Thursday, January 31, 2013

Big Dog now and Thinking Spring

Last  night and today I was able to pull a few loops and add a little more background color around the stars to see which color(s) look best for the stars and moon.  There are four different wools elected for the stars and moon; closest to the dog's head is the same as the dog's collar.  The moon texture has a little off white as well as a yellow which makes it appear even lighter.  The unfinished star at the top has other colors in it like pale blue, soft mild red and appears darker than the star below it.  
And so I'm still undecided.  Sometimes I think that the stars should be the bottom right darker gold and the moon be wool of the unfinished star above.  Then I keep looking at the hooking and think that maybe I like the stars hooked in the wool closest to the dog's head and the moon hooked with the bottom right wool.  

Since I'm still undecided have chosen to place the rug on my love seat to view at a distance for a while and perhaps a light bulb will go off and the vision clear as to what to do. And input from you is always welcome too.

As I do like to work on one more piece at a time think I'll draw out a Spring design and start hooking it.  I've had an idea and it would be a smallish mat, not a rug, and kind of whimsical.  Think I'll draw out the pattern and show it to you tomorrow.  Not sure how much hooking on it I'll get done because wool would have to be gathered.  

Just might be that I'll hook a little more on Big Dog and transition to the new spring design tomorrow after wool has been gathered.  Besides, I need to clean up that nest I seem to have made around me on the sofa so may as well pull a few more loops on Big Dog first.

Have a good evening and hope all this crazy weather is behind us all.


Monday, January 28, 2013

Now What?

I've got to make a decision on the stars and moon colors so I can move on.  So picked a couple wool options for those motifs and thought I'd hook them in close proximity, hook a little mixed background colors in to see which would work best.  Well I can't make up my mind.

Am wondering if I want the stars to be all the same or semi-close and varied .....should the moon be darker or lighter than the stars?  OY!  No way I could teach a class when I'm wishy-washy about hooking my own rugs.  Just when does this 'color planning' perfection come into effect?

Here is a picture of the Big Dog Hollow with a flash.
Goodness, now that I'm looking at it in the picture can see it appears to have more tan background than the light texture colored wool.  Hmm, and when I was looking at it up close and personal it seemed there was too much texture with blue so started adding more tan.  Guess I need to pull it off my frame more often.

This is without a flash so what it looks like in my house on the floor in natural evening light and the bunny shows up okay.  Plus I get a different perspective on the stars and moon colors.
Since seeing the two pictures at a distance with flash and no flash I'm thinking of pulling out the sliver moon and using a combination of that wool plus the star wool to the bottom left of the moon as the star colors.  And, thinking that either the darker star to the top right of the moon or the star wool to the bottom right should be my moon color.  

Since it is now kitchen clean up time will rest on the thought and await input from readers.

Thanks for visiting.


Sunday, January 27, 2013

A View from Afar

I removed the design from my Snapdragon frame (jut love that frame because it keeps the backing drum tight)....anyway, wanted to see what it looked like on the floor as well as in a picture to see if anything shouted at me.  So thought I'd take a picture to share with you as well.

Previously I told you that this rug was a great opportunity to use of woolie wormies, and it is.  The funny thing is that the rabbit is hooked with probably all that exists of a tan and off white wool.  I went thru my worm baskets and bags several times looking for just one or two more strips so I could finish the rabbit.  Each trip rendered a couple more small strips and luckily my final search found two pieces which finished it off.  But, had I not found any more of that same wool would have 'made do' by putting something else in.  You know that old saying:

"Use it up, wear it out, make do or do without"

This is what the Big Dog Hollow looks like now.  As mentioned in the previous post the design measures 27 1/2 x 34 and was a great pattern swap that Kathy of Briarwood Folk Art traded for one of my Frost Sheep designs.
I sorta want to hook the owl next but guess I should work on stars and sky so that the star color can be decided before I get too far along on the critters.  When looking at the pattern up close the rabbit seemed a little invisible with the background but can see now with the flash that it shows up just fine ~ even a little bright in the picture but think I'll keep it like this. And not sure what wool I'll use for the sheep.  There I go thinking about the critters again.  

