Saturday, January 31, 2015

Just When is a Rug Done?

Usually a rug is considered finished after all the loops have been pulled, steamed and bound in whichever manner we choose.  But then sometimes we decide it isn't quite done yet. 

This rug below I hooked in 2011 and it has been rolled up until yesterday when I hung it on my bedroom wall.  As I'm looking at it wonder if it would look better to have a narrow needle felted line along the top of the roof.  Hmm, you can tell the difference between the sky and roof .....
........but let's see what it looks like with a quick lopi needle felting around the top.  It is only temporarily there just for me to see if I like it or not.  Guess it really isn't needed.
The design is called "July Cabin" by Barb Carroll.  It was a free pattern (to be enlarged) in this book.
This is what the design was intended to look like but as you can see I took liberties to make the design for me.  For easier comparison I've posted my version just below this picture.
I changed the flags on the trees to various colors of fall type leaves, changed the direction of the smoke since I wanted my rug smaller.  Instead of having the trees in pots made mine look like they were in the ground, removed the cat on the roof and added more stars.

The sheep were hooked using Icelandic Lopi and that is what I needle felted along the top of the roof.  Think I'll live with the lopi across the roof for today but maybe the rug really was done when I first thought it was done.

Am still pondering what will go on my frame next.  Looking thru Barb's book gave me more to choose from as it had been a while since opening the book.  BUT, there are already lots of Woolley Fox designs, a Karen Kahle pattern, Maggie Bonanomi design and more than I can remember that are in drawers here.

Have a great weekend, stay warm and be kind to one another.


Thursday, January 29, 2015

Hannah's Hen and Great News

The great news will be at the end of this post.  And any of you sneaks who scroll down to the bottom now without reading all the way thru are those who open a book and go straight to the end to find out what happens before finishing a book. I know who you are ;~) 

Here is what has been accomplished on Hannah and like Lauren have been wasting a lot of my time doing other things.  I've no excuse since I am home all day.  But a good hour of my time at one stretch was on the phone today.
There it is again with the squiggly looking linen.  Happens every time I try to take a higher pixel photo.  Here it is again in another setting.
Below are samples of the wool I've been using to hook Hannah.  The top three colors are being used in the following ways:  #1 is used one row for the very outer edge at top and bottom and will be mixed in the ground color.  #2 is used along the inside curve line toward the center background and mixed in the ground color.  #3 is at the top of the center  closest to the light background.
The center red texture and a variety of other wool, including worms is being used for my chicken.
The third row includes the lights as the background; the 3rd color I'll name #3 and #4 is the stripe texture. 

Okay, now to identify the colors for those of you who may want to know.  I'm quite confident that ALL of these colors came from Betsy.  I only went thru two years of samples to get the names and some are so much my favorite that I remember the name.  Some she may have in stock now if you wish to order. 

So there's the list:  #1 can't remember the name, #2 Granny Apple; #3 Irish Eyes (which I ADORE).  I didn't know that I loved it to hook with until I tried her bag sale when she had it. 

The bottom row of wool the first two lights and the third light I don't remember the name.  But #3 is Mashed Potatoes which is an old yellowed aged look already.  I used it in my Cat's Meow pattern both as is and also gave it a dirty bath.

#4 I used for the one row holding line on the left and right of the rug so it would blend in with whatever hit and miss wool I chose for the end border.  After all it has a little gold, red, green.....whatever.

Okay, so now to my good news (for me) of the day.  I now have my comment notification back.  I thought it was a Blogger problem and tried over and over to reset my e-mail address to receive the comments directly into my personal e-mail and nothing worked. 

I'm sure you're wondering what's the big deal here.  But since it is nice to be 'hands on', especially with newbie hookers with a question, it was impossible for me to respond without that instant communication.  Some people might ask a question about a post I'd made two weeks ago but unless I started checking all the comments on all my posts I'd not know about the comment.

Anyway, long story short (uh, did I just say short?)  the problem was with my Comcast mail server.  I was on the phone today for over an hour with 3 different people until finally someone of knowledge was able to help me. 

