Monday, April 19, 2021

A Few Vintage Rugs

I'm in the mood to look at a few old rugs, how about you?  Every once in a while I just need that 'fix'.  

Welcome ~ the rug with a beautiful leaf border was hooked late 19th century and measures 31 x 60.
Primitive hooked Chickens measures 19 x 40 and the auction site dated it between 1900-1920.
Apple Tree Farm was hooked around 1820-30 and measures  33 x 58.  
Below is a well worn rug of a Chicken with a neutral hit and miss striped border.  It  measures 41 x 57.
Here is a flower pot with geometric corners but no dimensions or date provided.
Documented as Maria Beck Warning's Rabbits (1884) it is offered by the Textile Museum of Canada.  The rug measures  27 x 53.
Gee, there isn't one horse rug here so better go find one.  Hmm, let's make that two😊.  Two versions of Hutchinson designs about the Father of our Country George Washington.

Happy hooking and would like to thank everyone for the kind words you said about my profile of Ben so far.


Friday, April 16, 2021


I have missed all my fur babies and the last one lost was my boy Ben.  Am trying to create a Memorial for him as I did the others and it is going slowly even tho the linen is small.  

Have pulled out loops and replaced with different value or color ~ have hooked him upside down while looking at his profile upside down.  Although I'm trying desperately to get a good representation of him in #8 and #8.5 it will never replace my Benny Ben. 

Thought it about time to show you my progress so far.  By the way, I don't have those tangles any more.  And that which appears as orange on his cheek does NOT look like that in person, it looks more brown with a lighter brown as you see.
So far I'm pleased because I can see Ben ~ maybe because I WANT to see him.  Here  is the original handsome boy from which I cropped part to make his profile.  What shows up as brown in the ears on my hooking really shows up as a greyish black in person.  Eventually maybe I'll grab another camera or do other setting to get the better shot.
My Boy Ben was adopted at the age of 4 years 7 months and I had him for about 5 years but not nearly long enough.  


Wednesday, April 14, 2021


You're familiar with the term 'changing of the guards' but at my house it is changing of the rugs.  This morning I changed out the rug on the harvest table and placed this on.  This one has a bit of a story behind it.  
I first fell in love with Westmoreland Ponies, a Barb Carroll design,  while at her rug camp in Ligonier.  And so I had to buy the pattern and buy wool for it while I was there.  Below if the one I saw in the Woolley Fox Cabin.
Brought the new next project home and posted about progress on my blog.  One of my followers/readers informed me they hooked it and did I know it was a free pattern insert in a 2010 issue of Rug Hooking Magazine?  HUH???  I paid for a pattern I could easily  have drawn out  myself 😀😄😂 ~ well the laugh was on me.  But at least hooking could start sooner at home by having the pattern already drawn.

Another rug change in the kitchen to the right of the table is Henny Penny, another Barb Carroll design.  BTW, the Queen tin cup was a gift from my sweet DIL.  Shortly after she and my son started dating I knew she would be a keeper, she had a great sense of humor so told her..."you may be a Princess but I will always be Queen".  We have joked with one another over the years about that.  One birthday I gave her a plastic tiara and Princesses are born in May tee shirt.
Guess I'd better run my errands before it rains AGAIN this afternoon and tomorrow.  When oh when will this water dry up which continues to stay as a moat around my property?


Monday, April 12, 2021


Have you ever gotten tangles in your hooking?  I've gotten my knickers in a twist before 😊 but don't normally get them in my hooking.  Yet I'm getting those tangles twisted up now.  You see, since I've stopped cutting off loops at the top like I normally do ~ then change my mind, pull out the loops and am stuck with a short piece of wool good for nothing but a snippet.  So I've started keeping the length of wool under until I see if it is going to work.

Problem is when pulling out a loop I pull out something attached to it and end up with more of a mess because it pulls out more wool.  Obviously not a very smart way to work on a rug.
So I've got to change that and start to keep my wool strips cropped.  Have been g
oing rather slowly on my precious boy but I'll eventually get there.  Here is what my boy looks like now.  Remember, this is NOT what I see in person ~ the camera lies.
The background makes him look very deceiving because it is the light green right next to what is the shine on Ben's black hair in the photo.  So perhaps I need to change that grey shine out for the black wool rather than trying to copy the photo.  Here is that photo.
Perhaps it is now the time to draw a SMALL to play with between the down time with my boy.  Or guess I could just clean up my wool room.  UGH such a boring task, lol.


