Sunday, February 28, 2021

Still Going Strong

The Challenge Group is still active with new finishes coming in and some folks deciding to do another.  This is Chris' Tulip.  She said this was such fun because she's never been to a rug camp and loved the comradery of  group participation and communication.
Margaret finished challenge #2 with the Tulip.  If you recall she already completed Magdalena's Pup.
Rhonda has made some progress on her Tattered Tulip and has only  background to do so she is on the home stretch.
Joan finished her Tulip and says she will do another since the blue in someone's piece caught her fancy.  You go girl!
Maria added her special touch to make this pup her star canine.  I like stars too Maria and crescent moons particularly in love with that overdyed t-shirt. 
I think Magdalena would approve as well.
Maria shared something special and one I plan to take advantage of if I can find that random olive drab shirt of my ex.  Unless I gave it to the thrift shop eons ago.  Oh I hope I didn't.   She overdyed one of her hubby's t-shirts in a black RIT dye bath.  Said not to worry it wasn't one of his good ones, this was in the thrift shop pile.  She used some of this in her Magdalena Pup challenge.
Guess what I found!!!!!!  Yup, it's here and I'm going to use some of it in black RIT dye and save some for another time in another dye bath.  Thanks Maria!!
Hope everyone is enjoying the challenge; Sue, Sheila and Donna, do you need any help or have any questions?  

Happy Hooking.


Saturday, February 27, 2021

Life After My Tulip

Life is Good.  Not to worry, I'm not abandoning the challenge group and will continue to post your progress on my blog but thought I'd give everyone a break to look at something different.  

As soon as I pulled the last loops on my Tulip Challenge I grabbed the Patriotic Shield and reverse hooked the cotton flannel I'd hooked when it was my challenge choice.   Grabbed some red, white and blue textured wool and my Townsend cutter.  This is what I've accomplished so far.  I drew this measuring 20 x 21, hooking the stars in #8 cut and the rest is hooked using #8.5 cut. 
It is an adaptation based on the following antique rug.  This rug was located in Shenandoah Valley, Va.  measures 30 x 88 and sold for $13,000 in 2008.  It was hooked 19th century.
I've been wanting to hook this Shield for some time and now is the time.  When starting to work on it for the challenge just knew it was too precious a piece to me and bigger than I wanted to do for the challenge.  So I pulled out these loops and went for the Tulip instead.
FYI, Lisa if you're reading my blog want you to know that I decided to straighten the lines and re-drew them down the ditch.  I'd originally thought of following the unevenness of the antique but made more sense to hook them straight since I'm using #8.5 strips.

Happy Hooking everyone.


Friday, February 26, 2021


This is day 11 of the alternative textile challenge with 6 people having  completed their Tulip and both people completing Magdalena's Pup.  

Update:  Chris posted a very interesting question to all you participants.  She wondered if you plan to steam your piece.  She's worried since both ribbon and pantyhose are in her piece they may melt or singe.  Chris, I can only speak for myself and I don't have either of those textiles in my piece.  I don't plan to steam, but since it is supposed to look old anyway, mine is on the floor in my kitchen between the sink and where I prepare food.  It will get pressed when standing on it and if anything spills on it oh well.

Cathy of Acorn Hollow has completed her Tattered Tulip and her sentiments were like  mine....happy to have it finished.   She used ribbon, old curtains, skirt lining, vintage bark cloth and vintage lace.  She enlarged hers 10 x 10 and said it was much harder than she thought.
Lauren has accomplished a lot since her last posting.  But me thinks she can't wait for this to be done so she can go back to her wonderful warm wool.  Your colors work well together ~ I especially like that olive green in the background.  Oh, and great colors.
Chris couldn't wait to cut up her old pantyhose and put them in her Tulip rebelling against having to once wear them.  She said the nylons hooked  "as smooth as buttah".
Kimm also accomplished more on her Hearts in Circles design.  She said the pink and tan appeared too bright so she coffee stained it.
Jane sent an update on her Scrappy Cat, said she had just enough of the stripe brown and tan jersey to put some in the head.  A remnant of a rayon paisley skirt was used to outline the cat.  The background is a variety of knits. 
Here is a picture of some of the fabrics Jane spoke of. 
Pam sent me this photo  a day or so ago and I emailed her saying the photo was distracting and to take another.  Explained that with the sun and the shadow of her hand it destroyed the beauty of her work.  But since I've not received another photo thought I'd post it anyway since her hooking and the velvet is wonderful.  
Breaking News, this just in.......
This afternoon Maria Barton asked to join our group and has chosen Magdalena's Pup as her challenge.  She said once while hooking a Horse and Scroll she added some cotton but she'd never hooked an entire piece with alternative textiles and can't wait to do the challenge.  She has, or had, an active BLOG and welcome her to the group.  
Donna, who also has a BLOG  has joined us as well and has chosen the Tattered Tulip.  And, would you believe that Margaret, who has already finished her Magdalena Pup wants to do the Tulip challenge also???  

