Saturday, April 29, 2017

Sharing Saturday

Wish my post's topic was named "Friday Finishes"  like Debbie's blog post.  Plans were to not share a photo until all the inside area was hooked but life's duties got in the way Thursday and Friday......

And today after over two hours of cutting grass and other pollen related duties, plus TWO showers, was finally needing to sit and hook...uh with a glass of Cab wine (this is after 5 p.m. ya'll).
Sure would like to finish the center of the rug as I'm anxious to get to the border.  I want to do something different for the border than the way it was drawn ~ You'll just have to wait and see that.

On my THIS WEEK 'To Do' list is draw two patterns for someone and prepare my Magdalena Goat for wool whipping.  IF I'm lucky enough to get those accomplished I'll start working on the border.

Sadly I see fewer active blogs and I've also posted less frequently. Facebook is okay as long as it is in the Out of Hand group .  However, if you miss a day it requires hours of scrolling down thru dozens (hundreds?) of messages to see what was said since there are your friends and friends of your friends you don't even know.  

Heck, I can send an email to my friends to show them what I'm working on so there wouldn't be any need for me to do a blog.  

When first starting my blog it was to inform new hookers.  SO now seems I need a little help from my friends.  Let me know if blogs are now outdated.  Perhaps I should just enjoy hooking more without having to worry about sharing here.  


Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Olde Hearts

Have I been away so long you forgot what I am hooking?  In case you don't remember, I'm hooking Olde Hearts, an antique adaptation which was purchased from Woolley Fox.  
In the picture above already see at least one spot which will be replaced as soon as I get off the computer.  Am still wondering about the top very center in the V and wonder if I should use the same herringbone which appears in three striped sections and that same lighter color in the hearts.  Will keep it in for now but definitely will remove the darker oval in the 'whats it' on the left side.

Am now smiling as I'm using the term "whats it" which my friend Barb Carroll used last year at camp.  She refers to motifs which are unable to be described by any other name as a 'whats it'. That motif isn't a tree, isn't a flower... its a 'whats it'.  Thinking of you Barb and looking forward to seeing you in May.

I've cropped the border as that will be hooked last.  Normally I hook the border along with the rest of the rug but not this time.  Hope you have a great evening, have enjoyed the last three days of rain for the farmers and my weeds but now am ready for sunshine tomorrow.


Sunday, April 23, 2017

Rug Show Anyone?

Any time is a good time for a rug show even if the style or cut may not be your personal choice.
Thought the above rug was adorable of a man with pipe and his dogs. The original was 20 x 39, early 20th century.
Yeah I know Easter has come and gone but bunnies are abundant and visible this time of year.  Above is an old rug with three rabbits and fauna, 13 x 25 from Sturbridge, MA 19th century.
Above is an American New Engand historical rug known as Cogwells Grant which was hooked between 1890-1925.  The original measured 28 x 39.  Just recently someone on Facebook presented her adaptation of the rug and had done a fine job, this is also on my 'to do' list.  
What is it about lions which intrigues me so much.  Perhaps it has to do with the 'weavers' lion and maybe this is where the design came from. OH ~ and I love the scrolls.  Must admit I was scared of hooking scrolls until I took a class with Barb Carroll.  

The rug taken to a class with Barb was an ES Frost Sheep rug and wanted the scrolls but did not know where to start.  She informed me there were different styles of scrolls and gave me a verbal mini lesson while at the work station. Below is one style which I've also seen on old rugs since class.  
Barb took all the stress out of hooking scrolls for me and I'm elated with the results.  This beauty hangs over my fireplace mantle and as Barb calmed my inner fears hooking scrolls think I'll try a different style in my future.

If you are interested in taking a class with Barb with a group or wish to be a 'fill in' should someone happen to cancel, you can contact Barb HERE


Saturday, April 22, 2017

Photo Omitted from Yesterday's Post

In yesterday's post I made a plea for a photo of the original photo of Olde Hearts.  A couple very helpful readers wrote me to say they found this one with my name associated to it on Pinterest.
As it is such a blurry photo didn't think it worth mentioning.  Anyway, Sally Van Nuys (Amherst Antiques) was kind enough to share this photo with me but I found it impossible to render a likeness from the photo and enlarged the blur would have been worse.

I thanked Sally for sharing and said if I ever found a clear photo of the original antique I would share it with her.

To those of you who took the time to research for me, I thank you. Guess I should have mentioned this in yesterday's post after all.

Happy Saturday.


