Tuesday, November 29, 2022

Also On My Mind

On and off my mind for years has been to hook a block or two from Lucinda's Reconciliation Quilt.  A few weeks ago when the itch to find my next project was on again I pulled out my Fall 2003 issue of Folk Art magazine to look at her quilt.
The quilt measures 85 x 97 and sold by Sotheby's October 1991 for a whopping $264,000.  Lucinda documented the finish date by embroidering "Done, Nov. th. 18th, 1867" in block B2.  But you can read more about this gorgeous quilt by clicking the link in the first paragraph.  Is anyone else interested in hooking one of these blocks? 

Happy hooking.


Sunday, November 27, 2022


There are several more recently found rugs on my flash drive to share.  A reclining deer said to be hooked late19th century early 20th.  Dimensions are 22 x 36.
The auction house listed this as a "recumbent dog" but is it a dog or cat?  Measures 37 x 56 and from a Maryland collector. 
Hettie was hooked early 20th century but no dimensions were provided.
I wonder if it was that rug which inspired Barb Carroll to design this rug I hooked in 2013 named Henny Penny.  Me thinks it was 😉.
This next one reminds me of the test pattern on the television back in the day before programming was 24 hours.  Anyone here remember those days?   Hooked on burlap late 19th or early 20th century using fabric.
Dated 1889 I'm thinking this may have been a wedding rug.  I see motifs like hearts, birds, eagle, anchor, cross, scissors, and horseshoes for good luck.
This lovely cat with bowl of flowers measures 57 x 76.  It sold for $1,650 and said to be hooked between 1900-1925.
'Tis a nasty rainy day in Delaware so have been reverse hooking and rehooking a few triangles.  Perhaps now that I've decided where I'm going on this rug (thanks to my helpful blogger friends) perhaps I'll make headway now.


Friday, November 25, 2022

eenie meenie miney moe

Choices, now I have visible hooked choices, so just need to make up my mind.  Didn't hook that primitive scroll at the bottom because it will be hooked in the same color of wool from the triangle border.  Don't know if it will be the unchosen color or the Ocean City wool in the top triangles.  Will reverse hook the  wool strip which shows up red at the bottom and replace it with a more brown piece of wool.
Although I reverse hooked the mint green previously hooked here is a photo of it again for reference.  
As you can see I've hooked a blotchy background  ~ below is the original antique.
Unless you ate at a restaurant everyone must have some great leftovers for tonight.  So enjoy your easy night and happy hooking.


Thursday, November 24, 2022

Happy Thanksgiving

Wishing all my friends on-line and otherwise, a warm and happy Thanksgiving.  Here are a few rugs which indicate some turkeys are still strutting their stuff despite the holiday.


Tuesday, November 22, 2022


...look'n for my next project; yes even before Double Eagles is done.  Must be sure to have something ready to go.  Recently I found this pretty 1880's floral with tongues border.  It measures 25 x 42.
As I posted that floral above I was reminded of the floral pattern I designed and is in the shameful prison of UFOs.

The log cabin geo below isn't something I'd like to hook but might appeal to some.
But this Sunburst geometric below is to my liking.  It was hooked 19th century with dimensions of 26.5 x 40.
This Potted Tulip rug was hooked early 20th century and measures 34.5 x 38.5.   From the estate of Kristina Barbara Johnson.
A white cat with flowers in the corners.  It measures 33 x 40 and hooked late 19th century.
An oval horse rug measuring 20 x 28 but don't have a date. 
This is a  view of the back so you can see the true and original colors.
Do you think these are doves or seagulls?  Whichever they are the rug measures 17.5 x 33.
Notice the back of the rug and how far apart the loops have been pulled; a way to replicate an antique.
The wool hooked and shirred rug below sold for $10,073.  The dimensions are 31 x 44.  While the colors aren't endearing (to me) I have seen some versions of this hooked in magnificent colors.   I just might draw this out and take it to a future rug camp where a pro can help me with color planning.
Finally, a runaway horse rug measuring 31 x 55 and from the estate of Laura Fisher.
And here is a view of the back with  previous repairs and visible newer damage.  Such a shame for the damaged edge.
Now to get back to working on Double Eagles and hope to work out the border color crisis soon. Happy Hooking.



