Thursday, October 31, 2019

Happy Halloween

Two fun rugs designed by Lori Brechlin and both hooked with Kris Miller of Spruce Ridge Studios.  Below is Nantucket Broomride.
And Do Goode Be Nice below.  Instead of hooking in the skeleton key I attached one to the rug.

Wednesday, October 30, 2019


'Tis the eve before ghosts, goblins, witches and other gremlins appear at our door steps.  This a Happy Haunting Applique Quilt piece I made over 20 years ago and have forgotten who the designer was.
It is hanging on my front door to great the super heroes, angels, devils and all who wish a 'trick or treat' tomorrow night.  Actually it has been years since youngsters came to the house as the kids in this small community have grown and gone to college or gotten married.  My grandson used to come dress up and he is now 16 so am sure he won't be here with his bucket to fill either.

Am slowly getting ready for the rug camp with sweet and talented Kris Miller.  Have my wool pulled but know for sure she will have better choices to add with mine to make it a better rug.


Monday, October 28, 2019

Avocado Dyeing

Was determined to try avocado dyeing before leaving for rug camp and the results sure don't require a drum roll.   

I used 8 avocados and a few skins, perhaps more avocados would have produced a richer result.   The avocados were put in a mesh bag and hit them with a hammer, split in half to simmer more surfaces.
The avocados soaked over 3 days and simmered them several times over those 3 days.
Not wanting to spend anymore time on this lackluster project I drained the juice and simmered the half yard of wool.
Didn't know what to expect but having done black walnut dyeing before was thinking the avocados would produce something better than this.  Results on the left and white wool was used.
At least the wool is no longer a bright white and it will be easy enough to over-dye again.  When it became apparent this was going to be a disappointment figured tea or onion dyeing would have given more of what I was hoping for.

I still have a bunch of avocado pits and skins in my freezer should I ever try to use the whole bag instead of just 8 pits.  But that won't happen this week as I've got to start getting ready for camp.

Happy hooking.


Saturday, October 26, 2019

Oh Glorious Day Binding Begins

One week before rug camp and I'm hoping to complete binding this and Glazer Antique Hearts before then.  And if not I will work on it while waiting my turn with Kris in class.

I'm using a variegated yarn for whipping and you can see how well it blends with the wool used at the edge. 
Here's a picture of the whole rug.
Should be doing other things but think I'll pull a few loops on a small project ~ just have to pull loops everyday or I'm lost.


Thursday, October 24, 2019

Throwback Thursday

Aren't they three cutie patooties?  That is me in the middle and my cousins Barbara (left) and Rachel on the right.  We were standing on my grandfather's sidewalk where we used to lay on a blanket between the huge trees in the front yard and watch the cars go by.  We also caused our share of havoc to his hay bales and grape arbor.  

Well, I was the one who used the curvature of the concord grape trunk as a horse.  I didn't have my horse Richie at that time so perhaps it was the encouragement of pop-pop that my father finally gave in.

This was back in the day when it was safe for us to roam and play all day with no worries.  We three would go 'treasure hunting' in the woods behind us and saw a snake which seemed to be the size of an anaconda to a child's eyes.  

We used to play school at my aunt's house down the street (my cousins' grandmother) but Rachel always wanted to be the teacher and tell us what to do.  Hmmm, Rach, you wanted to be bossy even back then 😄.  Love ya Rach.  I miss those innocent childhood times.

Rachel and Barbara weren't twins, but if one cried the other would cry too; I found that unusual even back then.  Guess they were really bonded.  There is another sister, Marty Lou, but she was much too young to hang with we three musketeers

I'm 5 months older than Rachel and on my birthday she will call to teasingly remind me I'm older than her.  
Anyway......when going thru my pattern stash to reduce it, I came upon a design I'd planned to hook.  This was planned a few years ago and the
linen only partially drawn as I gave up the idea.  The features were not clear enough for me to get a good drawing and all of a sudden it seemed too overwhelming to achieve.
No way it would be a narrow cut, was thinking mostly #8 and have facial features like Deanne Fitzpatrick does on her people.  It was drawn 20 x 30 and with November rug camp near it won't be worked on anytime soon.   Or I could flip it over and draw an antique adaptation on the other side instead.  Whichever I decide it will wait a while.


