Saturday, October 30, 2021

Happy Halloween

Don't have a lot of Halloween decorations out this year but will show you what is.  First is my favorite Halloween rug Nantucket Broom Ride designed by Lori Brechlin and sold by Spruce Ridge Studios.  It was fun to hook in Kris' class and I enjoy it each year.
I used to make dolls but stopped doing that about 10 years ago.  Here is a witch with a hooked face I made.  Also made the paper mache' pumpkin as well.  Prices too high for a vintage pumpkin so made my own.  I don't have wonderful vintage Steiff Cats like Robin (The Cranky Crow) but do have this fun thing I purchased from a JoAnne Fabrics years ago ~ think it was JoAnne.
A pattern by Lucille Festa named Hobo Joe.  It was meant to be a cut out door people pattern but I chose to make it into a mat.  
A better view of Lucille's pattern is below.  
Since I have your attention I may as well show you other Halloween themed rugs  and  other things I've hooked over the years.  My design is "mache' Jacks" and a better look at my pumpkin.
A design by Kelley Belfast I call A Little Birdie Told Me because her design looks like the bird is whispering into an ear.
Another Lori Brechlin Design named "Do Goode Be Nice" was hooked in another Kris Miller class and she also offers the pattern for sale.
A few years ago I was the lucky recipient of a kit giveaway by Maria Barton from her Star Rug Company's blog.
Below is a Barb Carroll Jack I hooked which was a free pattern insert in the 1997 Sept/Oct issue of Rug Hooking Magazine.
Many years ago I made this applique quilt piece which I've hung on my front door previously to celebrate Halloween.
HESTER is another free design by Lori Brechlin which was in Primitive Quilts and Projects.
I can't forget Jack's Crow which I hooked last year.  A design by Terri Leamer of Winter Cottage Studio.  Think I'd like to hook it again and in better colors. 
Yet another Lori Brechlin pattern Merrie October hooked last year was quick and fun.
A Witch doll I used to make which sold well at shows.  I tried to make each one slightly different.  
And another example.
From a Not Forgotten Farm pattern booklet I hooked the Wytch pulling a pumpkin.
Just found this picture of witches.
Last but not least....Kitty in Candy Corn was a small thing I made which sold well and even tho I could probably sell many this time of year am just not interested in even making easy things any longer.  Am over dollmaking (cat making).
Today I hauled 8 wheelbarrow loads of rocks and here is the sum of two days work of 16 loads.  And there is a lot more for me to haul.  Me thinks these rocks are reproducing faster than my wool worms.  Calling my work outside done for today and will find pleasure hooking.

Thursday, October 28, 2021


Yo-Heave-Ho about explains it; and to think I used to work out with free weights with my ex and had some damn good muscle definition which I was proud of.  Then I stopped doing that and stopped running road races after my last 10k (6.2 miles) at the age of 50.  Guess I should have kept up mild lifting at least since it would help me now.

This is the result of 8 wheelbarrow loads from the pond (3 loads yesterday and 5 loads today).  My son acquired the pallets for me and I'm slowly transferring the rocks to pallets to make it easier for someone to come get them.  Then my son will come back and dismantle the heavy wood framing of the pond.
Originally I was hoping to offer the rocks free for the taking ~ meaning people would want them and would do the work to get them free.  But I couldn't find anyone who wanted them or willing to do the work.  Obviously I didn't broadcast this on the internet as I didn't want strange men coming here.  So it was only put out to my son's friends, my neighbors, etc.  Did have a friend who said he'd do it for a price but 'he was busy cutting grass at the properties he owned, it was too hot and humid, yada yada.

This is one load in the wheelbarrow and it was plenty hefty for me to maneuver from the backyard to the front at the end of my driveway and out of the way.  That black hose is what I use to drain the pond to the back woods area.  And with the rain coming tomorrow there will be more yet to drain.
There is a lot more work I need to do ~ many more rocks need to be moved and some require digging out with a garden trowel.  There is also the vegetation which I don't want growing in the yard which needs to be disposed of.  However, the daylilies will be saved and transplanted.  
Oh so much more work to do before winter.  And if it doesn't get done before winter it will be here in the spring to work on again.  

Oh, all the net framing of the pond I slowly broke up and disposed of by myself also.  Wish I'd take a photo of that horrible looking area of them leaning against the fencing.  If you look at the 8 sections of wood framing that is where the framed nettings were placed to keep Blue Herons away and leaves from falling in.  Now the leaves are falling in but when they decompose it will become dirt.


Wednesday, October 27, 2021

Love the Antique but Not Impressed with Mine

Now is when I wish there was a small plus one pattern to hook when I feel overwhelmed or bored.  Knew I should have drawn one before starting this.  But after returning from Cape May I did have two rugs going ~ had the Stacked Birds and this antique horse adaptation so did have two...THEN.

