Saturday, December 31, 2022


That is not only the name of this rug pattern designed by Lindsay Bowles and sold by The Wool Farm but also my happy New Year wishes to all my followers for 2023.
There was a time when I was a party girl and would have my outfit waiting for me on the bed to go out dancing and welcoming in the new year to the music of Auld lang syne
.  But for the past several years I've welcomed the new year in behind closed eyes.

Thanks to all for your friendship over the years; lets hope 2023 will be better than the last couple years.


Friday, December 30, 2022

Re-Designing as I Hook

Although I really wanted to keep hooking thought I'd better take a look to see how these flower color combinations are working together from the monitor.  Not all the reds are the same, some are an orangey red, some soft red, others are wine red; then throw in the pinks and blues and now worried they don't play well together.  There are also various shades and values of green but that doesn't bother me as much.

So I'm wondering if I've added too many different flower colors ~ for sure don't want all red and pink.  I like salmon colors yet there's no salmon color in there.   Do I dare, lol?  Or should I just continue with this color palate?  Me thinks keep on going on.

Here's this wannabe antique-looking floral, so you can give me your thoughts.  I do plan to hook that other smaller pointy flower same as I did the big blue one so the eye will move around the rug.  Might even eliminate that flower to the left of the small pointy one or at least make it smaller.  As the title says.."re-designing as I hook".
Before going to bed tonight I'll put the black eye peas in soak which will be cooked for dinner tomorrow evening and New Year's Day.


Wednesday, December 28, 2022

Antique Rug Show is Back

I love this Folk Art Memorabilia!  It measures 19 x 38 but age and designer are unknown.
This is the back and as you can tell by the destressed foundation it is hooked on burlap.  You can also see the original colors.
Next is a Landscape with hit n miss and floral border with dimensions of  31 x 52; date unknown.
That also was hooked on burlap and here is a view of the back and true colors.  People, this is why you should use GOOD linen foundation and  not cheap burlap.
The background makes this Steeplechase rug a little difficult to appreciate.  Circa 1930 it measures 30 x 42.
This wavy geometric is dated 1900's with dimensions of 36 x 38.  The departed Barb Carroll had a student in her class working on this before she passed.  I thought the project was interesting and later saw this antique listed on Pook and Pook.
Another very primitive rug is Rooster and Goose.  It measures 17.5 x 32 and hooked early 20th century.  It is so primitive I'm surprised there aren't initials of BEM or NGS hooked in it.
Speaking of Barbara E. Merry and her daughter Nancy Gertrude Scott, I have found some rugs which I haven't shown before.  Won't post them tomorrow but you loyal followers usually scroll thru your favorite blogs daily so will see them when posted.

Not sure how you handle holidays, any holiday really.  It really throws me off my game (that is if I ever had one) because I don't know what day of the week it is, if it a week day or weekend, what to do because TV scheduling is off, don't know if mail will be delivered or what the heck to do with myself; maybe after the new year I'll get my sea legs back. 

Happy hooking.


Monday, December 26, 2022

My Floral

Believe it or not the floral didn't go back in the tote of shame.  As I still haven't chosen anything new to put on the frame decided to forge ahead with the floral.  All worms have been used except for the occasional light background color.  Perhaps using worms has been the impetus that kept me going.
I'm redesigning as I go ~ deleting leaves, adding leaves or changing direction of them and flowers.  As I'm looking at the design right now I just might eliminate some flowers too or make them smaller.  
I'm not a pink person but should probably balance it out by having another pink or sorta pink flower elsewhere in the rug.  The rug measures 23 x 33.5 and wish it was smaller now. 

Already have my black eye peas on hand for my southern traditional New Years meal.   Some of you may have the Germanic traditional meal of  pork and sauerkraut.  Whatever you plans be sure to have your ingredients on hand before the weekend.

Happy Boxing Day to my Canadian friends and happy hooking to all.


Sunday, December 25, 2022


On this day a child was born; his name was Jesus and son of the most high.  This is the real reason for this holiday.
Wishing all of my on-line friends the merriest of Christmases.  


Saturday, December 24, 2022


Well Julia I managed to pull something else out of my hat.  Took one more stroll through my flash drive and found these that I overlooked.  Winter Buddies was purchased from W.Cushing and I loved every second hooking it.  I see black capped chickadees at my bird feeders (among other species) daily.  It has been a while since I've seen deer in my backyard but now that the next door neighbors with 3 constantly barking dogs have moved perhaps the deer will return.
This cute snowman with the tweed hat is a design by Maria Barton of Star Rug Company.
Tonight's dinner is going to be rotisserie chicken cooked in my old George Foreman rotisserie.  It makes the most delicious chicken and the whole house smell good.  Merry Christmas eve.  


