Sunday, July 31, 2016

A Tweaking I Will Go

Before putting Ned aside to finish the sports rug knew I had to make a decision on what to tweak.  Something was bothering me, actually a number of places on the rug did but couldn't put my finger on just what to change.

* wonder if all the triangles should be the same color

* should the triangles be outlined in gold
* was it the purple flower outline bothering me
* or was it the pale grey strip in the butterfly and flower petals
I think the gold outline on the triangle will be a good move and will do that to all triangles today.  Decided to pull out the purple flower outline and use the same wool as the hooked word NED, thinking it would balance out better.  But something still isn't right.
Next tweaked was the gold outline of the center of the flower and replaced the dark gold with the brown red of the border.

Perhaps I should concentrate on finishing the borders, outlining the triangles and then decide what to do next.

But after my quota of caffeine and breakfast, there is grass to be cut before more rain comes.  After all the rain my grass is unusually high and thick so must be cut today.  

Happy Sunday to you all and glad to have you visit.


Friday, July 29, 2016

Friday Finish

Yippee, one down and one to go.  Finished binding Simple Gifts, a design by Karen Kahle which was hooked with Barb Carroll in May.  I love the direction Barb took me in the hooking.  
It was a collaboration between us ~ I told her my choice of light background, darker border and left the rest to her.  Damn but we made a good team!!!!  And of course you know with Barb there is always some purple.
Even stitched a label to the back which has a picture of the rug shown on Primitive Spirit's web site.  

Now to the weather here.  If you're a follower of my blog you know about the 10 plus inches of rain here recently.  Yesterday there were more downpours and more rain coming thru Tuesday next week.

This is what my backyard and Ben's backyard looks like now....again.

Mosquitoes will be in heaven once again; but me and Ben not so much. And YES, I give Ben the flea/tick ointment to protect him.

Obviously the grass can't be cut with all this water so it will continue to grow or rot until wind or sun has diminished it.  Sure wish I could send some of you in drought and fire zones some of my water.  My only saving grace is that I'm thinking / hoping that maybe this means there won't be as much snow here this winter since there was so much rain this summer.

Have a great weekend and hope you are able to stay dry and cool.


Thursday, July 28, 2016

Mission Accomplished

I did it!  I pulled the last loops on Zach's Favorite Sports Rug!!!!!  
Must say the blue wool was a close call and had it not been for the random adopted piece of wool from last year's generous giveaway at Cape May I'd be up the creek.  Well, guess I'd have made it work somehow.  This is all the blue that was left.
Even managed to separate out those few worms and put them in the stash baggies.  
Now what needs to be done is steam and bind Zach's rug.  But since working outside today in the 99 degree heat (felt like over 105 because of the 75% humidity) the steaming will wait.

However, am now finishing binding Simple Gifts, a design by Karen Kahle.  Should have that to show you tomorrow.

Had even more rain today and expecting more tonight.  Matter of fact weatherman says we are to get rain thru next Tuesday.  I don't have the wood or skills to build an ark but perhaps should consider buying a boat.

Stay cool....uh, and dry.


Wednesday, July 27, 2016

UFO's She Asked

Jennie (Over the Hill and Running) asked if I had any UFOs since it appears that I'm diligent in finishing projects.   The answer is yes. Last winter decided to use a small piece of linen to draw a 12" square. Plans were to use worms and make a hit and miss chair or table mat.   
Didn't like what I'd hooked, got bored and it has been hanging around since.  One day between rugs I'll pull it out and probably pull out strips and do something else.

That is the only UFO here UNLESS you consider Simple Gifts by Karen Kahle still needs to be bound completely.  I worked on it a little yesterday in the doctor's office waiting room and on Monday in the dentist waiting room.    Like Lauren (Rugs and Pugs) since binding is not fun, it is a perfect time to seize the opportunity.
And, still have some of Ned's border to finish and then bind.  But then feel my grandson's rug and Ned (Woolley Fox) were being hooked in tandem so don't think they classify as a UFO.
However....... in the past I had two rugs which stand out as long term UFOs but now finished.  