Here is my progress, which is underwhelming when you see what Lauren (Rugs and Pugs) has accomplished.  After looking at this again tomorrow might make some changes OR maybe I'll just gut it out, finish it and call it done.  
At first I wanted to keep the original antique grey horse theme alive but didn't capture that with my wool choices.  Maybe I should have darker wool for the horse so it would appear as the main focus of the rug rather than a light and dark striped horse.  
OR, maybe this needs to go in a UFO pile and draw something else.  

Right now I've lots of yard work to do.  Today I hauled 3 loads of rocks from the pond to a pallet as I'm determined to get that damn pond dismantled one rock and one block of wood at a time before winter.  Am trying to make it easier to get rid of it by ME doing the work and having an easy free 'pick up'.  But I've MANY MORE loads of rocks to put on the pallets before my son comes to dismantle the wood framing.  

Hey, I told myself today as I'm pushing the wheelbarrow .."what doesn't kill me makes me stronger".  Don't worry, I'll do a few loads at a time daily at intervals and give myself a rest.  Besides, I've got to decide what to hook next.


Sunday, October 24, 2021


I switched out a rug from the computer room to my bedroom.  This is Shadow's Memorial which previously hung to the left of me as I face the computer.
Now she is in the bedroom along with the memorials of my other beloved pets.  Her collar is placed closer to her as are her ashes.  Each time I walk past her ashes I'm reminded to get a piece of that matching wool and hook a top for the ash box to make it less offensive to my eyes.  I love having her ashes but the crematory name triggers a memory of her passing.

I had a great teacher for Shadow's piece at camp but it was stressful for me to hook in a class setting.  Only regret is following her suggestion for this periwinkle color background; wish I'd used the soft green as in the Shumba and Panzer Memorial as well as Ben.  At least it would have been a better companion to the rug I placed her against which is actually similar in color to the other memorial rugs.
Most of you have seen these over and over but I do have a couple new followers and maybe they haven't.  Here is the Shadow and Panzer Memorial; they were hooked with #3 strips and the background with #5 or #6 cut cant remember which.
And here is Ben hooked at home without a teacher and hooked in #8 except for a few thin strips for detail ~ and yes I used the same background wool it just looks washed out as the photo was taken with a different camera.
In the same room I also hung a pattern by Nola Heidbreder named Golden in the Garden but I changed the dog to look like a Rottie named Ben.  Did a bad drawing job on Ben's profile but made up for it when drawing the real Memorial above.  This was never intended to be his memorial rug so the above piece was hooked after.  
Another view of the two on adjacent walls.  So now you can see this picture of Ben's profile is the same green as Shumba and Panzer.  The jointed fur bear I made for my mother from her mother's (my grandmother) mink coat and it has a Coast Guard charm as both grandparents were in the Coast Guard.  I inherited it after mother passed.
Remember last week when I filled my car up with gas and I paid $3.17 per gallon and that's the cheapest in town.  When I went to the grocery store during the weekend it was $3.27 so went up another 10 cents in just a few days.  Thanks to Joe Biden for shutting down the pipeline.

That's it for me tonight and I feel like a slug with nothing much accomplished, not much even on my horse rug.  Yesterday a lot got done in the yard and even made a big bowl of vegetable soup.   Matter of fact when I go outside and come back in it still smells like vegetable soup in the house.  So won't even be cooking tonight, just scoop out a bowl full of vegetable healthy goodness.


Friday, October 22, 2021


Yes, vintage rug show time that is.  Have had this IOOF Independent Order of Odd Fellows hooked rug photo for a while.  It was hooked between 1880-1930 and measures 28 x 38.  Some symbols remind me of the Order of Masons, particularly the seeing eye and perhaps with the limbs in the trees but I forget the count of those limbs.
Below is a Yarn Sewn Tiger Rug which sold for $8,610 and was hooked 19th century.  It measures 34 x 70.
A Landscape pre-1900s, according to the auction site, measures 35.5 x 67.  Nice zig zag border.
Here is the landscape back shot but is much darker for some reason ~ not my doing but the photography of the seller.
I loved this rug when I saw it on the auction site.  Rabbits at a Campfire which measures 26 x 48.  
The hooker did a great job at getting the feel of a camp fire so thought I'd give you a close up.
And a view of the back which is being secured and protected with pillow ticking.
Recently listed for auction is Seat of James Monroe.  It measures 40.5 x 48.5 and was hooked 19th century.  Shame it is so destroyed ~ hooked on burlap.
As it was hooked on burlap you can see how burlap rots and shreds; linen does not do that nearly as easily so make sure to sped a couple dollars more for linen.
Another up for auction was Woman at the Well measuring 18 x 35 circa 1910.  Sorry there is no picture of the back for the original colors.
This next one you might dismiss.  But I think it is a delightful and subtle work of art ~ close your eyes and imagine walking thru an art museum.  Then there is this lone Red Flower with Blue Vase and you dismiss it but look up and learn it was painted by a notable artist.   Frankly I don't know who hooked this piece but I find it wonderful!!!!  Perhaps this will be the next option to the former Tattered Tulip.  The original lovely piece measures 29 x 38.  
Okay, that's all I've got for tonight.  Am looking forward to pulling a few more loops before my bedtime.  