Not sure what I'll do for the border.  It would look great to do it like the original shown here but am sure it would be a pain filling in around all the circles along the sides of the curvature.
Have also considered just a primitive dark border, no design, but more of a framing around the rug.  But it is way too early to decide that and perhaps the further along I get the rug will decide for me what it needs.

Thanks for dropping by.


Thursday, January 24, 2013

Big Dog Hollow

It is so much fun having a new project to work on AND knowing the other rugs have been finished, bound and no longer a UFO (for you newbies that means Un-Finished Objects).  What's more fun with this Big Dog Hollow design is that it allows me to pull wool from my worm baskets and they just add to the old look of the piece.  

Okay, okay, there are times when I hook a worm in and it isn't right but most of the time when you hook in that random piece of wool you just feel it was hooked by a woman who used 'what she had'.  But hooking antique adaptations feels so good to me because that is what first brought me to rug hooking.  I loved the magazine Country Living and adored the antique rugs on the walls, above the fireplace mantel, below the hearth, on the floor or the harvest table.  Those were the rugs that beckoned me to become a rug hooker.

Have I teased you enough?  Well..... first..... I could have accomplished more than this since starting it but have had a few annual physicals which took precious time from my hooking.

Okay, promise this is it.  Here is what Big Dog Hollow looks like right now.  It measures 27 1/2 x 34 and so far have used #8 and #8.5 cuts but when I get to the rabbit, cat and smaller motifs will use a somewhat smaller cut.
That star was hooked in before the background started.  Actually that is why I started the background ~ I wanted to see if that color star would work or if I should use another of my worms for the stars.  And just might vary the star wool colors  to the right just a smidgen to see which color works best.

Thanks for dropping by and sorry I don't have more to report on the progress of this rug.  AND, Kathy, if you are reading my blog would like to thank you for even considering me to do a pattern swap.  


Tuesday, January 22, 2013

True Friends

I have been fortunate to sell numerous Domestic Zoo patterns but one of the sales was a wee bit different than all the others.  A lovely woman named Carol ordered and paid for the pattern and asked that I ship it to her friend Susan who lived in another state.  It was her friend who was going to hook it for her.  Now folks, this isn't any small trivet, chair pad or table mat.... we are talking about a big honking runner here.  Now that is what I call a true friend.

And of all the Domestic Zoo patterns I've sold and hoped to get a picture of, this was the first I've received so it is also very special for me too. Eventually will post this picture on my web site so potential buyers can see another hooked version.
It is quite lovely with a dark background.  And dark backgrounds are my favorite but have also hooked light and medium backgrounds for variety or if the pattern called for it.  Since I was trying to stay fairly close to the original antique that is why mine was hooked with a light background.

Susan, you did a fantastic job hooking this rug and Carol you are one lucky woman to be the recipient.  And, Susan, since word is out that you hooked the rug for someone you'll find yourself with lots of new friends.

Thanks for dropping by.


Sunday, January 20, 2013

The Secret Swap

Okay, now I'm going to reveal the secret swap partner and pattern I've been teasing about.  But first, the story ~ there are a few hooking bloggers that I consider friends even tho we have not met yet we communicate via e-mail fairly often.  

One day an e-mail came in from Kathy of Briarwood Folk Art and she said she would love to hook my Frost Sheep w/Birds and Flowers and did she have a design I'd be willing to receive in exchange.  Are you kidding???   I knew there were several I'd like but wanted to select my most favorite , so I chose Big Dog Hollow.

Since Kathy was travelling and knew she wouldn't be home until after this weekend (she arrived earlier), was keeping it under wraps so we could each blog about our respective achievements.  So I wrote to Kathy confessing that I'd started hooking Big Dog but haven't blogged about it until she could start the Frost rug.  Today I received an email from her saying she would be quite busy and probably not get to it for a while and it would be just fine for me to break the silence of the secret swap.  So some time later she will share her progress on the Frost sheep design on her blog and I'm looking forward to see her work in progress.  But in the meantime I can share my achievements on Big Dog and feel SO FREE of the self-induced restraints.

