Sunday, September 30, 2012

My Friend's Rugs

Although I have shown some of these previously, perhaps some of the new followers haven't seen them or didn't go back far enough into the archives to view them.  The following rugs were hooked by my friend Char.  When I posted a picture of her Baby Bear rug  and her Moss rug, mentioned about her Full Beaver Moon and think I mentioned about the Wedding Rug she hooked for her daughter and son-in-law.  I'll show you pictures now.

This is Full Beaver Moon and think she did a magnificent job on the moon and that is a show being cast by the moon in front of the beaver ~ quite beautiful I think.  And, if you double-click on it you will see the nails and teeth that Char made out of femo.

This is the Wedding Rug and it is humongous.  You must click on this one to enlarge.  The name of the groom is on the left top part of the tree and Char's daughter's name is on the right.  Likewise, the names of Jacob's family names are down the trunk (his parents) and into the roots are their parent's names.  Ditto for Char's daughter Glynnis' family on the right.  Then between the roots is a heart and the birth dates of the bride and groom on each side.  To say this is breathtaking is an understatement.  
And I mentioned that my dear friend Deb forgot to take another rug she finished last year and it was one she started in Kris Miller's class at Cape May.  It is named Glad Tidings.  She had it hanging in her home by the time Christmas arrived.  She used some of Kris' sheep locks for Santa's beard.
I did show you Deb's hooking of the Kinderhook Antique Basket in the show but will post it here again.  The lighting on the rug does not do it justice at all, it is  not washed out in person like it shows up here.
And since I also hooked that same rug, here is mine.  You will not believe what just happened.  I have a flash drive with all of the pictures in folders aptly named for Cape May and year, individual files with special names a file called "Saundra's Stuff".  I went there to retrieve a picture of this rug and the entire file is GONE.  I saw something flash on the screen when I clicked it and went to the SEARCH box on my computer to see if I could get it back but a message came up saying that file was damaged and beyond repair and not available.  OMG, my favorite dolls, all of my rugs, and things I've sold and wanted to keep a photo of all gone before my very eyes.  I just took a photo of this since it is hanging on the wall and guess I've got to re-photo everyone that I still own so that I can have them on file.  Oh man am I bummed!!!!!

Thanks for stopping by, I'm so ticked that I'm gong to open up a bottle of Merlot.  And do you believe tomorrow is OCTOBER?  Already?  I'm not ready for the holidays whatsoever!!!!!


Saturday, September 29, 2012

Fall Swap

For those of you who have been following my blog you know that I've participated in the Sensational Seasonal Swap started by Jo-Anne on Rughookers Yahoo.  So this was my fourth season and have received a wonderful box from my swap partner Gail Becker.  This is the beautiful mat she hooked for me.  As you can see there is perfect hooking, gorgeous colors and over dyed wool.    I have often wondered whether to put my initials and date in something which is a gift and now know the answer clearly in my mind.  The answer is a definite YES.  This will forever remind me of our on-line communication and fun swap.
In addition to the beautifully hooked Fall leaf mat I received some over dyed wool and the most delicious garlic and onion roasted almonds in the world.  Obviously the almonds have been long gone because they are addictive BUT they are also healthy.
And, this is the very humble swap that Gail received from me.  OH, but I did send her 4 pieces of wool and a big Dark Chocolate Bar too.  However I think that I got the best of the deal.
Here in slower, lower Delaware it really is beginning to feel like fall.  Thanks for stopping by. 


Friday, September 28, 2012

Cape May Class Rugs

Cindi Gay was another teacher at Cape May and she shared the back half of the room with the class we were in with Bev Conway.  Again, because the weather was so spectacular everyone seemed to gravitate to the porch to hook.  Well, except for a few of us who would rather not drag out wool, hooking frame, etc. outside, we just stayed inside in the shade, enjoyed the breeze thru the windows and chatted.

I know for sure this was a Cindi Gay class project but can't remember who was hooking it.  I do remember it distinctly because the hooking was so perfect that I was in awe...and it would be right on a table all by itself so I could enjoy it when I walked by to go to lunch or back from lunch.  

I think the following rugs were from Cindi's class. Sorry, but don't know who the hooker is.

