Sunday, July 29, 2018

Antique Adaptation Update

One star and a few diamonds to go but getting closer to the end.  
In case you've forgotten what the original antique looked like, C is below.  Comparing the two it looks like mine is more intense in color than the original.  But not planning on pulling out a whole bunch of loops ~ it will just have to do.
Guess it wouldn't surprise you to say I've already begun thinking about what is next on my frame.  But before getting to that will have to finish this one and bind it, finish hooking the Anniversary Sheep, and put labels on 6 rugs.

Grass was cut yesterday and now the rains will be back again tomorrow.  BTW, the lake is back in the very back part of the yard and into the woods so can't cut the almost knee high grass growing at the edge of the water.


Friday, July 27, 2018

Rug Show Time

Have been perusing my photos of antique rugs; some you may have seen but think they need re-posting. One is this spread-winged Eagle with Stars and Flag.  Was hooked late 19th early 20th century, it measures 28 x 37.
Below is a leaping deer hooked with knits, wool, cotton, etc.  Just what a thrifty woman would do to use up 'what she had'.  The rug measures 23 x 36 and to have been hooked late 19th early 20th century.
Not much information was provided on the rug below but guess the date and style says it all.  In rug hookers terms this non-descript flower type is called a "Padula". The deer shown at the bottom are much smaller in comparison to the flowers, typical of primitives.
Love this sewn geometric below and sorry that is the only information I have.
Something I never noticed at first, there's a baby sheep with it's mother.  They just seem to blend in together ~ again, the only information I have it was hooked late 19th century.
Oh my, what's not to love about the beauty below.  It is a combination of geometric and patriotic, great use of hit and miss.  It is stitched onto a black fabric of some type (according to the auction house).  The original measures 26 x 43.
Today on an auction site I found this Sunbonnet Sue design feeding chickens.  It was mounted and measures 17 X 35 but sorry, no date listed.
Love this blue cat rug hooked late 19th century.  Perhaps she ran out of grey and black so used light and dark blue in its place.
A geometric with hit and miss blocks measures 37 x 39 and was hooked 19 century.  
Hmmmm, wonder if it was the same person who hooked the rug below?
Two more small pieces just found yesterday.  One of two 6 point stars which were hooked with loops cut or was set out done in proddy.  Both are close in size measuring 36 x 36 and 36 x 37.
And the other.  Tap on the photos to see the texture.
Happy Friday everyone.


Wednesday, July 25, 2018

Making Rug Labels again

There is a lull between rug label making as several pieces need to be hooked before a label is made to fill a page.  This is what I printed out today then realized I'd missed a rug.  Will save that for next time.  
These still need to be attached to the rugs but placed the labels on top of black felt to show up better.

It had been so long between label making I'd forgotten to print it in 'normal' instead of 'draft' format.  So the color on the labels isn't really crisp.  

If you are checking out the rug names you may wonder why there is a light background on that 2nd left side Flower Power label since I hooked mine with a black background.  That is the pattern shown on Nola's web site

I've attached the printed labels differently ~ in the beginning I just attached the cotton printed label directly onto the back of the rug like below.
Then decided to sew the label on black felt first and then attach like below.
Since the second choice takes two steps, albeit neater and more sturdy, am considering forgetting the second step.  Out of curiosity, which would you do?

Also, I've previously posted a tutorial on how I make labels.  If you would like to visit please click HERE.   Well crap!!!!  While copying and pasting that link was reminded that I have put EIGHT (8) labels on one sheet.  No wonder there was so much excess waste cut away today.  Oh well......

Another rainy day today and another tomorrow.  My pond is back and will be lake before the rain ends.


Tuesday, July 24, 2018

Rugs by the Sea

Cape May rug camp is less than 2 months away.  Am happy I started the Anniversary Sheep challenge early so now can take my time to finish it.  This is what it looks like now with  only a small section to do.
Don't know if I was able to pull it off or not, but attempted to make the sand appear wet toward the sea and more dry forward.

Wool for the sun was from my worm bag in various cuts and values as was the sea reflection.  The sea has been a combination of cut #8.5 and worms.  The sand was mostly #8.5 cut and from overdyed worms.

Now am looking forward to paying more attention to my 'other' project.

