Thursday, February 28, 2019


It is usually a Friday before I remember that I forgot to post a 'throw back Thursday' photo.  But today I remembered, so welcome to my first throwback post.

This photo is departure day of we three Amigas at Rugs by the Sea 2011.  From left to right is me, Char, and Deb.  It was after that year our friend Char became a Snowbird and we missed her for a few years.  We will be together again this September and think it is time we have another photo taken of us.  

IF I remember, maybe I'll take that same tee shirt, Char always has a white oxford blouse and bet Deb has that or similar Life is Good tee shirt too.  Will be fun to see how we've changed.
Below is a photo of Linda & Norma (the two camp organizers), Bev (former teacher), and my friend Evelyn being her normal feisty self.
Here are a few rugs hooked by we three gals in the first photo; have only picked 2 from each of us.

These two rugs were hooked by friend Deb, Peace and Plenty (a Lori Brechlin design sold by Spruce Ridge.
And Hildefern sold by Woolley Fox.  Each of those fronds were hooked using antique paisley.
Char designed and hooked a huge Wedding Rug for her daughter which is even more beautiful in person.  Talk about a "Tree of Life"!!
Char also designed and did a life size proddy of a Bear for their cabin.  She used all the dark bad wool purchased when first starting to collect her wool stash.  She figured why throw the wool away when it could be put to good use in a proddy project ~ smart lady.  I still haven't made mine.  
That is food for thought for you newbies who are making the same mistake with thrift store wool we all made.

Most times I didn't take a photo of my rugs at camp but since I've a list of what I hooked when, here are two examples of what was taken to the show that year.

McCue Eagle, an adaptation of a Magdalena Briner Eby design.
E.S. Frost Sheep with Birds and Flowers.
I hooked more than two rugs that year but won't bore you with all of them, just a little sampling from we three gals.

Was fun to look back on this "throw back Thursday".


Wednesday, February 27, 2019

Misc. Rug Hooking Chit Chat

The rug labels recently made I have begun attaching to the rugs.  Only two sewn on so far with 4 more to go.  Of those 1 is for the Lititz Hens which is still on my frame.

Have been pondering what to work on after Hens since it will be finished before April rug camp.  While organizing a pile of wool and hidden beneath was a small mat I'd long forgotten about.  Didn't think I had any UFOs but seems there is one.  Finishing that is planned as the next project, it is small so doable.....IF I stick with it.

It is called Paisley from Fraser rugs and purchased around 2006 while attending rug camp in Ocean City.  Eric Sandberg had an evening class and Paisley was the topic.  As it was small (9 x 25) thought I'd give narrow cut hooking a try.   Since that time decided I'm not fond of narrow hooking and decided to hook it in my own wide cut.  

Hooked what you see here and put it aside. Didn't have a color plan and wasn't sure what I'd do next so stopped.  Now is the time to finish or trash it.
This morning took a critical look at the pattern and what was hooked so far.  Would I continue with the red paisley and put different colors in the center or alternate the main paisley color one slanted row at a time?  Pulled a couple pieces of wool to see how it would look with alternating colors.
Hmmm, me thinks I'll go with the red paisley throughout and different colors in the center.  Will have a primitive black background and still haven't figured out the end borders yet.

Below are two hooked versions I've saved as inspiration.  The top one is hooked by my friend Lynne Fowler  ~ she can hook anything and with any cut.  I cannot read the name of the hooker of the second mat, both are beautiful.
As you can see in my version at the top, I have chosen to NOT have that jagged edge on my paisley.  Besides it would be difficult to achieve that look in a wide cut in such a limited space.

Have been perusing the internet and found more antique rugs.  One which makes my heart go pitter-patter and will one day be on my frame.  You will know which one that is when I next post antique rugs.

Happy hump day for your worker-bees, you're halfway thru the work week.


Monday, February 25, 2019

Antique Rugs

It's time to show more antique rugs.  A very damaged and faded rug with 2 cats.  Shame it has seen so much wear and tear.
A Sampler for a child named Francis hooked early 20th century 38 x 58.
From Pennsylvania a Mennonite rug in pastel colors with stripes, diamond shapes and crosses.  Said to have been hooked around 1930, measures 25 x 37. 
Thought the rug below was a hoot ~ a Canadian Folk Art rug of an oversize cat on a roof, apple trees and other animals.   Measures 22 x 30.
New England Pot of Flowers 1900-1910, wool and cotton. Dimensions are 33 x 41.
Beauty is in the eye of the beholder ~ this colorful geometric below doesn't do anything for me at all.  Yet other folks may love it.  Hooked mid 20th century and measures 22 x 36.
The geometric below does appeal to me.  Even with its misshapen  design I like this one ~ the colors and even the quirkiness of the design.  It measures 36 x 50 and from early 20th century. 
Happy the wind gusts have stopped as well as the rain.  Water water everywhere.


Saturday, February 23, 2019

Rug Labels Made

I am several rugs behind in sewing labels on.  Unlike Lauren (Rugs and Pugs) who sews on a label immediately after the binding is done, I wait until there are enough rugs hooked to print out an 8 1/2 x 11 sheet of labels.

