Thursday, February 28, 2013

Back to Big Dog Hollow

It has been a couple days since posting a picture of the in-progress rug Big Dog Hollow and was ready to move it on the frame so thought I'd take a picture.
When I first started hooking the pattern I referred to both the original antique as well as Kathy's version to hopefully get somewhere in between with color because both rugs were attractive. Constantly I'd question myself wondering if the sky looked like sky, but was there enough random strips there to make it look antique, do I have too much light value wool, enough blue wool? 

And then I began separating out my woolie worms (a previous message a few posts ago) and it was like the heavens opening up.  Then I stopped looking at the pictures, and pulled bits of this and that out of my worms and the pressure was off and the fun became even 'funner'.  Yeah, not a word but I like it. 

Yes, I'm thankfully reducing my woolie worm population, yet still do cut a few strips of wool which was originally used to begin the background, just for consistency sake. 

As you can see the border is going to be a dark hit and miss border using......yup, a LOT of woolie worms.  While my organization of the worm population came to a halt because of drawing patterns, it will continue later until everything has been reduced to color.  Depending on how much of each color will deside on if I reduce it to value.

This project has been very liberating because of the use of the worms.  Big Dog Hollow was always on my 'to-do' list and welcomed the opportunity for the swap, but using up my worms just made this a funner than fun project.  Thank you Kathy!

Thank you again, for taking the time to visit my blog.  Smile at someone tomorrow to start the chain of kindness.


Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Frame Frustration

The other day I mentioned my frustration with my hooking frame.  I own several frames and each has it's special purpose ~ I've 3 different size sit-upons which I use, a Townsend Orbiter floor frame which is fantastic with big rugs, and my Snapdragon.  Now, I must say here that my Snapdragon is my favorite.  The Snapdragon keeps the foundation tight as a drum and when the paddles are released you just lift the pattern off the frame and there is no pulling out of wool strips during the process.

Yet, it was a frustration with the Snapdragon on my floor frame which was giving me fits.  Okay, for history, I chose a ball swivel type Snapdragon and purchased the K's Creation Big Foot floor frame as I'd seen other hookers use it at camps and liked it. 

Yes, it takes a while to adapt switching frames and stands and eventually found that if I didn't tighten the yoke on the ball tight enough then my frame would flop down.  And if I did tighten it enough began to notice it was chewing up the yoke on the frame.  Plus, noticed the inner rod was beginning to get deep grooves from the rotation.
So then what was happening is that the inner rod would plummet down lower than the height it was set for.  This actually had been going on since September when I was at Cape May but endured with the big rug until I came home and put the Wee Folk on my Townsend Frame.  So all was good with Wee Folk on the Townsend.

Then, switch over to Big Dog Hollow and I put it on the Snapdragon and Big Foot.   However, as Big Dog Hollow weight started to increase the dropping of the inner rod became more frequent. 

Then I went to my Rughooking101 floor stand (it is their sit-upon I'm using right now) and put the Snapdragon on it but since that floor stand isn't adjustable it was too high at the location in my home where I hook. 
Finally, getting so frustrated decided to pull out my larger Rughooking101 sit-upon and use that.  Then figured it was time to contact both Sue of Snapdragon and Brett of K's Creations and tell them of my dilemma. 

Okay folks, I want to tell you these people have integrity and are customer service oriented people.  My correspondence to them was more of a need of help rather than complaint and they were more than willing to offer assistance.

Sue wrote saying she has developed a yoke to help.  So if you are having a similar problem contact her as the cost of this is only $18 plus shipping.  Here is a picture of it with the Snapdragon. 
And Brett has contacted me saying that I need a new inner rod replacement. 

So the frame frustration problem is going to end happily ever after. 

Thanks for visiting and remember to be kind to one another.


Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Domestic Zoo

I love it when people send me pictures of designs that I sell.  Here is a picture of Domestic Zoo (originally hooked by Magdalena Briner) and it was hooked by my friend Mary of Linthicum, MD.  She said it is hooked  using both #8.5 and #9 wool strips.  Great job Mary!
And previously this picture was posted but will post it again so you can compare the light background and this dark background version.  That is also fun to see the same rug design but different color choices. This one was hooked by Susan for her friend.
And, of course my version is at the top of the page.

Happy hooking everyone, and thanks for dropping by.