As it turned out Comcast security had put a filter on thinking all those messages were spam.  And it would have been okay if I could find them in my spam folder but they took the filter a little further and made it so my spam folder would be deleted immediately instead of staying there for ME to decide if it was spam or not.

So pals, if any of you are experiencing not getting comment notification, check with your mail server to see if they are filtering your mail.

Have a great evening everyone.  I'm making chili and can't wait to fill my belly with all that goodness in this chilly weather.


Tuesday, January 27, 2015

American Sewn Rugs

This new purchase just arrived today.  I first got a look at it when in a class with Ali Strebel as she had taken a copy to show us.  Ali also taught us how to do all those old rug making techniques depicted in the book and which our foremothers did many years ago.

A photo of the front cover.
A photo of the index or contents of the hardback book.
And there are several pages of beautiful examples of antique rugs with close ups of the various types of shirring, yarn sewn rugs and many other techniques used back then.
Then I sat down and started reading about how rugs were used then. Most of us oldies have learned they were used as table covers or bed rugs (bed spreads known today) and not until the turn of the 19th century were they used as rugs "under foot".  I didn't want to put the book down but now plan to start all over from the very front of the book and read it cover to cover to refresh my knowledge of the history of hand created rugs.

It was researched and written by Jan Whitlock with Tracy Jamar, if you wish to own a book of your own the ISBN is 978-1-4675-4866-3.

Have a great evening and thankfully there was not much accumulation for me here these past couple days. 


Monday, January 26, 2015

Headway on Hannah

Well, make that a 'wee' bit of headway on Hannah.  I pulled  some loops in strategic places to see what it may look like and if I should proceed with my initial plan.  That plan was using the lighter wool.  Yup, I like the lighter.
For those of you liking the goldish wool, I really did pull some loops but it didn't really do it for me.  Plus the fact it was too close in value to the greens I'm using.  Look how close the light is.  Why the heck does the photo do that wiggly grainy look on the linen when I take a higher pixel picture????  Let's see if this photo is better using a different setting.
Ah, that's better.  My plan is to do a darker green ground (the darkest you see on the rug) but use the lighter green at the top.  Dang, it is a green that Betsy sells and I forget the name.  I'll check the names out and let you know in a future post.

And thank God in my area we are supposed to get only between 3-5" of snow.  Hey, wind and temperature changes could alter that too since the upper part of Delaware is getting much more.  At Least, thankfully, I've heat this week.  That is unless the unthinkable happens and we lose power due to snow situations.

Lauren, I feel for you since you need to not only drive to work but must deal with unhappy people who haven't gotten plowed out yet.

Hope everyone is safe and has as good an evening as possible.  Find your batteries and be sure to have them handy for flash lights.


Saturday, January 24, 2015

The Hannah Dilemma

Well, actually it is MY dilemma with hooking Hannah rather than Hannah being the problem.  Perhaps the reason I air my dirty laundry  is to show you newbies that even seasoned hookers have hooking issues.  Or at least this one does, and being self taught am not ashamed of my hesitation.

I wanted Hannah to be a mixture of reds since she is going in my kitchen as that color makes me happy in the morning.  In yesterday's post there were a few pieces of wool under consideration for the background.  With a few more loops pulled and changes managed to get part of Hannah hooked so some background could be hooked in to see.

Here are those two sections below.  Lighter to the left and darker to the right.
Here is that picture of those options posted on yesterday's blog.
The initial color planning was to use one or the other of the top two wools as the background.  Then a mixture of two or all of the wool at the bottom for the ground color and elsewhere.

My concern was that the wool on the right would be too close in value with the ground green.  But that wasn't my only concern.  Hannah needs to have a noticeable wing.  I'm still not sure the value is different enough for it to show up.  Will just do it "one loop at a time".

Even now looking at the colors on my monitor of the background don't know what I'll do.  However, I'm leaning toward the lighter color on the left as it will work better with the ground colors I'd chosen. 