Friday, December 23, 2022


Since I ran out of Christmas/winter rugs I've hooked am substituting with Polly Minick's hooked pieces.  Some of you may not know that I drew patterns for Polly to hook as well as patterns for students when she had workshops.  These are her designs, a red Stocking.
A Christmas Stocking in blue.
The Santa pattern below is in one of Polly's books titled "The Americana Collection".
She also hooked one in different colors and had it made into a pillow.
A hooked Christmas tree.
Another Christmas Tree inside a boat.
Merry Christmas Red Sleigh before steaming, binding and on a frame.
As Polly had great clients in Florida, Nantucket and elsewhere she did another hooked rug with a Sailboat and tree.   As you can see she loved ticking as her binding.
This Candy Canes photo is blurry but wanted to show you the other designs she hooked.
Sad she has quit hooking and teaching as she provided me with plenty of pocket change to feed my hooking habit.  I have loads of other photos of her work but not all is Christmas related.  Hope she still feels fulfilled since giving up rug hooking.  Polly has authored several books and all of them have patterns which can be enlarged or full size pattern pieces.  Hope you enjoyed her show.


Thursday, December 22, 2022


This was inspired by a Kelley Belfast design and Rebecca Lindquist's execution.  Thanks to both gals for the inspiration.   Don't let that 'welcome' word confuse you, despite how cute this design is I do not welcome snow, lol.  However I'm not happy with all the rain and upcoming freeze happening right now either.
This just might be the last of my Christmas hooked pieces unless I can pull something out of the hat.  Guess we'll both be surprised tomorrow.

Happy hooking.


Wednesday, December 21, 2022


During 2018 while perusing my favorite blogs I saw the most adorable sled hooked by Cathy of Acorn Hollow, which you can see on her old post HERE.   My heart went pitter patter when I saw it.  The following year Cathy said she'd received another in a swap so was offering a giveaway for the second one.  Oh my, could I possibly be so lucky????  

Indeed I was lucky and hooked it in 2020.  Later I discovered it was a design from WCushing, in case any of you wish to hook one for yourself.  Thank you Cathy!
Weather is going to get very icy dicey here beginning tomorrow afternoon thru the Christmas holiday.  The rain will increase my pond and 2" more is predicted.  Will have temps in the teens but with the wind chill it will feel like single digits or minus.  That water will freeze and if the roads are questionable I will stay home until it is safe to travel to my son's house.  

Right now I have 63% propane and think that will hold me thru the holidays.  Maybe I should also check my wine supply too🍷, lol.  Happy hooking.


Tuesday, December 20, 2022


I've hooked a few snowmen and will show you just a couple tonight.  This one was hooked for a winter swap in 2011, probably when the Yahoo Rughookers were active.
My sweet daughter-in-love adores snowmen so I've hooked a couple to give her.  In 2006 before I became divorced I hooked this guy for her.  Must say I'm not very pleased with my choice of colors for the background.  But it is what it is, lol.  You can see my old initials at the top left.
And in 2011 decided to hook the same snowman as done for the swap to give Cathy.  Sorry the photo is so poor as I must have taken the photo without a flash.  
For the life of me cannot recall the designer of any of those but am thinking they were freebies from Kelley, Lori, Primitive Betty or maybe a magazine insert.

Something else I gave my sweet DIL was a small lap quilt/wall hanging of snowmen.  It was a quilt pattern booklet which I still have and always considered hooking that snowman angel you see at the top.
Sorta think I'll get requests for the name of the booklet so figured I'd better put a photo of that booklet now instead of doing an edit tomorrow morning, lol.  Uh, take note I had my snowman angel facing toward the right 😉.
'Tis winter for sure and colder than normal for 'this neck of the woods'.  As mentioned before more rain is headed this way for Thursday at this point am not sure if I'd consider welcoming in snow instead of rain.  Oh well, I'll just hunker down and hook.  

Happy hooking.                 


Monday, December 19, 2022


This is a design by Ali Strebel which included both hooking and applique.  Sadly I gave my first ever hooked mitten to someone ~ we were suppose to exchange first hooked pieces.  Well she got mine but I didn't get hers, lol.  But I hooked more of them , gave as gifts or sold.
The edit:  At 4 a.m.  when I woke to go to the bathroom remembered that I have hooked another as did Nancy Kilrain.  Here is mine, which I still own but had a lapse of memory, lol.  I liked hers better and borrowed stole her idea for a braided hanger.  

Julia asked if I hooked the I didn't  hook a back for the pocket, I used a piece of the same off white wool used for hooking the pocket.
And here is Nancy's; I love the direction she hooked the cuff which gives it the impression of a knitted mitten.  And, by the way, Nancy has ressurected/redirected the content of her blog to be more her hooking since her husband seem to be making bird houses.  Drop by for a visit with NANCY.
Here is the booklet from which I got the design; you can see a picture of it on the cover.  Not sure if the booklet is out of print or not since I didn't see it listed on her web site.    Perhaps you might get luck with one listed on eBay.
The temperature has been colder than normal for us here in Delaware but at least (so far) no snow.  Isn't the same for  you in the midwestern states or Canada tho.  You're all welcome to keep all of it.

