Saturday, September 30, 2023


Seems a while since I posted an antique rug show so here I go ~ a basket of flowers with interlocking chain border.  Shame it is so damaged as it certainly is a beauty.
Here is a view of the back and you can see it had been folded over and hooked thru all layers to do an immediate protection of raw edges.
This primitive geometric I find quite attractive, probably because of the colors.  Hooked 19th century according to the auction house.
Everyone probably remembers the Dancing Rabbits hook along.  In those posts I showed you the old versions but this is the first time seeing this old image of the rug.
Think this is the first Dalmation I've seen hooked too.
For the feline folks here's a cat which doesn't seem to be much of a  mouser.
A deer and fawn said to be pre 1900.
The person who hooked the geometric below made her own fabric design.   She took flat colors, hooked lines and balanced her values to make it more creative and interesting.   
A giant flower circa 1845.  Decided to not hook it my next class with Caroline since I'm still working on a floral.  But it is a lovely design.
Horse and foal hooked early 20th century.
Another horse in an oval center and sawtooth border.
Two horseshoe themed rugs but this first one appears to have hand prints on each side.

The last rug is a show stopper.  Seabury Bed Rug dated 1819 and measures 93 x 101.
Happy weekend and happy hooking.  


Thursday, September 28, 2023

Progress, Plans and Plus One

This is the progress on Lollipop Flowers which was drawn 22 x 31 and started at Cape May this month.  In case you're wondering, no that green color along the right side isn't the color to be hooked in.
I love how Caroline (Eagles Nest Woolens) color planned it for me.  She used my wool and since I liked gold also purchased some of hers to enhance the beauty of the rug.  If you'd like to see the original antique it is on a previous post HERE.

Plans on the pattern for her class in November have been made but will save the unveiling until a later date just in case I change my mind.  Yet I've enlarged the master pattern the size of 26 x 40 but haven't drawn it out on linen yet just in case of, you know, changing my mind.  

Think I've embraced the idea of hooking a larger pattern so I don't have so many small ones but rather a larger significant statement and time well enjoyed.

One thing for sure is I have my plus one all line up and sitting on the side line this time.  Remember that Going in Circles rug?  It will be fun to get back to it whenever.  It's like a good old friend always there when you need one.
Happy hooking everyone.


Tuesday, September 26, 2023


Yesterday I had my annual dermatology visit but no rug to bind so took two rug hooking books to thumb through.  Both were by Anne D. Mather but a story in one really spoke to me. 

As you know I've often wondered what significant meaning animals or designs the hooker had in mind when making her rugs.  I've mentioned that when posting antique rugs on the blog.  In the booklet was a rug designed and hooked by Stephanie Krauss shown below.
The story was heartfelt and think you'll find it a good read.  This is the booklet with article on pages 108 and 109.  If you don't have this booklet you can read about it HERE.  Scroll toward the bottom until you see this rug and get to the story.
Happy hooking.


Sunday, September 24, 2023


Looking thru flash drives, on-line auction houses, eBay and Pinterest for my next camp project.  Yes I've had 'wanna  hook' rugs before but my enthusiasm diminishes over time and new interests start to bloom.

This sheep was top on my list at one time then lost interest.  Now it's back on my list and I'd want a light colored sheep instead of brown or black.
A big log cabin has been calling my name and have considered this Abe Lincoln memorial but the thought of doing the line drawing exhausts me before even starting it since it is so hard to see.
At Cape May I mentioned to Caroline the antique below might be my November project.  But now decided since I'm still working on a floral  maybe another floral right after wouldn't be so much fun.
I have already done a line drawing of the Elk and it still remains on my list just not near the top. 
This farm scene below is already in master pattern format as I drew it for someone else many months ago.  It has been on my 'maybe' list before.
So has this Hen's House antique.
This Magdalena runner has always been on my wanna hook list but it is SO BIG.  Could draw a smaller size but always change my mind  before getting that far.  Who knows, maybe it is possible to get a smaller runner after all?  I've done the math, at 400% increase it would be 18 x 43, anything smaller would look odd.  So have tossed out the idea until I decide to hook a humongous pattern.
The American Indian is still on my list to hook one day but could do that at home.  Plus I prefer the rectangle design to be in the other direction and the design isn't suitable for that
Or, if I ever choose to do a vertical shape perhaps  I'll design my own using this antique weathervane Lauren took a photo of while perusing her favorite shops.
As of today, this minute there is one posted here which is at the top of the list.  Tomorrow or in a month that might be a different tune.  Fickle me.

