Saturday, March 30, 2024

Testing and Something Interesting

Am testing three things...the white chest, textured and white wool for the tail and a piece of dark textured wool for the legs.  And I'm sure the leg will have to be brown like the other three.  First thing I will do is reverse hook front paw and continue with the fox.
As of this moment think I'm okay with the white chest which makes the white tail acceptable to the eye and brain, me thinks 😐.  Here are a couple other photos of fox which show the white tail.  
Both of these photos were taken from state of Delaware fox web sites.
Something I found, or rather re-discovered, yesterday was this old photo from Barb Carroll's home.  Upon seeing the photo in my old pictures recall when she was working on it and had only the directional hooking of the fox done.  

This is Barb Carroll's adaptation of the antique rug and instead of the date she put another 8 point star in its place.  Bet she pulled all those wool strips from her huge basket of delicious worms which were located in the classroom.
Happy Easter to all of you.


Thursday, March 28, 2024


It's raining again with 1 1/2 - 2" expected on top of what is already here.  This is my dreary, dark and damp day so I'll be inside hooking.  When this system is done there will be more rain still to come.  If it continues I'll no longer have a lake view property it will become a floating house boat.
Here is the forecast and rain returns again Monday for a few days.

AND ... it's antique rug show time.  

Finding vintage rugs on the internet has been rather scarce lately, but will show you some of what I've saved on the flash drive.   A bowl of flowers  dated 1900 and measures 20 x 30.
A cat made of wool and cotton on burlap dated between 1875-1900.  It is from the Joseph and Linda Caputo collection.  Do you think this cat was meant to be a domestic or wild cat?
Chivalry is not dead even in the fowl kingdom.  This rooster is letting his favorite 'chick' eat first like a true gentleman 
😊.  Rug said to be hooked early  20th century.  
The only photo provided of the rug and it is blurry.  A frog on lily pad hooked early 20th century and dimensions are 17 x 28.
A horse of course, dated 1898 it measures 31.5 x 46.5.
Am guessing by the shape of the top knot and tails these are peacocks. Said to have been hooked between 1920-29.
A group of 7 rugs photographed together.
The only one out of that group given information was the village snow scene circa 1900. 

And the last rug for today's show is the rug dated 1923.  Renard is a French word  meaning "fox".
Hopefully the auction houses will be filled with lovely antique rugs soon.  Happy Hooking.


Tuesday, March 26, 2024


Slow seems to be the speed of my hook, but eventually I'll get there.  Am trying to figure out the right colors and where to start on the fox itself.
I'm taking a little creative license on the fox as I want it to have the white chest like the Delaware red fox.  
My fox will still look primitive, but not a narrow cut realistic rendition. We have grey and red fox in Delaware, here is a beautiful photo of a red fox.  
BTW, I even noticed a red fox on the beach when attending rug camp at Ocean City, MD.  She must have had kits under the boardwalk as that is where she retreated.  Didn't get a photo of that sighting tho.

My friend Lauren and I were chatting this morning about protecting the edge of a rug before it is hooked.  I'm referring to the 1" or whatever you use as your binding requirement.  If you look at the rug pattern above you can see I did two rows of straight stitching and connected them with a zig zag stitch.  That way when I trim away the extra width around the pattern it is protected against fraying

I've forgotten to take that step a couple times and it was a pain manipulating the bulky and heavy rug around the sewing machine to secure the edge after hooking.

In other news... in the wee hours of the morning a container ship hit the Francis Scott Key Bridge in Baltimore.  Had it not been for the time there may have been more vehicles crossing the bridge.  You may hear about this on your evening news and about the search and rescue.  At the time of this post there are 6 bridge construction workers still missing and perhaps unknowns who may have been in vehicles crossing when the bridge was hit.  God Bless them and their families.
Am sure this event will have an effect on the supply chain for this area as the Port of Baltimore will probably be out of commission for a while.  Tomorrow I'm going to the grocery store and buy extra non-perishable items which are my favorites and more toilet paper, lol.  Plus other items which were hard to find just before Covid hit.  Or was it just after Covid?  Can't remember the timeframe because there was also a container ship stuck in the Chesapeake Bay but I do know shelves were empty.

Happy Hooking.


Sunday, March 24, 2024


Bet you've all been wondering what would be on my frame next and here is the start.
Oh heck, can't see what it is?  What a bad photographer I must be
😁.  Will try harder to get a good shot next time.  Meanwhile will keep you in suspense.

But ... just can't do that to my loyal friends so will show you the antique I'm replicating.  Which is 1922 Fox.  After drawing it for someone else decided it would be lovely on my frame too since I often see beautiful red fox traverse my property.
The monsoon of yesterday brought the water table back to it's fullest level.  This is the front yard.
Two shots of the backyard where the water leaves only small areas above the water level.  And water encroached the fenced area where my dogs would have visited.
The photo below shows the water extending all the way to the farm behind my property.
The other thing I want to mention/ask is if you have now or ever had a FitBit tracker.  If so, what was your experience?  I have owned many over the past several years.  Had to buy new ones because they stop syncing my steps, battery died too quickly or some other issue.  Perhaps once I was fortunate to have a 'warranty' replacement but the rest of the time I've either purchased another from Walmart or from the site.  