Hey, ya know what.... this is a journey and entertainment for me so it ain't over til the fat lady sings.  I can hook loops, pull them out and put something in it's place. 

This is a great design by Woolley Fox and can be found on the "keeping the Past Alive" folder.

Have a great evening.


Friday, January 23, 2015

Color Planning

As many years as I've been hooking I still feel out of my element in color planning a rug.  For Hannah's Hen (a Woolley Fox design) my first thought was to use the wool on the left for the background and the mixtures at the bottom for ground.  Hmmm, but maybe I want a more creamy background so threw the top wool in to take a picture.

Perhaps a little more hooking on the hen would be better for me to make up my mind.  Heck, I hadn't even fully decided which wools to use for the hen.  Some seemed too dark and others seemed too bright but had the textured colors.
So then I pulled a few more loops on Hannah and took another picture.  It is hard to see but I did hook a short row of the wool on the top right at the neck of the hen.  That row would be one of the two lights to the top that I'd be using and think I'll go with those.  The other more creamy stripe would be too close in value with what I want to use for the ground.......which is a combination of all or at least two of the wools below Hannah.  Still an UN-decided.
Check back to see what changes I've made because I'm not quite sure about the colors for Hannah's wing separation either.  Could go lighter could go darker? 
Hey, Barb Carroll, where are you when I need you?  I know you read my blog so feel free to chime in to me personally.  Wish I could go shopping in your wool collection and your knowledge was close at hand.  Anyway, I'll get my Barb Carroll fix in May and Deb and I are looking forward to it.
Have a great evening everyone, hope all of you (and me) in the area of the winter storm will be safe.  Thank goodness the 4 days without heat was this week and not next. 
And, as always, please be kind to one another.

Thursday, January 22, 2015

Yeah, What She Said

As Lauren posted on her BLOG yesterday, that her Chicken Challenge rug was in the latest ATHA magazine... so is mine.  Sadly I haven't received my issue  yet but hopefully tomorrow it will arrive in my mailbox.  Here is what my rug looked like.  Since I love the blotchy background often seen in faded and worn antique rugs that is the look I tried to achieve.
The edge binding is done using a technique I learned from taking a class with Betsy Reed November 2013 and it suits this rug perfectly I think.  Gives the rug a worn and repaired look; again leaning toward the antique.
This is what the original antique Chicken rug looked like.  That is a photo which was used for the pencil sketch pattern.
Thanks to Deb Burcin, this pattern was offered for the challenge on the Woolrights Hooking Guild Blog.  The free line drawing is on the blog if you wish to participate also.  It may be too late to get into the ATHA magazine but you will have a free design to play with and make it unique.

I have just stolen Lauren's picture of the article which was written by Deb Burcin (thanks Lauren).
And this is the cover (also stolen from Lauren from the e-mail she sent me). 
Sure hope my issue arrives tomorrow.  If you would like to purchase an annual subscription, check out the ATHA web site.

Have a great evening.


Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Moving On

Cherries and Candy Stripe is bound and on my harvest table, finally.    Soon I plan to add it as a pattern on my web site.  My grandson gave me that little bird house he painted for my birthday 3 years ago and I love it.  I told him it would not go outside as I wanted to see it every day.
Then after getting heat in the house yesterday and excited about what I'd hook next had a fleeting thought of taking a mini detour.  Thought I'd like to hook this Polka Dot Heart pattern since next month is Valentine's Day.  It is one of the designs I drew for Polly Minick for her hooking class in France last year.  But since I didn't have any blue and white herringbone wool to pull off the pillow ticking look had to change my plans.  Poo!
This is the latest book by Polly Minick which has Polka Dot Hearts and  several other free patterns as well as a DVD included.  Click on Polly's link if you wish to purchase the book.
Then it was back to plan "A" ~  hook Hannah's Hen by Woolley Fox.  I've pulled wool for the hen but what I've hooked so far looks too dark to me.  Went to my worms and found a lighter texture which you see draped across the left.  Now I'll have to see whether mixtures work or go all lighter. 
Please forgive me for not responding to each of you individually when you comment, as I'd done in the past.  Blogger is no longer sending me the comment notification even tho I've updated the e-mail address over and over.  I've sent Blogger messages of my issue and inquired on the internet as to the fix but no help.  Each of your comments is special to me and I do read them; but responding is made more difficult by not getting the notification.

