Sunday, July 31, 2011

Bella's Slideshow

Bella and I getting along wonderfully and it is as if this were her home all along.  We are still in the process of developing a schedule.  She is very good at listening and knows a 'sit' and easily goes into a 'down' position, and then she rolls over and wants her belly rubbed.

My initial thought was to have the crate in the kitchen.  But then re-thinking that decided to put it in the bedroom so that she can be contained during the night and be near me.  It might not be too long before I'll start trying to trust her closed in the bedroom with me during the night and not put her in the crate.  But since she hasn't been here a week yet will wait just a bit longer.

Terry and Diego of Majesty Rottweiler Rescue were very kind in giving me a slide show of the day Bella was adopted.  It is rather long but has certainly been fun for me to view it a few times.  Bella was put in a shelter because her homeless owner could not take care of her.   In the slide show you will see how she and I connected from the very beginning.  I went to the garage refrigerator to get bottled water for all of us and she wanted to be right with me ~ we really hit it off right away.

Bella is one sweet girl and we will get a little meat on those bones.  Two of my gal pals stopped by yesterday to meet her and they confirmed that she was a gentle, sweet girl who will learn fast.

Friday, July 29, 2011

Meet Bella

I want you all to meet my new companion Bella.  Bella is my first rescue animal and was adopted thru Majesty Rottweiler Rescue.  This picture was taken by them during the home visit to see how the match was and so they could see where and what conditions she would live.

Obviously the interview process with references I provided, calls to my vet, home visit and conversations with me, I passed the tests.  Since I never kenneled any of my dogs when I went to rug camps, they even required that the person who will watch Bella when I go to camps be in attendance too.  They wanted to see how that person would interact with Bella as well.

Bella does need to put on some weight and I am feeding her small amounts of food several times a day, with a little non-fat plain yogurt mixed in for digestion.  So we are working on that.  I was quite surprised to learn that she was, according to the rescue, "close to total emaciation".  Just do not understand how anyone could let that happen.

And frankly I am very surprised that Bella is as sweet and friendly for her to have come out of a situation like that.  Of course the rescue organization temperament tested her to see how she responded when food was removed, interaction with children, dogs and cats and she passed with flying colors. 

Once Bella was healthy enough they did a spay, micro chipped her and did an entropian surgery on her eye.  She has had all sutures removed and her eye will gradually begin to look normal.

This sweet dear girl is beside me as I type this.  I am on the left but she prefers the coolness of the bathroom tile.  She does like to play and likes her toys and go for long walks, but she is being typical Rottweiler and comfortable just chillin'.

I've neglected lots of duties in the last couple days and need to leave and make a shipment of patterns to someone, stop at the grocery store and maybe even pick up something new for my girl.   So Bella will go in a crate while I'm gone for an hour and we will both be happy to see one another.  It will be much better when I have had her long enough to trust her out alone during my absence.  But until then when I come home and no accidents in the house and no table legs chewed off I greet her all excited and happy.  And because of that she is happy.  Bella wants to please and seems to learn fast so I'm sure it won't be long before the crate training is a thing of the past.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Good News and Better News

The good news is that I've finished hooking my Frost Sheep rug and it has been steam pressed.  It still needs to be bound and I'll get around to doing that because it will go to Cape May in September for the annual rug show.  Then when it comes home will reside over the fireplace mantle in the living room.  But I was so anxious to show you the rug that I just turned the backing under to photograph it. 

And, the better news is that I think I'll have a new roommate and companion.  That's right, I've applied for and have been accepted to adopt a Rottweiler thru the Majesty Rottweiler Rescue organization.  You'd think I was applying for a government security clearance with the investigation and research they go thru.  But it makes sense.  Anyone can have an animal but they do not want people perpetuating the inhumane treatment, abuse or neglect to animals so they do good investigation. 

So tomorrow there will a home visit to see if I am a good fit with Bella.  And, they requested that the person who will be watching her when I go to rug camps be in attendance tomorrow as well to see how Bella is a fit there as well.  You can read all about Bella here:

So, earlier today I went out and got a new bed, new collar, some new toys, food similar to what she was getting.  Pro Plan Chicken and Barley was recommended but when I went to the pet store they said they have discontinued using that brand.  And instead has suggested this: .   The pet store said they decided to do a lot of research on different brands, where it is processed, where the food comes from, etc; we all know what happened with the food from China.  He said the chicken used in this food comes from Tyson in the US and is human grade food.  So hey, that sold me and hope Bella likes it too.