And, Kris Miller was another teacher who shared a room with Laura in another part of the Chalfonte.  Since I wasn't in their class not sure who was hooking what.  Here are some of the rugs started by her students....or maybe they were Cindi's students.  

The next rugs are even more of a wild guess but didn't want to short anyone whose rugs I'd taken a picture of.  So enjoy the remainder of the started rugs at Cape May.

I know there were several rugs that I did not get a picture of because of the shadow situation.  Eventually I learned that I needed to be facing the sunny side and taking pictures but then there were people on the other side on the sidewalk taking pictures which was casting a shadow on the rug I wanted to take a picture of ~ such is the case with the few rugs just above.  

Anyway...... hope you have enjoyed your visit here and if anyone reading the blog wants to inform me on which rug was being hooked by whom and in which class I will make a change to my blog.

Once again, thanks for stopping by.


Thursday, September 27, 2012

More Cape May Rugs In Progress

I've had numerous classes with Bev Conway and she is always a delight to be around as she is always upbeat, good sense of humor and always seem to learn something in her class.  The new 'thing' with Bev right now is the hidden message hooked in the rugs, which I've spoken about previously and some girls decided to do in Bev's class.  Last year I did put my initials and date in my rug but chose to not do it this year.

This is the rug my dear friend and roomie Deb started in Bev's class.  And I wish you could have seen every one's face, including Bev's when it was Deb's turn to stand up, introduce herself and show the class what she was planning to hook.  You could have heard a pin drop and lots of quizzical faces and wrinkled brows.  Deb said she had this design a few years and decided it would be fun and time to hook because of the hidden message as well as the name of the rug.  The designer of this rug is Susan Feller (thank you Alice), and name of the design is Nurturing Friendships; the image on the left is watering the image to the right.  And, it also reminds me somewhat Picasso-esque.
Deb's secret message (which can be read from the back when you flip it over) says, "Nurturing Friendships - Char Saundra Deb - Cape May 2012.  Char and I were humbled that our dear friend would forever record our fun time on the back of her rug.

And here is a picture of people enjoying the rug display.  I wonder what is going on in Rebecca Erb's mind when she is looking at Deb's rug?
Char and her husband have a mountain cabin in upper state NY near Canada, and I believe the lade they are on is called Silver Lake.  So Char is doing an aerial view of the lake and the few homes which habitat the location.  She concentrated on just the lake for class and will draw in the homes and hook those at her leisure at the cabin or at her other home in PA.
Annie Lee has quite an undertaking as she chose to hook a 5'10" Santa which she plans to put on a dummy board and stand up each Christmas holiday.  I'm sure Santa won't be completely done by this Christmas but she says she is going to have him hiding behind a chair with that part of him which is hooked peeking out behind the chair.
Susan was working on a very complex geometric.  She was thoroughly having a grand time but I'm afraid the complexity of this would drive me crazy, not to mention trying to remember which colors go where.  Bet it will be another beauty produced from her and can't wait to see it next year at Cape May at the show.
A believe this was a rug that Edie McClure was hooking.  Edie spent a lot of time hooking on the porch and I was in the classroom, but did catch a glimpse of her hooking away and think this was her delightful rug.
Carol Feeney was in Bev's class but she also spent a lot of time on the porch hooking with friends.  This is a rug designed by her and is supposed to be Sponge Bob's aquatic girlfriend.  Fish really aren't Carol's thing but living in Florida she says that is what sells.  Sorry for the shadow of the light pole is in the way of her ruby red heart-shaped lips.
And now my names of people and the rugs they were working on is escaping me so for those of you who I haven't mentioned by name would write me I'll add it to the proper rug photo.  Mermaids were the craze this year at Cape May.
Another Chalfonte rug but changing the border to shells.

And then there was mine, a design by Vermont Folk Art called Wee Folk.  Like Deb, I've had this pattern a number of years and figured it was finally time to hook it because I'd loved it for years and knew that I wouldn't sell the pattern on e-Bay.  I have not pulled another loop on it since getting home because I've been so busy.  And once again sorry for the shadow.

Thanks for stopping by and hope you enjoyed seeing what other people are hooking.


Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Cape May classes

Laura Pierce was one of the teachers at Cape May who had students who were probably most interested in hooking faces in particular but also a wide range of pattern designs.  This is just one of Laura's wonderful hooked pieces.

There was one student in her class who had started her rug beforehand but just enjoys the teacher, the camaraderie and the ambiance of a rug camp.    Michelle Micarelli has visited Cape May numerous times so is considered family as all teachers and students are equally.

The beauty of the colors and hooking is not showing in my photo which seems to be washed out in the sunlight.   Cheri Reid has said that Michelle is a true artist and I have also seen some gorgeous works of art that have been hooked by Michelle and they are magnificent.

And another mermaid on the premises was one previously started by Cheri Reid.  I wish I'd taken a picture of it when it was on the floor in full view as the tail was embellished with beads and sequins, the hair glistened with beads as well ~ but unfortunately none of that shows up well in this photo.  So if anyone has a better picture I'd love to have you send it to me.  meanwhile, here it is sorta hanging in the spot where Cheri was working on it until it was her turn with the teacher for her camp rug.  If you double-click on it you may see some of the beads in the hair and part of the tail.  It is very breathtaking.

Another student was Jan who was doing her face and her husband's face.  Jan told me that she was never one to color inside the lines and she wasn't going to start now.  So these were the pieces she started.
Patti Ann Finch is doing a portrait of a two year old in more traditional colors and has done a very good job.  And remember these linens are placed on the grass in the yard so they look distorted since not on a flat surface.
Here is a picture of a rug which I showed you yesterday by Cheri Reid of her husband wearing his Scottish Tartan.  Cheri has done some other memorable works at other camps and she is a very humble hooker.  When I complimented her on this and other pieces she said made a comment saying..."she was a technician vs. a true artist".   But I beg to differ with her as she does beautiful work.  Cheri is also a lot of fun.
This is a piece being hooked by Mary Fadely.  But it was a child's drawing of the family.  I keep telling my daughter-in-love to save pictures that my grandson draws so that I can hook something he has drawn.
Sarah Province was also in her class and showed you a picture of her rug yesterday.  But for those of you who may have missed it, here it is again.
There were other students in Laura's class but I don't remember who they are and there was a problem with the shadows on the rugs as people were standing in front of the sun and casting their shadow on the rug we were trying to photograph.  I was standing toward the sun but had to wait until people walked by so their shadow didn't cast on the rug so missed a lot of pictures.

I'm thinking this was a rug that I saw on Laura's side of the classroom but don't know who the hooker is.  SO if anyone reading my blog knows the truth please inform me so I can update the blog with correct information.
My dear friend Joan Strausburgh has sent me a CD of rugs at camp so perhaps my next postings of pictures will be a little more organized and thorough.  I've worked my butt off today drawing more designs and shipping so plan to take the night off and hook a smidgen on a small mat that I've been commissioned to do.  Nope, have not pulled one loop on my camp rug since coming home 11 days ago and it is KILLING ME!!!!!

Thank you so much for stopping by and I do plan to put more rugs from camp on here tomorrow.... I HOPE.


Sunday, September 23, 2012

Rugs started at Cape May

Before I go there, I want to say that since Friday I've gone thru a bit more than a full bolt of linen ~ cutting, serging edges and drawing patterns.  So this is my break time and I'm sharing it with my cooking rice and getting to do stir fry.  THAT SAID..... this will be a short preview of the rugs started at Cape May.  UH, VERY short.

It is always delightful to see what everyone else is working on and their color choices when you go to a camp.  You get to see designs in the making for the future Celebrations magazine.  And the creative minds.... those thinkers that have the juices to do their own rugs.  I sure wish my genes carried some of that.  

So the 'in progress' rugs  I'm showing you tonight are magnificent narrow cuts.  This is a rug that Cheri Reid is hooking of her husband and his Colors.  Cheri does wonderful hooking and hooks a mile a minute... okay, maybe not THAT fast but she is a fast and good hooker.

Here is probably another Celebrations works in progress by Sarah Province.