Wow, am quite surprised by the second wind this challenge has taken.  I'm having a glass of wine so don't hold me to what I'm about to say 😊 but maybe, just maybe I'll do another challenge along with the rest of you and choose my textiles more realistically and more hand friendly.

Tomorrow I'll post something else other than challenge updates to give everyone a break.  But will post something for sure.  Happy hooking.


Thursday, February 25, 2021

Scrappy Cat and Tattered Tulip

Want to thank all those who decided to take on this alternative textile challenge and honestly was happily surprised at the number who participated.  

For those who may not have a big selection of cottons there are other fibers you can use for this challenge: socks with holes in the toe or heel, worn t-shirts, silk ties your partner doesn't wear, out of style blouses or items you planned for the thrift shop.  OR, go to the local thrift shop and purchase what you need at a very low price.  That would be more in keeping with the challenge rather than depending on wonderful warm wool.  A little bit in a piece is understandable I used a couple strips in the center of my leaves, and those odd colors in the background, but that's it.

Look at Denise's wonderful Scrappy Cat.  She said she's using all homespun.  Looks that hooks better and with less threads than my woven cotton.  You've a pretty feline there Denise, looks like a pure bred to me 😉.
Chris just made her debut showing today with her Tattered Tulip.
She is using hand torn quilting cotton, ribbon, yarn  and really wants to cut up an old pair of pantyhose because she hated them.     Chris confessed that color planning was always a challenge for her but with this challenge the gathering of different textiles mattered more than the right color.  Said it was freeing to give into the randomness of color choices.  Well said Chris!!!!   And here is a peek at what she's using in her piece.
Had hoped to post a photo of others which were close to ready but they hadn't arrived in my mail box by 6:40 p.m. so decided to post what I had.  Pam sent me a photo of her tulip, which is gorgeous and being hooked with velvet, but the photo had blotches of sunlight and shadows of her hand which distracted from the beauty of her work.  Am awaiting for another photo but she just might be finished if I receive it tomorrow.  

Happy  hooking.


Wednesday, February 24, 2021

Textile Challenge Update

 Sondra finished  her tulip and boy does it look old.  Not only did she not do that tan border all the way around (similar to the antique) but she made 3 square corners and one rounded corner on purpose.  Job well done Sondra.  Wish I could claim I hooked it, lol.
Rhonda has made great strides on her challenge piece despite having a job and taking care of grandchildren.  You can see the textiles she's using in the project ~ wonderful Rhonda and now I'm wondering what color that background will be.   That blouse was perfect for your tulip.
Kimm chose Hearts in Circles as her challenge.  She is using t-shirts, jeans, and pillowcases ripping them in 3/4" strips.   She said the red t-shirt is a pleasure to hook with but not the black.  She plans to use the jeans too but hasn't tried those yet. 
Elizabeth provided an update on her Tulip and the silk tie she's using in the center of the leaf adds more interest.  Perfect addition to your textile usage!   Sure hope that wasn't a favorite tie of someone in your home😁.

And, a different color background too.  It is cool to see the different color choices for backgrounds for the same designs.  I find that as interesting as the various textiles people choose or have available.  
Will post another update tomorrow if there is something to share.  Happy hooking everyone.


Tuesday, February 23, 2021

A New Showing and New Finishes

Jane's Scrappy Cat has an interesting story... their neighbor's cat always visits and has a lot to say when they mow their lawn.  The cat's front legs are slightly bowed so she changed the pattern to show that.  

Jane used a Marino wool sweater, acrylic knit woman's top, synthetic blouse and yarn to hook the cat.  She said the fibers all hooked up like butter and much better than using a #8 wool strip.   She is hooking the cat on dyed burlap.  
Nancy has finished her Tattered Tulip and it's ready for binding.  Looks nice with the blue background Nancy!
I asked Nancy 
what she was going to do next and she said finish this design which was started in the fall.  It is a design by Woolen Memories.
An update on Sondra's Tulip has the leaves finished now and am looking forward to see what she does with the rest of the background.
Well of course Margaret finished her Magdalena Pup.
Margaret said she didn't use any wool and liked working with the knits and think she will do more hooking with tee shirts in the future.  Also shared that ultra and micro suedes hook up nice and the wide corduroy worked good after washing.  She's not a fan of using thick cotton flannels even with a Hartman.  So you gals out there who are still working on this challenge take note.   She plans to hook this design again in wool...wonderful wool.  

