Monday, June 30, 2014

A Rug and A Rottie

I've made some progress on the Pot of Flowers pattern sure wish I could get it done before Wednesday afternoon when the commission piece(s) arrive.  Yeah, started out as one project and is now 3, but that's okay, it will give me pocket change to feed my hooking addiction.  Was so tempted to just keep hooking the strips that were hanging below the pattern but decided to take it off the frame and post a picture anyway.  I mean, that could just go on forever with finishing up the strip.
And just had to share a picture of my sweet boy Rottie Ben.  I adopted Ben in October 2011 when he was 3 years 7 months old.  Hard to believe I've had him almost 3 years.  This boy is such a sweetheart, very affectionate, loves people, gets along with other dogs well too.  The picture below is Ben to the left and Phantom, his very best neighbor friend who is now departed. 
Rotties and Pits might have a bad name but they are not all bad dogs.  I previously owned two other Rotties.  They were good dogs and raised from puppies.  So Ben is proof that you can adopt a good adult dog, even one with a bad rap.  Just be sure to inquire how long the dog has been worked with and socialized after having been rescued.

Ben does have a flaw tho, he was a car chaser so if a vehicle drives too fast around the meadow I just might need to 'tone' him with the training collar to divert his attention.  Were it not for that he would be perfect.

Below is a picture taken yesterday of my silly boy.   Yup, it is in the shape of a pacifier but it is a KONG and a treat is stuffed inside.  Here he is trying to crush the treat with those strong jaws so the treat will fall out the hole.  He looks funny with the pacifier end in his mouth.
Oh my, look at all those wool ends and threads, dog hair and toys.  Guess I need to pull out my vacuum instead of putting a rug back on the frame.

Have a great evening everyone.


Saturday, June 28, 2014

Making Rug Labels

Jackie, a loyal follower of mine suggested I do a tutorial on making rug labels.  But before I get to that wanted to let Jackie know that I tried to respond to your message but you ARE one of those unfortunate people who has that dreaded "no-reply" blogger.  To learn how to correct it so you don't miss any giveaways or personal help when asking for it, do a google search or scroll thru my old posts to see how to correct it.  It is easy to do.

Anyway, there are a couple ways to make rug labels and I've done it two ways now.  The first way was to cut freezer paper 8 1/2 x 11 to and a piece of muslin ripped on the straight of grain across and down to fit that sheet of paper. 

If you want the muslin a little tea stained I'd do that to a larger piece to allow for shrinkage and then rip/cut to fit the freezer paper.  Then you iron the slippery side of the freezer paper to the fabric using a hot dry iron. 

The label for the the McCue Eagle was done using the technique described above.  Since I was planning to hook several of Magdalena Briner's designs wanted to provide adequate information on the back so did a form and hand wrote the information in after each was hooked.  As you can see below it isn't as nice since the ink pen ran and the writing isn't as structured as the print.
If you look at the label above closely you will see that I also indicated the original size of Magdalena's Eagle and the size of mine.  Wanted to show the year the original is to have been hooked as well as the year I hooked mine.  Since all that information was available to me, thanks to the long and tedius research of my friend Evelyn Lawrence, I felt it should be on my label.

So now the more current rug labels I've done; you saw one on the back of The Cat's Meow in a recent post.  Here is a label I just attached to the back of a previously hooked Henny Penny design by Woolley Fox. Notice that mild green in the background ?  The name of it is Irish Eyes and was purchased from Betsy.  I LOVE that wool and am using it in the Pot of Flowers that I'm presently working on (flower buds, leaf, thin row around flowers) and it was used in the duck on Magdalena's Farm rug.  It is a 'must have' wool in my estimation.  Not sure if she has any left but if not and it is ever re-milled, make sure you get some.  Now she'll shiver if she doesn't have any in stock and she gets e-mails. 
This is the product I used to make these last labels.
I purchased this at Hancock Fabrics but am sure other fabric or craft stores would have a similar product.  This is NOT a shiny or rubbery product but a muslin and just what you want.

So this is what I do to design the information on my piece of paper:

~OPEN a new document in Windows Word
~ make MARGINS the narrowest so there's more room for the labels.
~INSERT "Table" and I used two across and 4 down per sheet of paper.
~TYPE your information using the font you desire and info you desire
~COPY and PASTE a picture of your choosing.