Saturday, April 10, 2021


Am borrowing some words from the Kopp's, think it is time for me to show some old rugs.  First is this reclining dog which measures 33 x 55.
Found the Boy Scout Camp on an auction site, property of Susan Parrish, and measures 
20 x 36.  No date was provided.
Well of course I have to show at least one horse rug when doing an antique rug show.  The Black Stallion motif measures 26 x 34 and was hooked on burlap.  Take note to NEVER fold rugs and store them, see the crease in the rug which will also break the fibers of an old brittle foundation.  Hooked rugs should be rolled up with the loops on the outside.
Here is a view of part of the back.
An Amish hit and miss rug measuring 48 x 78 is the collection of Jim and Nancy Glazer.
Here is a view of the back showing repairs.  Can't even tell from looking at the front that it had been repaired.
Two horse profiles hooked early 20th century measures 25 x 40.
Hen and Chicks hooked rug is the antique from which Barb Carroll did a design she calls "Purple Peeps".  Was hooked early 20th century.
And yup, another horse.  This one reminds me of cave art and was hooked between 1800-1899.  It measures 28 x 47.
Another view at an angle so you can see the entire rug.
A neutral colored early dog from Rockland, MA measures 19x40.
What is this animal below?  I know it is a hit and miss border but don't recognize the critter at all.
After doing this blog post I learned what that critter is in the above photo.  It is a Tapir.  You can find out about it HERE.

Guess it's time to go for the walk and pick up my mail then sit and hook.  Haven't pulled a loop yet today because I had the 'north 40' to cut.  Yeah, 'tis that time of year again.


Thursday, April 8, 2021

My Hooking Struggle

Last post didn't show you much of what was on my frame other than a lot of dark wool.  Not so sure I've progressed that much more since then but will show you what little has been accomplished and why the struggle.  

After posting some of my projects on Facebook for the rug a day for 10 day challenge I posted photos of my Rottie Memorial of Shumba and Panzer as well as Shadow.  My boy Ben was missing.  Yeah, I hooked a shape of him in a design named Golden in the Garden and replaced the Golden with a primitive shape of a Rottie.  But did NOT consider that a good representation of my handsome sweet boy so knew one was needed, therefore the struggle. 

You would not believe how many times I've pulled out the eye ~ more than I can count on one hand.  The head and nose area has also been replaced more times than I remember.  So just before deciding to take a photo and post my struggle, thought I'd do one row of background around the profile shape.
Ya see all those dark value differences in the gathering of wool above?  Ya understand my quandary with deciding what color to choose and what size strip?  FYI, I'm hooking Ben in #8 and #8.5 for background, BUT outlines and other strips might be as little as #3.  Below is the profile photo I chose and which is the bane of my progress.
Notice the shine on the black hair and nose, around the eye?  He is a black dog with a little brown.  How the hell do I get those eyes right?  How do I get the shine to not look silver but shiny black?

Okay,'re thinking 'why not do that in class with a teacher?'  I did that with Shadow's piece.  The teacher was great but the stress of hooking something so personal and precious was NOT the making of a fun class ~ and rug camps are supposed to be FUN!!!!

Therefore decided to hook my handsome boy at home.  Perhaps after seeing my hooking endeavor on the computer tomorrow will give me insight on how to proceed.  All I can say is that I am now working on something which has my heart!!!  But wish Ben was here instead.

Looking at what I've hooked it looks like brown wool in the ear in the photo.  But that is not what it looks like in person.  


Tuesday, April 6, 2021

Time on a Frame

A few weeks ago I drew out a pattern and was gung-ho to hook it.  Was to be an early start for a Christmas gift and even brought wool to start it.  Looked at the pattern on my frame and had absolutely no interest.  See guys, I've told you before I'm a fickle hooker.  Believe me now?? lol
So I drew another design and have started it but taking my time.  Already I've ripped out hooked areas about 3 times.  Finally decided to just hook what I know, keep going until I can look at it with fresh eyes later. 
But at least I'm interested in this one. 

Happy hooking.


Sunday, April 4, 2021


Happy Easter to all of you.  Below is a rug I hooked called Strawberry Patch, a Claire Murray design purchased off eBay early in my rug hooking endeavor.  It was a kit with yarn and I hooked it vs. punch.  It was the first and last all wool yarn rug I'll ever do.
And a different display showing a straw rabbit with the Brenda Gervais rug design.
This sweet bunny pin keep I made and sold back in the day when doing shows.
And let us not forget what Easter really is about....
Happy Easter.


Friday, April 2, 2021

Last Loop....Now What?