I've been watching the George and Tammy TV series about the life of George Jones and Tammy Wynette.  I had no idea of the turbulent life they led probably because there was no social media back then and I didn't go to their shows or keep up with the music gossip.  Show is interesting and good music to entertain me while hooking.  Also would like to add that I'm happy I'm not famous with an image to keep.  

Happy hooking.


Sunday, December 18, 2022


This is a Karen Kahle design by Kindred Spirits named Woolly Santa which was hooked during 2020.  I decided to veer away from the normal design and eliminate the bag in which Santa was carrying the lamb.  I wanted the whole red suit for Santa.
Others chose to hook it the intended way; here are a couple examples.

Right or wrong, good or bad I'm not reverse hooking it now, lol.


Saturday, December 17, 2022


The Santa and Deer antique adaptation was hooked 2013; it measures 23 x 25. 
Below is a picture of the antique rug and I don't know the designer, date or size of the original.
I've seen numerous hookers' adaptation of this design and here are a couple.

Happy Saturday and happy hooking, knitting, stitching or whatever your go to fun it's 5:06 and wine o'clock for me.....cheers. 


Friday, December 16, 2022


Cherries and Candy Stripe is that name I gave this antique adaptation.  While it isn't really Christmas themed the border reminds me of candy canes.  Dimensions on the one I hooked are 13.5 x 34.5 whereas the antique measured 30 x 75.  
Here it is on my harvest table;  the colorful bird house was a gift from my grandson Zach who painted it when he was just a kid.
In case you are wondering what the antique looked like, here it is.  I chose to not have the yellow stripes.
Thank goodness the rain finally got out of here sometime last evening.  According to the local TV station this area received over 2" some areas up to 3".  This is my backyard and into the woods.  That is the stump in my back yard at a distance and another photo closer.
The water also extends to my left and toward the front of the property.
Will return to pulling loops on the floral as there still isn't a new rug for the frame yet.  Happy hooking.


Thursday, December 15, 2022


Christmas is just 10 days away so thought I'd post a rug per day leading up to that big day.  In 2012 I designed and hooked this mat which measured 10.5 x 18.5.
Here it is on my harvest table with Christmas balls and beads in the bowl.  The bird houses were purchased at rug camp at Cape May, NJ.  The wood used was saved from the Victorian hotel The Chalfonte when repairs or remodeling was done.
The mat was eventually given away.  Hmm, do I even have 10 Christmas themed rugs for the next 10 days?  If not I'll find something to post every day.


Wednesday, December 14, 2022


I'm still working on another flower but it is hunting time once again for the next rug for my frame.  The idea of hooking a block from Lucinda Ward's Reconciliation Quilt is still on the table but that won't occur until after the new year when Christmas has been put away and folks have time, right Lauren 😁.

And I did draw out a pattern today but it wasn't for me. 😞  Someone ordered Cottage and Apple Tree pattern and always try to get them in the mail asap.

The rug below was recently found and before I did the screenshot thought for sure I'd noted the date and dimensions.  Well, can't identify any scribbled notes so guess I forgot.  Eventually I'll see it on pinterest again and follow the trail to hopefully take notes and document.
This great rug was found today, a Horse named Mabel dated 1917.  It measures 41 x 45 and  sold for $9,400 Oct. 2000.  If I hadn't hooked one very similar this would definitely be on my frame right now.
Here is the rug hooked several years ago which is very similar to the one above.
The Folk art horse rug below has been posted on my blog before.  It measures 36.5 x 52 and sold for $1,690.  At one time I was interested in hooking it but that interested fizzled out before drawing it.  Will think about this as a choice again.
I've posted this star rug previously also and now that I'm looking this one seems interesting.  Don't let that pattern maker's name on the bottom of the picture confuse you; she doesn't have a copyright to this design as it is in public domain circa 1900.  She just imprinted her web site link at the bottom of the picture.
This beauty is also being auditioned for the role of my next rug and I've been interested in this design for a while.  Cogswell's 4-petal flower is hooked with cotton and wool on burlap.  The original measures 31 x 45 and said to be hooked between 1890-1925.  I have some ugly wool that would be perfect.  If you recall, I've posted before how ugly wool makes a great rug.
Finally found it....Abe Lincoln, his horse and cabin.  AL1809 represents the date he was born.  US 1861-1865 for is years in office.
The search for my next project will continue but it is getting late in the day and want to make a post so will sign off for now...TA TA.