I will fill out one square with information and then copy and paste the info into the other 7 blocks.  If the 8 labels runs over onto a second page then I know that I've to reduce the font size or reduce the size of the picture (if there is one).  And, sadly am normally behind in labeling my rugs so that I know the name and information for all 8 rugs.  That way I use up the whole sheet and don't waste the product.

Oh, and I save that into a document so that when I'm ready to label the next 8 rugs all I have to do is change the name and the information.  Also be sure to leave adequate space above and below each label for cutting and stitching.

What you will need to do is test to see which side the fabric enters the printer.  You will notice that I made a note and wrote it on the package so next time I know to place the fabric side down so the printing is on the proper side and doesn't gunk up my printer.  It was much better using this product than ironing on the freezer paper to cotton.  But that was a cheaper way to go.

After printing out the fabric I waited for it to dry and just for safety sake I took a plain sheet of paper and placed it against the printed side of the fabric and ironed it with a hot dry iron.  Since I wanted to stain the fabric I wanted to be sure the ink wouldn't run.  Thankfully something worked because it didn't run when I dipped the labels in coffee.  Now, I DID cut my labels while they were attached to the paper to make it easier and make for a straighter cut. 

Hopefully I've explained everything well enough for you.  And feel free to write me with questions but just remember, if you are a NO-REPLY blogger you'll never receive my e-mail.

Have a great evening everyone.  And please be kind to one another; as the old saying goes.... "you can catch more flies with sugar...."  Besides, it makes me happier to be nice.



Thursday, June 26, 2014

Pot of Flowers Update

Thought I'd post a picture of my newest project and realized I'd neglected to provide a size (Lauren, you're slipping).  It measures 16 x 22 1/2 and is being hooked with mostly #8.5 cuts.   However, there are also a LOT of woolie worms being pulled out of my bags of stash.  Just love to use up those pre-cut wool strips. 

Also used one of the tricks learned from Barb at the last Woolley Fox rug camp.  That is using the somewhat dusty looking strip of wool at the very edge (one row) so it gives the appearance of the edge of the rug being scuffed from use.  I say dusty looking compared to the primitive black.... and the piece of wool being used at the very edge is my name sake Woodland Junction and is probably still in stock as it was recently re-milled by Heavens to Betsy
And guess I'd better hustle and accomplish what I can within the next 3 days because there's a commission piece to hook for someone and it is sizable.  I'm guessing it will be here in 3 days.

And a little food for thought...."No one is in charge of your happiness except you".  Have a fantastic evening and be nice to yourself.


Tuesday, June 24, 2014

ALMOST DIDN'T Do it Again!!

Was so excited to get a pattern on my frame I didn't take a moment to think about doing my pre-binding protection 1" away from the design.  Yup, and here is the proof.  However, this was my second go-around with color planning.  Notice the colors of the stems of the flowers on this picture and then the one below.
So let me back up a bit and show you how I considered hooking the antique rug.  YIKES.... did I really consider that bright blue for the leaf in this antique piece?  And in looking closer at the original antique rug realized the main stems weren't blue at all.  It was the outward and encompassing stems which held the blue color.
So, tomorrow I'll show you my pre-binding stitching, hooking progress  also show the original antique so I can see if I'm close to replicating it.
Have a great evening folks.  I think spring is finally over and summer is here for a while.


Sunday, June 22, 2014

The Cat's Meow is Bound

With the time I was held captive at the Chrysler dealership and the over 2 hours spent at the ophthalmologists office was able to get a large portion of yarn whipped bottom edge done.  Since it was so close to being finished continued when I got home. 

Here is The Cat's Meow on my harvest table along with a Raggedy Ann I made.  Ann's face is hooked and the rest of the body is cloth or warm and natural.
Here is the back and you can see the variegated yarn used to bind the underside of the rug as well as the label I made for it.  Even tho I pin the dang label on it never ends up being straight.

Funny thing happened while waiting for the eye doctor.  The guy who fills the glasses prescriptions saw me whipping the edge of the rug and wanted to see what I was working on.  Always happy to share my projects I held it up for him to view. 

He asked if I sold them, to which I commented that I do sell some of my rugs.  He asked how much this one would be but mentioned I hadn't done the math on it yet based on the dimensions.  So he said, 'well about how much... $50 - $60?  I smiled and told him there was more than that in the cost of backing and wool used to hook it. 

