Monday, May 27, 2013


My choice of design to hook at Woolley Fox camp was Barb's Oh Deer rug.  I saw it in 2012 just after she hooked it.  I was spell bound and knew it was going to be a future rug of mine.  Barb enjoys the color planning process and tries to use as much wool a student brings as she can ~ but of course the colors have to work with one another so sometimes it means buying a smidgen of wool to pull it all together. 

This is what I've accomplished so far.  The color palate is a brighter than I normally hook and anticipated it would be a little more dull and primitive.  So for sure this will remind me of the over the top laughter and fun times we had for 3 days with Barb and our gal pals.  Perhaps the happiness influenced her brighter fun colors.
Since arriving home, unfortunately there has been less fun pulling loops and more time spent on laundry, yard work, and other responsibilities.  Plus spending lots of make-up time with my boy Ben, who gave me a very warm welcome home... he missed his mommy.

I was in a turmoil as to which Woolley Fox design I would work on once arriving home ~ would it be the Henny Penny that was started just before camp or the Oh Deer?  Well, the Oh Deer won out.

Today I spent some time with my son, DIL and grandson Zach and their friends.  Hope you all had a happy and safe Memorial Day.


Friday, May 24, 2013

Back From Woolley Fox

Oh but a fun time was had by all.  There were 6 of us; Sue, June and Eleanor stayed in the Guest House (closest to Barb's home); Deb, Char and I stayed in the Woolley Cottage which is a few steps further from the house.  Both are lovely and warm with beautiful antiques and hooked rugs for us each to enjoy. 

Not only are the cottages delightful but also the grounds are spectacular and eye candy as you walk to and from the classes.  To the left you can see a portion of Barb's home and the wall with the sheep and blue awning is the Guest House.
This is the door to the Guest House under the awning and you can see the Woolley Cottage in the distance on the right. 
This is the view from the back deck at the Woolley Cottage but totally forgot to get a front view or side view of our accommodations, sorry.  Just know that we have had a great time hooking and having cocktails and snacks on the back deck.
This is the view we would see as we walk to classes ~ this is at the other end of the Guest House and you can see the back deck which was a nice place to sit in the morning with coffee or hook.
Sometimes we would walk to Barb's on the left and down the steps, and sometimes we'd take the walk to the right (picture above) and take the more scenic route.  When we walked by the fishpond talking the koi would come to the surface hoping for a hand out of koi food and while we had none to share, it was fun to watch the frenzy in the water.
I took numerous pictures of the grounds but will move on to people and rugs.  This is a picture of (l to r) Sue, Barb, June and Eleanor.
This is Sue watching and listening intently as Barb color plans her rug.
June and Eleanor busily hooking here.
And my pal Deb pulling loops like a maniac to my right.  Can't believe how much she accomplished in just 3 days.
Sue was hooking Herb Angel a Lori Brechlin design sold by Spruce Ridge.
June hooked Halloween Hooligans by Star Rug Company.
Eleanor was working on a Warren Kimble design offered by Woolley Fox.
Deb hooked Monticello a Karen Kahle design.  I dearly love the more primitive hooking and it is way different than Karen's pastel palate.  This picture was taken Tuesday night before Wednesday's class where even more hooking was accomplished. 
My dear pal Char, sly girl, managed to avoid all photos of her as well as her hooking.  She was hooking a delightful design called Craig's Whale.  It was drawn by her son as a child who is now 32.  I was so hoping to get a picture of it and her but her Irish is mighty force when trying to capture her in pictures.

I know, you're wondering where my rug is, right?   HA!  You'll just have to wait for an update on my blog tomorrow.

Please be kind to one another.


Friday, May 17, 2013

Henny Penny

This is the smaller Henny Penny (a Woolley Fox design) which measures 15 x 21.  As you can see I'm drawing lines to make it a smidgen larger and lines so that I can hook more blotchy spots of color.  Sure hope I'll like it when I'm done, but if not I've been known to pull out loops and re-hook. 
Actually I've since drawn more lines after the picture was taken so it will be quite easy for me to confuse myself.  This is the project I'll work on Sunday night in the cottage and in class until Barb gets to me with my camp rug.  If I'm lucky maybe I can get Barb's input on this one also.  Although I might be a little embarrassed for her to see all the lines I've drawn on it.....hmmm, after thinking about it maybe I won't show it to her.

My van is almost packed and I will leave here tomorrow to spend the night with my friend Deb, and then head off to Ligonier, PA for a wonderful time with Barb Carroll.  Have no fear, I will have camera in hand and will let you know about the fun time we had.