Sunday, February 24, 2013

Big Dog Update and Oscar Night

The last couple days I haven't gotten a whole lot of hooking done because I've drawn out 17 designs with 2 more to go before shipping tomorrow.  Plus I've been having a fight with my Big Foot floor stand (another story for another time).  But the rug is beginning to look like its getting close to being finished.

There is still one more pup to hook and in looking at this picture think I'll replace the wool of three legs and top back strip from the pup just under the mother dog because it looks grey in the picture and don't like what my eye sees in the photo.
For the border think I'll use darks and not do original antique design because the design is really busy enough and don't want to distract from the activity happening in the rug.

For those of you who may be wondering or just tuning in, the size of this rug is 27 1/2 x 33 1/2  and a design offered by Kathy of Briarwood Folk Art. 

What I'll hook next hasn't been decided but clearly it won't be anytime too soon as there is still more hooking to be done and then the dreaded binding.

Tonight my friend Jon is having his annual Pre-Oscar Party.  I've attended the last two years and even wrote about it on my blog with pictures. Since it starts rather late and have no designated driver have opted to miss the event this year. I'm sure I'll hear all about the wonderful time everyone had and probably be sorry that I didn't go.    Here is a picture the first year I went and decided to go dressed in a gaudy gold lame' vintage dress, all the rhinestones I could round up, wore my grandmother's mink coat and had a blast.  Here is a picture of me with cocktail in hand.
And this is last year with my friend Jon, the host....uh notice the red carpet?  The first year I wasn't sure IF there was a red runway or not so gifted Jon with this for his annual event.  Hey, momma had to walk the red carpet, right?  And, since I started out getting dressed up figured that I'd keep with the tradition.
Something else about the party is that Jon gives each of his guests a CD of music from all of the movies being nominated for an Oscar.  Not sure what surprises he will have on hand tonight but there will be gourmet food (he is a great chef) and also a great mixologist. 

I previously posted more pictures of the events  from 2011 and 2012 so if you do a search on my blog for Oscar Party, perhaps they will pop up.

Oh, and friend and blogger Acorn Hollow is hosting a giveaway, visit her at: to check it out.
Have a great evening, enjoy the Oscars and be kind to one another.... as always, thanks for dropping by.


Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Cow, Bird, Building and Owl

And what do they all have in common... Big Dog Hollow of course.  Since I had to remove my woolie worms from the work table to draw patterns for someone, there have been fewer loops pulled than I'd have liked.  Which means that my woolie worms still are out of control but better control than there was.

It has been a few days since my last post so thought I'd show you some results of the project so everyone doesn't forget that I exist.  Here is what the rug look like now and I struggled with the cow.  OH, first, must explain that the last few loops of the cow's front leg got pulled off when removing it from the frame.  And, the poor face must have been hooked and rehooked 5 times and finally decided to let this be the it and forget it. 
Back to the cow ~ If you look back at previous posts before the cow was hooked you will see that Kathy drew what a real cow looks like and it was beautiful!  Well I wanted it to look more close to the original primitive naive drawing and like she hooked her rendition.  Only I wasn't nearly as successful as Kathy was.

In looking back thru previous posts you will also notice that I took creative license with the building on the far right as well.  Hey, isn't that what we as rug hookers do?  Don't we all tweak designs that we love but want it to be more of what we envision?  And, Kathy, you can also do that with the Frost Sheep pattern I sent you. 

Believe it or not I'm quite pleased with the first hooking of the owl but was sure that would be the problem child.  Nope, mamma's happy with that.

So where do I go now?  I think I'll work on the pups next.

Have a great evening everyone and please be kind to one another.


Sunday, February 17, 2013

Antique vs. Present Day

As you followers know I'm hooking an adaptation of an antique rug and the first picture is the original antique.  Can you see moon faces or stars in this antique?  Can you see any birds other than the owl which isn't a bird?  The moon faces and stars blend into the background.  And, the birds take a little time to identify.  But this is folk art and women used what they had.  
The pattern I'm hooking is an adaptation of the rug by Kathy of Briarwood Folk Art and her hooked piece is here:
I love the fact that Kathy has just one moon and more stars.  And her stars blend into the background as well, but are more easily seen that in the original antique.  In the antique you can hardly see where the stars and moon are because the value was the same.  