This is what I have accomplished thus far but just might change out the color of the collar and star but not just yet until I see how it will go with the sky color and have more hooked it.  Oh but it was great to  use wool from my wiggly worms and hook in the dog.  If you look to the left of the picture you can see my boy Ben's paw-paws in the picture and I didn't dare crop them out.
When I start a new project I have all my colors individually bagged and slowly the mess starts to appear.  It isn't all of a sudden so if I took time could control the  mess.  But hey, it is much more fun to hook than clean up, even wool strips.  You can see the wool on the sofa arm, there's also wool on the end table to the left of that and loose wool strips hidden behind the hooking frame.  Please tell me I'm normal.
Thanks for visit and feel free to drop by any time.


Friday, January 18, 2013

The Adventurous Experiences of Wee Folk

Okay, Okay, here is my Wee Folk.  And yes, it is a wool covered cord.  But I am TOTALLY happy now.  Yes, I took one step forward and two steps back but will explain all this.  Oh, and it isn't really more narrow on one end than the other it must be that my camera was tilted to the side as I make sure that I hook on the straight of the grain.
Any way, you've all heard the comment...." just sleep on it" I'm sure.  With all internal questions and angst I've had with the binding of the rug I awoke one morning at O'dark 30 (yeah there is a movie title now but in military speak it means in the !#@*& dark of night.  Anyway, my realization was that to do the binding method whether yarn or wool strips would jeopardize the edge of the rug.  And here is why.
Notice the pre-whipping on the left, which, by the way, was done lightly, makes a huge gap between the hooked rug and the whipped edge.  And now look what it is like after I pulled out the wool yarn.
That gap is even bigger.  So I realized what I was doing was making a 'perferated edge' which might rip off the end of my precious rug with wear or additional stress.  

I've successfully bound rugs with yarn or wool strips with backing which is more sturdy.  And THAT was the issue here.  While this pattern WAS hooked on good linen it wasn't quite as heavy as the Dorr Natural Linen therefore I didn't want to use the whipping technique on this rug. 

Here is a picture of the two linens ~ Dorr Natural Primitive Linen is on the left and the thinner linen Wee Folk was drawn on (producer unknown) is on the right.  Also, remember the one on the right is BLEACHED.
It might well be that this situation of 'a backing deciding the binding technique' would never had happened had I chosen a different method.  IF this rug had been bound with a regular cotton binding or the wool covered cord in the very beginning, I'd have  never realized that a backing can choose its binding technique.  This was an eye opener for me and one I will consider in the future so that I don't waste time trying a binding technique which won't work for the foundation.

The Wee Folk pattern I hooked was drawn from the original Vermont Folk Art and not the current owner Hooked On Ewe.   Don't get me wrong, this linen was just great to hook on and the rug will live a long life now that it has been bound in a way which is best for this type of backing.  So this is a lesson to be learned when you are trying to figure out how to bind a rug.  You may WANT to bind a rug a certain way, but what does the  foundation call for?

IF you are interested in hooking this design ( I love this Wee Folk rug) the patterns are now being offered by Hooked on Ewe.  And whether you have a pattern on this linen foundation from the former company or not, just choose your method of binding suitable to work with the foundation.

AGAIN, the linen used in hooking the Wee Folk was great, it just needed a particular binding method.  Click HERE if you would like to see a previously posted tutorial on how to do the wool covered cord style binding.

Thanks for visiting, have fun hooking and be kind to one another.


Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Rub a Dub Dub....

....Wee Folk near a tub.  Okay, I wasn't quite ready to 'cry uncle' this morning so decided to use up the length of wool yarn to be sure of making the right decision.  There were varying comments on the yarn or wool strips issue and from hookers or quilters whom I respect opinions from.  That is why I decided to give it one more try and post a picture on where the rug will reside once completed.  I figured it would help me make a better judgement call as well.

The master bath has navy blue porcelain and it will be in front of the garden you can see where it will live.  
And one more picture closer.
Since the tub is shiny that brighter and darker wool yarn whipping will appear to be more of a 'frame' me thinks.  And maybe I can live with that just fine, besides, that sheen on the yarn will brighten up the otherwise dull blue hooking.  And really, who else is going to see it except me and my boy Ben?  And Ben isn't a connoisseur of hooked rugs, all he knows is that he likes to lay on them.