And guess what!  I finally pulled the last loop on my Tulip piece, that's why my blog post is late tonight.
For me this was a great challenge to try and think I kept going because my hooking, blog sisters where in there with me.  Believe me there is a whole new respect for those rug hooking trailblazers before me and they only used chiseled nails imbedded in carved wood as their hook ~ I have some which were found in antique stores.  Even tried pulling loops with it but gave up after numerous tries before pulling out my Hartman hook.

There are still a few participants who I haven't heard a peep from and am wondering if you need advice from us who have started and/or finished.  Are you still gathering textiles?? BUT I DO KNOW one person just joined and another just received her linen.  

Happy hooking.


Monday, February 22, 2021

Movers and Shakers

There's a whole lot of shakin' going on here and another finish; this time the finish is for Magdalena's Pup hooked by Tammy.  She wrote  me saying her hands were tired but had a happy heart.  Tammy hooked with aged linen and said it was a bear to pull through because of the rough texture.  Tap the photo to enlarge and see the texture.
These are the textiles Tammy decided to use of the ones she was considering.  So you can see the linen she spoke of.
Pam is hooking Tattered Tulip and boy that velvet gives it a rich look.  People won't be able to keep their hands off it Pam.  Very nice and will welcome spring early to your house, at least inside anyway.
Cathy sent me an update of her Tattered Tulip with another color variation for our beautiful garden.
These are the textiles she has available and will choose as she goes.  

Elizabeth has sent in a photo of the progress on the Tulip.
In case you don't remember what her textiles were, she is using the curtain sample fabrics, which is all the alternative fabrics she had.
Sondra gave her first update today as well.  She said it is turning out brighter than normal for her but all she had to work with.  Yet it will be another beautiful Tulip in the spring garden.
Here are the textiles pulled for her adventure.  I think the wool shown is what is in the leaf so far.

Pat Cramer is also hooking the Tattered Tulip she concluded she'd never make a pioneer woman and that her hooking room is in shambles.  Hey Pat, we know.... ours is/was like that too.  Mine is always in a perpetual stage of unruly chaos.
Joan has also been working on her flower, tho the photo is slanted and a tad blurry you can see what she has accomplished.  
Joan has a fantastic collection of wonderful textiles and says she has a great selection of silk ties, paisley, homespun ...well you can see.  But she's not sure just what will eventually go into her piece.
And Lauren sent me her most recent update ~ nice to see the leaves are in progress.  Bet Lauren is happily pulling wool loops on another project to get her wool fix 😉.
That's it for today's blog post.  Will do another post when there is something new in this Challenge event.  Happy Hooking.


Sunday, February 21, 2021

More Progress on the Textile Challenge

The first updates on this post will be for the litter of Magdalena's Pups. First up is the progress of Tammy.  I think Tammy (like me) is using mostly cotton to hook the project, which isn't very forgiving.  But our foremothers used it and want to struggle thru.

Wonderful looking pup you've got there Tammy and can't wait to see what you do with the rest.  I always enjoyed hooking those curves in the corners of Magdalena's rugs ~ maybe just me but seemed to make the finishing go so much faster.
Margaret is also hooking Magdalena's Pup.  I might be wrong but believe she is hooking this a little larger size than the rest of us.  Margaret is using ultra suede, wool, cotton knit and the red collar is red lace seam binding (OMG I've used that in the past when making my own clothing).

Love the pup's blue eye!!!!!  Looking forward to your background it just an outline in blue or is the whole background going to be blue?  You're keeping us in suspense.
Now to the spring tulips.... Nancy's Tulip appears to have the morning sun shinning on the tips of an Agrass Golden Tulip.  The blue background is a soft change from the dark background I'm doing.  Very nice Nancy!!
Lauren posted her update on her blog but she deserves a spot here as as she is part of our group.  And she should post what she's doing on her blog.  Lauren showed the group the textiles planned to hook the piece and they all melded together so well.  No doubt it will be a beautiful piece because she will have angst if every loop doesn't lay just right and will play with every loop until it does what she wants.  
Now to my Tattered Tulip.  I took two photos just in case one was really off kilter, and just seconds apart.  For you long time followers am sure you've seen my ORB photos.  This evening I saw an orb like one I've never seen before.  It happened to be the first photo.  Do you see that PINK ORB???  I have only seen white orbs in all the photos I've taken.  
Seconds later I took another photo and this is the one I sent to the 'group' who communicate with one another.  I didn't see the orb until viewing it on my PC.
As this Challenge was started a week ago I'm officially closing the invitation to new participants.  Unfortunately Becky, Linda and Robin are NO-Reply Bloggers.  However, you could do your own personal challenge or start your own group challenge ~ and Robin I think you are doing just that, good for you to inspire activity during this never-ending shut down.

But we who signed up for this challenge will be in it for the long haul...right gals?????   Yeah, I need a good soft wool hug but I'll be with you and have your backs all the way.