Thankfully I have heat and the house is warm.  Just in time for the snow and chill down on the east coast.  Have a great evening and be warm.


Tuesday, January 20, 2015

The Big Chill is Over

Thank gawd about 4:50 today the heat was turned on.  At one point today there was only 1 degree difference between the outside temperature and the inside temperature.  And that was in the office which probably had a little overflow from the living room space heaters I had on.

I'll spare you all the drama (for me) during the last 4 days but when the fire alarms went off shortly after the serviceman turned on the heat I was about ready to leave the house for fear of an explosion.  Ben was let outside but he stood looking at me as I'm sure he was concerned for my safety.  The HVAC guy told me there was no problem, that the brand new furnace was burning off the oil that was on the equipment at 'fire up'.  Thankfully that dreadful sound stopped but in no record time as far as my ears were concerned.

Right now at 6:05 p.m. the inside temperature is 60 degrees and I feel like I'm in Florida.  Guess after 4 days of the big chill my body 'sorta' began to adjust to the new (temporary) norm.  Must say it will be great to wash my hair tomorrow as it has not been washed since last Friday ~ that night in the wee hours of the morning is when the heat stopped.  No way I wanted to have a wet head of hair with bone chilling temperatures in the house.

So $2,595 less savings now I'm ready to 'chill' emotionally and get back to my wool.  Just think of all the wool I could have bought with that money.  Anyway..........

The Cherries and Candy Stripe antique adaptation is almost completely bound and after another steaming tomorrow will be on my harvest table.
This is the back side and as you can see there is only a bit more to stitch down on the binding. 
And think I'll take a night off from hooking anything new tonight, as I'm too emotionally spent after these last 4 days.

Have a great evening everyone and hope you manage to stay warm.


Saturday, January 17, 2015

Murphy's Law

A couple years ago during the hottest part of July my AC went out and had to have a brand new heat pump installed to the tune of maybe over $3,000.  Ben and I suffered for a couple days until we could get relief.

Well guess what?  Now I've no heat ~ Hey ya'll it is winter here.  This is my heat source right now.
I have a heat pump with propane second stage furnace, expensive heat but much warmer heat than the heat pump produces with frigid temps.  They work in tandem so when the ground air gets below 39 degrees all the heat pump would give me is cold air.  Therefore I had to have a second source of heat ~ propane furnace. 

Called my serviceman today who came, worked on the unit for quite a while.  My furnace is 18 years old and could not be is dead and he showed me why.  If I keep it and do Band-Aids there might be a fire.  So it is time to replace it. 

AH, so you are thinking.... what about the heat pump?  Nope, it won't work either since they work in tandem and heat pump sends a signal to the furnace that it is too cold out here for me to heat her house.  So it won't work either.

Ben must feel my anxiety because he will NOT leave my side.  I was on the computer (he was in this room by my feet), I went to the living room to take a picture of the space heater and he would not leave me.  So this is the picture I took.
And yes that is a propane fire log fireplace you see to the left.  Uh, Murphy's Law again.... when I turn it on the smoke alarms go off.  Even had the service man look at it too and he doesn't understand why it is happening.  So my man Ben is my guardian. 

Yes, there is an issue with him with wanting to chase cars which drive fast.  But  that is his only issue.  I want to tell you that adopting him was a most wonderful thing.  He makes me feel safe even tho he doesn't bring in any income to help pay for all this.

I've put an electric blanket on the bed under the quilt, it is plugged in and will turn it on when I go to bed.  Have closed all the doors to upstairs and rooms nearest outside walls which I don't use so what heat is built up with the space heater can be saved in the living area.  Not to worry, I'll turn off the space heater before I go to bed.

