Friday, February 28, 2014

Apology and No-Reply Blogger

I apologize to those of you who had hopes of winning the giveaway but didn't. When I first retracted Debbie's win (per her request) I did a poor job of properly explaining why she wasn't getting the booklet.  Then went back to update the blog to try and explain better but those who had already read it probably wouldn't go back to see the correction so the damage had already be to speak.  

Some of you are scratching their heads wondering what the deal is with a no reply blogger I'll show you what I get when I tried to contact who I now know as Leta and not just pudgypooh.  (See below which is copied and pasted here).

From: "pudgypooh" <>To:
Sent: Friday, February 28, 2014 11:24:31 AM
Subject: [Saundra of Woodland Junction] New comment on Winner of the Giveaway is........
pudgypooh has left a new comment on your post "Winner of the Giveaway is.......":
Hi Saundra,
I am so disappointed that my entry was not accepted. I have clicked on my profile and it shows my email. I just don't know what I am doing wrong here. :O(
Anyway it is nice to know I almost won your great give away. I will continue to follow your blog but I guess I will no longer bother to enter any of your giveaways.
Thank you for trying.
Since I couldn't reply to Leta I double-clicked on the word 'pudgypooh' and it took me to what I know as her profile page (click on it to see what I saw).  There is no e-mail address so thought the Blog name of Woolensails must be her so contacted Debbie St. Germain.  Debbie said she hadn't entered and had so many projects already started and wouldn't use it so best to give it to someone who had entered.  So I drew another name.
At this point I'm not sure what you must do in order for you to NOT have a no reply.  All I can say is there are numerous people to whom I can reply yet several will come up as no-reply.  I also tried to respond to Rina to explain this debacle since she was surely thinking I was being unfair, but she is also a no-reply so she wouldn't have received the message.  Rina, hopefully you'll read this and understand.
Apology to all and to all a good night.  Have a good weekend everyone.

Winner of the Giveaway is.......

CORRECTION.....Debbie of Woolnsails isn't the winner after all. Let me explain....Debbie wrote me saying she hadn't entered the giveaway and suggested that since she had so many other projects going that I choose a name of someone who entered.

 Here I was trying to be a good soul and I couldn't reply to Pudgypooh since she is a no-reply blogger, clicked on that name.  It directed me to her profile and the only blog listed was Woolnsails.  So thinking it must the right place notified Debbie she was the winner.  Then Debbie wrote saying she didn't enter.  Well there you have it, no more will I enter a no-reply blogger or attempt to find them.  Ps.  Pudgypooh, Once again I tried to respond to you last message but it is a no-reply that comes up and the message doesn't make it back to yo.

So, now the winner is...... Kellie of Indiana. 
Congratulations Kellie, and can't wait to see which project you decide to do first.  Hope you'll post it on your blog whenever you do finish one.  Please e-mail me at and give me your snail mail address.

I'm still dragging my feet on the commission so don't have anything to show you today.  Am hoping to have something productive to show you on something .... anything....tomorrow.

TGIF to you working folks, and enjoy your weekend.


Monday, February 24, 2014

It's not too late for the Giveaway

IT'S NOT TOO LATE to sign up for the Giveaway.....Remember this applique piece from my previous blog post?  After the post I went in search of the pattern and found it.  And because I'm not into quilting or applique much any more have decided to do a Giveway to a lucky someone who still enjoys it. 
Here is a picture of the front of the booklet.  But of course it is yet another Indygo Junction pattern as I love all things designed by Sarah Sporer and Jan Patek.
Here is inside the book and the design made for my mother.
All the templates are intact in the book.  Before making the one for my mother I copied all the templates on THAT particular design so that the book wouldn't be ruined.  Plus, all those templates I used will be included so that you won't have to ruin the book if you do this same design.
Okay.... so here are the rules:
The winner must be a FOLLOWER (so I suspect my Followers will increase from 215 upwards)Only shipping to US only (sorry guys in Canada and elsewhere), and most importantly I must be able to reply to your comment.  In other words, check your 'profile settings' and see if your e-mail address is listed there.  If not, you will come up as a "no-reply" so you cannot receive my e-mail.  Therefore your name will be deleted.