This is what my rug looks like now after making a couple changes. Tomorrow I'll show you difference.  I changed the bird's head, put a different value around the moon but am still not sure if I want all light bright stars or mixed.   After all, the antique rug you could hardly decide where the stars were.

Since I'm still undecided think I'll hook a few more motifs and just live with this version until more is hooked. 


Friday, February 15, 2013

Woolie Worms Explosion

Oh my, never in my wildest dreams did I think there would be this explosion of wool strips in my home.  As you all know, when we first start out we don't have many colors and to be thrifty we go to the 'thrifty' shop to buy wool clothing, wash and cut.  Being new to hooking I was starving for wool.  Not any more, they are multiplying like bunnies.  You will gasp when you see these photos.

Okay, when at rug camps I usually have a basket to put small pieces of wool in, carry to sleeping room to cut or use if I need any wool in the evening, so the basket is small and easy to carry.  And then upon getting home from camp it is handy to have beside me when finishing the rug.  Sounds great, right? And it is.... except that immediately upon finishing that rug want to start another so I'm too lazy to remove the wool from the basket.  Instead, I put that basket aside and grab an empty basket and start the process all over again.  Except now I had 3 baskets with wormies in them so what did I do you ask?  Heck, ordered more baskets!  

Here is a group of baskets which have woolie worms in them.  Actually there are 8 baskets but some are piled on top of another and one is hidden to the far back right.
And then there are the worms and basket as well as bags of wool I was working with in the living room where I sit and hook.
And let us not forget the worms which eventually were removed from baskets to start over and wool was then put into baggies and then in plastic containers and zipper bag on my my shelves but 'out of sight out of mind.
But look at the baskets now.  The one here still needs emptying and there is one on my work table which isn't completely empty ~ but I'm working on it.
However, I still have to work on the containers on the shelves.  But look at what has been accomplished so far since yesterday afternoon and I've even managed to pull a few loops.  Once I get all the colors in color piles will put them in those nice zipper plastic bags which blankets and bedspreads come in.  And I may or may not separate into value.  Sometimes it is nice to have just all the blues in one bag and then then you can pick and choose light or dark without having two bags to deal with.
Here's a Big Dog update.  I did pull out the wool from the one star and replaced the moon with it.  So now need to make a decision if I want all light stars with moon the color it is hooked now, or the moon be the darker star wool.  Not sure if I want stars all the same color or different.
Strange that I'm now looking at it and can definitely see a difference in background color from left to above and below dog and to the right.  That was when I was first starting and trying so hard to make it look like sky but with light colors, and the left I loosened up a little and just started adding a little this and little of that.  Oh well, that is what our foremothers would have done anyway so I'm not gonna stress over it.  The stars and moon are another thing tho, tee hee.

Thanks for dropping by and watching Big Dog develop.


Thursday, February 14, 2013

Happy Valentine's Day

Hope all my friends have a special event planned for their significant other ~ or rather your significant other has a special event planned for you.
My significant other is Ben but he can't have chocolate (bad for dogs) but I'll give him a chew bone which will please him even more.  And of course he will walk around the house fretting on where to hide it so no one will steal it.  Then he will lay beside it to keep a watchful eye on it for extra security.  Eventually sometime today he will whittle that rolled raw hide bone to a nub.  But that is a ritual with him so maybe part of the enjoyment is just looking at it in anticipation.  Sorta like how I get when I know that I'm going to a rug camp..... the excitement of anticipation.

For those of you who have just recently started reading my blog thought I'd let you know more about Big Dog Hollow.  It measures 27 1/2 x 33 1/2   and is the pattern that I chose when Kathy inquired if I'd be interesting in doing a pattern swap.  She wanted one of my Frost Sheep designs  (the one with birds and flowers) and I chose her Big Dog from her web site.
Most of the background colors are comprised of these wools but also use some of my woolie worms sprinkled around ~ some extra blues, grey, a tan and orange texture and anything else which might make it look like 'that is all she had'.
The house I used 3 different colors of tan textured wool and various darks for the roof.  The house outline has 3 different shades of red/orange and they were woolie worms as well.  I feel so good when I can use up some of the leftovers.  Hard to believe that when I first started there was no wool stash here at all.  And now?  It is out of control and need to take a couple days and just organize it all.  To prove it to you, tomorrow I'll share pictures of my massive stash and you will all gasp.
And now the right side, as you can see there is still much for me to hook
Hope you all have a wonderful Valentine's Day.  Thanks for stopping by for a spell.


Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Back to the Big Dog

Nope, not to MY big dog Ben, but the Big Dog Hollow.  Since I took a right hand turn to design and hook Mother Hen have just now put Big Dog back on my frame.  Well, there's not a whole lot more accomplished but this is what it looks like now.
Still haven't changed or decided on moon or star colors.  However, am thinking of making the moon the color of the star just above and to the right.  Yup, the star which is not quite finished.  Then the remaining stars will be determined later.

Thanks for following me during this hooking process.  For you newbies, just remember that anything hooked in can always be removed and replaced.  Yeah, we don't like doing that because it is hooking it twice.  BUT, the color and size can be changed which  makes rug hooking fun.  

Glad you all stopped by, wish you could have had a cup of tea, coffee or glass of wine; but was still nice to have you drop by my humble blog.  Please be kind to one another.


Tuesday, February 12, 2013

My Boy Ben and Snow

There is no snow on the ground here at this time and lucky to escape the massive snow of the upper north east just recently.  However, we are supposed to get snow this weekend but don't know how much yet.  Sure hope it isn't even close to the several feet everyone else recieved.  

Ben loves snow ~ uh, his momma doesn't.  Last snow which was only maybe 2", I took some pictures of my boy Ben making his own snow cones by the mouthful.  This is one picture where you can see his gaping mouth grabbing up as much snow as he can.  
Now this dog has two water bowls in the house; one in the kitchen and another in the master bathroom so he is close to water at night during sleep.  There is also a bowl of water on the back porch as well as on the deck which gets frozen during low temps; so he isn't dehydrated by any stretch.  He just likes snow cones.

Here is a picture of him licking up the snow instead of gulping down mouthsful.
Obviously it is like a game to him like a kid eating snow as my brother and I did when we were kids.  My brother and I even made 'snowcream', oh what great memories that thought brings back.

So getting back to Ben..... this was a wonderful adoption of a sweet and affectionate Rottie.  He's obviously strong but such a sweet boy and I got lucky.  He was 3 years 7 months when adopted in October 2011.  Big dogs tend to take longer to grow up so he is still a pup at heart and loves to play.  

Thankfully he is great with people, loves my grandson and gets along well with other canines.  In a previous post I showed this wonderful picture of Ben and Phantom (the Rottie down the street) playing and chasing one another.  One day I'd like to do a wide cut hooked piece of this "face Off" .  It is Ben on the left and Phantom on the right.
And here they are getting a treat after they stopped panting and wanted to chill out.  Again, Ben on the left and Phantom on the right.  Ben is 117 lbs and Phantom was bigger but not sure how much he weighs.  I walk him sometimes and he is also a sweetie.
Rottweilers and Pitbulls get a bad rap because of the way they are trained, bred, raised and treated.  I've had Rottweilers before and they were also good and well behaved dogs.

So, if you are interested in adopting an animal, whether it be cat or dog, and never mind what breed, but investigate to see what animal best suits your requirements.  But please consider adoption.  Please tell the adoption location whether you have an apartment, fenced back yard, room to run, whether you like small dog or larger.  Also how much attention the dog would get for walking or playing.  

There are so many animals which are killed each year and many would be make great pets.  If you plan to adopt a large animal ask about it's rehabilitation process.  

Ben didn't need any as his momma works on his minor flaws during our walks.  His major flaw when I adopted him was wanting to kill vehicles and attack their tires.  OMG, this is turning into a book here, sorry.  But with the use of a COLLAR which gives a tone at my command it calms him.  Once he settles down I would give him a tiny treat.  So NOW, when a vehicle drives by when he is on the leash he will sit and wait for the treat rather than pull to chase the vehicle.  

Try adoption no matter what size, breed or if canine or feline.

Please be kind to one another.


Monday, February 11, 2013

And the Winner of the Giveaway is?

I wrote the names on pieces of paper and placed them in this woven basket heart, thinking it would be appropriate since it is almost Valentine's Day.

And the winner is.............
Congratulations Ronda!  I hope you enjoy hooking it and being a fairly new hooker don't think you'll find this size overwhelming.  Would love for you to share a picture of it when it is finished and if you ever have any rug hooking questions (being a newbie), please feel free to write me.