I will close my bedroom door because this side of the house will be warmer than the bedroom area, another outside wall on two sides.  Brings back memories of when my brother and I stayed with our grandfather on occasion.  Pop-pop only had a wood burning heating and cooking stove in the kitchen downstairs.  OH, plus no indoor plumbing, only a hand crank pump in the pump room.
My brother and I would sleep upstairs without heat but would be swallowed up by a feather mattress and thick blankets and quilts on top.  I doubt we could even have moved during the night with the weight on us.  When we awakened we would run downstairs like we were being chased by a mad wolf to put our butts close to the stove to get warm and await fresh eggs and bacon or scrapple that he had made.

Have also my hoodie sweatshirt and turtleneck ready to go tomorrow so there is no looking for clothes to wear while in the cold house.
Thank you GOD for temperatures slightly warmer tomorrow and not in the teens like we've had.  So Ben and I will survive this. Didn't get more leaves raked today since I've been so busy and tomorrow is rain so no leaf raking.  NOR, did I get my runner finished.  But at least it gave me something to b!#ch about and keep me from stressing too much about no heat or what my allergies might be.
Have a great weekend and hope you accomplish more hooking than I have achieved the last few days.

Friday, January 16, 2015

Klimt Tree of Life

This past September, my gal pal Deb and I took a class taught by Ali Strebel in Cape May, NJ.  This is Deb's adaptation of the Gustav Klimt Tree of Life and think she used all of Ali's techniques.  Darn; Deb must have had her camera sideways to get the picture and even tho I did upright the photo in my computer's Paint program and saved it in an upright position, it still posted sideways.
Deb had a great time utilizing all of the techniques, which by the way, are not new techniques but rather ones used in antique sewn and stitched rugs of yesteryear.  Ali is trying to keep alive the artistic fiber techniques used by women many years ago. 

I thought I had close up pictures of the sampler each of us did before the class began.  That was to teach us how to execute the technique and use any and all of the techniques in our rugs.  You can get a glimpse of them being worked on by the gals.
To learn more about the man and the meaning of Gustav Klimt's Tree of Life click on the link.

Have a great weekend.


Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Close to the Finish Line

Well, maybe not the final finish line for the binding part.  But all that is left now is the candy stripe and one corner on the antique adaptation Cherries and Candy Stripe to be hooked.
For such a small mat it seems to be taking me forever to finish this piece.  Maybe because I want it on my table so badly but also dang dentist/doctor appointments.  Oh, add in the ice laden roads so longer travel time to and fro.

Tomorrow I've another dental appointment in the morning AND an allergy test in the afternoon.  More on that tomorrow.  Amazing the changes the body and immune system makes thru the years.  I just might be allergic to a an item on the healthy food chain.  Hope it isn't so.

Have a great evening everyone.  My boy Ben is to my left side snoring and his feet are wiggling.  Hope he is having a nice dream.


Monday, January 12, 2015

Good News, Bad News

The good news is I cleaned my room....sorta.  Not as much as it needed but good enough for now.  There is still a lot of wool I need to use to make room for that sitting elsewhere. 
BUT, that small clean up enabled me to draw out another Domestic Zoo as I just sold one and like to have one on hand ready at all times.
The bad news is that Cherries and Candy Stripe isn't done yet.  Knowing today would be rainy needed to do some leaf raking yesterday ~ there's still many more man (woman) hours of leaf raking to clear around my home.

This is as far as I've gotten on Cherries and Candy Stripe.  I'm so looking forward to finishing this as I want to clean my kitchen and put this on the harvest table.  Loving how this is turning out.
Have a great evening everyone and please be kind to one another.  Kindness is contagious.

Thanks to all my followers who keep reading.  I love getting posts but for some reason I'm not getting the comments sent directly to my e-mail.  So unless I go to my blog and check the comments don't know what was asked or commented on. 