Leave me a comment saying you want to enter the giveaway and I'd really like to see it go to someone who plans to use the booklet to make something.  The name will be drawn Friday February 28th.
Have a great evening everyone and good luck for you guys who want this delicious booklet by a great designer.

Sunday, February 23, 2014

More Applique Stitcheries I've done

I've shown you the monthly stitcheries but forgot all about others I've done.  Actually this design was at the top of the pamphlets for those 12 month series put out by Indygo Junction previously shown.  Since I was returning HOME after 8 years living the city life this HAD to be on the wall in the house under construction.  And so it was.
Once upon a time (and I hope I get my juju back one day) I used to make dolls.  Primitive fabric, clay, Edward Tulane Rabbits and even way far out elinor peace bailey type dolls.  But my very favorite were the primitives.  So this wall hanging was to go in my sewing room using a branch from the property on which the house was built.
Another I did for my mother, who has passed.  My mother loved her coffee.  It is hard to see but there is a coffee cup, candles and pictures of family on a table.  Those are pictures of her parents, me and her together much younger, my brother and her brothers.
Sorry that I don't remember the designers of all these designs.  They each and all are enjoyed by me.

Since I'm busy working on the commission I've no hooking to show on either the chicken challenge nor the UFO geo....sorry.  Hope you won't forget about me. and will come back to visit. 


Saturday, February 22, 2014

Chicken Challenge Rug Inspiration

I've been wanting to hook a certain vintage rug for a while now but was in the midst of other projects.  So when the Chicken Challenge came about figured it possible to incorporate the two 'wants' into one.  I wanted to participate in the challenge but also wanted to hook that antique rug.  Here's what I've hooked so far.  Yikes, wonder why the linen background photo looks like that????
Since I've had my fair share of hit and miss lately, and the UFO geo which is essentially a hit and miss, the last thing I wanted to do is hook the chicken challenge similar to the original antique.  Yes, I love the antique but am not fond of hooking hit and miss.  This is the original antique rug.
This is the antique rug which was the inspiration behind my chicken challenge rug color choices.

From the antique rug above I chose the corner flowers to put on my challenge but tried to keep the integrity of the rest of the challenge rug intact.  But this rug beckons me and I so want to hook it like it is here.  So perhaps one day I'll have my wishes.  I just LOVE that rug.

Have a great weekend.  OH!  My commission rug arrived today so I may be MIA for a few days since I'll be busy.  Hmm, have an idea about things to post about tho.....stay tuned and have a great weekend.


Friday, February 21, 2014

Chicken Challenge Start Up

I'm not making much of a great showing at the start up on the Chicken Challenge rug.  My friend "Little Miss Smarty Pants" Lauren of Rugs and Pugs is WAY ahead of me.  She says I'M a fast hooker yet she is the one working overtime at her day job while I'm retired and have accomplished less. Good for you gal, glad you had a great time at the hook in.  So here is my minor contribution to the CC (Chicken Challenge) endeavor.

Tomorrow I'll show a more accomplished update (I hope) and will explain why mine is going in the direction I've chosen.  But of course gal pal Lauren might have hers done by then.
And Rose of Three Sheep Studio asked the dimensions of my geometric rug.  Uh, Lauren, I cannot believe YOU didn't ask.  This is how the UFO GEO was left and IF it is hooked as it is drawn the dimensions will be 21 x 35.  For sure it will be 21" wide.  How long will it be?  Even I don't know yet.
Have a great weekend everyone. 



Thursday, February 20, 2014

Switching Projects

Oh my but I do make one mess when hooking a rug.  Since I'll be switching projects thought I'd move the UFO geometric to the love seat where it will be visible and ever ready when I feel the desire to pull a loop. 

This is how the work area on my sofa usually gets to look like.  It was in the colorful tote which held the geo over these last months and years, with wool strips all mixed together.  When I decided to work on it again I then pulled wool strips which I spent hours separating into colors to use also.  If you look in this picture you can see wool strips on the back of the sofa, strips on the sofa arm, there are also strips on the coffee table to the left of the sofa.  Oh, I love leaning back on my hooked pillow.
Another view of the wool mess from a different angle.
So when I started cleaning up discovered still more random lost wool worms hidden under the baskets.
Well, now everything needs to be separated by color once again.  But it will probably have to wait until after the geo has been put to bed again ~ not done ~ just to rest for a while longer.  For now it is resting on the love seat in the living room while I await the commission piece I'm to hook.  Meanwhile, I'm hoping it doesn't arrive today because I'd like to start working on my Chicken Challenge rug.  It is beckoning me and feel as tho I've hooked enough blocks on the geo to reward myself.
As soon as I have something ready to show on the Chicken rug I'll post a picture.  And, I'd also love to see updates on rugs from those of you who are doing the Chicken Challenge rug too.  If you don't know what I'm referring to or have just decided to join in, click HERE

Have a great day everyone.


