Tuesday, April 30, 2024


A horse of course.  Animals are my preferred object, particularly a horse.  They are magnificently beautiful creatures and I especially love looking at slow motion videos of the muscle movement when they run.  And when I had my own horse enjoyed lifting the mane and taking in the aroma.  Mind you not so much when cleaning out his stall, lol.
I drew this from an antique rug I've never posted on my blog.  Therefore I'm refraining from showing the rest of the drawing until more gets hooked.  Heck, should have cleaned up the loops around the eye so it doesn't look like a crazed horse.  And, yes, the original antique has red in the horse's mane.

What's on your frame?  Happy hooking.


Saturday, April 27, 2024


Last loop just pulled on my version of 1922 Fox but still needs steaming and binding.
In case you'd like to refresh your memory on what the original antique looked like here it is.  Not sure I do myself any favors by posting the originals but ....
Normally I try to hook the main motif like the original but wanted my foxy fox to look like a traditional Delaware Red Fox with the white chest and tip of tail.  But was unsuccessful in getting the wool on the legs to look like them.

Friend Robin said she hoped my lake was drying up.  So went outside to take a couple pictures to show it isn't dry, but getting there.  In fact with the winds you can see that wood limbs have been floating up from either the farm behind me or from my back woods.   There are still lots of smaller limbs, pine cones and other debris which I'll need to pick up before ruining the blades on my mower.
Previously I tried cutting the green grass weeds you see in the foreground but it was and might be still too soggy.  Here is another photo just to the right of the previous photo which shows how that area has started to dry up with dead dry leaves and whatever else has washed up from the wind.  
Who knows what will be growing on that piece of land when it does get dry enough to cut.

Was chilly today so I made a delicious Moroccan soup as I love the flavors of the spices in it (coriander, cumin, ginger, cayenne, turmeric and cinnamon),  plus they have healing properties.


Thursday, April 25, 2024


Lauren asked that I demonstrate what I referred to as puzzle piece hooked background.  I first learned about it from Lisanne Miller and guess it could be a relative of higgly-piggly except I changed colors with each puzzle piece.  You could use the same wool for each puzzle piece if you wanted, which would essentially be higgly-piggly.  But I find a background hooked in all the same off the bolt wool boring.

FYI this isn't my next project, this is a pattern I started for someone and didn't go as expected so have had the linen tucked aside for a future geometric to use up some of selvage edges.  

Anyway, inside that circle are small puzzle pieces I drew, you could draw larger puzzle pieces if you wish.  I grabbed a handful of #8.5 cut strips and think there is at least one #8 in there.  Colors are brown plaid, various values of dark, a black and white texture and at the last minute grabbed a short blue texture to fill in a little gap to the left.
Below is what I hooked using most of the colors in the strips.  You can see that black and white texture looks fine in the mix and adds interest so don't hesitate to use those odd pieces.   
You don't need to draw the blocks, you can visualize your own area for a puzzle without the added chore of drawing.  The puzzle piece background was attempted with 1776 Eagle design but my lack of desire to draw lines ended up with larger blocks of color.
I designed a rug for my son's game room but there wasn't enough of blue and had no interest in dyeing any.  So pulled several pieces of different wool and just made do.  I did the S and C on that background and it might not be the prettiest background hooked but am sure all he sees are the pool balls and beer mugs 🍺.
Now back to my fox rug, it's getting close to the end.


Monday, April 22, 2024


The other day I emailed follower/reader Denise and asked if there was something she'd like me to blog about.  As any of you who have a blog know, sometimes we (or at least I) struggle to come up with a topic which might interest readers.  Her question was "wondering what was the best tip learned from a class or teacher".  

A comment from Julia made a perfect and classic example of 'must do' ~  Use a good linen foundation and not cheap brittle burlap for your rug hooking.  Must admit that when I was teaching myself and practicing that is what I used because it was affordable and could be a 'throw away'.  But when I got seriously hooking that was the lesson taught me also and is what I use.

Continuing with Denise's email, she said she was struggling with a random background.  When hooking a large background we all get bored!  I'm speaking for myself here but know someone (UH, that would be my friend Lauren) who finds it a soothing task.

When I first started hooking think I just followed the outline of the main motif's (the ripple effect) until the lines eventually connected and then filled in.  But attending an early rug camp my teacher Bev Conway suggested drawing, then hooking, S's in the background, hooking the S, hooking around the S, moving onto the next and as each S is hooked around they eventually meet up.  