I drained out some water from that #!&!? pond and have put out feelers out there for the landscaping rocks and landscaping ties.  Had promises before but no takers.  


Wednesday, October 20, 2021

Not Much, but a Tad More Hooked

So where has the time gone?  And what have I been doing with my time since posting this rug the last time?  Well.....finding homes for my rugs on the wall, staring, rearranging then walking away to decide later.  That was my MO every single day for a couple weeks and without a decision most days to wait and 'sleep on it'.  Some decisions were finally made yet I've more rugs waiting to find their place in my home.

Now I've decided to concentrate on the horse pattern once again albeit every so slowly.
Tomorrow is supposed to be an almost perfect day for this time of year so need to trim a forsythia bush in desperate need of a hair cut.  Must do yard work while it is still comfortable outside.  

My house needs to be pressure washed, plus I need to wash my deck but will need to find someone to do the seal two days after with a pressure pump.   Someone told me about the solutions one can use with a garden hose and it is able to spray higher (on the home) than with a pressure washer.  Couldn't find the House wash today but did purchase the solution with the convenient unit to attach to the hose for the deck.

Enjoy the last days of good weather as the temps will soon go downward,


Monday, October 18, 2021

Still Surrounding Myself With Beauty

Yes I'm slowly hanging more rugs on the walls to enjoy rather than having them rolled up only to be released on occasion.  I did have some rugs on the walls yet it seemed such a waste to have many rolled up and not enjoyed on a daily basis.  I mean this is my home and can decorate it any way I desire.

In the living room I added two rugs to the right side of the fireplace.  The angel and crow is a Red Saltbox design I hooked several years ago with Bev Conway, the mat below is my design of "Use it Up Wear it Out".  The dolls were made by me, by friends or vintage.
On another wall I added another two rugs.  Top left is an antique adaptation of Horse with Scrolls I offer, below that is my original design called Ox Farm, both of which I hooked at home without a teacher.  The larger one is an antique adaptation named Woodland Deer which is a Woolley Fox design and was hooked with the wonderful Barb Carroll.
Another view shows some empty space to the right of Woodland Deer.  On that particular wall I will wait to place the horse antique adaptation I'm presently working on.  But behind the TV I've no idea what I'll put there yet.
Back at the office..... I added 4 rugs to the walls.  In the mirror reflection you can see what is on the other side...a bookcase and Pat's document.
From another angle you can get a better visual of the two rugs on the left and again a view of Pat's memorabilia.  That is an antique mirror and it weighs a ton, it fell to the floor and the frame fractured but the glass itself didn't break ~ thank GOD as I'd have had many more years of bad luck.  Thankfully Tim Ayers had an antique wood restoration guy who brought the original frame back to life.
There are other changes done which I've not posted about yet because the repositions aren't completed yet.  

Received my full tank of propane today and as all nut trees in this wooded development are showing bumper crops it appears it will be a long and cold winter.  But maybe I should read the Farmer's Almanac to double check.  At least when the real cold hits I'm ready.  The next two days are supposed to be rather nice, sunny and in the 70's so will take advantage of that, hopefully you will also.  

Happy hooking and happy life.


Saturday, October 16, 2021

Point of No Return

That is what I said to myself at this point.  However did read on Facebook where someone had pulled every loop from a hooked rug because her choice of colors had changed over the years.    
But I decided I had gone beyond the point of no return and would keep hooking and then see what minor changes to make.  The photo above and this photo below were taken with one camera.
And the photo below was taken with another camera and is closer to the colors I see in person.
When I first started hooking the pattern wasn't sure if I wanted a grey, black or brown horse but did want to show the value differences as in the antique rug.  

Not wanting to rip out the whole dang horse it looks like if I concentrate on the too dark head it might make it more similar to the original.  Albeit different color choices.  But remember Saundra, this is just an antique adaptation AND the person who hooked the original used what she had anyway; so don't sweat the small stuff.😞   So just reverse hooked and replaced a couple strips of wool on the horse's head.  Not perfect maybe but will now work on the background and border.  Will reevaluate the situation later.
The original antique rug is below.
Happy hooking.