Tuesday, February 18, 2014

In Limbo.... Sorta

As I'm waiting for the commission rug to arrive have decided to start pulling wool for my Chicken Challenge Rug.  At least it will give me a nice warm woolie feeling in preparing to hook it.  This is what my first thoughts are right now but still have a few other colors to pull.  Hmm, different seeing the wool in a photo with a flash vs. in person.
Although I've been busy drawing out 20 small patterns today I did manage to pull a few loops on the UFO GEO.
Now this is a lesson that personally hit home ~ so you newbies might want to take note.  I started this geometric rug several years ago when I was still learning techniques of rug hooking.  Not that there is a right or wrong, but where you pull the loops does make a difference.

If you look carefully at the rug above you will see some sharp corners and some blocks which end up being rounded or at least squiggly.  That is because I didn't know how to make a good SQUARE corner.  Instead I was hooking and turning and the corners became more rounded.  Honestly, I'm not sure which I like best.  Some of those early blocks seem more endearing to me than the sharp squared off corners. 

So to make a NICE SQUARE corner, for instance at the very perimeter corners of your rug, you want to hook one loop further down the line, turn and then go one linen thread inside toward the rug design and hook the length of the rug.  Ditto at the next corner.  That will give you a very nice sharp corner.

I'd really be interested in hearing your favorite on my geometric as to the squared or squiggly .  But at least now you know how and can choose to make a difference just by moving your loop over one row.

Have a great night everyone.


Monday, February 17, 2014

Alternative Binding Prep

After a Follower read my previous posts about binding a rug I was asked a very relative question.... What does a newbie hooker or person who doesn't have a sewing machine do to protect the raw edges of the backing foundation before binding?

There are two ideas; one I like better than the other. 

My first choice is cutting the foundation away at least 1 1/2" away from the last row of hooking.  Then fold UNDER the backing and do a 'running stitch' along the edge.  For the purpose of the photo here I've shown it using heavy black crochet thread.  Then at least once it is turned under and COVERED using a cotton binding OR rolled and bound using wool strips or wool yarn binding. 

If you are choosing to whip the edge with wool yarn or wool strips then you would want to fold the edge toward the rug as you normally roll the backing forward when whipping.  Therefore if you are covering it with a cotton binding tape then fold it under as I have shown here.
The other way is not something I would recommend for hooking foundation ~ that would be to use a product known as "Fray Check".  It is a FANTASTIC product when used on sewing fabric and I've relied on it a lot when making delicate doll fingers AND, it works.  But since hooking foundation is a looser weave there's really no way it can preserve the backing's integrity.  Eventually with movement those fibers will loosen, weaken, and destroy the heirloom you worked so hard to make.   
I'm an advocate of Fray Check and use it, but it is not a desirable alternative to sewing the edges of your foundation before binding.  If you don't want to do the hand sewing then perhaps you have a friend who sews or has a machine.  All I can say is that I have seen the results of precious rugs which were not protected properly.  And I'm not speaking of 100 year old rugs but a rug gifted to me by a lovely hooker friend. 

BTW, my Magdalena Lollipop was just the 'model' for this photo shoot.  It has been properly bound and I just used previously cut excess linen foundation for the purpose of the photos.

Happy Monday everyone.  Please remember to be kind to one another.


Sunday, February 16, 2014

Remember That Chicken Challenge?

A few posts ago I mentioned this was a free chicken challenge for anyone who wished to participate.  It is a personal challenge with no deadline and a free what's not to like?  This is a photo of the original antique rug from which the challenge originated.  Ignore those marks on the picture as that is what someone used to do some markings but also some misdirected lines. 
This was the line drawing that was sent to me and was told to share with the rug hooking community.
If you scroll back a few posts you will see the rug hooked by the 3 pals who saw this rug in an antique shop.