This Rottweiler Memorial wasn't hooked in her class but I used her technique.  You can see the S or C movement throughout the background and I used two values of the same color wool.
Another teacher Lisanne Miller suggests the puzzle piece style.  I tried it on my eagle rug but didn't do her technique justice as I didn't draw the small areas on the background, I just hooked random spots using dark and different wools.  It is a primitive after all.
Reader Nancy commented on my last blog post that her teacher suggested adding small bits of color or different value here and there for interest.  

Robin mentioned using 'ugly wool because ya just never know when that ugly will look wonderful in a rug'.

Barb Carroll made a similar comment in class.  Barb's was more of a color contrast which she called 'poison' as a random out-of-place hooked piece of wool.  After all, they used what they had back in the day.  An example of Barb's teaching is in this Westmoreland Ponies pattern designed by her and I hooked it in a class with Barb 2012.  Click on the photo below and look closely.  You can see the odd yellow green strips, random plaids and even a lighter color in the background.  All of which provides interest and makes the eye move around the rug.  AND, makes it more fun for the hooker.
Westmoreland Ponies is a free pattern in a previous issue of RHM but can't recall which year but maybe around 2011 or 2012.

Please don't hesitate to email me a question or an idea you'd like to see on my blog.  Happy hooking.


Saturday, April 20, 2024


Am getting bored with the sunflower and made some changes but more changes might be coming.  Decided to not put my initials in, won't hook the date, decided to not make it into a pillow and will probably make the lower larger leaf smaller too.
The petals in the flower have all been from the wool worms/noodles.  The stem and leaves started with leftovers but found they worked.  Looked around and found more of that ugly (but suitable) wool and cut additional for the leaves.  Here is that wool.  Ya just never know when the uglies will work.
As I was drafting this post a response came in from a reader to whom I'd asked a question.  But this post was on its way.  

SO... my question to her was "what would you like for me to blog about".  Her answer was:  "what is the best tip I learned from a rug camp or teacher".  I do have a couple worth mentioning but would love it if some of you might send me an email and mention your best learned tips and I'll add them to my blog when that happens.

Happy hooking.


Wednesday, April 17, 2024


I love this rug of fishermen and wish I knew more about it.  All I know is that it's Canadian.
The next photo provided on the site was the back of the rug with this name.  If anyone knows something about this please let me know.
An attractive geometric was listed for $5,400 on Charish.  It measures 24 x 48 and dated between 1920-30.
Here is a closer view of the textiles.
Saw this wonderful Canadian hooked rug of a full moon and fox somewhere during my searches but don't have date or dimensions.  This would be an awesome rug to hook if I'd not already started the 1922 Fox adaptation.
A red house and yellow bird; also appears to have two sliver moons in the background.  Seems to have the appearance of a split screen of night/day and perhaps that's why the two moons.
This bird on branch and 2 baby birds is rather understated with the colors.  I think someone with more color imagination than me could make this into a beauty.   
Found this cat rug this morning and said to be hooked between 1880-1920.  Colors are still vivid and of course it has been well preserved since it's on a frame and not walked on.
This airplane themed rug was hooked early 20th century and I wonder if it was done for a child's room or an adult who had an affinity for flying?  
The wood horse carved box (1840-1900) could be an inspiration for a hooked rug or applique piece.
I love this antique hooked rug below.  Don't know the exact age or dimensions but do know it is old.  Whoever hooked it did a fantastic job on the eye of the horse as if it was running away in fear.
Some ideas for you to use up your leftover strips.  A sweet 15" round pad and how it was covered in the back.

A geometric in block form .
Probably from the same hooker here is a hit and miss idea for using up strips and measures 17 x 28.
As you are aware, Maud Lewis' paintings have been adapted to hooked designs.  Here are three of her paintings which were recently sold and I've got the sale prices.  The deer scene 12 x 14 on masonite sold for $22,240.
The covered bridge painting sold for $25,960 and measures 12 x 16.
Maud Lewis cow 12 x 14 sold for $30,680.
Still haven't decided on what to hook next but each time I post about geometric hit and miss a brief thought of doing that floats in my mind.  Happy hooking.


Sunday, April 14, 2024


Otherwise known as 'bored again'.  While the sunflower was a fun and short-lived diversion it was time for me to reconnect with the fox.  You will see more of the sunflower in a couple days.  Meanwhile I did fill in the date and spot above the fox.
Friend Lauren has asked what is next and told her there are a couple I'm interested in but no decisions yet as I'm so fickle.  That plus a few doctor appointments coming up ~ will get my permanent crown tomorrow then two other days will have leg vein work done.  