I truly appreciate every comment from everyone whether invited or given randomly.  Your opinions give me food for thought so keep'm coming.

Thanks so much for putting up with my mundane chit chat.


Tuesday, January 15, 2013

To Be or Not to Be.....

....that is the question.  Just when I thought binding the Wee Folk rug was well thought out and on it's way am now have doubts on whether to continue with the wool yarn or not.  The picture below is with a flash.
This next picture is without a flash and in my normal house setting. 
As you can see from the top picture, there is a brightness and sheen to the wool yarn.  The second picture the sheen and brightness doesn't show up as much but it is obvious that it is a more intense color.

Perhaps with it being on the floor that difference would be insignificant but expect it would bother me every day looking at it wondering why I didn't do it right.  Were it not for having the blue hooked texture right next to it the wool yarn may have worked.  But the fact remains the blue hooked wool IS right next to it around the entire rug.  

SO, my plans are to not bind with the yarn tonight as I'd planned but wait overnight and see what I think in the morning.  

OH, the corner is turned under so there really is an edge there which is whipped with thread, I just didn't refresh the corner so it was obvious.

To be continued......


Monday, January 14, 2013

About Ready To Bind

I've been teeter tottering on the fence about how to bind Wee Folk by Vermont Folk Art.  My thoughts were either wool covered cord or binding with wool strips. Frankly, I find it faster to do the wool covered  cord because when I bind with wool strips or yarn it is like whipping twice.  I roll the backing forward and whip with thread first and then go back over it with wool or strips.  I've tried in the past to roll forward and whip in one process but I really don't care for the results because my backing starts getting slanted and then when I try to ease it back straight, there seems to be mild hills and valleys.  So with the whipping the roll first with thread the whipping with yarn goes easier.

This morning I measured out how much cording I'd need for this BIG rug (24 x 47) when all of a sudden I noticed some blue wool yarn in my stash.  Realizing that doing another rug with a blue border was unlikely decided to use up the wool on this project.  So now my decision has been made for me and the color is right.
And I'm dragging my feet about starting because I really would rather be hooking and have this new project started.  But, since my rug swap partner hasn't started hers yet (she's travelling) should take advantage of this time to bind the rug and finally put it to rest.

Well, Ben doesn't want to go walking in the rain so perhaps I'll trim the excess backing now and start the undesirable task of binding yet another rug.

Thanks for visiting.


Sunday, January 13, 2013

Sometimes It Doesn't Work Out

And thus is the case of my marrying wool.  Well, my real marriage didn't work out either come to think of it ;~).  I pulled some black wool and some darks and was hoping the black would bleed out enough to be absorbed by the other wool.  This is what I started with:
And this is a picture taken in the beginning and could see some bleeding going on so was hopeful.  
And this is after the dye had been absorbed but.
This is what I ended up with after removing the black wool.  As you can see they were lack lustre results.  The wool in the back on the left is an undyed version and the one on the right you can see is only marginally darker.  Definitely a waste of my time.  
Now, the problem that sometimes happens is the wool fabric for the black skirt, slacks, etc., might have been woven using real natural black sheep wool which would not bleed because it wasn't dyed.  So don't know if that was the problem or if I had too much wool and little black to provide the dye.  But I wouldn't have known until the wool was rinsed and dried to determine if Cushings dye was the next thing to do.  Guess it would have been better for me to just go Cushings in the beginning.

The Wee Folk rug is still waiting for attention and think I'll do the wool covered cord.  In the meantime I've put the new rug on my frame and it is fun to be hooking something new.


Saturday, January 12, 2013

One Down and One to Go

Now that the Lions in the Woods rug is bound it is time for me to start binding Wee Folk.  Here it is all done, and in previous posts neglected to let you know the dimensions.... it measures 19 x 35.
I was asked if I hooked up to the cotton binding so that no backing showed.  I hook up as close to the cotton binding as I can but stay on a straight of the grain.  Since the sewing on of the tape may be a row off in places I still hook on the straight, therefore there may be a narrow area visible.  

