Monday, December 6, 2021

Look'n at Vintage Rugs

Although I've already decided what I'll hook after Magdalena's Bird Dog it is always great fun to look at antique rugs.  There's a lot going on in this first rug....a skunk and farm animals, a dog on the left bigger than the horse on the right, and is that a bear in the back carrying someone?  
This is a view of the back to see the non-faded colors.  It measures 33 x 51 but don't have a date.
This Amish Folk Floral measures 25 x 37 and hooked early 1900s.
A very detailed country home rug hooked by Anthony Weatherby of Canada.  Sorry but I don't have dimensions.
Folk art black cats sold for $2,150 on ebay.
This rug named Horse For Danny measures 37 x 48 but there is no date.  The rug is drawn and hooked with such detail I'm wondering if Danny was a child with no left arm and the horse was a very gentle equine.
This rug really got me wondering if it could possibly be a Knights Templar Ship ~ you see I watch the Oak Island show on the History channel.  The rug is from  Sturbridge, MA and measures 22 x 38.  This is the back and dang if I can find the front view on my flash drive.
Another landscape with dog, bridge home and trees said to be hooked 1930-40 and has seen its share of abuse during that time.  It measures 20 x 36.  
A view of the back so you can see true colors where repairs were made.  Note also it is self bound thru double burlap.
Well guys and gals, thanks for visiting my blog thank you for all the email AND snail mail birthday wishes.  And thanks for the opportunity to consider all of you 'friend'.


Sunday, December 5, 2021


Yup, to quote Robin from her 12:15 a.m. email....It's official, it's my birthday.  Of course I was sound asleep when her email came in but read it this morning.  Interesting how I've handled those milestones ~ some okay and some not as time is slipping by.  
December 1981 you'd have thought that birthday would put me in a deep depression because I was 7 months a widow, just moved back to the east coast from California without a job, my world had been turned upside down and just turned the big 40.  Think it was the love of family and my wonderful step-father Pat who kept me grounded.

Here it was November/December and he went to the beach area and somehow found a T-shirt store to make a "39 and Holding" long sleeve T-shirt for me.  Even my  mother told  me it was his idea. He was such a beautiful person and I miss both of them.

The next milestone birthday was when I turned 50 and this photo was taken at work.  My real estate lawyer boss set this up for me while he and the CEO were out of town doing due diligence for an acquisition.  
Who the heck could be depressed with this kind of celebration, I ran my first 10K that year, got married (turned out to be an unwise decision) but not depressed at all for being more than halfway thru my life on earth.

Even 2001 when I turned 60 my age didn't bother me but the year I turned 70 I could feel a panic attack beginning and knew the symptoms all too well.   Between ages 60 and 70 discovered my husband cheating AGAIN which put me in the hospital with a panic attack and stroke high blood pressure.  And life at home was strained to say the least but I survived the divorce and kept myself busy with my dogs, craft shows and rug hooking. 

Below is the rug I was working on mid-divorce.  I only hooked the initials of my first name because as part of the divorce I asked for my previous last name back ~ that of my deceased first husband and father of my son.   
But 2011 when turning 70 the realization that many of my classmates had passed away, had no companion and what was there to look forward to I felt the twinge of a panic attack coming and talked myself down.  Thanks to GOD's help for getting me thru that and I've not had another panic attack since.   

With this 80th birthday milestone can honestly say I'm happily celebrating and thankful for just being here.  I've a good outlook on life, enjoying surrounding myself with the rugs I hook, my family, friends (particularly the on-line friends).  Still enjoy rug hooking and don't really need any more wool (tho I'm sure I'll buy more) what I really need is  more time. 

Thank you to everyone who has wished me a happy birthday and thanks for your friendship.  Happy hooking.


Saturday, December 4, 2021

Binding in Progress

I've made it no secret that I HATE binding rugs.  Blogger friend Robin (Cranky Crow) once said "no wonder you hate binding because you do double the work".  That is because previously I'd roll the foundation forward and secure the roll with heavy cotton thread first then do the final whipping with yarn.  Here is an example.
Well I decided to show her that you can teach old dogs new tricks 😊. (why doesn't the emoji show up in yellow color?)  So this time I'm whipping the edge and moving those clips as I go.  Perhaps I'm not doing double the work but find moving the clips slows down the whipping process and loosens up the edge a tad.
Here is a closer look at the Kindred Spirits wool yarn I'm using and how well it goes with the rug.  As previously mentioned the name of this one is Brown Variegated and it doesn't appear on Ali's web site, only the plain colors do.  So you would need to ask for it and she will even do one-of-a-kind dye works for you.  
Happy Saturday to you all and happy hooking (stitching, quilting, etc.).