Sunday, November 20, 2022


Welcome to the unpleasant side of rug hooking.  Nope, it isn't a badly drawn pattern (a/k/a Mary Mary), it is finding the right colors for the border.  Was sure the light green I had available would work to resemble the antique eagle rug shown below.  
But it didn't meet the mark because what I hooked was too mint green and underwhelming.
So today I dyed some wool and was sure it would work but after it appeared to be more blue and still not good trashed that idea.  Then I went to my milled wool selections and tried this below.  Nope, too dark and overpowering.  Perhaps if I'd used a more yellow/gold wool where mine is mellow this green would have worked.  My fault.
Then went to the wool I'd previously overdyed using the Olde Patina recipe and placed them in the triangles just to see.  Was definitely tired of hooking, reverse hooking and doing it all over again so just placing it there would give me an idea.
Also thought of a grey but don't have enough of that grey in the right eagle and the rest of the grey on my shelves is either too over-powering or not enough of the proper grey.  A gold didn't look right either.

IF there isn't enough of the olde patina dyed wool in my stash it is a dependable recipe and can replicate great results every time.  But as I'm leaving my wool room the question in my mind was...."WWBD" (what would Barb Do)?  Bet she could have immediately chosen the perfect wool if she could find it in my disorganized room.  Dear sweet talented Barb Carroll is still in my mind and heart ~ God Bless you Barb.

OH, I'd also briefly considered reverse hooking the light colored triangles and using a more golden color.  UH, ain't gonna reverse hook all that and eventually end up not liking it with the darker green anyway.  

Soooo, for tonight I'll concentrate on hooking the outward triangles of the border in the same wool and figure out the rest in the coming days.  


Saturday, November 19, 2022


Based on Judith's comment (who is a no-reply blogger so can't reply to her) I did a search on an alternative to feed burner.  It appears that IF I want to add one to my blog it will come at a price...as in $.  You can read about the research I did HERE.  

So I've come to the disheartening decision that if it is too much trouble for someone to read my blog they don't want to take the time to come find me, then perhaps my blog isn't that important to them.  Sorry for the inconvenience to all  my wonderful readers because I do try to keep you informed and entertained.  C'EST LA VIE 

I changed my mind on Double Eagles.  Previously I said the border would be done after the inside was completely hooked.  But couldn't wait to get started on that border.  I'm not quite happy with the green wool, which is what I have on hand.  I wanted a soft color, almost a grey green.  So may do some dyeing tomorrow and if I can't come up with an appropriate color might need to call on Loris at The Wool Farm.
Perhaps some of you readers my remember several months ago Blogger informed us bloggers they would discontinue their reader subscription program.  Obviously many of my followers contacted me saying they were no longer receiving my blog posts.   

If you look on the top left side of my blog you will see "subscribe to my blog".  That was the gadget available and have no idea how it works or if it works.  This is the icon which was the gadget I added:
I'm not a techie, but it appears one might have to choose a venue from which you'd receive the post?  I've no clue and since I can't go to my own blog to subscribe guess there's no way for me to find out.  Therefore I'd appreciate anyone who attempts subscribing to please let me know if and how it works so I may inform others what to do.

In other news....Mary Comstock is all done!!!   I whipped the edge with wool yarn, each rug I complete might be bound differently but Mary wanted wool yarn.  
Sorry my friends in upstate NY are enduring the rath of winter white stuff but would prefer you not share that with me.  Frankly I'm not pleased with the 10* below normal for us this time of year so am definitely not ready for snow.  

If you were a follower who stopped receiving my blog posts, check out that 'subscribe' spot at the top  left of my blog.  Happy hooking everyone.