As a relatively new hooker saw a cute design by Claire Murray named Strawberry Patch on eBay. Price was good and thought it a good idea to try hooking with yarn. Learned quickly that yarn was a beast to hook with (for me) .  Not only that but the too clean, too bright colors didn't fit in my house since I have antiques.  It would look adoreable in a child's room or a chipped white cottage room.  Uh....I'll definitely sell it if anyone is interested.  Anyway, after hooking the bunnies and a couple flowers put the rug away for a couple years.  
The next to go on a very long hiatus was this geometric rug design I drew up.  Well of course my thought was to use up all those worms which seem to multiply like rabbits but soon got bored.  Think this was tucked away for like 5 years until getting motivated to use up more worms.
So my plan of action was to hook one block per day then hook something fun.  Soon a lot of the rug was hooked and was motivated to finish it.  My friend Evelyn had told me she thinks this one is a keeper and to not sell it.

If you look closely at the 'granny geo' you will see this was an early hooked rug of mine too.  At the time of starting it didn't know how to make sharp corners and many of those designs take on a shape of their own and are rounded.  I enjoy that rug now but it isn't on the floor....yet.  

Have a good evening everyone.  Am HOPING to post a finished (hooking that is) of Zach's Sports Rug tomorrow.  That is, of course, if I get off this dang computer.  Stay cool.


Tuesday, July 26, 2016

ATHA Magazine Arrived Today

YIPPEE!!!!  Have been waiting for it to arrive.  Knew it should be here soon because yesterday a follower alerted me hers had arrived ~ thank you Carolyn.  This is the August/September 2016 issue of ATHA magazine.  If you aren't presently a subscriber, this issue will definitely push you off that ledge if you are a primitive hooker.
I apologize for the unclear photos, it isn't blurry, the camera is fogged up from the humidity outside.  As I didn't want a flash white out decided to take the magazine on the back deck to get the shot.  Even went so far as to wipe the lens before taking each photo but it still fogged up since it is so humid outside compared to inside.
For you primitive hookers, this issue is full of nothing but primitives. Just look at that line up of magnificent hookers and articles in the Contents.  I want so badly to start reading it right now but have so little left of Zach's Favorite Sports Rug to hook that requires my attention first.

When my friend Deb and I were at Barb Carroll's camp in May Barb was working on her article so that is probably what I will read first.

Another head's up from Carolyn is a notice in the magazine of a deadline for 2017 sports related rugs.  Hot damn!  I don't have a professional camera but plan to submit a photo of my son's Man Cave Rug from last year and also my grandson's rug for this year.  There is an announcement in the magazine on deadlines for various themed rugs.  

Had another thunder storm and lots of rain again last night and there is even more water accumulation in my yard.  I called mosquito control and they are to come and spray our development and particularly my property since I'm the low area in the neighborhood and the mosquito breeding ground.  Sadly I don't hear the frogs any longer so maybe the mosquito's ate them, lol.

Have a good evening everyone and stay cool.  No way I can go outside as I'm attacked by vicious mosquito constantly.  So when I walk Ben I carry a big handkerchief and whip it around me and him when I see or hear those blood suckers.  

And YES, I apply K9 Advantix II on my boy to keep him protected even tho he is an inside dog used to A/C and winter heat.  


Sunday, July 24, 2016

I Think I Can, I Think I Can....

Am SO close to pulling the last loop but just not pulling fast enough. Grass cutting, pulling weeds and trimming bushes has kidnapped me. The end is near on this gift to my grandson and so glad to have started hooking it months ahead of time. 

You regular readers are aware of the worry and struggles with having enough blue background.  Now there is only that section at the bottom which requires blue and think what I have left will work.
The hero piece of wool was unexpected.  I'd already tried dying wool from the same recipe twice with poor results.  As a last resort I went thru a bag of wool which was given away last year at Cape May rug camp.  

Matter of fact, at that camp my friend Deb searched me out as the mound of wool had already been rummaged thru before I was aware of the free wool.