No longer.  I'm done, fini and will use a watch for the time and not bother with tracking my steps or sleep.  I've spent way too much money on replacements and too much time trying to get issues running properly again.  So Google Fitbit, you've lost me as a customer.  In all honesty I've not tried another brand because Fitbit was the original developer/seller so thought they'd have a better product.


Thursday, March 21, 2024


Or rather Lauren did.  She said it was time for me to show Star and Hearts so here it is.  It's all hooked but still needs to be bound, when I feel like it 😏
Have mentioned before that I bind rugs differently depending on the rug and how I want it to look.  The original antique didn't have a bordered edge so this won't either.  I don't want a wool whipped edge or anything which gives it additional width or color.  Decided to not do binding tape either.  Instead I'm going to do a doubled cotton red and white stripe binding.  

I've done doubled cotton binding before and wish I'd considered doing that before hooking so the fabric could have been machine sewn along the edge to make my life easier.  Now I'll have to hand stitch it butted up against the last row of hooking ~ won't be fun.

Here are the two pieces of fabric up for review.  The bottom was hidden near the bottom of the fabric pile, it looks and feels more like pillow ticking than the one above so that is what I'll probably use.
Yeah, I know, kinda makes you dizzy looking at it.  But it will be under the rug hidden from view but I'll like it.

Today was my first dental appointment for the crown.  Uh, not the one worn by royalty, but the one in the mouth.  Estimate cost they provided is $1,972.  The nerve is still alive so didn't need a root canal.  If I had needed one the cost would have been more I'm sure.  I go back in two weeks to have the permanent crown put in.  

That tooth had a huge filling and was well over 25 years old.  As I've many very old fillings wouldn't be surprised if the rest of them don't start deteriorating also.  Plus I have a 3 tooth bridge which dates back to when I lived in California and done in 1980.  Sure hope that one stays as I'd be in debtor's prison to pay for that work.

Rain coming again here on Saturday and it will be another monsoon.  And some of you will be having more of the white stuff, sorry for you as well.  So plan ahead to have something to work on and keep yourself busy like I will do.  Happy hooking.


Monday, March 18, 2024


Binding Lone Stag rug was put on pause for several weeks and finally completed the task this afternoon.  I do hate binding no matter which technique.
As I'm close to pulling the last loops on Star and Hearts thought I'd better get busy planning my next rug.  Sure don't want to be a frustrated hooker with no rug ready to throw on the frame.  I've even drawn it out but you'll have to wait to see what it is once hooking is done on the present project.

Spring equinox is tomorrow and this is the view from my front door.  The forsythia is beautiful now and soon those yellow flowers will turn to green leaves.  And when the buds on the other trees develop to leaves the meadow will be hidden from my view.
There are numerous daffodils around the yard but didn't take a stroll around the yard this evening to take photos.  You can see some at a distance in the photo below.
Happy Spring Equinox and happy hooking.


Saturday, March 16, 2024


Thought for sure I'd found a way to circumvent the inability to print out patterns from the computer using the Paint program and the HP 6600 scanner/printer.  But that didn't turn out as expected.  It was if the devil himself had corrupted it and was useless.  Since I had an order for this lovely pattern (1922 Fox) I went out and purchased a new Epson printer/scanner.
I spend over 2 hours trying to get it to communicate with my wifi with no success.  Finally gave up at 5 p.m.  Took the damn thing back the next morning and ordered another HP which was delivered just before noon today (Saturday).  

It's not as nice as the HP 6600 (when it worked) but at least this one does the job.  Got it hooked up easily, was able to print out the paper pattern and just finished drawing it on linen. It's ready to ship on Monday.
Quite a drop in temperature from earlier in the week, got spoiled so these normal temps feel uncomfortable.  Thanks for the leftover vegetable soup taken out of the freezer this morning, my dinner is already planned.  It's just about 5 O'clock and I'm almost ready for my celebratory glass of cab while pulling a few loops on Star and Hearts.


Wednesday, March 13, 2024


My recent searches have uncovered some wonderful rugs and am excited to share them with you.  First up is the Cat with flowers dated 1889.   The rug has a pleasanr neutral hit and miss background which I like.
Dog and her pup and don't have a date on this one but dimensions are 26 x 39.5.  I know, I'd rather have the date than dimensions too but can only provide what the auction house provides.
Double starburst said to be hooked late 19th century with dimensions of 25 x 36.
A block border and inside very primitive hooked flowers dated between 1900-1910.  Love this.
Hmm, think I've posted this before like around Christmas because at first glance all I could see were Christmas tree lights laying on the floor.  It is from the Hagley Museum, dated between 1850-1900 and measures 34 x 40.  Don't think I had the info before.
Love this fox rug and I've seen some beautiful healthy red fox around this neighborhood.  So maybe one day if I live long enough this will be on my frame.  So many oldies I want to hook and I'm just not hooking fast enough, lol.
Twin horses and harder to see are the four birds on the inside corners.  Dated 1800-1900 and dimensions of 40.5 x 48.
A Nova Scotia runner (53 x 58) and the creative use of the hit and miss hooking gives the appearance of the colors melting.  Very creative.  Oops don't have a date on this so if anyone knows please inform me.
Would you believe the temps got up to 68 today (Wednesday), or at least the last time I checked, so could be higher.  And it will be around 74 tomorrow, which the weatherman says is about 20 degrees higher than normal.  Would love it if the lake would disappear but word is there will be rain again on Friday.