Okay I said it would be short as my buzzer is going off for me to start my stir fry to be done in time for brown rice.  Sorry everyone, but I've been a very busy girl.  Please check back to see the other numerous rugs started at Cape May.


Thursday, September 20, 2012

And There Are More Cape May Rugs

These are the last of the finished rug show pieces so next will be the rugs started in class.  Here is a design you will recognize without even reading the designer's name, I'm sure.
This is a rug hooked by my roomie Deb and it is Kinderhook Basket offered by Barb Carroll which I also hooked a couple years ago and have it hanging on my wall.  I don't know what the heck happened to the photo with the sharp angles to the right side......weird.

Now that I'm going back thru the photos it seems that I neglected to put more animal and other critter rugs in the previous post so some got missed and you shall see them now.

Can't believe I missed so many animal and critter rugs.  I don't think this one was in my previous posts but if it was it is worth seeing again.

And then would you believe a DRAGON in our midst?  Very cool indeed.  I visited Taiwan (the Peoples Republic of China) as well as Hong Kong before they went from British rule back to China and the experience and talking to the people THEN before the transition was amazing.  No, I didn't hook this but still find it interesting and brings back the amazing experience there.
So now we have florals and some very very creative works coming up.  I love rug hooking and since there are so many patterns out there that I adore, why not hook those which I fall in love with....right?  But there are SOME PEOPLE who think outside the box and are creative thinkers and do what some may think is weird.  But folks, I gotta tell ya, these rugs drew quite an interest and conversations of creativity.

This is a thumb print of Joan Strausbaugh ~ it is amazing and no way I'd have thought to do that.... but Joan is a thinker and works outside the lines.  Well, okay, maybe she worked ON the lines this time.  Just LOOK at that wonderful soft background.
Ya know how when you go to rug camp and the teacher gets to you and she asks what rug you plan to hook?  Well, last year in Kris Miller's class, my dear friend Char, in front of another 11 people said, "moss".  Kris asked, "moss with trees or house?".  Char replied, "Nope, just moss".  

Uh huh, that was the response by her dear pals Deb and me.  But remember that she and her hubby have an  upper NY woods cabin near Canada and she wants earthy things there.  Last year she did the wonderful Full Moon Beaver rug, she has done a Mama Bear and Baby Bear rug and now moss.

Dang, I don't remember who hooked this or the name of the design ~ guess I was hoping my camera would pick up the information.  But as you can see it is yet another 'thinker' with a creative mind working.  

Oh but this is my kind of rug... an antique adaptation which I've seen in books and would love one day to hook it myself.

And a familiar design for those of you who attended ATHA in Lancaster, PA.

Here are individual rugs which are marvelous but not so many in a particular category to have a name.  This is one by Joan's friend Annie and her loops were uniform and  like soldiers with shoulder to shoulder.... Just look at her lettering and just you wait and see what her 5'10" Santa face looks like next year.

Now I must admit that while the hooking on this was perfect and my kind of primitive, I wonder about the reverse wording.  I'm wondering if the person purchased a pattern which was intended to be a punch needle rug (working from the back as in needle Punch) and didn't realize she or he could have printed the WELCOME out in the right way. Whatever the case it sure does make for a conversation piece for sure.

I've sorta run out of categories so now will just post the pictures of rugs which I took randomly.  It gets crazy in the show with so many of us hookers wanting to take pictures so sometimes if someone is taking a picture you just walk by them and plan to come back and take a picture next time.  But then you forget.  SO, if any of you hookers and showers of last week's rug camp were not previewed here, PULEEZ send me a picture of your rug and I'll post it.  Franky I'm hoping someone from this week's rug camp at Cape May will send me pictures OR, if they have a blog that they post them.

So now that the weather is getting cooler and we are not needing either A/C nor heat (don'tcha just luv that?) this is the perfect time to show fall and winter themed rugs.

The first rug is the beauty which was finally rescued from it's thief  and is the works of Linda Woodbury and happy to be back home.  And let me tell you this picture does NOT do it justice as my camera is picking up brighter colors because of the flash.  In person it is a delightful warm fall rug and not bright.

And, after FALL comes WINTER.

Thanks for stopping by and soon I'll post the pictures of the rugs in progress being hooked at camp.