Wednesday, October 23, 2019


It is a glorious day after pulling the last loop ~ my next rug camp is just eleven days away.  It was steamed yesterday afternoon and later today will start the binding process.  
It is a design by Lori Brechlin and sold by Spruce Ridge Studios.   
I bind my rugs differently depending on what I think it needs; this one will have a whipped edge using yarn.  Eventually it will hang on the wall in my kitchen over the harvest table but will wait until after next September's Cape May rug camp so it can be in the show.

I have whipped the edge of rugs before which were placed on the floor and didn't like it.  No matter how many strands of yarn you whip with the yarn eventually separated and foundation showed through.  So I don't whip the edge if the rug is to be on the floor.  One rug I've whipped the edge a second time over the first whipping so that makes double work.


Sunday, October 20, 2019


After my last post someone asked if I thought those were supposed to be bird houses next to the much larger pot of flowers.  That wasn't the first time someone asked that question of yet another rug.  I explained that primitive folk art hooked rugs have a certain naivete' about them  where perspective of size and dimension doesn't enter into the creativity.

It is like the old saying, beauty is in the eye of the beholder.  Just like reading a book, looking at a piece of art, hearing music...each of us might perceive something different.  Take a look at some examples I've posted from my antique rug archives.

The dove and horse are huge in comparison to the house and don't think they weren't meant to be bird houses.
The early 20th century rug of two dogs appear to be more the size of horses compared to the man.  I noticed the man has a pipe in his mouth.
This is a well-known antique rug below, look at the size of the horses compared to the central house.
The cat is almost the size of the house and bigger than the tree.  Obviously the cat is the main focus of the hooker versus the house.  One might think the cat ruled the house😊.
Boyerstown Pups original antique is yet another example of naivete' and free of perspective.
Here you have a huge cat, smaller horse, two diamond shapes with doves.  
The early 19th century below called Folky Homestead on the auction site was the one which was questioned by someone before.  She said it was a birdhouse.  

Yet I see a yard, sidewalk, driveway and sky.  If you look closely, the sky and below indicates the red and white stripes of the American Flag.  There are flowers in the yard ~ but again, this is my view of the rug based on my knowledge of primitive naive folk art.
And a mid 20th century rug with animals larger in comparison to the house.
The rug below I saved in 2012 and not sure if those are giant flowers or supposed to be trees.  But again, it's folk art and wonderful.
My intention for this post is well-intended and to apprise you that the lack of artistic perspective in rugs makes them folk art.  Wish I could go back in time and draw a rug design from my childhood eyes.  And sometimes wish my gradual proper hooking techniques hadn't taken so much control.  It is difficult to pull off the higgly piggly style of hooking which was once how I started hooking.  Wish I had that hooked mitten I sadly traded to someone for their first project which I never received.

Finally broke down and turned on my heat since it is cool and raining now.  But only put the thermostat at 63 to take the chill of the humidity out.  Will put on a turtleneck and sweats.


Thursday, October 17, 2019

Antique Rug Show

Saw this rug on an auction site yesterday and it is perfect for the month of October.  A Scarecrow, pumpkins, cornstalks, etc.  Said to  have been hooked early 20th century.  Measures 35 x 68.
This is the back corner of the rug so it was well used and appreciated.
Also documented as a scarce Grenfell Labrador Industries hooked face doll.  I didn't realize Grenfell Industries also made dolls.  The doll is 18" tall.  
Take a good look at the detailed background around the Cat and Dog.  It is intriguing but not sure I'd like hooking that tedious detail.  Sharon Smith's rugs have very interesting backgrounds too and admire her attention to detail but don't think I'd have the patience.
This primitive rug depicting small houses compared to the big flower pot is on my 'to do' list one day.  Looks like before I start it will require some Old Patina and/or black walnut wool dying.
Another early rug is the oval in a rectangle rug with penny circles surrounded by primitive scrolls.  Rug measures 24 x 41.
Native American rural scene measures 18 x 36 from Connecticut.
The auction house named this as ' a Boy in a silk hat'.  It looks more like a train conductor or some such worker.  Has tongues at the top but no photo of what is on the bottom.
They did provide a close up of the top portion of the rug.
Black Horses with hit and miss border said was hooked around 1930.
Folk Art Farm House and animals was hooked circa 1930-40.  EH was the hooker and used tapestry wool yarn..
There are still some rug patterns for sale HERE.  They will be listed on ebay this Saturday.


Monday, October 14, 2019

UPDATED Patterns to Sell

Am downsizing my pattern stash and have these remaining patterns to sell.  

