Sunday, October 18, 2020

Celebrating the Season of Fall and Halloween

This mat was hooked in 2012 and believe it was in one of Lori Brechlin's booklets of patterns, but am too lazy to go check.  
Going back to when I was doing shows I'd make a lot of 'smalls' which would be inexpensive enough for someone to make an impromptu purchase.  What's sweeter than a piece of candy corn and a kitten?
Gotta get up and go walk ~ do something for my body.  When I had my boy Ben he was my motivator and wonderful companion...sigh.  Miss him terribly.
Happy Sunday, happy hooking and stay well.


Saturday, October 17, 2020

Another Fall Halloweenish Hooked Mat

 Soon I'll be running out of Halloween rugs so will show you one which is not only on Spruce Ridge Studio's web site but one of my all time favorites.  It is called Nantucket Broom ride, a design by Lori Brechlin and hooked in a class with Kris Miller.
Kris is always a fun class with loads of information and great wool but a rug isn't always completed in a class.  Upon coming home and getting sick wonderful and talented hooking icon Barb Carroll sent me a 'get well' package of wool to contribute to the project.  That would include the idea and wool for red hair and fanciful scarf.  Barb thought that Nantucket Witch needed to look like she was flying high and having fun.  It won't show on Kris' pattern I'm sure but if you wanted it you could always draw it in yourself.  Thank you Barb, love you 😘
This was probably the most fun rug I've ever hooked.


Friday, October 16, 2020

I'm Late

 Sorry I'm late with a promised post every day to celebrate Halloween but yesterday was quite a busy computer-busy day, a couple of my pals would agree and forgive me I think.

Today I'm switching from rugs and mats to dolls.  This one may have been one-of-a-kind (can't remember).  So is she a Pumpkin Witch or a Pumpkin Fairie ~  How would you identify her?
Making dolls was fun for a while and made a variety of them.  My favorite style was primitive and here are a few examples.  The first photo are huge dolls and I always named them.  This is Socrates and Jubilee Jones.
While some like big dolls others prefer smaller ones so I made this one which was snapped up quickly.  I named her Polly Anna and the date on the photo was 2001, wow, 19 years ago.
Then I did some minis which were quite popular like these babes in a row.  This photo was from 2002.
Also did a few vintage reproductions like the Columbian style dolls, both of those sold.
I made two of the Columbian Dolls below and dressed them in vintage child clothing, one was purchased by my Aunt and I kept one which sits in my living room in an antique rocker but not this one.
There are a few left which didn't sell when I decided to stop doing shows and perhaps one day I'll take the time to photo them and list them on ebay.

Happy Friday; it's a wet one here so am hoping to pull a few loops and chill.  And will be happy to do so since I didn't sleep well last night.  The prednisone and caladryl just isn't working fast enough for me.


Wednesday, October 14, 2020

Halloween Mat and Mundane Chit Chat

The best part of this post is this mat I hooked 2015.  His name is Hester and is a design by Lori Brechlin which was a freebie in an issue of Primitive Quilts and Projects.  Robin I believe this background color is the same dye recipe.
Looking at it now think a thin row of darker value needs to be hooked around the hat.  Uh, hope I do that while it is fresh on my mind...but will I get to it after the last couple days I've had with little sleep?

Okay, I've had a couple bad days but haven't bitched about it until now.  Hmmm, guess that's not true since my patience was lacking with the hooked and stuffed pumpkins.  So maybe it DID start before today.

Everyone gets a spot that needs to be scratched and you don't give it a second thought.  Unless....that spot takes on a new itch feeling.  During sleep a spot on the top of each hand itched and I scratched not awake to understand.  After being rubbed during the night twice or three times the reality of a problem becomes apparent~~~~poison ivy.

A few years ago I had it so bad my body looked like raw meat and was on cortisone pills and topical steroids.  My GP told me once I was so allergic that if anyone was burning leaves with poison ivy in it or cutting grass and wind was blowing my way I'd get it.

I live in the woods and am my own grass cutter.  In spring I go identify the spots and spray.  The last couple times I've cut grass I've worn long pants and long sleeves despite the humidity.  Guess I should have come in and taken a shower because the itch started on my hands and under my chin.  Areas of exposure from the breeze blowback.

It started on top of my hands and a small spot under my chin. After two sleepless nights and still using alcohol rub to dry the area then apply caladryl the contact dermatitis grew.  It is working up the chin along the nose and toward the eye, downward the neck, on my midriff and a spot on my back.  Thank goodness I was able to get an immediate appointment with my primary care physician.