Thursday, December 2, 2021

My New One on the Frame

In a previous post I told you what my next project would be but understand that you may have doubted me since I'm so fickle.  Nope, it didn't change.  On my frame is a Magdalena adaptation named Bird Dog,  drew it myself measuring 20 x 27 whereas Magdalena's original measured 37.5 x 50.  Am guessing that would have been the dimensions of a burlap grain or feed sack opened up and she would utilize that size ~ waste not want not.
It took several sketches and reviewing the poor photo in the Magdalena booklet before deciding on my drawing.  If you have the booklet by Evelyn Lawrence please look there first.
If you don't own the booklet here is an even worse photo which is a copy of the photo in the booklet.  A well known rug hooking business offers the pattern with an elongated snout.  Perhaps thinking the white spot to the lower right of the dog's face was its nose.  I didn't think so.  To me it was a white spot at the tip of the ear and was confusing.  BUT, if you look closer to the left of that spot you will see a darker speck which I believe to be the nose Magdalena captured.
However since there is no good photo of the original Magdalena I chose to make my own speculation of what Magdalena intended and did not hook the white spot on the end of the ear.  While that would be feasible since there are white tips on the toes and the end of the tail it is visually confusing.

It feels good to work on another Magdalena rug and somehow comforting.  Not sure if I'm channeling her or she's leading me at this point.  

Once my piece is hooked and have a photo I'll offer it on my web site.  But I have a master copy of my size if anyone is interested.  It would be drawn on Dorr Natural Linen with serged edges.  If you desire a larger size I can do that too.


Tuesday, November 30, 2021

Last Loop Pulled

Yippee, the horse rug is all hooked and steamed.  And just before pulling those last loops I knew how it was going to be bound....with Ali Strebel's dyed wool yarn.  Not knowing if I had enough of the yarn left I measured it to see if there was (that length at the bottom of the rug).  Want to know the formula?  Click HERE to see a previous post on how to determine amount of yarn required.
Well dang, not quite enough left of that color to whip the edge of the horse rug.  I have two other skeins of different colored dyed wool from Ali but the brown variegated is what I thought would match best.  So I ordered two skeins and they arrived yesterday.

If you would like to purchase some wool yarn, patterns, etc., visit Kindred Spirits.   The variegated wool yarn is not shown on her web site, only the solid is so you would need to ask for it.  And it is $20 per skein whereas the solid is $17.  Here are the three colors I have.
Here they are again opened up so you can see the colors better.  Again on the left is the "brown variegated", the middle is "dark multi-variegated"  and on the right is "dark variegated".  I love them all and really want to use up the middle one as the colors would be fun to see develop as I whip.

Ali does custom dyeing and one-of-a-kind dyeing; so if there is something special you need, she's the gal to contact.
I've started working on my new project and will show you my progress in a couple days.  Do you believe tomorrow will be December???  Oh my but life is zooming by in a flash and too fast for me.  It is cloudy, cold and dreary outside so think I'll stay in and play with wool strips.  Perhaps I'll start preparing the horse rug for binding later today.  You all  know how I hate to bind but with interesting wool it makes it a little more fun to see the colors develop.  Perhaps that's the key to turn my feelings about binding around 😁.

Happy hooking.



Sunday, November 28, 2021

Antique Rug Show

Since there isn't much progress to show on the horse or anything else new to report here is a rug show to please us all.  First is Dueling Roosters circa 1920-40 and measures 19.5 x 34.5.
This rug was also up for sale  and wonder if you Canadians know anything about him.  Seems that since Dr. Drummond's Home was hooked he must have some significant standing.  The rug measures 19 x 40 and Canadian made.
A view of the back and you can see there was some fading.
Noble Dog must be a Hutchinson rug and unfortunately I have no date or dimensions.
Big cat small tree and house.  Sorry, no date or dimensions provided.
Hunter with rifle measures 22.5 x 61 and was hooked early 20th century.  Notice the rifle is as long as he is tall.  But then primitive folk art has cats as big as houses and those little things make the rug more endearing.

The auction house said this rug was 2 cats; but is it?  Or is it a cat and dog or 2 dogs?  Regardless, it measures  29 x 56.5 and hooked late 19th  or early 20th century.
 Below is a close up of the one on the right side.
Here is a busy rug with birds, dogs and flowers with fan border.  Said to be hooked late 19th or early 20th century using cotton on burlap 28 x 73.
A farm scene measuring 39 x 72 is a lovely rug with lots of detail; except I have no date.
A photo of the back and not sure why that cloth is attached to the binding.
A view of the ducks in the lower right side.
Temps are supposed to be around 57 degrees today so will go outside and pick up limbs which fell from the hard winds and clean up more leaves.  I know that I live in the wooded area but OMG I think the neighbors' leaves are coming in my yard too.  

