Friday, February 15, 2019

Misc. Chit Chat

Yesterday was a balmy day and even did a little yard work.  Today was an even better day as the thermostat said 62 outside.  Hey, that is fantastic and could deal with that the rest of this winter.  

Let's celebrate with some old rugs.  Don't have a date but it sure does have all the essence of an antique.  Horses, birds, hit and miss border and geometric ~ what's not to like.  This photo was all I could get but it appears the hit and miss expands to the left and right side of the rug.
Didn't crop the photo below because it makes such a nice setting for the rug.  It is an 1840 sewn and shirred Compote of Flowers. 
Cats with hit and miss background.
Birds and baby birds in nest.  This is the front of the rug hooked by Cecile Perrault of Montreal QC Canada.
To get a look of the true colors here is a view of the back.
An early 19th century landscape measures 14 x 23.
An early 20th century folk art lion from Delaware, Ohio.
Also from Delaware, Ohio is the rug with 2 beavers facing off with a scroll border.  That is what I call a LIGHT background.
Haven't pulled many loops today so am going to get at it as I'd like to give you an update on Lititz Hens.  Am trying to do a little binding of the Star Geo on occasion but you know how I HATE binding.

OKAY... have a question but first a comment.  I love reading blogs vs. Facebook.  Problem is a lot of rug hookers have moved from blogging to that other place because blogging does take time.  I'd be lost without my readers, questions and comments from you.  

On my left sidebar are the blogs I love to read and follow.  I've dropped some in the past as many have abandoned ship ~ ~ or have they?

Now the QUESTION:  when do you think I should remove the link from my side bar?  Just recently someone posted after a 7 month lull (after my prodding).  Some haven't posted in a year.  When do you think I should dump the blog URL?

Something else...... if you know of a blog I don't have listed which is active I'd like to have it here for easy access to me and my readers.  So if you know of an active blog please notify me.  I'd LOVE to promote it.


Thursday, February 14, 2019


Wishing all my readers and followers a Happy Valentine's Day.  
Thank you for all your visits, taking time to comment and hope this day is special for you.


Wednesday, February 13, 2019

More Hearts

A candle mat design by Edyth O'Neill; not sure which year I  hooked that.
An olive wool purse with heart hooked and sold at a show; wish I still had it but could always hook another I guess...or maybe one with a star.  Love the olive wool.
Hearts and Flowers, a design in one of Kindred Spirits booklets.  The dark is a blue and burgundy plaid which I was hesitant to use but it looks great.  Think that was the first textured wool I ever used for hooking.
Antique adaptation I named Cat's Meow.
1909 Horse, an antique adaptation.  Photo taken with a flash and looks really washed out.
Horses and Hearts a design by Marion Hamm which was hooked 2018.
Happy Wednesday.


Monday, February 11, 2019

Heart to Heart

Sorta miss not hooking something heart related this month but still have Lititz Hens and an anxiously awaiting rug to be bound.  So maybe next year.

Meanwhile, I do have a Valentine theme on the harvest table.  The rug is Olde Hearts, a design sold by Woolley Fox, and I did the border differently than drawn.  Fell in love with the way Barb Carroll hooked hers so wanted to follow in my mentor's footsteps.  When at Barb's she color planned the border with wool she used.

In the basket to the far right is a hand torn heart hooked by Lauren (Rugs and Pugs).  She also hooked the smaller blue heart, both of which I was a lucky recipient during a giveaway.  Lauren's hooking is wonderful and the person who won this year's giveaway is very lucky indeed.  The other hearts were hooked by moi.
Finally after almost a full week of intestinal disturbance am feeling almost human again.  I was beginning to worry because despite my hydrating, eating bland and boring meals the trouble persisted several times during each day.  So even tho the sun isn't shining outside my attitude is feeling brighter and sunny.

Try and stay warm.


Sunday, February 10, 2019

In and Under the Weather

The state highway sprayed brine on the roads this afternoon in preparation for some white stuff and freezing temps.  Haven't heard how much will land but I don't plan on leaving the house tomorrow anyway.  Or at least hope not.

This whole week I've dealt with an intestinal bug of sorts.  I didn't have a temperature and felt sorta okay except for occasional stomach cramps and numerous trips to the potty.   If it didn't get better by tomorrow was going to visit the doctor.

Am slowly getting rid of my feed sacks; not only the decorative ones but even ones with names like Jack Frost, Layena and other company names.  Needed a break so don't have any listings this week but will go another round next Saturday. 