Friday, April 21, 2017

Two Hearts are Better than One

And there's another heart.
In case the photos of the small sections of the pattern on my frame didn't strike a is a design called Olde Hearts.  It is an antique adaptation and really wanted to draw my own but couldn't find a photo of the original antique ~ so purchased mine from Woolley Fox.

The jury (me) is still out on that light circle so it might appear different next time you see it.

Now a plea to all my antique rug hooking friends....IF, you have a photo of the original antique rug from which this design was adapted, I would LOVE to have a copy for my files.

Happy Friday for you worker bees out there.  To this retiree every day is a weekend.


Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Late or Early??

Well I am too late for Valentine's Day February 2017 so must be early for Valentines 2018.  However you look at it hearts are always welcome in our lives, right?
I've had this pattern for a while and great to finally have it on my frame.
My boy Ben got a new toy from his mom.  He loves his large Kong with treat stuffed inside but he seems to get those too quickly.  So I purchased this ball which releases bits of kibble as he rolls it.  At least this one keeps him entertained a little longer.


Tuesday, April 18, 2017

This and That

Did a variety of things today and was busy.  First and foremost was taming the rat's nest of tangled wool worms and putting them back in containers.  Even tho I use a lot of old worms seems I replaced them with other wool strips as the bulk hasn't seemed to dwindle much.

Steamed the Goat rug and it is resting for now.  Eventually and slowly will do the pre-wool whipped roll forward but will save the actual whipping for the ride to Barb Carroll's in May.  That will give me something to do while my partner drives and make the mountain ride less stressful for me.
Had an order for Magdalena's Goat so started drawing that but still have more to go as I had an exhisting pattern order for someone which needed to be drawn and shipped.
There is a new project in line to hook but don't have the wool cut for that so pulled out my grandson's rug to work on until then.  You can see my boy Ben guarding the front of the house and his mum.
Back to the Goat pattern..... I hooked the original size of Magdalena's rug which was 29 x 35 and drawn on linen that size would be $75 plus shipping.  

Then thought some may prefer to hook a smaller size like 22 x 27.   For those of you who are interested in buying this pattern let me know if you would prefer smaller or original size.

Have a great evening.


Monday, April 17, 2017

Finally Finished!!!!!

Hallelujah!!!!!  Today I pulled the last loops on Magdalena's Goat.  It was started February 15th so it took me 2 months 2 days to complete. My friend Evelyn Lawrence hooked her version in less than 1 month, but she is passionate about Magdalena.

Here is what mine looks like before steam pressing.  This picture was taken with a flash inside and NOT as bright as this is in person.  
Soooo, took the rug outside and here is another version which is closer to what it looks like in person.  If any of you are attending Cape May rug camp second week you will have an opportunity to see mine as well as Evelyn's.
When I first alerted Evelyn I'd found a new Magdalena rug and sent her pictures from the auction site, she asked that I let her hook hers first even before showing the 'find' on my blog.  Well of course I would do that.  

Evelyn drew the design and like a work horse finished hers in record time under 1 month for this 29 x 35 design.  So here is the first reveal of my friend Evelyn's work.
For those of you who may not know, Evelyn is the person who researched the history of Magdalena Briner Eby who is presently known as the most prolific rug hooker of the 1800s.  

So you don't have to scroll down thru old messages, I've provided a photo of the original Magdalena Goat rug which was on the web auction site.
Now the other work begins..... now to clean and separate that rats nest of worms and clean up the place.

Have a great evening everyone.


Saturday, April 15, 2017


Happy Easter to all my blogger, hooker and follower friends.  First of all... Sue Swank, I got a chuckle at your comment and it started a frenzy.  Wanted to reply personally but you are a "NO-REPLY Blogger" so my message would not have gotten to you.  There is a way to remedy that ~ just Google the main words.  

To those friends who suggested I just sit and hook, forget vacuuming and weeding, that is exactly what I did (uh, didn't do).  So it is possible the rug will be finished this weekend.

On my harvest table is a rug design by Claire Murray, a school photo of my handsome 13 year old grandson, basket of applique eggs and a hooked Easter egg.  The Easter egg was hooked as an accompaniment to a rabbit which sold a few years ago.  As the rabbit and egg were priced separately the person only wanted the rabbit still have the egg.
That Claire Murray kit was an eBay purchase early in my hooking adventure. Seemed like a good idea to hook (not punch) with wool so gave it a try.   That was my first and last wool yarn hooked rug.  It's a cute design but hate hooking a whole rug with yarn.  It looks factory made and not nearly as endearing as wool strips.