First, I'll excuse his lack of knowledge because he's a man who probably thinks it is just 'women's busy work' and doesn't put any value in it.  But it still amazes me how clueless some people are when it comes to paying for a hand hooked rug.  Perhaps because they can go to Walmart and pick up a throw rug for a few bucks or see hooked rugs made in China so cheap they don't place much value on hand-hooked American made.

The last loop has been pulled on the Magdalena Farm so now that one needs to be bound, as well as the small Duluth Pumpkin.  And I want to tell you that I was going stir crazy last night because there was nothing on a frame to be hooked.  This has only happened a couple times where I wasn't completely ready to start another rug.  Well That will change as of this afternoon once the grass is cut.  This mama is ready to go with a new one.

Have a great Sunday everyone.


Friday, June 20, 2014

Eenie, Meenie, Miny, Mo

Guess I'm sounding like a broken record as I'm again undecided about what to put on my frame next.  There are so many rugs/mats wanting and waiting to be hooked.  There are a few Woolley Fox patterns that I have ready to go as well as some antique rugs that I'm itchin' to hook.

This is a design named "Got Wool" by Woolley Fox and my pal Deb hooked this one.  She and I both purchased the pattern at the same time when we were at Barbs.  I love how Deb hooked hers; think she did this when we were in a class with Lucille Festa.
This is another pattern I have from WF.  After visiting Barb in May and saw this beauty on her wall (again), it rekindled the flame so this is definitely an option.

Another on my 'to do' list is Old Ducks, which is a Magdalena Briner design.  I pulled this beautiful hooked piece from Barb's web site under the Magdalena Briner page.
And then there are these antique rugs which are pulling on my heartstrings too.  This rug is a little tattered from age and would like to hook this one day.  Matter of fact Alice posted a picture on her BLOG of the same design she is hooking.
Here is an early rug I'd also love to hook and has basically the same colors as my Cat's Meow, so no wonder it was beckoning me.
This is something I recently found on Pinterest and like the plump pony and guess they are either parrots on the side or birds.  But then I just finished hooking two horses.
Well, these are just a few rug designs which have been bouncing around in my cranium lately.  But ya know what.... by the time I finally pull the last loop on the Magdalena Farm rug might just take a detour and something else will be hot and top of the list.

Have a great weekend.


Tuesday, June 17, 2014

A Little About A Lot

First, as promised, here is an update on the Magdalena Farm rug which was started with Barb Carroll on May 18th.  Wow, hard to believe that much has been accomplished in just a month and I hooked the Duluth Pumpkin too.  That might be an all time record for me even; Magdalena's Farm measures a comfortable (for me) 24 x 38, so it isn't a mat.  Well, guess it could be called a mat by some hooker's standards but not to me.
And it just registered to me that I had not taken the time to do my 'pre-binding' stitching all the way around.  So now I'm left with having to manipulate this heavy rug as I do 3 rows of stitching all the way around the 4 sides.  What was I thinking? 

Obviously I wasn't thinking at all and the pattern had been in my possession for well over a month so there's no excuse for me.  Needless to say I'm really dreading binding this one for that reason.  Having osteo-arthritis in my hands doesn't help when having to manipulate a heavy rug.  Oh well, I'll get the job done because Cape May is coming in September and it will be ready for the show then.

Frankly, I had neglected to do the pre-stitching on Duluth Pumpkin too but that is a smallish piece and that was taken care of today.  First I drew a line down the ditch just 1" away from the last row of hooking all the way around.  You can see I trimmed off the corners so there will be less bulk when I do the mitre at the corners.
Next I did one row of straight stitch ON the drawn line, a second row of straight stitching just inside that first row, and then a zig zag stitch connecting the two rows of straight stitching to secure the edge.  This way there is much less chance of the edges fraying under the binding.
Then I trimmed away the very generous excess linen that Maria Barton provided on this piece. 
Since The Cat's Meow still isn't completely bound this will join 'the land of limbo' a shameful club that I am a member of.

And another topic I'd like to discuss is my sadness that I'm unable to reply to those kind and interested hookers who have questions.  I click 'reply' to send a note only to find they are a NO-REPLY BLOGGER. 

No one thinks they are a no reply blogger since they joined BLOGGER, they have an e-mail and receive e-mails from friends and relatives constantly.  Not the same thing and you could STILL be a "No-Reply Blogger".

