Sunday, May 31, 2020

You Asked, I'll Answer...

..What's next?  This is what's on my frame now; an antique adaptation 
A couple years ago I tried a technique on Lady the Donkey, which was also an antique adaptation.  I love how it turned out but wanted to try the technique then realized the donkey was not the right subject for such a challenge.
Here is the original antique, but of course I wanted my donkey in different colors.  With the bridle being hooked with antique paisley thought the donkey looked quite the lady....thus the name.
With all the negativity on social mediums, with people being bused in for rioting and demolishing businesses and lives, I've chosen to stay off and keep myself in a calmer place by doing what makes me happy.  There was NO reason George Floyd should have died that day and the bad officer hopefully will be convicted of murder.  But that doesn't give license to anyone to destroy what is already crippled state(s) and its people.


Friday, May 29, 2020

Unveiling Early Bird

Okay, get ready for the big surprise.  I fell head over heels for Early Bird pattern at Cape May and had to bring the pattern home.  It is designed by Lori Brechlin and sold by Spruce Ridge Studios.  It was great as designed but when I started pulling loops had a different vision for my finished rug ~ I wanted framing all around.  

Kris always draws her patterns with a nice margin beyond the design so used that plus an added piece of cotton to the left and right side for ease of hooking.  
Below is the photo of the Kris' hooked Early Bird.  I like her textured wool for the bird's breast much better than what I used.  Also like her angled tail feathers.....maybe I'll change mine.
TGIF for all you worker bees, for me it is just another weekend day.


Thursday, May 28, 2020

Flashback Thursday

Cannot believe it has been 7 years since this class with Betsy Reed November 2013.  As this is the flash drive with BIG issues I will not be able to crop photos or I will lose them as I did a rug hooked by Janet Reid recently.  So forget about all the empty wall space and enjoy the activity in the photo.

This is a rug in progress by Betsy which I titled as American Cats Adaptation.
Betsy showed us her patchwork backing for animals and hearts.  I was particularly attached to this gold heart not only for the wide cut but also the brassy old gold color.  
This is an example of the patchwork back which she does with animals, hearts and pillows.  Think of those small or odd shaped pieces of wool used for applique, quilting, etc.  Now you can use them for backing.
Here are a few of her other adorable items which for which she sells patterns.  OOOOH, love that cat and bunny Too.
I also thought Betsy's cat and mouse was cute.  I have a template of each of them but still haven't hooked it yet.  Betsy's was finished with a braided edge.
In this class is where I first saw the very primitive binding which I've done on a pillow and small mat, it was love at first sight.  This was by Betsy but I also purchased her pattern.
And a closer view.
Betsy's class busy on the far side of the room.
And our table with Phyllis (in red) sitting beside me and pal Deb across from me.  Aww, and there's dearly departed Janice Russell chatting with Deb..
It is always a delightful class with Betsy as the teacher also in class was Norma Batastini.  Perhaps Norma came to check out the camp as a future teacher and play with wool like the rest of us.  

At class I asked Norma if I could post a photo of the rug she was hooking.  She said, "no because it is a gift to my son and don't want him to see it on he internet before he receives it".  I honored her request then, but it is now 7 years later and am sure he has received it.
This rug was huge and really attractive with the colorful hand torn wool by Sarah Guiliani.  This has inspired me to hook a circles purse one day.
Sadly I missed the April camp at The Dunes this year due to the Corona-virus but am hoping the November class will go as scheduled.  This would be the view outside the hotel.  All rooms face the ocean, mmmm, I can smell the salt air now...can you Deb?

Tuesday, May 26, 2020

Vintage Rug Show

Let's do this again, show of old rugs.  Below is a Canadian hooked floral hooked early 20th century.  Sadly the people had it stored folded up, you can see the memory of the fold in the rug still.  Don't store your rugs folded, instead roll them with the wool loops outward.  This rug measures 22 x 38.
Two dogs facing has appealing colors, to me anyway.  No date or dimensions were provided.
The Eagle rug appears to have been stored folded too, a definite no-no as it stresses the foundation and puts permanent 'remembered' shape.  It measures 23 x 35 and no date provided on age.
 Hooked 1890 Folk Art animal runner measures 28.5 x 86.
For Lauren is this Pug rug dated 1898.  From the Kaprick Bluethantal collection it measures 23 x 40.5.
The auction house described this Lion rug as being hooked and shirred  but it looks more like proddy to me.  Hooked mid 19th century and measures 34 x 38.
Large red flowers, wool and cotton hooked between 1880-1920 measures 21 x 38.5.
I've already have my next project planned when Early Bird is finally done.  Hope your Tuesday is nice ~ sure doesn't feel like almost June as I'm wearing a sweat shirt and sweat pants instead of shorts.