Today I drew mine out.  I'm only going to show you the bottom part of the linen because it is the upper part for which I'm taking 'challenge' creative license and don't want anyone to see it yet.  So you can see that is just like the original ~ so far so good since I do want it to be recognized somewhat like the original.
However, today I received an order for a commission hooked piece which I won't get until maybe Wednesday or Thursday (since Monday is a holiday).  Which means there is no sense in me starting to hook this and have to stop and hook the commission. 

However, I can work on the geometric (oh isn't that just peachy?*!+#), but perhaps it is for the best to give me something to do to fill in time and accomplish more on it.  When I need to take a break over the next couple days I can start pulling wool and really plan out the colors for the Chicken Challenge.

OH, since I won't be enlarging the rug have already done my pre-finish two rows of straight stitch and one row of zig zag 1" away from the end of the rug.  This way it is easier before the rug becomes more bulky and weighty after being hooked.  When I'm not sure if I'll make the border bigger I'll sometimes put off doing this part.  But sure is easier to handle before it is already hooked.

Hope you had a great weekend.


Saturday, February 15, 2014

Betwixt and Between

I've two rugs which still need binding but those can wait.  I'm anxious to start something new but promised myself to pull some loops on the UFO geo before moving on.  Tonight I'll continue hooking on it but tomorrow will start drawing out my next project.  This is what I've managed to accomplish so far and have filled in some empty spots.
And this is what it looked like before so I'm rather proud of myself for hanging in there and pulling more loops on it than I thought my patience would handle.
So now I've got to get serious about my plans for the Chicken Challenge Rug.  Tomorrow morning I'll be busy since it needs to be enlarged and drawn on linen backing.  Not to mention the fact I'd like to make this challenge rug mine as I have a spot in my kitchen waiting for it.

Have a grand evening everyone.  It is presently snowing here but thankfully don't think it will be bad.  Hope the rest of you get a light snowfall or rain as well.


Friday, February 14, 2014


Done just in time for Valentine's Day I managed to get the other two hearts backed and stuffed with lavender buds. In the basket to the far right is the Heart my dear friend Lauren of Rugs and Pugs gifted me, along with a silver pendant/scissor fob with the letter "S".   Thanks again Lauren, you're very thoughtful and generous.
The little black dollie was made by my friend Frannie Meshorer, as were the dolls hanging on the wall in the background.  I put a little heart pin on her that was also a gift from Frannie.  And, if you let your eyes roam past the basket of hearts you will see a heart cut out on the back of my bench seat. 

I'm really enjoying the Lollipop Bouquet rug I hooked, you can see part of it on my harvest table.  It might be there for a while, unless it sells on e-bay which I doubt.  But if it were to sell I would hook this one up again in a heartbeat.  Even tho there were 66 circles (yup, I counted them) it was fun to go thru my woolie strips to find suitable colors to hook all of them.

Now that the hearts are hooked and 500 Mile Betts is off the frame think I'll try to endure hooking at least two blocks in that UFO geometric.  And then my plans are to start the Chicken Challenge Rug.

Happy Valentine's Day everyone and thank you for visiting.


Thursday, February 13, 2014

...and Back Again

....only this time it is finished being hooked ~ hasn't been steamed or bound yet but the hooking is done.
Okay, so here's what happened and you have an insight if you've been reading about this journey of my adaptation of the Harriet Powers' quilt block. 

I've struggled with my 'learned' part about the need to hook difference in value of colors between motif and background.  And I did try to put darker wool which would blend in with the background just around Betts.  But also 'knowledge' part since have seen antique rugs which faded out so that there's very little difference between motif and background.  There was a battle going on between my learned part of my brain and known part that accepted this as an antique rug newly hooked.

Then I decided to corn row a #6 strip of something a little darker between Betts (the pig) and the background.  I didn't want to pull out wool and thought I'd try just a section around the tail and leg of Betts.
Yup, certainly makes a difference and makes the pig pop. That is when I decided to send the picture of the unfinished rug to my friend Evelyn Lawrence asking which was better. 

As many of you know, Evelyn has experience with antique rugs ~ she has been up close and personal looking at front and back, touched them, and has done lots of research.  Naturally I was trying to replicate an antique look AND from a quilt not hooked rug but you know also about the learned part of the brain.  In true Evelyn form she was a woman of few words and said the original without the #6 outline was best (those weren't her real words ;~).  And so, decided to go with the faded washed out look.  BTW, I have since toned down the white ducks with a little dab or two of black walnut dye and they look better.