I'm trying to get my cleaning done, need to cut the grass today and then can spend important time with Bella getting her acclimated to her new home.  Oh, and still need to bring down the crate from the attic.  I crate trained both my Rotties and Shadow and they were never put in the crate as punishment, but rather to let them have their den when I'm gone so that I'm happy they were good while I was gone (no boo boos in the home) and they are happy that I'm happy.  It will also be a good place for her to just walk into and lay down if the transition seems a little daunting at first.  Since dogs are den animals anyway, it will be her special place.  Then, once I know her habits and can be trusted loose all day, i will put that crate back upstairs in the attic, and life will be great.

This is not to replace Shadow as there will never be another Shadow.  The adoption of a Rottweiler is because I love the breed, have had Rotties before and I desperately want a four-legged companion to keep me company.  Besides, I feel a littly silly talking to the empty house.  Just might be rather busy the next couple days but will check in to let you know how we are doing.

Friday, July 22, 2011

My Dear Deer

God but I do love my critters and living on a wooded piece of land with wildlife all around.  And when summer time comes and knowing there will be a lack of water for them I keep a water bucket filled on each side of the property to provide water for my deer.  Right now it requires a complete fill up every morning from an almost empty bucket. Obviously they know this is a safe haven and that I won't be having venison for dinner.  Here are only two of numerous photos I took from the window not knowing if I would get a better closer picture later or not. I'm only showing you two of the many. 

These twins still have spots and the mother is in the back toward the far back left and I can see her, perhaps you can too from the photo. I'm sure she has her alarm system to tell them to skedaddle but they are grazing comfortably close to the house and no need for alarm right now.
At one point I thought they were going to go on the deck toward the trickling sound of my fish pond, but they didn't.
These youngsters haven't been weaned yet because after nibbling on leaves and grass they went back to mum for more nutrients. I watched to be sure the youngsters did not go near the salt lick that I have in the back too, as it can kill a very young deer.
Life is good in these here woods. 

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Getting Close......

Sheesh, every time I type .... (dot dot dot), I think about the Bachelorette show and the significance behind that comment.  Oh, well, moving right along ~  I'm getting close to finishing up my Frost Sheep rug and it is about time for heavens sake.  Have been so busy that my little bit of hooking time is definitely enjoyed each time I finally get to pull some loops.  My goal is to have it done in time to take to Cape May in September for the rug show at Rugs by the Sea rug camp.  But I still have the other Edward Tulane rabbit to make for a 3rd teacher in Texas and it needs to be there before school starts.  Here is my sheep as of this afternoon.

I still haven't decided exactly what I want to hook for that camp as the loss of Shadow took the wind out of my sails, plus the orders and now must think about making some things for my next craft show which is two weeks after I return from Cape May.  And, I've also been busy filling out applications to adopt a dog thru where I found several appealing Rottweilers thru Majesty Rottweiler Rescue.  I don't think that Shadow would want me to be alone because she took her work and watching over me very seriously.

And, this is a reminder that today is the last day for the special sale at  My wool smorgasbord bundle arrived today and look at all the goodies.  It will be fun trying all these different pieces of wool that I have not previously ordered but because I chose the 'remnant bag' will get to experience some of the wool without having to buy a whole yard ~ who'da thunk about such a great idea?

Well time is whittling away at the day I'd better get busy working on my rabbit.

Monday, July 18, 2011


What does wool, birthdays and hooking have in common?  Well, mainly because it is Betsy Reed's birthday.  HAPPY BIRTHDAY BETSY!!!!!!!  And in case you didn't know, in celebration of Betsy's birthday, they are giving a magnificent generous 15% discount on orders over $30 ~ check out this link as soon as you finish reading my blog  Hey, it is so very easy to get an order of over $30 together because we always need more.  But you must hurry because the offer ends July 20th, and don't forget to give the code.  And, selfish me didn't post this until I placed my order and have already received notification that it is on it's way.

I've updated my Sincerely Jane challenge piece just a little and this afternoon I'll work some more on my Frost sheep rug and give an update on that one in a day or so.  I now wish I had made my rug one more block wider but still the 4 blocks down.  I think it would have made the triangle pieces a little more balanced but it is too late now.

Since the piece doesn't need to be completed until April 2012, and I chose to do a smaller version, I'm way ahead of schedule.  It really doesn't take much time to hook the squares.  Someone on Rughookers Yahoo asked the question how long does it take to hook the square.  Unfortunately I've not taken the time to do that because I'm so easily distracted watching a movie on TV or General Hospital that I will often pause, watch that story line and then realize I hadn't pulled a loop in 5 minutes.  So here is my rug; I believe that if you double-click on it that it will enlarge a bit.