Also plan to draw out my next pattern but still haven't finished hooking the horse.


Friday, November 26, 2021

Still Celebrating

Yesterday was a 'winner winner turkey dinner' day for a few reasons.  As my wonderful DIL wasn’t feeling well a couple days ago and had no taste I decided to not visit my son yesterday.  Plus her family from PA came to visit and didn’t want to expose myself to a group of people in close quarters.  My grandson delivered my turkey and all the sides to me and I sent him on his way taking a pumpkin pie I'd cooked for them.    There was plenty and even enough for my lunch today.

I have absolutely no idea why my print is so erratic.

The best thing is both pallets of rocks were sold!!!!!!!!!!  Word got around the neighborhood that I had rocks that I was going to sell and a neighbor wanted to put in a rock walkway.  The driver of the 4-wheeler is Justin (buyer) and the one in the back is Chris, another neighbor helping.
One pallet leaving.
And the second one almost out of sight ~ good riddance and my work was profitable.  Was told a pallet of those rocks would be approximately $350 per pallet.  I asked the neighbor (the other neighbor not the buyer) if $150 per pallet would be a fair price.  He said it was very fair so I've $300 extra in my pocket.
The cherry on top is that Chris wants the landscaping wood for his back yard near the stream which runs around our development.  Naturally he can have those for free for the takeaway.  He may even want those sandbags which are sandwiched between the heavy liner and wood framing.  This is a picture taken before digging out all the plants.
So yes, I'm still celebrating.  This afternoon my son is bringing me all the turkey leftovers (dark meat and bones) and I'll make some turkey stew one day soon and freeze some goodies for soup for another time.  A winner winner turkey dinner indeed.

This morning I hung another rug on the wall.  It is the rug to the far right and in order to hang it had to  move that TV gently to get back there with the stool.
If you can't see it, here it is again.  Brave Hunter an antique adaptation I purchased from Woolley Fox when Barb owned it and hooked it in her class in 2010.
My belly is telling me it's hungry so getting ready to heat up more leftover turkey.  TaTa.

Happy Hooking.


Wednesday, November 24, 2021


Wishing all my blogger and rug hooking friends a Happy Thanksgiving.  Despite the lawlessness, high inflation, mandates (and I could go on and on) there are things I am thankful for.  Mostly am thankful for my health, family and friends.
Here are some of the turkeys I've hooked over the years.  Below is 1847 Turkey hooked 2007 and was in Falloween booklet by Needlove.
Turkey and Tallowberries designed by Lori Brechlin and offered by Spruce Ridge Studios.
Old Tom, another design by Lori and offered by Spruce Ridge Studios. 
And I have had a freebie by Robin when she had Heart and Hand blog that I'd like to hook for next fall.

God Bless America.


Monday, November 22, 2021

Finally Bound and Happy

Push come to shove Margaret Shaw's pattern Stacked Birds is finally bound with a whipped edge and label attached.  As I'm getting close to finishing the horse antique adaptation and wanting to draw my next one that's when push came to shove.  If you are interested in purchasing this pattern you would need to request it as it is not listed among her designs.  You can find her web site HERE.
Matter of fact I like it now.  Perhaps the recent hanging of rugs in the house reminded me of the other colorful rugs I've hooked.  Here are just a few which I see daily.  On the cedar chest at the end of my bed is this rug which I hooked 2004 called Humble Beginnings.  
One recent rug hung in the kitchen is the Simple Gifts designed by Karen Kahle and hooked in a Barb Carroll class.   
And to the right of that I hung OH Glorious day by Lori Brechlin and hooked in Kris Miller's class.
Below is a Bev Conway Speckled Hens design and the hens were sitting on one large egg except I wanted them on straw.  This is still in my kitchen at the back French doors.
Hanging in the living room is Long Island Farmhouse by Lucille Festa.
Pineapple and Flower used to be on the floor in the kitchen but retired it with another rug.  It is a Bev Conway design which I hooked in her class.
There's also the Wee Folk design I've loved forever and hangs on the wall over my bed now but photo was taken on the floor in the kitchen before hanging it.
So you can see a theme here...suffice it to say that I do like some color but have an affection for antique adaptations too.  Perhaps I was in need of an antique rug fix while struggling on what colors to choose for each of those multi-colored circles and was wanting a change.  

So I will not be giving Stacked Birds a wash of walnut dye as I love it just as it is and very glad it is bound.  Haven't decided where to hang it yet as it needs to make it in the show next September at Cape May.