When I look at the rug sideways on a table you can see a smidgen of backing but that doesn't bother me because I will be looking at the rug from above (if on the floor) or from the front (if on the wall), not the side.
And, if that were to bother the hooker to have a sliver of backing showing, you could always take a very thin angled paint brush and fill in the backing with acrylic craft paint of the same color.  You can see I filled in with a brown just for this demonstration.  
So you are wondering, is that cheating?  Since this rug is NOT being sent to Celebrations or other juried events I think it is just fine.  Whether this rug was to be on the floor, on a chest or a wall hanging, it will be viewed from the top or front and not viewed with a critical eye at the edges.  And, if you look at the top picture, that is what the person would see and you don't see any backing from that angle.

Today I'm taking a bunch of darks and will be marrying them for a primitive black.  This is what I'm starting with, the flash makes it look brighter than it really is.
Check back to see what kind of results I end up with; if it doesn't turn out dark enough with just these wools I may end up having to put a little dye in to help.


Thursday, January 10, 2013

Binding the Lions Rug Tutorial

There are numerous ways to bind a rug and I have done several of them but not all.  So far I have whipped with wool yarn, whipped with wool strips, wool covered cord, regular cotton binding tape and now with this extra wide cotton binding tape.  I learned about this product from Polly Minick when she sent me one of her rugs for some reason.  She said she buys it by the bolt and is a product that Floridians use on their sisal rugs.  

The first thing I do before I start hooking (IF I know there are no plans for enlarging the pattern or the border) is first do two rows of straight stitching and 1 row of zig zag stitching about 1 1/4" away from the edge of the design.  I do this because it is much easier to put this stay stitching in before the rug becomes cumbersome and heavy with the wool strips and I like for the trimmed edge to be secure from fraying.  You may also notice that I mark the corners at an angle to reduce the bulk for when the corners are mitered.  So that corner is also about 1 1/4" away from the design.
Next thing was to draw a line 1/4" away from the rug design and lay the binding tape along that edge.  Yes, I'm using another design as an example because I hadn't anticipated doing this tutorial earlier.  Anyway, when butted up to the drawn edge I know that my 1/4" seam allowance will sew along the edge of the design and can hook up to that line for a straight hooking area and the seam binding is already sewn on and part of the work is already done.
Then you hook the rug, trim away the excess backing up to the secure edge and mitre the corners of the backing.  I like to quickly stitch it closed so there is no bulk, or at least it seems to lessen the bulk.
I sewed the binding tape to each side of the rug and extended a smidgen beyond the real dimensions of the rug at the corners so there would some excess, better to have a little binding extra than have it be too short.
Next the cotton binding is turned to the back and the corners mitered as well.  I play with it for a few moments, do some preliminary pinning and folding to see how much bulk I can afford to trim off.  Go SLOWLY, as you can always trim away more later, because if you trim off too much you may end up being short.  This photo shows where I'm folding.
Here you can see I have trimmed a little off to reduce the bulk in the corner when the cotton biding is mitered.
And here is what the one end looks like after mitering the corners and sewing down the one end.
The other sides need to be stitched down and then the rug will get another steaming.  I will share a picture of the front and back of the finished project when it is done.  And, if something needs more clarity, please feel free to ask and I'll update this message.

Thanks for visiting.


Wednesday, January 9, 2013


Yippee, I pulled my final loops today while watching General Hospital.  Yes, am guilty of being obsessed with that show since 1968 when I was folding diapers that time of day.  Hey, back in the day there were fewer channels to watch and there were no disposable diapers then.

Anyhoo, I pulled out the red in the lioness' tail, changed out the gold in the top left penny circle and was getting ready to steam it when I noticed the remaining red in the lion's mane.  Oh man!
So before I pull it out think I will look at the rug in the morning to see if that red/gold texture is okay there or if it needs to be pulled out for sure.  My initial reasoning for putting the red in there was to show it was a mane and not just a blob of gold with a misshapen lion.  But in the beginning it was a little heavy with the red so pulling out what I did was a good thing.  Oh, I forgot to mention the dimensions of this pattern are 19 x 35.