OH..... for you newbies who want to try rug punching with either wool strips or wool yarn just remember to not buy patterns with words because you punch from the bottom.  Which means when you flip the rug over it would NOT say WELCOME... it would say EMOCLEW.  So keep that in mind for the design you choose to punch.

This is the very first time I've decorated with the Claire Murray rug ~ for years it has been rolled up in a tote and taken to shows to sell.  I can see it in a child's room, a cottage chic white wicker room but in my house only for Easter.

Happy Easter everyone.


Friday, April 14, 2017

Critique Time

The Magdalena Goat needs to be critiqued off the frame and at a distance.  Working on a rug up close without looking at the whole rug makes it a little difficult to see what changes I might like to make.
Remember that pink under the belly which bothered me before? The pink doesn't appear to be so 'in my face' now that other colors have been hooked around it.

Also, that ugly wool I over dyed.... I hooked a strip of it in the rug and it appears as the center bottom near the edge under the bold red.  Will definitely place a little more of the wool in the rug somewhere.

Sure would like to finish those two unhooked sections this weekend. BUT, my house needs to be vacuumed and really need to work on the weeds where they aren't supposed to be any.


Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Lucky Winner....Me

Much to my surprise I was the lucky winner of Julie's Giveaway.  It arrived yesterday and was wrapped beautifully with some fresh lavender.
And when the prize was revealed it looks prettier in person than on her blog.  Will save a view of the front for later...first the back has aged pillow ticking for the country look I like.
Her crossed stitches on the edges are perfectly done (everything she does is with perfection).
The front is an aged tapestry which has easter flower colors and of course the applique brown bunny with blue ribbon.  If I'm not mistaken, think I detect a mild clove scent on the pillow.
Naturally I had to make a proper place for the bunny pillow for Easter.
On my sofa table it is nestled in between a velveteen bunny left over from my craft show days and a hooked mat named Mr. Cottontail, a design by Brenda Gervais.   

Thanks for your generosity Julie, it will surely be treasured.


Monday, April 10, 2017

Book Signing and Sale

If you happen to be in the Estero / Ft. Myers, Florida area today, Polly Minick and her sister Laurie Simpson will have a book signing of their new book.  Polly's rugs and Laurie's quilts will be on display and for sale.  

The event is being held at the Miromar Design center and starts at 1 p.m.  Lucky you if you are in the area.  There will be a reception afterwards.
If you wish to attend to ensure you have a spot please RSVP the Miromar Design center or call them at (239) 390-5111.

If you don't live in the area and can't attend the signing, but would like your own "Blue and White" book you can order it by contacting Polly HERE.

Happy sunny Monday.


Saturday, April 8, 2017

After Stepping Away.....

It was a nice step back from the Magdalena Goat and am looking forward to pulling loops on it again.  During that break I worked on my grandson's next sports wall hanging. He doesn't know about this one yet as I'm saving it until Christmas.  Must say that starting it early was great to have an 'interim' piece when you need a break.
As you might surmise, the background wool will be blue and have already sewn on the wide heavy cotton binding.  There will be a sleeve sewn at the top to accommodate a yard stick for hanging. The stick might need cutting at the ends to fit inside but does a great job. That is what was used for my grandson's other Sports Rug last year.

On a side note, my son Greg stopped by yesterday and showed him progress of this piece.  He said he'd purchased tickets for a game between Barcelona and (??? can't remember) coming to the DC/Baltimore area in July.  OMG, Zach was off the charts ballistic when told of this.  

Greg said the tickets for the 3 of them (dad, mom and Zach) was over $500 but said it was worth it for Zach.  I reminded him that IF they had to go to Spain to see them play the cost would have been MUCH higher.

Have a great evening.


Thursday, April 6, 2017

Stepping Away

Just when things seemed go well I reached my frustration level with colors.  Am trying to use up worms as close to the color Magdalena used in her Goat rug but am now questioning my choices.  So had to walk away, take a photo and look at it on the computer monitor.  
That color which triggered this is the pink/coral under the goat's belly. For reference below is the original Magdalena.
Sheesh, now that I'm comparing the original to what I've done so far it doesn't look like I've hit the mark on anything.  

In my defense my picture was taken with a flash which washes out colors, makes them appear brighter and lighter.  I'm sure the photo of the original for the on-line auction was taken with proper lighting and camera settings.