Back to Betsy...... Something that was a LOT of FUN to do was order the 'remnant bag' assortment.  I have done that twice and it was such fun to get an assortment of wools that I had never ordered but learned that I loved them.  Well, of course as soon as I washed and use one of them had to order more of it.  So what a way to experience a wool and not have to buy a whole yard of it in case you decide it's not for you.  So, don't forget to check out Betsy's sale

Friday, July 15, 2011

What to Hook at Camp

I LOVE going to rug camps and since Cape May is just 2 months away I've got to get my act together and decide what I'm going to hook, particularly since we've received a letter from our teacher inquiring so she can be prepared to help in anyway with wool colors, ideas for teaching techniques, etc. 

Right now I'm feeling kinda of wishy washy on what I want to do.  I think my (hopefully temporary) funk could be part of the problem with my decision making.  I've a collection of rug patterns like a store so there is plenty here for me to choose from.  I have this pattern which I purchased from Woolley Fox in May, so could do this one.  But..... I'm presently hooking the Frost Sheep, so do I want to hook another sheep?

Also have this cute and smallish Rainbow Log Cabin, which I also purchased at Barb's.... but it seems sorta small for a 5 day camp and could do that one at home.

And since this design is offered in Barb's book I just enlarged it and drew it on red dot but it seems so big at 25 x 43.  However, I could make a few changes.... eliminate one tree, make the smoke blowing at the side instead of up and put both sheep on a hill to the side ~ or I could remove both trees and sheep and have primitive swags drawn randomly around the sides with more stars. 

And I also have Maggie Bononami's Settler's Pride huge quilt pattern and could do Settler's Cabin.

You get the feeling I want to hook a log cabin?  I do but haven't totally sold myself on the idea yet because I'm still wishy washy.

And then I have always wanted to hook the Three Bears.  But, where in my house would it go?  And my grandson wouldn't think it was too cool for him. 
Just can't seem to make up my mind.  So, with still 2 months to go perhaps I'll give myself a little more time to think about it and maybe I'll sit in the floor of the wool room and pull out all the patterns I have; perhaps I've got one that I've forgotten about and that one will be the one that speaks to me.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

More Magdalena Briner

I've got to get out of the depressing funk that I'm in so what better to talk about than Magdalena Briner.  There are a few other of her designs that I want to hook and have three others lined up in my mind.

Actually I did hook a Magdalena rug which I haven't posted on my web site, and it was just half of Magdalena's rug which normally has two horses but I hooked just one.  I'm sure you will recognize which design of Magdalena's it is when you see it.
The other rugs that are tugging at me are pictured below and hooked by other people.
So when I get ready to hook another Magdalena rug for my collection it will be among these.

This one was hooked by Evelyn Lawrence who did the research on Magdalena Briner.

This is another of my favorites which was also hooked by Evelyn and the original is in collection of the great granddaughter who Evelyn has met.

And the other I'm wanting to hook for my collection is this one.  I love how dark and old this one looks.
So bloggers....... sorry I've been remiss in keeping my postings going but I did hit a few bumps in the road lately with work and then other unhappy issues which, if you've been reading you know.

Happy hooking everyone.

Monday, July 11, 2011

One Loop at a Time

Progress on my Frost Sheep rug has been rather slow but I'm making headway pulling one loop at a time in what free time I can find.   As previously mentioned, I've been busy with orders and getting ready for the show this past Saturday.  And thankfully I had that show for a diversion from the pain I endured by the loss of my Shadow girl. 

Speaking of orders..... would you believe that the teacher who ordered the other  two Edward Tulane rabbits has written and has an order for me for another teacher in her area and needs it before school starts.  Yup, feast or famine; right?

Here's my rug at the moment and if I weren't on this here contraption I'd be pulling loops on it right now.

I am planning to do the same type directional hooking at the back side of the sheep as I did in front.  It is just a smidgen different than the rest of the soft dark background but done in the directional hooking is what really sets it off.  My plans for this big handsome rug is to go above the fireplace on the wall. Not that I would have an aversion to stepping on it, but that I think it would make more of a statement in my living room over the mantle.

Hey, did you guys get the Betsy samples??  Did you notice the Andrew Sisters?  It never looks the same on their web site so if you don't get their samples in the mail, do yourself a favor and order them.  That piece of wool looks like it would hook up to a wonderful peeling painted barn or birdhouse.  I haven't used it yet so don't know but that was my intent when I purchased some of it.  And, Mr. Ed is going to be the wood for the log cabin rug I plan for September at Cape May.  Or at least that is what I'm thinking of as my project right now; who knows since my mood for projects changes like the weather.  I'm sure you are probably the same way.