All comments and questions are welcome.... newbie or older..... there is NO stupid question.  Trust me when I say I've asked all of them.   So, if you have a question you can find my e-mail and ask a question or post it on the blog. 


Saturday, January 10, 2015

Oh My What a Mess

This is a recurring event with me in my wool room.  A MESS!!!!!!!!!!  No room on the shelves so there is wool on the floor.....
...wool and hooking related things on every flat surface other than the floor and even draped across a chair back.
And there really must be some intrinsic emotional problem with me because I just ordered two yards of Cranky Lizard from Betsy.  Figured I'd better order it now because it is one of my favorites to add to my primitive black background and had used it all up.  Well that is except for the half yard I purchased in November at camp with her.   Since it is a favorite to many am sure it will be gone in a flash.

Now, you see that one clean spot where my cutter sits?  All the wool you see piled up on 2 flat surfaces below the table was where the empty space is.
However, I had an order for two patterns, one I had on hand (Domestic Zoo) but Auntie Peanut had to be drawn.  Domestic Zoo is so large and most hookers what their patterns NOW, so always keep one of those drawn and ready to ship.  Since there was no open drawing space on my drawing/cutter table had to clean if off to draw Auntie.  So the patterns are in the mail now and it won't take me long to make a mess of that table again.

I'm getting close to being finished with my adaptation Cherries and Candy Stripe and will need to clean up the room before I switch to the new rug on my frame.  My plans are still to hook a pattern I'd gotten  from Barb a few years ago.  Actually I've a few patterns purchased while at a WF camp so should start hooking those instead of drawing my own adaptations since they are instant gratification.

Tomorrow I'll show you an update to Cherries and Candy Stripe and hope all that would require is doing the binding.  Then it is clean room time and start pulling wool for Hannah's Hen.

Have a great weekend and hope you are staying warm.


Thursday, January 8, 2015

Confessions From The Dye Pot

Today I decided to pull a half yard of wool to do some dyeing.  This past November had another great rug camp with Betsy Reed where she told me of a dye recipe that makes a primitive dirty wool.  Yeah, right down my alley for the antique adaptations. 

The recipe was 1/32 Silver Grey and 2/32 Seal Brown in 1 CBW over half yard of wool.  Easy peasy ~ have dye, have wool.

She went on to say it had been used on Rainbow Squares, and gave the otherwise pastel square wool a worn and soiled look of a well used antique.  Hey, I have some of that; and I had a piece of wool purchased on sale a few years ago at Woolley Fox so would pull out the dye pots.  When I looked at the brown and light plaid had envisioned hooking a checkerboard style border but the light always turned me off so maybe a dirty water bath would help.

Here is what I started with.
Alrighty then ~ being a wise hooker I rinsed my measuring cup first so that the dye particles would attach themselves to the moisture in the 2 cup measurer and put on my mask.  Smart, eh?  Well the mask is old and doesn't fit properly any more but figured it was still wise to prevent inhaling dye particles.

My breath started fogging up my glasses and mask moving when my  head moved.  But grabbed the measuring spoon (double ended ones) and put the dye in the measuring cup with 1 cup boiling water.  Not knowing if I should pour the whole 1 cup in the dye pot decided to put in only half.  The other half could be added later if needed.

The dye was almost dissipated but the wool seemed unchanged so poured the remaining dye in the pot.  Still not a lot of difference and looked at my notes.  HUH?  Remember that old saying "he who hesitates is lost"?  Yeah, well I  must have hesitated to listen to the wisdom of Betsy and didn't write down 1/2 yard as I was going from memory (you kidding, memory at my age???)  So maybe she said 1/4 yard? 

THEN I looked at the dye spoon used.  One end was 1/128, the other end was 1/64.  OMG!!!!!  No wonder there was hardly any headway in color change.  Frankly I don't know which end I used either.  My fogged up tri-focals  and moving mask prevented me from reading properly.  NOTE TO SELF..... pick out dye spoons BEFORE putting on mask.  Perhaps I should have titled my post "Too old to Dye?".  harhar, now that's funny.