It is easy to look at the rug and want to change things even now.  But it is time for me to move on and finish my two other hearts.  I mean..... tomorrow IS Valentines Day.  So I'm off'n this machine for the night.  TA TA.


Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Back to Betts

It's getting closer and closer to the finish line.  And already I see some necessary changes.  I do like to add different wool in a motif as if...."the woman used what she had" but this time it has backfired on me I think.  Here is where I am right now.
All seemed fine until I started doing the bottom portion of the background.  There is a portion of Betts' back leg that needs to be replaced with the wool that my friend Evelyn refers to as 'pig wool' and the majority of Betts' color.  That short strip needs to be replaced so the leg doesn't look split.

Must admit that I worried about the brightness of the ducks too but lately people have told me to "plug along".  There's only a little more plugging and I'll be done.  But after deciding what needs changing I'll give you an update.

OH, yes, the GEO UFO is still looking at me.  And my hearts might maybe be done in time for Valentines day.

Horrendous snow storm headed here, the same one which was in Atlanta.  Happy to post while I have power.  Be safe, be warm, and God bless.

OH, Lauren, HUGS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Geometric UFO

While perusing my favorite blogs was reminded by Louise's post on Dogwood Farm that I have a well overdue geometric rug which was started over 8 years ago.  I enjoy looking at geometric designs but I have a problem working on this one beyond two squares at a time, then it is back in the wool room waiting for the next visit.  My choice of colors hasn't been the best as there are both dull and intense colors in my rug.  Plus hit and miss isn't as easy as I once thought.
Louise's rug has great earth colors and they are the same intensity throughout.  Also her blocks are square and mine are step style.  What on earth was I thinking????
Well Louise, thanks for lighting a fire under my butt.  I've pulled out the tote and it is sitting in the living room waiting for me to finish 500 Mile Betts.  So before I start anything new after Betts I'll hook a couple more blocks of my geometric.  Still, at that rate the rug won't be done for another 10 years or so.  That is unless I make it smaller and make a pillow.  Hmmm, now that's a thought.

Have a great evening everyone; thanks for visiting and be kind to one another.


Sunday, February 9, 2014

500 Mile Betts Update

Happily I've been busy drawing patterns or there would have been more hooked on the Betts piece.  My plans were to hook the ducks before showing a photo but didn't happen.
So far I'm pleased but must admit being anxious about the values since throwing caution to the wind and hooking my motifs first.  Usually I know sorta what I want in my rug and pick the background color first.  Normally it is primitive black, my favorite background.   But since Harriet Powers (the woman who made this quilt in the 1800's) was black and that is how I wanted my people to be, primitive black background would not have worked. 

Oh my, and I also had a vision of what the man and woman of the house would have worn back then..... he in his farm clothes and she in what she made.  So now I've got both dark and light in my motifs...DUH, so what is the background going to be????  Your guess was/is as good as mine. 

My plans were to make it primitive and have embraced the idea that my color choices would indicate that motifs and Betts the pig would have faded out over the years.

Oh, scroll back up.  There is a story about the clock.  In the original quilt piece it was a pendulum clock which I changed.  Where the log cabin is was where pendulum clock was.   So........ if you want to see what happened before, then visit my previous posts so you can catch up.

Have a great evening everyone; and Lauren I hope you are relaxed, had fun and ready to tackle work tomorrow.  Hopefully there's no more snow so the transition is easy.


Saturday, February 8, 2014

Original Chicken Challenge Rug and Fine Finishes

A few posts earlier I informed everyone about a Chicken Challenge with no deadline and provided a free pattern.  At the time I didn't have a picture of the original rug from which the challenge developed.....until now.
Obviously those are the drawn lines on the picture taken at the antique store of the original.  It appears the right side was cut off in the photo taking.  But now we get to see how the original was hooked and it makes me feel more invested in the challenge seeing this.  Sorry, I don't know who hooked it, this is a challenge which was kindly offered by Woolwrights

So now to the "fine finishes" segment.  This piece was hooked by Sandi Percival and won First in Class and First in Show.  She hooked it in a class taught by Kathy in Ontario, Canada.  Hey folks, this was a small piece and to get that much detail and so many motifs in a primitive piece is something I've not taken on yet.  Not that dang small.
Elizabeth also has a wonderful memory rug as well. 