Put a couple small pieces on my wall next to what was there already.  Magdalena's Dog is waiting for me to reconfigure the adjoining wall to hang it and a couple other pieces.  It is fun to look at what I've hooked and not all of them I want for the floor.
I've hung my rugs in various ways.  These are actually hung using straight pins along the top and sides and works well.  This way when I want to rearrange something there is just a pin hole instead of a nail hole.

The primitive Annie doll I made several years ago and she is wearing my son's shoes from his childhood.  The heart pillow was hooked by Tonya Robel as well as that Fall Floral mat on the dough box.


Thursday, February 7, 2019

A Handy Dandy Tool

Rug camps not only provide camaraderie with like minds who are wool/hooking crazy but a great time to see what tools people are using and selling.  Also a time to try out those frames, hooks, etc. as all rug hookers are willing to let a fellow hooker try something before they jump to buy.

As you know I've been working on Lititz Hens and using as many woolie worms (noodles) as possible.  But sometimes need to cut strips of a certain color or size.  This is a great tool to see what size you have in your stash or what size you need to cut.  
This was is a metal Wool Strip Gauge purchased from Cammie Bruce one year at Cape May.  It is far more reliable than the plastic coated paper or other products which will bend or tear.  This baby won't give.  

Most times I just grab whatever random strip size is available in the color I want.  But sometimes I wonder if one #8.5 would work in a space or if two #8 strips fit better.  

The wool strip gauge costs $15 and can be purchased HERE .  While there check out Cammie's other items.

Meanwhile..... that rug in the photo is one hooked in Cammie's class.  It is a design by Bev Conway called "On the Loose"
Have a great evening and when I hear anything back from Cammie I'll let ya'll know. 


Tuesday, February 5, 2019

Magdalena's Lititz Hens

Am luv'n this rug so far.  Just wish the digital camera could capture the proper colors of the wool.  The right hen is NOT red , it is a warm brown.  With the other setting on the camera the photos appear even brighter.

Initially, when pulling colors for the rug there were two pieces of wool from which to make my selection for the right hen.  The other was too dark brown, almost black.  Perhaps that one would have made a better photo.  But, I will live with this rug and love what I see in person.  
Still have Star Geo to bind and several rugs to label before attending the April rug camp in 2 months.  Yeah sounds like so far away (in kid's time) but real time will go in a flash.

Yesterday's weather was great and today was even better.  Tomorrow is going to be disappointing compared to these last two.  But hey, days are getting longer so sun will bring out the temps.  

Then there's MARCH WINDS and APRIL SHOWERS.  It was March 2nd last year which brought down two huge live trees in my yard.  So I'm really skeptical about March.

Good evening to all.


Sunday, February 3, 2019

Oldies but Goodies

Sure haven't put many steps on my Fitbit during this sub-freezing arctic air.  Instead I've been sitting on my butt hooking, or sitting in front of the computer listing items on eBay or perusing old rugs.  So it's time to share some oldies but goodies.

This one is definitely on my 'to hook' list as I already have the pattern.  It is an early Mennonite Farm scene from 1900s.   
A Bulldog hooked rug from Pine Bush, NY measures 21 x 34.
A Deer with neutral colored hit and miss border, and background I so love.
The below rug was purportedly hooked by H. Shull's mother to commemorate his birthday in Erwinna, PA.  Late 19th century measuring 23 1/2 X 43.
Early 20th century lion measuring 30 x 46..
A more colorful rug is this monochromatic floral.  I've never hooked a rug with a red background before and would like to do that sometime.
A Rooster circa 1920 from Williamsburg, VA, wool on burlap measuring 22 x 32.
An oval cat and dog rug.
Just checked the outside temperature and it is a whopping 37* Fahrenheit.  So think I'll walk the half mile down to get my mail (which I didn't get yesterday) and the half mile back.  Gotta get off this butt!!!


Friday, February 1, 2019

Taming an Ugly

A few years ago I purchased a couple yards of a pinkish red wool which looked appealing at the time.  But since then have come to think of it as putrid pink.  Tried using some in Lititz Hens and had to pull it out.

Didn't feel like getting out all my equipment and mixing dye recipes so went to my stash of pre-mixed jars of dye from previous projects.  The wool looks different on the reverse side so have displayed it so you can see both sides.

The narrow center piece of wool is what I started with.  Wool on the left  was put in a pot of Olde Patina dye (Beautiful Wool by Laurice Heath).  The wool on the right was put in a pot with Evening Shade A Rug to Dye For by Tonya Benson Robey).
Still cold here and weather forecast is calling for about  an inch of snow but at least it won't be the frigid temps of the last couple days.  Still in the teens right now tho.

Hard to believe it is February already.