Since there is half yard of wool in the pot and not much difference made the recipe again using the proper measuring device.  In addition to what was used before I put in another 5 Tablespoons of the recipe in the pot.  These are the results.  There really is more visible difference in person with the brown/tan than shows up in the picture.
I've several Tablespoons of the recipe left and saved in a small jar marked to use again if there is another wool I'd like to dye.

So there's my confession and I'm sure my 'dye by eye' friend is falling off the chair laughing at me.  Oh, and Betsy too!

Oh well, this enabled me to provide a blog post other than another update on what I'm hooking and wool for an antique adaptation.  Oh my...... ya know what I just thought of!!!!!!!  Those pastel colors would work marvelous in the stems and flora of this antique!!!!!!  Oh my!  And I've something planned for my frame next already.  Oh dear, what to do? 
Have a wonderful evening everyone and hope you got a good chuckle from my confession. 

At least the dye pots put a little heat in the kitchen with these frigid temps.


Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Honey's Are You Bored YET?

Today I made some wonderful turkey rice soup (left over broth) and salad greens will be my dinner.  Am definitely looking forward to the soup.  Okay, you know what I'm having for dinner now on to my hooking.

Sorry if my updates on the same project over and over gets boring.  But since my daily life is redundant all you have to do is send me a post HERE to give me suggestions on what you would like to see me write about.  Actually have been thinking about doing a dye project with wool and recipe that Betsy Reed mentioned at rug camp this past November.

Okay, here comes the boring part.  This is what I've accomplished thus far in hooking Cherries and Candy Stripe. And, it is for my harvest table  NOT the floor so am using a compatible colored cotton fabric binding.  The dimensions of my piece is 13.5" x 34.5".
Either planning or by accident on placement of color, this is the original antique I am replicating.  The original was 30" x 75".  But I DID choose to do a dirty darker light than the gold as the alternate stripe in the original.   Remember tho, SHE used what she had.
Have a good evening and hope you are staying warm.  Oh my but the wind chill will get ya!

Warm Wool Snuggle Hugs.


Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Another Rug Show

My cable has been out ALL DAY!!!!!!  That is Comcast which includes phone, TV and internet.  Mama was NOT happy but at least it just recently came back so will resort to my rug show posts.

OH, and if the cable being out all day isn't bad enough, the comments coming directly to me from my blog is no longer working.  I've tried re-setting but still is not working. 

Another blogger told me that sometimes some of the messages get to her but not all. Well NONE are getting to me.  So I'm wondering if anyone knows how to remedy this OR if you know a way for me to transfer my posts to another venue without losing my content from this blog.  Read THAT Blogger staff.

Some of the rugs I'm posting may not be antique but is a rug show nonetheless.  Am always looking for rugs to replicate.  This is a nice antique that I sometimes just scroll by but is worthy of posting.
Not sure this is an antique and don't know who hooked it but it is awesome.  If anyone knows who hooked it I'd gladly give credit.
OMG, I've held this one back from ya'll since I've had a hankering to replicate this myself.  Oh well, all is fair game with antique rugs and hookers.  I love this rug but wouldn't want to hook it at a camp since I would want to replicate it ~ not change it.
A nice rug and has a realistic look of the chiseled face, delicate but strong legs and large body.  Just love the deer who visit my property but then I don't have a garden.
Cannot remember where this photo came from but I've named it 'lion from catalog'.
 Another antique lion rug.
This one I've recorded as 'Montreal Museum Queen of Scots'.  That's all I know but it surely is beautiful.
Okay folks, it's time for me to get my groove back after not being connected to the 'life line' of internet, TV and telephone.  That's the problem with Comcast when everything goes out.  Gee, do you think all their subscribers will get a credit for over 9 hours without service?  Huh?  Ya think?  Didn't think so.

Have a great evening and try and stay warm during this Big Freeze.  Sure hope my stage 2 propane furnace back up keeps me warm.  Right now I'm only at 65% full and will have to order more when it gets to 30% to be sure delivery is here when I need it.