Saturday, October 16, 2021

Point of No Return

That is what I said to myself at this point.  However did read on Facebook where someone had pulled every loop from a hooked rug because her choice of colors had changed over the years.    
But I decided I had gone beyond the point of no return and would keep hooking and then see what minor changes to make.  The photo above and this photo below were taken with one camera.
And the photo below was taken with another camera and is closer to the colors I see in person.
When I first started hooking the pattern wasn't sure if I wanted a grey, black or brown horse but did want to show the value differences as in the antique rug.  

Not wanting to rip out the whole dang horse it looks like if I concentrate on the too dark head it might make it more similar to the original.  Albeit different color choices.  But remember Saundra, this is just an antique adaptation AND the person who hooked the original used what she had anyway; so don't sweat the small stuff.😞   So just reverse hooked and replaced a couple strips of wool on the horse's head.  Not perfect maybe but will now work on the background and border.  Will reevaluate the situation later.
The original antique rug is below.
Happy hooking.


Thursday, October 14, 2021

Misc. Chat Chat (EDITED)

Filled up my vehicle two days ago and the gas price had increased to $3.09, and that is the cheapest gas in town.  Drove by there on the way to my doctor visit and the same store is now at $3.17 per gallon and the others nearby were $3.26.  Cannot image how much it is going to cost when I get my in ground propane tank filled.  Maybe I should call now to see if there is an additional charge if I'm at the 50% capacity as it will be cheaper now than in a month or so I'm sure.

This morning I changed out my rugs and put two on the kitchen wall.  Photo is a little dark, sorry.  Wish Kris Miller had an opportunity to see Oh Glorious Day after it was finished but was anxious to finally put it on the wall after showing it at Cape May.  The Karen Kahle design (Simple Gifts) to the left was hooked with Barb Carroll back in 2016.
Another angle and I totally forgot to take a before photo which had a framed print of a sheep and a primitive doll on each side.
EDITED PART:  Friend Jennie of GA emailed me and sent me an edited version of the photo above so she could see the rugs better.  Don't know what she did as the editing but here is a more clear photo.  It's time for me to hit the sack and I'll find out tomorrow what she did.  THANKS Jennie.
Decided to put the Horses and Hearts rug at the entrance to the kitchen from the living room.
A few weeks ago I had a dermatology appointment and had no rug to bind and was bored to tears.  So this morning I picked out the wool for binding and took a photo to see if the color was compatible.  It was and I got some whipping done while there.  Guess there is something good about not having all the rugs bound immediately.
Now I'll happily work on my horse antique adaptation.  Happy hooking.


Tuesday, October 12, 2021

Update on Stacked Birds

Taking one final critical look before I steam and bind this rug.  I've tweaked a few colors but still looks too bright for my primitive palate.  Maybe I need to stick to my passion of antique adaptations.  

It is a design by Margaret Shaw called Stacked Birds.  After finding a photo from a Cape May rug show from 2008 and saw someone else's version I decided to hook it this year.  Here is my unintended BRIGHT version.
Below is the soft beauty I desired and took a copy of it to class.  Did I take too bright colors of wool to class which gave off the wrong vibe?
Full disclosure.....when I emailed Margaret Shaw about this design, sent her the above photo she said it was her design but didn't have the original line drawing but would draw the pattern.  Therefore, the pattern I hooked is somewhat different than the rug from 2008.  So think that answers the question Julia posted in the comments and for others out there wondering.

Could the original photo of the 2008 rug have been a poor photo and mine today is more crisp?  Am not sure.  Don't know where it will fit in my house with antiques but one thing for sure is that my DIL will love it.  And if not I'll try to sell it.


Sunday, October 10, 2021

Seems Like Forever....

 ... since I posted antique rugs on the blog.  Guess I need to fix that situation.  First up is Rabbits and Carrot measuring 22 x 36 and hooked late 19th early 20th century.
I know fall and Halloween are in que first but eventually it will be winter.  Frosty measures 24 x 36 and hooked with rags.
A close up of some of the cottons used.
And a photo of the true colors of the back.
The rug below was for sale at Cape May and while I liked the odd shape of the cat wasn't so fond of the yarn so passed it up.  Fat cat and flowers 23 x 35.
Dog and rooster circa 1920 measures 23 x 51.5 and sold for $1,053.
My mind is trying to think like the hooker and wonder if perhaps one night she saw a shooting star (the name I gave the piece) and decided to use that as her subject for a new rug. It measures 20 x 30 and was dated around 1920.  I like it for its simplicity and something about this rug just touches me.
Old Homestead is a yarn sewn rug circa 1830 and small at 14 x 17.  Quite a task to get that much detail in that small size I'd say.
What doesn't look like it belongs in this piece below?  I find it a bit unnerving with a 
Lion and Dogs yet I have seen such things on a Zoo show where domestic animals had been raised around them.  It measures 30 x 30 and various textiles were used to hook it.
A burlap sack covers the back.
And below a picture of the various textiles used to hook it.
Can't leave without a horse rug.  Horse and Rider measures 31.5 x 51.
So finally after over a month I've made my antique rug contribution to you fellow followers.  Happy Sunday and happy hooking.