Rained heavily during the night, heavy wind and rains today.  More rain tonight.  OMG, I'm sick of rain!  


Sunday, July 22, 2018

Sunday Work and Play

Humidity is back with a vengeance but the grass had to be cut before the next rain this evening and tomorrow or at least that is what my weather app says.  After cooling down thought I deserved a little play time with my hook and wool.

Am working on the Cape May Sheep Challenge and here is the container of wool I'm working from.
As you can see, I've already sewn on the cloth which will be the binding.  A strip of cotton was sewn to each side before hooking up to the edge.  When time to do the binding I'll show you how I do it.  Actually, I'd done the tutorial before, and more recently Lauren of Rugs and Pugs did a tutorial also. 

The wonderful grosgrain ribbon tied container (set of 4) was made and given to me by friend Deb Nees.   Each could have different colors of wool and set inside one another to reduce space usage at camp.  Also helps prevent your wool getting all mixed up.  

But you can see instead of putting the blue in one, tan in another and yellow in yet another they are all mixed together.  Uh, what do you expect?  You've seen the rats nests I make anyway so why not just start out that way? 

Happy hot humid Sunday.


Saturday, July 21, 2018

It's About Time

Good grief, I haven't made a blog post since Wednesday so it definitely about time.  Since it was also time to move the rug on my frame figured I'd show you progress on the Stars and Diamonds antique adaptation.
And before I pull another loop on anything, this rats nest of tangled up wool strips must be organized one-more-time!
On the arm to the left is a mixture of all the wool colors which started out in bags and containers.  Even tho (at first) they were kept tidy somehow I lost control so now have to pay the piper.  

Happy Saturday, raining here and it was needed for the farmers' fields and believe it or not, also my yard.  Although, when the grass is crispy it doesn't need to be cut as often 😁.


Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Special Gift to Myself

Was so excited to get my mail today even tho it included a couple monthly bills.  I mean, who doesn't want to GET money ...OR...get GIFTS?  This was the special gift to ME.  It is a chair pad designed AND hooked by none other than Edyth O'Neill.
After buying it I asked if she would kindly sign it for me before shipping, which she did.
The name of the pattern offered by Woolley Fox under Edyth O'Neill's name is Flame 1.  Edyth hooked the chair pad in this shape to fit a chair of hers I'm sure because the pattern in the WF book is more rectangle.  This has a slight angle from front to back which would fit nicely on an old chair.  

I have an antique rocker but there sits a doll I made and don't want to cover up my new beautiful gift.  So am presently sitting on it and this is where it will be and what I'll see when coming to the computer.  Oh, and a note from Edyth thanking me for the purchase.  Edyth... thank YOU for allowing me to purchase it.  This is a treasure from a true artist of many talents ~ antique doll restoration, painting, designing and hooking rugs.
IF you check Woolley Fox for the pattern, which  measures 16 x 20, the visual in the pattern book will be in this direction.
I enjoy surrounding myself with things which give me joy.  This is one of those things.  Thanks Edyth.


Tuesday, July 17, 2018

A Few Old Rugs

Recently I stumbled upon a piece described on an auction site as a 1940 piece found in Iphra, PA with wild animals including an iguana.  Strange for that area I'd say in 1940..but I have never lived in that area.
Below is a floral hearth rug from New England, 19th century.  Lovely rug and nice mellow background
Another beautiful Eagle rug ... hey, all Eagles are beautiful and sadly a declining species.  This was from Virginia and hooked late 19th or early 20th century.
The 2 Fowl hooked rug below was located in Salem, Virginia.  No date was given but definitely so shows age as you can see with photo of the front and back.

Don't have a date on the Blue Diamonds Geometric below but would be a great way to use up wool worms in any color combination and have a nice design.
Lastly is this hooked piece.  Don't get your knickers in a twist, it isn't the National Rifle Assn.  But if it were I wouldn't be offended as I am a supporter of the Second Amendment.  

This is a symbol of the National Recovery Act enacted by President Roosevelt in 1933.
Rain came thru this evening so the farmers are happy.  