Monday, May 25, 2020

Memorial Day

God bless America, those who served all branches of service to protect the freedom of our beloved country and family members who lost loved ones.  
The Pledge rug was designed and hooked by Polly Minick.


Sunday, May 24, 2020

Get'n There Slowly

Just started to hook the letters EARLY BIRD but at least the top part of the rug is done.  I've made another change ~ what's new?  Well, it is actually more of a 'creative license' sorta thing and will save that as a surprise for the next update.
With non-essential businesses closing my pre-scheduled hair cut for April 14th was cancelled so haven't had a hair cut since March 3.  But finally Delaware shops can open in June and have an appointment for June 3rd.  They can only have one person at a time in the shop. I'm beginning to look like the wild woman of the woods with my bushy hair.

I've not worn any makeup since the shutdown because when leaving the house to go to the grocery store I'm wearing a mask.  Also haven't put on a pair of jeans in months so am positive those won't fit when the self-quarantine ends.  

Am still making my own sprouts and hands down do prefer the Broccoli Sprout Seeds to the Alfalfa.  
Despite still eating healthy meals I've put on a few pounds.  Largely due to eating more peanuts and pretzels than I'm working off.  Which means I'll either need to walk/exercise more OR greatly reduce my intake of snacks.  When going to a rug camp I usually come home with about 2 pounds heavier but have always taken it off within a week of coming home.  Uh, I'm home and it hasn't left yet. 😒

Hopefully the economy will get back on track soon with the opening of businesses ~ for those who haven't lost everything already.  One business in Ocean City, MD (Fish Tails) has a creative way for customers to social distance using "bumper tables".  
Happy hooking and stay safe.


Wednesday, May 20, 2020

Vintage Rugs

Antique rugs make my heart skip a beat.  Here are a few rugs I've recently found and will share whatever information was available on each.

This lovely rug from the 19th Century was described as a Flower Basket with Brackets on dark field which measures 32 x 59.  Wow, is so perfect it looks like a painting and would be easy to make into a pattern as the lines are crisp.
Just found this Dog and Cherry Trees rug which had been listed with an auction house and sold for $5,500.  Dated late 19th century, it measured  43.5 x 45.5.
This Home Hearth scene is a familiar design for the narrow cut hooker.  I've seen some designs with women facing one another having tea with the same windows and fireplace in the background.  Wonder if it is a Pearl McGowan design.  This one was hooked by Minnie (Nissley) Stehman in 1930 from Ephrata, PA  and measures 38 x 68.
A York, PA Flower Mat measures 15 x 16 ~ this is the front.  
The colors don't seem to have faded much as you can see from the back.
Flowering Tree, Birds and Deer was hooked early 20th Century and measures 37 x 55.  This is the front.
It is secured and backed with part of an American Flag.  Before you condemn the person who hooked this rug years ago for not having any respect for the American Flag, think about a couple things.....
First, the person was using what was available.  The flag was not being stomped on, not being used in protest and think she meant no disrespect.  Perhaps it was a flag of a relative she was preserving along with a part of herself by covering the back of the hooked piece.

Below is a Lion hooked rug.  Yes it may be an old design which might look marvelous when hooked with wool, cotton or textiles used back in the day.  This looks like it was punched with yarn which might be faster to accomplish but I personally do NOT like the look.  
Now compare it to a rug hooked 1880 which appears to be the same design but reversed since it was hooked and not punched.  I far prefer wool hooked rugs.
The rug below is a simple design yet that grey and yellow goes well together.  
This Dog appears to be carrying an Easter Egg Basket.  It was hooked with wool, homespun and maybe even yarn.  It measures 17 x 18.
This is the reverse side of the rug.
Can't believe the hurricane season has appeared already with Arthur's winds blowing like crazy the last 3 days.  And the Windy Day pattern still on display at the front door on the sofa table.

Sunday, May 17, 2020

Early Bird Update

Had intended to post an update yesterday but it was grass cutting day and laundry needed to be done.  By the time those chores were completed all I wanted to do was sit and hook.  And, sad to say I've been a couch potato all day and worked on Early Bird.  You'd think I'd be done with it by now but nope.  