Seems sweet Linda Woodbury was giving away wool stash she was tired of.  In that stash I found a piece of wool which was used to hook the outer edge of the blue background.  That freed up the rest of limited blue and think I'm gonna be okay.

I'm pleased with both the Redskins logo as well as the Orioles.  The Nascar flags are okay too, at least Zach will recognize them for what they are.

Thanks Linda for your contribution and looking forward to seeing you, Norma and kris in September, along with all my other hooking buddies.


Friday, July 22, 2016

Thinking About Blue Wool

I've been thinking about what to do with all the blue wool that resides in my stash now.  Some are worms and some from recent dye jobs to get a blue for the Sports rug.  Well, that is after the current two rugs are hooked (Sports Rug and Ned).   I love what Kelley (With Hook and Needle) is doing with her blue strips but wouldn't want to copy.

So started thinking of other options.  A couple years ago I hooked this plaid fox for Barb Carroll.
A photo of the sign at her driveway entrance was the inspiration for the mat. Believe Barb was going to make it into a pillow and wish I'd thought of doing that instead of a mat for her.  Anyway, could use the plaid theme and do an all plaid rug or a pillow for my bed.

Looked for a photo of Barb's sign but must have deleted it.  Even went so far to search print outs of photos and still couldn't find something to scan.  Oh well, those of you who have been to Barb's are well aware of that sign I'm sure.  

But while looking for that photo came across another rug I hooked trying to use up blue worms in 2012.  That would be this Seaside Swimsuit design by Polly Minick.  But worms and wool have multiplied since then.
Other ideas came to mind such as hooking circles and stars like this applique below.
Or I could hook a row or rows of various blue winter mittens ~~hmm, me thinks me likes this idea.

But first things first.... finish Zach's Favorite Sports Rug and finish Ned.

Stay cool folks; it's a hot one out there.


Thursday, July 21, 2016


Today decided to soak some wool to attempt getting a better blue wool from a 'fresh' dye recipe.  Below is the wool soaked for hours in synthropol to ensure good coverage.  
The larger piece of wool measured 30" x 32" and the two smaller pieces were parts of a upcycled jacket section.

Previously I'd attempted to 'revive' this same recipe (Warm Sky) which had crystallized but wasn't happy with the results at the time.  You can check out that post HERE, about my misadventures of that dye job. However, now I'm not so sure it was so bad; you'll see in a few minutes why.
Above and to the right side are the results of today's dye job.  Was attempting to get a wool to match the light wool already hooked in the right side of the rug since the left side was becoming increasingly dark using the rest of my blue stash.
However, as you can see from the pictures above and below, this turned out too light...dang it.  Uh, that's not the wording I used when you weren't around. 
Interesting how much lighter this dye job turned out and appears to be much lighter than would work.  Since there were a few, very few lighter wool strips left to hook decided to place them on top of what was dyed today.  
First, they have a green hue to them since I was resorting to pulling out all sorta similar wool to fill the background.  So THEN.... decided to go to my blue wool section and pull out some of the wool that was from the 'Misadventures of a Rug Hooker'.  
The two wool pieces to the right are from that task and might just be what I'll use to fill in for the remaining part of the background for Zach's Favorite Sports Rug.  

I've so much blue wool now that I'll be  hooking blue hearts like Kelley all this winter when I get those 'winter blues'.

Last evening and today chose to hook on the gold border of Ned but think I'll switch and work on my grandson's rug.  There will be so much ripping and switching wool strips throughout the rug that I may as well bite the bullet and start now.  Besides, that dang rug needs to be done within the next 5 months and Gran is getting tired tweaking it.

Have a great evening everyone.


Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Zach's Favorite Sports Rug and I'm Still Learning

Oh so close to being finished yet still too far away.  I've faced the narrow cuts on the dreaded Redskins logo and it is now hooked.  All that remains is the background and border.  For sure the rug will be done before December.
Now my only concern is .... will there be enough blue background wool for the rest of the rug.  If not I'll just do another fresh recipe.  Which means there might be some tweaking to replace darker wool with lighter wool to more evenly spread the color.  Am sure you can see the difference in value in the background.  