And, if you could contact me to give me your mailing address please send it to:  The pattern has been drawn out and can ship as soon as I get your address.

Again, this is the new design ~ Mother Hen.
Thanks for dropping by each and all, and so pleased each of you liked the new design.


Friday, February 8, 2013

Mother Hen Design

I just finished pulling the last loops and it still needs to be steamed and bound, but this is how I finally decided to design the piece.  Even tho I did try the beauty line chose to have just the red border.  Also decided that the idea of that little rogue peep walking away from Mother Hen to investigate needed to be expressed with it's partial body being in the framing (border) of the rug and going back to mama.
I like the wonkiness of the border and at first struggled with it not being a mirror image on each side but then decided that was silly since I was also considering having a few random swags (which I also like).  

Should you want to be in the drawing for the design I'll take names from this post as well as the previous post.  AND, should you decide to take creative license of this design I'd be excited to see what you do with it and would still like to see pictures.

Thank you all for visiting and posting.


Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Mother Hen Update and Giveaway

Can't believe I'm making my second post on the same day and then other times go a couple days before making a post.  But after this morning's post decided to extend  the dress on the right bottom as well as see how it would look with a beauty line in an area at the top.  I didn't want to pull out any wool to do it so used up a spot already open. This way if I don't like what I see when I post the final picture it will be no problem to pull out the orange and replace with black.  
Oh  my, right now my thoughts are to not have the orange beauty line and having a yellow would be even more shocking to the eye.  When colors of a beauty line were rolling thru my head (like visions of sugar plums) had considered the darker blue but then there is so much blue in the center already wondered if that would be too much blue.  OR, would it pull the mat together? Maybe, just maybe I'll try a little of the darker blue in another section.

It's now Thursday and I'm updating with a picture of the blue replacing where the orange was just to see a comparison.
And again with a piece of red laying on top of the blue to see it with just the red border. 
I'm wanting to get this done so that I can go back to Big Dog Hollow and almost considered putting Mother Hen aside to work on it again. BUT, since this is a small design should finish it up an post it on my web site. 
Okay, the GIVEAWAY will be for this pattern drawn on Dorr Natural Primitive Linen and will be the design eventually decided on, but think you can see where the design is going already, it is just a matter of you choosing your own colors.

The finished design appears it will measure  14 x 15 1/2.  I will choose the name on Monday.  The requirements are:

~ Be a Follower
~ NO 'no-reply' addresses
~ NO 'anonymous' posters   

And not required or expected but would LOVE to see your finished piece when ever it is hooked.  

Thanks for visiting and putting up with my ranting and raving.


Mother Hen a new design

I enjoy having more than one rug on the frame and think I'd mentioned that in an earlier post.  So perhaps when I return to Big Dog Hollow I'll know what direction to take for the stars and sky.  So thought I'd design a small mat to offer as a pattern and drew this Mother Hen.

There were a few ideas about border or no border in my head ~ to have a few randomly placed swags, a straight border like frame, curved border or no border.  And, wasn't sure if having 5 peeps was a good idea or have just 4.  Robin of Bird in Hand suggested having 5 and making that 5th one a different color ~ excellent idea Robin, thanks for the suggestion.  Even now I'm wondering if I should have a beauty line between the red and primitive black background...... hmm, maybe the orange.  
I'd even thought of having that bottom left (the 5th) have it's tail just into the red border to give the impression that little peep had been out investigating and was just returning to it's mother; and still might do that.  I have reduced the size of the mat a smidgen as you can see from the lines on the linen.

Funny how I finally see things better when the picture is reduced and on the screen.  I need to make Mother Hen's dress a little longer on the right side bottom.  Yup, will take care of that.

Thanks for dropping by.


Monday, February 4, 2013

Do You Dream of a Rug Hooking Getaway?

Do you ever think about the perfect hooking get-away with your friends or family?  A quiet setting on a porch early morning with coffee/tea or hooking over looking more than 320 feet of Atlantic Ocean at your back door step? Here is the place; it is called Old Salt in Nova Scotia.  No, unfortunately I don't own it but do know someone who does.
Inside the home is delightful and welcoming and if you follow the link below it will give you more pictures and information.  Old Salt is just 20 minutes from the new Rug Hooking Museum of North America.  And of course every hooker knows that Nova Scotia is known for their rug hooking.