Happy hooking.


Tuesday, March 12, 2024


While scrolling thru old antique rug photos I saw this 8 point star geometric.  Immediately my mind went to the wool photo I shared a couple posts ago, some of which I overdyed.  Here is an 8 point star, hooked late 19th century and measures 37 x 37.5.  IF I decide to hook it mine won't be that big. 
And how serendipitous that I still have some of this bottom wool not yet overdyed.  The bottom wool would be perfect to use with a little blue, tan and other colored worms thrown in the mix to hook.   
When I get ready for my plus one or next one perhaps the 8 point star will be IT.  Feel free to save the rug photo to draw your own and join me when I hook it.

Happy hooking.


Sunday, March 10, 2024


There's still more to hook so haven't even begun looking for 'the next one'.  Plus have more binding to do on the Stag rug.  But you know binding is never a priority of mine.
Was quite pleased to use some black and white wool which I'd previously considered tossing.  It had been hooked and pulled out so was kinda thready and figured unusable.  Certainly did the job in this rug tho.  Below is the original antique which 
is an Amish rug said to be hooked between 1920-30 and was on display at Sauder 2023.  
After this weeks rain the tide has risen even higher.  This is the back yard and the water goes inside the fenced yard and along both sides of the  yard.  I might not live in a castle but do have a moat.
Winds are horrific and fear with the wet ground there could be trees blown over in the yard.  Hope not again.

Back to the rug, tata.


Friday, March 8, 2024

Back to the Dye Pots

Decided to do a little more dyeing before putting all the supplies away.  Since there was more liquid left of Old Patina recipe thought I'd do more of the uglies.  Actually that white and tan plaid is not ugly, but wanted it toned down to look aged.  So did two pots with different amounts of dye in the pots for different results.

These 4 pieces are the before wool shown on the left (below).
The other 3 pieces on the right you've seen in other photos and is the after dyeing.  Sheesh, I could have put them in the same order, duh,  lol.
Also decided to use up some left over Soldier Blue from the Beautiful Wool dye book, which really looks like a periwinkle.  Wasn't sure what I'd end up with but as it turns out I like it.   On the left is the wool I started with and the right side are the results.  I particularly like the bottom wool results and don't know what I was thinking when buying that one either.
Thankfully there's more of the Soldier Blue dye left so will plan for another dye day.  Probably this weekend since there is going to be MORE RAIN.   Speaking of rain ... the local news said there was already 4-5" of rain this week and yet we'll get more this weekend.

Next time I decide to get the pots out I should plan for the event rather than grabbing wool at the last second and not letting the wool soak long enough.  But won't bore you with this weekend's results.  Am hoping to do an update of Star and Hearts rug.


Wednesday, March 6, 2024


Last year I attended 3 rug camps ~ Maryland Shores in April, Delmarva Workshop in November, both of which are held at same venue in Ocean City, MD and organized by the same people.  Difference is the April classes started out as McGowan patterns only camp and since primitive and wide cut became popular the Delmarva Workshop was born.  Then September I attended Rugs by the Sea camp in Cape May, NJ.

This year, the only camp I signed up for was Cape May.  But would attend only if I got my one teacher choice... Lucille Festa.  Since the camp has been reduced to only one week was certain I wouldn't get her, thus no stress on choosing a pattern, selecting wool, packing suitcases, loading, yada yada.  

Well guess what; I got her.  So appears that, God willing, I'll be headed to Cape May again this September.  So I've started picking antique rug ideas and right now have two to choose from.  Nope, not gonna show you yet because I'm fickle and just might change my mind.  After all Cape May is still 6 months away.

This morning I put half yard of mixed wool pieces to soak and decided to use a new recipe.  
Was looking for a dirty brown color and what I ended up with was nothing like that.  Thankfully it is pleasing to my eye but not what was expected.  This first photo was taken rather close up and is lighter than it appears in person.
I stepped away and took another photo and this appears darker than in person.  
I have another half yard of wool soaking and tomorrow will use my faithful Old Patina recipe to get more of what I was looking for.  So much for my trying a different dye recipe for something new.

Whatever was I thinking when purchasing that top wool???  However, the other 3 pieces of wool were also in the pot dyed today, those would be the top 3 in the photo above.  
Had planned to also post a photo of my accomplishments on Star and Hearts rug but have been fighting with my computer's USB ports, my printer all of a sudden doesn't want to play nice and still haven't figured out that problem.  Will fight with that issue again tomorrow.

Not even checking my spelling as it is past my bedtime already but wanted to get this post done.