Next is binding and as promised, will do a tutorial for those of you who have never used wide cotton binding tape.  Uh, this is my maiden voyage in that department as well so I'll be learning along with you.  But, I have used the 1 1/4" cotton biding tape so can't imagine this will be much different.

In today's mail I received the pattern for the swap and want so badly to start hooking it but can't yet.  The other hooker can't start hooking on the rug I'm sending her until after the 20th so this will give me time to bind the lion rug before I start.  Plus I just sold another Domestic Zoo pattern so need to draw two more out to have on hand since Evelyn will be teaching a Magdalena class at Woolley Fox in April.

For sure before I post a picture of the Lion in the Woods rug on my web site I will have to mount it on something upright so I can get a good picture.  Whenever I hover over top a rug it seems to never be straight and I straddle the rug or lean over so my toes don't get into the picture and the rug never looks even.

Well kiddo's I've fed Ben and soon he'll be circling the wagons for his walk.  Thanks for visiting and please be kind to one another.


Tuesday, January 8, 2013

OH SO CLOSE ! ! ! !

It is really close to being completed now.... I mean just loops away.  The only part left to hook is the left side bottom part of the border.  However, I still want to change out the gold in the upper left corner, pull out the red in the mane of the male lion and the red tail of the lioness.  After that the design will be done to my liking.

Then my plans are to bind the lion rug first (also have the Wee Folk to bind) and will give you a tutorial thru the process with the new wide cotton rug binding tape (there was a request for that).  I'm really excited to use it after seeing it on one of Polly Minick's rugs.  Also the width seems to stabilize the perimeter of the rug. 

Here is the rug now.  And, once I get it completed the pattern will be offered on my web site.  But before I post a picture on my web side I'd really like to have a picture of the completed rug.
And exciting news, another hooker blogger and I have collaborated in swapping patterns; there is a design I have she wanted to hook and asked me if she had one that I'd be interested in.  UH, YEAH!!!!!!!  It was hookers delight made in heaven.  Nope, not gonna tell you right now you will just have to wait and watch.  Besides, we've not sent each other the designs yet.  But just keep this tid bit of info in your cranium and keep checking back to see what's happen'n on the hooker's hoops.  

Okay, I admit that I don't use a hoop but did when I first started.  But the wording just rolled off my tongue and had rhythm.  However, Polly Minick does use a hoop.  She uses one of the big hoops with a screw which will enlarge for hooked rugs.  While she has purchased and tried other frames that is her preferred method of hooking.  So, for you newbie hookers, perhaps your first investment should be not the thin embroidery hoop but a nice thick at least 12" hoop with a screw which expands the size to accommodate rug hooking projects.  That will carry you thru until you decide if you like rug hooking or not to invest in the wonderful tools available to make rug hooking much more enjoyable.

Thanks for visiting.


Sunday, January 6, 2013

Believe it or not, the Lions have Returned

To say I've been frustrated trying to post a picture of my lion rug is an understatement.  I was even considering starting another blog with a name which might be associated with this one but Blogger said the names weren't available.  Duh, guess because it had the name Woodland in it somewhere it was taken.

Anyway, I moved a picture of the lion rug to Photo bucket, copied and pasted it here.  Unfortunately it doesn't have the clarity that it might otherwise have but at least you can see my progress.
 DSC02667_zps679ff926.jpg photo
If you look at the mane and tail of the lion on the left you will see the colors have been changed a little.  I do like the tail better than the red, and frankly that red wasn't my idea.  Therefore the red tail of the lion on the right will be changed as well. 
Hmmmm, as I'm looking at this picture and seeing the color of the body of the lioness, perhaps that wool is what I should intersperse in the mane of the male lion.    Funny how you don't see things when they are so close to you but now it is clear to me at this distance and it just may work. 
Also, think I'll change the gold in the top left corner to be more subdued like the other two.
So now there is only left bottom section to hook and I'll be done with the hooking.  I am SO relieved to have been able to post this picture and now know what is needed for the binding tutorial of this rug.
Thanks for stopping by.