Here are the ones I just printed out but haven't been sewn on yet.
The picture posted on each label is determined by different things.  When doing antique adaptations I like to post a photo of the original antique.  That is what I did with the top left label for Primitive Horse and Birds and a picture of the original antique.  

To the right of that is the Anniversary Sheep design which was a generous gift given us at Cape May, which was basic.  It was a challenge piece to inspire creativity.  On the label I wanted to show the basic design on the back and the result is the finished piece.

The label below that is one I named "Ben in the Garden".  But was a pattern by Pat Hornifus given me by a friend.  I'd lost my boy Ben and decided to change the Golden to a Rottweiler.  But printed the picture of her original rug design "Golden in the Garden" on my label as the original source.  

Since there are new readers/followers on my blog some of you may not have seen the previous tutorial on how I make rug labels.   So to not duplicate that process, if you click HERE you can read all about it.

Happy hooking or whatever creative mood you are in right now.


Friday, February 22, 2019


Gee, I can remember seeing a magazine by that name on the rack when a teen.  Never purchased or read one....wonder if it still exists?  But this isn't about a magazine, it is about my finally bound rug "Star Geometric".

As a reminder, I posted a photo on hating to bind as to how I would bind this rug.  Click that link above for a review.

Here is the front of the finally bound Star Geo.
Below is the back of the rug.  After whipping the bottom edge (which only shows under the rug) I was bored silly and changed horses mid stream.  Decided it would get bound a lot faster if I just did the very outer edge of the cotton rug tape and edge of foundation with the wool yarn.  

Yes two different styles of binding but I'm not entering a contest or qualifying for a magazine (unless it was True Confessions), and the rug will live with me.
This is a photo of the original antique from which this was adapted.  I drew my pattern to measure 29 x 32.5.
Enjoy your weekend.


Tuesday, February 19, 2019

Ideas for Designing a Primitive Rug

As early as 1850 stamped embroidery patterns and preprinted patterns on burlap were offered by Chambers and Leland of Lowell, MA.  But in 1860's it was E.S. Frost, a tin peddler, who was the entrepreneur who took advantage of the growing popularity of hooked rugs.  

However, farm folk may not have had the resources to pay for such luxury.  So women would hook rugs on burlap sacks which had a chicken or other motif printed on the sack.  They might then embellish it with their own border or add other motifs either free drawn or using a template.  Such template may have been a cookie cutter if they were lucky enough to own one.

I've long wanted to design a rug as Magdalena Briner Eby has done, by doing primitive animals I see daily on my wooded property.  Still hasn't happened but if I live long enough it will.  

If you would like some inspiration for your own design feel free to print out any of these photos of cookie cutters and use as you wish.  Below is a leaping rabbit
Of course there are lots of birds that frequent my bird feeders.  

And numerous ground feeding Dove live on the property and they rely on dropped seeds below the feeders.
But the pesky squirrels end up chasing them away.  The squirrels are a menace to me also since they gnaw on my porch, deck chairs, decorative bird houses on my porch, etc.
Although I don't own a cat at this time, the feral cat visits to see if it can catch one of my birds.  This cat cookie cutter reminds me of the cats depicted in Magdalena's Domestic Zoo below.

Being surrounded by woods there are those frequent deer visitors.

Templates can be made to use over and over again.  Here are a couple ways:

   ~  Print the photo, trim around the template and glue onto file folder or similar stiff paper.  The cut around the design itself.

   ~ Print the photo.  With a light box or window pane, trace the design onto an old Xray film and cut out the motif.

In the event you use any of these as templates I'd love for you to share your piece with me.  These are antique cookie tins so I do not deserve or need any credit for your design.

Happy drawing and happy hooking.


Sunday, February 17, 2019

Lititz Hens

An update, but wish it was further along.  As usual I did some reverse hooking and in a couple small spots more than once.  Sure can't move forward if I'm always walking backward.
The regular readers know this is an adaptation of a rug originall hooked in the 1800s by Magdalena Briner Eby  so this info is for you newbies just beginning to follow my blog.

Still don't have the geometric fully bound but I'm working on that too....uh, ever so slowly.

Happy Sunday.


Friday, February 15, 2019

Misc. Chit Chat

Yesterday was a balmy day and even did a little yard work.  Today was an even better day as the thermostat said 62 outside.  Hey, that is fantastic and could deal with that the rest of this winter.  

Let's celebrate with some old rugs.  Don't have a date but it sure does have all the essence of an antique.  Horses, birds, hit and miss border and geometric ~ what's not to like.  This photo was all I could get but it appears the hit and miss expands to the left and right side of the rug.
Didn't crop the photo below because it makes such a nice setting for the rug.  It is an 1840 sewn and shirred Compote of Flowers. 
Cats with hit and miss background.
Birds and baby birds in nest.  This is the front of the rug hooked by Cecile Perrault of Montreal QC Canada.
To get a look of the true colors here is a view of the back.
An early 19th century landscape measures 14 x 23.
An early 20th century folk art lion from Delaware, Ohio.
Also from Delaware, Ohio is the rug with 2 beavers facing off with a scroll border.  That is what I call a LIGHT background.
Haven't pulled many loops today so am going to get at it as I'd like to give you an update on Lititz Hens.  Am trying to do a little binding of the Star Geo on occasion but you know how I HATE binding.