Oh well ~ Making sure you have enough background wool isn't the only lesson I've learned.  The other is the wonderful technique of "beading" along the border.

That black and white check fabric is for the binding.  But also chose to do a black and white beading technique as the inside border line to carry over the checkered flag.  

WHAT I DID:  With this rug my beading and border went first and then hooked the inside area along the way.  

Problem is that beading, because of the twist of the two wool strips, makes that the first place which gets ripped out on the grippers.  Even tho I have a wonderful Snapdragon frame it still rips out and is more troublesome to re-hook than plain, regular hooking.  Therefore, when I do beading again ....

WHAT I WILL DO:  I'll hook the main rug inside and hold off hooking the border until that inside design is all hooked.  

That said, it just could be that IF I'd made myself a larger excess of linen at the edge the beading wouldn't have been caught in the grippers.  Yeah, I know.  But I HATE wasting foundation fabric just to be cut off and tossed.  I'm from the 'make do, make it work' generation.

Have a great evening.


Monday, July 18, 2016

Having Fun Yet?

That is the question I asked myself yesterday when working on my grandson's sports rug.  The answer was no.  Was having so little fun that in the middle of the afternoon when the temperature was 90 degrees went outside in the bright sunlight to trim a forsythia bush. After about half an hour later decided it might be more fun to hook inside on the Red Skins logo after all.
There's still a little more of the Redskins logo to hook in the white circle but once that logo is done it might be a little more fun.  Looking at what I've done do see some changes that COULD be made ~ Uh, but choose not to.  After all I'm not entering this into a competition or Celebrations. My grandson will recognize it as his favorite football team.

Thankfully the most dreaded part of the motif is hooked and for that I'm grateful.  Only a little more of the white inside the motif, blue background and border.  

Tonight I'll finish the motif and the tomorrow plan to have fun doing what I want to do.....working on a fun rug for me.

Thinking of a particular friend of mine and asking you to pull your butt up off the sofa, grab your hook, a rug in progress ` GET HAPPY with a glass of wine and a good video.

Hope you all have a good evening.


Sunday, July 17, 2016

Antique Rugs

Today I pushed myself to try and finish the Red Skins logo on my grandsons rug but failed.   Which means its time for another rug show. Hopefully there will be something to show on that rug tomorrow; sure hope so because I'm not having fun right now using #6 and #7 cuts. Actually a few loops were even smaller UGH!
Above is a framed E.S. Sands rug design.
A dog in profile from a collection sold from a Virginia estate hooked by the owner I believe.
Girl in landscape with oval center.  Great artistic design for that time with the flower and tree extending beyond the border.  That person was "thinking outside the box".
The Kitchen Scene above was hooked in 1881 by MB.  You can see the cat under the stove and if you tap on the photo to enlarge to see the date and initials well hidden in the oval rug.  Also notice the unequal border ~ as if the woman had limited space and the rug design overwhelmed her before she ran out of foundation on the right side. The only other time I've seen that was in Barb Carroll's antique rug Kinderhook Basket, shown below.
Below is a gorgeous New England hearth rug which sold for $28,000 and change.  Wonderful vine border and adore that bold it colbolt blue or purple vase?  Since I have a cataract understand my eye color detection might not be on cue.  But what I see is wonderful as my eye sees it now.
The rug below has no provenance that was noticed on the auction site. Scrolls in the rug are equally matched on each end and sides althought not flowing comfortably with my eye.  What is also interesting is the flat dark black X across the blue rectangle.  
Okay, gotta go and finish my dinner.  Ben has been taken care of but since I pushed myself to TRY and post a picture of the rug I'm hooking have delayed my dinner.

Have a good evening.  God Bless the men and women police officers, firefighters, and the military who put their lives in harms way to protect ours.   They do NOT get enough pay!