Recently there was a fairly new hooker who had a question about my pre-binding around The Cat's Meow rug.  I clicked the 'reply' tab but it showed she was a NO-REPLY BLOGGER.  Hopefully she will read this post and click on the link HERE which will once again explain to all how to fix the problem. 

She probably thinks that I'm stuck up, don't have the time for newbies or don't want to share.  Those who know me know that is not me at all.  I love to share and would do so in a reply if it was possible.  So, for the heck of it, click on the link above to see if you too are a no reply blogger.  You might have to scroll down a tad to see the large print information, but it is there.

Have a great evening everyone and hope you are staying cool.  The 'feel as' temperatures in Delaware were over 100 degrees today and the next two days will be hotter.

God Bless those of you who were in the path of the twin tornadoes in Nebraska.  My heart goes out to you.


Monday, June 16, 2014

Duluth White Pumpkin

WOO HOO, the last loop along the beaded border of the mat has been pulled and it now needs to be steamed, the eye buttons stitched on and bound.  So this cute as the dickens piece is all ready for my fall decorations.  This lovely pattern/kit was a giveaway by Maria Barton on her BLOG last fall.  I was truly blown away when I saw my name as a winner.
As much fun as this was and as fast as it hooked up, I'm now looking forward to finishing the background of the Magdalena Farm rug started with Barb Carroll in May.  So look forward to an update of that tomorrow. 

Have a great evening and stay cool. AND, as kind to one another. 


Saturday, June 14, 2014

Duluth Pumpkin Giveaway Update

At least DULUTH PUMPKIN is the name at the bottom of the lucky win from Maria Barton's BLOG Giveaway last fall.  As I had a rug started and an upcoming rug camp didn't start hooking it then.  But the kit was kept in sight teasing me ever since.  The mat isn't done and hasn't been steamed so the button eyes are only placed on the mat for this photo. 
It has been a while since I've done the beading technique and each time I start it is like learning all over again.  My fingers under the frame have to remember the 'touch' as to which color wool I'm holding in which hand.  Thus the variance in which side the orange or dark beading is on.  However, you must agree the top side results makes quite an impact on the design of a rug.

Oh, this picture from the back was taken outside on my deck in natural light since the flash wouldn't go off. That's why there is a difference in coloring.  But you can still see that I tried to work each color on a certain side of my hand as I did the BEADING.  Yeah, sometimes the strip accidentally switched in my hand but I'm not ripping out.
It's a smallish piece and could easily have hooked it in a day if I didn't have other things going on.  Uh, but isn't that the way with all of us hookers?  Yet we are always looking for a minute here and there to pull a few loops.

Tonight is warm, mild and LOW humidity.  Ah, wonderful evening and hope you are also enjoying your weekend.  Please be kind to one another... animals and human alike.


Thursday, June 12, 2014

Pumpkin Stem Beading

Ah, bet you thought I was talking about precious stones, glass or plastic beads, nope.  As mentioned in my previous post it was time for me to start something new so decided on the Star Rug pumpkin.  And no, I'm not done with the Magdalena Farm rug and will show an update of that tomorrow.

Here is what I received in the generous giveaway from Maria Barton last fall.  I've been itching to hook it since winning it and decided to start now as there's only background and binding left to do on the Farm rug.
Beading is a hooking technique where you use two interchangeable strips of wool, different colors to provide a creative and decorative addition to a hooked piece.  I placed the two strips of wool on top of one another and started both strips in the same hole.  I started at the curve in pumpkin and worked myself up to the top of the stem. 

Start the two wools in one hole and let your bottom fingers choose the color for the next loop.  Once that is pulled up then you grab the other strip and pull that one color up in the next hole, etc.  Finally both strips are pulled up in the same hole at the end.  Easy peasy.
This is the back of the foundation and notice that I managed to twist my strips.  Since this won't be on the floor but rather on the table during the 'FALLoween' season I'll not worry with it.
I'd show you more but think I'll make some different white pumpkin wool color choices and do some reverse hooking first.  Or at least I'll sleep on it over night, look at what I've hooked and get back to .... the FARM this evening.

Have a great evening everyone and hope you survived yet another day of rain bombardment.  Tomorrow's weather will be....... you guessed it... more rain.


Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Magdalena Farm Update and.... What Next?

The last couple days has provided limited hooking time for me so not a whole lot more has changed since you last saw the rug.  Here is Magdalena's Farm by Woolley Fox as it looks at the moment.
Since there is just background to hook, but interesting background I might add, I'm thinking about popping something else on a frame to start for fun.  Yes, backgrounds can be either boring or soothing and something you can do in your sleep....well almost.

So there are two designs sitting on the fence that I'm trying to decide between to start next.  One is a fantastic kit I luckily won from Maria Barton's generous Giveaway from Star Rug Company last fall and have been itching to hook it ever since (thank you Maria!).
The other is an antique adaptation of this floral antique rug.  I love antique rugs and think part of the charm is the color changes in the background where similar colors were used to fill in.  Also like that 'dirty worn' look of light colors from years of use ~ dirty farm soiled feet and the like.  Oh the stories they could tell.
The Star Rug design is small and all the wool has been selected so right there for me to cut (thank you again Maria!).  And the antique I'd have to pull the colors for which would take time.  Hmm, ya think I've made up my mind yet?  Stay tuned and find out.  BUT, it won't happen tonight and for the next two days I've got my dear grandson after school so it will be a few days before I can play more in the wool room. 

Have a great evening everyone and hope you received JUST the right amount of rain needed for the growth of your gardens and yard.


Monday, June 9, 2014

What I Hooked in 2013

A little over a year ago I decided to start a list of the rugs, mats and purses I'd hooked since beginning my love of hooking.  I'm sure there are items I've hooked, sold and have since forgotten about but with the help of some saved photos or rugs I own started my list.  The first one finished of the new year of 2013 would have been:

Henny Penny designed by Barb Carroll of Woolley Fox, but I hooked this one at home.

Oh Deer, another Barb Carroll Design and hooked this one in her class.

Jack Designed by Barb Carroll and it was a free pattern insert in the Oct/Nov 1997 issue of Rug Hooking Magazine.  The picture shows up brighter than in person since I took it with a flash.

Red Bird of Pennsylvania, an antique adaptation by Woodland Junction Primitives.

Westmoreland Ponies by Barb Carroll is a free pattern insert in one of the RHM but I forget just which one right now.  However, I loved it so much after living with it in the Woolley Cottage for 3 days that I had to buy the pattern and some wool for it while at camp last year.
Long Island Farm is a Lucille Festa, American Country Rugs design which was started before Cape May last year.

And my Shadow Memorial from photo of her, was started at Cape May under the tutelage of Diane Stoffel.  Shadow was hooked using #8 strips.

Antique Hearts and Swags, an adaptation of an antique is offered by Woodland Junction Primitives.  This was started last November in a class with Betsy Reed of Heavens to Betsy; I made it into pillow.

And lastly, Santa and Deer Antique Adaptation was started during the Christmas holiday week to make it feel  more like Christmas.  For years I'd promised myself to hook this vintage rug and now I've got it done and am ready for the Christmas holiday this year.  Uh, but not ready for the snow just yet we haven't even gone thru summer.  Santa and Deer can also be found on Woodland Junction Primitives.
So for the rugs and mats I can account for, that would be 88 pieces up to the Santa and Deer.  And so far for 2014 I'm working on the 4th for this year, which is the Magdalena Farm that I'm working on right now.
Happy Hooking everyone.

Friday, June 6, 2014

Magdalena Farm Update

At least all the motifs are hooked now and it is the interesting background that Magdalena was so well known for left to hook.  Actually, that is exactly the reason the backgrounds of the Magdalena designs aren't and really are fun to hook.  Here's what the rug looks like taken on the back porch in natural evening light. 
Since my back is healing there's yard work and grass cutting in my forecast tomorrow; so not sure when another loop will be pulled other than maybe over coffee tomorrow morning as I plan my day.

Have a great evening everyone and hope you had a chance to get outside and enjoy the low humidity and perfect breeze and temps.


Thursday, June 5, 2014

Something I learned from Barb...

...Barb Carroll, that is.  While I cannot remember all the subtle things I've learned from Barb over the years of classes there are two which really hit home after this last rug camp. 

First was Rug Binding.  UGH!  Not my favorite thing to do and not sure if I know anyone who enjoys it.  AND, my friends, if you admit you LIKE binding you might end up getting some offers for that task so be careful. 