Last night I tied a bandana around my neck so as to not spread the oil of the poison on my pillow case but my neck looked worse this morning.  Thus the rush to get to the doctor.   Now I'm on Prednisone for 14 days and will continue my vigilance with the alcohol rug and caladryl.  I've washed the sheets, will wear long sleeves and gloves to bed and tie that newly washed bandana around my neck again.  

I'd hoped to get my high dose flu shot today but my doctor said since my immune system was compromised and had an active allergy it was not wise today.  So now I've got to wait until this crap is gone.

Hooray for anyone who had the stamina to read all my medical history..or should I spell that...hysterics.


Tuesday, October 13, 2020

Finally Hooked and Stuffed Pumpkins

Thank goodness these three pumpkins are DONE.  You can take it on confident authority these will be the last hooked and stuffed pumpkins I ever make.  So I declare Lauren (Rugs and Pugs) the Pumpkin Queen 👑. 
Looked for the appropriate basket/vessel for them and this is all I could find quickly.  Sorry the handle distracts from the view.  I did do a 4 piece wool patchwork on the back of the left pumpkin but only patchwork on the other two of the stem and body.  After doing the first one said 'hell with it' and did the easy way.
No more, no thanks, nada, nei takk.  I'm ready to move on and have accomplished hooking and stuffing a pumpkin, or two or three.  Certainly not the caliper of Lauren, the over achiever.  Luv ya gal.

Monday, October 12, 2020

Fall / Halloween Season Continued

Was hoping to be done with those hooked and stuffed pumpkins to show you this evening but they're not quite done.  I've forged on because I knew if I set them aside unfinished they would never get finished.  

Tonight I'm showing you a photo of Hobo Joe which is a design by Lucille Festa .  The design was meant to be a cut-out but chose to hook him as a mat.
Despite not being a cut-out he is presently hanging on my front door.  I think he looks dapper in a Halloweenish way.


Sunday, October 11, 2020

Where are My Elusive Pumpkins?

Are you wondering what happened to those elusive pumpkins I started 9 days ago??  Here is the one I drew on rug warp.  I didn't like how the pumpkin turned out although this photo does show the lines better in the photo than in person.  
So I pulled a few loops out and hooked a darker wool like at the bottom.
This is what the other two look like after being hooked.  I'm also not happy with the top pumpkin but I'll get over it as I am not pulling loops, I want to move on.  
Now they need to be backed with wool and stuffed.   At least I'll have hooked and stuffed pumpkins but they are definitely NOT the caliper that Lauren (Rugs and Pugs) makes.  So Lauren I crown thee Pumpkin Queen.


Saturday, October 10, 2020

Season Celebration on Saturday

This is a design by Kelley Belfast which I named "A Little Birdie Told Me" because Kelley drew the stem curved toward the bird and it appeared the bird was whispering to the pumpkin.  

For Halloween I placed it on my schoolmasters desk.  To the far left is the scoop salvaged from my grandfather's barn after he passed.  Pop-pop lived a walking distance from us when I was growing up and kept my horse Richie there.  The sc
oop was used daily to feed Richie and is a fond memory of my gelding horse.
I took two photos with different settings, the one above was the first shot, below is the second.  Do you notice anything different.  If you don't see it I'll explain under the next photo.
Many of you probably won't notice, but there is a faint orb just above the rug on the right side.  It wasn't a piece of dust on my camera lens or it would have shown up in the first photo also since the photos were taken seconds apart.  

I've taken photos in the house before (as well as Cape May) and sometimes the orbs show up and sometimes not; occasionally the orbs are more prominent.  Each time my camera captures an orb in my house I wonder who it is...could it be my spirit guide (I understand everyone has one), an angel, my mother or another loved one, or the spirit of one of my departed pets?

Okay, I'm sure some of you think I've gone off the deep end, but the orbs have a special meaning for me.


Friday, October 9, 2020

Celebrating the Seasons Past

 Back in the day when I did craft shows I made a lot of dolls ~ some antique style, whimsical, primitive and artsy fartsy ones.  When Halloween time comes around I wish this first pair had survived a sale.  The cat has caught a witch which is hard to detect.  Made and sold many of these.
It is a design by Hickety Pickety and I loved it.  

Below is Hag and Humpty Pumpkin.  Forget the designer of those patterns but once these sold I didn't make any more of them.
The desire to sew and stuff a doll has long since passed. But I still have most of my doll patterns in case I ever get the urge again.


