind in a heart beat.  This rug was hooked between 1880-90 and measured 36.5 x 37.  The original sold for $3,198.
Okay kiddos, grass all cut before MORE rain comes during the night.  Think tomorrow I'll have a free day to do....whatever.  So me thinks I'll hook and take a walk in the afternoon.


Sunday, June 9, 2019

Great Granddaughter's Rug

Have been anxious to get the lollipop bouquet hooked so I could show you the update.
In case you don't recall, this one was drawn to the size of 26 x 35.  When back on the frame think I'll finish that section below the lollipop bouquet then move to the top.  Will hook the other upside duck first then move downward to the other lollipop bouquet.

Again, here is a photo of Great granddaughter Ellen Jacobs and her son Gregg the day she was donating the rug to the Historical Society of Perry County, Pennsylvania.
If you tap on the photo to enlarge, and if you look hard at the left of the first lollipop you will see what I believe is an image of a paw print.  So naturally I drew it on mine.

Today it was cool and thought it would be a great day to work outside as I did yesterday.  But it ended up drizzling and getting cooler, so dang... I was sequestered to inside the house and forced to hook, har har har 😃😃 😃.

Happy hooking.


Thursday, June 6, 2019

My Family's Military Heros

As people are remembering D Day and Normandy thought I'd share some information on my military family.  Top center is the patriarch of the Green Family, Joseph Hildren Green, Sr.

Left is my father Joseph Hildren Green, Jr., below pop-pop is my Uncle Bob and to the right is Uncle Dallas.
Another photo of daddy in uniform.  He was with the 69th Division.
 And a copy of his Bronze Star Certificate.
A copy of a newspaper article when daddy and Uncle Bob came home on furlough.  If you tap the photo you might be able to read about the action both of them saw, including Ardennes which pop-pop was in during WWI.  
Don't want to leave out my wonderful step-father Edward C Patterson (Pat) who was in the Navy during the Korean War and then was on the President's staff during the time of Presidents Eisenhower, Kennedy, and Johnson.  You can see the Presidential patch as well as the Shield.  
Pat also served at Camp David and when on leave he had to leave all ID behind until he returned.  Oh some of the stories he told me when I'd spend the weekend with him and mother.


Wednesday, June 5, 2019

Just a Couple Pieces of Candy...Eye Candy that is

Since I've been quite busy the last couple days with appointments, an order for 3 patterns which need drawing today, not much has been accomplished on Magdalena's rug.

First up is a Frost Lion on burlap which measures 30 x 60.  Have no date as to when it was hooked.
Late 19th/early 20th century is this rug depicting two doves drinking from a fountain.  It measures 33 x 48.
Blocks of color with numbers 3 and 2 hooked inside two of the blocks.
And you've recently seen this Duck and Ducklings before and is one of the antique adaptations I'm drawing today for a customer.  This one will measure 22 x 35. 
In a previous post dedicated to Molly Nye Tobey,  I showed a few of her rugs, including this one of Apple Pie.  
Unfortunately I misspelled her last name on that post but the post is so old that editing isn't possible.  I received a nice comment from Molly Nye Tobey's grandson, Tom Tobey yesterday.  However, Tom, since you are a NO-REPLY BLOGGER I am unable to reply to you as there is no address in which to send.  Would love to see the rug your grandmother hooked of your drawing as a child.

Often I receive emails to which no mail can be sent due to being a No-Reply blogger.  If you would like to double check to make sure you aren't one of those dreaded people you can find out HOW TO FIX NO-REPLY BLOGGER HERE.


Sunday, June 2, 2019


With the eyes changed and potential customer approved it was time for binding.
I don't have a favorite binding style as each piece determines what is needed.  This one had a potential buyer who wanted to hang it on his wall so decided to do a wide double layer of cotton with the same color sleeve to insert a dowel.
As previously mentioned on other blog posts, this is a delightful design by Kelley Belfast.

Today, also printed a sheet of labels for a couple rugs recently hooked, for Cat Nap, the Magdalena I'm working on AND...... the next two rugs.  Those two  would be patterns to hook at Cape May and camp in November.  So guess I'm definitely committed to those two patterns for SURE!

Had to use up the whole sheet and it was the last sheet of printable fabric left.  Now must find a new resource because my local Walmart does NOT sell anything like that. 