Finally pulled the last loop on Black Tailed Rabbits antique adaptation so next task is binding.  It is a small piece and can't believe it took me so long to finish it.  Yet I did draw a few rug patterns and did a line drawing of another antique adaptation for someone so I have been busy.
Grabbed a hooked Bunny and stuffed applique eggs to place on the sofa table near the front door to have some fun Easter decorations on display.  The bunny is a Brenda Gervais design.
Was actually looking for a hooked Easter egg I made some years ago and was sure it was here but couldn't find it.  Plans were to put it in a vintage Easter basket instead of the applique eggs.  Here is a photo of two eggs hooked a while ago and was sure the one in the basket was still here.  Bunny and egg sold several years ago but cannot find the other.  Will need to make new ones before next Easter for sure.
Weather has been a roller coaster ride here in Delaware ~ last week we had temps in the 80s today there were snow flurries and freeze warning.

Good Friday to you all and be safe as you travel to visit loved ones for the Easter holiday.


Thursday, April 1, 2021


Like Lauren (Rugs and Pugs) I accomplished a lot since my last post too.  Finished hooking that one small area in the Black Tailed Rabbits and steamed it...

Cleaned up all those worms encroaching my body and spreading while working on said rabbit mat.....


Finally finished the Never-ending-Star-Quilt (you're looking at the backside folded over).

And after a horrific day of battling pattern drawing and PayPay demons finally shipped a rug pattern for someone.

That one really did happen.  So something went right.  What am I doing to celebrate?
Having a glass of vino!!!!  Cheers and......


Tuesday, March 30, 2021

NEVER Will I EVER.... ecru hairless linen again!  I have a file in my desk with foundation samples I requested from various vendors when a group of 4 of us decided to buy bulk to get a better price.  We decided on the ecru hairless linen since it was lighter in color than the natural hairless  linen.  It was purchased from the same vendor a friend of mine buys her natural hairless linen from and she swears by it.  Checked out to confirm it was the vendor I thought, and it was.

I wasn't aware of any issue with the hairless linen when first hooking this sizeable rug.
After time I noticed a loosening of the foundation at the ends since I would pick up the rug by the ends.  To avoid throwing the rug away I decided to patch it.  But the fibers were soft, would break and patching was a struggle.  The repair doesn't look so great under the rug.
But the view from the top is only a slight bulge on each end.   

After the repair I moved the rug upstairs in an area of my sewing room which doesn't get much traffic from me.  At least I'd have the rug to look at and extend its life.
Above is the last known piece of hairless linen in the house and will go in the trash next.  It is soft but slippery.  After hooking this rug and then pulling a thread to get a cutting line for a mat noticed the thread shred and break midway.  Big time warning sign the fibers were not stable.  Eventually after more breakage of that same thread I had the cutting line.  Decided to keep what I call the inferior backing for small table top projects and not for the floor.

In case you are wondering if I'd prepared the edges of my foundation properly before binding, the answer is YES.  I always do two rows of straight stitching and zig zag to join those together.  Also you can see I whipped the edge.  

I have seen the vendor working on her rugs at camp and  never once did I see  her work on hairless linen, ecru or natural; she used linen, regular linen.

Perhaps the hairless linen has a new improved version than the one I purchased but am not willing to spend the money to find out.  I'll stick to my Dorr natural primitive linen.


Saturday, March 27, 2021


..for an important date with my blog posting. But, I don't know what the heck to post.  Am still working on the Black Tailed Bunnies, haven't started anything new, and still plugging away on the never-ending quilt.  

Actually, the only progress made has been finishing the binding on the antique adaptation White Horse and Scrolls rug~finally.  I mean the hooking was finished on February 12th, over a month ago.  
Taking that long to finish binding a rug is definitely an indication how much I hate binding. Have just started binding the Shield mat and it's smaller so won't take as long 😀


Wednesday, March 24, 2021

Time for an Antique Rug Show

This topic seems to get the most attention with viewers who are either looking for another pattern to hook, a design to draw for profit or perhaps just enjoy the seeing the old rugs for entertainment.

This first one has large snowflake-looking flowers and hearts in the corners.  According to the auction site  it was hooked 1900 and measures 20 x 39.
An Equine profile hooked pre 1900; such a shame is it is such bad shape.  It measures 24 x 30 and this is the front.
A view of the back to see the true colors.  Of course the burlap hides some of the colors.
And to get a close-up of the hooked edge you can see a lot of knit was used.
Eagle measures 29 x 53 and was hooked late 19th century.
The center has hearts (or are they apples), diamonds and central star.  The lovely design is said to be circa 1890 and measures 38 x 49.  Also in very good shape.
Here is the back side corner.
White 1900's Horse measures 22 x 34.
Usually all antique rugs make me happy.  But this one disturbed me when I looked at it and decided to post it anyway since there is a lesson here.  The w
hite dog rug measures 19 x 36.  At first glance it looks like a geometric border on the end.  But  with that more narrow back it looks as tho it is a dog in a box and it is barking to be released.
Don't want to end on a sour note so will post one more antique.  This one is an old Hutchinson design named I Want My Oats.
Happy hooking.