I really wanted to make a comment on Kathy's blog but the comment section has been disabled due to negative anonymous abuse (cyber bullying).  SO...... I'm doing it now on my blog. 

Kathy, you must be one damn good teacher and bet I could learn lots from you too.  Wish I didn't live so far away so we could have play days.  AND..... I want to see Mr. Baa..... the Frost sheep rug update.  I'm sure there's more done now since this picture.
I still like yours more than mine.


Friday, February 7, 2014

A Valentine in the Mail

It is always great to receive a package you've ordered, or a giveaway win, but what a wonderful surprise it is to receive an unexpected package.  Yes, dear sweet Lauren, I'll be your Valentine.

Lauren sent this great hooked heart stuffed with lavender and a silver "S" which I could use as either a scissor fob or a pendant.  Well hey, Lauren provided everything I need to use them as either whenever I wish... and so I will.
That was my surprise package.  Lauren's hooking is impeccable, her loops are shoulder to shoulder like little soldiers.  I'll bet that she is that person in a class everyone is envious of and whose hooking is so even it doesn't even need to be steamed.

I've acquired lots of friends thru blogging, many of whom I've never met and hoping one day to meet my friend Lauren of Rugs and Pugs

Thank you Lauren and am very glad you are having fun at Sauder and away from the desk job during snow season.  Time to play and have fun.


Thursday, February 6, 2014

And the Giveaway Winner is......

There was a 50/50 chance for you gals Annie and Fran as you were the only two who desired to be in the giveaway.  Perhaps most people are doing counted cross stitch now more than needlepoint. 
So Annie, your name was plucked from pile of two names ~ sorry Fran.  But there just might be more hidden needlepoint treasures in my attic somewhere and I'll give those away too if I find any.  I'd even considered sending you each one, but then they would look better as a pair rather than single.

Annie, send me an email with your snail mail to: and I'll get these in the mail to you.

Thanks to the latest 'Followers' I now have 210!!!!!!  Have a great day everyone.


Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Hooked Hearts

I've hooked three hearts; two in red and one in brassy gold.  Despite the majority who prefer the heart shape hooking I boldly went for the horizontal hooking of the gold one.  Now that they are hooked and steamed it is time to make them into hearts.  First thing I did was trace around the heart 1" beyond the last row of hooking and trimmed.
 Next I serged the edges.  Yeah, I know it is going to be just a heart and stuffed inside but feel that there shouldn't be raw edges.... my idiosyncrasy.  Should have done better planning as I would have made a 'stay stitch' at the heart's plunge at the top.  Since it wasn't well planned then resorted to applying Fray Check there after making the snip (you can see the darkened area).
Decided to not do the patchwork back like Betsy did and just went for a plain wool back.  Everything was tucked inside and hand stitched all around while leaving an opening in the side for stuffing snippets and lavender buds.
This is how one heart looks; it is completely stitched and stuffed with some wool snippets and over half cup of lavender buds.  This picture was taken in my kitchen but the heart is now at my bedside table so the calming aroma of lavender will take me to restful sleep tonight.
OH!  See those decorative birdhouses on my harvest table?  They are made from vintage wood and hardware from the Victorian Chalefonte Hotel in Cape May.  I love these and they remind me of the years of friendship and attending that wonderful camp.
Have a great evening everyone.  For those of you suffering more snow, I have empathy.  Thank goodness it was just an annoying rain today and not snow or sleet.  I'm definitely ready for spring.

Hey, don't forget that I've a needlepoint giveaway and a name will be drawn tomorrow.  Unless someone else signs up before tomorrow's drawing it looks like there's a winner. 


Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Needlepoint Giveaway

While I'm an east coast person (born and raised in Delaware) in the early 80's my husband was transferred to California.  After getting settled in the new home I went looking for a job.  Luckily I found one just a short distance from our home down Crow Canyon Road, in San Ramon.  While in the reception room could see how happy the employees were and was very lucky to get a job there.  It was a great company and the first time I ever learned about 'flex time'.  The company was known as "Sunset Designs" a needlework company which began in the garage of Tom Cundith.  This company became huge and that is when I joined them, after their growth spurt.  Anyway........