Moving right along, while being taken on a mini tour at Woolley Fox I knelt down to look at the binding of her beautiful rug Santa Fe Crossing and realized there was a way she did the binding which not only was whipped with wool but allowed the last row of hooking to show instead of the wool whipped edge.  HUH?  Why didn't I absorb this from her book before?  Perhaps I just skipped thru that part thinking I knew it all.  There is a lot to learn in this booklet so contact Woolley Fox to get your copy of this book if they are available.
So this week I started binding The Cat's Meow rug trying to do it the way Barb's rug was done but with the wool yarn I have on hand.  This is the back of the rug where I'm grabbing almost 1/4" of cotton binding and whipping it sorta between the rows of hooking. 
This is a great way to bind a rug so gets a lot of protection from use BUT the whipping isn't seen from the front where the backing is rolled forward and whipped so it is wool yarn seen from the front. 

That is exactly what hit me in the head when seeing Barb's binding method on Sante Fe Crossing.  So thought I'd give it a try on my rug.  Above this the back of the rug with the whipped wool protection and here is the front where it is wool hooking showing.  VOILA.
The other thing I learned this class was about the last row of hooking around MY rug.  Surely every rug is different, but this is what she taught me about MY class rug Magdalena's Farm. 

Barb will always go to the student's wool first for the student's rug since those are the colors he or she likes.  Usually I know first off if I want a light or dark background.  This time I didn't care and told Barb that.  This way she could color plan to her heart's content with freedom knowing it could be light or dark and I'd be happy.  Based on the colors I took to camp Barb chose primitive black.  Sounded great to me!

So she told me to use a wool called Woodland Junction (yes, my name sake from Heavens to Betsy) along the entire edge so it would give the appearance of the rug being scuffed and worn beyond the other primitive black background.  Here is what Woodland Junction looks like along the edge in this section.
Below is what Woodland Junction looks like in the other corner of the rug.  Yeah, it does look like there was a little more wear there and would definitely add to the old look of the rug.  Woodland Junction wool is the only thing I'm using along the last row of hooking AND, it is also being used inside the rug here and there just for the dusty and worn look.  Sounds like a keeper for that antique primitive black background.  It was recently RE-milled by Betsy so you better grab it now because it may be a while before it is milled again. 
Maybe tomorrow I'll have some real progress to show you on Magdalena's Farm rug.  I could have shown you what it looks like now but I'm saving it until there's more hooked.

Have a great night and be kind to one another.


Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Time for Another Rug Show

Since I'm now only hooking on one rug and just showed you an update, I'm stalling here to accomplish more on the rug which hasn't been hooked on yet today.  Guess I'll soon have to pull out something else to start so that I've two to share so you don't get bored....or I don't.  I really like this rug and the border is eye catching except it would make for a troublesome hooking border 'me thinks'.

I always like a horse rug.
And not that I'd hook it myself I found the floral interesting so must be the colors.
Just love this chain stitch rug found in Lancaster and I'm eyeing it for a new pattern.
And have eyes on this leopard; my mind is going nuts thinking how to hook the background without going nuts. 

Just before choosing to hook The Cat's Meow rug it was between that design and this rug.  Both have the same pastel and quite colors that I found endearing.  And something about the use of red; just a lovely rug and if only one could replicate the softened look of wear.  OH, that reminds me of something Barb taught me at camp and I'll share that tomorrow IF I remember. 
Not sure that I'd hook it but this caught my attention. 
This one below I've my eye on to hook too.  Notice the half moon and full moon faces.  Those same full moon faces appeared in other antique rugs and I first became aware of it when I saw Boyertown Pups at Woolley Fox.  And, I wonder why 3 leaf clovers instead of the lucky 4 leaf clovers. 
One sees 3 leaf clovers in antique rugs but I cannot remember seeing the 4 leaf.  Oh, and the fish, is that a religious symbol in the rug?  Antique rug designs really make me pause and make my mind wonder.  I wonder about the people who hooked them, their textile used, a necessity for use or barter to provide for family?

Well kiddies, I'm going to do a little hooking tonight and hope to post an update tomorrow.  We're to get thunderstorms this evening and should be closing in soon.  Hope you are all safe, getting a little rain but not too much.

So guess I'll say "TA TA" for now.  Please be kind to one another.