Sunday, July 15, 2018

Decision Made

Finally made up my mind on the direction for the Cape May Sheep.  I had the grandiose idea to make it into rounded bottom tote and use the back of a pair of my jeans for the reverse side.  But thought it silly to put that much work into something I wasn't really 'into doing' in the first place.  So mind made up decided to pull a few loops.
In looking at the photo I'm wondering if I need that darker orange reflection line at the bottom of the sun as well as under.

If you didn't see my original post before starting this project, here is what we were given to work with.  Those exterior lines I drew to ensure the 1" edge for binding.  The original piece of monks cloth measured 14 x 18 1/2.  So my mat will measure 12 x 16 1/2.
Can't wait to work on the Stars and Diamonds again this evening.  But also can't wait to get the sheep done so it's not hanging over my head.  Must admit I'm looking forward to seeing how everyone else designed their piece.  

Remember all that water I had and never thought it would leave?  Well it is dry as a bone here now and the grass is brittle, leaves falling off the trees and farmers need rain.  Guess I can't be pleased 😄.


Friday, July 13, 2018

Little by Little

It is being hooked slowly, little by little, and will be done before rug camp in September.  
I took this rug to wine tasting this evening in hopes of getting a photo of the 'gathering of friends' as usually there is a huge crowd.  Since the weather was so fine with mild temps and low humidity guess people were staying home, gardening, beaching or whatever.  So will take a photo of the group another time and share.

Also pulled a few loops on the Cape May Sheep piece this week too even tho I'm not sure what direction I want to go.  Will show you that progress or lack of in a day or two.  Am hoping I'll find my way and have a plan to share.  

If any newbie hookers or seasoned hookers have a subject you'd like for me to share, please post a comment in the comment section, email me personally OR if a No-REPLY blogger you can submit your comment or question on the right side of my blog in the E-MAIL ME spot.  It is only that way I'm able to personally reply to those NO-REPLY bloggers.

Happy weekend.


Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Making Do

There is an old saying I'm sure all of you rug hookers and quilters have heard before:
Use it Up
Wear it Out
Make it Do
or Do Without

The rug below is a great example demonstrating the above quote perfectly.  A horse, tulips in the corners with hit and miss everywhere.  Even with the hit and miss it is easy to see and identify the motifs.
The cheerful rug below was hooked around 1860 and came from the Pollock family estate of Illinois.  Original size is 23 x 40 with a chenille field and use of various colors for the multiple motifs.
The 1900s rug below has a lot going on and great use of color.  Almost reminds me of a gameboard.  Love that soiled aged look.  Interesting too is it appears her foundation may have been smaller than she needed so had to reduce the bottom middle blocks shorter than that at the top.  You may see this on my frame in the future one day.
Speaking of "making do".....sadly today's society seems to be the throw away generation.  When a new iPhone comes out the perfectly good one gets traded in to provide Apple shareholders more dividends instead of keeping the cash in their pockets.   When I go to the thrift shop it is sad to see someone's grandmother's quilt, afghan or hooked items given away.  They were made with love but thoughtlessly cast out as trash for something new.

As a kid I was taught to take care of my things because they would not be replaced.  Now you see bikes, skateboards, etc. left in the yard to rust.

Recently I was corresponding with rug hooker Diane Daniels who shared a very interesting link on what happens to clothing people discard ~ good clothing at that.  What a waste.  Click HERE to see the final resting place of cast off clothing and the reaction of the people in India.  The video is a few minutes long but you can pause it for another cup of coffee or another beverage of your choice.

Happy Wednesday.


Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Running out of Steam

My engine is running out of steam on what to post.  Last time was an update on Stars and Diamonds but don't want to bore you (again) with another update so soon after.  Not doing any dyeing so nothing new there;  recently gave you a rug show and my engine is out of steam.

Would love to show an update on the Cape May Sheep project but it is on hold for a bit as I ponder where to go next.  If a purse/tote it will need not only color and design work but shape ideas thought thru.  Am working it out in my head and hope my idea works ~ but....
For a nano second considered just making it into a mat but know that once done it will stay stored away out of sight because of the hooked wording.  So maybe the wording wasn't such a brilliant idea after all because it's best use would be a rug camp tote.

Obviously I'm not the only rug hooker who has run out of blogging steam.  There has been a huge decrease in the number of rug hooking bloggers and think that is due in large part to FB which reaches a larger audience.  