Thursday, October 7, 2021

More Rugs on the Walls

Not only did I put more rugs on the walls but found a better place for heirlooms from my wonderful Step-father Edward C. Patterson (Pat).  Here is an after photo of memories of Pat's military history during his time at Camp David.  Those memories include gifts from President Eisenhower and The Kennedy's for Christmas and documents.
Over to the right side of the photo on the shelf is a photo of Pat, the Presidential Seal and Presidential patch he wore when on duty at Camp David.  The photo below is an award of Service from LBJ and below is a photo of Pat saluting President Eisenhower and President De Gaulle of France exiting a helicopter.  That photo was taken April 24, 1960 as Pat noted on the back of the photo.
A before photo of the wall which looks totally naked in comparison.
The wall to the left has just two rugs with the before photo.  Left is Fat Dog a design by Tonya Robey and on the right of the door is Crow Sampler by Kindred Spirits.
And now with additional rugs... the Early Bird is a pattern by Spruce Ridge but I made a change and added the framing on the left and right of the design.  On the right side of the door is a sheep pattern by Woolley Fox.
There is a third wall in the office which needs attention but haven't decided which rugs to put there yet.  That fourth wall has two floor-to-ceiling bookcases and a window so no rugs will go there.
I've rugs to hang in the kitchen and living room as well as relocating the Shadow Memorial  from the computer room to my bedroom with my other departed fur babies.  

OH, if you were waiting for my version of connecting the 'seasonal mats' from the previous post, don't hold your breath.  I've decided not to pursue that project for a couple reasons but mostly because the blocks have different background colors and cannot think of a good framing color which wouldn't either get lost because of value or wouldn't be an attractive match.  However, it was a wonderful thought-provoking question by Gail.


Wednesday, October 6, 2021

Presented with a Challenge

I've been presented with a challenge by Gail.  She made a comment on the previous blog post and asked me a question for which I had no answer.  Didn't know the answer because I've never done it before.  Here is her question:   

"Looking at the photos, I got to wondering (eek!)... Is it possible to somehow fasten small rugs  together and make a larger rug? Similar to what people do making a sampler quilt with blocks  of various sizes and add filler strips and blocks to make them all fit and work together. Or would  the places where the rugs are joined not stand up to the wear and tear of being on the floor?"

So got to thinking about the small 8" square seasonal mat exchange I participated in with a group of Yahoo rug hookers in 2012.  Actually it started in the Winter season of 2011 with the other seasons running into 2012.  

That might well be my upcoming personal challenge.  Here is the group of four mats I received in the exchange.  And when putting things in seasonal order always fallback to my childhood show Howdy Doody and Princess Summerfall Winterspring.  Thus  the order of these mats.
We were instructed to just fold back the foundation so the recipient could attach them if they desired.  I didn't consider doing that until Gail posed the question yesterday some 9 years later.

Summer mat was designed and hooked by Debra Hinkle
Fall Maple Leaf designed and hooked by Gail Becker
Winter was hooked and designed by Marci Braun
Spring designed and hooked by Barbara with no last name
Or I could arrange them in the same order but one on top of the other like so, but haven't decided that far ahead.
Am still working on the Stacked Birds rug instead of tackling the challenge but am putting the question to my readers....Have YOU attached mats together and if so do you have a photo you'd like to share with me and post them on my blog?  You can send your picture and tell me how you attached yours together at:


Tuesday, October 5, 2021


Hope you've enjoyed the days of rug shows and 'throw down' photos of rugs on the lawn.  I'm still working on my camp rug concentrating on the border now, should have an update soon.  

After returning home (btw it was wonderful to sleep in my own bed), the reality of how many rugs I have hooked really hit me.  So have decided to do something about it by hanging more rugs on the walls.  I removed framed artwork, photos and documents about my wonderful Step-father Edward C. Patterson and will relocate those in the office.  