Saturday, July 16, 2016

Woodland Life - Reptiles

You've already read how much rain this part of Seaford received the other day and there is still standing water at the back of the yard toward and into the wooded area.  

Some of you are terrified of snakes and I am not.  Matter of fact look forward to seeing the first snake of the spring and they are usually black or brown snakes.  Yesterday while near my shed saw some movement in a shallow water puddle and went to investigate.  
This is what I saw.  Naturally I didn't have my camera with me and wasn't sure the snake would still be there when returning with it ~ but it was.  If you tap the photos it will enlarge to see the bands around the snake.
I took two photos from the left side.  The snake is sunning in the warm sun and shallow water.
And two photos from the right side.  Was hoping to at least get one of the photos turned out so that I could identify the snake. 
Must admit that I was taken aback with the markings all the while wondering if it was a Copperhead.  Supposedly we don't have Water Moccasins in Delaware and since Copperheads ARE poisonous that was my concern with its markings.  No I did not kill the snake, never do as they have a purpose in the cycle of life.

If you would like to learn the identity of northeastern turtles, snakes, frogs, click on this link HERE.

Once I was riding my bike in the neighborhood and saw a snake slithering across the roadway so stopped my bike to look at the first snake of the season.  At a standstill by my bike the snake lifted it's head and flattened.  Now that scared the bejesus out of me even tho I knew full well this is not a Cobra snake state.  Nonetheless I hightailed it out of there and left the snake alone.

Come to find out it was a Hog Nose Snake which has a first line defense of that behavior and if that doesn't send the visitor away it will roll over on it's back and stick out its tongue as if it were dead.  That is its second line of defense.

Oh I'm sure neither Kim nor Lauren have managed to get this far to read this post.  Bet they both were gone when they got a look at the first photo.

Have a great Saturday night.


Thursday, July 14, 2016

After the Rain Came

Earlier today when I glanced at the thermostat it read 101 degrees outside.  Now remember there is water everywhere STILL so think of steaming water on the stove and how that would feel being surrounded by it.  Even tho I've an A/C it is still humid in the house.

This morning I pulled a few more loops on Ned and then switched to my grandson's sport's rug.  After all, it is inevitable that I'll have to tackle the more narrow loops than #8.5 for the Red Skins logo.  Not looking forward to this part but will do my best.  Yeah, can do it because if I can hook two Rotties in #3 and have teeth and tongue look real can handle a Red Skins logo.
Today my next door neighbor told me that there was 10.3" of rain dumped on this section of Seaford in 4 hours.  Yesterday I posted pictures of my yard and while the water has receded from the mailbox building the mosquito nesting area is still here.  Just hope there are plenty of frogs to feast on the mosquitoes yet to come.

Have a good evening everyone and wish this humidity and heat would subside and could send some to those dry areas which wish they had some rain.


Wednesday, July 13, 2016

TESTING 1, 2, 3

While pulling loops on my grandson's rug pondered what to do with sweet Ned ~ those triangle sections along a border.  That 'thinking' process made me wonder how it would look IF I outlined those triangles with a gold wool.  Then it would bring the gold color of the horse and the gold border together.  
On the photo above I placed a gold strip of wool along the top and left side.  Also hooked in gold along the top left triangle and used the purple predominant wool as the center. 

On the top right corner where the grey texture was hooked I've now decided I don't like that light color in a triangle at all.  The blue isn't offensive to me but surely that light grey is.  Hmm, am critically looking at the butterfly and flower inside now.....  That is where my eyes go and those are NOT the focal point of this rug.  Oh my.....

So now I've to decide:

~ what color or colors to hook in those 6 triangles.  
~ do I use the gold outside line for those triangles
~ what color if any do I change the inside of the butterfly and flower

Me thinks this was a SHORT recess and my grandson's rug will be on my frame again soon until I figure out what to do to make Ned a worthy steed.