But along with FB is a lot of junk and people I don't know commenting about things in which I've no interest.  So make my visit to FB quick and only on the rug hooking sights and get off quickly.  

My friends and family seem to be addicted to FB but figure if anything is important I should know, they will contact ME personally, not in a FB message for all the world to read.  When I leave my house and ride by my younger neighbors' house they don't even lift their head up to see who is driving by.  They are engrossed in the cell phone.  

Am so thankful I grew up in a time when there were cards, letters, phone calls and personal visits.  We actually talked to one another.  Even a personal email message would be better than reading what a friend had to say on FB.

Our youth have limited experience interacting with humans in a day-to-day work environment if they can't speak and look at the person in front of them.  They may as well be a robot looking at a computer screen.

Okay, guess I did find something to blog about.  JMHO.


Sunday, July 8, 2018

Having a Look See

Thought it was about time to take a photo of the Stars and Diamonds rug to see what it looks like on a computer screen.  Even tho the colors don't always show true at least seeing it on the PC gives me a better vision of obvious changes needed.
The dimensions of my rug are 21 x 43 the size of the original was 35 x 85 and hooked early 19th century.  Below is the well preserved original.
Enjoyed the mild and comfortable temperatures yesterday and today.  However, think the weather honeymoon is over after today.


Saturday, July 7, 2018

Rug Show

Instead of working on either of my rug projects, I've been visiting Pinterest and online auction sites for antique rugs.  This rug below I saw several days ago on Pinterest, tried to save a photo and instead of going back to the home location lost it.  Then for several days could not find it with any key words but continued to search until it was found again.

It is a Patriotic Eagle rug hooked early 20th century and from a private Brooklyn, Maine home.  It sold for $4,128, size is 37 x 76.  That's one  big and beautiful rug.
The information I have on the rug below is Slotin Folk Art, Buford, Georgia, hooked in the 1800s and sold for $3,999.  
The Floral and Ivy design below was hooked late 19th century and measures 35 x 49.  The scrolls were very primitively done but she got the idea across using what she had.
The neutral Cats and Scallops rug below measures 25 x 44 was said to have been hooked mid 19th century.
Lion in the Garden below is a great looking antique with delightfully faded and make-do colors.  Oh my but I do love a blotchy background and border like this.   
A Red Running Horse with Leaf & Flower border.
And a chuckle for the evening I leave you with the following rug which is not an antique.  It was hooked in 1992, hit and miss corner to balance the design of soap, brush and pail.  Now, the TS on the bucket could be the initials of the hooker.  Or...... is it a statement from the hooker that "tough sh*t" someone has to do this dirty work?
Today there was lower humidity so picked up pine cones and limbs to get the grass cut before the humidity and heat picks up again.

Enjoy your Saturday evening.


Thursday, July 5, 2018

A Bit of a Tease

In a previous post I told you about the Anniversary Sheep pattern which was given to each student last September at Cape May.  We were invited/encouraged to hook it and take to Cape May this September.  

We could design it any way we wanted but think the sheep shape was a given.  We could make it into a pillow, purse, mat, wall hanging, etc. 

I wasn't really 'feeling' the sheep and not fond of monk's cloth.  Yeah, it could be transferred to linen but didn't think even linen wouldn't have made me want to hook it more.   Not sure if I'd even finish it so thought to go ahead and use the monks cloth.

Don't get me wrong, that was a very generous and time consuming gift Norma and Linda provided to all the students in each class.  So felt it important I should hook the design in respect.  Besides all you followers know how I change my mind in a blink of an eye as to what my heart wants to hook.  

Since Cape May is only two months away thought I'd better start early.  
Here is what I've accomplished so far and it will sit on the sidelines until plans are decided on my next move forward.
One of the two species of turtles which reside on my property has reappeared to drink and wash it's itty bitty feet after today's rain.
Isn't it a beauty?  This one is an Eastern Box Turtle and has a high domed shell.  The other species I showed you in a previous post was an Eastern Map Turtle. 
After the photo shoot and putting up with the paparazzi my Eastern Box Turtle disappeared under the periwinkle.

Happy Thursday to you all.