BEE HIVE and FLOWERS by Pat Hornifus $42 is drawn on rug warp and measures 30 x 37. Here is a hooked sample hooked by Pat, I believe.

CIRCLES PURSE by Bev Conway $30 on Monk's cloth.
There is a lot of border so could be enlarged and made into a tote or mat.  There are detailed instructions on assembly to make it into a  purse.   

 FLOWER BOXES by Primco $35.  On linen it measures 25 x 32.
The ink is a little light and I started to trace over the lines to make it darker but decided to leave it alone.  It is listed for $65 on Honey Bee Hive web site.
If I was to hook it think I'd make those flowers pink dogwood blooms.
SEASON'S RISER by Kim Nixon $20 on linen.
Again with a wide margin this design could be enlarged beyond the stair riser size.  Tried looking for a hooked version of the design but only found the pattern offered on the Honey Bee Hive web site for $41.
FLORIBUNDA Purse or Tote by Kari $15 on monks cloth 15" square.

WESTPORT FLOWERS by Lib Callaway $40 listed for $64 on New Earth Designs web site.  This one I almost decided to  keep.
Summer is over, fall is here and winter is coming.  So it's time for us to gather our goodies to settle in with rug hooking projects.

I will accept a check, money order, or if you prefer will do PayPal.  The prices do not include shipping.  Shipping to U.S. only as most Canadian and other destinations require more paperwork....sorry my Canadian friends.

This will be first come first served and contact me via my email address to ensure I'm able to respond.  Numerous followers are "No-Reply Bloggers" and will not be able to receive my response.


Sunday, October 13, 2019

Black Walnut Season is Here

Black walnuts are falling off the trees and are ripe for the picking.  
This is a banner season for sure.
I gathered lots of walnuts previous years used some of the juice (dye) at the time and froze the rest for another day.  It is so sad to see these gems go to waste.
They are being run over by vehicles entering and exiting our development but when I walk to the mailbox and back try to kick some off to the side of the road in case someone wishes to salvage some.
I've used black walnuts to over dye wool several times and you can see one posting HERE.

Happy Thanksgiving to our Canadian Friends!


Friday, October 11, 2019

Oh Glorious Day Update

Am still slowly working on binding the previous rug but enjoying working on the camp rug too.  Hope to have this all hooked and bound before the November class with Kris.
As I'm looking at the rug in this photo I'm thinking about removing that dark brown in the sun's face and replacing it with something less bold.  Think I'd like that a little better.  BUT, onward to finish those tedious little leaves first.

I'm at a loss for my next post so if anyone has questions or ideas, please feel free to email suggestions.  Happy weekend. 


Thursday, October 10, 2019

Some Solutions to a Problem

Recently I was asked how I handled a long pattern drooping on the frame and twisting.  Oh Glorious Day isn't really that long but was annoying when it would twist around my floor stand.  

There are a few things I've done in the past but this is how I'm handling the problem this time.  I have a few 'kilt pins' and rolled up the excess rug and pinned thru all the layers on the outer margin of the rug.  One pin on the left side.....
...and another pin on the right side.  You  can see the roll is still tight.  
However, if it was a really long and heavier rug you could also take a length of yarn and thread through the middle of the rug and tie it up to prevent it from unrolling.  I have also done that when the rug was a long runner.

Have heard of people placing a TV tray or other table in the back and placing the rug on that.  But since I turn my frame that wouldn't be of any help for me.

Have a great evening.


Tuesday, October 8, 2019

In the Dye Pot Again

Remember that neon pink wool over dyed last week or so?  Well there is more of that in the dye pot today with the same recipe.  But this time there is a little less than 1/2 yard so results should be a little darker.
Top wool is the original, second is the first dye pot with half yard and the bottom is the result of today's dye with less than half yard.  

Today I had a follow-up doctor appointment so took the Glazer Antique Hearts rug to bind and got more accomplished.  While I hate waiting in the waiting room that is a great time to bind rugs which is another project I dislike.  Wish there were elves who would do my binding for me.  Hmm, wish I had elves to do my cleaning too.  Oh well, as that saying goes..."wish in one hand and s**t in the other and see which one fills up faster".  Sorry for you tender ears.

Had my annual flu shot so am ready to face circulating germs as I go out in public.  There is already one documented flu case in Delaware already.  Takes up to two weeks for the antibodies to become effective so get your flu shot soon.