Just in case you're wondering, I haven't used any of the recently over dyed wool but will point out the area when it is used.  Since I'm taking a leave of absence from the goat briefly, think I'll work on my grandson's rug tonight.  Maybe I just need a break and will have renewed energy to finish up the bottom right of the Magdalena Goat tomorrow.


Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Successes and Failures

Does this look familiar?  It should because the right side was a piece of wool purchased years ago (what was I thinking)?  It was on a recent blog post the results of this unsuccessful 'marrying' of wool happened.  
Since this rug hooker never surrenders to ugly wool today decided come hell or HOT water I'd remedy the situation to make it hookable.

The piece in the pot today was the one on the left and only semi acceptable so chose it as the victim.  Eventually the other piece of wool will be a target, but not today.

When I dye wool if there is some formula left I'll save the remainder of the dye in a small jar.  I keep it in the garage so it could go thru two seasons and the recipe could crystalize.  Of course it will make changes to the chemistry of the dye and results even after water is added but I went for it anyway.

In one jar which crystalized was a recipe called "Old Christmas Red". Sorry, but cannot remember which dye book it came from.  So added hot water and put it in the pot with the wool.  Some of the color did absorb but it was murkey (as one would expect after crystalizing). 

Did I submit?  Hell no....a more recent collection of left over dye was my favorite Olde Patina recipe from the Beautiful Wool dye book by Fredericksburg Rugs.
Above are the results and it really doesn't show the delicious old dirty color which I like putting in my antique adaptations.

Some of this wool WILL be hooked into the Magdalena Goat that I'm presently hooking and can't wait to get back to hooking on it.  

An addition to the post:.....  Jennie asked me how many times a piece of wool could be over dyed before it would felt.

My reply to her was that I do NOT boil my wool (I get it very hot and close to boil) nor do I take hot wool and rince in cold water shocking the wool.  Also, don't aggitate the wool in the washer.  Those three factors would be how you could end up with felted wool.

Ever see those pretty 'boiled wool' jackets?  How do you think they got that way?


Tuesday, April 4, 2017


Oh my, don't we all need MORE time?  Was sure that once I retired there would be more time to accomplish what couldn't during a work week.   Eventually it appeared that even with retirement I wasn't as productive as hoped with all those free hours each day. 

Now (I'm actually chuckling to myself now) it seems that not only is my house not as clean as it used to be when I worked.... but am not able to hook all those rugs lined up in my stash.

SO.... as there is only minor accomplishments on my Magdalena Goat, enjoy a MINI rug show.
The rug above was depicted to be early 20th century with a leaf border and located in Providence, NJ.  Sure looks in mighty good shape to me unless it had been framed.
Another early 20th century hooked piece is the 'sorrel horse' and farm scene.  As a teen I owned a sorrel colored horse named "Richie" and he had a couple white socks.
The above rug was presented on the auction site as "Jungle cat late 19th century with Gallery of Graphic Arts label attached".
The Floral in Compote above was a North East Auction house.

Okay kids, need more time to work on the Magdalena Goat.  I'm down to the right left corner and working my around.  Am still in awe that my pal who wishes to remain nameless and drives me crazy with that... drew and hooked her version in less than a month.  I'm way over that time.  

THAT is why I need MORE TIME!!!!!!!!!!

Weather today was near 80* and tomorrow will be close....BUT. the rain, wind and 'unfriendly dog' weather starts Thursday.

Have  great evening.


Sunday, April 2, 2017

Magdalena's Goat

See, no April Fools joke.... here is an update on the Magdalena Goat. But it will be a quick post as I worked my butt off today washing windows in the living room, washing old 'country cottage curtains' and putting up Merlot colored swags.  Hey, great choice of colors, eh? Thought about buying the 'sage' colored swags but decided to live a little and go for the BOLD instead of being so conservative with color choice.
As you might expect me to say, the colors of the rug are far more bright in the photo than in person.  Evelyn had her adaptation of this design hooked in less than a month.  Hells bells.... I started hooking mine February 15th and still not done.  

Happy April 2nd and hopefully good weather will be ahead.


Saturday, April 1, 2017

April 1st

As a kid I loved playing April Fools jokes on my friends....or at least I attempted to.  Most times they were out to get me too so were guarded. Then as an adult in the work-a-day world there would be several people in the office who still had a little youth left in their hearts and it made a great fun day at work.

My plans for tomorrow is to give you an update on my Magdalena Goat.... not a 'Fools Day' joke at all.

Happy April 1st this Saturday.