Wednesday, November 16, 2022


While I've many antique rug photos to share I'll only show one which was recently up for auction again.  That sweet rug is a Donkey hooked early to mid 20th century and measures 23 x 36. 
I loved that donkey so much that I drew one for myself to hook in 2018.  My pattern measures 12 x 18.  Here is my version which I named Lady the Donkey and as you can see I changed the colors of the donkey.
When seeing the antique rug for the first time it reminded me of my grandfather from many years ago.  Here is my paternal grandfather Joseph H. Green, Sr. with his miniature donkey.
I lived a hop, skip and jump across the field you can see between the buildings on the right.  And it was on pop-pop's property where I kept my horse Richie.

In other news, today was a delightful day for me.  My coffee tasted better than I can remember and was great to get back to my regular routine.  There were no polyps and will find out the results of the biopsy in a few days.  

About 4 years ago I had issues and the endoscopy and colonoscopy diagnosed me with collagenous colitis.  So was prescribed a low dose antibiotic which I took about 4 months before the symptoms went away.  
The last 4 months I've endured those symptoms again and called my gastroenterologist in hopes of getting my prescription renewed.  Nope, he wanted another colonoscopy first.  IF I'm lucky perhaps the 're-set' with the procedure will be like shutting down a computer and turning it on again to reset it. 😕  But don't think I'll be that lucky.

Soon the binding of the Comstock rug will be finished and Double Eagles will be my only focus.  Of course there  is that floral I drew which is in an embarrassing UFO pile of one.  But interest in that hasn't returned since drawing the pattern.  Eventually I might flip it over to draw something more inviting.

Yet another wonderful part of my day will be sipping a glass of cabernet while binding the rug and watching The Five.  🍷    Happy day and happy hooking.

Monday, November 14, 2022

I HATE Binding Rugs BUT.....

 ...I would rather bind rugs for 6 plus hours straight than go thru the drinking, cramping, pooping of the pre-colonoscopy prep that is my fate for today.

Here is the Mary Comstock binding in process.  Not sure how much more will be accomplished today as I suspect a lot of time will be spent on the toilet.
Yesterday I made some Jell-O, plain of course, and here is the rest of the menu for today.
My doctor prescribes Miralax but understand some gastroenterologists prescribe a pill, which I think would be more humane, lol.

Hope your day will be somewhat more fun than mine will be.   Happy hooking or happy anything.


Saturday, November 12, 2022

Another Rug Show n Tell

Here are more rugs recently found on auction sites.  To my knowledge none of them were owned by dear Barb.  I've had this rug photo for a year or so but didn't show it since I wasn't sure it was an antique and had no  info.  Just this week I saw it listed and got the info needed.

The Dog rug measures 37 x 38.5 and hooked late 19th or early 20th century.  Provenance from important DC private collection but no name provided.
Farm/landscape with covered wagon measures 23 x 42 but no date was provided.
The central design below looks like 4 leaves to me.   Hooked late 19th early 20th century and dimensions are 32.5 x 38.
And a close up of the top edge.
A Patriotic Landscape from the collection of Barbara and Charlie Hunter.  Was hooked early 20th century and measures 36.5 x 53.
An Oval floral hooked early 20th century.  Colors are very pleasing to the eye with dimensions of 36 x 52.
Another rug from the collection of Barbara and Charlie Hunter is 
Hunters in Canoe (23 x 37) and hooked mid 20th century.
Recently Jane Sittnick (follower of my blog) took a trip to New Brunswick, Canada to visit the 
Village Historique Acadian.  She was kind enough to share the following rugs with me.  The Hit and miss diamonds rug happens to be folded across the bottom rail of an antique bed.
Another antique rug she shared is the Squares and Diamonds rug which is a nice geometric.
She also sent me these two 5 star rug pictures which were probably critically placed so as to not be stepped on..

Soft Yellow floral and geometric too.
Yet another Hit and Miss with wide border. This must be in a cubby hole area where part of the border is hidden behind the chest.
On her tour they also had a couple samples of works in progress which could be used to demonstrate the art of rug hooking.  I'm sure Jane didn't need any demonstration as she knowledgeable.  You can see the fabric scraps placed on top of a beautiful design.
And a smaller project.
Hope you enjoyed the show and  on-line tour with Jane and me.  Going outside now to blow leaves off the driveway AGAIN as the last good day of mild weather sticks around.  Mercury drops by Monday so happy hooking and bundle up buttercup.