Saturday, January 5, 2013

Blogger an AH HA Moment

Now the picture is becoming more clear.  I can recall other people with Google Blogger who had to pay extra for pictures.  So now it is clear where this is going.  Guess it is time to see what other options there are out there.
The above is a picture I hooked of my departed Rottweilers Shumba and Panzer.  The SS is because I was married at the time and after the divorce changed my name back to Porter.  The dogs were hooked in #4 and the background in #6.  In the nape of the neck of each dog is some of their own individual hair which was spun on a thin wool thread by my dear departed friend Lesley Covney.


The Lions Rug Mayhem once again

I'm back with a vengeance to post a current picture of the Lions in the Woods antique adaptation.  Since Robin told me what she did when having the same problem posting pictures from her camera if Blogger doesn't play fair now she has told me what to do.

Well, despite Robin's instructions I was unable to figure out what to do.  I clicked on the top left HTML but my blog ended up looking like gobbly gook.  And even tho my picture was in Photobucket didn't know where to post it since everything is in computer language.  So to say I'm frustrated is an understatement.

Needless to say that means I'll make more headway on this Lion rug which is now receiving a part of my frustration.  So I'll peruse the pictures previously posed on my blog (since I CAN retrieve those)
The above is my recently finished Wee Folk by Vermont Folk Art Rugs and only now needs to be bound.      

This extra time has allowed me to hook a little more and make minimal changes in the Lion on the left.  Still might make more but I'm treading slowly.  Check back at the previous Lion post and see if you can tell what I did.  There might be more changes, and for sure on the tail of the lion on the right.  Are you ready now?

It seems that I probably will get this one hooked completely before next weekend and think I'll bind this one first.

Sorry for my ranting and raving and think I'll have a wonderful glass of Cabernet to relieve my frustration.


Friday, January 4, 2013

Lions in the Woods (Detour)

As previously mentioned this rug was adapted from two similar antique rugs and I chose elements from each that I liked.  It is getting close to completion and it will be nice to have it finally done so another design can be put on my frame.  Sometimes I think it is the anticipation and excitement of starting a new design that is so intriguing; it is also fun to watch it develop but when it is about halfway done I'm ready to move on to something else.  Here is what is looks like right now.

I have tried numerous times ALL DAY to be allowed to 'browse' for pictures from my camera for the updated picture of the lions rug and Blogger won't let me.  The only thing I could do is choose a picture from my blog which has been previously posted.  So thought I'd give you all a treat and give you a look at the Ducks and Eggs Nest which is an antique adaptation from a rug which is in a museum in Montreal. 
The top left corner was just hooked and chose a brighter gold but it may end up coming out and my replacing it with a duller gold as are in the other corners.  And since I am unable to add a picture to this message (thanks to Blogger), by the time I can finally place the picture in the message, perhaps the corner will have been changed by then.

So when this rug is done I'll have two to bind.  I have had a request to post pictures of the binding process for this new wide binding tape and will show you step by step for those of you who have not bound a rug this way.  The Wee Folk will be bound differently and still unsure if I'll whip wool strips of blue all the way around or if I will cover cord with wool ~ I've previously bound rugs using both methods.

Since Blogger is still not allowing me to post a picture I'll save this as a draft and post a picture later if I can.  Well, I couldn't so as explained earlier, I looked thru pictures on previous posts and added that. 

Thanks for stopping by and sorry for the problems that exist which are beyond my control.


Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Day One of a New Year

Where did this past year go?  I can remember my mother telling me 'that the older you get the faster time goes by'.  Naturally I thought my mother was being silly because an hour is an hour, a day is a day and it can't move any faster than time itself.  HA!  The older I've gotten the more real that statement has become.

My meal today will be the southern and my family tradition of blackeye peas and plan to sit and hook while watching Homeland marathon.  I never watched it but heard so much about it on TV and friends that I decided to start watching Season 1 On Demand.  OMG, after just the first episode I was hooked.  So far I've seen 9 of the 12 shows of Season 1 and will finish off the 12 today and start of season 2.

And yesterday my Rug Hooking magazine arrived so will peruse that today as well ~ that is if I can pull myself from Homeland long enough.

Here's wishing all of my friends who visit my blog a very happy, healthy and prosperous year ahead.

Thanks for stopping by. 


p.s.  Lauren, thanks for posting where you got your Victorian post card pictures, naturally I had to have one too.