Meanwhile, today in Seaford there was close to 10" of rain fall.   As soon as the torrential rains stopped I went outside to take pictures.
 Above is the view from my garage to the shed.  That water also encroaches into Ben's back yard.  
 A picture from my garage and toward my neighbor's backyard also filled with water.
Although I was sure I'd not be able to access my mail box decided to drive down to see what it looked like.  Yup, entrance to the development as well as the roadway across the bridge is flooded.
This is the right side and to the right is a small bridge which crosses a creek which is overflowing and running across the highway.
Okay, this is Ben's back yard from the back of the house toward the shed, a photo shown previously from the garage.
Here is Ben's backyard and toward the wooded part of my property from the left side of my back deck.  So much water and thousands of deafening sounds from frogs communicating.

Ahhh, one thing my ex taught me from his years in military is... "where there are frogs, there is water".  Every time I hear the croaking of a frog I am reminded of that.

Yet, if you look at this and what has happened elsewhere with flooding, I'm lucky.  BTW, I noticed an orb or two in one of my photos.  I'm wondering if that is my guardian angel or family.  Yeah, I'm sure most of you don't believe that gobbly gook, but I do.  Each time I see an orb in a photo wonder who is with me.  In case you're wondering which photo, it is the one from my garage toward my neighbor.   There are actually two round circles.  One bright and one below that which is another.

Have a wonderful evening.  We each choose how we wish to live.  I choose to be happy and try my best to spread that.  Someday I'll tell you a story about what I wanted to be as a 15 year old girl in my small home town.  A story told to the local police.    


Tuesday, July 12, 2016

I Need Another Break!!

Alrighty I took a break to think about going forward with Ned. But now am getting bored with hooking background on my grandson's rug so need another break.  Hey... you hookers must agree that background CAN get boring....right??  Between time I've considered options for the border of Ned and have a few ideas creeping thru my cranium.  
Meanwhile, tonight I'll pull a few more loops on Zach's rug and tomorrow will work on Ned.  One thing for sure (I think) is that Zach's rug will be done by Christmas.  In the event I run out of the blue background I will shorten the dimensions of the rug to make it work.  

Oh my.... soon the Red Skins logo needs to be hooked and it will be a more narrow cut than the Oriole logo.  Now THAT is what I'm dreading. So once the Red Skins logo is hooked it will be easy sailing.

Have a great evening and GOD BLESS the police officers in DALLAS and elsewhere who rush toward the sounds of gun fire to protect the innocent and gave up their lives in the process.  


Sunday, July 10, 2016

Checking Out the Border

Thought that before any more of the gold border is hooked I should see what it looks like on my monitor.  The last couple times showing Ned may have neglected to say it was a pattern by Woolley Fox.
Think I'll set Ned aside for the evening and hook some background on my grandson's rug while I look at Ned.  There are a few areas which are bothering me; well, maybe those areas would be those triangles on each end.

My initial thought was to have the middle on each side the same and have the four corners different.  So I chose the blue for the right bottom to balance the blue strips representing Ned's mane.  Then top righ used the grey faint stripe of the butterfly and flower.  

Hmm, BUT... if I put the grey faint stripe on the left bottom corner it is too close to the butterfly and flower and not sure if I'd like that color on the top left directly across from the other corner color.

Am pondering putting the blue in the four corners and keeping the green/purple plaid in the middle.  Or put blue in all 6 triangle shapes.

Me thinks working on my grandson's rug for the evening is a good thing.

OH!!!!!!!  In yesterday's mail I received the fall issue of Primitive Quilts and Projects.  And this beautiful crow is one of the patterns, a design by Pat Cross.  Well you know it will soon be on my frame since it is a crow. And Walter is a mighty handsome specimen indeed.
Accomplished a lot today doing things not enjoyable:  pulling weeds, cutting grass with push mower and riding mower, trimming limbs and bushes (still LOTS more to do), cleaning out fish pond filters, filling bird feeders.  But hey, as an adult and homeowner it isn't always cake and ice cream is it?

But tomorrow I can have a free day to do as I please.  Hope you enjoy your evening and hope tomorrow is a happy one for each of you.