See ya in a few days......TA TA!


Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Life after the Spiral Chair Pad

The Spiral Chair Pad is in the wings waiting to be bound and will post a tutorial of sorts about binding a round mat in a future post after Woolley Fox rug camp.  But for now, this is what I'm working on.
This is a design called Henny Penny offered by Woolley Fox and is the smaller size offered of the design.  But because there was a nice wide extra margin thought I'd draw lines to extend the parameters of the design and do a little tweaking.... uh, maybe. 

As you can see I plan to do the blocks of color to replicate 'using up' what is on hand as I do like the look.  All the red is wool from my worms as are some features of the chicken.  The dark sage green came from my stash and the lighter green was a green recently purchased with camp and this rug in mind.

Now this is a LOT more fun than the hit and miss chair pad!!!.

Have a wunnerful wummerful evening everyone.  And thanks for visiting.


Sunday, May 12, 2013


Happy Mother's Day to all you mothers.
Today is a double holiday for my dear sweet daughter-in-love for it is also her birthday in addition to it being Mother's Day.  This mother (me) has lots of chores to do as there are many on my list before leaving here next Saturday for Woolley Fox.  I've spread them out over the course of the week to ensure they all get done.  And there were some appointments which are also causing me to spread the work out.

So with cup of java in hand will head to my wool room to try and tidy it up a bit with the mess I made gathering my wool.  And while there will trim around the spiral mat.

Have a great Mother's Day.


Saturday, May 11, 2013

Hallelujah the Sprial Mat is Hooked

I am so relieved and content now that the spiral mat is all hooked.  As much as binding is not one of my favorite things, it will be a welcomed task for this piece. 
I'm very happy that I replaced the outer row of wool with black. Here is a picture of what was originally hooked for the spiral, but in a brown at some point.
Oh yeah baby...... big difference.  But must admit  there came a time in hooking this that I frankly didn't care what color or value the wool was hooked next as long as it wasn't the same color beside or below.  Have me committed if I do another hit and miss any time soon.  And think the geometric will stay put for a couple more years before it is pulled out again.

There is much I need to do before leaving next Saturday morning but at least now I'm not feeling anchored to the mat.  So I'm free to do other tasks to get ready for camp and perhaps even pull a few loops on a new, fresh, project if I have time to relax here.   Plus that project will be what is worked on the evening arriving at Woolley Fox and keep me occupied until Barb gets to my Oh Deer design in class.

No way did I want to take the spiral to work on at Barbs.  That would be like taking dirty laundry with me.  AHHHHHHH, a deep sigh of relief.  Thanks for visiting.  Have a great weekend and happy Mother's Day to all.


Friday, May 10, 2013

The Chaos begins

But before I show chaos pictures I'd like to welcome my 180th Followers... thanks for joining!

Here is the chaos with the STILL unfinished Spiral Chair Pad (notice Ben is laying right where my feet would be).  Yes, I just overturned the tote so all tangled worms would be available.  I want this sucker all hooked before I leave!!!!!!!  Close, but not close enough.  If it isn't done by the time of leaving for camp it will be put away forever and ever and ever I'm afraid.
And there is the chaos of now gathering wool for camp since the 32 patterns have been drawn and shipped. 
Notice those two rings on the table to the right.  That is where I put samples of the wool to be presented to Barb and will have the bulk of the wool in my van.  So whatever she chooses can be retrieved from my van later.  Previously I'd taken half yard of all my presentations and that was a lot of bulk to take to the class room.  Now will just have these two rings full of samples for her to choose from.

That four spool of pink threads is the serger that saved my butt.  That is the one which allowed me to finish the last two patterns for the shipment.  Still don't know the story with the one just taken to the shop AGAIN.  But hope to know before leaving for camp.

Thanks for visiting and hope you stop by again sometime.


Wednesday, May 8, 2013

All in a Day's Work

I'm both frustrated and thankful at the same time.  I'm frustrated because I'd drawn out 30 of the 32 patterns and only had 2 more to cut, serge and draw to be done. 

As luck would have it, my Bernina serger (which I just had serviced in March) began making a nasty 'click' and was afraid that to continue using the machine would just throw the timing off or worse break a part.  So I had to stop in my tracks.  Yes, I checked and double checked the threading and it was okay and the needle wasn't broken.