For those of you who have followed my blog you are probably familiar with the name Jo-Anne Harris who organized the Sincerely Jane rug challenge (which was in a recent issue of Rug Hooking Magazine) and several other challenges on Rughookers.  It is she who owns Old Salt and this is the post she recently posted on Rughookers Bulletin board (a board where one can sell or inquire about buying an item).

“As many of you know I have a rental property in Nova Scotia. It's about 20 minutes from the museum. I have a person renting the week of Aug 10-17 but he has asked to stay until the 18th to attend a wedding on the 17th. I typically rent Saturday to Saturday but would like to let this guy stay until the 18th however that will make it difficult to rent the week from the 18th to the 24th since it is only 6 days.

Therefore, I was wondering if there is a group of rug hookers who would like to consider renting for this week. I will lower the rate for rug hookers and will only fill the three bigger bedrooms so will be charging $425/week for each bedroom. One of them has two beds (double and single) so if two people want to share I would increase that amount a bit and decrease the other bedrooms a little as well. The other two bedrooms have queen sized beds. I will cover the cleaning cost at the end of the week.

Please let me know if you're interested in doing this. If so, I will take reservations on a first come first served basis.

If you need more info on the house you can see our rental website at Any questions please email me through this list or at       Thanks,  JoAnne”

So if any of you have interest, have questions about dates, etc, please contact Jo Anne at  However, IF you should write me I'll happily give you her e-mail address or forward your message to her.  
Sure wish I could go with whoever goes to enjoy, but I've got my boy Ben and already extended my friendship with someopne coming to take care of Ben when I go to the other rug camps.  HOWEVER......ONE day ONE time I want to go and it WILL happen..... I hope.

Thanks for the visit and be kind to one another.

Sunday, February 3, 2013

Designing a Rug by the Seat of My Pants

Yes, this Mother Hen design is still in progress and am designing as I'm hooking.  Initially there were just 4 peeps and thought perhaps an odd number would be more eye appealing and drew the 5th one to the bottom left and over Mother Hen's skirt.  Not sure what I'm going to do about that yet... 4 or 5 peeps?  It just might be that having 3 bright yellow peeps at the bottom would be a distraction rather than making the eye move around the rug to pick up a glance at just the four.
Also, I contemplated several types of border....OR no border at all before I drew this out.  The design could be reduced in size by changing the border making it more interesting a project for those beginning hookers or those who like quick results.  Presently drawn the design measures 15 1/2 x 17.

I'd thought of doing the primitive swags, or a straight border with a wavy line in the middle with dots along the wave (that would have made the design even bigger), or what I drew.  

When I was color planning was unable to find a suitable background color.  Well, actually did pick out a tan texture but have since changed my mind.   At this point I'm thinking of making the background a primitive black, reducing the perimeter and having swags instead of this wavy border.  Uh, still haven't decided on the 5th peep yet.  And, could be that I could have that 5th peep above the skirt and in the background as a rouge peep.  

Stay tuned to see what this design turns into for better or worse.  Heck, I just might make a hard right hand turn and come up with something totally opposite of what I've mentioned.

Thanks for dropping by and be kind to one another.  OH!  And stay warm for those of you having winter and frigid temps.


Friday, February 1, 2013

Some Progress

Today my plans were to start a new design for spring but still pulled a few loops on Big Dog Hollow.  The basket in the dog's mouth still needs work and I've a plan on what to do to change it.  And, the cat I thought looked good until seeing it in this picture.  The right eye looks a little into the ear, BUT, could just be the way the linen thread is leaning so will attend to that later too.
Speaking of the eyes of the cat ~ since the cat is so small I used white linen thread pulled from linen backing that I've saved from previous patterns.  This is a technique that Bev Conway taught us for putting a sparkle in the eyes or for something this small to be the eye.  All you do is a slip knot and then hook around that white thread, cut it off and there it is.  Right now my thread is taller than my loops so it could be that the thread is leaning toward the ear.

I did manage to draw out my new design for spring and even cut some wool for it.  So tonight I'll start that project since I don't have a spring mat for my harvest table nor for my web site.  It is more whimsy, I'm calling it Mother Hen and yes, Lauren it is smaller ~ I know you think all my rugs are too big.

So maybe tomorrow I'll have something new to show and so you will have a diversity from watching my Big Dog Hollow grow.

Keep warm and love one another.