Sunday, July 10, 2011

In Loving Memory of Shadow

In Loving Memory of my dearly beloved and now departed Shadow. Shadow was born on 11/15/2001 to a pure bred German Shepherd mom and sired by a pure bred Rottweiler.

In full disclosure, hoping for Rottweiler DNA (since I'd owned two) she was adopted and named Shadow because as a puppy she was afraid of her own shadow and followed us like a shadow, (hard to believe she was small enough then, even at 8 weeks old, to crawl under the sofa).  Laid back Rottweiler is what I was hoping for which I'd experienced with both Shumba and Panzer (the Rotties). And while Shadow looked like she could lean toward the Rottweiler appearance with her coloring, we decided (wisely on my then husband's thoughts) to not have her tail cropped until we knew for certain her appearance. Thank gawd we didn't have her tail cropped as she would have looked a little strange.  Perhaps the only thing resembling the Rottweiler look are her flat ears which really are neither Rottie nor standard German Shepherd.  Certainly her behavior was 100% ready-for-action German Shepherd; it is obvious why police officers use a lot of them as duty dogs.

If I was paying more attention to the computer than I was paying to her.... she'd come seek me out and give me a nudge on the arm or stand there and stare until I went to take my position on the sofa beside her.  If I didn't leave the computer she would give in and lay down near me instead.  What she really wanted to do was guard the house with me beside her but if she couldn't have that then she'd stay by  my side in the computer room.

Shadow has been my loyal and loving companion for 10 years. She could sense if I was depressed or upset so she would bring me her favorite squeaky (favorite at that time) to cheer me up. Actually SHE wanted to play but made me think she was doing it as a favor for me. 

She was a guardian and took her job to heart watching the driveway to be sure no insurgents invaded our home. She would bark out a warning for anything that moved even beyond the tree line that she could see.  She particularly didn't like the noise that a UPS truck made.  Here she is very alert and watching the front yard and driveway to be sure no one makes entry without her permission.  This is where she and I sit while I hook.

Shadow was a sociable dog and would greet guests with caution and smell to be sure they were suitable to gain entry to the house and be near me.  These are two of my gal pals from Pennsylvania who just arrived for the hook-in in April.

Here we are all on the back deck with Shadow at her mom's side.

And during the winter last year she actually was distraught when I fell in the above-knee snow and couldn't move. Shadow gallantly jetted herself above her neck high snow over and over again to reach me and see if she could help. That was when it truly hit me that Shadow had my back and was my protector against the odds.  This is still early in that winter storm there was lots more white stuff coming.

Shadow had a large vocabulary and knowledge of words beyond the ones I'm about to mention.  I could say laundry or hang out clothes and she would lead the way to the laundry room.  If I said 'compost pile', 'fill up the bird feeders', 'garage' or 'car' she would lead the way toward the garage door to exit that way.  If I said 'fish pond' she would lead me to the back door.  While I thought her as highly intelligent, she was most adorable and I would laugh whole-heartily when I would say a word she didn't understand.  She would twist her head from side to side as if she was shaking the word about in her head to see if she could put a task to the word.  I would laugh so hard at her cuteness that she would come up to get hugs.
 I will miss you terribly my dear precious girl.  You were truly loved by your family.  There will never be another Shadow dog.  Rest in peace and pain free until we meet again one day.
Shadow 11/15/2001 - 7/8/2011

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Sincerely Jane Update

Thanks to Jill of Ontario, who informed me that I had the wrong date for the Sinerely Jane Challenge.  April 2011 has come and gone so the challenge is on until April 2012.  So if anyone wishes to join in, go to or write and someone can help you.  Thanks Jill!!!!!

It seems like forever since an update to the Sincerely Jane rug challenge was posted on here.... then again I wonder where the heck the whole month of June went.  Perhaps the reason it seems that time is whizzing by is because I've been working like a maniac on rabbits, dolls, drawing out patterns, all the while trying to also get myself ready for the show on Saturday and keep some semblance of tidiness in my house and yard.  Oh, and trying to hook a little on my rugs for a little down and fun time.

And just when I was seeing a future with a little down time to sit and hook for more than 5 minutes I received an e-mail from the teacher who recently purchased those two Edward Tulane rabbits.  Seems they were very popular and have been asked to make yet another one.  I'm sorta guessing it might be for another teacher, in which case, it could be that I have until September to get him done.  Sure hope I'm right on that.