Our bodies, just like other machinery requires work done to improve performance.  If only that was true to "improve" performance; I'll be happy if it 'continues' performance.

Wind was horrific today but did manage to push the mower in Ben's back yard in areas where the ground wasn't so difficult to push it.  The soil is still quite a mess back there.  The further back in the yard toward the woods is worse.  Oh well, that's how it is here.


Friday, April 12, 2024


As I'm so close to finishing the Fox rug it was time for me to choose my next project.  So that little diversion ended up being a gift for someone who likes sunflowers.  Truth be told I love sunflowers too but this one won't be mine.  
I've pulled several yellow and green strips from the 'worm farm' but cut the blue for the background which might work or not, will find out later.  The brown and gold texture is a wool purchased years ago which seemed perfect for the center seeds of the sunflower.  
The darker thin green strips in the container will be for the veins in the leaves, or at least that's the plan.
I've started hooking the small project and a
lready have taken creative liberties changing petal shapes.  The leaves might be next.
The linen was a very small piece which required stitching cotton on two ends to fit on my smaller sit-upon grippers.  I always save those pieces of linen left over from other projects as you never know when you can use them for something such as this.  

Have a lovely weekend.


Wednesday, April 10, 2024


A few weeks ago I showed you some red striped fabric being auditioned for binding the antique adaptation.  The bright reds and white just didn't suit me so went for the darker red and cream stripe on the shelf.
I ripped 4 1/2 inch strips, sewed them together folded in half, ironed them then did a 1/4 inch stitch down the length.
Next task was to hand stitch it close to the last row of hooking.  If I'd planned in advance I would have machine stitched along the edge before hooking to make life easier.  Guess I was in a hurry to start hooking the rug and lost focus.
Below you can see what the edge will look like when on the floor, table or chest.  I didn't want a whipped edge as I wanted the authenticity of the antique to show and the rows were hooked to the edge.
This is what the back will look like.  But it will need the other edge attached, a final pressing before it is completed...oh, and have the label attached.
In case you'd like to see the original antique here it is below.  Star hearts, an Amish hooked rug and collection of Penny Young dated 1920-30.
Weather was quite mild today but since I live under a rain cloud there will be more rain tomorrow.  Am sure I'll find something to entertain myself tho.  Happy hooking.


Sunday, April 7, 2024


Here's an update on my vision of the antique fox rug.  Decided to hook my fox with a white tail tip and chest like the Delaware Red Fox instead of following the directional hooking of the antique.  Delaware also has a grey fox but didn't want those colors.
There's a strong possibility I'll reverse hook some of the brown in the background since it is too close to the color of the fox.  Yet the antique rug has brown in the background so will figure it out.  Also might change the cream colored elements....maybe.  
This evening I'll start on the date and background surrounding that.

Weather today was lovely and with a new mower battery installed was able to cut some grass weeds in the front yard and front parts of the side yards.  Did not cut the backyard as the ground is saturated and I'd have made huge tire ruts or worse gotten the mower stuck.  So the back yard will have to wait until the water dries up.  Don't know when that will be or where the water will go since the water table is so high and more rain later next week.

Hope you have an enjoyable weekend and please protect your eyes if you plan to look at the total eclipse tomorrow.  I saw glasses at Walmart for approximately $1.87 but didn't buy one as I've no plans to look since I'm not in the path of it's journey.


Friday, April 5, 2024


The post was to be either an update on 1922 Fox or another old rug show.  So an old rug show it is.   A pair of horses circa 1800-1900 from the Winterthur Museum.
A rug named Hard Times and dated 1874 measures 37 x 73.
A naïve floral.
And now a bold floral.
I love the colors and design of the geometric.  Sorry, no other information.
One day I'd like to find a ship with sails that I'd be driven to hook.  A Bluenose 1921 Schooner with dimensions of 30 x 42.
Cat with a ball early 20th century.
A whimsical landscape, no date but measures 15 x 33.5.
And my favorite in this post is the Hagley runaway horse hooked between 1860-1900.  Dimensions are 27.5 x 43.5.
Scotty dogs measuring 20 x 31 but no date.
Perhaps with warmer weather there will be more rugs listed on the auction houses for me to locate and share with you.  Actually I've even considered listing some of my hooked adaptations on the auction sites but seeing the very low price some get think I'd rather take my chances selling on Facebook.  

No way I'll stop hooking and recently gave a few away to family.  Of course my very favorite rugs will stay.  But the number of rolled up hooked rugs here need a new place to live.

Back to hooking the fox.