Rain came and went but Woodland Lake is back and well stocked.  Would take a lot of hot days to dry it out and it's too late in the season for that.  Happy hooking.


Friday, September 22, 2023


Thought you'd enjoy reading a few things I learned from Caroline in her class.  They really weren't 'secrets' and we weren't told to not share with anyone.   Just simple things anyone could have discovered on their own or maybe even know already.  But first, here is an update on Lollipop Flowers.
Since that photo I've pulled a few more loops.  Then thought I'd boxed  myself in a corner as I continued to hook gold wool toward the top left side flower.  What threw me off was referring to the photo of the original antique which you can see below.  I see that gold color on the original so continued hooking gold across the top.

But, if you look at my hooked version and look carefully, which I didn't do until I was stumped, that area on my rug is hooked in black on MY rug.  DUH.  So there was reverse hooking and now am back on track. 
Now to things I learned or came to understand ~ Caroline said if you hook in one direction on a motif, border, etc. will lean one way.  But if you hook one direction, change direction with the next row, etc., the motif will stand up straight as one row supports the other.  I drew out what I meant below using a penny circle as the example.
I probably did that anyway since I am right handed and prefer to hook to the right of the previous row.  But wasn't aware it was helping to make the area stand up and support each row.  Now I'm cognizant of the theory so will be more aware and vigilant.  Not saying that will be protocol all the time, will just be more aware.

When Caroline was showing us her rugs and using them as lessons I noticed all of her corners were nicely and gently rounded so asked her how she controls the corners.
She places a quarter in the corner and hooks around that slight curve instead of making a sharp corner.  You can see the drawn area in red above the quarter.  Just that little bit of difference does the trick.  So it will not only make hooking a simple task but particularly make the binding less stressful ~ if that's possible for me.

Caroline also showed us wool we shouldn't pass up as they have multiple possibilities and shared with us how.  Interesting as I've passed up many of those wools in either Betsy's or Rebecca's offerings and wish I could get them now that I know their versatility. 

A little over a month from now I'll see Caroline again and need to decide what to hook at camp.  Which means another antique rug search will be taking place and I'll bore you eventually.  Am also hoping to have Lollipop bound by then...maybe.

Looks like Ophelia might turn into a hurricane force to deal with.  At least Lee stayed his distance during Cape May camp but high winds and wind forced rain is coming tonight and into tomorrow along the east coast.  Prediction is anywhere from 2" to 4" of rain so most likely the lake out back will return.  But at least I'm home and happily hooking with light unless the power goes out.

Happy hooking everyone..


Wednesday, September 20, 2023


This first group of rugs are from Caroline Twigg's class (Eagles Nest Woolens).

Two Old Cats is being hooked by Deborah. 
Here is the original antique of that rug.
The Comstock Bed Rug is Mary Lou's project and a photo of the original antique is below it.

Night & Day pattern is being hooked by Leslie. 
I'm wondering if the rug below was the inspiration for Caroline's design of Night and Day.
Sally designed the piece below.  Hope she sends me a picture when it is finished.  Think it is sea related and those might be shells.  Not sure what those white strips are but looks like sand dollars at the bottom.
Meredith's project is the Two Sheep pattern offered by Star Rug Company.
Lollipop Flowers is what I named this antique adaptation I am working on.
 And the original antique is shown here.
Below is Stella's rug and at least one of the cow's was kindly drawn for her by Deborah.
Shari chose to hook a black sheep, it is an adaptation offered by Eagles Nest Woolen.  
The original antique reclining sheep rug is below.

The next rugs are from Lucille Festa's class (American Country Rugs) but don't know who was hooking which ones.

This first rug is an antique adaptation.
Below is the original antique rug.

I believe this antique is Lucille's version being hooked shown above.
Below is a photo of the back of Caroline talking to one of the members of the Howard Street Ramblers band setting up for their afternoon concert.

Well there ya have it, the fun of Cape May in a capsule, lol.  Thankfully the two-way ferry ride was without high sea incident.  I don't get sea sick, I was afraid of hurricane Lee cancelling the ferry and we got lucky.

Happy hooking.