OKAY... have a question but first a comment.  I love reading blogs vs. Facebook.  Problem is a lot of rug hookers have moved from blogging to that other place because blogging does take time.  I'd be lost without my readers, questions and comments from you.  

On my left sidebar are the blogs I love to read and follow.  I've dropped some in the past as many have abandoned ship ~ ~ or have they?

Now the QUESTION:  when do you think I should remove the link from my side bar?  Just recently someone posted after a 7 month lull (after my prodding).  Some haven't posted in a year.  When do you think I should dump the blog URL?

Something else...... if you know of a blog I don't have listed which is active I'd like to have it here for easy access to me and my readers.  So if you know of an active blog please notify me.  I'd LOVE to promote it.


Thursday, February 14, 2019


Wishing all my readers and followers a Happy Valentine's Day.  
Thank you for all your visits, taking time to comment and hope this day is special for you.


Wednesday, February 13, 2019

More Hearts

A candle mat design by Edyth O'Neill; not sure which year I  hooked that.
An olive wool purse with heart hooked and sold at a show; wish I still had it but could always hook another I guess...or maybe one with a star.  Love the olive wool.
Hearts and Flowers, a design in one of Kindred Spirits booklets.  The dark is a blue and burgundy plaid which I was hesitant to use but it looks great.  Think that was the first textured wool I ever used for hooking.
Antique adaptation I named Cat's Meow.
1909 Horse, an antique adaptation.  Photo taken with a flash and looks really washed out.
Horses and Hearts a design by Marion Hamm which was hooked 2018.
Happy Wednesday.


Monday, February 11, 2019

Heart to Heart

Sorta miss not hooking something heart related this month but still have Lititz Hens and an anxiously awaiting rug to be bound.  So maybe next year.

Meanwhile, I do have a Valentine theme on the harvest table.  The rug is Olde Hearts, a design sold by Woolley Fox, and I did the border differently than drawn.  Fell in love with the way Barb Carroll hooked hers so wanted to follow in my mentor's footsteps.  When at Barb's she color planned the border with wool she used.

In the basket to the far right is a hand torn heart hooked by Lauren (Rugs and Pugs).  She also hooked the smaller blue heart, both of which I was a lucky recipient during a giveaway.  Lauren's hooking is wonderful and the person who won this year's giveaway is very lucky indeed.  The other hearts were hooked by moi.
Finally after almost a full week of intestinal disturbance am feeling almost human again.  I was beginning to worry because despite my hydrating, eating bland and boring meals the trouble persisted several times during each day.  So even tho the sun isn't shining outside my attitude is feeling brighter and sunny.

Try and stay warm.


Sunday, February 10, 2019

In and Under the Weather

The state highway sprayed brine on the roads this afternoon in preparation for some white stuff and freezing temps.  Haven't heard how much will land but I don't plan on leaving the house tomorrow anyway.  Or at least hope not.

This whole week I've dealt with an intestinal bug of sorts.  I didn't have a temperature and felt sorta okay except for occasional stomach cramps and numerous trips to the potty.   If it didn't get better by tomorrow was going to visit the doctor.

Am slowly getting rid of my feed sacks; not only the decorative ones but even ones with names like Jack Frost, Layena and other company names.  Needed a break so don't have any listings this week but will go another round next Saturday. 

Put a couple small pieces on my wall next to what was there already.  Magdalena's Dog is waiting for me to reconfigure the adjoining wall to hang it and a couple other pieces.  It is fun to look at what I've hooked and not all of them I want for the floor.
I've hung my rugs in various ways.  These are actually hung using straight pins along the top and sides and works well.  This way when I want to rearrange something there is just a pin hole instead of a nail hole.

The primitive Annie doll I made several years ago and she is wearing my son's shoes from his childhood.  The heart pillow was hooked by Tonya Robel as well as that Fall Floral mat on the dough box.


Thursday, February 7, 2019

A Handy Dandy Tool

Rug camps not only provide camaraderie with like minds who are wool/hooking crazy but a great time to see what tools people are using and selling.  Also a time to try out those frames, hooks, etc. as all rug hookers are willing to let a fellow hooker try something before they jump to buy.

As you know I've been working on Lititz Hens and using as many woolie worms (noodles) as possible.  But sometimes need to cut strips of a certain color or size.  This is a great tool to see what size you have in your stash or what size you need to cut.  
This was is a metal Wool Strip Gauge purchased from Cammie Bruce one year at Cape May.  It is far more reliable than the plastic coated paper or other products which will bend or tear.  This baby won't give.  

Most times I just grab whatever random strip size is available in the color I want.  But sometimes I wonder if one #8.5 would work in a space or if two #8 strips fit better.  

The wool strip gauge costs $15 and can be purchased HERE .  While there check out Cammie's other items.

Meanwhile..... that rug in the photo is one hooked in Cammie's class.  It is a design by Bev Conway called "On the Loose"
Have a great evening and when I hear anything back from Cammie I'll let ya'll know.