Thursday, October 8, 2020

Celebrating the Season #2

 A few years ago I was the lucky recipient of this giveaway (Duluth Pumpkin) from Star Rug Company.  It was complete with pattern, wool and even those great buttons which were used for the eyes.  The buttons sorta look like quillies (standing wool circles) but without all the work. 
As mentioned yesterday I plan to post a seasonal themed photo every day until October 31st.  Enjoy, maybe you'll see a design you would like to hook yourself......happy hooking.  


Wednesday, October 7, 2020

Celebrating the Season

This is a design called Jack designed by Barb Carroll and was a free pattern insert in the September/October 1997 issue.  I love it and one day just  might hook another with somewhat different color variations.  
I have other fall/Halloween rugs which I'll post every day throughout the month.  Enjoy.

This morning I went to two different drug stores and Walmart in search of the high dose flu shot and none were available.  Guess next time I'll call first instead of wasting gasoline.


Monday, October 5, 2020

The Games We Play

 In case you hadn't notice Lauren (Rugs and Pugs), Robin (that Cranky Crow) and I are a trio who play off one another.  Appears we take cues from each others blog posts or personal emails ~ sorta like a 'tag, you're it'.  If you follow/read our blogs you'll get it.

So in response to Robin's latest blog post wanting to see my homemade Jack-O-Lantern, here it is along side the hooked Jack and his Crow ~ which was previous tag team effort with a follow-up to something Robin said.
The Jack-O-Lantern was made starting with a big foam ball from the craft store, covered with purchased papier mache', painted, then cutting out the foam.  Can't recall if the hole for the wire handle was poked while the mache' was damp and pliable or later.  I'm thinking it would have been much easier to cover a balloon and when dried burst the balloon.  But perhaps the balloon may have burst while making it and having a failed Jack.

Obviously my Jack needs a little something inside to hide that bright white.  Even painting the inside would be better but will have to decide something soon.  

Here is the inside paper on which I drew the eyes , tongue and glued to the front.
Since the vintage Jacks are hard to get or very expensive if you find them, I've got my homemade one.  Well, make that four.  I designed and hooked these "Mache' Jacks" which also make me happy.  Again this was an attempt to fulfill my desire for the real thing.
So Robin.... is that one of Poe's relatives who just flew in and sitting on my harvest table?


Sunday, October 4, 2020

Antique Rug Show

Time for me to do another blog post and since I'm  not prepared to show my progress (or lack there of) on the pumpkins will provide a mini rug show.

First up is a rug described by the auction house as Horse drawn wagon thru countryside.  The crisp bright colors remind me of Maude Lewis's rugs except it is lacking bright yellow.  This rug was hooked circa 1920 and measures 27 x 39.5.
And photo of the backside.
Girls picking Cherries with Waldoboro technique applied in a few areas.  It  measures 23.5 x 37 early 20th century.  I've never done the Waldoboro technique in a rug but have done proddy with hooking.
A Lion rug measuring 28 x 41 hooked late 19th early 20th century and the property of Carolyn and Tom Porter.  Those are some very colorful leaves hooked hit and miss style.
This Oval rug with cat and dog would be a perfect Halloween rug with the colors and the frightened cat.  Love it.  No other information was provided on the site.
I love this New England hooked Dove rug.  Dimensions are 24 x 31.
Old Homestead circa 1830 measures 14x17.  Yup, I do love those weathered old rugs.
And lastly, Urn with flowers  circa 1850 which looks like standing wool strips and auction house said yarns were used.  Dimensions are 30 x 42.  A lovely piece someone is proud to own I'm sure.
Happy Sunday and happy hooking.


Friday, October 2, 2020

Something Lauren Said

 Lauren (Rugs and Pugs) and I email one another beyond commenting on each other's blog.  In one such correspondence she said something like..."you mean you have never hooked and stuffed a pumpkin?"  Nope, I haven't.  

So being shamed by my friend thought it was high time for me to do something about that, not only because I've admired hers each time she makes one but because they would be an awesome fall addition to my harvest table.

So I drew one pumpkin on the rug warp inherited from Joyce Closter of Cedar Falls.  I did remove the wool she had stitched to extend the size and am using cotton.  Heck, that wool was good useable wool, lol.
Drew two more pumpkins on a leftover piece of linen too small for much else and added size to that as well.
I'll be using my small sit-upon frame for this project and continuing the boring task of binding the remaining two mats.  So now you know what will be on my frame next.  There Lauren, ya happy now? 😁