So for those of you who have been following my blog, you already know the story of the Jane Stickle quilt which was then made into a hooking challenge on the Rughookers Yahoo group.  For those of you just learning about it, look back into the archives here and you will find out the whole story of how this challenge came to be.

Yesterday when I realized I hadn't posted my first of the month update on Yahoo Rughookers on my challenge rug I pulled it out and quickly hooked one block just so there would be an indication of some time spent on it during the last month.  Thankfully I chose to make a small rug as some of the gals have decided to do the entire Jane Stickle quilt size for their challenge piece.  Whew, that is a little more than I would have wanted to take on, particularly since I'm really not a huge fan of geometrics..... I like looking at them but not fond of hooking them.

There is an article in the current Rug Hooking Magazine which was written by JoAnne Harris, who is the organizer of this challenge.   So if you are interested in learning more and perhaps even joining in the challenge yourself, get the article and read it.  You could also join Rughookers on Yahoo and join the challenge as it won't end until April of 2012. 

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Happy Birthday AMERICA

Usually with any special holiday, particularly a patriotic celebration there is a celebratory parade.  So my blog will participate with a parade of sorts with all things patriotic.

I will begin with a parade of Polly Minick's patterns which I've hooked.  First in line for the parade is a Boy pulling a Wagon and he is waving his flag, and pulling his loyal companion who is also showing his colors of red, white and blue.

Then off to the beach with Patriotic Sandpails where the ocean breeze and the smell of BBQ chicken, hamburgers and hot dogs is waifing thru the air.  Kids romping in the surf and others are filling their sandpails with sand to make sand castles.

A parade wouldn't be a parade without a show of the men in uniform who protect, honor and serve the flag and the people.  (This Uncle Sam is a creation of mine).

And of course standing beside the men is always a proud wife, mother or other family member.  (these dolls are also my creation)

Also on the parade route are usually always animals and we happen to have a bear joining in the festivities.  (Bear, hat and primitive flag made by me)  For the life of me I cannot get this to stand right side up....sorry.

One of the gorgeous floats was a perfect size Sam's Hat and Stars depicting the stars of the Canton and the stripes of the flag and displayed in almost fireworks delight.

What would a parade be without a queen and her companion all decked out in their patriotic finery.  (patterns by Veenas Mercantile)

So again I say Happy Birthday to and may God Bless America.....we love you and our red white and blue.

May you all have a fun-filled, safe and happy holiday weekend.

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Celebration Mode

Everyone seems to be in a celebration mode and gearing up for lots of barbecuing and beaching.  There are numerous reasons to be in such a good mood; the weather in Delaware right now couldn't be much nicer; low humidity, warm beach temps, sunshine but not oppressive, it is a holiday weekend with an extra day off from work for most.  Well, unless you're retired and you are always off from working for the other man.

When I went to the attic to look for my little boats and light house to complete the arrangement for the sofa table, I found this quilt piece I'd also done in anticipation of being in the house in the woods.  I was enthusiastic to change the decorations throughout the house for every month and every season so did a lot of decorative sewing in preparation of the move.

And then here is the arrangement now placed on the sofa table.  You can see my hooking frame on the other side of the sofa patiently waiting for me to return.  On the table, from left to right.... a part of a framed picture of my grandson Zachary, a cute little birdhouse made with old parts of the Chalefont hotel from Cape May, NJ (I purchased that last year when I attended Rugs by the Sea rug camp.  Just had to have that as a bit of nostalgia of the memories from the Victorian hotel and the fun had at camp with  my friends.  Maybe I'll purchase yet another this year if they have more in September.  And then the little knick knacks with my quilt piece.

Enjoy the long weekend and be safe.

Friday, July 1, 2011


Wow.... July already?  I swear we went straight from heat to air conditioning with hardly any time to let the windows stay open and let the cool spring breeze blow in.  Well we are definitely into summertime now.

This is a little quilt of many, that I made in anticipation of the building of this house back in 1997  I'd intended to put all twelve together and make a cute little quilt coverlet but instead use them to change the month with different other seasonal decorations on the sofa table near the front door.  It is hard to read in this picture, but to the left of the sails with embroidery floss and running stitch it says "July 1997".

So far I've only just grabbed the quilt piece and still need to go get the little sailboats and lighthouse that I put out along side this.  Perhaps I'll get a picture of the entire layout later and post it tomorrow as I've got to go in search of the other items in the hotter than Hades attic.

If you haven't taken the poll to the top right, feel free to do so.  And if there is a question you would like to know the results of, please write and let me know that too.