Thankfully my friend had given me an older Bernina serger when she learned mine was not working properly in March.  The conversation couldn't have been more timely because it was headed to  auction just days later.  So with the grace of having that backup was able to finish the last 2 patterns.  Here is the stack.
Now to do an invoice, box and ship tomorrow.  And then I'll be free to finish the Spiral Chair Pad, gather my Woollie Fox items and prepare for camp.  What I'm NOT happy about is having to drive an hour to take my Bernina in for repair again nor the trip home when I'd rather be getting ready for camp.  But I will be needing it again soon so the sooner it gets repaired the sooner it can be picked up. 

The Bernina guy did tell me that the linen is tough on sergers but hey, that is what we use to serge the linens isn't it?  Does anyone know of a perfect work horse serger that can withstand the coarseness of linen?

Oh, and another bit of luck is that I had JUST enough linen to do the last two patterns.   So now need to order more Dorr Natural Primitive Linen and need to do that before I leave for camp as there will be more patterns to draw when I return home I'm sure.

Thanks for dropping by.  TA TA.


Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Another Version of Red Bird Hooked

Margaret hooked this rug in record speed.  I  just checked and she purchased it on April 18th and it has not even a whole month later and she has it hooked.  The measurements are 18 x 35 so it isn't huge but it also isn't a mat size.  It still needs to be bound but she was so excited to share with me (and you) that she sent a picture early; and I'm glad she did.
Along with the picture she had this to quote Margaret,

"Hi Saundra,
Not yet bound, but I just steamed it and it's resting comfortably. I was skeptical about the yellow kool aid but it really seems to work with the other colors. 

I enjoyed hooking this and hope that you are able to entice many more hookers to do their own version. It's simple but very charming!"
Thanks for your kind words Margret and happy  you like it.  For all who have ventured onto my blog, thanks for visiting.


Monday, May 6, 2013

A Domestic Zoo wins a Ribbon

My friend Mary hooked Domestic Zoo and entered it in the the Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival and won Second Place.  Congratulations Mary!!!!!!!!!  This is a picture of the beautiful entry and ribbon. 
Now that Mary knows what the judges are looking for and nit picky things she knows to correct, she plans to enter it in the Maryland State Fair.  So check back later to see what ribbon she gets next.

Okay, I've been remiss in posting a picture of the spiral hit and miss chair pad.  That is because I've been busy drawing patterns for someone ~ I've drawn 23 and have 10 more to do before I leave for Woolley Fox rug camp.  Since these need to be shipped before leaving for camp I can't be having fun hooking OR even getting ready for camp.

So, here is what has been accomplished so far on the chair pad and it seems like so far to go to finally finish even tho I see the area of the spiral getting thinner.
I truly do like the look but hate hooking it.  Hit and miss takes a lot more effort than you would think.... UH, or than I thought.  There is still the hit and miss geometric I started over 7 years ago which still needs to be finished but don't think that will happen any time soon.

No more drawing of patterns tonight, gonna have din-din, walk the boy Ben and hook more on the %#!?# spiral chair pad.

Hope you have fantastic evening.


Friday, May 3, 2013

Lookee what I Got

Actually I received it yesterday afternoon, however I'd already posted on my blog so saved this for today.  But in yesterday's mail received the book of sketches from Lori of NotForgottenFarm.  And much to my surprise was an unexpected gift..... a retractable tape measure with her logo. 
Immediately after taking this picture it was put in my woven basket which holds my hooks, scissors, rug brush, felt tip pen and all important hooking paraphernalia.  Thank you Lori!!!!!  The girls at camp will be jealous.


Thursday, May 2, 2013

Another May Stitchery

In 1997 I did two sets of 12 month stitchery projects in anticipation of the new home being built; one was posted yesterday of the applique.  And I also did 12 Angel stitcheries, one for each month. 
Unfortunately I couldn't locate the patterns so can't provide info on the original designer.  But if anyone knows please write me so that I can give credit to the designer.

Obviously I'm biding time in hopes the spiral chair pad will soon be done and can post a finished picture.


Wednesday, May 1, 2013


Spring is definitely in the air and so is the pollen but the leaves and new green grass is ever nice to look at instead of snow.  This is just one of 12 stitchery designs by Indygo Junction which I appliqued and stitched the year this house was being built. 
They were all fun to applique and I'd planned to finish each of them properly but think only one was finished nicely.  Each month I look forward to the change out.  This one I placed on the school marm's desk to take a picture of it and was moved back to the sofa table.

There are a few designs which would make great small hooked pieces too; one design I plan to hook before next winter.  This particular design is tempting me to buy some new herbs for my garden.

Have a great evening everyone, and please be kind to one another.