At that time I wasn't a rug hooker but dabbled in stitchery and a few needlepoint designs that I'd pick up at the company store.  While in my attic looking for something else this evening I found these.  One I'd started years ago and the other is still packaged.  Seems as tho all the wool is here for the one started.
These are very small and the packaging says it will fit a 5 x 5 frame. These may as well go to someone who does needlework and will finish them, I know that I won't as hooking rugs is my favorite past time and still plan to do some needle punch projects again.

So here's the skinny......

The winner must be a FOLLOWER, shipping to US only (sorry guys in Canada and elsewhere), and most importantly I must be able to reply to your comment.  In other words, check your 'profile settings' and see if you have put your e-mail address there.  If not, you will come up as a "no-reply" to me when I try to send you an e-mail.  Therefore your name will be deleted.

Leave me a comment saying you want to enter the giveaway for both Needlepoint designs and the name will be drawn Thursday morning. 

Have a fantastic evening everyone.  My boy Ben is very VERY patiently waiting to be taken on his evening walk-about.  So TA TA and good luck.


Monday, February 3, 2014

Overdue Updates on Projects

It's been a while since you've seen updates on 500 Mile Betts and the vintage adaptation of Santa and Deer since I got hooked on hooking hearts.  Several times during the hooking of this was tempted to pull out the background and find something else.  Normally I have a vision of a rug and know the background color I want, which is usually primitive black.  But this time I wanted to hook my motifs first and thought the light texture would work okay. 

The problem ~ the values are so darn close between the background and some of the motifs that it would not get good marks if I was being graded by a teacher, that's for sure.  I can remember Bev Conway telling the class that, "....the color gets all the credit but the value did the work".  Yet when I look at this picture think I'll continue doing what I am doing anyway since I've reached the point of no return.  This may go down as the worst color selection of any rug I've hooked so far.
Finally the antique adaptation of Santa and Deer is done.  Well the hooking that is.  But the binding can wait since there is no rush as it won't be needed until about 10 months from now.
So tonight I think that I'll start hooking the third Heart that was drawn.  At least I'll be on time for one holiday since Santa didn't make it for Christmas.  I know the poll indicates that more people like hooking following the heart shape but think I'll hook this next one in golds going horizontal.  Guess that's the rebel in me but was very interested in seeing what the majority likes. 

OH, by the way, have no clue how two polls ended up on my blog and by the time I discovered it there were too many votes on each for me to remove one. 

Hope you have a great evening and staying warm.


Sunday, February 2, 2014

Chicken Challenge (free pattern)

There is a Chicken Challenge taking place and I'm here to help spread the word and the free pattern.  My friend Deb (of Woolwrights) e-mailed me, mentioned the challenge and said I should pass the word to all my hooking friends.  Deb and two other gals saw an old rug in an antique store and each decided to do their own version.  Here are their results.
Below is the second rug from this design that Deb is doing and I'm loving the colors she chose.  She said she enlarged hers to 15" x 30".  Mine will probably be about those dimensions too when I finish my other projects.  The Santa and Deer will be done real soon, then want to work on the 500 Mile Betts and finish her.  But after that think I'll do this challenge too.
There is no time limit, you can use whatever colors and embellishments you wish.  This is something you can do at your leisure and have fun with.  Once it is done they would love to have a picture of it so they can post it on the Woolwrights Hooking Guild web site.  If you hover over "more" you will see a Chicken Challenge tab which you may want to visit from time to time to see the new additions.

Now for the pattern ~ just copy and enlarge to whatever dimensions you desire.  Have fun.

Saturday, February 1, 2014

February Applique and Stitchery Blocks

It's that time again.....time for me to show you the applique and stitchery blocks I made a few years ago.  This piece was designed by Jan Patek.
For the life of me cannot remember who did this 12 month stitchery.  I use to think it was "I Done my Best" then a reader informed me otherwise but it has since slipped from my memory. 
If someone knows the designer of the 12 month stitchery designs I'd update my blog.  Thanks for visiting and have a great weekend. 

P.S. I've been informed the designer of the stitchery is: "
          The stitchery is by Nancy Huggins of The Basket Case x Needlework Therapy.

        Thanks Karen.