IF you folks new to hooking or new to my blog you may want to visit HERE to see the other ways I've bound rugs.

Hope your next week is a happy one with good weather.


Friday, May 31, 2019

It's Rug Show Day Again

For your viewing pleasure here are some old rugs.  The Farm Scene below was hooked between 1900-20 and measured 29.5 x 39.5.
Dogs and Cats appears to be hooked or punched with yarn.  No dimensions or date provided.  Good use of left over worms.
Horse, birds and lollipop flowers with a braided edge was hooked early 1900's.  It measures 20 x 28.  Seems I've gone a tad color crazy as the blog progressed.
Back to more subdued colors is this Country Landscape from Pittsfield, MA, measuring 27 x 39.  No date was mentioned.
The top right corner shows a wonderful sky and border blends well with the mail colors.
A rug titled House at Night was hooked by Cecile Perrault, no date or dimensions were provided.
Here is a view of the back for those who like to see how much fading the front has endured.  You might notice there is no cotton biding or burlap showing.  That is because some women used to fold over the foundation before hooking near the edge so there is no worry about binding.....hooking thru the double layers protects the raw edge.
Ah, let's go for one more.  Two dogs with a crazy quilt style background measuring 21 x 50.
Going to be a nice mild day today ~ sunny, less humid and...NO RAIN!!!!

SUSAN DAVIES.....  You are not receiving my emails because you are a "No-Reply Blogger"   You will need to contact me with the EMAIL ME form at the top right sidebar of my blog.


Tuesday, May 28, 2019

Great Granddaughter's Rug Update

Sure thought the crow would be finished in my afternoon hooking segment.  I'm sure Jo Leedy Ritter Wick would definitely have had this whole rug done by now.  I'm using worms from #8.5 at the largest and whatever colors and size from my baggies.  

In my defense it does take time to rummage through the bags to find just the right color/value/size which fits.  Sometimes I think it would be faster to just cut more wool.  BUT don't want to make MORE wooley worms.
On another news front.....I read that the SHINGLES vaccine is more effective now since when mine was given in 2010.  Went to Walgreens today and learned the one I had 2010 was only 65% effective and the new vaccine (a two-shot vaccine) is 97% effective.  It requires a second shot within 6 months of the first and Medicare/drug insurance does pay for part.  OR, if you don't have Part D Medicare try GoodRX.com.

My sweet DIL recently had a very painful outbreak of shingles and have heard horrid stories from other friends and family about how painful Shingles outbreaks is.  So you may want to visit your family doctor or local pharmacist to find out which vaccine you had and if you are safe.

Prayers go out for the people hit by the recent tornadoes and flooding.  


Monday, May 27, 2019


Today is a solemn holiday as we honor those men, women and dogs who sacrificed their lives to keep America free.
Enjoy your freedom because others have paid a price to keep our country safe.


Sunday, May 26, 2019

Memorial Day

On my front door is this wreath, I believe the doll pattern came from an old publication by Kindred Spirits.
In  the office is a constant decoration ~ this mohair bear I made; also made the hat.
Over the years I've made and sold numerous patriotic themed items when I was doing shows.  Here is a patriotic Annie made from a Netty LaCroix pattern.
There are more in my photo archives but will only bore you with one more.
This holiday weekend there will be barbecue's going, picnics, swimming and enjoying the freedom we are fortunate to have in America.  Most importantly, Memorial Day is the day we honor all the men, women, dogs and horses who paid the ultimate sacrifice to keep our country free.

Enjoy a fun-filled and safe holiday weekend.


Thursday, May 23, 2019

Channeling Magdalena

There is always something about antique rugs which stir up questions I'd ask the woman if she was sitting with me.  Magdalena's rugs are no exception.  

First thing I noticed on the Great Granddaughter's Rug is that 'paw print' at the lower left of the lollipop bouquet on the left side.  It had to be hooked that way on purpose because who would use such a much darker value to fill in a spot?  And so I hooked it to look like the paw print too.
To save you time looking for Magdalena's original, here it is again.
My colors seem to be a little more bright so will need to tone it down with some black walnut juice after it is finished.  Am looking forward to working on the globe part but can't do that until all the lollipops are hooked.

Happy hooking, stitching, quilting or knitting....whatever floats your boat.