Early Bird is adapted from the artwork of Lori Brechlin and sold as a rug hooking pattern by Spruce Ridge Studios.  This is what it looks like now.
Remember that 'glitch' I spoke about in a previous post?   This is what I was referring to ~ the tail feathers.  Kris' hooked version starting with brown and ended with black.  But I had a space open and since I was already stressed for losing a beautiful photo blew the issue out of proportion and stopped working on it...uh briefly.
When I went back to the rug all I did was rip out the black, moved it up in the space and hooked a bottom row of brown; no big deal Saundra, what was all the fuss about..duh?  It was losing the photo of Janet Reid's beautiful rug.  But thanks to a friend I've acquired a replacement.

Back to Early Bird....another thing I did was pull out the more intense orange and replaced it with the softer version of the same color.  See below when I showed you my options in the beginning of this project.
AND....another thing 😁 I pulled out the yellow beak and replaced it with the textured you see in the first photo.  

For those who are wondering, I'm using #8.5 strips except for that white around the eye.  I've more work to do before attacking the words as I'd like to get the background done before tackling the bottom.  

In a couple days I'll post a photo of my bound Cat's Paw so if any one is working on one and would like me to share it on my blog, please send me a photo.  If you would like to start a new project during this 'stay at home' time check out my initial INVITATION.

It was a breezy and cooler Sunday than yesterday but suspect that when the heat is turned on outside it will crank up big time.  Hope all of you stay safe and are feeling well.


Thursday, May 14, 2020

Throw Back Thursday (EDITED)

Since I've run into a little glitch while hooking Early Bird I'll do a flash back to Cape May 2014.  Don't worry, I promise to show you the glitch and what I do to fix my problem in my next post.

Stepping back in time to September 2014, Ali Strebel was my teacher that year.   The first task  in the class was doing a sampler of stitches.  Ali handed out pieces of linen to each of us and a few strips of wool in various colors.  I still have my sampler but since it isn't as organized or pretty as my pal Deb's I stole a picture of hers to show, albeit upside down.

Here is Ali demonstrating something but can't tell or remember just what it was.
Notice the gal above in navy blue (Elaine Copeman), she is the one who hooked Bertha at the Beach piece below.  This is a hoot and she did a magnificent job.
Some Ohio gals were there, but sadly not Lauren, and they seemed to love picking on me.  Hey, I'm easy to pick on, what can I say.
A Granny Donaldson rug hooked by Evelyn Lawrence, pattern by Woolley Fox. 
The Give Ye Thanks piece on the left was hooked by pal Deb Nees, a Lori Brechlin design and sold by Spruce Ridge Studio.  
Thanks to friend Joan Strausbaugh I now have a photo of Give Ye Thanks hooked by Janet Reid.  Notice the the Pink Cancer Ribbon on her door.  I believe this was Janet's way of expressing her THANKS for being in remission.
 Below is Button Basket hooked by Rebecca Erb.
Celtic Rabbits hooked by Evelyn Lawrence and design by Lisanne Miller.
A more colorful rug is "Dog Eat Dog World", designer unknown and hooked by Pat Levin.
Bee Head, designed by Bev Conway was hooked by Greta Schneider.
Ruth Hall hooked the 1835 PA Fraktur below.
New England Berry Tree design by Woolley Fox and hooked by Deb.
1830 Eagle hooked by Joan Strausbaugh and designed by Karl Kraft.
You can spot a Cheri Reid hooked rug a mile away.  Here are only three which were in the rug show.  The Red Lion Inn was huge so took two photos so you could enjoy the entirety of it.  The first photo shows the top which was heavily reinforced for it to hang properly .

Last but not least is a photo of some gals enjoying the fine weather hooking on the porch.  Am hoping Cape May will be happening again this September.
I didn't show all the rugs from the show as I've other things to do this afternoon.  Have wasted so much time trying to recover the photos, searching the archives on previous blog posts to find Janet's rug to no avail.  And including trying several times to edit the color changes in this post.  Frustration!!!!!

Again, if anyone has a photo of Janet's Give Ye Thanks rug please send me a copy.  Since Janet is no longer with us I'd like to have that as a fond memory of her struggle.  I believe that rug was her Giving Thanks for being in remission.    

Thank you Joan!!!!!!!  Oh, 'justgail' thank you for your email too but it went into my spam folder since you are a no-reply blogger and I didn't see your message in time.  You CAN fix the no-reply just do a google for those words.