So now when I walk out of this room (computer room) this is what I will see.  Sorry, not good lighting or could be the angle.  On the left is Lollipop Bouquet and recently hooked is Rooster, Duck and Horse both designed by Magdalena. 
Another photo on the Magdalena hallway is a better picture of the two rugs facing me when walking out.  At the end of the next hallway is Great Granddaughter's Rug only partially in view.
And a photo from an adjoining room showing the Great Granddaughter's Rug in full view but at an angle as well as Magdalena's Dog and Crows.  
The room I'm in is what I refer to now as 'the computer room'.  But it was originally the work out room before becoming an ex.  After the ex left I turned it into a rug hooking room so I could host hook-ins with friends.  His military and skydiving wall hangings went with him and I put rugs on the wall to claim my space.
Another wall with cherished rugs hooked at camps and some home hooked pieces which I'm proud of.
On another wall is Radiant Flower and Herbs. 
My beloved Shadow Memorial is in here too, she is hooked in #8.

I've plans to find a location for other rolled up rugs and enjoy them in full view.  After all, lots of money spent on wool, foundation and other supplies we may as well enjoy our passion and personal works of art in full view.  


Saturday, October 2, 2021

The Throw Down at Cape May 2021

It is always fun to see what folks have been working on during the week and get an idea for patterns you might put on your list of 'rugs to hook'.  It is also fun to see different color choices in rugs.

This first one is a pattern Bev drew for Evelyn after class teaching hours day 2.  It was fun to watch the communications, designing, and drawing process.
Pal Deb chose a Bev design (forget the name of the rug) but she sure accomplished a lot of hooking!!!!
Can't read the other name tags but the red horse and rabbits is being hooked by April Leas in Lucille Festa's class.
Pat McDonnel started the rug below at home or in another class as it was already started.  Sometimes we gals just need to get away and relax and work on something already in progress.
Debbie also brought her Rabbit in progress to work on. 
Not sure who is working on this floral.
Nor do I know who was hooking this geometric.  These darker values are more to  my liking than bright geometrics.
Don't know who is hooking this adorable cat's design either.
Class neighbor Nan was hooking this design by Bev called Sleuthing.
Another class neighbor Kathleen was hooking this floral rug which is also a design by Bev.  Can't wait to see it finished as I've only seen Bev's red floral hooked rug and the colors friend Loris was using when hooking the same design last November in Bev's class.
Lynda Powell is hooking this landscape.  Not sure if this is her home or not. But you should have seen all the values of green wool she had gathered for this.
Some Lucille designs being worked on.  It is difficult to move around to take photos with so many people taking photos so didn't get all the pictures.
I personally felt honored to be in the presence of such 'royalty' and special participant at this camp.  I'm talking about royalty of the TOWNSEND cutter and frame fame.  Here is a photo of Sharon Townsend and Evelyn Lawrence together.  Sharon was in Lucille's class.  What a beautiful lady inside and outside she is.  
Sharon, her 4 daughters and 1 granddaughter attended camp.  It was so heartwarming to see how they each cared for one another; particularly how they protected and cared for their mother.

And the "Townsend" help went beyond family as Suzanne helped several folks who had a cutter issue.  Some of which was a lesson on how to properly clean the blades or how to adjust the plate.  I stood by to take a lesson so I know how to adjust my plate if one strip is more narrow than the other coming thru the cutter.
This is an original design by the granddaughter Maggie Crabb.
Below is a Lucille design being hooked by Rachel Ridgeway.  I believe she is one of the "Townsend daughters" who attended the camp.
Jenny Lee, a Sharon Townsend daughter, is hooking a birthday card drawn by a child and is the design in the middle with the green and purple in the center .  I'm going to reach out to the family to confirm who hooked which and get the names straight.
The photo below shows Trees and hills on the left, don't know who is hooking that. To the right is a design of hot air balloons and the reflection on the water.  Must be honest here, when first seeing the long drawing at class just didn't 'get it'.  But OMG I sure do now.  I THINK the designer of this is Susan Cantrell, another of Sharon's wonderful daughters she raised.
Here is where the sisters and granddaughter sat to hook on the porch.  Clockwise, not sure if the hidden lady is Rachael or not, I think it is Jenny Lee in the blue, facing the camera is Suzanne and in the black is Maggie.  Hope I have those names correct.
I believe Rachael is a daughter who was in the Lucille class with her mother but don't know which rug Sharon was hooking.

And finally my Margaret Shaw design called Stacked Birds.  I'm having a dickens of a time to come up with color combos to make the border cohesive.  Think that top left circle needs to have the off white pulled and replaced but don't know what yet.  Could put this aside and work on my horse rug but am afraid of losing my mojo on this one.
Happy hooking and Happy October.  Can you believe how fast these months have flown by?  Had my high dose flu shot yesterday and inquired when I had my last pneumonia vaccine.  It was September 2015 so am past due getting that but will have to wait at least 2 weeks before getting any other vaccine.